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The strongest god of war

The strongest god of war

author:Raging flames

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-09 13:43

Latest chapter:Extra 5: Is it Ning Zixi, or the Monarch?

Five years ago, the blood-stained military uniform was replaced by a new suit of military exploits! Five years later, with endless glory, the legend of the king was written! The king returns, the storm rises again, the blood is passionate to the end, and the city is set ablaze!

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《The strongest god of war》The latest nine chapters
Extra 5: Is it Ning Zixi, or the Monarch?
Extra 4: Autumn water on the tip of the tongue
Extra 3 I am not old yet, you are in your prime
Extra 2: The following is a crime, a fierce battle in the starry sky!
Extra 1 Starry Night Allure
Chapter 1667: Thousands of Miles of Galaxy (Finale)
Chapter 1666: How did the bright moon ever belong to two towns?
Chapter 1665 The meeting of two generations of demon gods!
Chapter 1664 His name is Demon God!
《The strongest god of war》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 I don’t want to
Chapter 2 Raptors Passing Through
Chapter 3 The long sword is unsheathed
Chapter 4 I want an explanation
Chapter 5 I am your brother
Chapter 6 Go and apologize to him
Chapter 7 The richest man kneels down
Chapter 8 Refusing to Apologize
Chapter 9 Super Talent
Chapter 10 It’s your own fault
Chapter 11 Song Ziyuan’s Choice
Chapter 12 A stumbling block
Chapter 13 The drunkard doesn’t care about the wine
Chapter 14 Delivered to your door
Chapter 15 Unilateral crushing
Chapter 16 I have everything
Chapter 17 I should have thought of today
Chapter 18 Star Legend
Chapter 19 Overwhelming Pressure
Chapter 20 Shangguan Xingyue
Chapter 21 Lin Ran’s childhood past
Chapter 22 Promise, Marriage Letter
Chapter 23 Allure
Chapter 24 A gift delivered to your door
Chapter 25 Top secret sequence, come to visit
Chapter 26 The knife stuck in the hall
Chapter 27 Calls from Abroad
Chapter 28 You may have never seen a warrior
Chapter 29 Let you evaporate
Chapter 30 Visitors from the Exiled Land
Chapter 31 Dark blue in the storage room
Chapter 32 One in a Thousand
Chapter 33 Xingyue arrives in person
Chapter 34 Meeting at the Station
Chapter 35 The scumbag talent He Xiaoyi
Chapter 36 Girls’ Dormitory
Chapter 37 Miss Mu Da’s appearance
Chapter 38 The feeling of being unable to grasp
Chapter 39 You don’t want to marry, I don’t want to marry
Chapter 40 An unexpected reunion
Chapter 41
Chapter 42: Poaching Qingcheng’s corner
Chapter 43 Ningyu’s late-night crisis
Chapter 44 He was there when it hurt the most
Chapter 45 Xiaoji’s dangerous injury
Chapter 46 If you ask for anything, I will agree to it.
Chapter 47 The boyfriend and girlfriend who serve as shields for each other
Chapter 48 Carmen, arrest people
Chapter 49 Carmen’s Pack of Wolves
Chapter 50 A stream of autumn water
Chapter 51 A call from the military
Chapter 52 Hell Difficulty
Chapter 53 A very familiar first question
Chapter 54 The question is wrong
Chapter 55 The smoke was just yesterday
Chapter 56 Major General Lin, nice to meet you
Chapter 57 Dissatisfaction
Chapter 58 What is his relationship with He Xiaoyi?
Chapter 59 The Vice Dean’s Jealousy
Chapter 60 Drinking with me is boring?
Chapter 61 Please forgive me
Chapter 62 Who wants to touch my sisters?
Chapter 63 The Heart of a Warrior
Chapter 64 Support from Sister Qiushui
Chapter 65 Brother-in-law is a teacher?
Chapter 66 The messenger
Chapter 67 Flies don't bite seamless eggs?
Chapter 68 The warden is here to rob me
Chapter 69 Meeting with Lin Kaige
Chapter 70 The dashing Miss Mu
Chapter 71 Others come to test
Chapter 72 Is he engaged to Qingcheng?
Chapter 73 Destroy everything here
Chapter 74 Picking up a watermelon
Chapter 75 Super Genius’s Accident
Chapter 76 Backlash
Chapter 77 The road is narrow
Chapter 78 The slap in the classroom
Chapter 79 Suspension and Withdrawal from School
Chapter 80 I can’t be her man
Chapter 81 Angry from Humiliation
Chapter 82 The old principal’s move
Chapter 83 Just split it with one knife
Chapter 84 Then let this place become a river of blood
Chapter 85 Carmen, Starlight Coat of Arms
Chapter 86 Return all the injuries
Chapter 87 Clouds move in all directions
Chapter 88 Visitors from the Black Hawk Federation
Chapter 89 Knight’s Sword
Chapter 90 Big brother and sister-in-law, take a rest early
Chapter 91 I didn’t see anything
Chapter 92 Lin Qiu CP
Chapter 93 Lesson 1
Chapter 94 Better than ten years of reading
Chapter 95 Brilliance
Chapter 96 Mu Mu’s desperate situation
Chapter 97 Sister is still A
Chapter 98 The Fairy Arrives
Chapter 99 Shock in the world
Chapter 100 Fairies should only exist in the sky
Chapter 101 Reunion across time
Chapter 102 My hair has grown to my waist
Chapter 103 The stupid man in her eyes
Chapter 104 Fearless
Chapter 105 Qingqing Zijin
Chapter 106 Questions from the Student Union President
Chapter 107 Challenges from Students
Chapter 108 You still have a lot to learn
Chapter 109 Rules can be changed
Chapter 110 Crush
Chapter 111 The Death of Stars and Moon
Chapter 112 The name of the sword is Zhanyan
Chapter 113 Don’t treat him as a person
Chapter 114 Ideal City
Chapter 115 Need to be afraid of a bastard?
Chapter 116 Then go grab the knife
Chapter 117 The benefactor is above
Chapter 118 The Lin Family Engagement Banquet
Chapter 119 The Return of the Boy
Chapter 120 The evil son of the Lin family
Chapter 121 There will never be a wealthy family again
Chapter 122 Strong Commander
Chapter 123 She comes back to get the knife
Chapter 124 Death of Lin Qingcang
Chapter 125 The new head of the Lin family
Chapter 126 A circle you can’t squeeze into?
Chapter 127 Are you teaching me how to do things?
Chapter 128 I take every word you say seriously
Chapter 129 A call from the capital
Chapter 130 Visitors from the Black Sea
Chapter 131 The killer is not alone
Chapter 132 No escape
Chapter 133 The true purpose of the president’s daughter
Chapter 134 Taking charge personally and making a comeback
Chapter 135 You have no chance to speak
Chapter 136 Ace Pilot
Chapter 137 Haider S-class dispatched
Chapter 138 Capturing a Woman
Chapter 139 Save Aaliyah! (Part 1)
Chapter 140 Save Aaliya! (Part 2)
Chapter 141 Death of S-Class! (Part 1)
Chapter 142 Death of S-Class! (Part 2)
Chapter 143 The visitor, Daxia S-level
Chapter 144 Lin Ran’s elimination plan
Chapter 145 Zi Jin’s Heart
Chapter 146 Fengyuan Tower
Chapter 147 Don’t use him to chop stuffing
Chapter 148 Blocking Ningda’s door
Chapter 149 Be prepared to die
Chapter 150 Will kill himself
Chapter 151 Whose territory has the final say?
Chapter 152 Only the military uses guns
Chapter 153 Please accept Kitano’s respect
Chapter 154 One sword determines life and death
Chapter 155 Every step she takes is bloody! (Part 1)
Chapter 156 Every step she takes is bloody! (Part 2)
Chapter 157 Aaliyah is unprecedentedly confused
Chapter 158 The hardworking girl late at night
Chapter 159 It’s so fast
Chapter 160 Don’t let the Lan family take the blame
Chapter 161 Everyone from afar is a guest
Chapter 162 I am your biggest obstacle
Chapter 163 Call me Lord Wika
Chapter 164 Hurricane rescue! (Part 1)
Chapter 165 Hurricane rescue! (Part 2)
Chapter 166 Hurricane rescue! (Part 2)
Chapter 167 There is an insider among the people I know
Chapter 168 Xingyue’s only defeat
Chapter 169: Something to do with your fiancée
Chapter 170 The Strongest Love Rival
Chapter 171 Failed before it even started
Chapter 172 Is Qiu Shui obedient?
Chapter 173 Sister Xiao Ji who has not healed from old wounds?
Chapter 174 Light of the North
Chapter 175 Young Veteran
Chapter 176 To commemorate you
Chapter 177 That boning knife
Chapter 178 Qiushui, please lie down
Chapter 179 I am your leader
Chapter 180 No one spoils you
Chapter 181 The first serious meeting with Zi Xi
Chapter 182 Headstrong
Chapter 183 Blood-stained night! (Part 1)
Chapter 184 Blood-stained night! (Part 2)
Chapter 185 Blood-stained night! (Part 2)
Chapter 186 Watch him fall from the sky
Chapter 187 A complete conspiracy
Chapter 188 It’s scary to think about it carefully
Chapter 189 Tian Xichen’s glass of water
Chapter 190 It’s all about work
Chapter 191 I can do anything for you
Chapter 192 Your level is not enough
Chapter 193 If you dare to resist, you will be shot on the spot?
Chapter 194 Salute him
Chapter 195 Daxia soldiers are not like this
Chapter 196 The assembly call under the night sky
Chapter 197 The luxurious lineup that flew in overnight
Chapter 198 Your highest honor
Chapter 199 The S-Class behind the scenes
Chapter 200 The person who opposes the most fiercely
Chapter 201 Accompany her home
Chapter 202 Do you really think Xiaotian has no backer?
Chapter 203 Your kindness must be sharp
Chapter 204 All failed
Chapter 205 Hitting the muzzle of the gun
Chapter 206 Take care of yourself
Chapter 207 I’ve heard it
Chapter 208 Ning Haijun District, no longer named Zhao
Chapter 209 Marshal Retirement
Chapter 210 The true identity of Shao Juan’s parents
Chapter 211 Girls’ dormitory conversations
Chapter 212 He tricked me! (Part 1)
Chapter 213 He tricked me! (Part 2)
Chapter 214 Abnormal Strength
Chapter 215 Where does the evidence come from?
Chapter 216 The Difference Between S-Class and S-Class
Chapter 217 Liang Xuean’s true face
Chapter 218 The sword flying in from the window
Chapter 219 Visitors from Fulun Mountain! (Part 1)
Chapter 220 Visitors from Fulun Mountain! (Part 2)
Chapter 221 She was the one who rescued Wika
Chapter 222 Count me in too
Chapter 223 A torturous journey
Chapter 224 Unsolved case at night
Chapter 225 How do you know I don’t like him?
Chapter 226 Carmen’s Star
Chapter 227 Concern from Fiancée
Chapter 228 My uncle is here, who dares to make a mistake?
Chapter 229 In that case, as you wish
Chapter 230 Transformation into a Dragon
Chapter 231 I protect him
Chapter 232 Take care of yourself
Chapter 233 The mysterious S-class
Chapter 234 In order to pay homage to those students
Chapter 235: Husband and wife are of the same mind, and their power breaks through metal
Chapter 236 What’s wrong with eating soft food?
Chapter 237: See Qingcheng and call her sister-in-law
Chapter 238 The Injuries of Master and Disciple
Chapter 239 The stars in his palm
Chapter 240 Return the original words
Chapter 241 You are the meaning of our existence
Chapter 242 The Deep Meaning of the Emperor Dragon Society
Chapter 243 Shangguan Xingyue is not authentic
Chapter 244 Break the knife
Chapter 245 The situation of deception
Chapter 246 The answer to the late-night mystery
Chapter 247 Beautiful Stepmother
Chapter 248 Understand our rules
Chapter 249 I am the one who can kill you
Chapter 250 Make Ningzhou pay the price
Chapter 251 Who is more arrogant than whom?
Chapter 252 True despair
Chapter 253 An explanation must be given
Chapter 254 The Wu family found no such person
Chapter 255 Everyone’s thoughts
Chapter 256 Genius Researcher
Chapter 257 Old S and Old S! (Part 1)
Chapter 258 Old S and Old S! (Part 2)
Chapter 259 The mystery of the injury, the power of the starry sky! (Part 1)
Chapter 260 The mystery of the injury, the power of the starry sky! (Part 2)
Chapter 261 The bet with Debbie
Chapter 262 In front of the administrative headquarters
Chapter 263 Strong Marshal
Chapter 264 The President’s Daughter
Chapter 265 Invitation from Ning Zixi
Chapter 266 Getting in Ning Zixi’s car
Chapter 267 Count me in too
Chapter 268 An almost impossible idea
Chapter 269 If you can’t get it, destroy it
Chapter 270 Accidental collision
Chapter 271 Tian Ge who cannot escape
Chapter 272 He is the warden
Chapter 273 Don’t care whether he is a human or a ghost
Chapter 274 I have no similar kind
Chapter 275 A person’s abyss of depravity
Chapter 276 Cancer on Shuangshan Island
Chapter 277 The man I like
Chapter 278 He came to the world to take a look
Chapter 279 The Nangong family’s conspiracy
Chapter 280 Didn’t recognize Lin Ran
Chapter 281 Equality between Men and Women
Chapter 282 I won’t marry anyone but him
Chapter 283 As long as you are here, no support is needed
Chapter 284 The man with two swords
Chapter 285: End of friendship! (Part 1)
Chapter 286: End of friendship! (Part 2)
Chapter 287 Presidential Motorcade! (Part 1)
Chapter 288 Presidential Motorcade! (Part 2)
Chapter 289 I still want to be a human being
Chapter 290 She shines with purple light
Chapter 291 Tianqi Returns
Chapter 292 Close to the truth
Chapter 293 Digging out the hiding place
Chapter 294 Amazing Coincidence
Chapter 295 The marshal’s son is the leader
Chapter 296 The Mystery of Yanluo Mountain (Part 1)
Chapter 297 The Mystery of Yanluo Mountain (Part 2)
Chapter 298 Die together?
Chapter 299 At least I can hold you
Chapter 300 Destination, Black Hawk Federation
Chapter 301 The disappeared Ning Zixi
Chapter 302 The gift she left behind
Chapter 303: Fellow People
Chapter 304 Miss Xia’s Personality
Chapter 305 The mercenary leader who came to collect debts
Chapter 306 You could have been honored guests
Chapter 307 Talk to me about the law of the jungle?
Chapter 308 The Price (Part 1)
Chapter 309 The Price (Part 2)
Chapter 310 Price (Part 2)
Chapter 311 Tina’s Secret Weapon
Chapter 312 This time, no mask
Chapter 313 Your Highness Princess is so awesome
Chapter 314 Song Ziyuan, who has been missing for a long time
Chapter 315 Murderous intent at the auction house (Part 1)
Chapter 316 Murderous intent at the auction house (Part 2)
Chapter 317 Meeting on the other side of the ocean
Chapter 318 Song Ziyuan’s Dark Source Power
Chapter 319 Three S-Class
Chapter 320 The decisive battle between two eras
Chapter 321 The Fall of the Legend (Part 1)
Chapter 322 The Fall of the Legend (Part 2)
Chapter 323 Only she can do it
Chapter 324 Carmen Prison, visiting Tina
Chapter 325 The warden’s random plan
Chapter 326 Those conversations related to Shen Yiyu
Chapter 327 Pink Girls
Chapter 328 A terrifying inference from a genius
Chapter 329 Your threat is weak
Chapter 330 The moment she took off her glasses
Chapter 331 Shen Yiyu’s Starlight
Chapter 332 Do you want to pick me up?
Chapter 333 Some things related to ingredients
Chapter 334 Commander of the Black Sea Fleet
Chapter 335 Who is he?
Chapter 336 Master and Madam
Chapter 337 What is a senior customer?
Chapter 338 Super VIP
Chapter 339 Unpacking
Chapter 340 Yiyu, Yiyu
Chapter 341 Confrontation
Chapter 342 Best friends who are both major generals
Chapter 343 The two sides of the beautiful commander
Chapter 344 Qian Rui? Saintess
Chapter 345 Playing with fire will burn you
Chapter 346 Old acquaintance
Chapter 347 Waiting for you to come
Chapter 348 Enemies meet, especially... (Part 1)
Chapter 349 Enemies meet, especially... (Part 2)
Chapter 350 Enemies meet, especially... (Part 2)
Chapter 351 Seventy-two Hours Under the Sea
Chapter 352 She finally understands loneliness
Chapter 353 Major Suspect
Chapter 354 Procedural Justice
Chapter 355 I got this knife
Chapter 356 No one can pull out this knife
Chapter 357 Where the sword is headed! (Part 1)
Chapter 358 Where the sword is headed! (Part 2)
Chapter 359 Where the sword is headed! (Part 2)
Chapter 360 Ruthlessness is the most important thing for the imperial family
Chapter 361 Sequelae
Chapter 362 The source of special attributes
Chapter 363 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 364 If there is a next time
Chapter 365 What is the true attitude?
Chapter 366 Do you really think I dare not take action?
Chapter 367 Qiushui’s Little Secret
Chapter 368 Destiny Phoenix
Chapter 369 Qingqiu’s Family Matters
Chapter 370 At any cost
Chapter 371 Get out of here as soon as possible
Chapter 372 Meeting the same kind
Chapter 373 Night in Jiangnan
Chapter 374 Who guards the tree and who treats the rabbit (Part 1)
Chapter 375 Who guards the tree and who treats the rabbit (Part 2)
Chapter 376 Who is guarding the tree and who is waiting for the rabbit (Part 2)
Chapter 377 Everyone is here, at your disposal
Chapter 378 Who is behind it! (Part 1)
Chapter 379 Who is behind it! (Part 2)
Chapter 380 Who is behind it! (Part 2)
Chapter 381 You can’t leave
Chapter 382 What is your relationship?
Chapter 383 The full opening of the Source Power Era?
Chapter 384 The Secret of the Setting Sun Gate (Part 1)
Chapter 385 The Secret of the Setting Sun Gate (Part 2)
Chapter 386 The Secret of the Setting Sun Gate (Part 2)
Chapter 387 A hand by the deep well
Chapter 388 I don’t need to pick a place
Chapter 389 Sister Xiaoji’s man
Chapter 390 Parents’ Order
Chapter 391 From the Corner of the Library
Chapter 392 What a coincidence, I am also S-level
Chapter 393 I’ll keep it for you
Chapter 394 She no longer hides it
Chapter 395 Inside and outside the library
Chapter 396 Arrogant New S-Class Promotion
Chapter 397 The so-called S, destroy it with one punch
Chapter 398 Undoubted Crush
Chapter 399 When three people are traveling together, there must be my teacher
Chapter 400 Su Qingcheng, are you flooded?
Chapter 401 Jianghu General Alliance
Chapter 402 Your visit to the hall is gone! (Part 1)
Chapter 403 Your visit to the hall is gone! (Part 2)
Chapter 404 The more charming you are, the more dangerous you are
Chapter 405: You can’t fight back
Chapter 406 Sisters
Chapter 407 The sword light from the bottom of the water
Chapter 408 The target is Sophie
Chapter 409 Where did the stone tablet go?
Chapter 410 The hand at the bottom of the well reappears
Chapter 411 Who sent the supplements?
Chapter 412 When the legend is right in front of you
Chapter 413 A mountain of people kneeling
Chapter 414 Crushing your pride
Chapter 415 The Sorrow of the Saint
Chapter 416: Cutting Flame Splits the Path of Life and Death
Chapter 417 Sophie, Su Fei
Chapter 418 Master and Disciple of the Sword Sect
Chapter 419 Two Confused Women
Chapter 420 Directed and acted by oneself
Chapter 421 You lied to me, I don’t blame you
Chapter 422 It’s yours
Chapter 423 The Beiqing layman who rarely smiles
Chapter 424: A blessing in disguise
Chapter 425 Furong Temple, Danger
Chapter 426 Meet Lord Xingchen
Chapter 427 Healing
Chapter 428 The rebel is me
Chapter 429 When the morning glow and sunset interweave
Chapter 430 How about we have it together?
Chapter 431 Red Battle Flag, reporting to you
Chapter 432 The arrival of Qingcheng
Chapter 433 Who was rude to my fiancée?
Chapter 434 She is mine
Chapter 435 Not on the same level
Chapter 436 Completely Crushed
Chapter 437 Say hello to brother-in-law
Chapter 438 Who is the contact person?
Chapter 439 Brother Lin Ran’s personal guidance
Chapter 440 See if you can get out
Chapter 441 Your Major General Lin is inside
Chapter 442 Is this the end of confusing right and wrong?
Chapter 443 If you don’t apologize, you will die.
Chapter 444 Iron-Blooded Sword
Chapter 445: Warrior Management Office Surnamed Lin
Chapter 446 Kang Miaofu’s Certificate of Surrender
Chapter 447 Don’t protect scum
Chapter 448 Where did Zijin go?
Chapter 449 The third S-class of the year
Chapter 450 Lin Zijin’s desire
Chapter 451 Where is the real thing?
Chapter 452 Welcome Ceremony at the Airport
Chapter 453 Who is so ridiculous?
Chapter 454 Disharmonious Voice
Chapter 455 Ning Da withdraws from the competition
Chapter 456 Not moving
Chapter 457 Diplomatic Incident
Chapter 458 Dismissal
Chapter 459 Come and sanction me
Chapter 460 Take a closer look
Chapter 461 You can call me King Li
Chapter 462 No way to ask for help
Chapter 463 Victory but still shame
Chapter 464 I won’t give you any research
Chapter 465 The uniqueness of Wenren Qianying
Chapter 466 Methods other than competition
Chapter 467 I like to crush your self-esteem
Chapter 468 Who is stronger than whom?
Chapter 469 Provoking Zijin
Chapter 470 Abolish it directly
Chapter 471 The number one master, that’s it?
Chapter 472 Despondent
Chapter 473 The strong side of Tiange
Chapter 474 The arrival of the third goddess
Chapter 475 Xia Chuyi’s interrogation methods
Chapter 476 The ambusher in the room
Chapter 477 Top Punishment
Chapter 478 Bright Arhat
Chapter 479: Breakthrough before battle, peak of A level
Chapter 480 The King of Soldiers Appears
Chapter 481 Gift
Chapter 482 You and Buddha don’t distinguish each other, but I do.
Chapter 483 Temple in the Suburbs
Chapter 484 Is he the God of War?
Chapter 485 You know nothing about stars
Chapter 486 Only eternal interests?
Chapter 487 Is there really a reincarnated person?
Chapter 488 Miss Xiaoxia
Chapter 489 Ning Dalinran, comes to visit
Chapter 490 Instructor?
Chapter 491 After today, change someone
Chapter 492 Spy?
Chapter 493 The perfect woman?
Chapter 494 New mission of top secret sequence
Chapter 495 The Birth of a Champion
Chapter 496 Golden Figure
Chapter 497 Enemies meet
Chapter 498 Almost Stayed
Chapter 499 Aaliyah arrives in person
Chapter 500 Important Information
Chapter 501 Join forces with the enemy?
Chapter 502 Enemies meet again on a narrow road
Chapter 503 Beat you upright
Chapter 504 What kind of person are you?
Chapter 505 Conditions for continued cooperation
Chapter 506 The Fifth Heavenly King
Chapter 507 Look at your sincerity
Chapter 508: Fraudulent little girl
Chapter 509 Request from the Minister of Defense
Chapter 510 Happy to see the results
Chapter 511 Panic Plan
Chapter 512 On the verge of annihilation
Chapter 513 Who did it?
Chapter 514 Husband and wife are of the same mind?
Chapter 515 Seeds of Doubt
Chapter 516 Beautiful Conspirator
Chapter 517 Framed
Chapter 518 Endless pride
Chapter 519 The oriole behind
Chapter 520 Aaliyah, long time no see
Chapter 521 Su Qingcheng’s sense of belonging
Chapter 522 Catch this mermaid
Chapter 523 Male Fox and Female Fox
Chapter 524 Aaliyah is attacked from both sides
Chapter 525 The end of Princess Haider
Chapter 526 Ming Jie’s reaction
Chapter 527 Prisoner of War Princess
Chapter 528 Let me show you the real person
Chapter 529 Compete to see who has more back moves
Chapter 530: Caught at the same time, the Great Xia is boiling
Chapter 531 The caring marshal
Chapter 532 The smoke between women
Chapter 533 The princess who depends on others
Chapter 534 High Altitude Scenery
Chapter 535 I always understand you very well
Chapter 536 Dare to come to trouble S?
Chapter 537 Can’t See S Class
Chapter 538 Dark Angel?
Chapter 539 Who gave you confidence?
Chapter 540 A slap on the S-class face
Chapter 541 Friendship between men
Chapter 542 There are schemes everywhere
Chapter 543 The call from the King of Angels
Chapter 544 How to use angels
Chapter 545 Hello boss
Chapter 546 Some people are originally gods
Chapter 547 If you don’t seek death, you won’t die.
Chapter 548 Let you endure the greatest pain
Chapter 549 The real super combat power
Chapter 550: Torturing you is not excessive
Chapter 551 Beautiful S-class certificate of nomination
Chapter 552: Keep your way
Chapter 553 Do you still dare to confront someone head-on?
Chapter 554 The military’s strong reaction
Chapter 555 Revenge from Star Eyes
Chapter 556 The necessary process to become your own person
Chapter 557 S-class takes care of S-class
Chapter 558 Seeing the words is like seeing the face
Chapter 559 Her letter, her mystery
Chapter 560 Sword Master
Chapter 561 The sincerity of the peak warrior
Chapter 562 The Princess Raised in a Deep Palace
Chapter 563 The battle for the throne
Chapter 564 The Prince who is biased
Chapter 565 Taking a break from the busy schedule
Chapter 566 It’s me you’re looking for
Chapter 567 It’s three against one
Chapter 568 It’s a complete crushing game
Chapter 569 Where is the face?
Chapter 570 This prince is here
Chapter 571 Carmen Prison, capturing the prince
Chapter 572 A Beautiful Driver
Chapter 573 The tacit understanding with the princess
Chapter 574 Inzali’s Twins
Chapter 575 A threesome must have...
Chapter 576 The Princess’s Private Matters
Chapter 577 The reason for Tian’s injury
Chapter 578 Blood-stained General Lin
Chapter 579 The hand of fate and mutual use
Chapter 580 Fire in the Sea
Chapter 581 The Real Competitor
Chapter 582 Who says we can’t make a comeback?
Chapter 583 Queen Tian’s New Era
Chapter 584 The Man Behind the Queen
Chapter 585 The Princess’ Life Experience
Chapter 586 Oh my god, sir
Chapter 587 Then lure the snake out of the hole
Chapter 588 Destination: Black Sea
Chapter 589 This is the capital of sin
Chapter 590 Which sister-in-law should I meet first?
Chapter 591 The tit-for-tat confrontation between intelligence bosses
Chapter 592 Invisible sword light and shadow
Chapter 593 Aaliyah’s request
Chapter 594 If we didn’t have those positions...
Chapter 595 She is already riddled with holes
Chapter 596 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 597 The black bishop is so sensible
Chapter 598 To catch big fish
Chapter 599 Protecting Husband Without Reason
Chapter 600 Domineering Wika in Black
Chapter 601 Troublesome Numbers
Chapter 602 What kind of person is she?
Chapter 603 Tomorrow’s Building
Chapter 604 Screaming in the middle of the night
Chapter 605 Transactions related to Candice (Part 1)
Chapter 606 Transactions related to Candice (Part 2)
Chapter 607 Entrusted by Your Father
Chapter 608 She will definitely hurt you
Chapter 609 The darkness inside the princess
Chapter 610 Encounter in the restaurant
Chapter 611 Eat melon and eat it yourself
Chapter 612 Aren’t you afraid that I will steal your marriage?
Chapter 613 The so-called high-end game
Chapter 614 I am the warden
Chapter 615 Are you really the warden?
Chapter 616 She is back
Chapter 617 Violent crushing like never before
Chapter 618 Restoring Order
Chapter 619 The Strongest Envoy
Chapter 620 Long-haired Pilot
Chapter 621 Sonic Boom in the Skyline
Chapter 622 The Head of the Strongest Envoy
Chapter 623 Well in the Deep Mountains
Chapter 624 Two days, two nights and seven hours
Chapter 625 Complaints from Midnight
Chapter 626 The envelope fell on the face
Chapter 627 Help you adjust your mood
Chapter 628 Stop Aaliyah
Chapter 629 Parting Gift
Chapter 630 Official Return
Chapter 631 Haider’s Little Female Soldier
Chapter 632 My knife has been inserted for five years
Chapter 633 I’m an S-level fighter
Chapter 634 Making money while lying down
Chapter 635 Goodbye Hei Changzhi
Chapter 636 A high-ranking scumbag?
Chapter 637 Sisters
Chapter 638 Who do you think you are?
Chapter 639 Let me help you out
Chapter 640 People who once knelt here
Chapter 641 Bei’an is going to suffer
Chapter 642 Are you teaching me how to do things?
Chapter 643 What about the Qin family in the capital?
Chapter 644 Let the Qin family come to get people
Chapter 645: Slap in the face from the air
Chapter 646 Inspector General Qin’s true intention
Chapter 647 Waste of natural resources
Chapter 648 Come to Bei’an to beg me
Chapter 649 You will see him in the crowd at a glance
Chapter 650 A talented man and a beautiful woman, hooking up with each other
Chapter 651 The Qin family’s two-pronged approach
Chapter 652 She is here to pick me up
Chapter 653 No way to repay the kindness of raising someone
Chapter 654 Is this a Falcon?
Chapter 655: Cats and dogs, come in if you want?
Chapter 656 Two muffled thunders
Chapter 657 Another Marshal
Chapter 658 Sun and Sky God of War! (1)
Chapter 659 Sun and Sky God of War! (2)
Chapter 660 Sun and Sky God of War! (3)
Chapter 661 Sun and Sky God of War! (4)
Chapter 662 Sun and Sky God of War! (5)
Chapter 663 I am...your father
Chapter 664 It really doesn’t matter
Chapter 665 Using yourself as bait
Chapter 666 Suspicious Person
Chapter 667: Intrusion
Chapter 668 What is honesty?
Chapter 669 What a coincidence, I am also in the Army
Chapter 670: Killing the chicken to scare the monkey?
Chapter 671 The Tenth Interrogation Room
Chapter 672 Even you can’t get out
Chapter 673 Lieutenant General’s Salute
Chapter 674 I need to see your sincerity
Chapter 675 It’s too qualified
Chapter 676 Kill yourself back
Chapter 677 Qin Xiangsi was defeated
Chapter 678 There is more than one murderer
Chapter 679 You know nothing about the Netherworld
Chapter 680 How long are you going to play?
Chapter 681 You are really cute
Chapter 682 Before the Qin family’s battle
Chapter 683 The Gate to the New World
Chapter 684 Qin Family Courtyard
Chapter 685 Come prepared
Chapter 686 Breaking off friendship and righteousness
Chapter 687 Have you heard of Carmen?
Chapter 688 This is the forbidden area of ??the Black Sea forces
Chapter 689 That’s his own knife
Chapter 690 Can I hug you?
Chapter 691 Rub your head
Chapter 692 The First Genius
Chapter 693 Did I let you go?
Chapter 694 Nowhere to start
Chapter 695 If she dies
Chapter 696 The woman in the box next door
Chapter 697 Full cooperation? I don’t agree
Chapter 698 Battle in the Pool
Chapter 699 Murder and heart-breaking
Chapter 700 I listen to you
Chapter 701 The key is inside her body
Chapter 702 Assassination of Chu Jianxuan in the middle of the night
Chapter 703 A-level president
Chapter 704 He or She
Chapter 705 The mysterious archer is an old friend
Chapter 706 Climb out
Chapter 707 If you do too much injustice, you will die.
Chapter 708 Do I care who he is?
Chapter 709 Show determination with actions
Chapter 710 Xia Family’s Two Thousand Gold
Chapter 711 Dare to touch Qin Xiangsi?
Chapter 712 The attitude of the first family
Chapter 713 A bold guess
Chapter 714: A knife’s mouth and a knife’s heart
Chapter 715 Who is it?
Chapter 716 Miss you so much?
Chapter 717 I want to challenge her
Chapter 718 Are Dongben’s men so weak?
Chapter 719 The financial owner of Jianyinliu
Chapter 720 The perfect silence plan
Chapter 721 Who gave you the courage?
Chapter 722 Uncle’s blessing
Chapter 723 I want your apology
Chapter 724 This is just the beginning
Chapter 725 The Cracked Kawashima Tamako
Chapter 726 Purify You
Chapter 727 If you can, send troops.
Chapter 728 Isn’t it just provoking a war?
Chapter 729 The Prime Minister has no son
Chapter 730 If a friend comes from afar, he will be killed no matter how far away he is.
Chapter 731 Red battle flag, waiting for you in the airspace
Chapter 732 Stay forever
Chapter 733 A boat full of corpses
Chapter 734 Two pairs of father and daughter
Chapter 735 Chu Tiange’s Changes
Chapter 736 Meeting Sister Xiao Ji Again
Chapter 737 Provoking the Black Sea Boss
Chapter 738 What did you do to my master?
Chapter 739 The most mysterious heir
Chapter 740 King of Hamura
Chapter 741 Qiushui’s whereabouts
Chapter 742 Meeting Beiqing layman again
Chapter 743 Death Passenger Ship
Chapter 744 Lin Da Toad
Chapter 745 The welcome formation outside the platform
Chapter 746: Offend my lord?
Chapter 747 More than 3,000 people kneeling down
Chapter 748: Punished to Kneel for Three Days
Chapter 749 Important Information
Chapter 750 Tina reappears in Daxia
Chapter 751 You don’t know something
Chapter 752 The knife that shocked Dongben
Chapter 753 An earthquake-like night
Chapter 754: They are all thousand-year-old foxes
Chapter 755 Your Conscience
Chapter 756 Unplanned changes
Chapter 757 Don’t blame me
Chapter 758 The Four Heavenly Kings Appearing in Dongben
Chapter 759 The Battle Power of the Heavenly King
Chapter 760 The Sparks of Two Female S-Classes
Chapter 761 The wonders of Higashimoto’s warrior world
Chapter 762 This is all a misunderstanding
Chapter 763 Did I let you go?
Chapter 764 Seeking skin from a tiger?
Chapter 765 Unlimited Commission
Chapter 766 Do you think I am qualified?
Chapter 767 Meeting the beautiful senior sister again
Chapter 768 Starting today, you will change the world
Chapter 769 S-class group fight?
Chapter 770 Beautiful senior sister is not a vase
Chapter 771: Beat you to fear
Chapter 772 Unexpected intervention
Chapter 773: Retreat for hundreds of miles
Chapter 774 He is the one who can save you
Chapter 775 Everyone has a destiny
Chapter 776 Maybe he is God’s will
Chapter 777 He can’t leave
Chapter 778 Strong Wika
Chapter 779 Falling into the sea holding senior sister
Chapter 780 The sword on the island
Chapter 781 It’s Liufeng Island again
Chapter 782 Something that cannot exist
Chapter 783 The beautiful senior sister is very brave
Chapter 784 Gaze from an Island
Chapter 785 Falling Together
Chapter 786 Crisis within a crisis
Chapter 787 Su Fei’s inherited blood
Chapter 788 Sacrificing one’s life to save others
Chapter 789 The feeling of surviving the disaster
Chapter 790 The chess pieces will eventually meet each other
Chapter 791 She has been lost for many years
Chapter 792 Carmen comes to arrest the warden
Chapter 793 Because you want to kill the warden
Chapter 794 Her surname is Jindai
Chapter 795 Once you come, you can’t leave
Chapter 796 The so-called blood relationship
Chapter 797 In the name of the Great Xia Military Headquarters
Chapter 798 Sudden Poisoning
Chapter 799 Meeting the Flower of Inamoto Again
Chapter 800 Don’t let the adults down
Chapter 801 She dressed as a woman
Chapter 802 Meeting the Meinong Viper
Chapter 803 Sister Qianhe
Chapter 804 Her red eyes
Chapter 805 The Distinguished Guest of Duyinliu
Chapter 806 One week of treatment
Chapter 807 I’m waiting for you in the outside world
Chapter 808: Dongben Military Headquarters dares to make a mistake?
Chapter 809 If you can’t beat him, join him
Chapter 810 Nan'an Akiko comes to see her off
Chapter 811 You are a bottomless pit
Chapter 812 Transnational Alliance
Chapter 813 Who says he doesn’t know?
Chapter 814 I won’t lose myself
Chapter 815 The sinister little niece
Chapter 816 What is the flower of rice?
Chapter 817 She revealed her trump card to him
Chapter 818 You must forgive me
Chapter 819 Invitation to Lin Zijin
Chapter 820 Mr. Lin who can’t be flirted with
Chapter 821 The seriously injured vice-captain
Chapter 822 He really made me cry to death
Chapter 823 Slap her in the face
Chapter 824 Pressure from Ningzhou
Chapter 825 Shoot down immediately
Chapter 826 Let him wait for another hour
Chapter 827 When I’m sleepy, someone hands me a pillow
Chapter 828 Phoenix’s Reverse Scale
Chapter 829 Phoenix takes action
Chapter 830 He Xiaoyi is very honest
Chapter 831 No one can reject me Lin
Chapter 832 Who did you offend?
Chapter 833 The man who fell from the sky!
Chapter 834 Conspiracy theory!
Chapter 835 I want to kill Lin Ran!
Chapter 836 Xiaotian takes action!
Chapter 837 Daxia’s layout!
Chapter 838 The decisive victory thousands of miles away!
Chapter 839 You pretend you never gave birth to this son!
Chapter 840 Forced a strong lineup!
Chapter 841 Stand idly by!
Chapter 842 The real participants!
Chapter 843 Today is your last day!
Chapter 844 Blue light coming from the sky!
Chapter 845: Dreamlike, arrows in the starry sky!
Chapter 846 The power of one arrow!
Chapter 847 He is so upright!
Chapter 848 Eagle and Phoenix!
Chapter 849 Different world, same world
Chapter 850 A new spokesperson takes the initiative to join the game!
Chapter 851 The biggest suspect!
Chapter 852 Silly man!
Chapter 853 Xia Chuyi’s good stuff!
Chapter 854 The Chosen People!
Chapter 855 It’s all game behind the scenes!
Chapter 856 Do I want to say thank you?
Chapter 857 The price of arrogance!
Chapter 858 The purpose is exposed!
Chapter 859 The key lurker!
Chapter 860 Use you in exchange!
Chapter 861 Go to your hotel!
Chapter 862 Welcome Ceremony, Dark Sky Wings!
Chapter 863 Warden Carmen’s request!
Chapter 864 I can’t pay the price!
Chapter 865 Tina’s Dance!
Chapter 866 Unpredictable dependence!
Chapter 867 Don’t hurt him!
Chapter 868 The difference between master and disciple is men!
Chapter 869 Something is wrong with Surta!
Chapter 870 Unfriendly Visitor!
Chapter 871 She went to die and never moved forward.
Chapter 872 Angel? Beat him to death!
Chapter 873 I only heal my own people!
Chapter 874 She was hit by spring!
Chapter 875 Apollo Hospital!
Chapter 876 Her hair is the gold of the furnace!
Chapter 877 He is good or bad, I like him so much!
Chapter 878 Taking the initiative to hit the muzzle of the gun!
Chapter 879 Former Warden!
Chapter 880 A familiar feeling!
Chapter 881 Tell them what arrogance means!
Chapter 882 The prison warden is so weak!
Chapter 883 Redefining cold weapons!
Chapter 884 The person at home is very anxious!
Chapter 885 Behind the scenes, the shadow of the netherworld!
Chapter 886 The most perfect work!
Chapter 887 You and I are both works!
Chapter 888 Aren’t you coming together?
Chapter 889 The well that has not been annihilated
Chapter 890: The warden will be punished
Chapter 891 Divide Carmen’s temptation!
Chapter 892 The taste of loneliness
Chapter 893 A bloody woman!
Chapter 894 The real and fake palm prints under the undercurrent!
Chapter 895 The deputy warden’s daughter?
Chapter 896 Is it a coincidence?
Chapter 897 The siege plan she provided!
Chapter 898 Will he be a hero and save the beauty?
Chapter 899 You really can’t recognize me?
Chapter 900 The reason for her attraction!
Chapter 901 Sudden changes!
Chapter 902 Falling together!
Chapter 903 The immersive experience of a hero saving a beauty!
Chapter 904 Go and conquer your homeland!
Chapter 905 A sudden state of tension!
Chapter 906 The Monarch Guard!
Chapter 907 He is dead, I am not happy!
Chapter 908 Women’s thoughts!
Chapter 909 You and I are both in control!
Chapter 910 They and him all went in!
Chapter 911 Black Sea, fight for him!
Chapter 912 Her singing and their swan song!
Chapter 913 Hope dashed!
Chapter 914 Let her go to Tianji!
Chapter 915 Son of Netherworld!
Chapter 916 Carmen changes ownership?
Chapter 917 Someone else!
Chapter 918 There is one more person who knows that you are not dead!
Chapter 919 He also knows Carmen Star!
Chapter 920 He is back!
Chapter 921 The warden’s new clothes!
Chapter 922 You are not qualified!
Chapter 923 Absolute advantage crushes the game!
Chapter 924 No one is left behind, they are all scumbags!
Chapter 925 Master’s mission!
Chapter 926 Aaliya’s growth story!
Chapter 927 Take Aaliya’s retreat!
Chapter 928 She accepted a new identity!
Chapter 929 The evening glow blooms!
Chapter 930 Fight back to Haider!
Chapter 931 His fearless choice!
Chapter 932 Ruota’s top disciple!
Chapter 933 Arrogant fighter, arrogant person!
Chapter 934 All-round beating!
Chapter 935 You can’t protect the person I want to kill!
Chapter 936 Enemies meet!
Chapter 937 So what if two versus one?
Chapter 938 There is only one person who can fight with you!
Chapter 939 There is always someone who is young!
Chapter 940 Let them beg me!
Chapter 941 Give me a little more courage!
Chapter 942 Foreign trouble awaits Aaliyah!
Chapter 943 The powerful new president!
Chapter 944 Origin, unprecedented preparation for war!
Chapter 945 A secret meeting between two men!
Chapter 946 Things related to daughters
Chapter 947 The pink top student and the black bishop!
Chapter 948 Galloping!
Chapter 949 The so-called trust!
Chapter 950 They are all old friends!
Chapter 951 The pink girl with full power!
Chapter 952 Looking for your eyes in the crowd
Chapter 953 Keep her!
Chapter 954 A familiar assassin!
Chapter 955 Who is threatening whom!
Chapter 956 Then I’ll tell you who I am!
Chapter 957 You have no chance!
Chapter 958 He saved them!
Chapter 959 Who is the prey?
Chapter 960 Invisible wrestling!
Chapter 961 Shura field after Shura field!
Chapter 962: In such a big place, there are still many enemies on the same road!
Chapter 963 Don’t give in and hold it in!
Chapter 964 Want to salute him?
Chapter 965: An eagle stone hits the foot!
Chapter 966 The little thoughts of all parties!
Chapter 967 The restless late-night library!
Chapter 968 They are all trash!
Chapter 969 Once you’re in, don’t even think about getting out!
Chapter 970 Colonel Song was beaten!
Chapter 971 This is the gap!
Chapter 972 Let you be finished!
Chapter 973 Who is the suspect?
Chapter 974 The figure of Shengxue in white!
Chapter 975 Fairy Qingcheng’s purpose of coming!
Chapter 976 Suspicious explosion!
Chapter 977 Changes outside the process!
Chapter 978 Are you plotting against Daxia?
Chapter 979 Shameless arrangements!
Chapter 980 No mercy, no mercy!
Chapter 981 The ugliness of the winner!
Chapter 982 You are dead!
Chapter 983 The lower limit of refresh!
Chapter 984 No rules, please die!
Chapter 985 The battle for the strongest soldiers!
Chapter 986 You are the one who deserves to die!
Chapter 987 Use your lives to prove it!
Chapter 988 Now, it’s your turn!
Chapter 989 Daxia is so generous!
Chapter 990 A worthless person!
Chapter 991 Her mist!
Chapter 992 Thousands of miles to catch...rape!
Chapter 993 The unmarried couple at high altitude!
Chapter 994 Honeymoon trip?
Chapter 995 Her mountains come to his sea
Chapter 996 The curtain opens on the Super Shura Field!
Chapter 997 Then just follow your fate!
Chapter 998 The meaning of reunion!
Chapter 999 Her thoughts and future path
Chapter 1000 Open in advance, hunting time!
Chapter 1001 She helped him clean the knife!
Chapter 1002 How could there be so many coincidences!
Chapter 1003 People who are about to enter (1)
Chapter 1004 People who are about to enter (2)
Chapter 1005 People who are about to enter (3)
Chapter 1006 People who are about to enter (4)
Chapter 1007 People who are about to enter (5)
Chapter 1008 People who are about to enter (6)
Chapter 1009 Hand in hand, go to the battlefield!
Chapter 1010 A dream start!
Chapter 1011 Shocking new discovery!
Chapter 1012 The starry sky battlefield that attracts hatred!
Chapter 1013 The second thunderbolt from the clear sky!
Chapter 1014 Familiar badge!
Chapter 1015 The woman in white!
Chapter 1016 Goodbye Angel of Light!
Chapter 1017 The third thunderbolt!
Chapter 1018 A star traveling far away!
Chapter 1019 A new partner!
Chapter 1020 New World Team Formation!
Chapter 1021 Human hearts on the battlefield!
Chapter 1022 Are there stars coming?
Chapter 1023 Direct provocation!
Chapter 1024: Capture him and make him his wife!
Chapter 1025 The person who stopped him!
Chapter 1026 Remember my name!
Chapter 1027 Pride Before Death (Part 1)
Chapter 1028 Pride Before Death (Part 2)
Chapter 1029 The world made a mistake!
Chapter 1030 Lin Ran’s first attack on Monroe!
Chapter 1031 Monroe’s attitude!
Chapter 1032 Who said this is a starry sky battlefield?
Chapter 1033 A plan spanning more than ten years!
Chapter 1034 The game before dawn!
Chapter 1035 The fifth kill!
Chapter 1036 An unexpected blocking battle!
Chapter 1037 Don’t tell him I’ve been here!
Chapter 1038 Everything is traceable!
Chapter 1039 A battle with no dawn in sight!
Chapter 1040 Xingchen takes action!
Chapter 1041 No one is a drag!
Chapter 1042 Looks like he’s being beaten?
Chapter 1043 Injuring the stars!
Chapter 1044 Blocking an arrow from the stars!
Chapter 1045 Petals brought by the wind!
Chapter 1046 Let’s wait to die together!
Chapter 1047 Suicide or be beaten to death!
Chapter 1048 We also have stars?
Chapter 1049 The real stars!
Chapter 1050 But she is my woman!
Chapter 1051 Fallen Angel!
Chapter 1052 The only chance!
Chapter 1053 The end of the starry sky battlefield!
Chapter 1054 The final charge!
Chapter 1055 The Death of Stars!
Chapter 1056 The return of two worlds!
Chapter 1057 Seeds of Doubt!
Chapter 1058 The Lone Walker!
Chapter 1059 Hunting Carmen!
Chapter 1060 The real purpose!
Chapter 1061 The tornado connecting heaven and earth!
Chapter 1062 The warden returns!
Chapter 1063. Return and win the first battle!
Chapter 1064 Lin Ran’s trump card!
Chapter 1065 The secret from thirty years ago!
Chapter 1066 A fire in the harem kills people!
Chapter 1067 Your front is clear!
Chapter 1068: Kill your hometown first!
Chapter 1069 The surge under the glory!
Chapter 1070 Injured Qiu Shui!
Chapter 1071 Symphony of Death!
Chapter 1072 Through the Clouds!
Chapter 1073 In the face of absolute strength!
Chapter 1074 Starry Sky Portal!
Chapter 1075 That crappy thing!
Chapter 1076 The marshal is a bit jealous!
Chapter 1077 Separated by a Starry Sky
Chapter 1078 Both worlds are undercurrents!
Chapter 1079 Even if you die there!
Chapter 1080 Major General Lin Spring Limited
Chapter 1081 Pulling Lin Ran’s tiger skin?
Chapter 1082 The troubles are not superficial!
Chapter 1083 Return to the Lin family again!
Chapter 1084 Lin Zijin’s back
Chapter 1085 Kang Miaofu’s state!
Chapter 1086 Another back view!
Chapter 1087 Strange brothers!
Chapter 1088 Missing her suddenly
Chapter 1089 The Marshal’s way of helping Lin Ran!
Chapter 1090 Obedience Test!
Chapter 1091 The master and apprentice in the carriage!
Chapter 1092 Recognize who he is!
Chapter 1093 The people’s will is also a crisis!
Chapter 1094 The fairy waiting to return!
Chapter 1095 She is waiting for me
Chapter 1096 Eastern metaphysics across the universe!
Chapter 1097 The murderous Colonel Tengxia!
Chapter 1098 People’s hearts are complicated!
Chapter 1099: Blood debt spanning twenty years!
Meet the power of the stars again!
The new S-class is born!
What would happen otherwise?
The road to revenge is never lonely!
Chapter 1104 What Qi Fengwan wants to pay in advance!
Chapter 1105 They are all pitiful people!
Chapter 1106 Her most critical question!
Chapter 1107 Qi Fengwan cried after being bullied by the military!
Chapter 1108: Pull the marshal’s hand!
Chapter 1109 The light that tears open the sky!
Chapter 1110 Just because she is a star!
Chapter 1111 Is this a way to help her?
Chapter 1112 Saint’s Palace
Chapter 1113 The Legend of God Killing
Chapter 1114 Before the Saint’s Wedding!
Chapter 1115 The strange movement under the feet, the stars above the head
Chapter 1116 People who travel far leave the door behind
Chapter 1117 Your Bride?
Chapter 1118 The real plan, another saint!
Chapter 1119 Light from the past and future
Chapter 1120 The galaxy is thousands of miles away
Chapter 1121 The monarch takes action!
Chapter 1122 There is no more God-killing tribe!
Chapter 1123 We come from the new world!
Chapter 1124 The well-behaved marshal!
Chapter 1125 Who else would protect the marshal than me?
Chapter 1126 Showing the fangs, the storm rises again!
Chapter 1127. Heaven and earth, fight to the death!
Chapter 1128 Kamiya Anri’s true form!
Chapter 1129 Major General Lin who beat up Akiko!
Chapter 1130: Draw your sword, Major General Lin!
Chapter 1131 The conquest plan is fully launched!
Chapter 1132 Aaliyah’s first battle!
Chapter 1133 Husband and wife are of the same mind? News of victory!
Chapter 1134 Who is deterring whom!
Chapter 1135 The first prisoner of the new world!
Chapter 1136 Hug the monarch!
Chapter 1137. For Blue Star, defend the sky!
Chapter 1138 Concubine Su’s Awakening!
Chapter 1139 Two major portals!
Chapter 1140 The entire army was wiped out!
Chapter 1141 The first battle, a great victory!
Chapter 1142 What a coincidence, I am also a star
Chapter 1143 Marshal’s gift!
Chapter 1144 Embrace in the smoke of gunfire
Chapter 1145 A couple recognized by the whole world!
Chapter 1146 The light of swords in the headquarters!
Chapter 1147 Blue Star, who has the final say?
Chapter 1148 Shameless stars, fighting against S!
Chapter 1149 Everyone’s choice!
Chapter 1150 I want the Black Sea, and you!
Chapter 1151 Insidious Major General Xin!
Chapter 1152 A heart-breaking move!
Chapter 1153 The Black Sea changes hands!
Chapter 1154 The soft rice tastes so good!
Chapter 1155 The Watcher is coming!
Chapter 1156 Only the Black Sea is hurt!
Chapter 1157 The wild wolf cannot lose its fangs!
Chapter 1158 The monarch asked me to help you!
Chapter 1159 The chariot at the gate of the ideal city!
Chapter 1160 What will happen if these four people are killed?
Chapter 1161 Carmen, arrest someone!
Chapter 1162 The Inspector General also needs to heal!
Chapter 1163 How many people are behind this!
Chapter 1164 The Black Sea is united because of you!
Chapter 1165 The familiar Nether Saint!
Chapter 1166 The strongest person in the Black Sea Continent?
Chapter 1167 Leola and the Meinong Viper
Chapter 1168 I won’t let you pay in vain!
Chapter 1169 This is not Daxia’s position!
Chapter 1170 Hello, I am the God of the Netherworld
Chapter 1171 The decisive battle regarding the future of the Black Sea!
Chapter 1172 She is no longer a star
Chapter 1173 I want both truce and fighter planes!
Chapter 1174 Major General Lin arrives!
Chapter 1175 What about the stars?
Chapter 1176 The King of the Black Sea!
Chapter 1177 Sudden changes in the political arena!
Chapter 1178 Where is the gate?
Chapter 1179 The inheritance of the power of the starry sky!
Chapter 1180 Rebecca’s choice!
Chapter 1181 Give you a more dazzling Daxia!
Chapter 1182 Shocking change, Hundred Thousand Mountains!
Chapter 1183 The Temple of Death is coming!
Chapter 1184 Unparalleled Sword Power!
Chapter 1185 Furious!
Chapter 1186 Another breakthrough!
Chapter 1187 Hello, New World (Part 1)
Chapter 1188 Hello, New World (Part 2)
Chapter 1189 Hello, New World (Part 2)
Chapter 1190 New World, I Have Many Friends (Part 1)
Chapter 1191 New World, I Have Many Friends (Part 2)
Chapter 1192 New World, I Have Many Friends (Part 2)
Chapter 1193 Dark Angel is offline!
Chapter 1194 Go to the most dangerous place!
Chapter 1195 The world has changed before our eyes
Chapter 1196 The highest reward!
Chapter 1197 The depth of the boss lady (Part 1)
Chapter 1198 The depth of the boss lady (Part 2)
Chapter 1199 The truth lies in the fist!
Chapter 1200 Major General Lin, you are finally here
Chapter 1201 The sword light streaking across the sky!
Chapter 1202 Familiar swordsmanship!
Chapter 1203 Frost Blade has not been tried yet
Chapter 1204 Tears of Frost!
Chapter 1205 Endless temptations!
Chapter 1206 I am also trying to maintain order!
Chapter 1207 Meeting Tista again!
Chapter 1208 His name!
Chapter 1209 Avengers!
Chapter 1210 The bright black gauze skirt killer!
Chapter 1211 Stay forever!
Chapter 1212 Once stood side by side with the God of Death!
Chapter 1213 Stupid Girl
Chapter 1214 The first follower!
Chapter 1215 Another Building of Tomorrow!
Chapter 1216 Make up for your girlhood
Chapter 1217 Continuous disappearances!
Chapter 1218 A provocation to the royal family?
Chapter 1219 The real murderer was caught!
Chapter 1220 The Shadow of the Blood Temple!
Chapter 1221 His Royal Highness?
Chapter 1222 The royal illegitimate child!
Chapter 1223 The so-called arranged fate
Chapter 1224 Who will kill whom?
Chapter 1225 A surprise for General Liesel!
Chapter 1226 The current queen!
Chapter 1227 Aphra’s views
Chapter 1228 The gift of the night!
Chapter 1229 The eldest princess of the empire!
Chapter 1230 Hunting the Princess! (Part 1)
Chapter 1231 Hunting the Princess! (Part 2)
Chapter 1232 Hunting the Princess! (Part 2)
Chapter 1233 Royal Family Suspense!
Chapter 1234 Fighting against the stars alone!
Chapter 1235 Dare you mess with the boss’s son?
Chapter 1236 The stars are so beautiful today!
Chapter 1237 Give you a star!
Chapter 1238 The Seim Empire’s Imperial Guards!
Chapter 1239 Mother and daughter disagree, Xingchen comes to visit!
Chapter 1240 It must be the difference between races!
Chapter 1241 A strange change in attitude!
Chapter 1242 Be careful, he has a sickle!
Chapter 1243 The late God of Death?
Chapter 1244 Shackles of Death!
Chapter 1245 Entering the palace!
Chapter 1246 The woman in the palace
Chapter 1247 It’s such a shame to leave like this!
Chapter 1248 Hidden Man of the Golden House!
Chapter 1249 The secret heard from under the blanket!
Chapter 1250 Death Forbidden Zone (Part 1)
Chapter 1251 Death Forbidden Zone (Part 2)
Chapter 1252 Death Forbidden Zone (Part 2)
Chapter 1253 The world suddenly came to a boil!
Chapter 1254 Unsheathed under the watchful eyes of the whole world!
Chapter 1255 The purest royal bloodline!
Chapter 1256 To protect him is to protect the imperial power!
Chapter 1257 The great eldest son of the emperor!
Chapter 1258 I also have the key!
Chapter 1259 Demon God’s Legacy? (Part 1)
Chapter 1260 Demon God’s Legacy? (Part 2)
Chapter 1261 Demonic God’s Legacy? (Part 2)
Chapter 1262 Fighting against the stars alone!
Chapter 1263 The emperor arrives in person!
Chapter 1264 Father and son meet?
Chapter 1265 Protect the calf!
Chapter 1266 When their golden lights complement each other
Chapter 1267 The only king with a different surname in the empire!
Chapter 1268 Different worlds, similar people
Chapter 1269 The empire is lucky to have you!
Chapter 1270 Prince of Holy Light!
Chapter 1271 A high-status senior maid!
Chapter 1272 Poaching the emperor’s corner!
Chapter 1273 The sheep enters the tiger's mouth!
Chapter 1274 This is not the motherland!
Chapter 1275 Good luck to Major General Lin!
Chapter 1276 Not even if your father comes!
Chapter 1277 The Emperor comes to the East in person!
Chapter 1278 Donghua in his heart
Chapter 1279 One dead and one seriously injured!
Chapter 1280 A sudden change in the world, an opportunity to break the situation!
Chapter 1281 I have the final say in this alliance (Part 1)
Chapter 1282 I have the final say in this alliance (Part 2)
Chapter 1283 I have the final say in this alliance (Part 2)
Chapter 1284 What is arrogance!
Chapter 1285 My Jianghu (Part 1)
Chapter 1286 My Jianghu (Part 2)
Chapter 1287 My Jianghu (Part 2)
Chapter 1288 Can you tell whether I am male or female?
Chapter 1289 Your Immortal Palace (Part 1)
Chapter 1290 Your Immortal Palace (Part 2)
Chapter 1291 Your Immortal Palace (Part 2)
Chapter 1292 If you offend him, you are finished!
Chapter 1293 The first cave in Dongchuan!
Chapter 1294 Fill in the missing part!
Chapter 1295 Bombing the Immortal Palace!
Chapter 1296 Give you my power!
Chapter 1297 You are among me
Chapter 1298 With a wave of your hand, a galaxy appears
Chapter 1299 Do you still want to leave?
Chapter 1300 Give the power back!
Chapter 1301 The flower of Zhi Tian blooms till its peak
Chapter 1302 Why are you swollen?
Chapter 1303 Crystal of Disaster!
Chapter 1304 Professor Long!
Chapter 1305 Farewell to Zhitian
Chapter 1306 This river was once called Dongchuan!
Chapter 1307 First meeting, the Territory of Holy Light (Part 1)
Chapter 1308 First meeting, the Territory of Holy Light (Part 2)
Chapter 1309 First meeting, the Territory of Holy Light (Part 2)
Chapter 1310: You are destined to be rich (Part 1)
Chapter 1311 You are destined to be rich (Part 2)
Chapter 1312 The bloody cloud appears again!
Chapter 1313 The flight lost in the sea!
Chapter 1314 She has the world in her heart
Chapter 1315 Captured Sara!
Chapter 1316 There is still a sea here
Chapter 1317 The mystery of the Blood God!
Chapter 1318 A man and a woman, three forks in the road
Chapter 1319 Eternal Prison!
Chapter 1320 Sarah’s true face!
Chapter 1321 This is definitely a base!
Chapter 1322 This is the sea of ??source power!
Chapter 1323 Pure Source Space!
Chapter 1324 If Blue Star is not buried, the coffin will not be buried!
Chapter 1325 The bayonet is red!
Chapter 1326 The Ice Messenger, the uninvited guest!
Chapter 1327 Can he come back?
Chapter 1328 Reinforcements, Demon Feather!
Chapter 1329 The prince has arrived!
Chapter 1330 There is no escape from the crime!
Chapter 1331 They can all be sold at a good price!
Chapter 1332 Who said I won’t support you anymore!
Chapter 1333 More important things!
Chapter 1334 Xin Aixi at this moment
Chapter 1335 Aphra, little stepmother!
Chapter 1336 Mother and Daughter Shura Bureau
Chapter 1337 The eve of the Northern Alliance meeting!
Chapter 1338 The saint who came to the meeting!
Chapter 1339 The person sitting next to me is a saint!
Chapter 1340 Don’t play by the rules!
Chapter 1341 The Saint invites us to join forces for a battle!
Chapter 1342 Why did they kiss together?
Chapter 1343 Fell into this wave
Chapter 1344 Join forces to kill the enemy, strangers in the starry sky!
Chapter 1345 The true purpose of Xuan Bing!
Chapter 1346 The passage is opened!
Chapter 1347 Flame Temple!
Chapter 1348 Return to the folding space!
Chapter 1349 Is this Blue Star?
Chapter 1350 Backstab!
Chapter 1351 Star Alliance!
Chapter 1352: Good character, but too stupid
Chapter 1353 Axilin’s invitation!
Chapter 1354 The Man on the Monster’s Head
Chapter 1355 Everyone has their own thoughts!
Chapter 1356 Deja Vu across the starry sky
Chapter 1357 Poison killed half the city!
Chapter 1358 The Storm of Ai City (Part 1)
Chapter 1359 The Storm of Ai City (Part 2)
Chapter 1360 Ai City Tornado (hit again)
Chapter 1361 The Storm in Ai City (Part 2)
Chapter 1362 The Gate of Netherworld is opened collectively!
Chapter 1363 The pot suddenly started!
Chapter 1364 Chizuru’s old and new grudges!
Chapter 1365 Reunion, side by side!
Chapter 1366 The two girls meet!
Chapter 1367 He also healed your injuries?
Chapter 1368 A secret and great identity!
Chapter 1369 She went to massacre the city! (Part 1)
Chapter 1370 She went to massacre the city! (Part 2)
Chapter 1371 She went to massacre the city! (Part 2)
Chapter 1372 Absolute disadvantage!
Chapter 1373 The golden light piercing the sky
Chapter 1374 Axilin’s true face
Chapter 1375 Four stars died!
Chapter 1376 The Poison Sect of the first generation is very obedient!
Chapter 1377 Super sisters far apart in the stars!
Chapter 1378 Lao Ai’s heart is bleeding!
Chapter 1379 The Fourth Star (Part 1)
Chapter 1380 The Fourth Star (Part 2)
Chapter 1381 The Fourth Star (Part 2)
Chapter 1382 The God of Death appears!
Chapter 1383 Active exposure!
Chapter 1384 Royal Family Suspense!
Chapter 1385 The Queen is going to see Lin Ran!
Chapter 1386 Miss Dong’s true purpose!
Chapter 1387 Miss Dong’s true identity!
Chapter 1388 Have you been waiting for me for a long time?
Chapter 1389 Crystallization!
Chapter 1390 Stick your head over here!
Chapter 1391 Women with brain problems
Chapter 1392 Queen Aphra arrives in person!
Chapter 1393 Big-mouthed Sara!
Chapter 1394 Something is wrong!
Chapter 1395 Aphra’s night plan!
Chapter 1396 Night with the Queen (Part 1)
Chapter 1397 Night with the Queen (Part 2)
Chapter 1398 Night with the Queen (Part 2)
Chapter 1399 Good luck to the Fearless Princess!
Chapter 1400 Glory joins forces!
Chapter 1401 The fortress crashed into the sea!
Chapter 1402 The younger one was beaten, and here comes the older one!
Chapter 1403 The real behind the scenes!
Chapter 1404: Divorced him, with you?
Chapter 1405 A new relationship with the queen!
Chapter 1406 An old friend in the palace!
Chapter 1407 He is really my son!
Chapter 1408 A Hug
Chapter 1409 See Sara again!
Chapter 1410 You are a bit similar to Aphra!
Chapter 1411 He Tianqi’s journey!
Chapter 1412 Thousands of Favors
Chapter 1413 The change of imperial power!
Chapter 1414 S-class beggar man!
Chapter 1415 The miserable King Qing!
Chapter 1416 The worried Lu Diqi!
Chapter 1417 The Prince who cannot be licked
Chapter 1418 It’s time to let her sprout
Chapter 1419 Bai Aisi’s other path (Part 1)
Chapter 1420 Bai Aisi’s other path (Part 2)
Chapter 1421 Bai Aisi’s other path (Part 2)
Chapter 1422 Let me detoxify you!
Chapter 1423 Becoming Prince Lin again!
Chapter 1424 Serve me as Lord!
Chapter 1425 Laying out the Black Ice Temple!
Chapter 1426 Atlantis Club!
Chapter 1427 Little Aunt
Chapter 1428 Blind date?
Chapter 1429 News about Concubine Su!
Chapter 1430 The mystery of Concubine Su’s identity!
Chapter 1431 It’s all a temptation!
Chapter 1432 The highest level of reception!
Chapter 1433 Can there be blood in this arena?
Chapter 1434 Civil strife breaks out!
Chapter 1435 If you can’t get it, destroy it!
Chapter 1436 Taking Anita hostage!
Chapter 1437 Same origin, the crystal of life!
Chapter 1438 The closed door!
Chapter 1439 The bald man in the temple!
Chapter 1440 The brother who came back from the dead!
Chapter 1441 Isn’t this a coincidence?
Chapter 1442 The only king!
Chapter 1443 A beating beyond cognition!
Chapter 1444 It turns out that I am your calamity!
Chapter 1445 Truly becoming a star!
Chapter 1446 Concubine Su arrives!
Chapter 1447 The ownership of the Crystal of Life!
Chapter 1448 I am really your calamity
Chapter 1449 Fighting for beauty
Chapter 1450 Mist (Part 1)
Chapter 1451 Mist (Part 2)
Chapter 1452 Mist (Part 2)
Chapter 1453 The choice of the patriarch
Chapter 1454 Always Brothers
Chapter 1455 The envelope at hand!
Chapter 1456 Miner Qingwang!
Chapter 1457 I have to come and save you!
Chapter 1458 Can you be so arrogant?
Chapter 1459 Double insurance for sisters!
Chapter 1460 No evidence required!
Chapter 1461 The second daughters thanks!
Chapter 1462 The eldest lady who doesnt like men!
Chapter 1463 Interception halfway!
Chapter 1464: Fight the strongest!
Chapter 1465 He is coming!
Chapter 1466 Block every step!
Chapter 1467 Cloud of Destruction!
Chapter 1468 Three Thousand Women
Chapter 1469: Changing the sky and changing the day!
Chapter 1470 From now on, call me patriarch
Chapter 1471 I heard that Xingchen has a big appetite
Chapter 1472 Donghua Sword Immortal in the Clouds
Chapter 1473 Adults choice!
Chapter 1474 Its all a misunderstanding
Chapter 1475 Target, Balosi Continent!
Chapter 1476 Missionaries in Heaven
Chapter 1477 Preaching Alone
Chapter 1478 That church is not normal!
Chapter 1479 The Curse of the Louis Royal Family?
Chapter 1480 Sorry, I have no choice
Chapter 1481 Marshal Daxia!
Chapter 1482 I choose to fall into the abyss
Chapter 1483 The stretched flame temple
Chapter 1484 Impersonation?
Chapter 1485 The Emperors Spirit!
Chapter 1486 Who is real and who is fake!
Chapter 1487 The true identity of the Blood God!
Chapter 1488 Flame Temple Headquarters!
Chapter 1489 Blazing Palace!
Chapter 1490 I have the final say here
Chapter 1491 The new generation of God of Flame!
Chapter 1492 Meeting Shao Juan again, the strongest star eye!
Chapter 1493 An unexpected woman!
Chapter 1494 It’s always Shao Juan
Chapter 1495 The previous generation God of Flame!
Chapter 1496 Han Xiqiao is missing!
Chapter 1497 Lost another one!
Chapter 1498 Goodbye Lao Liang!
Chapter 1499 The Gate of Space!
Chapter 1500 Failure to block!
Chapter 1501 God Killing
Chapter 1502 This is the Netherworld!
Chapter 1503 The moment of youth
Chapter 1504 Netherworld Crystal!
Chapter 1505 Gold Digger Town!
Chapter 1506 Anti-hunting!
Chapter 1507 Masked Woman
Chapter 1508 Inheritance related to time!
Chapter 1509 Above the stars, the cage of heaven and earth!
Chapter 1510: Call you warden?
Chapter 1511 The muscular man chasing the wild boar
Chapter 1512 The Netherworld Abyss!
Chapter 1513 Accidentally attracted a lot of hatred
Chapter 1514 The cause of the war!
Chapter 1515 Offends the entire sky realm!
Chapter 1516 Lao Liang’s Kiss
Chapter 1517: The Son of Destiny, Just Point
Chapter 1518 The bloody figure!
Chapter 1519 The enemy of all!
Chapter 1520: Space is collapsing?
Chapter 1521 There is no more blood god in the world!
Chapter 1522 Hello, new world!
Chapter 1523 The Demon God’s Stirring Past
Chapter 1524 Female stars!
Chapter 1525 Female competition in the new world!
Chapter 1526 Super Promise Flower!
Chapter 1527 The inheritors meet!
Chapter 1528 Magnificent inheritance!
Chapter 1529 Are you really the Archbishop in Black?
Chapter 1530 The beast of space!
Chapter 1531 Above the stars, there are also common people
Chapter 1532 Is it all a coincidence?
Chapter 1533 The law is unbreakable
Chapter 1534 The Burning Blood God
Chapter 1535 The Nether Dragon!
Chapter 1536 Should I cheat my father or my son?
Chapter 1537 It was a betrayal!
Chapter 1538 Who said defeat is inevitable?
Chapter 1539 Really join forces!
Chapter 1540 Who said being beaten?
Chapter 1541 Communicating with the Demon God Space!
Chapter 1542 The big deal is one for one!
Chapter 1543 Time inheritance reappears!
Chapter 1544 Kill, above the stars!
Chapter 1545 The ultimate revenge on Yuri!
Chapter 1546 Take the body away!
Chapter 1547 Nether Dagger!
Chapter 1548 Accidentally killed Above the Stars!
Chapter 1549: Any revenge must be taken against Xiao Tianlan (Part 1)
Chapter 1550: Any revenge must be taken against Xiao Tianlan (Part 2)
Chapter 1551 Air infusion!
Chapter 1552 Cutting the stars in half!
Chapter 1553 The Dark Dragon reappears!
Chapter 1554 The real king!
Chapter 1555 Do I agree?
Chapter 1556 I’m from Blue Star!
Chapter 1557 Farewell after reunion
Chapter 1558 What about the cursed clan?
Chapter 1559 The double-edged sword of the curse!
Chapter 1560 Your Highness the Princess, long time no see
Chapter 1561 Capture Lin Ran alive!
Chapter 1562 Starry Eyes Return!
Chapter 1563 The Invincible Archbishop in Black!
Chapter 1564 Cursed Valley!
Chapter 1565 The most arrogant guest!
Chapter 1566 She paid forever!
Chapter 1567 Eternal imprisonment!
Chapter 1568 A knife that cuts through space!
Chapter 1569 Unexpected changes!
Chapter 1570 Creation Day
Chapter 1571 Do you know Su Qingcheng?
Chapter 1572 Blood on the Day of Celebration
Chapter 1573 The God of Creation, the colorful glow!
Chapter 1574 This is my world!
Chapter 1575 Celebrating Fireworks!
Chapter 1576 Waiting to meet at higher places!
Chapter 1577 Qingcheng comes to visit!
Chapter 1578 Missing and Reuniting!
Chapter 1579 Arriving at the realm of the sky!
Chapter 1580 At the foot of the Lion Temple!
Chapter 1581 He goes against the will of heaven!
Chapter 1582 The Imperial Army in the Sky Realm!
Chapter 1583 Skinny hands, hands of fate!
Chapter 1584 Founding Emperor!
Chapter 1585 A strong challenge!
Chapter 1586 The ambition to unify the universe
Chapter 1587 There is always something unexpected!
Chapter 1588 Cherish each other!
Chapter 1589 The ex-husband whose heart is bleeding
Chapter 1590 One for one above the stars!
Chapter 1591 The Imperial Military Salute in the Sky Realm!
Chapter 1592 This is your glory!
Chapter 1593 Two major obstacles!
Chapter 1594: Forced to retreat with a kiss
Chapter 1595 Twin Gods
Chapter 1596 Still strong!
Chapter 1597 Protect each other!
Chapter 1598 Another star above!
Chapter 1599 Hunting the Wind God!
Chapter 1600 The inheritance given by Yuri
Chapter 1601 Goodbye God of Time
Chapter 1602 She in the Time Prison!
Chapter 1603 The shadow of the lion behind him!
Chapter 1604 What is the Lion King!
Chapter 1605 The magnificent god!
Chapter 1606 Sister Youling!
Chapter 1607 Qiushui’s courtyard
Chapter 1608 Xingyue comes to Xuefeng
Chapter 1609 The gracious Netherworld!
Chapter 1610 What Tian Lan has been looking forward to for a long time
Chapter 1611 Death’s choice!
Chapter 1612 Kill Xingmu instantly!
Chapter 1613 Tian Lan presses forward step by step!
Chapter 1614 I still know you even if you put on a vest!
Chapter 1615 I don’t want to be a niece
Chapter 1616 Donghua Invasion!
Chapter 1617 Fire in the backyard!
Chapter 1618 What is a big house!
Chapter 1619 The Prince is here!
Chapter 1620 The Queen Walking into the Smoke of Gunpowder
Chapter 1621 The glow of despair!
Chapter 1622 Demon God, Demon God
Chapter 1623 The God of War on Earth!
Chapter 1624 Your Majesty, please respect yourself!
Chapter 1625 The green light on the palace!
Chapter 1626 Ex-husband and current husband
Chapter 1627 New stars!
Chapter 1628 I’ll give you Donghua!
Chapter 1629 The wronged hostage sister!
Chapter 1630 Feng Huáng, Feng Huáng!
Chapter 1631 Sister’s request!
Chapter 1632 A two-pronged approach!
Chapter 1633 Irregular inheritance!
Chapter 1634 Gemini Sense!
Chapter 1635 Return to Dongchuan!
Chapter 1636 The Trapped City!
Chapter 1637 Alluring reinforcements!
Chapter 1638 My father-in-law is Ritian!
Chapter 1639 Old Su is asking for trouble!
Chapter 1640: Hard work for my father-in-law!
Chapter 1641 Salute to the Watcher!
Chapter 1642 The confrontation between two warships!
Chapter 1643 Die together!
Chapter 1644 Goodbye, Watcher
Chapter 1645 Sobbing Elegy
Chapter 1646 Around and in the distance
Chapter 1647 He didn’t leave
Chapter 1648 As long as he can come back
Chapter 1649 The First Cave!
Chapter 1650 There is a power calling!
Chapter 1651 Tomb of Louis I!
Chapter 1652 The weight of the starry sky
Chapter 1653 The Rebirth of the Whole World
Chapter 1654 The world returns, Black Hawk falls
Chapter 1655 Another person who kills the stars
Chapter 1656 Daxia, would rather die than surrender!
Chapter 1657 At the end of despair, there is hope!
Chapter 1658 Daxia Linran, come back to join the war!
Chapter 1659 Only Qiushui!
Chapter 1660 No turning back, water is like steel
Chapter 1661 Unstoppable!
Chapter 1662 Do you know that I will never regret it?
Chapter 1663 See you alive!
Chapter 1664 His name is Demon God!
Chapter 1665 The meeting of two generations of demon gods!
Chapter 1666: How did the bright moon ever belong to two towns?
Chapter 1667: Thousands of Miles of Galaxy (Finale)
Extra 1 Starry Night Allure
Extra 2: The following is a crime, a fierce battle in the starry sky!
Extra 3 I am not old yet, you are in your prime
Extra 4: Autumn water on the tip of the tongue
Extra 5: Is it Ning Zixi, or the Monarch?