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Working Prophet

Working Prophet

author:Xiao Dai Zhao

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:10-05 02:56

Latest chapter:Chapter 880 Parting ways

I'm not a god, I'm just a migrant worker who gets off work on time. I will help you as much as possible during working hours. As for after I get off work... it's up to you. A little love story about gods and gods in the workplace. Probably Right~haha

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《Working Prophet》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 880 Parting ways
Chapter 879 Alliance of Three Kings
Chapter 878 A holy weapon that makes even the gods tremble
Chapter 877 The Three Sacred Artifacts of the Church of Thorns
Chapter 876 Happy things
Chapter 875 Don’t offend your translator
Chapter 874 Robertson’s request
Chapter 873 Nightmare and Rebirth
Chapter 872 Mouth of Truth
《Working Prophet》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 A Weird Written Exam
Chapter 2 The night bus traveling through the steel forest
Chapter 3 Scattered Rice
Chapter 4 Interview
Chapter 5 Gods and String Theory
Chapter 6 First, a can of Coke Zero
Chapter 7 Foreigners (Thanks to the leader of Qianchiyuan Children’s Boots)
Chapter 8 What is your job?
Chapter 9 Suits can't be messed up
Chapter 10 Family Elections
Chapter Eleven No Miracles
Chapter 12 The Cleanest Boots
Chapter Thirteen: The Spirit of Faithfulness of the Imperial People
Chapter 14 Lucky Talisman
Chapter 15 An Election Without Suspense
Chapter 16 The Second Way
Chapter 17 The Ancient Spirits of House Arias
Chapter 1 Awakening
Chapter 2 Reborn
Chapter 3 Basic Theoretical Principles of Interplanetary Travel
Chapter 4 Return to Bratis
Chapter 5 Listening is a Virtue
Chapter 6 The Name of God
Chapter 7 A little bit faster than slow
Chapter 8 The Black Beauty
Chapter 9 The Wrong Nickname
Chapter 10 Internet Addiction Treatment in Another World
Chapter 11 Where is Mom (Thanks to the leader of the Stars who are still wearing armored children’s boots)
Chapter 12 Are you God?
Chapter Thirteen I am (Thanks to the leader of Happy Dé Promise Children’s Boots)
Chapter Fourteen Everyone is happy
Chapter 15 Good News and Bad News
Chapter 16: Come on!
Chapter 17 The Clockwork Tin Frog
Chapter 18 Nothing Can Be Done
Chapter 19 Green Field's First Flight
Chapter 20 Three-Eyed Bird
Chapter 21 Going Home
Chapter 22 Pseudo-inverse
Chapter 1 The hard-won victory
Chapter 2 Return
Chapter 3 Past Events in the Western Region
Chapter 4 Ileia's New Job
Chapter 5 The Power of Symbols
Chapter 6 Don't be illiterate
Chapter 7 Nosy
Chapter 8 Fireworks
Chapter 9 A glimpse of life
Chapter 10 Opening Objectives
Chapter 11 Special Meaning
Chapter 12 Severe Addiction
Chapter Thirteen Black Gold
Chapter 14 There are too many good things
Chapter 15 Princess Cut
Chapter 16 Allies
Chapter 17 The Cornerstone of Civilization
Chapter 18 Unexpected Requests
Chapter Nineteen: Gegu Great Swamp
Chapter 20 Drawing Lessons
Chapter Twenty-One
Chapter 22 The Mysterious Assassin
Chapter 23 Interrogation
Chapter 24 Old Rules
Chapter 25 Is there anything smaller?
Chapter 26: The Source of Chaos
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Chapter 29: The Initiation Ceremony Under the Cedar Tree
Chapter 31 Beacon Fire
Chapter 32: Awesome Speech
Chapter 33 Farewell
Chapter 34: Trapped in a dangerous city
Chapter 35 The female lord who went astray
Chapter 36: Open the door, I am Merlin! [Thanks to Nue's leader]
Chapter 37 Is this okay?
Chapter 38 The first drop of blood
Chapter 39 Sosokus
Chapter 40 It’s not necessary
Chapter 41: Do as the Romans do and adapt to circumstances
Chapter 42 Swamp Monster
Chapter 43 Everyone has his own opinion
Chapter 44 Saturday is the God of Enlightenment
Chapter 45 Conditions
Chapter 1 Reunion of old friends
Chapter 2 BBQ Stall and Chat
Chapter 3 The spy hidden in the castle
Chapter 4 Let me see your arms
Chapter 5 Guesses and Inferences
Chapter 6 Trap
Chapter 7 Li Yu’s goal
Chapter 8 The New Home of the Lizard People
Chapter 9 Red Brick
Chapter 10 Masterpiece
Chapter 11 Agricultural Revolution
Chapter 12 Banquet Invitation
Chapter 13 Goods worth hundreds of gold
Chapter 14 Gifts and Visitors
Chapter 15 Want to compete?
Chapter 16 Merlin and his couple
Chapter 17 From Green Field to Pingding Mountain
Chapter 18 Roast Swan and Sparrow Pie
Chapter 19 Crack, Crack, Catch
Chapter 20 Kuliwala
Chapter 21 Not good, poisonous!
Chapter 22 The runaway eldest lady
Chapter 23 A rare opportunity
Chapter 24 Confrontation on the Stone Steps
Chapter 25 The Weiting Family
Chapter 26 Why not
Chapter 27 Wait a minute
Chapter 28 Shipwright
Chapter 29: Alert
Chapter 30 What is piety?
Chapter 31 General Practitioner’s Diagnosis, Treatment and Prescription Manual
Chapter 32 Intelligence, stupidity and kindness
Chapter 33 Loopholes
Chapter 34 Unity is strength
Chapter 35 The Little Maid’s First Lesson
Chapter 36 Ocean Fire and Sea King Halberd
Chapter 37 The mission to die
Chapter 38 New Candidates
Chapter 39: Sacred Artifact
Chapter 40 Praise to Our Lord
Chapter 41 New Visitors to Green Field
Chapter 42 Stop it, little hamster
Chapter 43 The Priestess Visits
Chapter 44 No one can separate me from Saturday
Chapter 45 Dust in the Beam
Chapter 46 Multimedia Teaching
Chapter 47: 70% chance of winning
Chapter 48 Determined to Win
Chapter 49: Possessed by Filth
Chapter 50 The most vicious curse
Chapter 51 Colchicum
Chapter 52 Microscope and Injection Pen
Chapter 53 Sinful Food
Chapter 54 Everyone has their own unique moves
Chapter 55: Why are you standing there, fork it out?
Chapter 56: It took a lot of effort and was beaten severely
Chapter 57: Divine Magic Showdown
Chapter 58 An unprecedented miracle
Chapter 59: Revealing Magic
Chapter 60 You are not Martin!
Chapter 61 The Priestess’s Plea
Chapter 62 Rumors and Harvests
Chapter 63 Dragon’s Blood is on sale!
Chapter 64 Happy cooperation
Chapter 65 Promotion
Chapter 66 Gaming Sunglasses and Environmentally Friendly Frog
Chapter 67: Why does Merlin’s little frog still know the way?
Chapter 68 Also, don’t forget to rest
Chapter 1 Dispute
Chapter 2: Very good, this is the answer I want
Chapter 3 Killer
Chapter 4 The Feast of Killing
Chapter 5 Useless trump card
Chapter 6 Respect
Chapter 7 The First Civilization Cup
Chapter 8 This lord is not bad
Chapter 9: Was this data filled in with your feet?
Chapter 10 I want to stay
Chapter 11 Then kill him
Chapter 12 Storm
Chapter Thirteen The Death of Ruth
Chapter 14 Prove yourself (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone)
Chapter 15 Biological Analysis of Dragons
Chapter 16 The Sea King Halberd Appears
Chapter 17 Holy Sword East City!
Chapter 18 Best Friend Mode
Chapter 19 An unexpected gain
Chapter 20 New Trash
Chapter 21 Another twists and turns
Chapter 22 Dispute
Chapter 23 Hope and Disappointment
Chapter 24 Isolated and helpless
Chapter 25 Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 26 Going to the West (Thanks to the leader of Love Warrior Wilde Children’s Boots)
Chapter 27 Something bad happened to Adele
Chapter 28 I don’t need a vacation!
Chapter 29 She's New
Chapter 30 Air Raid Shelter Plan
Chapter 31 Unexpected Development
Chapter 32 Where is my dragon?
Chapter 33 This is not hunting, but beheading
Chapter 34 The New Commander
Chapter 35 Dragon Slaying Plan
Chapter 36 Night Attack
Chapter thirty-seven fire teacup castle
Chapter 38 Trapped Beast
Chapter 39 Head-to-head confrontation!
Chapter 40 High Voltage Electric Dragon Slaying
Chapter 41 Roaring Steel Behemoth
Chapter 42 Come with me!
Chapter 43: Great Harvest
Chapter 44 Famous
Chapter 45 Takeoff
Chapter 46 The Anatomy of the Dragon
Chapter 47 Life Goals
Chapter 48 Special Prisoners
Chapter 49 Forget it, punish it
Chapter 50 Second Son Alliance
Chapter 51 Gabriel
Chapter 52 Welcome to Rock Snow City
Chapter 53: Ileia's accusation
Chapter 54: Beware of theocracy
Chapter 55 Companion
Chapter 56: Love and Mead
Chapter 57: The Alert Lady Rabbit
Chapter fifty-eight wonderful prospects
Chapter 59 The Knight's Revenge
Chapter 60 Who is talking about drama with you
Chapter 61 Wait, it's poisonous!
Chapter 62 Oriole
Chapter 63 This is the divine power that was given to me on Saturday
Chapter 64 Wait a minute
Chapter 65 Remember how you feel at the moment
Chapter 66: Victory Without Pleasure
Chapter 67 The Outsiders of Yanxuecheng
Chapter 68 Meeting
Chapter 69 You will forget about it
Chapter 70 Prospects are bright
Chapter 71 Cooperation
Chapter 72 Key Testimony
Chapter 73 The Death of the Demon Dragon
Chapter 74 The Birth of a Bad Drama
Chapter 75 The show
Chapter 76 Don't cry and continue acting for me!
Chapter 77 Good show again and again
Chapter 78 Different performances
Chapter 79 Out of Control
Chapter 80: Hels's justification
Chapter 81
Chapter 82 Yes
Chapter 83 Why haven't you started yet?
Chapter 84 Dragon Slayer Knight
Chapter 85 Recordings That Don't Exist
Chapter 86 Don't be angry
Chapter 87: Waste of Time
Chapter 88 New Goals
Chapter 89 Old Friends
Chapter 90 Black Dog Guard
Chapter 1 The New Godhead
Chapter 2 It's okay to be reimbursed
Chapter 3 Anxious Silvermoon Church
Chapter 4 The seeds of hatred
Chapter 5 The Righteous Judgment
Chapter 6 The Lost Lambs
Chapter 7 You let me go
Chapter 8 You Don't Know the Power of Saturday
Chapter 9 Where have everyone gone?
Chapter 10 Breakthrough
Chapter Eleven Miracles
Chapter Twelve Captain's Debut
Chapter Thirteen Nowhere to Run
Chapter Fourteen The Goddess Will Bless You
Chapter 15 Who is Gilles
Chapter 16 What It's Like to Be a Villain
Chapter 17 Deification
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Nineteen
Chapter 20 Unlock the new version
Chapter 21 Public Opinion War
Chapter 22 Qian preaching?
Chapter 23 I'm sorry, I'm afraid it's too late
Chapter 24 Question Session
Chapter 25 The Guards
Chapter 26 I Can Sing
Chapter 27 Time will prove everything
Chapter 28 Miss Weasel's Talent Show
Chapter 29 Who is lying
Chapter Thirty You Shut Up
Chapter 31: Casting and Singing
Chapter 32: The Western Region is about to change?
Chapter 33 Li Yu's New Mount
Chapter 34 A farce
Chapter 35 Victoria
Chapter 36: The Secretary
Chapter Thirty-Seven Please Help Me
Chapter 38: Golden Eyes
Chapter 39 Father and Daughter
Chapter 40 My Salted Fish Is Missing
Chapter 41: Treason
Chapter 42: I Heard Her Voice
Chapter 43: It's Dad Beating His Son
Chapter 44: Deep behind enemy lines
Chapter 45: Greenfield Open Wheat Missionary Activities
Chapter Forty-six Start!
Chapter Forty-Seven
Chapter 48 Passionate Speech
Chapter 49 Primary Productivity
Chapter 50: I Didn't Expect You To Be Such A Person!
Chapter 51 Arguing
Chapter 52 Carp and Tofu
Chapter 53 Busy Li Yu
Chapter 54 Independent Office
Chapter 55 Hire an administrator
Chapter 56 Boss, here I come
Chapter 57: Five Departments
Chapter 58: National Upgrade
Chapter 59 Detailed Settings
Chapter 60 Sickness
Chapter 61 The Grumpy Tavern
Chapter 62 Turmoil
Chapter 63: The Divided Church
Chapter 64: Each has his own thoughts
Chapter 65: It Must Be the Effect of the Divine Pattern
Chapter 66: I don't like someone pointing fingers
Chapter 67: Real Farming
Chapter 68 Are you hiding something from me?
Chapter 69 Don't reason blindly
Chapter 70: God of War on the Roof
Chapter 71 Don't Cry
Chapter 72 Version 1.0 Launched
Chapter 73 Doing tasks can upgrade
Chapter 74 Open source
Chapter 75 Split
Chapter 76 Because you are afraid of death
Chapter 77 The Custodian
Chapter 78: Master Liar
Chapter 79: Divine Pattern Embroidery
Chapter 80: The Legacy of High Priest Reeves
Chapter 324 Little Maid's Great Crisis
Chapter 325 God's Sign
Chapter 326 The Miraculous Spontaneous Combustion
Chapter 327: A Big Deal Has Been Revealed
Chapter 328 Terrible Curse
Chapter 329 The Holy Artifact Helps
Chapter 330 This Is Why You Take Me With You
Chapter Eighty-Eight: Ilea Has Got Her Skills
Chapter 332 The Iris in the Beehive
Chapter 333 New Army
Chapter 334 Tom and His Miracle
Chapter 335 Don't spill it
Chapter 336 Who is talking
Chapter 94 Hope
Chapter 95: Shuangxiu Sect Doesn’t Have Only One Sacred Artifact
Chapter 96: The Rare and More Strange Golden Eyes
Chapter 97: The Night Before Dawn
Chapter 98 Eyes Opened
Chapter 99: Divine power is the key
Chapter 100 The Will of the Goddess
Chapter 101: The Gold in the Car
Chapter 102 Where did the man come from?
Chapter 103: A Mess of Chaos
Chapter 104 Out of town
Chapter 105 Perfect Rescue
Chapter 106: Tragedy in the World
Chapter 107: Luncheon
Chapter 108: Divine Warrior
Chapter 109: Treatment of Jintong
Chapter 110: Bloody Banquet
Chapter 111 Enemy's Narrow Road
Chapter 112 Iron Thorns
Chapter 356 New Business
Chapter 357 Wrong Choice
Chapter 358 Three sons contend for supremacy
Chapter 359 Theodosius’ Gift
Chapter 360 Who can teach business seriously?
Chapter 361 Lucky Man
Chapter 362 Seed obtained
Chapter 363 Salon and Comics
Chapter 364 This donation is too much, right?
Chapter 365 Rat Disaster
Chapter 366 Rat Woman
Chapter 367 The Evil Castle
Chapter 368 Annihilate all invading enemies
Chapter 369 Powerful Curse
Chapter 370 Awakening Potion (Happy New Year)
Chapter 371 Come and work for me
Chapter 372 New Version
Chapter 373 Reincarnation Bell
Chapter 374 How do you feel after reading this?
Chapter 375 Backup Candidate
Chapter 376 Another question
Chapter 377 Servant
Chapter 378 What is Hell Difficulty?
Chapter 379 The Last Face
Chapter 380 He is good at programming
Chapter 381 A little show of skill
Chapter 382 Evil Man
Chapter 383 Visitors from Foreign Countries
Chapter 384 There are many more like you
Chapter 385 Mainland Common Language Proficiency Test
Chapter 386 Niu Xiangui’s journey to another world
Chapter 387 Revenge
Chapter 388 Return of Herodotus
Chapter 389 The heroic spirit you summoned is a fool
Chapter 390 Drugs are just auxiliary
Chapter 391 Special Female Swordsman
Chapter 392: Becoming a Religion at the Speed ??of Light
Chapter 393 The Darkest Future
Chapter 394 What does he do?
Chapter 395 Kizuna Ai is my wife
Chapter 396 One more thing to trouble you
Chapter 397 Promotion again
Chapter 398 Traveler Series Backpack
Chapter 399 Who did you learn this from?
Chapter 400 I just said it casually
Chapter 401 Ruby’s Investigation
Chapter 402 Truth or Dare
Chapter 403 Statue of the Dragon-Slaying Hero
Chapter 404 This thing is quite similar to Ilea’s style
Chapter 405 Do you regret it again?
Chapter 406 You are testing me
Chapter 407 Ingenious Mechanism
Chapter 408 This is a family discount (Happy New Year~)
Chapter 409 Columbus is late
Chapter 410 Li Yu’s Gift
Chapter 411 Columbus also wants to be an NPC
Chapter 412 Haven’t you been here before?
Chapter 413 Are you lying to a fool?
Chapter 414 Are you the roundworm in my belly?
Chapter 415 The Arias Family’s Dream
Chapter 416 Helping me means helping you
Chapter 417 Two thousand troll netizens
Chapter 418 I Want To Toss Coins For The Group Leader
Chapter 419 Coke Bear
Chapter 420 Flying Coffee
Chapter 421 You are also a talent we urgently need
Chapter 422 Interview
Chapter 423 The first impression is the most important
Chapter 424 Li Yu’s exam questions
Chapter 425 This is my promise
Chapter 426 Tide
Chapter 427 Ilea’s new nickname
Chapter 428 Did you hear what she said?
Chapter 429 New Employees
Chapter 430 You are lying
Chapter 431 It smells so good
Chapter 432 Where is the pit?
Chapter 433 Itchy hands
Chapter 434 Heavenly God Tower
Chapter 435 Physics, it no longer exists
Chapter 436 Toilet Supervisor
Chapter 437 The harvest of the farm depends on you
Chapter 438 A harmonious trial
Chapter 439 Several big things and one small thing
Chapter 440 Niu Xiangui’s Enlightenment
Chapter 441 Black Magotan
Chapter 442 Internet celebrity incubation company
Chapter 443 Reverse Output
Chapter 444 A very old thing
Chapter 445: Teamwork
Chapter 446 Ferdinand’s sense of humor
Chapter 447 Only by living can you serve my lord
Chapter 448 Albus
Chapter 449 Ilea’s proposal
Chapter 450 Follow the light
Chapter 451 The terrible curse
Chapter 452 Opportunity
Chapter 453 Mature and wise lord
Chapter 454 Did you hear that?
Chapter 455 Primitive Ritual
Chapter 456 This is absolutely impossible
Chapter 457 Wilder’s Repayment [Thanks to the Advanced Construction Boots
Chapter 458 Go and ask for the prophet Merlin
Chapter 459 I can give you anything quickly
Chapter 460 Golden Voice Jilan
Chapter 461 The Bard’s Road to Fame
Chapter 462 Backup Plan
Chapter 463 Everyone believes in Saturday
Chapter 464 The perfect lead singer
Chapter 465 I don’t refuse anyone who comes.
Chapter 466 St. Anthony’s Fire
Chapter 467 Merlin is mine
Chapter 468 An army?
Chapter 469 The most pious preacher
Chapter 470 Lord Prophet, here we come!
Chapter 471 Kieran joins the religion
Chapter 89 The dead will not take revenge
Chapter 90 I'm just a bard
Chapter 91 Warning
Chapter 92 Lionheart Castle
Chapter 93 What are you looking at?
Chapter 94: Wing Chun Asking Hands
Chapter 95 It’s time to carry forward the spirit of chivalry
Chapter 96 The female lord who suddenly grew taller
Chapter 97: Against the Assassin’s Noble Phantasm
Chapter 98 Cornflower
Chapter 99 My Hero
Chapter 100 No, I didn’t!
Chapter 101 You’re welcome
Chapter 102 Don’t be impulsive
Chapter 103 The war song sounds again
Chapter 104 Thomas, are you going to break the habit?
Chapter 105 We meet again
Chapter 106 Why is it so difficult to make some money from you?
Chapter 107 What kind of flower do you like best?
Chapter 108 is over
Chapter 109 This can also help
Chapter 110 The Hand of Judgment
Chapter 111: Steps to Advancement
Chapter 112 A Contest
Chapter 113 Game of Thrones
Chapter 114 Invincible
Chapter 115 Duel Request
Chapter 116 Only my mother will love me
Chapter 117 This is simple
Chapter 118 Miss Rabbit feels like she’s good again
Chapter 119 Cornelia
Chapter 120: The hero is sad about the beauty
Chapter 121 How lonely it is to be invincible
Chapter 122 Sir Ilea, where is your horse?
Chapter 123 Quick Victory
Chapter 124 The empire needs some blood
Chapter 125 This is a provocation
Chapter 126 The Third Battle
Chapter 127 This is against the rules!
Chapter 128 Mortals VS Gods
Chapter 129 Another great victory
Chapter 130 Poor students have too much stationery
Chapter 131 You are not a warrior
Chapter 132 A huge disparity in competition
Chapter 133: Missed
Chapter 134 Ferdinand becomes a Christian
Chapter 135 The crow gets what he wants
Chapter 136 Are you sending away the bumpkin?
Chapter 137 A performance
Chapter 138 The Little Ears of Justice
Chapter 139: So tough-mouthed
Chapter 140 I live to believe in Saturday
Chapter 141: Standing alone against a powerful enemy
Chapter 142 Confrontation
Chapter 143 The Battle of God’s Choice
Chapter 144 Is this all you can do?
Chapter 145 The little beating flame
Chapter 146 Victory Belongs to Saturday
Chapter 147 Too slow
Chapter 148 Ilea’s Injury
Chapter 149 Abnormal Martial Arts Competition
Chapter 150 Invitation Letter
Chapter 151 Open your heart
Chapter 152: Your Majesty, you must not
Chapter 153: I even compensated for co-authorship
Chapter 154 The Last Battle
Chapter 155: Natural Enemies of the Wing Clan
Chapter 156 Champion!
Chapter 157 The Final Prize
Chapter 158 Death of Edward II
Chapter 159 A bold idea
Chapter 160 Where is my reward?
Chapter 161 General Zhu
Chapter 162 Aliens
Chapter 163 New World
Chapter 164 Blood Feast
Chapter 165: One Emperor and One Courtier
Chapter 166 Du Lun’s Determination
Chapter 167 Why is it you again?
Chapter 168 I don’t understand love
Chapter 169 Coronation Ceremony
Chapter 170: Rude Person
Chapter 171 I have witnesses
Chapter 172 You are crazy
Chapter 173 Du Lun’s Warning
Chapter 174 The coronation ceremony with twists and turns
Chapter 175 A chaotic luncheon
Chapter 176 Bruce
Chapter 177 Li Yu’s speculation
Chapter 178 What kind of world does Saturday want to build?
Chapter 179: Taught
Chapter 180 Healthy Competition
Chapter 181 Hongyan Island
Chapter 182 Returning like an arrow
Chapter 183 Do you live here?
Chapter 184 Du Lun’s Request
Chapter 185: A fierce man descends from heaven
Chapter 186 The Twin Forms of Tiger and Crane
Chapter 1 Nightmare
Chapter 2 Empty Chang’an Street
Chapter 3 Morning Meeting
Chapter 4 About making videos in another world after my death, entrusting friends to contribute and becoming an internet celebrity
Chapter 5 The Birth of the Lord of the Underworld
Chapter 6 The surprise brought by Lu Weijia
Chapter 7 Glory of the Dead
Chapter 8 Luncheon Invitation
Chapter 9 The Girl with Bean Eyebrows
Chapter 10 The person who communicates with water spirits
Chapter 11 One vs. Five
Chapter 12 Does it hurt?
Chapter 13 Negotiation
Chapter 14 That’s quite vomiting
Chapter 15 Rest only makes people greedy
Chapter 16 Good News
Chapter 17 New Town
Chapter 18 A letter from three days ago
Chapter 19 Split Religions and Iron Mines
Chapter 20 The missing army
Chapter 21 Re-appointed Commander-in-Chief
Chapter 22 Brother and sister captured
Chapter 23 Melting into the night
Chapter 24: Turning against guests
Chapter 25 Special Incentive Method
Chapter 26 The Generous Female Lord
Chapter 27 We have to become more cunning
Chapter 28 Meeting Ceremony
Chapter 29 Desperate Situation
Chapter 30 A tough choice
Chapter 31 Exposed insider
Chapter 32 Is this also a miracle?
Chapter 33 Gravel Valley
Chapter 34 Bad News
Chapter 35: Famous Generals of the Empire
Chapter 36 A brilliant victory
Chapter 37 Why can I understand you?
Chapter 38 You will help us
Chapter 39 Happiness comes from comparison
Chapter 40 Air Dominance
Chapter 41 Meeting old friends
Chapter 42 Just one punch
Chapter 43 Revenge
Chapter 44 No choice
Chapter 45 The Price of Traitor
Chapter 46 The Gathering of the Rats
Chapter 47 War burns money
Chapter 48 Everything is ready
Chapter 49 Bolide
Chapter 50 Dwarves vs. White Walkers (Part 1)
Chapter 51 Dwarves vs. White Walkers (Part 2)
Chapter 52 Dwarves vs. White Walkers (Part 2)
Chapter 53 Let me go
Chapter 54 Triumph
Chapter 55 They are all yours
Chapter 56 How heavy is the reward?
Chapter 57 I earned the money myself!
Chapter 58 Funeral on the River
Chapter 59 The injured lynx
Chapter 1 Natural Disaster Comes
Chapter 2 Seizing the City
Chapter 3 No one can do civil engineering
Chapter 4 Instant noodles, intestines and pickled mustard
Chapter 5 Survival Instinct
Chapter 6 Skyfire burns the city
Chapter 7 Red Leaf Villa
Chapter 8 Secret Exploration of Hongye Villa
Chapter 9 The Giant Tree in the Courtyard
Chapter 10 Eye-opening magic
Chapter 11 Motorcycle and Murder
Chapter 12 Shi Yitong’s conjecture
Chapter 13 Basic Assumptions of Economics
Chapter 14 The Dinner Party of the Gods
Chapter 15 Board of Directors
Chapter 16 Drinking horses by the pond
Chapter 17 Directors of the Third Age
Chapter 18 Until the building collapses
Chapter 19 Have you read 'The Three-Body Problem'?
Chapter 20 The final grand prize is
Chapter 21 Hitchhiking
Chapter 22 Hulls’ decision
Chapter 23 Miss Rabbit’s Notes
Chapter 24 What Yingde?
Chapter 25 Safety in Production
Chapter 26 Bessemer Steelmaking Method
Chapter 27 Greenfield First Steel Plant
Chapter 28 Night Talk and Miss Rabbit’s Determination
Chapter 29 Simple People
Chapter 30 People living today
Chapter 31 Late Night Visitor
Chapter 32 Is there any more?
Chapter 33 New members of the movie watching party
Chapter 34 Double Happiness
Chapter 35 Succeed
Chapter 36 Herodotus’s Farewell Words
Chapter 37 A murder caused by a chicken bone
Chapter 38 Take another sniff
Chapter 39 The oldest way
Chapter 40 Martial Arts Challenge
Chapter 41 So what’s the price?
Chapter 42 Are we going to compete again?
Chapter 43 Payday
Chapter 44 New Godhead
Chapter 45: This cat has average IQ
Chapter 46 It’s very clean here
Chapter 47 The Fall of Lionheart Castle
Chapter 1 The Humble Intelligence Chief
Chapter 2 His Majesty the Brave Emperor
Chapter 3 The most beautiful woman in mainland China
Chapter 4 Maple Grove and Cornflowers
Chapter 5 The Twilight of the Empire
Chapter Six: Ge Wen’s Decision
Chapter 7 The lurking monster
Chapter 8 The Frog Team makes great contributions
Chapter 9 Assyria is in trouble
Chapter 10 The Harper's Carnival
Chapter 11 Another Dinner Party
Chapter 12 You are such a genius
Chapter Thirteen Impeccable Action
Chapter 14 The expected ambush
Chapter 15 Say goodbye
Chapter 16 Employees’ wishes
Chapter 17 Trump Card
Chapter 18 Political Rising Star
Chapter 19 The Taming of Hounds
Chapter 20 The truth of the world
Chapter 21 The Battle of Scaled City
Chapter 22 Herodotus’ Scientific Enlightenment
Chapter 23 A brilliant victory
Chapter 24 The New Year is approaching
Chapter 25 Prohibition of Child Labor
Chapter 26 The belated trial
Chapter 27: Ascension in the Day
Chapter 28 Death of Herodotus
Chapter 29 Answer
Chapter 30 Quintus’ Request
Chapter 31 Promotion to p6
Chapter 32 New Equipment
Chapter 33: Unpredictable Life Simulator
Chapter 34 Feeling the power emerging
Chapter 35: Great Purge
Chapter 36 The life of an intelligence agent in the royal capital
Chapter 37 Are you a believer in the Shuangqiu religion?
Chapter 38 Kieran’s Temptation
Chapter 39 New Visitors from Bratis
Chapter 40 Internet Cafe on the Other Side
Chapter 41 You are going in the wrong direction
Chapter 42 You are quite popular
Chapter 43 The Black Panther in the Toilet
Chapter 44 We should not be enemies
Chapter 45 Children are bound to be rebellious
Chapter 46: Wait, there are six more
Chapter 47 Who killed Sharjah?
Chapter 48 Visitors from Scaled City
Chapter 49 Have you ever killed anyone?
Chapter 50 Wendy’s decision
Chapter 51: Unite all forces that can be united
Chapter 52 Let’s go home
Chapter 53 The first meeting of the movie viewing party
Chapter 54 What does this mean?
Chapter 55 Destined Destiny
Chapter 56 A Nightmare Journey
Chapter 57 I’m glad we reached a consensus
Chapter 58 What are they waiting for?
Chapter 59 White Dragon Recipe
Chapter 60 Lanita’s decision
Chapter 61 Night Attack
Chapter 62 Meeting
Chapter 63 The first loud sound in the green field
Chapter 64 Miss Rabbit has another big move
Chapter 65 Assassin
Chapter 66: Raid on Blackstone City
Chapter 67 Tempting Food
Chapter 68: Do you like to show your kindness in person like this?
Chapter 69 Not now
Chapter 70 This welcome is too grand
Chapter 71 It’s time to make a choice
Chapter 72 Are you that kind of person too?
Chapter 73 The Unwelcome Guest
Chapter 74 You can only stop here
Chapter 75 Rally
Chapter 76: What's there to hesitate about?
Chapter 77 Which family do you come from?
Chapter 78 Merlin’s Promise
Chapter 79 Western Alliance
Chapter 80 Traitors and Enemies
Chapter 81 Lanita is going crazy
Chapter 82 Demon
Chapter 83: Help me keep an eye on the spring plowing
Chapter 84 The Battle of the Dragons
Chapter 85 Merlin’s Deal
Chapter 86: Seven-Day Appointment
Chapter 87 The Forgotten Tradition
Chapter 88 Lanita’s little moves
Chapter 89: Emergency treatment
Chapter 90: Victorious song played loudly
Chapter 91 Sudden illness
Chapter 92 Dawn
Chapter 93 Fall
Chapter 94 The Curse of the Earth
Chapter 95 It turns out to be you
Chapter 96 We still have Merlin
Chapter 97 Prosperity and Frustration
Chapter 98 The eve of the decisive battle
Chapter 99: Don’t crowd, don’t crowd
Chapter 100 There is still new life
Chapter 776 The Iron Legion makes its grand appearance
Chapter 777 Shooting Birds with Random Guns
Chapter 778 Collapse of Faith
Chapter 779 What the hell is today?
Chapter 780 Thank you for the gift of nature
Chapter 781 What are you running from?
Chapter 782 So cool
Chapter 783 Pixiu
Chapter 784 Immeasurable merit
Chapter 785 What is politics?
Chapter 786 Another War
Chapter 787 I am a veterinarian
Chapter 788 The ace bulldozer driver applies to fight
Chapter 789 Pre-war meeting
Chapter 790 The new master of the Western Territory
Chapter 791 Yiwang’s request
Chapter 792 Preaching to Thousands of People
Chapter 793 Flying Dragon and Cannon
Chapter 794 The calm Clovis
Chapter 795 Conquer Yanxue City
Chapter 796 Burning Library
Chapter 797 The past is like the wind
Chapter 798 Lord Clovis is so fierce
Chapter 799 Choice
Chapter 800 A wonderful fate
Chapter 801 Leave now
Chapter 802 The female lord’s new attendant
Chapter 803 Price
Chapter 804 Recovering the Western Territory
Chapter 805 The frightened bird
Chapter 806 Another Miracle
Chapter 805 The frightened bird
Chapter 806 Another Miracle
Chapter 807 Vacation
Chapter 808 Lagoon Villa
Chapter 809 Holiday life begins
Chapter 810 Rules
Chapter 811 Hidden Project
Chapter 812 Hunting Time
Chapter 813 Natural Enemy
Chapter 814 The Only True God
Chapter 815 The vacation is over
Chapter 816 A deal
Chapter 817 The Emperor’s Messenger
Chapter 818 Reunion
Chapter 819 Ilkander’s request
Chapter 820 Goodbye, Relatives
Chapter 821 The Female Lord’s Promise
Chapter 822 Refugees
Chapter 823 Adele’s missionary journey
Chapter 824 Return to the Corner of Plenty
Chapter 825 Preaching Outside the City
Chapter 826 Imperial Valkyrie
Chapter 827 Anticipate the enemy first
Chapter 828 No, you go
Chapter 829 Lost and Found
Chapter 830 Lark
Chapter 831 A bold plan
Chapter 832 Eight-treasure porridge, self-heating hot pot and Dali Garden
Chapter 833 Chapo’s plan
Chapter 834 Vicious Trick
Chapter 835 The rampaging Ilea
Chapter 836 Returning to Homeland
Chapter 837 Official Cheat Device
Chapter 838 Rules
Chapter 839 A selfish person
Chapter 840 Milankovitch Cycle
Chapter 841 Three-Body Problem
Chapter 842 Empty health bar
Chapter 843 Bad ending
Chapter 844 Smile
Chapter 845 Ticket
Chapter 846 The Lie of the Century
Chapter 847 Truth Medicine
Chapter 848 The War of Three Kings
Chapter 849 The Situation on the Mainland
Chapter 850 Divine Right of Kings
Chapter 851 The Sword in the Stone, but the Thor version
Chapter 852 Scepter and Crown
Chapter 853 Destiny
Chapter 854 This is not magic, this is physics
Chapter 855 New Advisor
Chapter 856 The troops are divided into two groups
Chapter 857 Today is a holiday
Chapter 858 Shackles
Chapter 859 The war resumes
Chapter 860 Surprise
Chapter 861 I have been waiting for this moment
Chapter 862 Invincible
Chapter 863 Only divine magic can deal with divine magic
Chapter 864 Reunion after a long absence
Chapter 865 A guess
Chapter 866 Garbage Dump
Chapter 867 A true warrior is never afraid of sacrifice
Chapter 868 Arrested
Chapter 869 I’m just being polite
Chapter 870 Tamara’s Decision
Chapter 871 Biochemical Weapons
Chapter 872 Mouth of Truth
Chapter 873 Nightmare and Rebirth
Chapter 874 Robertson’s request
Chapter 875 Don’t offend your translator
Chapter 876 Happy things
Chapter 877 The Three Sacred Artifacts of the Church of Thorns
Chapter 878 A holy weapon that makes even the gods tremble
Chapter 879 Alliance of Three Kings
Chapter 880 Parting ways