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I really can't act

I really can't act

author:Little love song

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-19 19:29

Latest chapter:Final words

I want to bring my talent to the entertainment industry... But you can't really act. Having a face is enough. —————— Okay, this is actually a story about always acting in depressive movies

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《I really can't act》The latest nine chapters
Final words
Chapter 605 He changed Chinese cinema
Chapter 604 2 billion
Chapter 603 I come from the future (End)
Chapter 602 I come from the future (3)
Chapter 601 I come from the future (2)
Chapter 600 I come from the future (1)
Chapter 599 Talking about Ziwei (5)
Chapter 598 The End of All Movies
《I really can't act》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Immersive
Chapter 2 Her specialty is earlobes!
Chapter 3 The helpful classmate Fang
Chapter 4: Vigorous and high-spirited
Chapter 5 It should have been zero
Chapter Six Eighteen-year-old handsome man
Chapter 7 Not Cannibalism
Chapter 8 The increasingly abnormal world
Chapter 9: No One Out of Jiang Wei's Right
Chapter 10 Sketching Avatars
Chapter Eleven Brothers
Chapter Twelve Famous Factions
Chapter Thirteen First Heard
Chapter 14 Advice
Chapter 15 Stirring China (1)
Chapter 16 Stirring China (2)
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter 18 The Truth
Chapter 19 Think about what Fang is doing
Chapter 20 This world is abnormal
Chapter 21 about a year
Chapter 22 Li Wan
Chapter 23 Disputes
Chapter 24 Standing out from the crowd
Chapter 25 Audition
Chapter 26 Exam
Chapter twenty-seven huge sums of money
Chapter 28 Zhang Jianing
Chapter 29 Advertisement Candidates
Chapter 30 Telford (1)
Chapter 31 Telford (2)
Chapter 32 Then I'll go?
Chapter 33 How Fang Daohui will do it
Chapter 34 Give Teacher Fang a seat
Chapter 35 Low Coffee Man
Chapter 36 Academic Committee and Taimei
Chapter 37 Street Lights
Chapter 38 Yangma's new address
Chapter 39 Notice (1)
Chapter 40 Notice (2)
Chapter 41 The Romans
Chapter forty-two shine
Chapter 43 The Central Opera
Chapter 44 Base Camp
Chapter 45 End of the Period
Chapter 46 'The New Three Kingdoms' enters the group
Chapter 47 Troubled Horse
Chapter 48 The jade tree is graceful in the wind
Chapter forty-ninth
Chapter 50 Liu Mi's sense of security
Chapter 51: The enemy is ashamed and I take off his clothes
Chapter 52 'Ambition' is not here
Chapter 53 Liu Tianxian
Chapter Fifty-Four
Chapter 55 Embarrassing but not rude
Chapter 56: Chess meets opponents
Chapter 57 Welcome to my house
Chapter 58: How can it be done if you don’t shoot it ten times or twenty times?
Chapter 59 Finishing
Chapter 60 Next time
Chapter 61 Book Model
Chapter 62 Find a little white face
Chapter 63 Hostility
Chapter 64: I Still Can't Experience It
Chapter 65 You may be a genius
Chapter 66 Zhang Lixian, who sells matches
Chapter 67 Pendant
Chapter 68 Turnaround
Chapter 69 Thank you Mr. Fang
Chapter 70 My My My
Chapter 71 One less incense stick
Chapter 72: Rob him
Chapter 73 Line Competition
Chapter 74 The richest man in the country
Chapter 75 Feng Cannon
Chapter 76 The richest man's Dragon Field Enlightenment
Chapter 77 The Enhanced Richest Man
Chapter 78: The afterglow has not disappeared
Chapter 79 Micro Film Broadcasting
Chapter 80 How is your relationship with Liu Mi
Chapter 81 Someone is lying
Chapter 82 Let's see tonight
Chapter 83 Potential Stocks
Chapter 84 Save the ratings with looks
Chapter 85 'My Regiment' is finished
Chapter 86 Zhang Chaoyang
Chapter 87 Reluctant Apology
Chapter 88: Invite reporters to come
Chapter 89
Chapter 90 Viewing Password
Chapter 91: Lifting the Table
Chapter 92 Sets
Chapter 93 Entering the group
Chapter 94: It's Dark Under the Lamp
Chapter 95 Angels
Chapter 96 Tired Together
Chapter 97 Liu Mi's absence
Chapter 98 The Kiss
Chapter 99 Temptation
Chapter 100 Know or Don't Know
Chapter 101 Photos
Chapter 102 Who made it
Chapter 103 Xu Changqing
Chapter 104 Fang-Good Luck-Yi
Chapter 105 Finishing (1)
Chapter 106 Finishing (2)
Chapter 107 Return to school
Chapter 108 Untitled
Chapter 109 Puppy (1)
Chapter 110 Puppy (2)
Chapter 111 New Three Kingdoms
Chapter 112 Outstanding Alumni
Chapter 113 Storm
Chapter 114 Four Satellite TVs
Chapter 115 guest
Chapter 116 Guest (2)
Chapter 117 Practice makes perfect
Chapter 118 Thunderstorm
Chapter 119 Unfinished competition
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty You Lost
Chapter 121 I want to be such a person
Chapter 122 ratings
Chapter 123 'New Three Kingdoms' Propaganda
Chapter 124 Physics + Fang Yi
Chapter 125 CP Fan
Chapter 126 I defeated myself
Chapter 127 Golden Hour
One hundred and twentieth eight chapters confidant
Chapter 129: Blast the Pot
Chapter 130: Southern City (1st update)
Chapter 131 Interview 2nd update
Chapter 132: We still need to hire someone. Third update
Chapter 133 Agent Fourth update
Chapter 134 Positioning Fifth update
Chapter 135 Campus Walk
Chapter 136 New Project
Chapter 137 Jin Dong
Chapter 138 Father's Taste
Chapter 139 Vanity Fair (1)
Chapter 140 Vanity Fair (2)
Chapter 141 Vanity Fair (3)
Chapter 142 Argument
Chapter 143 Fang Yi Clause
Chapter 144: Accumulate buff
Chapter 145: Is Liu Xianyu going to work hard?
Chapter 146: The Movie Starring
Chapter 147 Middle-aged Lolita
Chapter 148 Umbrella (2)
Chapter 149 Puppy (3)
Chapter 150 'The Right of Defense'
Chapter 151 'The Right of Defense' (2)
Chapter 152: It has been proved that the friendly troops are stationed
Chapter 153: Retire from the circle and get married
Chapter 154 Change the name
Chapter 155 Open champagne at halftime
Chapter 156 The handsome little monk
Chapter 157 Liu Tianxian in a dilemma
Chapter 158 Divided into full
Chapter 159 This is the seven-shaped love
Chapter 160 They no longer need Bichon Frise after this
Chapter 161 Everything must be as I think
Chapter 162 Guan Erye and God
Chapter 163 The inexplicable bridge
Chapter 164: Monk Fang at the bedside
Chapter 165 Back to Back
Chapter 166 System Upgrade
Chapter 167 Then what will I believe in the future?
Chapter 168: The outbreak of acting
Chapter 169 Magnolia (1)
Chapter 170 Magnolia (2)
Chapter 171 It's really exciting
Chapter 172 The hero saves the beauty
Chapter 173 I was thinking about husband and child.
Chapter 174 Are you planning to build a helicopter?
Chapter 175: Three British Battle Lu Bu
Chapter 176: Qian Qian No. 2
Chapter 177 Uncle, I'm going to be angry
Chapter 178 Invitation from Jiang Wen
Chapter 179 was shot, don't touch me with blood
Chapter 180 David Justin Bieber
Chapter 181 Motion Capture Technology
Chapter 182 Want to call the police?
Chapter 183 Officer Liu takes office
Chapter 184 How to play tricks in a film
Chapter 185 Participating in the Tokyo Film Festival
Chapter 186 Schedule and Hype
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Seventh Ji's Love
One hundred and eighty-eighth palm, if she hadn't met Fang Yi
Chapter 189 'Love Has Afterlife' Released
Chapter 190 This is a skill only he can have
Chapter 191 Kneeling down on one knee
Chapter 192 The Beginning of the Peak
Chapter 193 One week
Chapter 194: White Dragon King
Chapter 195 White Dragon King (2)
Chapter 196 This life is really not worth it
Chapter 197 The ten-minute marriage
Chapter 198 Yacht
Chapter 199 Victoria Harbour
Chapter 200 Bo out
Chapter 201 Director Seminar
Chapter 102 Where is the way out for Chinese films?
Chapter 203 Is spotting a panacea?
Chapter 204 Troika
Chapter 205 Tokyo Raiders
Chapter 206: Seeking Riches and Risks
Chapter 207 Film Diplomacy
Chapter 208 Prepare for the acceptance speech
Chapter 209 Two sets of acceptance speeches
The 210th chapter how to make the oriental people bow
Chapter 211 First-class Chinese
Chapter 212 1000000000 yen
Chapter 213 The water is not fried enough
Chapter 214 New Spokesperson
Chapter 215: Brocade Clothing Never Walks at Night
Chapter 216 Storm (2)
Chapter 217 Will Fang Yi also play big cards?
Chapter 218 Does Liu Tianxian also have a so-called so-called
Chapter 219 and tell your wishes
Chapter 220 While waiting for Fang Yi
Chapter 221: It is difficult for a clean official to cut off housework
Chapter 222 Affirmation of the Father of Immortal Sword
Chapter 223 With these insects
Chapter 224 Standard Answers
Chapter 225 Never use him for hype
Chapter 226 Maybe hate me
Chapter 227 Water stains on the sofa
Chapter 228: Old Hu, please stand up
Chapter 229 The Light of the Treasure Island
Chapter 230 Burberry of 230,000
Chapter 231 Sequoia Capital (1)
Chapter 332 Hong Kong and the capital
Chapter 233 Liu Xianyu is still Liu Xianyu
Chapter 234 'Business' Interview
Chapter 235 Big and Little Things
Chapter 236 The ambition of the international chapter
Chapter 237 Number Cards
Chapter 238 Liu Tianxian VS International Chapter
Chapter 239 willingly
Chapter 240 If the literary man meets his ideal
Chapter 241 'Let the Bullets Fly' Start Shooting
Chapter 242 Jiang Dao San passed the RV and did not enter
Chapter 243 Jiang Wen wants to change the ending
Chapter 244 When Zhang Mazi saw Liu Zi
Chapter 245 smoking a cigarette
Chapter 246: Can Fang Yi serve the table?
Chapter 247 About why Liuzi broke his stomach
Chapter 248 Both of them are playing
Chapter 249 Threesome
Chapter 250 Blow the balloon bigger
Chapter 251 2010 will be a very interesting year
Chapter 252 Director Fang's New Movie
Chapter 253 Will 'Love Letter' become the memory of a generation
Chapter 254 It's time to test a man/woman
Chapter 255 The bright future of classmates
Chapter 256 Released in Asia?
Chapter 257 How Chinese high school students fall in love
Chapter 258 Two main scenes
Chapter 259 A five-minute long shot
Chapter 260 Will Iwai Junji sue Fang Yi?
Chapter 261 The heavy snow in Anshan
Chapter 262 The set that is about to blow up
Chapter 263 Li Xuejian
Chapter 264 The set that was really blown up
Chapter 265 The BGM of the Movie
Chapter 266 The Big Shots Are Here
Chapter 267 Interview with 'China Film Report'
Chapter 268 Chen Kaige has an opinion on Fang Yi
Chapter 269: The moon is temporarily dark, the stars are always bright, stay bright until the moon returns, and the three to five years will be full and full
Chapter 270 Ten International Chapters
Chapter 271 Director Chen hates the latecomers
Chapter 272 Tall
Chapter 273 Tangtang occasionally feels melancholy
Chapter 274 'We were born in China'
Chapter 275 You don't want to offend that director
Chapter 276 That man is like a dog
Chapter 277 base special effects company
Chapter 278 Reporter Zhuo Wei
Chapter 279 Recruit Guo Fan
Chapter 280 Boss Fang takes the assistant director to see
Chapter 281 Erwang vs Fang Yi
Chapter 282 whos your daddy
Chapter two hundred and eighty third
Chapter 284 Astronaut Fang Yi
Chapter 285: I don't want to be an undercover agent
Chapter 286 The gentleman's sword
Chapter 287 The Two Kings Who Are Unfavorable
Chapter 288 Change to a new home and visit
Chapter 289 My bank card password is
Chapter 290 Multiple Trailers
Chapter 291: Grasp the big and let go of the small
Chapter 292 The right and wrong are hard to say
Chapter 293 The youth of the national teacher and Fang Yi
Chapter two hundred and ninety fourth virtuous helper
Chapter two hundred and ninety fifth willow honey with a hat
Chapter 296 Fang Yi is no exception
Chapter 297: The Power of Pointing
Chapter 298 Love Letter Released
Chapter 299 From 2009 to 1999
Chapter 300 Differences in 'Love Letters'
Chapter 301: Box Office! Box Office! Is the box office out yet? (Big Chapter)
Chapter 302 Did he change the rules?
Chapter 303 'Love Letter' Best Lens Competition
Chapter 304: Act a little, know a little
Chapter 305 Love and Like (Big Chapter)
Chapter 306 Torture of Fang Yi
Chapter 307 is evident
Chapter 308 The number of top superstars is zero
Chapter three hundred and ninth one-sided
Chapter 310 One billion?
Chapter 311 The sonorous threesome (1)
Chapter 312 The sonorous threesome (2)
Chapter 313 Big Brother Cheng
Chapter 314 Two generations of box office kings
Chapter 315 The golden age that has passed
Chapter 316 Supreme Glory
Chapter 317 Celebration Banquet and Status
Chapter 318 Assassination of Fang Yi
Chapter 319 China Directors Association
Chapter 220 Burberry Advertisement
Chapter 221: The Chinese Legion won a complete victory (additional update for leader Bulky 123)
Chapter 322 Leopard Head, Pork Belly, Phoenix Tail
Chapter 323 Motion Capture Technology (2)
Chapter 324 base and light bulb factory (additional update for leader Bulky 123)
Chapter 325: Mother Liu comes to the door
Chapter 326 Homecoming
Chapter 327: Welcome Director Fang Yi’s visit (Additional update for Leader Bulky 123)
Three hundred and twentieth eight chapters tent
Chapter 329 He sheds light
Chapter 330 'Our French Years'
Chapter 331 1927
Chapter 332 China's Past Trilogy
Chapter 333 'Let the Bullets Fly' Released
Chapter 334: The Final Winner in 10 Years (Additional update for the alliance leader, God Killer)
Chapter 335 'The Mermaid Empire'
Chapter 336: Plan A and Plan B
Chapter 337: The difference between twenty and forty years old (additional update for the leader of the alliance, Killing Gods)
Chapter 338 Fang Yi and Voyager 1 (big chapter)
Chapter 339: Cervical Spine Problem (Additional update for the alliance leader, God Killer)
Chapter 240 Unannounced Announcement
Chapter 241 I suggest you see a psychiatrist
Chapter 342 He is a brother
Chapter 343 Liu Tianxian hasn't seen Liu Mi for a long time
Chapter 344: In the training of actors
Chapter 345 The director is never free
Chapter 346 I just think why is it me
Chapter 347 Happy New Year
Chapter 347: Monkey King
Chapter three hundred and forty-eight small notes of the capital
Chapter 349: The house leaked but it rained all night. More updates for the leader Baichou Fei
Chapter 350: The fist swung in front of Baichou Fei, the leader of the alliance.
Chapter 351: Different Choices. Additional update for leader Baichou Fei
Three hundred and fiftieth chapters finish
Chapter 353 Salted Fish Liu, who has practiced Kung Fu
Chapter 354 Flights
Chapter 355 Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum
Chapter 356 Jiaolong and Deep Sea Challenger
Chapter three hundred and fifty seventh official business
Chapter 358 When will 'Return to Seventeen' be released?
Chapter three hundred and fiftieth IX make a big fuss
Chapter three hundred and sixty hospital and nurse outfit
Chapter 361 Chinese Celebrity List
Chapter 362 Director Fang Yi's Day (1)
Chapter 363 Director Fang Yi's Day (2)
Chapter 364 Director Fang Yi's Day (End)
Chapter 365 Ma ET
Chapter 366 Master Wang
Chapter three hundred and sixty seventh how to deceive deception
Chapter 368 I have never been bitten by a snake in my life
Chapter 369 Heavyweight Believers
Chapter 370 75 million big contract
Chapter 371 Probability Problems
Chapter 372 The elephant in the room
Chapter 373 vlog from the bottom of the sea
Chapter 374 Fang Dao has ashes on his forehead
Chapter 375 Strategic Weapons
Chapter 376 300 million US dollars
Chapter 377 Liu Tianxian's Magical Secret Book
Chapter 378 Veterans
Chapter 379 Cannes Film Festival
Chapter 380 Who can speak French
Chapter 381 The Beach
Chapter 382: Cannes' Trial Screening
Chapter 383: Cannes Preview (2)
Chapter 384 You Must Let Me Come
Chapter 385
Chapter 386
Chapter 387: It Turns Out To Be A Little Wife
Chapter 388 Little West Lake Discussion of Swords
Chapter 389
Chapter 390 The God of Medicine (1) Chapter
Chapter 391 The God of Medicine (2)
Chapter 392
Chapter 393 Alley
Chapter 394
Chapter 395 Rolex
Chapter 396: Thirty Entrepreneurial Leaders
Chapter 397 The Sky of Childhood (1)
Chapter 398 The Sky of Childhood (2)
Chapter 399 The Sky of Childhood (3)
Chapter 400 Panicked and Lost
Chapter 401 Gathering
Chapter 402 Can Fan Listen (1)
Chapter 403 Can Fan Listen (2)
Chapter 404 Everyone Shows Their Magical Powers
Chapter 405 Poster Price
Chapter 406 Don’t ask for help
Chapter 407 Premiere
Chapter 408 Returning to Seventeen Years Old (1)
Chapter 409: Seventeen again (2)
Chapter 410 Returning to Seventeen Years Old (End)
Chapter 411: Up and Down and Advice
Chapter 412: Senior Brother Fang Yi
Chapter 413 High-end Theory
Chapter 414 Letter to the Great Director
Recommend books
Chapter 415 Ex
Chapter 416 One Less Incense (2)
Chapter 417: Gilded Body
Chapter 418 Director Public Enemy
Chapter 419 What a coincidence
Chapter 420 Philosophy
Chapter 421 Top, Top
Chapter 422 A hero starts from humble beginnings
Chapter 423 Tokyo Strategy
Chapter 424 Where is the real genius?
Chapter 425: The great benefactor of the film industry
Chapter 426 Golden Rooster Award (1)
Chapter 427 Golden Rooster Award (2)
Chapter 428 Golden Rooster Award (3)
Chapter 429 Best Director
Chapter 430: Engineering man defeats literary youth
Chapter 431 Big gift package
Chapter 332: Love Rival in Dreams
Chapter 433: She is obsessed with getting shares
Chapter 434 Glass Ball
Chapter 435: Interview at Yangzhou Opera
Chapter 436 Troubled Times
Chapter 437 Undercurrent
Chapter 438: Fighting for Fang’s Mother
Chapter 439 Good judgment
Chapter 440 Golden Horse, Golden Horse
Chapter 441: What did Uncle Fang say?
Chapter 442 A few things about the night market
Chapter 443: The Culture of Eating
Chapter 444 Golden Horse (1)
Chapter 445 Golden Horse (2)
Chapter 446: Small Slam
Chapter 447 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 448 2012
Chapter 449 The sky is filled with gods and Buddhas
Chapter 450 Psychologist
Chapter 451: Conservatives and Innovators
Chapter 452 'Little Things'
Chapter 453: Injury
Chapter 454: Temporary Director
Chapter 455 Fight Club
Chapter 456 Civilization and Barbarism
Chapter 457: Fighting for Life
Chapter 458: 12 years of good times
Chapter 459 Key Characters
Chapter 460: Your idol collapsed
Chapter 461: Unforgettable Tonight
Chapter 462 Martial Arts Scene
Chapter 463: Restrained and Crazy
Chapter 464 Love letters without words
Chapter 465: Don’t understand taste
Chapter 466 Celebrities, business cards
Chapter 467 Milestone of the Speeding Car Scene
Chapter 468: Hatred and Admiration
Chapter 469 Visiting Team (1)
Chapter 470 Visiting Team (2)
Chapter 471 Confrontation
Chapter 472 Liu style lie detector
Chapter 473 The Emperor’s Professional Account
Chapter 474: Not knowing the true face of Mount Lu
Chapter 475 The Song of Ivy
Chapter 476 Madame Tussauds
Chapter 477 Little Fan
Chapter 478 Recommendation
Chapter 479: Running for Prizes
Chapter 480 Test
Chapter 481: Reinventing Hollywood
Chapter 482 Directors Association Commendation Conference
Chapter 483 Successor
Chapter 484 Untitled
Chapter 485 One Hundred Years
Chapter 486 New Era
Chapter 487 The Dragon Crossing the River and the Local Snake
Chapter 488 Thanks to Boss Liu
Chapter 489 National Feelings
Chapter 490 Black Snow
Chapter 491 Story Structure
Chapter 492 Teddy Sisters
Chapter 493: Are you familiar with Fang Yi?
Chapter 494 Talking about Ziwei (1)
Chapter 495 Talking about Ziwei (2)
Chapter 496 I come from the future (big chapter)
Chapter 497 Symposium
Chapter 498: Calling Brothers
Chapter 499: Match (1)
Chapter 500: Match (2)
Chapter 501: The scarf is down
Chapter 502 Stage Lighting
Chapter 503 F1 Race
Chapter 504 Commercial Value
Chapter 505: Preview (1)
Chapter 506 Preview (2)
Chapter 507 Lobbyist
Chapter 508 Dad and Son
Chapter 509 Military Training
Chapter 510: One bullet casing per person
Chapter 511 Just wait for Fang Yi’s three-piece suit (1)
Chapter 512 Just wait for Fang Yi’s three-piece suit (2)
Chapter 513 A Little Dream (1)
Chapter 514 A Little Dream (2)
Chapter 515: Miscellaneous Affairs
Chapter 516: Doing the opposite
Chapter 517 Talking about Ziwei (3)
Chapter 518 Interview with Yang Lan
Chapter 519 Newton’s Three Laws
Chapter 520: Your emperor is back
Chapter 521: Mausoleum Garden
Chapter 522: Mausoleum (2)
Chapter 523: Cao Cao is out of business
Chapter 524: Two battles, three long shots
Chapter 525: Is Junior Brother Awesome?
Chapter 526: When will we win?
Chapter 527: Everything is Lao Mei’s fault
Chapter 528 Control Variable Method
Chapter 530: I can’t tell the difference, I really can’t tell the difference
Chapter 531: Flowers and Candles
Chapter 532 Advanced Fun
Chapter 533: Hexagonal Warrior
Chapter 534 Yuba
Chapter 535: The right time, the right place, and the right people
Chapter 536 Talking about Ziwei (4)
Chapter 537: The Messenger
Chapter 538 We are so strong
Chapter 539 Return to Beijing
Chapter 540 Six Billion Fans
Chapter 541 Weird
Chapter 542: Deception
Chapter 543 Ladder Box Office
Chapter 544: Passionate opening of the mic
Chapter 545: Premiere of 'Twelve Zodiac Signs'
Chapter 546: How much is popcorn worth?
Chapter 547: On and off the field
Chapter 548: Killing the elder brother instantly from behind
Chapter 549: Heaven sends a great responsibility to the people of Sri Lanka
Chapter 550 The First Person
Chapter 551 Who is the real hero?
Chapter 552: Number One in Film History
Chapter 553 Bible
Chapter 554 Puppy (4)
Chapter 555 Puppy (5)
Chapter 556 No Regrets
Chapter 557 Interlude
Chapter 558
Chapter 559 Inspection (1)
Chapter 560 Inspection (2)
Chapter 561 Follow-up reaction
Chapter 562 The Great Director
Chapter 563: Out of reach
Chapter 564: Academy Awards
Chapter 565 'Chill'
Chapter 566 Finalization
Chapter 567: Getting drunk late at night
Chapter 568: The child stops crying
Chapter 569: Sonorous Threesome (1)
Chapter 570: Sonorous Threesome (2)
Chapter 571: Sonorous Threesome (3)
Chapter 572 Farewell
Chapter 573: Coronation (1)
Chapter 574: Coronation (2)
Chapter 575: Coronation (3)
Chapter 576 Godfather’s Steel Seal
Chapter 577 Malta
Chapter 578 Infinity
Chapter 579 As long as he is a man
Chapter 580 Selling Toys
Chapter 581 MOSS
Chapter 582 I want to be protected under Fang Yi’s wings
Chapter 583: stuck bug
Chapter 584: Prepare for a rainy day
Chapter 585 Animal World
Chapter 586 Spokesperson
Chapter 587 Inspection
Chapter 588: Wait for your spirit
Chapter 589 Superstar Whistle
Chapter 590: Point troops and generals, and do great things
Chapter 591 A preview with the correct route
Chapter 592 Poster
Chapter 593 June
Chapter 594: Because the quality is high, the quality is low
Chapter 595 Golden Rooster
Chapter 596: Can’t fit in a cart
Chapter 597 The last 100 meters of Mount Everest
Chapter 598 The End of All Movies
Chapter 599 Talking about Ziwei (5)
Chapter 600 I come from the future (1)
Chapter 601 I come from the future (2)
Chapter 602 I come from the future (3)
Chapter 603 I come from the future (End)
Chapter 604 2 billion
Chapter 605 He changed Chinese cinema
Final words