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The beast comes out of the cage

The beast comes out of the cage

author:Chen Xingzhe

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-17 12:18

Latest chapter:Chapter 1414 The Battle of the Superior

He is the god of the hot summer spy organization. He is the top of the red notice list in various countries. He is the top dangerous person in the world. He is the No. 1 international killer list. He is the nightmare of Western intelligence organizations. He is The number one devil imprisoned in Bermuda’s death row. His code name is [Asura]

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《The beast comes out of the cage》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1414 The Battle of the Superior
Chapter 1413 Giant Earthquake
Chapter 1412 Personality Fusion!
Chapter 1411 Umbrella Group!
Chapter 1410 The revenge of the past!
Chapter 1409 Breakthrough 99!
Chapter 1408 Lovers finally get married
Chapter 1407 Civil strife in the royal family!
Chapter 1406 Breaking in!
《The beast comes out of the cage》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Hell Tomb, invite the devil!
Chapter 2 When he comes out of the cage, the world will be in chaos!
Chapter 3 Reverse scales, you will kill if you touch it!
Chapter 4 Er Dongchen, Shura's repair!
Chapter 5 He hates the most and is threatened
Chapter 6 If he takes action, who dares to fight back?
Chapter 7 National, top secret files!
Chapter 8 This is the crime of piercing the sky!
Chapter 9 Hundreds gather, about to mutiny!
Chapter 10 One person, VS the entire security department
Chapter 11 Top bodyguards? Kill it in one move!
Chapter 12 Mysterious big man, come here!
Chapter 13 My Shot, It's Expensive
Chapter 14 Secret, Great, Agent!
Chapter 15 The 40th floor
Chapter 16 Large-scale fighting!
Chapter 17 One person, singled out the entire security department!
Chapter 18 The Man at the Top of the Food Chain
Chapter 19 Cyber ??Violence, Manipulating Everything
Chapter 20 If he is alive, the East China Sea will be safe
Chapter 21 His life belongs to the country
Chapter 22 This bodyguard knows Chinese medicine?
Chapter 23 The name of the knife, the Buddha!
Chapter 24 Five thousand years, a gathering of traditional Chinese medicine!
Chapter 25 Glory, Mission, and Execution
Chapter 26 Reversing black and white, public opinion is out of control!
Chapter 27 How can the savior be humiliated?
Chapter 28 Old Wu's anger burns the whole city!
Chapter 29 The great, brutal, and terrifying Shura!
Chapter 30 Qin Shou calls, you have no jokes!
Chapter 31 Comprehensive inventory, no one will be released!
Chapter 32 There is a huge earthquake in the sky, and no one is spared!
Chapter 33 Kyoto's anger burns everything
Chapter 34 Rather than jade broken, Shura's wrath!
Chapter 35 Borrow someone elses sword to get rid of dissidents!
Chapter 36 The price of Shuras wrath!
Chapter 37 Life is better than death, lifelong disability
Chapter 38 Future Group, forcing the palace to seize the throne!
Chapter 39 Sorry, what kind of onion are you?
Chapter 40 A disagreement, direct action
Chapter 41 7 million annual salary, betray Ning Dongxia!
Chapter 42 Invasion of Military Satellites!
Chapter 43 A woman, only affects the speed of drawing a knife
Chapter 44 Demon figure, a lifetime nightmare!
Chapter 45 The whole city is my eyeliner
Chapter 46 Steel behemoth, rage attack!
Chapter 47 This is not a car accident, it is an assassination!
Chapter 48 Lonely, Invincible, Killing!
Chapter 49 Its a long way to hell, Ill give you a ride
Chapter 50: The Death Penalty Can Be Excused
Chapter 51: Huangquan Road
Chapter 52 Security Department, Special Modification
Chapter 53 Powerful drug addiction, on the eve of catastrophe!
Chapter 54 Qi Qi defected, forced the palace drama!
Chapter 55 His body is invulnerable to all poisons!
Chapter 56 Your people don't seem to be enough for me to fight?
Chapter 57 Im not qualified to sit here?
Chapter 58 Whoever moves Ning Dongxia, die!
Chapter 59 She, too, is by no means good!
Chapter 60 The top military industry in the hot summer, bulletproof vehicles!
Chapter 61 Beauty is her only advantage
Chapter 62 Seduction? Top King Fried!
Chapter 63 The red lips of spirits, the sky is falling!
Chapter 64 International superstars are all my suitors
Chapter 65 Boy, how dare you sleep with my daughter?
Chapter 66 Old man, you don't talk about martial arts
Chapter 67 Crossing the river and demolishing the bridge, forced into a desperate situation
Chapter 68 The secret of the Awakening plan?
Chapter 69 Step on the chest and kill in public!
Chapter 70 Be Careful When Going Out
Chapter 71 Deep Tonight, Important Mission!
Chapter 72 Mysterious plan, wake up the world!
Chapter 73 Terrible ambition, terrible plan!
Chapter 74 The top of the hot summer, military technology!
Chapter 75 Well-known detective, please come out!
Chapter 76 Please, Mr. Wu to take action!
Chapter 77 Is it a beast or a paper tiger?
Chapter 78 The devil is out of the cage, no one can stay
Chapter 79
Chapter 80 Yellow Springs Hell is So Beautiful
Chapter 81 Great troops, blockade the investigation house!
Chapter 82 Its easy to ask for magic, but hard to send one away!
Chapter 83 You cant escape the crime!
Chapter 84 Perfect strategy, shocking frame-up!
Chapter 85 Son of Tianjiao, Arrested!
Chapter 86 Kill Ning Dongxia, a life for a life!
Chapter 87 Under one person, over ten thousand people
Chapter 88
Chapter 89 Bai Fumei, take the initiative to attack?
Chapter 90 The drama within the play, the crisis is full of danger!
Chapter 91 Actors are just actors after all
Chapter 92 Explain to the ambassador and leave you with a corpse
Chapter 93 Do you want to go upstairs and drink hot tea?
Chapter 94 Replacing the charge, lawless
Chapter 95 In the middle of the game, lead the snake out of the hole!
Chapter 96 Late stage lung cancer, unable to recover
Chapter 97 Let you live, life is better than death
Chapter 98 2 million, buy his life
Chapter 99 Armed drone, headshot!
Chapter 100 Foreign mercenaries, arrived
Chapter 101 Sirius, Slaughter!
Chapter 102 Buddhist inscriptions, hell totems!
Chapter 103 Dangerous level, ten S level!
Chapter 104 The sheep enter the tiger's mouth, how dare they come?
Chapter 105 Mountains and rivers, overwhelming momentum!
Chapter 106 The Bai family occupies half of the sky!
Chapter 107 Your people are not enough for me to fight
Chapter 108 One person poses, facing thousands of people!
Chapter 109 Receiving money from others, eliminating disasters for others
Chapter 110 Killing or Acting?
Chapter 111 He, Asura, decides on his behalf!
Chapter 112 The Sinner Will Die
Chapter 113 Domineering Bai Fumei, take the initiative to court!
Chapter 114 Underground Garage, Mysterious Cleaner!
Chapter 115 Chen Xiu's first time, a sense of crisis!
Chapter 116 Human explosives, suicide attack!
Chapter 117 Bloodbath, Future Group
Chapter 118 Golden dragon coffin, comparable to a state funeral!
Chapter 119 Put down the butcher's knife
Chapter 120 Shatter the dragon coffin and make a scene in the Church of Our Lady!
Chapter 121 One person, VS thousands!
Chapter 122 Ten Billion Scale, Peak Showdown
Chapter 123 Barrett's Heavy Snipe!
Chapter 124 44444, the top five consecutive license plates!
Chapter 125 Red Gate Concession, Underworld Family
Chapter 126 I'll Give You Ten Times Your Annual Salary!
Chapter 127 Shanhai Bureau, Special Express
Chapter 128 Rejecting me, the consequences are very serious!
Chapter 129 The night is fading, the mysterious convoy!
Chapter 130 The Group Building was robbed!
Chapter 131 Late night killing, the culprit?
Chapter 132 Need me, can you kill him?
Chapter 133 Collect people's money and eliminate disasters for others!
Chapter 134 Before twelve o'clock tonight, you must die
Chapter 135 He, Here Comes!
Chapter 136 One person VS blackness!
Chapter 137 Acting for Heaven
Chapter 138: Young Master Zhang, A Great Disgrace
Chapter 139 I'm Zhang Teng, I'm a Dog!
Chapter 140 Obituary announcement, huge earthquake in Jiangnan!
Chapter 141 The Bai Group is in danger!
Chapter 142 Sitting and Receiving, the Fisherman's Benefit
Chapter 143 I, Zhang Teng, want all black and white!
Chapter 144 The queen of the sky, throw it in your arms?
Chapter 145 His knife is only for killing people!
Chapter 146 Stop fighting, I was wrong!
Chapter 147 Eight o'clock in the morning, the International Church!
Chapter 148 Everything is ready, the killing array is arranged!
Chapter 149 You've been beaten to death!
Chapter 150 The top killer of the East, the king of shadow kills!
Chapter 151 The Asian Weapons List, ranked second!
Chapter 152 Not only dare to do it, I dare to kill you
Chapter 153 Kill the chicken to warn the monkey, take your life
Chapter 154 Asura, Asura!
Chapter 155 The queen of the sky, come to the door
Chapter 156 Crazy concert, chaos is coming!
Chapter 157 The Queen of Heaven, Falling in Love with Bodyguards
Chapter 158 Crazy Woman Moody
Chapter 159 Asura, I Miss You
Chapter 160 Crisis is coming!
Chapter 161 The Confession of the Queen Superstar!
Chapter 162 Killing people and silencing them, eradicating the roots
Chapter 163 Scavenger, eradicate filth
Chapter 164 President election, Bai Dao will be in chaos!
Chapter 165 Who in the world doesnt recognize you?
Chapter 166 Even the eighteenth level of hell can take you out
Chapter 167 One persons appearance stuns the whole audience!
Chapter 168 When gods fight, mortals suffer!
Chapter 169 I want to see who dares to support her?
Chapter 170 When someone like me, Chen, doesnt exist?
Chapter 171 Wu cannot bring peace to the world
Chapter 172 He takes action, not caring about the crowd
Chapter 173 One against thousands!
Chapter 174 Thousands of troops avoid white robes!
Chapter 175 If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight
Chapter 176 Want to die? Ill help you
Chapter 177 Who is the Du family?
Chapter 178 Determining victory or defeat, as well as life and death
Chapter 179 My Du family is the rules!
Chapter 180 Which is faster, the bullet or the knife?
Chapter 181 Try touching it?
Chapter 182 Become a white lotus and fall into the abyss
Chapter 183 Who will win? We will know in one battle
Chapter 184 Scholars can be killed but not humiliated!
Chapter 185: People are in the arena and cant help themselves
Chapter 186 So powerful that no one dares to mess with it
Chapter 187 One man is in charge, and ten thousand men are not allowed to open it!
Chapter 188 There is always an impulse in life
Chapter 189 Dont persuade others to do good things without doing their job
Chapter 190: Intrigue and bloodshed
Chapter 191 Zhang Family Ancestral Temple, Eternal Glory
Chapter 192 My real name is Chen, my single name is Xiu
Chapter 193: Cutting the grass and eradicating the roots, narrow escape from death
Chapter 194 In this world, the jungle is strong.
Chapter 195 Du Family Group, smoke and dust are billowing!
Chapter 196 I have to bow my head!
Chapter 197 The prince of the Du family, Du Jinglei!
Chapter 198 If you dont drink the toast, you will be given a penalty drink!
Chapter 199 The treaty of humiliation, the shame of the Du family!
Chapter 200 Thousands of troops, avoid suits!
Chapter 201 Its a long way to hell, Ill give you a ride!
Chapter 202 Kill one person in ten steps!
Chapter 203 The situation is tense and the Du family is angry!
Chapter 204 One-star God of War, Wu Jian!
Chapter 205 No sleep tonight, the war is coming!
Chapter 206 80 billion huge sum of money, mortgage loan!
Chapter 207 The smoke is filled and murderous intent surges!
Chapter 208 Huwu-A00001!
Chapter 209 If I dont take revenge, I will never be a human being!
Chapter 210 Ning Dongxia represents the entire era!
Chapter 211 This is his battlefield
Chapter 212 Although lonely, but invincible!
Chapter 213 Besieged on all sides, a battle between trapped beasts!
Chapter 214 Wu family, do you want to take action?
Chapter 215 The prince of the Du family dies!
Chapter 216 Broken knife, trophy!
Chapter 217 Hangzhou, Yungu City!
Chapter 218 One Star, Young God of War!
Chapter 219 The Lone Star in Saibei, Sun Man Gong!
Chapter 220 Break into the Du family and destroy the myth!
Chapter 221 Abandoning the car to protect the commander, the Du familys tragedy!
Chapter 222 The head of the Du family will never meet again
Chapter 223 The Du family fell!
Chapter 224 The fourth underground floor, the mysterious awakening plan!
Chapter 225 Heaven awakens to the world, the first stage!
Chapter 226 The secret behind Ning Dongxia!
Chapter 227 The mysteriously missing scientific research team!
Chapter 228 Strange shadows in the corridor late at night!
Chapter 229 Brain-computer interface, human experiment!
Chapter 230 Technology that subverts mankind!
Chapter 231 Destroy Chen Xiu without delay!
Chapter 232 Hell is empty, the devil is in the world!
Chapter 233 Ning Dongxia, what on earth are you studying?
Chapter 234 Mysterious black clothes, underground laboratory!
Chapter 235 The fourth underground floor, a top-secret forbidden area!
Chapter 236 Under the night, the sorrow of troubled times
Chapter 237 Shi Xiaoyong mysteriously disappeared?
Chapter 238 The secret weapon will finally appear!
Chapter 239 The century-old Zhang family towers into the sky!
Chapter 240 74th floor, endless dead ends!
Chapter 241 How about one life for another?
Chapter 242 Ancient Chinese Medicine, Shenting Point!
Chapter 243 Reunite your father and son!
Chapter 244 The sky in Jiangnan is about to collapse
Chapter 245 Ice warehouse display, forbidden area in the basement!
Chapter 246 Horrible nursery rhyme, long bloody hair!
Chapter 247 Hell Corridor, the Secret Under the Group!
Chapter 248 Morher code, new instructions
Chapter 249 Mysterious special team, mystery investigation!
Chapter 250 Ashura, we will meet again!
Chapter 251 Real investors, seduction!
Chapter 252 A man and a woman alone, whoever conquers whom!
Chapter 253 A plan within a plan, a game within a game!
Chapter 254 Future Group, full of secrets!
Chapter 255 Base Laboratory, Unknown Source!
Chapter 256 Virus program, clean everything up!
Chapter 257 Heina Andel Maze!
Chapter 258 Tianwake Plan, Experimental Base!
Chapter 259 Angel falls, heaven collapses!
Chapter 260 Silver-haired Demonic Shadow, the limit of potential!
Chapter 261 The devil will come out?
Chapter 262 S-class dangerous person!
Chapter 263 Mysterious hacker, virus invasion!
Chapter 264 Ning Dongxias ambition?
Chapter 265 Hunting the devil, Chen Xius strength!
Chapter 266 One knife, sealing the throat
Chapter 267 Under the city, the turbid current!
Chapter 268 Midnight Ice Rain, the Legend of Female Ghost?
Chapter 269 Weird singing echoes throughout the world!
Chapter 270 The female ghost in red is coming from hell!
Chapter 271 Stay here and stay with me forever!
Chapter 272 Silver Ghost, special agent car!
Chapter 273 The shadow in red, encounter!
Chapter 274 Ancient Chinese Medicine, Qi and Blood Control Poison!
Chapter 275 The terrifying red mist, the source of all poisons!
Chapter 276 Is he a human or a ghost? Reveal his true face!
Chapter 277 Red clothes and black clothes!
Chapter 278 Top secret poison with no cure!
Chapter 279 Unrecorded hidden killing plan!
Chapter 280 Mission Impossible, True and False Ning Dongxia
Chapter 281 Another person mysteriously disappeared!
Chapter 282 A big net, all chess pieces!
Chapter 283 Ancient Chinese medicine, breath-holding state!
Chapter 284 Dogs Lesson!
Chapter 285 The terrifying killer weapon is about to be released!
Chapter 286: To stop the war, is peace the most important thing?
Chapter 287 I have Ning Dongxias secret!
Chapter 288 Prescription drugs, smuggled in large quantities!
Chapter 289 The ancient art of Yanxia, profound and profound
Chapter 290 New Years Day is coming, a big war!
Chapter 291 Black dress, Queen Ning Dongxia!
Chapter 292: The mighty and long queue passing through the border!
Chapter 293 The posture of one person, overlooking the whole audience!
Chapter 294 The snow is falling, he is the God of War!
Chapter 295 Dragnet, how dare she come?
Chapter 296: Disputes in the world, showing off financial resources!
Chapter 297: The brave will die from exhaustion, or the timid will die from starvation?
Chapter 298 One person came on stage and bombarded the entire audience!
Chapter 299 The era cannot tolerate you!
Chapter 300 All the lightnings are ringing, Ning Dong Xia!
Chapter 301 Terrifying, mechanical transformation technology!
Chapter 302 The princess in red appears!
Chapter 303: Are humble humans afraid?
Chapter 304 Surrender or die?
Chapter 305 A night of despair
Chapter 306 Heavy snowfall, the era comes to an end!
Chapter 307: Sky Awakening Plan, research on the fortress!
Chapter 308 The prosperous magic city, the lowest level of the world
Chapter 309 She was also Cinderella
Chapter 310 Prey or hunter?
Chapter 311 Mission: Impossible, reveal this womans secret!
Chapter 312 Nail removal plan!
Chapter 313 Information about three agents!
Chapter 314 Living Dead, Eve of Dawn!
Chapter 315 The showdown between man and machine!
Chapter 316 You cant kill me
Chapter 317 Human Brain-Computer Experiment Plan!
Chapter 318 He and Ning Dongxia completely broke up!
Chapter 319: Humans cant defeat machines after all?
Chapter 320 SSS-level destruction plan!
Chapter 321 Blockade the whole city, shrouded in murderous intent!
Chapter 322 Shanhai Pavilion, the tip of the iceberg!
Chapter 323 Chinese character level, top secret identity!
Chapter 324 Zi Luan, bleeding, ghosts are worried!
Chapter 325 Long sword, kill Shura!
Chapter 326 One person fights four Chinese characters!
Chapter 327 Hunting and siege, Asuras calamity!
Chapter 328 Take advantage of his illness and kill him!
Chapter 329: Skynet shrouds the city like hell!
Chapter 330 Hunter or prey?
Chapter 331 He is the real hunter!
Chapter 332 Zi Luan VS Ning Dongxia!
Chapter 333 Black clothes, blue eyes!
Chapter 334 Battle in Hell, a terrifying showdown!
Chapter 335 Ning Dongxia in black? Killing everyone!
Chapter 336 The purple luan catches the cicada, with the oriole behind!
Chapter 337: Violent poison, seven evils!
Chapter 338 Interrogation, coercion, betrayal!
Chapter 339 The devil woman is in pursuit!
Chapter 340 J-30, sonic boom!
Chapter 341 To the ends of the earth, kill him with your own hands!
Chapter 342 A thousand opportunities turn into a project!
Chapter 343 The city on a rainy night is afraid of chaos!
Chapter 344 Hunter, hunter
Chapter 345: A confusing situation, a fight in Bengbu!
Chapter 346 Qin is not hungry, covering the sky with his hands!
Chapter 347 The Matrix, prototype!
Chapter 348 Hidden arrow, the second chess piece!
Chapter 349 The mysterious spy!
Chapter 350 Murder, heart-breaking!
Chapter 351 Chapter 351 Who is the master and who is the servant?
Chapter 352 Hacker Trojan, invading Suzhou!
Chapter 353 The tide of rivers and lakes is changing!
Chapter 354 Same name and surname, or a coincidence?
Chapter 355 Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Exchange and Integration Conference?
Chapter 356 The youngest master in Gusu City!
Chapter 357 Medical system, innovator?
Chapter 358: There is no one in the medical field in Gusu City?
Chapter 359 Kyoto, Chen family!
Chapter 360 The seven holes bleed, and the soul goes to hell!
Chapter 361 If there are no gods or Buddhas, how can they be brought back to life?
Chapter 362 Wu familys Ye family, Ye Qingmei!
Chapter 363 The second son of the Chen family, Chen Xing?!
Chapter 364 Chen Men Tianjiao is still alive!
Chapter 365: When a person is under the gun, he has to bow his head
Chapter 366 The darkness under Gusu City!
Chapter 367 The five Gusu tribes unite and collude!
Chapter 368 Little Gusu, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger!
Chapter 369 Black car, mysterious tracking!
Chapter 370 The mysterious giant net shrouds!
Chapter 371 Black suit, madman and devil?
Chapter 372 Im here to take revenge!
Chapter 373 Is that madman not dead yet?
Chapter 374: The whole scene was in turmoil, it was secret back then!
Chapter 375: One person challenges the five tribes of Gusu!
Chapter 376: Intolerable, Yes shame!
Chapter 377 DNA sequence, evidence of silence!
Chapter 378 Black smoke hell, evil spirits appear!
Chapter 379 The angry sea is churning and the dragon is roaring!
Chapter 380 The underworld, the underworld check!
Chapter 381 The secret hand, the blood alliance!
Chapter 382: Real or fake Chen Xing? Fog of reality!
Chapter 383 Dangerous items, please stay away!
Chapter 384 Ning Dongxias secret!
Chapter 385 The devil is about to come out of the cage!
Chapter 386 Anti-equipment sniper!
Chapter 387 Huang Quan?!
Chapter 388 The Peng familys appointment, the Hongmen Banquet!
Chapter 389 I want him to die, he can only die!
Chapter 390 Mysterious blood alliance, joint invitation?
Chapter 391 Gusu will never sleep tonight!
Chapter 392 The capital behind the scenes is in sole control!
Chapter 393 Dont be someone elses knife
Chapter 394 3 billion, one life!
Chapter 395: Ghosts, gods and Buddhas that can destroy humans!
Chapter 396 You will definitely die within seven days!
Chapter 397 Pan family, daughter!
Chapter 398 Do evil people deserve to kneel before the Buddha?
Chapter 399 Hanshan Temple, killing array!
Chapter 400 Put down the butcher knife
Chapter 401 Leader of Underworld, King of Ghosts!
Chapter 402 The forces behind the five major families?
Chapter 403 Huangquan, codenamed Ghost King!
Chapter 404 Entering the Ye family alone!
Chapter 405 Mysterious Footprints
Chapter 406 Suit thugs!
Chapter 407 The terrifying crazy woman
Chapter 408 Human body!
Chapter 409 Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference!
Chapter 410 Ningdong and Xia are deflated
Chapter 411 Kill you to avoid future troubles
Chapter 412 Madman and Madman join forces!
Chapter 413 Come to collect debt!
Chapter 414 You cant escape
Chapter 415 King Su!
Chapter 416 The secret of the Ye familys marriage!
Chapter 417 Let him be ruined!
Chapter 418 Both were attacked!
Chapter 419 The evil ghost of Huangquan!
Chapter 420 Dark Forest Selection!
Chapter 421: Yin soldiers take advantage of the passage, strangers avoid it!
Chapter 422: The body of a demon, hiding everything from the outside world!
Chapter 423 The price!
Chapter 424 Ghost King, Soul-Eating Domain!
Chapter 425 Madman vs. Ghost King!
Chapter 426 Ticket to Huangquan!
Chapter 427: Dog man and woman, perfect match
Chapter 428 The King of Jinling
Chapter 429 Sun Mountain Forest Park!
Chapter 430 Mysterious Mining Area?!
Chapter 431 Mysterious Purple Pool!
Chapter 432 Murder in the mining area!
Chapter 433 SPX ultra-rare earth!
Chapter 434 The mountains and rivers are magnificent, and they are great if they have the capacity!
Chapter 435 What bad thoughts can I have?
Chapter 436 I was wrong, Im sorry
Chapter 437 Who am I?
Chapter 438 The murder of the Chen family in Yanjing!
Chapter 439 Huang Quans invitation!
Chapter 440 King Su, Su Universes invitation!
Chapter 441 Knowing the Hongmen Banquet, but going to the Death Banquet instead
Chapter 442 The Disaster of the Wu Dynasty!
Chapter 443: Chens unique skill, nine turns of resurrection!
Chapter 444 King Sus Wrath!
Chapter 445 The tallest building in Jinling
Chapter 446: Practicing the Golden Bell!
Chapter 447 The origin of King Su!
Chapter 448 I am the rule!
Chapter 449 Su Qi, Wushuang!
Chapter 450 The knife falls from the hand!
Chapter 451 Self-destruction program, activated
Chapter 452 The unbeatable king!
Chapter 453 Nuwa Plan!
Chapter 454 Never cure Chen Xing!
Chapter 455 A man and a woman alone, love on the ridge
Chapter 456 The mysterious village!
Chapter 457 Poison Formation!
Chapter 458: Grandpas revenge will be paid with the blood of his grandson!
Chapter 459 Miao Territory, Shenlong Cult
Chapter 460 The enemy from back then?
Chapter 461 The real goal?!
Chapter 462: Just and fair robbery!
Chapter 463 Anger Burns the City
Chapter 464 Each other
Chapter 465 Hunting!
Chapter 466 Kill!
Chapter 467 The unbearable pain of memory!
Chapter 468 Skin Changing Technique?!
Chapter 469 Puppet, Shadow!
Chapter 470 Women are all drags
Chapter 471 Universe Chamber of Commerce!
Chapter 472 Fighting alone against the crowd!
Chapter 473 She is the King of Glory!
Chapter 474 Evil Ghost Pagoda!
Chapter 475 Who is your sister-in-law?
Chapter 476 Nine turns of resurrection!
Chapter 477 Destroy the Five Great Families!
Chapter 478 Evil Ghost Conference!
Chapter 479 Top secret rumors, mysterious black blood!
Chapter 480 Chapter 480 The backbone of Chinese medicine, Chen Gouchen!
Chapter 481 Cut off feelings!
Chapter 482 Falling in love and killing each other!
Chapter 483: Destroy flowers with a ruthless hand!
Chapter 484 Nuwa Project!
Chapter 485 Flawless Artwork
Chapter 486 The dark corner
Chapter 487 Covering the sky with one hand!
Chapter 488 How dark is the heart?
Chapter 489 Western medicine cant, but Chinese medicine can!
Chapter 490 I am the King of Heaven!
Chapter 491 But I take it seriously!
Chapter 492 Keep your identity secret and act in a low profile
Chapter 493 Clues!
Chapter 494 Covering the sky!
Chapter 495 The power of capital
Chapter 496 Desperate!
Chapter 497 Die together!
Chapter 498 He is an unparalleled hero!
Chapter 499 Only demons can deal with demons!
Chapter 500 I dont seek wealth, I seek life
Chapter 501 Destroy the whole family and nine tribes!
Chapter 502 Pushing all the way!
Chapter 503 Tiger Head Group!
Chapter 504 A shocking case!
Chapter 505 Backer Master
Chapter 506 Under the Wave
Chapter 507 Snakes and Pythons
Chapter 508 Cat and Mouse Game
Chapter 509 A secret you shouldnt hear!
Chapter 510 Visitors from Jiangsu Province!
Chapter 511 Join forces!
Chapter 512 Cut off her arm for her!
Chapter 513 Even if you have a broken hand, you are invincible!
Chapter 514 The Invincible Golden Bell
Chapter 515 Even if you get out of the mud, you will be stained with dust
Chapter 516 The secret finally emerges!
Chapter 517 Fathers grievance!
Chapter 518 Farewell My Concubine!
Chapter 519 My time is precious
Chapter 520 Dont seek to live together, but seek to die together
Chapter 521 The Saint of the Dragon Cult!
Chapter 522 Hostage exchange!
Chapter 523 Going to the meeting alone and going to Jinling!
Chapter 524 The Mystery of the Ancient City
Chapter 525 Mysterious Black Blood Creature
Chapter 526 Chinese character-level agent showdown!
Chapter 527 Gemini Agent!
Chapter 528 Mysterious Truck!
Chapter 529 Just do it!
Chapter 530 Ancient martial arts is out of date
Chapter 531 Nuwa Engineering Experimental Body!
Chapter 532 Sorry, sister is late
Chapter 533 Everyone has their own agenda!
Chapter 534 The Seven Disappeared Chaebols
Chapter 535 Mysterious Reinforcements
Chapter 536 High-tech Civilization
Chapter 537 Chapter 537 The mysterious Ye family!
Chapter 538 Are there ghosts in this world?
Chapter 539 Troublesome Woman
Chapter 540 The secret of the Ye family manor!
Chapter 541 The mysterious ancient martial artist
Chapter 542 Calculating the General Ledger
Chapter 543 Participating in the Grand Event Together
Chapter 544 Hunting and Killing!
Chapter 545 The Origin of the Ancient Martial Powerful Man
Chapter 546 The legendary Baduanjin!
Chapter 547 Qin Buxus conspiracy
Chapter 548 Need for Speed!
Chapter 549 The Hand of Shanhai Pavilion
Chapter 550 If you love her, give her a funeral
Chapter 551 Chapter 551 DNA, codename Arthur!
Chapter 552 The ultimate secret of black-blooded humanity!
Chapter 553 Underground base!
Chapter 554 The chaebol prince, the breakthrough!
Chapter 555 After seven years of separation, the nightmare reappears!
Chapter 556 Spy Career
Chapter 557 Destroy the base!
Chapter 558 Go to Kyoto to settle the accounts!
Chapter 559 Jinling never sleeps!
Chapter 560 Mechanical brain, physical body!
Chapter 561 The reason for mutation?
Chapter 562 Genetic Shackles!
Chapter 563 The involvement is too wide!
Chapter 564 King Wu, Fucha Sword!
Chapter 565 Grandpas Secret
Chapter 566: One sword, one gene killer
Chapter 567 Like a beast
Chapter 568 Feitian Mao Zhan?!
Chapter 569 Evil Soul Double Hypnosis!
Chapter 570 A case within a case!
Chapter 571 Water Battle
Chapter 572 Son of the God of War
Chapter 573 The second son of the Wu family!
Chapter 574 The pain of flesh and blood, the ascension of the soul
Chapter 575 The secret of mutation!
Chapter 576 Fallen Angel, Azazel!
Chapter 577 Winter Soldier Plan!
Chapter 578 Yama Divine Needle!
Chapter 579 Demon-level threat!
Chapter 580 Accepting the Call of Death
Chapter 581 Bloodthirsty cold light, coming out of the cage at dawn
Chapter 582 The name of Chinese medicine!
Chapter 583 She still hides secrets
Chapter 584 Hunters and Fishermen
Chapter 585 Electromagnetic Pulse!
Chapter 586 Greedy Kiss
Chapter 587 Real-name report!
Chapter 588 Marco Polo
Chapter 589 The upper gods and Buddhas
Chapter 590 Ill give you a show!
Chapter 591 An unprecedented battle!
Chapter 592 Who is the winner?
Chapter 593 Opportunity for Rebirth
Chapter 594 Woman, please respect yourself
Chapter 595: Poison within the poison!
Chapter 596 The mysterious woman finally appears!
Chapter 597 I am willing to die for the Lord! To clear the way for new techniques!
Chapter 598 Chaos breaks out!
Chapter 599 Scavenger!
Chapter 600 Go straight to Huanglong!
Chapter 601: I cant bear it anymore, no need to bear it anymore
Chapter 602 The Secret of the Dragon King!
Chapter 603 The art of fishing!
Chapter 604 Ancient Chinese medicine magic hypnosis!
Chapter 605 Mysterious dream!
Chapter 606 The World in the Mirror
Chapter 607 The Ye familys secret!
Chapter 608 Peeling off the layers
Chapter 609 The cruel truth!
Chapter 610 Gene Warrior Plan!
Chapter 611 Old Techniques and New Techniques
Chapter 612 The ultimate weapon!
Chapter 613 Winter Soldier
Chapter 614 Who is the murderer?
Chapter 615 Chapter 615 Internal fighting!
Chapter 616 The real murderer!
Chapter 617 Civil strife in the Wu family!
Chapter 618 It does more harm than good!
Chapter 619 The beginning of alliance
Chapter 620: Besieged on all sides and murderous!
Chapter 621 A moth flies into the flame!
Chapter 622 Everything can be a sword!
Chapter 623 Heyday!
Chapter 624 Hundred Ghosts Night Parade
Chapter 625 The unsolved case from eight years ago!
Chapter 626 Instinct to Kill
Chapter 627 Mysterious genetic creature?
Chapter 628 The Imperial Capital investigates the Zhuan family!
Chapter 629 A mysterious figure arrives!
Chapter 630 Misjudgment?
Chapter 631 The unbeatable Xiaoqiang
Chapter 632 Who is the profitable fisherman?
Chapter 633 Entering Longtan alone!
Chapter 634 Clean up the door!
Chapter 635 God of War Five Stars!
Chapter 636 He is an agent!
Chapter 637 Serial Killing Bureau!
Chapter 638 Burning!
Chapter 639 How do genes mutate?!
Chapter 640 Gene Source Code!
Chapter 641 Experiment!
Chapter 642 Death of Chen Xiu?
Chapter 643: Murder and Silence
Chapter 644 A battle between shepherds!
Chapter 645 Unstoppable!
Chapter 646 Royal Family!
Chapter 647 Treating human life as nothing
Chapter 648 Huiyue Plan!
Chapter 649 The truth is revealed!
Chapter 650 Chen Jinhuo, not guilty!
Chapter 651 Live broadcast interrupted!
Chapter 652 Backup!
Chapter 653 Descendants of pure blood royal family!
Chapter 654 Ning Dongxia’s sense of crisis!
Chapter 655 Sword in hand, the Dragon King returns!
Chapter 656 Consciousness Uploading
Chapter 657 Hell Island aircraft carrier appears!
Chapter 658 The showdown between women and women
Chapter 659 Battle of Love Rivals!
Chapter 660 Peak Showdown
Chapter 661 The Legend of Blue Eyes!
Chapter 662 Special Investigation Department!
Chapter 663 Cloning?
Chapter 664: Hijacking crisis!
Chapter 665 Air crash!
Chapter 666 Prisoner No. 001, Asura
Chapter 667 Three-Headed Dog of Hell!
Chapter 668 A sure blow!
Chapter 669 The Secret of the Dark World
Chapter 670 The three-headed dogs plan!
Chapter 671 Long You goes to sea!
Chapter 672 The devil comes out!
Chapter 673 Wang Zha!
Chapter 674 Who is she?
Chapter 675 The Secret of Hell Island?
Chapter 676 Capturing the Royal Princess
Chapter 677 Overwhelming all the gods!
Chapter 678 The Battle of the Gods!
Chapter 679 The God of War is in vain
Chapter 680 A chess piece
Chapter 681 I owe you my life!
Chapter 682 Descendants of the Sima Royal Family!
Chapter 683 Dragon Slaying Plan!
Chapter 684 Women, dont cross the line
Chapter 685 Reshape the body!
Chapter 686 Mysterious kidnapping!
Chapter 687 72 hours!
Chapter 688 Across 300 kilometers
Chapter 689: Forced Marriage
Chapter 690 Your life belongs to me
Chapter 691 Yun Gucheng!
Chapter 692 My woman!
Chapter 693 Either you die or I die
Chapter 694 Killing Chen with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 695 Grand Wedding!
Chapter 696 Not worthy of this woman
Chapter 697 Are you willing to come with me?
Chapter 698: Protect me
Chapter 699 Ultimatum!
Chapter 700 Entering the Ning family alone!
Chapter 701: Fight a bloody path!
Chapter 702 Green Head
Chapter 703 Breaking in by force
Chapter 704 Yun Ziyi!
Chapter 705 A long night battle!
Chapter 706 70 billion dowry
Chapter 707 Consortium Crisis!
Chapter 708 Return to Hangzhou!
Chapter 709 Debt connected by blood
Chapter 710 The Ning family is in danger!
Chapter 711 Reincarnation and Fate
Chapter 712 Strange Thorn
Chapter 713 Annual General Meeting!
Chapter 714 Step down!
Chapter 715 I dare to kill you!
Chapter 716 Why waste so much talk?
Chapter 717 Humiliation!
Chapter 718 Red eyes in the middle of the night!
Chapter 719 The alternation of demons!
Chapter 720 Hangzhou never sleeps!
Chapter 721 The scapegoat
Chapter 722 Her ambition is the entire province
Chapter 723 Join forces to intimidate!
Chapter 724 Defeat!
Chapter 725 Dragon Talisman Token!
Chapter 726 Kunpeng God of War!
Chapter 727 The three gods gathered together and the small town trembled!
Chapter 728 Come for Chen Xiu!
Chapter 729 Giant Network!
Chapter 730 An old friend from a distant border
Chapter 731 Infiltrate!
Chapter 732 Risking yourself and stealing secrets!
Chapter 733 Kunpeng arrives, dragon slaying game!
Chapter 734 The four-armed monster!
Chapter 735 Slaying the Dragon? Killing the God
Chapter 736 Dragon Slayer!
Chapter 737 Who dares to touch my man?
Chapter 738 The strongest sword!
Chapter 739 She is here!
Chapter 740 Red pupils, Chi Xia!
Chapter 741 Blue pupils appear!
Chapter 742 She is An Dong!
Chapter 743 Killing God?
Chapter 744 Three forms!
Chapter 745 Soul Leaving Syndrome!
Chapter 746 Three of her secrets
Chapter 747 Mysterious IP!
Chapter 748 The disaster of the Hong family!
Chapter 749 The end: the family is destroyed!
Chapter 750 Ice Shooter, Ashe!
Chapter 751 The Ning family is in chaos!
Chapter 752 Ice Realm!
Chapter 753 Experimental Subject No. 001!
Chapter 754 Buried!
Chapter 755 The real traitor!
Chapter 756 Her back-up plan!
Chapter 757 The Power of the Dragon King!
Chapter 758 Killing God!
Chapter 759 Chaos in Jiangnan!
Chapter 760 A ghost-level threat!
Chapter 761 The shadow of childhood!
Chapter 762 The hero is sad about the beauty
Chapter 763 Dragon-Slaying Warrior!
Chapter 764 Kill the dragon!
Chapter 765 He is a hunter!
Chapter 766 Seize the blade with bare hands!
Chapter 767 Aerial Hunting!
Chapter 768 Above the Nine Heavens, Dragons Mighty Wrath
Chapter 769 Air and Space Battle!
Chapter 770 Return of the Carabineer!
Chapter 771 Invincible!
Chapter 772 The Yun familys fate is at stake
Chapter 773 Returning together!
Chapter 774 True colors revealed!
Chapter 775 Plan to Slay the Dragon
Chapter 776 Western Territory, Raging Dragon Group!
Chapter 777 The storm is rising!
Chapter 778 The six gods join forces!
Chapter 779 The war is about to begin!
Chapter 780 Chapter 780 The prey takes the bait
Chapter 781 Codename Pangu!
Chapter 782 Lure the Enemy as Bait
Chapter 783 The Killing of Three Gods!
Chapter 784 The Limit of Dark Winter
Chapter 785 An Dongs defeat!
Chapter 786: A system, surrounded by six gods!
Chapter 787 Dragons Wrath!
Chapter 788 The Sorrow of Dark Winter
Chapter 789 Save people from the gate of hell!
Chapter 790 The Dragon Kings old enemy!
Chapter 791 Codename, Divine Phoenix!
Chapter 792 Love rivals are extremely jealous when they meet!
Chapter 793 Kill each other? Fall in love?
Chapter 794 The love between children
Chapter 795 Raging Dragon Military Order
Chapter 796 The mysterious mother!
Chapter 797 Only my mother can save you
Chapter 798 A mother who is worse than a beast!
Chapter 799 Who is the eldest princess?
Chapter 800 The enemy is coming, meet him with your sword!
Chapter 801 Humanoid Supersonic Missile!
Chapter 802 Overwhelm the Six Gods!
Chapter 803 Tear the birdman apart with bare hands!
Chapter 804 The Crisis of the Dragon King
Chapter 805 Aliens cannot be kept!
Chapter 806 Ill send you to hell!
Chapter 807 Gods Punishment!
Chapter 808 Rose must die
Chapter 809 Raging Dragon Totem Flag!
Chapter 810 Meet the Dragon King!
Chapter 811 Treaty of Heavenly Punishment!
Chapter 812 Coach!
Chapter 813 The killing array collapses!
Chapter 814 Violating a thousand-year inheritance!
Chapter 815 The oriole is coming!
Chapter 816 Gray Eyes Blood and Tears!
Chapter 817 Contempt everything, copy personality!
Chapter 818: Only kill, dont hurt anyone
Chapter 819 Photographic memory!
Chapter 820 Destruction!
Chapter 821 Destroy everything!
Chapter 822: Thousand-year-old marksmanship!
Chapter 823 Disowning relatives!
Chapter 824 Suppressing personality!
Chapter 825 Snake Mother!
Chapter 826 The nightmare that has been suppressed for more than ten years!
Chapter 827 There will be no sleep tonight
Chapter 828 Millions of angry dragons, begging the king to return to the throne!
Chapter 829 Becoming an enemy of martial arts in the world
Chapter 830 Dark night, sound of piano, sound of killing
Chapter 831 Silver-haired Piano Demon!
Chapter 832 The strongest personality!
Chapter 833 Three personalities join forces
Chapter 834 Security
Chapter 835 Death is salvation!
Chapter 836 Opportunity
Chapter 837 Murderous intent arises!
Chapter 838 The Ning family prepares for war!
Chapter 839 The fight between trapped beasts!
Chapter 840 Evil disciple!
Chapter 841 One person can defeat one hundred thousand!
Chapter 842 Flight to the Imperial Capital!
Chapter 843 A hundred-meter-long scroll, jointly signed in blood!
Chapter 844 The Dragon King dies?
Chapter 845 Wutian Army
Chapter 846: Eternally despised!
Chapter 847 A company of recruits who dare to die!
Chapter 848 Human life is like grass
Chapter 849 Death!
Chapter 850 Daxia Border
Chapter 851 Internal strife!
Chapter 852 General, Gai Nie!
Chapter 853: Once an angry dragon, always an angry dragon
Chapter 854 Tracing the origin of the invasion!
Chapter 855 Kill it
Chapter 856 Rebellion!
Chapter 857 A soldier
Chapter 858 The Catastrophe of the Raging Dragon
Chapter 859 Invincible Soldier!
Chapter 860 Powutian Legion!
Chapter 861 Breaking Ten Thousand Swords!
Chapter 862: Defeated!
Chapter 863 No fear of sanctions!
Chapter 864 Return to glory!
Chapter 865 Kill Potian!
Chapter 866 Kill him happily!
Chapter 867 The power of cold weapons!
Chapter 868 Winner?
Chapter 869 Sword showdown!
Chapter 870 The killing karma is too heavy!
Chapter 871 The fate of the Western Region
Chapter 872 Dragons Wrath
Chapter 873 The Mysterious Xin Royal Family
Chapter 874 Tangled
Chapter 875 The Calamity of the Wolf God
Chapter 876 Angry A-00001
Chapter 877 Asking the Dragon King to return to his throne!
Chapter 878 Look at the world with blank eyes and serve the country with loyalty!
Chapter 879 Who is the traitor?
Chapter 880 Forgery of Imperial Edict
Chapter 881 Confrontation with the Grand Prime Minister!
Chapter 882 Polar Wolf God!
Chapter 883 The frontline is in emergency!
Chapter 884 The inhumane leader!
Chapter 885 Five-star Super God of War!
Chapter 886 The well-deserved god of the Western Region!
Chapter 887 Dragon-killing Formation!
Chapter 888 A rain of thousands of arrows!
Chapter 889 Wolf God Faith, Fallen!
Chapter 890 Internal fighting!
Chapter 891 The crime of seppuku
Chapter 892 The mysterious board of directors!
Chapter 893 Wutians plan!
Chapter 894 The Plan to Destroy the Dragon
Chapter 895 Dragon Roar with a Sword!
Chapter 896 Dragon Vein!
Chapter 897 In the dark night, the angry locked dragon!
Chapter 898 Confrontation with Xu Fu!
Chapter 899 A dragon roared and the sword stabbed the prime minister!
Chapter 900: One sword strikes the air!
Chapter 901 War Zone Alliance!
Chapter 902 Dragon Roar!
Chapter 903 Blood tribute to the old friend!
Chapter 904 Behead the dragon and become the God of War!
Chapter 905: Look down on life and death, do it if you dont accept it!
Chapter 906 Massacre!
Chapter 907 Variables!
Chapter 908 Family and country are the most important thing!
Chapter 909 Tearing up the treaty!
Chapter 910 The product showdown thirty years ago
Chapter 911 Maka God of War!
Chapter 912 Support arrives!
Chapter 913 Breaking the alliance oath!
Chapter 914 The dragon slayer was killed by the dragon
Chapter 915 Adding guilt to crime!
Chapter 916 Whoever dares to use energy will be killed!
Chapter 917 Separation of wealth and compensation
Chapter 918 Compensation of one trillion!
Chapter 919 Farewell
Chapter 920 Ill wait for you in the Western Region
Chapter 921 Cooperation and Use
Chapter 922 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 923 A difficult defensive battle
Chapter 924 The War of Internal Troubles
Chapter 925 Cooperating with the Wolf
Chapter 926 Unlock potential!
Chapter 927 Potential development rate, 78%
Chapter 928 The limit of life and death!
Chapter 929 79%!
Chapter 930 The power to break through the limits!
Chapter 931 The Furious Dragon Group obeys orders!
Chapter 932: Leave no one behind, kill without mercy!
Chapter 933 Invincible in the Air
Chapter 934 The angry dragon war flag flutters in the wind!
Chapter 935 Evolutionary Attainments!
Chapter 936 Wolverine Claws!
Chapter 937 The price of slaying the dragon
Chapter 938 Killing everyone!
Chapter 939 Man and Monster
Chapter 940 One VS Sixteen!
Chapter 941: Fighting between gods and innocent people
Chapter 942 The state of selflessness
Chapter 943 Does the prince general Jiang Ning have any kind?
Chapter 944 Creating a Sword in Adversity!
Chapter 945 The man and the sword become one!
Chapter 946 The Eighth Sword!
Chapter 947 Sword of Light!
Chapter 948 Red Thunder Cloud!
Chapter 949 The Ninth Sword, Selflessness!
Chapter 950 Where the thundercloud passes, not a blade of grass grows!
Chapter 951 Warrior!
Chapter 952 Blood-based alliance!
Chapter 953 The evil obstacles must be removed
Chapter 954 Nationwide Blockade
Chapter 955 Mysterious helping hand?
Chapter 956 The whole world is the enemy
Chapter 957 Strange changes
Chapter 958 An unspeakable secret?
Chapter 959 Grandpas secret!
Chapter 960 The secret mission twenty years ago!
Chapter 961 Potential Development Degree 80
Chapter 962 Everyone has their own agenda!
Chapter 963 Destruction and appearance!
Chapter 964 Confrontation!
Chapter 965 Bloodthirsty!
Chapter 966 Unexpected disaster!
Chapter 967: Cold light facing each other!
Chapter 968 Love rivals meet!
Chapter 969 Redemption
Chapter 970 Qin Buxus method of self-protection!
Chapter 971 Potential Development Degree 100
Chapter 972 Adding Crime to Crime
Chapter 973 There is a game outside the game!
Chapter 974 Night attack!
Chapter 975 Locked! Goodbye!
Chapter 976 The trump card!
Chapter 977 Weapons falling from the sky!
Chapter 978 The Rod of God!
Chapter 979 The Tianji Explosion!
Chapter 980 The beauty is here!
Chapter 981 Noisy
Chapter 982 You give birth to me
Chapter 983 One kilometer further!
Chapter 984 Entanglement
Chapter 985 The battle between women
Chapter 986 Poor man
Chapter 987 Something is wrong?
Chapter 988 81!
Chapter 989 The Injury of the Dragon King
Chapter 990 Martial Arts, Judgment Office!
Chapter 991 How long can you live?
Chapter 992 A misunderstanding and a bad fate
Chapter 993 Lets fight
Chapter 994 If the Dragon King is not slaughtered, there will never be peace.
Chapter 995 Five-star God of War? Execute!
Chapter 996 No regrets!
Chapter 997 Old guy, no one can escape!
Chapter 998 I am the way of heaven
Chapter 999 Does Prince and General Xiang Ning have the guts?
Chapter 1000: Come whenever you want and leave whenever you want?
Chapter 1001 Heavenly Punishment? Let it come!
Chapter 1002 You have become a demon
Chapter 1003 Deputy God of Judgment!
Chapter 1004 is on the verge of breaking out!
Chapter 1005 There is no misunderstanding in this world
Chapter 1006 Go to hell to explain
Chapter 1007 Copy everything!
Chapter 1008 Sword skills falling from the sky!
Chapter 1009 Bloodbath with the long sword!
Chapter 1010 Destroy the Capital Tong
Chapter 1011 Hunting!
Chapter 1012 Weird Hulk!
Chapter 1013 Key helping hand
Chapter 1014 Never invade!
Chapter 1015 White Gloves!
Chapter 1016 Terrifying and Nameless!
Chapter 1017 The strong wind will rise
Chapter 1018 Comprehension, afterimage body technique!
Chapter 1019 Illusion Microsteps!
Chapter 1020 Top Secret Five-Party Talks
Chapter 1021 Five Alliances!
Chapter 1022 The army is approaching!
Chapter 1023 The empty city fell into a trap!
Chapter 1024 Death is not a pity!
Chapter 1025: Outnumbered and Enemy
Chapter 1026 Secretly assassinating Chen Cang!
Chapter 1027 The sword comes out and the dragon roars!
Chapter 1028 Sunset Mountains
Chapter 1029 Diary of a Madman
Chapter 1030 The sky is unfair!
Chapter 1031 Live and die together!
Chapter 1032 Drinking and Fighting
Chapter 1033 A bloody battle!
Chapter 1034 Waiting for a miracle?
Chapter 1035 A grand wedding for the whole country
Chapter 1036 Betrayal of the Western Territory!
Chapter 1037 Military Camp Wedding!
Chapter 1038 Breakthrough, 82!
Chapter 1039 The target of the sword
Chapter 1040 I will kill you in just a few seconds
Chapter 1041 Murderous intent!
Chapter 1042 Blood Mist Afterimage!
Chapter 1043 Chaos!
Chapter 1044 Chief Qins trick
Chapter 1045: Broken into pieces!
Chapter 1046: There is a long way to hell
Chapter 1047 The enemy of my enemy is my friend
Chapter 1048 Deep Integration!
Chapter 1049 Transplantation, life extension!
Chapter 1050 Clean up!
Chapter 1051 No way to escape!
Chapter 1052 The merchant girl doesnt know the hatred of the countrys subjugation
Chapter 1053 He is coming!
Chapter 1054 The last 24 hours!
Chapter 1055 The mysteriously missing body?
Chapter 1056 Please forgive me!
Chapter 1057 Tianshan Blood Lotus!
Chapter 1058 24 hours have come
Chapter 1059 Fight alone!
Chapter 1060 Dive!
Chapter 1061 Killing Madness!
Chapter 1062 I want your life!
Chapter 1063 Red Clothes Takes Action
Chapter 1064 Black suitcase!
Chapter 1065 Doomsday Child, activate!
Chapter 1066 Ye Wutian died!
Chapter 1067 Twenty thousand meters in the air!
Chapter 1068 Heartbreaking Plan!
Chapter 1069 Desire for beauty
Chapter 1070 Ninety percent!
Chapter 1071 The realm is completely crushed!
Chapter 1072 Stop here
Chapter 1073 No martial ethics!
Chapter 1074 Let you become the deputy judge god!
Chapter 1075 Protect my dragon soul! Protect my Daxia!
Chapter 1076 Game!
Chapter 1077 Clues to the Tianshan Blood Lotus!
Chapter 1078 Mysterious Giant Creature
Chapter 1079 The legendary beast?
Chapter 1080 Evil Beast
Chapter 1081 The Legend of Blood Bodhi!
Chapter 1082 Fight against evil beasts!
Chapter 1083 The power of magma!
Chapter 1084 The mythical monster
Chapter 1085 Forgotten Ancient Creatures
Chapter 1086 The mysterious army!
Chapter 1087 Ice Queen!
Chapter 1088 Ice Threat
Chapter 1089 Ice God of War?
Chapter 1090 The Secret of Ice
Chapter 1091 Capturing the Dragon King alive!
Chapter 1092 The predecessor of the Dragon King
Chapter 1093 The Mysterious Yagami Family
Chapter 1094 Borrowing a sword and slaying the dragon
Chapter 1095 The Unstoppable Death
Chapter 1096 Breakthrough!
Chapter 1097 Evil Ghost Army!
Chapter 1098 The power of Kirin!
Chapter 1099 Signal Blockade!
Chapter 1100 A solo show!
Chapter 1101 The supporter behind the scenes
Chapter 1102 The clouds are over the city!
Chapter 1103 Clues to the Imperial Capital!
Chapter 1104 Do you like me?
Chapter 1105 Are you greedy for my body?
Chapter 1106 Imperial Capital!
Chapter 1107 Whereabouts discovered!
Chapter 1108 Winning rate, 1
Chapter 1109 Jiang Taigong Fishing
Chapter 1110 Summoning!
Chapter 1111 To kneel or not to kneel?
Chapter 1112 The Imperial Capital Summons!
Chapter 1113 Car accident!
Chapter 1114 Black Hands Block
Chapter 1115 Overseas Knife
Chapter 1116 The Mysterious Board of Directors
Chapter 1117 The final killer move!
Chapter 1118 Destruction!
Chapter 1119 Entering the Imperial Capital!
Chapter 1120 Yama!
Chapter 1121 Invulnerable!
Chapter 1122 The Tenth Sword!
Chapter 1123 Summoned!
Chapter 1124 The Mysterious Presbytery!
Chapter 1125 Death penalty!
Chapter 1126: Only singing praises for the powerful
Chapter 1127 Treason!
Chapter 1128 The terrifying truth!
Chapter 1129 The True Royal Forest Army?
Chapter 1130 The containment of Ouchi masters!
Chapter 1131 Pufferfish
Chapter 1132 is comparable to a blockbuster movie!
Chapter 1133 Confidentiality Treaty
Chapter 1134 Adding chaos to chaos!
Chapter 1135 Pingxi Realm!
Chapter 1136 Pay with life!
Chapter 1137 The hands of the Yagami family!
Chapter 1138 A mysterious call!
Chapter 1139 The python totem, the supreme divine tower!
Chapter 1140 Judgment!
Chapter 1141 Iori Family!
Chapter 1142 Collective hara-kiri!
Chapter 1143 The power of hatred
Chapter 1144 The Danger of the Raging Dragon Army!
Chapter 1145: A coward?
Chapter 1146 The poor are just the poor after all
Chapter 1147 There are no men in the Raging Dragon Army?
Chapter 1148 Successive setbacks!
Chapter 1149 Irreconcilable feud!
Chapter 1150 One vs Three!
Chapter 1151 Kill with one sword!
Chapter 1152 Under the Ice Mask!
Chapter 1153 The end!
Chapter 1154 Operation Thunder!
Chapter 1155 Yang Family VS Yagami Family!
Chapter 1156 Mother and daughter join forces!
Chapter 1157 There will finally be a battle!
Chapter 1158 Night attack on the Eight Gods!
Chapter 1159 Breaking the sky!
Chapter 1160 The real purpose?
Chapter 1161 The Eight Gods Defeated Clan
Chapter 1162 The old rattler is immortal
Chapter 1163 The unjust case back then!
Chapter 1164 Kill the six-star war god!
Chapter 1165: Defeat the Son of God!
Chapter 1166 The injustice is redressed!
Chapter 1167 Pedantry
Chapter 1168 Martial arts trial!
Chapter 1169 The Lord of War!
Chapter 1170 Immortality of old age
Chapter 1171 Beauty helps each other!
Chapter 1172 Are you interested in joining us?
Chapter 1173 All living beings are equal!
Chapter 1174 The hope of a poor man
Chapter 1175 Where in life do we not meet?
Chapter 1176 Devouring
Chapter 1177 Special Files
Chapter 1178 Game of chess!
Chapter 1179 Building Hunting!
Chapter 1180 Technology Warrior!
Chapter 1181 Nanoscale!
Chapter 1182 Divine Phoenix’s Decision
Chapter 1183 Defeated Again
Chapter 1184 Fate
Chapter 1185 Mother is not dead?
Chapter 1186 Not worthy of being a father
Chapter 1187 A lifelong chess game!
Chapter 1188 Mountain demolition plan!
Chapter 1189 Thrilling Mission
Chapter 1190 Agent Files!
Chapter 1191 The Nineteenth Floor of Shanhai Pavilion
Chapter 1192 Don’t waste time
Chapter 1193 Prerequisite for detonation
Chapter 1194 AI Showdown!
Chapter 1195 Dongxia VS Qin Banruo!
Chapter 1196 The battle between two women
Chapter 1197 Two Clearances
Chapter 1198 Stirring a hornet’s nest!
Chapter 1199 Return
Chapter 1200 Old Thief Qin
Chapter 1201 Her surname is Qin and her first name is Taiyue
Chapter 1202 Reflection
Chapter 1203 Nirvana True Phoenix!
Chapter 1204 Rebirth!
Chapter 1205 Humanoid Silkworm Chrysalis!
Chapter 1206 Fire Explanation
Chapter 1207 Heavy casualties!
Chapter 1208 Mysterious Shackles
Chapter 1209 Flesh and blood placenta!
Chapter 1210 Anatomy?
Chapter 1211 Blood connection
Chapter 1212: Cutting out the roots!
Chapter 1213 The Immortal Phoenix!
Chapter 1214 Gene Warrior?
Chapter 1215 Fighting consciousness!
Chapter 1216 Showdown!
Chapter 1217 Kill the men and capture the women alive!
Chapter 1218 Charging, Absorbing!
Chapter 1219 Ten million volts!
Chapter 1220 Must obey!
Chapter 1221 Using electricity as energy
Chapter 1222 Yuguan Moat!
Chapter 1223 Meeting the Board of Directors
Chapter 1224 Rat Hunting Operation!
Chapter 1225 Three parties join forces
Chapter 1226 Kyushu Secret Agent
Chapter 1227 Chase
Chapter 1228 Escape!
Chapter 1229 It’s a big deal!
Chapter 1230 Intelligence Jianghu
Chapter 1231 Codename, Yan Shuangying
Chapter 1232 The truth about grandpa’s death!
Chapter 1233 Ghost Fang!
Chapter 1234 Chen Gou Sheng’s grandson!
Chapter 1235 The truth
Chapter 1236 The Fire of Revenge!
Chapter 1237 Run away!
Chapter 1238 A precious sword!
Chapter 1239 High-tech warfare!
Chapter 1240 Explosion!
Chapter 1241 Blindness with Guns
Chapter 1242 Killing each other!
Chapter 1243 Consumption!
Chapter 1244 Father’s fate is difficult
Chapter 1245 Behead!
Chapter 1246 Where to run?
Chapter 1247 Rebellion!
Chapter 1248 Too many love rivals
Chapter 1249: Real or False Friend or Enemy?
Chapter 1250 The conspiracy of the Five Poison Sect
Chapter 1251 Shenlong Cult
Chapter 1252 The Secret of Gu Technique
Chapter 1253 The Theory of Viruses
Chapter 1254 Forging a new sword!
Chapter 1255 A sword and dragon chant
Chapter 1256 Although the dragon's veins are broken, evil-killing is born
Chapter 1257 Integration of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine
Chapter 1258 Join forces
Chapter 1259 Control
Chapter 1260: Being a father in vain
Chapter 1261 Mysterious SMS
Chapter 1262 Secret Cooperation
Chapter 1263 Latent Mission
Chapter 1264 Leaving a backup plan
Chapter 1265 Conditions!
Chapter 1266 Prince Xu!
Chapter 1267 Xu Fu’s Crisis
Chapter 1268 Only magic can defeat magic
Chapter 1269 The winning rate is extremely low
Chapter 1270 Fusion!
Chapter 1271 Thousand Swords Transform into One!
Chapter 1272 Kill 92%
Chapter 1273 Personality evolution!
Chapter 1274 Madman
Chapter 1275 Avoid its edge and attack its key points
Chapter 1276 Another fish
Chapter 1277 Protect him!
Chapter 1278 Immortality!
Chapter 1279 Terrifying Resilience!
Chapter 1280 The man-eating demon
Chapter 1281 The combination of human and mouse?!
Chapter 1282 The nine admirals died!
Chapter 1283 A Fire
Chapter 1284 Jinwu Guard takes action
Chapter 1285 Surrounded!
Chapter 1286 Underwater battle!
Chapter 1287 The main god of lust and crime dies!
Chapter 1288 Explode!
Chapter 1289 Cleaning up the mess
Chapter 1290 Pressure!
Chapter 1291 Will not die
Chapter 1292 Human-Faced Spider?
Chapter 1293 Black Widow DNA!
Chapter 1294 Lived for 150 years!
Chapter 1295 Genetically mutated monster!
Chapter 1296 The gap between realms!
Chapter 1297 The first defeat
Chapter 1298 Memory Sharing?
Chapter 1299 Mengzhou
Chapter 1300 Super Royal Family
Chapter 1301 Chasing to Mengzhou!
Chapter 1302 Crisis Game
Chapter 1303 Beat up Spider-Man!
Chapter 1304 All injured
Chapter 1305 Die together?
Chapter 1306 Coma!
Chapter 1307 Not enough lovers?
Chapter 1308 The mysterious force in Mengzhou!
Chapter 1309 Shenque’s pursuit
Chapter 1310 Winning rate 1
Chapter 1311 Fire Demon
Chapter 1312 Orange Eyes, New Personality!
Chapter 1313 Reasoning accurate to milliseconds
Chapter 1314 Milky Way, under the moonlight
Chapter 1315 Under the moon, infinite connection!
Chapter 1316 86!
Chapter 1317 Borrowing the Power of Moonlight
Chapter 1318 Mysterious Dark Matter!
Chapter 1319 Spiral Energy
Chapter 1320 Rhnull blood!
Chapter 1321 The Limit of Human Calculation Ability
Chapter 1322 A bunch of trash
Chapter 1323 Mysterious Shackles!
Chapter 1324 Evolver?
Chapter 1325 The prophecy made more than ten years ago?
Chapter 1326 Ice Nightmare!
Chapter 1327 The Hand of the Ice Sculpture
Chapter 1328 Mental Power Showdown
Chapter 1329 Taking the bait
Chapter 1330 Mysterious Hunting
Chapter 1331 Extracting clues!
Chapter 1332 God Huáng reminds
Chapter 1333 Dive!
Chapter 1334 Lure
Chapter 1335 Royal Tong Clan Base!
Chapter 1336 No such person found
Chapter 1337 Mysterious Files!
Chapter 1338 Forbidden Land
Chapter 1339 Go alone!
Chapter 1340 Breaking into the forbidden area!
Chapter 1341 Maze and Sobbing
Chapter 1342 Weird Woman
Chapter 1343 Wooden House Cage
Chapter 1344 Doomed
Chapter 1345 The Secret of the Forbidden Zone
Chapter 1346 Mysterious Blood Pool!
Chapter 1347 Royal bloodline!
Chapter 1348 The secret of the blood pool!
Chapter 1349 Hunting and Rescue
Chapter 1350 Huiyue Organization takes the blame
Chapter 1351 Tong Houyi!
Chapter 1352 Mengzhou is uneasy
Chapter 1353 The distant legend of Mengzhou
Chapter 1354 Save mother!
Chapter 1355 Second brush base!
Chapter 1356 Horrible Cousin!
Chapter 1357 Three-eyed Yang Jian!
Chapter 1358 Evolution, annihilation of all living things
Chapter 1359: Surpassing Everything
Chapter 1360: Virtual reality, real reality, virtual reality!
Chapter 1361 Bow God!
Chapter 1362 98!
Chapter 1363 Let’s hit the road
Chapter 1364 Promotion!
Chapter 1365 90!
Chapter 1366 Inference Coordinates
Chapter 1367 Girlfriend?
Chapter 1368 Teleport to kill!
Chapter 1369 Interception!
Chapter 1370 Pictured as a wedding dress!
Chapter 1371 Two swords join forces
Chapter 1372 Blockade of the Territory
Chapter 1373 Coincidence
Chapter 1374 Ending
Chapter 1375 Opening a cheat?
Chapter 1376 It’s over!
Chapter 1377 This sword is called Houlang
Chapter 1378 Cells and Energy
Chapter 1379 Inward View
Chapter 1380 Molecular Shackles!
Chapter 1381 The ultimate question
Chapter 1382 Theory of Evolution!
Chapter 1383 New Humanity
Chapter 1384 Who should I believe?
Chapter 1385 Mutation!
Chapter 1386 Who is it?
Chapter 1387 The ancestor appears!
Chapter 1388 Breakthrough opportunity!
Chapter 1389 My son!
Chapter 1390 Use form to make up for form
Chapter 1391 I want your life!
Chapter 1392 He is finally here
Chapter 1393 The limits of traditional martial arts!
Chapter 1394 99!
Chapter 1395 The strongest showdown!
Chapter 1396 Smiling up to the sky
Chapter 1397 The genetic shackles are broken!
Chapter 1398 Beating
Chapter 1399 Battle with the Grandmaster!
Chapter 1400 The End
Chapter 1401 There is someone outside!
Chapter 1402 Bodhi has no tree
Chapter 1403 Unparalleled Peak!
Chapter 1404 Borrowing a knife!
Chapter 1405 Memories from seven years ago!
Chapter 1406 Breaking in!
Chapter 1407 Civil strife in the royal family!
Chapter 1408 Lovers finally get married
Chapter 1409 Breakthrough 99!
Chapter 1410 The revenge of the past!
Chapter 1411 Umbrella Group!
Chapter 1412 Personality Fusion!
Chapter 1413 Giant Earthquake
Chapter 1414 The Battle of the Superior