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Cyberpunk:Order of the Iron Dome

Cyberpunk:Order of the Iron Dome

author:The wind rises in Longshang

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-10 18:15

Latest chapter:Chapter 843 This is the gap

[Plot direction + armored superpower battle] In the Iron Dome era, humans rebuilt and revived cities on the ruins. Superpower genes spread and science and technology developed rapidly. In the name of reviving the population, the administration forced young people to undergo genetic matching blind dates. The secret Execute the god-making plan. Careers, Frankensteins, and thugs with superpower genes hide in the night of the steel jungle and are ready to move. The young commissioners of the Security Bureau wear exoskeleton armor and rely on superpowers and martial arts chips to fight to the death to maintain Fragile justice. The protagonist Yu Zhesen has escaped death many times by relying on his ability to predict the future, and constantly modifies the world line in order to reach the true future of mankind.

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《Cyberpunk:Order of the Iron Dome》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 843 This is the gap
Chapter 842 Equipment Warehouse
Chapter 841: Take action personally
Chapter 840 Night of Torture
Chapter 839: New official takes office
Chapter 388 The competition begins
Chapter 837: Detachment Ceremony
Chapter 836: Suspicion of framing the blame
Chapter 835 The enemy returns
《Cyberpunk:Order of the Iron Dome》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Lightning Husky Express
Chapter 2 Rookie Intern
Chapter 3: When it’s over, brush off your clothes and go away
Chapter 4 Warning
Chapter 5 Gray part-time job
Chapter 6 Psychological Counselor
Chapter 7 Underground Bar 'Rainbow'
Chapter 8 The most beautiful woman
Chapter 9 HR
Chapter 10 Dream Journey Love Story
Chapter 11 Explosion Countdown
Chapter 12 Three Minutes of Despair
Chapter 13 The moment of decision
Chapter 14: The Hidden God
Chapter 15 Claire’s Invitation
Chapter 16 Visiting the patient
Chapter 17 Blurry Disorder
Chapter 18 Steel Burning
Chapter 19 Try it
Chapter 20 Sniper
Chapter 21 Split Domain
Chapter 22 Burned out
Chapter 23 Side Effects of Super Powers
Chapter 24 Alien
Chapter 25 Market
Chapter 26 Fatal Call
Chapter 27 I won’t tell you
Chapter 28 Go to Hongyu Bar again
Chapter 29 Rhetoric
Chapter 30 Old Classmates
Chapter 31 Three Bottom Lines
Chapter 32 Hunter and Prey
Chapter 33 Secret
Chapter 34 Hacker Attack
Chapter 35 New Death Notice
Chapter 36 The Truth Master (Part 1)
Chapter 37 The Truth Master (Part 2)
Chapter 38: Caught between two sides
Chapter 39: Demonic teammates
Chapter 40 The storm is about to come and the storm is coming.
Chapter 41 The Source of the Chip
Chapter 42 Alley Trap
Chapter 43: Armored Man Hunting
Chapter 44 Late Night Surgery
Chapter 45 Dr. Pheasant
Chapter 46: Fight between trapped beasts
Chapter 47 Girlfriend
Chapter 48: How to get out of trouble
Chapter 49 Anger
Chapter 50 High Emotional Intelligence
Chapter 51 The most important family
Chapter 52 Life Mentor
Chapter 53 Hug
Chapter 54 Layout
Chapter 55 Self
Chapter 56 Meeting the parents
Chapter 57: Action in advance
Chapter 58 Messenger of Peace
Chapter 59 Simulated War (Part 1)
Chapter 60 Mock War (Part 2)
Chapter 61 Xingtian Heavy Industry
Chapter 62 Stormy Night
Chapter 63 Wrong file
Chapter 64 Water Attack
Chapter 65 Hallucination
Chapter 66 Bionic Robot
Chapter 67: Intrigue and deception
Chapter 68 Declaration of War
Chapter 69 S-Class Emergency
Chapter 70 Station Assault
Chapter 71 Bomb Train
Chapter 72: Be brave
Chapter 73 Nuwa
Chapter 74 Blue sea and clear sky
Chapter 75 Rainbow Angel
Chapter 76 Ark
Chapter 77 Return
Chapter 78: Destroying people and rookies
Chapter 79 Dilemma
Chapter 80: Coming out of the cage
Chapter 81 The Second Beacon
Chapter 82 Abandoned Factory
Chapter 83 Advantages of One-way Transparency
Chapter 84: Sign of Resurrection
Chapter 85 Slums
Chapter 86 Thunder
Chapter 87 Forced to Retreat
Chapter 88 Teleportation
Chapter 89 Reverse Invasion
Chapter 90 Offensive and defensive transition
Chapter 91 Retreat and Encirclement
Chapter 92 The last fifteen minutes
Chapter 93: The Fathers
Chapter 94 Fu Zhaohai’s Thoughts
Chapter 95 Friendship in the Ashes
Chapter 96: Survival after the disaster
Chapter 97: Lingering in the sound of fireworks
Chapter 98 Special Observer
Chapter 99 New Roommate
Chapter 100 Moving
Chapter 101 The Dream Seller
Chapter 102: Difficult to get along with
Chapter 103 Xiao Yu, a new member of the Field Service Department
Chapter 104 Keeping a secret for you
Chapter 105 The missing office worker
Chapter 106: Video Game City
Chapter 107 Pretending to be a master by not speaking
Chapter 108 Suicide Attempt
Chapter 109 Information to be confirmed
Chapter 110 Thought Invasion
Chapter 111 The second suicide
Chapter 112 Failure to Improve Relationship
Chapter 113 Dude
Chapter 114 The dream flower that never fades
Chapter 115 Harmonica Gentleman
Chapter 116 Mental Protection Training
Chapter 117 Dreaming
Chapter 118 Shoot me
Chapter 119 Let me kill you
Chapter 120 Return to reality
Chapter 121 Thinking Attack and Defense
Chapter 122 Special Visitor
Chapter 123 Stabilizer
Chapter 124 Second Date
Chapter 125 She is so cute
Chapter 126 This damn desire to win
Chapter 127: Winning over Members of Parliament
Chapter 128: The Defender’s Troubles
Chapter 129 Room for Growth
Chapter 130 The second ray of light
Chapter 131: Hook up and form an alliance
Chapter 132 Yu Qingxue’s concerns
Chapter 133: Idle People in the Field Service Department
Chapter 134 Breakthrough
Chapter 135 The Dream Walker Three Years Ago
Chapter 136: Past Events in Divine Valley
Chapter 137 The Sublimated One
Chapter 138 Who is this D?
Chapter 139: Symphony of Dreams
Chapter 140 Dream Taxi (1)
Chapter 141 Dream Taxi (2)
Chapter 142 Criminal Investigation Department
Chapter 143: Nightmare’s Call
Chapter 144 Starship City in the Rain
Chapter 145 Martyrs and Clowns
Chapter 146: Avoid Suspicion
Chapter 147: Thought Invasion Confrontation
Chapter 148 Live News Broadcast
Chapter 149: Making up for the situation after a desperate situation
Chapter 150 Death Mall
Chapter 151 Reinforcements
Chapter 152: Leaving behind the aftermath
Chapter 153 Humanoid Beast
Chapter 154 Burning with all strength
Chapter 155 Wanderers
Chapter 156 Convenience Store Meeting
Chapter 157: Miniaturization of Arms
Chapter 158 The aftermath is not over yet
Chapter 159: Goodbye with Nightmare
Chapter 160 The City of Noisy Whispers
Chapter 161 Genius is limited by the past
Chapter 162 Second Personality
Chapter 163 Nightmare’s Script
Chapter 164 Deviation
Chapter 165 Invisible Deadly Blade
Chapter 166 Rebellion
Chapter 167 Idealism is invincible
Chapter 168 The oriole is silent
Chapter 169: Shattering the Iron Fist
Chapter 170 The identity of the other party is doubtful
Chapter 171 Springboard
Chapter 172 The New Municipal Governor
Chapter 173: Guard Mission
Chapter 174: Expectations for the Municipal Governor
Chapter 175 Temporary Bodyguard
Chapter 176 Silver Sand Beach
Chapter 177 The target has been locked
Chapter 178 You can call me D
Chapter 179 Who is the troublesome person?
Chapter 180 Soda Bomb
Chapter 181 The fuse is still not out
Chapter 182 All Criminals
Chapter 183: Fangs Revealed
Chapter 184 Falcon
Chapter 185 Offline Meeting
Chapter 186 Shadow Warrior
Chapter 187: Going deep into the tiger's den
Chapter 188: The enemy is reversed
Chapter 189: Conspiracy in the Heavy Rain
Chapter 190 Narrow Road
Chapter 191: Extreme Pressure Resistance
Chapter 192 A simple celebration
Chapter 193 The troops are divided into two groups
Chapter 194 The Land of Old Dreams
Chapter 195 The Second Beast
Chapter 196 Reversed Light Particles
Chapter 197: Diverged paths of grudges
Chapter 198 The End
Chapter 199: Time to close the net
Chapter 200 Desire for full success
Chapter 201 Preliminary Test
Chapter 202 Bystanders know
Chapter 203: Good Brother’s Woman
Chapter 204 Starting point
Chapter 205 Doubt
Chapter 206 Yuan Yinchuan’s kindness
Chapter 207 See you there?
Chapter 208 The tail of trouble
Chapter 209: The broken car returns home
Chapter 210 The traces of the beast appear
Chapter 211 Explosive Kick
Chapter 212 Rescue
Chapter 213: Shoot the Deer and Get the Deer
Chapter 214: Don’t steal your job
Chapter 215: Breaking into the house to apologize
Chapter 216 City Sewers
Chapter 217 A grand spectacle
Chapter 218 The final action
Chapter 219 The inauguration ceremony begins
Chapter 220 Sewer Crisis
Chapter 221 Failed Plan
Chapter 222 Live Broadcast Interrupted
Chapter 223 Late Accusation
Chapter 224: Release the Hostages
Chapter 225 The performance ends
Chapter 226 Prelude to Chaos
Chapter 227 What D left behind
Chapter 228: Bitter Love and Trick
Chapter 229 Wanghai Villa
Chapter 230: Memories from Years Ago
Chapter 231 The canary outside the cage
Chapter 232 Hero Script
Chapter 333 Rebel Alliance
Chapter 334 The password is correct
Chapter 235 A visitor comes at dusk
Chapter 236 Third Place
Chapter 237 An unexpected contact
Chapter 238 Data disappears
Chapter 239: Young and arrogant
Chapter 240 The Siren Emerges
Chapter 241 Two Undercurrents
Chapter 242 A sign of the future
Chapter 243 The Unique Knife
Chapter 244: Floating Corpse at Pier No.
Chapter 245 A waste of talent
Chapter 246 Trouble is coming
Chapter 247 Two-way advice
Chapter 248 Accidental Shooting
Chapter 249 Viking Armor
Chapter 250 Without a Trace
Chapter 251 Please don’t leave
Chapter 252 Singing in the sea breeze
Chapter 253: Flying ball
Chapter 254 Multiple power samples
Chapter 255 Night at the Fjord Villa
Chapter 256 Money to buy a living
Chapter 257 Confrontation of the same position
Chapter 258 Hot Potato
Chapter 259: Deadly Serial Call
Chapter 260 Family Reunion
Chapter 261: Avoiding future countermeasures
Chapter 262 The future is uncertain
Chapter 263: God’s Creation
Chapter 264 Hypothetical Reasoning
Chapter 265 The enemy is at the Opera House
Chapter 266: Serial Accident
Chapter 267 On-site Investigation
Chapter 268: Before the Sand Sea
Chapter 269: Kraken Round-up Plan
Chapter 270 Love Hotel
Chapter 271 Not the same kind
Chapter 272 Alienation and Rampage
Chapter 273 Reinforcements Arrive
Chapter 274 The Unkillable Monster
Chapter 275 Night Chase
Chapter 276 Justice Sophistry
Chapter 277: Hornet Armed Floating Wing
Chapter 278: Grenade Surrender
Chapter 279: Imprisonment in the Black Room
Chapter 280 Looking for Yu Qingxue
Chapter 281 Monitoring Records
Chapter 282 Telecom Fraud
Chapter 283 The Missing Psychologist
Chapter 284 Confrontation over mind control
Chapter 285 Fatal Game
Chapter 286 King, Knight, Rebel
Chapter 287 Trap and Reversal
Chapter 288 A fatal blow
Chapter 289 Third Party Intervention
Chapter 290: Parting ways
Chapter 291 The whereabouts of Qin Yuqing
Chapter 292 The long night of sweetness and pain
Chapter 293: The Hideout in the Crack in the Wall
Chapter 294: Morning gossip
Chapter 295 Brothers of the opposite sex
Chapter 296 Shen Yunqiu’s Secret
Chapter 297: Isn’t soft rice delicious?
Chapter 298 The whereabouts of the Shen family are unknown
Chapter 299 Zhuo Yifeng’s Banquet
Chapter 300: Sailing to Paradise Island
Chapter 301 Special Program
Chapter 302 D.D Brotherhood
Chapter 303: The Fangs of the Siren
Chapter 304: The Deadly Two Heroes
Chapter 305 Justice Torture
Chapter 306: A plan to catch a turtle in a urn
Chapter 307 Dangerous Superpowers
Chapter 308: Super Editing (Part 1)
Chapter 309 Super Editing (Part 2)
Chapter 310 The Chain of Eternal Life
Chapter 311: What was lost and found
Chapter 312 Wave after wave
Chapter 313: Delivered to your door
Chapter 314 Three Cadres
Chapter 315: Space Jump Iron Fist
Chapter 316 Saying Goodbye
Chapter 317 Better than father and son
Chapter 318 The man on the edge of the cliff
Chapter 319: Making up for regrets
Chapter 320: Superpower Containment Center
Chapter 321 Welcome to the Special Service Team
Chapter 322 He is too strong
Chapter 323: Boarding Mission
Chapter 324 Important Decision
Chapter 325 New Environment
Chapter 326 An unexpected gain in the old city
Chapter 327 The runaway beast
Chapter 328 Five Tickets
Chapter 329: Off-field helpers
Chapter 330: Claire’s Questioning
Chapter 331 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 332 Shen Yunqiu’s whereabouts
Chapter 333: When we meet on a narrow road
Chapter 334 Secret Talk in the Superpower Laboratory
Chapter 335: Nonsense! I am obviously very perverted!
Chapter 336 Death is approaching at super speed
Chapter 337: Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 338: Score twice
Chapter 339: Bringing the Rain of Life
Chapter 340 Who betrayed me?
Chapter 341 Reasons for Losing the Election
Chapter 342: This way of employing people
Chapter 343 Shadow Whispers
Chapter 344: Prison Break Time
Chapter 345 Open your heart
Chapter 346 Wu Xiaoming’s wavering
Chapter 347 Surrender
Chapter 348 The traitor died suddenly
Chapter 349: Hunting in the Old City
Chapter 350: Everything is going crazy
Chapter 351 It’s you again
Chapter 352 Sustainable Conflict
Chapter 353 Fast and Furious
Chapter 354 The intersection of fate
Chapter 355 Under the mask
Chapter 356 Difficulties on the road
Chapter 357 Han Jinghu’s Secret
Chapter 358 Unexpected new ship passengers
Chapter 359 I’m not wrong
Chapter 360: The truth behind losing memory (Part 1)
Chapter 361 The truth behind losing memory (Part 2)
Chapter 362: Battle of Heart and Soul
Chapter 363 Dual personalities join forces
Chapter 364: Die together?
Chapter 365: Gathering of Assassins
Chapter 366: Dead Arrogance
Chapter 367 Return to heaven and blessed rain
Chapter 368: Listen to what you have to say
Chapter 369 Nocturnal Animals
Chapter 370 Silk and Cocoon
Chapter 371: It’s a good night
Chapter 372 Different Fathers and Sons
Chapter 373 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Chapter 374 We are on a cruise ship
Chapter 375 Another bomb
Chapter 376 Race against time
Chapter 377 The Dangerous Muzzle
Chapter 378 The Eternal Child
Chapter 379: An Unstable World
Chapter 380: Facing Contradictions
Chapter 381: Peek-a-boo on the cruise ship
Chapter 382 Darling in the banquet hall
Chapter 383 It would be rude to refuse
Chapter 384: Good Woman, Bad Woman
Chapter 385 The return of the former enemy
Chapter 386: Perfect Strategy Trap (1)
Chapter 387: Perfect Strategy Trap (2)
Chapter 388 I can give you better
Chapter 389 The oath of protection
Chapter 390: Trapped in the Carriage
Chapter 391: Beautiful Dream and Desperate Situation
Chapter 392 Desperate Reunion
Chapter 393: Execute backup plan
Chapter 394: Fight again, Night Owl
Chapter 395 Dislocation of time and space
Chapter 396 Ace
Chapter 397 The Road to Reunion (1)
Chapter 398 The Road to Reunion (2)
Chapter 399 The Road to Reunion (3)
Chapter 400 The Road to Reunion (4)
Chapter 401 The Road to Reunion (5)
Chapter 402 The Road to Reunion (6)
Chapter 403: Harmony with Light
Chapter 404: Harmony with Light (2)
Chapter 405 The Secret of the Void
Chapter 406 The Secret of the Void (2)
Chapter 407 The Secret of the Void (3)
Chapter 408 The Place of God
Chapter 409 The Place of God (2)
Chapter 410 The Place of God (3)
Chapter 411 The only prisoner
Chapter 412 The only prisoner (2)
Chapter 413 On the Throne
Chapter 414 The most powerful collision
Chapter 415 Devouring Light Particles
Chapter 416 Nothing to give up and nothing to gain
Chapter 417 Preparations
Chapter 418: Completion and Capture
Chapter 419 You can’t delete the future
Chapter 420 The Best Women
Chapter 421: Disaster is imminent?
Chapter 422: No victims left behind
Chapter 423 Is this farewell?
Chapter 424: Overlapping shapes
Chapter 425: Destroy upon discovery
Chapter 426 Lonely Soul
Chapter 427: Going straight to Huanglong
Chapter 428: Going straight to Huanglong (2)
Chapter 429: Going straight to Huanglong (3)
Chapter 430 The Great Escape
Chapter 431 The Great Escape (2)
Chapter 432 Jin Jianshen
Chapter 433: Meeting in the Forest
Chapter 434 Zhuo Yifeng falls from the sky
Chapter 435 Fierce Battle
Chapter 436: Fa-rectification on the spot
Chapter 437 Hell Island
Chapter 438: Late Night on an Isolated Island
Chapter 439: Roaring in the Night Sky
Chapter 440: Abandoning Darkness and Turning to Light
Chapter 441 An old friend from the deep sea comes
Chapter 442 It’s too late to change
Chapter 443: Friedheim’s Sincerity
Chapter 444: Walking with your back
Chapter 445: Yu Zhesen’s level of strange yin and yang energy
Chapter 446: Special Treatment for Knee Pillow
Chapter 447 Absurd Dream
Chapter 448: Beheading Plan
Chapter 449 Winning Tactics
Chapter 450: Take the initiative to seek change
Chapter 451 Fusion of mutant beasts
Chapter 452: Retreat and Monsters
Chapter 453 The crisis is approaching
Chapter 454 The Devourer
Chapter 455 The Rain of Transformation
Chapter 456 Humanoid Mecha
Chapter 457 Mecha VS Monster
Chapter 458: Not doing human affairs
Chapter 459 Han Jinghu’s Prophecy
Chapter 460 The void behind
Chapter 461: Equal Negotiation
Chapter 462 Space Locker
Chapter 463: Differential Treatment?
Chapter 464 Opening my heart to you
Chapter 465 Yu Qingxue’s defense strategy
Chapter 466 It’s part of the plan
Chapter 467 The enemy returns with a vengeance
Chapter 468: Familiar with the Road
Chapter 469: Out-of-control Massacre
Chapter 470 Internal Guard Moses
Chapter 471 The God-Creation Plan
Chapter 472: Unlocking the restricted area of ??thinking
Chapter 473 Three-person team
Chapter 474 Metal Crusher
Chapter 475 New Armor
Chapter 476 Android 1001
Chapter 477 Shelter
Chapter 478: Going to the other world
Chapter 479: Military Base Ruins
Chapter 480 An An
Chapter 481 Who are you?
Chapter 482 Invasion of the Underground
Chapter 483 Leader
Chapter 484 Black Knife
Chapter 485: An unpleasant class reunion
Chapter 486 The Genius is No More
Chapter 487: Classmate Fighting
Chapter 488 Mechanical Life
Chapter 489: Fate is inevitable
Chapter 490: The authorities are obsessed with it
Chapter 491 Reunion after farewell
Chapter 492: Don’t watch anyone who has nothing to do with it
Chapter 493: Inescapable Sickness
Chapter 494 Metal Crusher VS Void
Chapter 495: Alien Ambition
Chapter 496: Since ancient times, the truth has come from fists
Chapter 497: Narrow victory over Crimson Dark Claw
Chapter 498 Turning into the light of hope
Chapter 499 Complete Failure
Chapter 500 Looking back at the moment
Chapter 501 The future is promising
Chapter 502: Return Plan
Chapter 503: Same-sex repulsion
Chapter 504: Farewell Entrustment
Chapter 505: Don’t wrong her
Chapter 506: Is your last name the same?
Chapter 507 Appearing in St. Newman
Chapter 508 Brain in a vat
Chapter 509 White Dress in the Wind
Chapter 510 The girl who keeps company with cats
Chapter 511 Meeting Request
Chapter 512: Can’t help myself
Chapter 513: Every injustice has its owner, and every debt has its owner
Chapter 514 A trip of three
Chapter 515: Joining hands at the banquet
Chapter 516 Friendship
Chapter 517: Friend and Enemy
Chapter 518: The Dilemma of Xingtian Heavy Industry
Chapter 519 Happy Things
Chapter 520 New Product Plan
Chapter 521: Her model
Chapter 522 The ringtone is so close
Chapter 523: Confessions of a Mind Reader
Chapter 524: Divine Thoughts
Chapter 525: Shootout every day
Chapter 526: Still Companions
Chapter 527: Brothers understand everything
Chapter 528: Yufeng
Chapter 529 Big Brother’s Believers
Chapter 530: Not enough words to speculate
Chapter 531 Dual-line operation
Chapter 532 Thousand Layers of Routine
Chapter 533: Sincerity for sincerity
Chapter 534: The Executioner’s Consciousness
Chapter 535: Death is born for revenge
Chapter 536: What more could I ask for?
Chapter 537 Newcomers to the Special Service Team
Chapter 538 The Unsolved Mystery
Chapter 539: Attitude towards life
Chapter 540: Invite you to eat steamed buns
Chapter 541: Kitchen Communication
Chapter 542: Compassion between those who suffer from the same disease
Chapter 543: Long-term plan
Chapter 544 Going in the opposite direction
Chapter 545: Everyone takes their own strengths
Chapter 546: Personal appearance and appearance
Chapter 547: Horror Underground Bar
Chapter 548 Hardcore Fans
Chapter 549 AI’s self-awareness
Chapter 550: The sunset is no longer glorious
Chapter 551: Each other’s support
Chapter 552 The Snakehead in the Seafood Market
Chapter 553: Boat Fire Gang
Chapter 554: Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers
Chapter 555: Feeling confident
Chapter 556: Ding Si’s plan
Chapter 557 Returning to one’s roots
Chapter 558 Phantom Raid
Chapter 559: Angry Molten Flame
Chapter 560 Capture
Chapter 561: Friends in need meet unexpectedly
Chapter 562 Almost won
Chapter 563 Memorial Service Scheduled
Chapter 564 Undercover Commissioner
Chapter 565: History of Failure
Chapter 566 Determination to pass customs
Chapter 567: Black and white flowers
Chapter 568 Obtaining leadership
Chapter 569: The way to connect
Chapter 570 Limited Trust
Chapter 605 'Young' Matthew
Chapter 610 A lively home again
Chapter 611: Foresight
Chapter 612: This sister is so powerful
Chapter 613 Long time no see
Chapter 616: Approaching the City Hall
Chapter 617 Parasite
Chapter 618 The Ace Arrives
Chapter 619 Disaster to Chiyu
Chapter 620: Lots of Mysteries
Chapter 621: The narrow road between the wolf and the prophet
Chapter 622 Careless mistake
Chapter 623: Unreliable Alliance
Chapter 624: Bargaining Cooperation
Chapter 625: Brief awakening
Chapter 626 Private AI
Chapter 627 Faceless Man Live Room
Chapter 628: The young man of Lightning Husky
Chapter 629 Training Party
Chapter 630: Don’t want a long-distance relationship
Chapter 631: Scum Brothers
Chapter 632 Yu Qingxue runs away
Chapter 633: Yi Guang attacks in combat form
Chapter 634: Blocked Action
Chapter 635: Torture of Conscience
Chapter 636: Fighting against the Invincible
Chapter 637 Dance on the Sword
Chapter 638: Desperate Courage
Chapter 639: Survival on the road to death
Chapter 640: Cause and Effect Reset
Chapter 641: Like a dream, like reality
Chapter 642: Review in the car
Chapter 643: Not giving in an inch
Chapter 644: Special Meeting of High Priests
Chapter 645 Defective Products
Chapter 646 Please stay
Chapter 647: We can expect to meet each other
Chapter 648: Only this thing is eternal
Chapter 649: Is he really a genius?
Chapter 650: People die for money
Chapter 651: Flying Fire Meteor
Chapter 652: The End of the Assassin
Chapter 653 Ending
Chapter 654: Free range things
Chapter 655: Unforeseen circumstances
Chapter 656 Flooding the Old City
Chapter 657: Independent Heart
Chapter 658: Futile Ambition
Chapter 659: Demons and monsters are coming
Chapter 660 Three-Armed Monster
Chapter 661: Artificial Supernatural Weapons
Chapter 662: Passing on the Bond of Hope
Chapter 663: Seize life and enjoy the moment
Chapter 664: The crisis behind the storm
Chapter 665 Disaster Level
Chapter 666 Miss Anne Sanders
Chapter 667: Greetings from the Devil
Chapter 668 Borrow it again
Chapter 669: Challenge the Disaster Level
Chapter 670 The Runaway Eagle
Chapter 671: The Culprit Insect
Chapter 672 Countdown to Tsunami
Chapter 673 Provoking internal strife
Chapter 674: The Yellow Bird Appears
Chapter 675: Is this a dead end?
Chapter 676 The last moment
Chapter 677: Doubts about the Submarine
Chapter 678 Desperate Efforts
Chapter 679 Let the dead speak
Chapter 680: Problem Solving Method
Chapter 681 The price of sacrifice
Chapter 682 Dive Operation
Chapter 683 The last step
Chapter 684: The Lone Traveler on the Bottom of the Sea
Chapter 685: Calling for Miracles at the Sea of the Sea
Chapter 686: Helpless
Chapter 687 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 688: Super Amplification Field
Chapter 689: Tragic Past Life
Chapter 690: Thinking Attack and Defense in Actual Combat
Chapter 691 The Seed of Destruction
Chapter 692 The Story of Reconstruction
Chapter 693: Thinking Ambush
Chapter 694 The Second Insurance
Chapter 695 The aftermath of the disaster
Chapter 696: Boarding the pirate ship
Chapter 697: Battle in the Underground Garage
Chapter 698: Unscrupulous Senior
Chapter 699: Driving together
Chapter 700: Peeling off the cocoon
Chapter 701 Return, Farewell
Chapter 702: It’s hard to say goodbye when we meet
Chapter 703: Everyone goes their separate ways
Chapter 704 Road Roundup
Chapter 705: When Glory Shines
Chapter 706 The dark corner
Chapter 707: The inheritance of background color
Chapter 708: The lonely island listens to the sea
Chapter 709: Just dust left behind
Chapter 710: Be positive when you go home
Chapter 711 The long-lost home
Chapter 712: Is there a thief in the house?
Chapter 713 Disobedience
Chapter 714 Mysterious Image
Chapter 715 The Dark Side of Iron Dome
Chapter 716 The Transparent Watcher
Chapter 717: The horse is free from rein
Chapter 718 Arbitrator
Chapter 719: Extending a helping hand
Chapter 720 Outside the bathroom door
Chapter 721 An application
Chapter 722 Cemetery
Chapter 723 How many old friends
Chapter 724: Flower Presenting Fog Rises Again
Chapter 725: Screaming in the Park
Chapter 726: Serial murders in the fog
Chapter 727: Disguised Neck Ring
Chapter 728: Clues in the foggy weather
Chapter 729: Ordinary Tenderness
Chapter 730: Discovery on the way home
Chapter 731: Supreme Rescue
Chapter 732: An attempt to transcend oneself
Chapter 733: Furious Sewer
Chapter 734 Subtle Relationship
Chapter 735 K5 New Area
Chapter 736: Real and Fake
Chapter 737 The threats she faces
Chapter 738 Source of Power
Chapter 739: Follow-up Progress
Chapter 740 Assisting in Investigation
Chapter 741: Glacier Hidden Underwater
Chapter 742: The approaching fangs
Chapter 743: Replacing the Guards
Chapter 744 Dangerous Afternoon
Chapter 745: Thunder Maid
Chapter 746: Capture in Thunder Prison
Chapter 747 Fishing Plan
Chapter 748 Irrational Enemies
Chapter 749 Take a bold try
Chapter 750: Vent bad breath
Chapter 751: Changing Heart
Chapter 752: Star Tears Drinking Buddies
Chapter 753: Like an old friend
Chapter 754 Free AI
Chapter 755: Disqualified Couple
Chapter 756: It’s Difficult to Travel at Night
Chapter 757: A blow in the night
Chapter 758: Flowing Fire Counterattack
Chapter 759: A corner of the dark side
Chapter 760: Late arrival
Chapter 761: Differences in Treatment
Chapter 762 Super Class Answer
Chapter 763: Facing each other across the sea
Chapter 764: Backing off
Chapter 765: Killer Intelligence
Chapter 766: Disagreements between Arbitrators
Chapter 767 Who is in charge?
Chapter 768 Recommend talents
Chapter 769 Treating guests to dinner
Chapter 770: Friend’s Advice
Chapter 771: A turning point occurs
Chapter 772: A way to break the situation
Chapter 773: Villain’s Poisonous Fangs
Chapter 774 The Perfect Secretary
Chapter 775 Rhythm Mania
Chapter 776 The pot falls from the sky
Chapter 777 The Leader
Chapter 778: Making Money
Chapter 779 Power Conspiracy
Chapter 780 The situation changes
Chapter 781: Evil girls in pairs
Chapter 782: Rekindled Ambition
Chapter 783: House Slave with the Second Surname
Chapter 784 A two-pronged approach
Chapter 785 Dark White Blade
Chapter 786: Troublesome Power
Chapter 787: Futile Effort
Chapter 788 Underground Explosion
Chapter 789: Pulling Each Other
Chapter 790: Impromptu idea
Chapter 791: Collapse in just a moment
Chapter 792 The puppy caught in the rain
Chapter 793 The Story of the Pendant
Chapter 794 Different meanings
Chapter 795: Staggering the future
Chapter 796 Satellite Area
Chapter 797 Black Dragon
Chapter 798 Help me
Chapter 799 Deadly Fragrance
Chapter 800 Soul Phantom Fire
Chapter 801 Breaking out of the cocoon and attacking
Chapter 802 Why are you so arrogant at first and respectful at the end?
Chapter 803: Multi-party melee
Chapter 804 The enemy and the enemy are intertwined
Chapter 805 Three people reunited
Chapter 806 Informal Information Exchange
Chapter 807: The Ambition of Benevolence
Chapter 808 Re-contact
Chapter 809: Steel Martial Arena
Chapter 810: Find another way to make money
Chapter 811 Cheating in the Arena
Chapter 812: Scapegoat?
Chapter 812 Strange classmates
Chapter 814 Everyone has his own destiny
Chapter 815 Exploring the Forerunners
Chapter 816: One square red and two black squares
Chapter 817: Preliminary Negotiations No Results
Chapter 818 The last mission
Chapter 819 Just think about it in your mind
Chapter 820: Going their separate ways
Chapter 821 A Bet
Chapter 822 Landing in Shacheng
Chapter 823: When in town, do as the Romans do
Chapter 824 Little Clay Figure
Chapter 825: Meeting by fate
Chapter 826 Determination of Allies
Chapter 827 Abraham
Chapter 828: Star Chasers
Chapter 829: Hanging Fortress
Chapter 830 Jackal Warrior
Chapter 831 Let’s wait and see
Chapter 832: An approaching disaster
Chapter 833: Who paid for the murder?
Chapter 834 The battle between the old and the new
Chapter 835 The enemy returns
Chapter 836: Suspicion of framing the blame
Chapter 837: Detachment Ceremony
Chapter 388 The competition begins
Chapter 839: New official takes office
Chapter 840 Night of Torture
Chapter 841: Take action personally
Chapter 842 Equipment Warehouse
Chapter 843 This is the gap