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Great Country Academician

Great Country Academician

author:Little one-tailed nine-tailed cat

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-18 01:29

Latest chapter:Chapter 736 NASA’s Visit

An aviation disaster brought a genius in physics and materials back to 20 years ago. Starting from mathematics, ending with physics, with materials as the backbone and energy as the blood, a great country set sail here .......Academicians are reborn, the beginning of science and technology, the stars are always there, and the human race is eternal.

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《Great Country Academician》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 736 NASA’s Visit
Chapter 735: Co-Signature
Chapter 734 Asia-Pacific Science and Technology Innovation Investment Summit
Chapter 733 The Dissipated Space Hegemony
Chapter 732: A world-class mathematical problem that was killed casually
Chapter 731: The craze for studying the ‘Riemann Hypothesis’
Chapter 730: This is too fast~
Chapter 729: Mathematical model worth 20 million
Chapter 728 Just let him try it
《Great Country Academician》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Returning to China
Chapter 2 The soul returns to its hometown
Chapter 3 IMO and IPHO
Chapter 4 Planning for the Future
Chapter 5: Flaws of Rebirth
Chapter 6 Come on, lets do a question first
Chapter 7 Training
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 The preliminaries are updated ahead of time, and the chapter at noon tomorrow is busy
Chapter 10 Second Test
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13 Amazing problem-solving method
Chapter 14 Thesis
Chapter 15 The Golden Autumn Camp and the Physics National Competition
Chapter 16 Big P's Solicitation
Chapter 17 The Wheel of Fate
Chapter 18 The National Judgment Begins
Chapter 19 National Competition Episode
Chapter 20 There is no luck in the examination room, only strength!
Chapter 21 Physical Competition Experiment
Chapter 22 The Dangers of Competition
Chapter 23 The National Judgment Comes to an End
Chapter 24 Awards Ceremony
Chapter 25 Practice Sprinting
Chapter 26
Chapter 27 Thesis review
Chapter 28 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's Alma Mater
Chapter 29: The National Judgment Begins
Chapter 30 The difficult second half is ahead of schedule this afternoon
Chapter 31 The Story of the Competition and the College Entrance Exam
Chapter 32 Maybe you will never know why the exam is so difficult
Chapter 33 CMO's Only Perfect Score
Chapter 34 Information Security Monthly Pass Follow-up
Chapter 35 Shadows in the Light
Chapter 36 Going Home for the New Year
Chapter 37 Publication of Papers
Chapter 38: Data Contest One Month in Advance
Chapter 39 Super-intensive national training
Chapter 40 National Collection Test and Extra Points
Chapter 41
Chapter 42 Strange Questions and Strange Answers
Chapter 43 Invitation
Chapter 44 Wrong Modeling Method
Chapter 45 Heading to Bright Moon City
Chapter 46 Two Encrypted Messages
Chapter 47 Provocation and Humiliation
Chapter 48 Don't forget the motherland
Chapter 49: Start deciphering work
Chapter 50 Sorting out data collection threads
Chapter 51 Discovering the Law
Chapter 52 Complete Deciphering Month Follow-up
Chapter 53 The Conceited First District
Chapter 54 Modeling and Prompting
Chapter 55 Falcon!
Chapter 56 Collect the net!
Chapter 57
Chapter 58
Chapter 59 The first district suffered heavy losses
Chapter 60 College Entrance Examination
Chapter 61 New Journey Month follow-up!
Chapter 62 Provincial Champion
Chapter 63 750+20+20
Chapter 64 The principal of a famous school recruits students personally
Chapter 65 Shocked! The No. 1 Scholar Abandoned Mizuki P University
Chapter 66 The End of High School Career and Arranging for the Future
Chapter 67 New Journey
Chapter 68 Double Cultivation of Objects and Numbers
Chapter 69 Zhou Hai's Appreciation
Chapter 70 Questions that stump the mathematics professor
Chapter 71 The Weyl-Berry Conjecture
Chapter 72 Can you hear the shape of a drum?
Chapter 73 Proving Weakening of the Weyl_Berry Conjecture
Chapter 74 Did I Attend a Fake University and Graduate School?
Chapter 75 Paper Submission
Chapter 76 The Praise of Professor Gowers
Chapter 77 A tragic graduate student seeks a monthly pass
Chapter 78 The Seventeen-Year-Old Genius
Chapter 79 A Fleeting Inspiration
Chapter 80
Chapter 81 Lost and Found Inspiration
Chapter 82 Stuck in the train of thought
Chapter 83
Chapter 84 The Greatest Liberal Arts Student in History
Chapter 85 Rewards from Nantah University
Chapter 86
Chapter 87 Invitation from Princeton
Chapter 88
Chapter 89 Mathematical Modeling
Chapter 90 The Mentor's Request
Chapter 91 The key point of the problem
Chapter 92 Are you afraid you have a quantum brain? Follow up
Chapter 93 A Market Worth Billions
Chapter 94 Modeling
Chapter 95 Part-time Senior Sister
Chapter 96 Ask Senior Sister for Help
Chapter 97 Modeling Work Begins
Chapter 98 Modeling completed
Chapter 99 Well done!
Chapter 100 How to solve the collapse curl caused by van der Waals force
Chapter 101: What does a junior like?
Chapter 102: Speech at Star City No. 1 Middle School
Chapter 103 Heading to Princeton
Chapter 104 The Hidden NPC among Mathematicians
Chapter 106: Tao Zhexuans invitation
Chapter 106 Xu Chuan, what do you think?
Chapter 107 The final step to prove the Weyl-Berry conjecture
Chapter 108 Report on stage
Chapter 109: That touch of inspiration white dove
Chapter 110: Witness the Miracle
Chapter 111 When I turned eighteen
Chapter 112 Professor Delignes invitation and Princeton making an exception
Single chapter
Chapter 113 A scientific research project that really burns money
Chapter 114 Thesis passed review
Chapter 115: Returning to China
Chapter 116 The Mystery of Proton Radius
Chapter 117: Seniors treat
Chapter 118: Morning Star Mathematics Award
Chapter 119 Betelgeuses scientific research project
Chapter 120: Scientific research project started
Chapter 121: Calculating Betelgeuse
Chapter 122: The mysterious Betelgeuse, two groups with huge differences in diameter
Chapter 123: The situation inside the Betelgeuse tetrahydrogen envelope
Chapter 124 The influence of companion stars on Betelgeuse (Part 1)
Chapter 125 The Probability of the Existence of Companion Stars
Chapter 126 Anomaly discovered!
Chapter 127 Something more valuable
Chapter 128: Comparing with the Pope
Chapter 129 The end of scientific research
Chapter 130: A lively discussion in the astronomy community
Chapter 131 The influence of companion stars on Betelgeuse (Part 2)
Chapter 132 Press Conference
Chapter 133: Astrophysics Journal where reviewers cannot be found
Chapter 134: Being urged to graduate by the school
Chapter 135: Graduation
Chapter 136: Harvest and Divide the Spoils
Chapter 137: Getting married after graduating from college?
Chapter 138 A new journey!
Chapter 139 World Congress of Chinese Mathematicians
Chapter 140 Morning Star Mathematics Prize Presentation
Chapter 141 New Inspiration
Chapter 142 The strongest genius in the history of mathematics
Chapter 143: Opportunities at CELE
Chapter 144: Admission to Princeton
Chapter 145: Dual Mentors Deligne and Witten
Chapter 146: You and I are not as good as him
Single chapter
Chapter 147 Wittens Request
Chapter 148: Delignes learning talent that shocked him
Chapter 149 Solving the mystery of proton radius
Chapter 150 'Nature' magazine is derelict in its duties
Chapter 151: Admiration from the Nobel Laureate
Chapter 152 Heading to LHC
Chapter 153 The Tool to Open Hell
Chapter 154 Brand new proton radius data
Chapter 155 The culprit responsible for the mystery of the proton radius
Chapter 156 CERN Press Conference
Chapter 157 Solving the mystery of proton radius
Chapter 158: Exclusive interview with The Times
Chapter 159 Failure is the mother of success
Chapter 160 Starting from Mathematics
Chapter 161 David Grosss Guidance
Chapter 162 Improving calculation methods
Chapter 163: Plagiarized?
Chapter 164: Expanding Chinas influence at CERN
Chapter 165 The perfect integration of mathematics and physics
Chapter 166 I have never seen such a shameless person
Chapter 167 The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked
Chapter 168: Throw the evidence in your face
Chapter 169: The old king abdicates and the new king is crowned
Chapter 170 Restarting the Collision Experiment
Chapter 171 Hua Guos Application
Chapter 172 Argument and Exchange
Chapter 173 A call from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Chapter 173 Winning the Crafford Prize in Mathematics and the Astronomy Prize at the same time
Chapter 175 Happy New Year~
Chapter 176 The Crafford Award Ceremony
Chapter 177 Award Ceremony in Stockholm
Chapter 178 The only woman to win the Fields Medal
Chapter 179 The letter left by Professor Mirzakhani
Chapter 180 Use world-class math problems to test your learning
Chapter 181: Moving towards the Hodge Conjecture
Chapter 182 Another world-class problem
Chapter 183 Pretending to be beta in front of two mentors
Chapter 184 Tools before climbing Mount Everest
Chapter 185 Proving Hodges conjecture!
Chapter 186: Undercurrents in the Mathematics World
Chapter 187 To conquer the mathematicians around the world
Chapter 188 The whole world is coming for you
Chapter 189 Conquering Mathematicians Around the World
Chapter 190 Qiu Chengtongs invitation
Chapter 191 Xu-Hodge Theorem
Chapter 192: Dual Position Invitation from Princeton
Chapter 193 Surprising News
Chapter 194: Become a professor from today
Chapter 195 The Unexpected Student
Chapter 196 Returning to China
Chapter 197: Brother Cheatings Sister
Chapter 198 A problem that needs to be solved for a lifetime
Chapter 199 How can this be so easy?
Chapter 200 Smooth Manifold - Communication with Fefferman
Chapter 201 NS Equation
Chapter 202 Two different roads
Chapter 203: Solving the Equispectral Non-Isometric Isomorphism Conjecture
Chapter 204 Phased Results of NS Equation
Chapter 205 Plasma Turbulence
Chapter 206 Invitation from PPPL Laboratory
Chapter 207 The tears of the astronomical world flowed to the mathematical world
Chapter 208 The upcoming International Mathematics Congress
Single chapter
Chapter 209 Greater than the Nobel Prize
Chapter 210 Opening of the Conference
Chapter 211 The youngest Philippine Award winner in history
Chapter 212 History repeats itself
Chapter 213 Senior Sisters Thoughts
Chapter 214 Negotiations before returning to China
Chapter 215 People are leaving~
Chapter 216 Xu-Weyl-Berry Theorem and High-Dimensional Space
Chapter 217 Gravitons and Space-time Wormholes
Chapter 218 Final arrangements before returning to China
Chapter 219 Returning to China
Chapter 220 An extremely important conversation
Chapter 221 The most suitable technology
Chapter 222: The merit lies in the present time and the benefit lies in the future
Chapter 223 The right candidate
Chapter 224: Materials Research Institute
Chapter 225 Super dangerous experiment
Chapter 226: Means to Combat Nuclear Radiation
Chapter 227 Sichuan-Hai Materials Research Institute
Chapter 228: Multi-line construction begins
Chapter 229: The Nobel Prize Choice
Chapter 230 Extraordinary October
Chapter 231 The youngest Nobel Prize winner in history
Chapter 232 Nobel Prize in Mathematics
Chapter 233: Start nuclear radiation countermeasures experiment
Chapter 234 The first phased results
Chapter 235 Academician Peng Hongxis exclamation
Chapter 236 Preparation before the Nobel Prize
Chapter 237 The key to solving the problem of lithium dendrites
Chapter 238 The hearts of capitalists are indeed dark
Chapter 239 The Future of Chemistry
Chapter 240 Heading to Stockholm again
Chapter 241 Nobel Prize Ceremony
Chapter 242 The youngest and oldest Nobel Prize winner
Chapter 243 The most mysterious menu in the world
Chapter 244 Nobel Lecture - The Future of Humanity
Chapter 246 Someone with a cool hairstyle~
Chapter 247 Science and Technology Award Conference
Chapter 248 National Natural Science Award
Chapter 249 Infrastructure Maniac
Chapter 250 The second phase of nuclear energy research and development
Chapter 251 Invitation from Clay Mathematics Institute
Chapter 252 Sterile Neutrinos
Chapter 253 Dark Matter
Chapter 254 Radiation Electric Energy Conversion
Chapter 255 This is already very strong!
Chapter 256 A letter
Chapter 257 The most important technology in the letter
Chapter 258 Birthday
Chapter 259 Looking to the future
Chapter 260 Super Stealth Material
Chapter 261 Absorbing Materials
Chapter 262: Investigation by the United States
Chapter 263 The first lesson in China
Chapter 264: Its too early for you
Chapter 265 Achievements that shocked the world!
Chapter 266 The biggest problem encountered by the human scientific community so far
Chapter 267 The discovery that changed the physics building!
Chapter 268 Big plan!
Chapter 269 Because I dont have time
Chapter 270 Qiu Chengtongs admiration
Chapter 271 Communication and Inspiration
Chapter 272: Advancing the NS equation from a physical perspective!
Chapter 273 Breakthrough results!
Chapter 274 The wind blowing from the world of mathematics to the world of physics
Chapter 275: Fanaticism in the Mathematics World
Chapter 276 Problems in Nuclear Energy Projects
Chapter 277 The solution to the problem!
Chapter 278 As expected of Professor Xu!
Chapter 279 Thats really a good thing
Chapter 280: After all, he is my student
Chapter 281: The Impassable Road
Chapter 282 What if there is hope?
Chapter 283 The international patent obtained!
Chapter 284: The fanatical outside world
Chapter 285 The biggest change in the lithium battery industry!
Chapter 286 The best choice
Chapter 287 The great changes in lithium batteries are just a small storm!
Chapter 288 Qin Anguo: 'What if it was you who took action?'
Chapter 289 Only success is allowed, no failure is allowed
Chapter 290: Start testing! Additional updates for the leader, Gao Shan Liu Shui 8/10)
Chapter 291 Living up to expectations
Chapter 293: Battery manufacturers unite to lower prices
Chapter 294 I, Xu Chuan! I am not short of money! I am not interested in money!
Chapter 295: The Dean of the Princeton Chemistry Department Comes to the Door
Chapter 296 Magmillan: You are a madman!
Chapter 297 Modeling Plasma Turbulence
Chapter 298 Morning Star, a specially crafted medal!
Chapter 299: Start the controllable nuclear fusion project in advance
Chapter 300: Implementation of the Controlled Nuclear Fusion Project
Chapter 301 The manuscript paper was stolen???
Chapter 302 Let the bullets fly for a while
Chapter 303 Testing the plasma turbulence mathematical model
Chapter 304: You may need a quantum computer! Updates for the alliance leader Gao Shan Liu Shui have been completed)
Chapter 305 Exploding Controlled Nuclear Fusion Reactor
Chapter 306 Another Nobel Prize-level achievement
Chapter 307 New epic and glory!
Chapter 308: Particles that break the Standard Model!
Chapter 309 The new physics building
Chapter 310 The inspiration brought by Witten and the method of observing dark matter!
Chapter 311 The Controlled Nuclear Fusion Project Starts
Chapter 312: At least a PhD degree + two years of work experience
Chapter 313 Candidates for Academician
Chapter 314: Two Nobel Prizes for one achievement
Chapter 315 Layout of superconducting materials and carbon nanomaterials
Chapter 314: Two Nobel Prizes for One Achievement
Chapter 316: Gathering the Wool of Western Countries
Chapter 317 NS Equation - That Light of Inspiration
Chapter 318 Its like witnessing a miracle!
Chapter 319 The painful Terence Tao!
Chapter 320 The solution exists! And its smooth!
Chapter 321: Answer the Millennium Problem!
Chapter 322: Create a discipline!
Chapter 323: Stirring up a storm in the world of mathematical physics
Chapter 324: Winning two Fields Medals?
Chapter 325 If I can understand it, then it should be impossible to solve the Millennium Problem!
Chapter 326 Tao Zhexuan with full firepower
Chapter 327 Witten: This guy is so annoying!
Chapter 328: A second slap in the face!
Chapter 329: Are all todays journals so good at it?
Chapter 330 NS equation passed peer review!
Chapter 332 The list of academicians is announced
Chapter 333: Unprecedented and Unprecedented
Chapter 334 Fantasy Xu Xiao
Chapter 335 Xu Chuan: I actually don’t know much
Chapter 336 Pandora’s Box—Gene Editing
Chapter 337 Virtual Reality Technology
Chapter 338: How lucky the country is to have you
Chapter 339: Breakthrough in Superconducting Materials
Chapter 340: Searching for the mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity
Chapter 341: Mechanism and strong correlation effect of high-temperature superconductivity
Chapter 342 152K High Temperature Superconductor!
Chapter 343: What is it like to have a perverted boss?
Chapter 344 Materials affecting national development
Chapter 345: Limitations of the Times
Chapter 346: Having you is a blessing to the country
Chapter 347 Laser Energization and Particle Acceleration
Chapter 348: Monopolizing the high-temperature superconducting material market
Chapter 349: He is the most precious wealth
Chapter 350: Methods to improve the toughness of high-temperature copper-carbon-silver composite materials
Chapter 351: Not enough material, graphene comes in!
Chapter 352 Grab orders from Sakura Country
Chapter 353 The Wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Chapter 354: Visit to Luyang Science Island
Chapter 356 All roads lead to Rome
Chapter 356 All roads lead to Rome
Chapter 357: Then just buy one and bring it back.
Chapter 358: Transaction with CERN
Chapter 359: No, there are bad people among the crowd!
Chapter 360: Another breakthrough in superconducting materials
Chapter 361 How awesome are academicians?
Chapter 362 Guangzong Yaozu
Chapter 363: Having the courage to stand up is another matter
Chapter 364 My brother doesnt have a girlfriend!
Chapter 365 Complete the purchase of the ASDEX device
Chapter 366: Just like Einstein or Newton
Chapter 367: The Germanic guy who lowered his head
Chapter 368 Proof of Blochs conjecture!
Chapter 369 Different choices
Chapter 370 Chen Mingjis plan
Chapter 371 Dawn! Start!
Chapter 372 After all, he is a person who is good at creating miracles
Chapter 373 Senior sister is back
Chapter 374 I want to see how you break the record!
Chapter 375 After all, he is just a junior!
Chapter 376 The Awakening Dragon
Chapter 377 Forty-five minutes!
Chapter 378 This is impossible!
Chapter 380 Fuck! Why dont they have a mathematician like this!
Chapter 381: Ideas to solve the problem of magnetic surface tearing in tokamak
Chapter 382: Investigation by the United States
Chapter 383 The truth is so helpless
Chapter 386: Why bother if you want to impose a crime?
Chapter 386 Restart the experiment!
Chapter 387 Not just a hundred minutes!
Chapter 388 The United States cannot sit still
Chapter 389: Antitrust Investigation in the United States
Chapter 391 Good News and Bad News
Chapter 393 The final meeting of ITER
Chapter 395 The last hope for the whole of Europe
Chapter 397: Competition against time
Chapter 398: Integrating Talents
Chapter 396 Double Happiness
Chapter 399: God is helping them!
Chapter 400: Problems that can be solved with mathematics are not troubles
Chapter 401 Invisible pretense is the most deadly
Chapter 402 The finishing touch!
Chapter 403 Good news from Daya Bay!
Chapter 404 High Energy Level Neutron Irradiation Experiment
Chapter 405: No obvious radiation damage!
Chapter 406: No problem, the country will fully cooperate with your work
Chapter 407 Demonstration HeapBuilding a Heap!
Chapter 408: A world in chaos
Chapter 409: Using controllable nuclear fusion to boil water is a bit too low.
Chapter 410 The most perfect power generation application
Chapter 411: The Problem of Controlled Nuclear Fusion
Chapter 412: Then you only have to offend him once
Chapter 413: I want both people and equipment!
Chapter 414 Perhaps, what science needs is people like you
Chapter 415 The arrival of the old man
Chapter 417 Gifts from Luyang
Chapter 416 Become the rule maker
Chapter 417 Gifts from Luyang
Chapter 418 The last level
Chapter 419: Actually its not that difficult
Chapter 420: Everything is ready, all we need is the east wind
Chapter 421 Its time to give the above a surprise
Chapter 422 Approval of ignition!
Chapter 423 Final preparations!
Chapter 424: Ignite!
Chapter 425 Shining like a star!
Chapter 426: Fusion Light!
Chapter 427 News that shocked the world
Chapter 428 It is truly an honor for our motherland to have a scholar like you, sir.
Chapter 429: Listen, is this human talk?
Chapter 430 Dawn!
Chapter 431: A plan more ambitious than controllable nuclear fusion
Chapter 432 A Crazy Proposal
Chapter 433 Steps towards the future
Chapter 434: The trend of the times is vast and powerful
Chapter 435 Planetary Engine
Chapter 436: The Magical Use of Life Assistant
Chapter 437 NTU students: Is it the Chinese New Year?
Chapter 438: Just trying to study it
Chapter 439: Rubbing room-temperature superconducting materials by hand?
Chapter 440 Nuclear fusion aircraft carrier?
Chapter 441: Fusion Reactor Carrier Fleet
Chapter 442: End early
Chapter 443 No Meissner Effect
Chapter 444: The hope of miniaturizing the fusion reactor
Chapter 445 I dont understand superconductivity, but I understand South Korea
Chapter 446: Liver explosion is a must-have skill!
Chapter 447: Isnt graduation too difficult?
Chapter 448: Xinghai Research Institute is established
Chapter 449 The direction of the aerospace engine
Chapter 450: Problems with Large Load Electromagnetic Propulsion System
Chapter 451 Aerospace Engine!
Chapter 452: A new generation of bureaus?
Chapter 453: No one knows how to cheat better than him
Chapter 454 Its so disappointing!
Chapter 455: Manned Spaceflight and Lunar Exploration Project Exchange Meeting
Chapter 456 Strategic Goals and Strategic Deception
Chapter 457: Undecided, Quantum Chemistry!
Chapter 458: They are all here to ask for funds!
Chapter 459 The first meeting with Mr. Yang
Chapter 460: Its just commonplace
Chapter 461: The scientific research intuition of a young genius
Chapter 462: Your Brother Chuan is still the same Brother Chuan!
Chapter 463 The most important thing is, I am here!
Chapter 464 Everyone here is rubbish
Chapter 465 Why are they all female assistants?
Chapter 466: Graphenes Breakthrough
Chapter 467: Amazing preparation method!
Chapter 468 Synthesis of Starch from Carbon Dioxide
Chapter 469: Technology prepared for the development of Mars
Chapter 470: That is the greatest achievement in the material world!
Chapter 471: A great contribution to South Korea
Chapter 472 Witten: How is this possible?!
Chapter 473 Deligne: How can I understand this?
Chapter 474 The final answer
Chapter 475 The answer to the strongly correlated electronic system!
Chapter 476: Hear the Tao in the morning and die in the evening, thats all!
Chapter 477 Even if you wait a month, its still worth it
Chapter 478: Crushing from the Dimension
Chapter 479: What kind of monster did we accept as our student?
Chapter 480: South Korea: This is plagiarism of our work!
Chapter 481: Just hit the pain once and it will be fine
Chapter 482 I would also recommend that you see a psychiatrist!
Chapter 483 The wronged Samsung
Chapter 484 Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 486: Hope for Chip Breakthrough
Chapter 487 Indescribable Shock
Chapter 488 Breakthrough improvement!
Chapter 489 Physicists who cant wait
Chapter 490: The hope of miniaturized controllable nuclear fusion and aerospace engines
Chapter 491 Sudden Inspiration
Chapter 492: Provide theoretical basis for quantum chips
Chapter 493 Its done!
Chapter 494: Becoming the biggest miracle of the 21st century
Chapter 495: Shine forever in the history of physics
Chapter 496 The fatal flaw in the paper
Chapter 497 The first loophole in life
Chapter 498 Another crown on the throne of physics
Chapter 499: The bustling world of physics
Chapter 500 CERNs unrealistic idea
Chapter 501 Paying for the Mistakes Made
Chapter 502: Abnormal Characteristics of Improved Superconductors
Chapter 503: Exploration and Research on Miniaturized Fusion Reactors
Chapter 504: Just change the route
Chapter 505: Write a letter first and then talk about it
Chapter 506: Let me go over and take a look.
Chapter 507: Old Man: Ill take care of this for you
Chapter 508: War suddenly turns into war terror
Chapter 509: New deception route
Chapter 510 Is this the world of the boss?
Chapter 512: This is really a nice thing to say...
Chapter 513 Do you know who the buyer is?
Chapter 514 Tillman: I wish you success
Chapter 515: I am the best at naming things!
Chapter 516: Doing bad things secretly
Chapter 517: The sensation caused by a paper
Chapter 518 A trillion-level market
Chapter 519: Request from Hometown
Chapter 520: You have to hold this thigh firmly, dont let it run away!
Chapter 521 We are still just a developing country
Chapter 522: The U.S. is a troublemaker
Chapter 523: Dont you know Im the person in charge?
Chapter 524: Countermeasures and Competition
Chapter 525: Dreaming Back to the Tang Dynasty
Chapter 526 Let me tell you what is valuable!
Chapter 527 'The Existence and Proof of Solutions to the Yang-Mills Equation'
Chapter 528 Clay Mathematics Institute: What should I do to win the award?
Chapter 529: The Cornerstone to the Holy Grail of Grand Unified Theory
Chapter 530 The reincarnation of fate
Chapter 531: Are all the reports scheduled?
Chapter 532: His face was swollen
Chapter 533 Invitation from the International Mathematical Union
Chapter 534: Methods of detecting dark matter
Chapter 535 NP=P Conjecture
Chapter 536: Welcome mathematicians and physicists from all over the world
Chapter 537 International Conference on High Energy Physics
Chapter 538: The sound of stopping
Chapter 539 Poor Witten
Chapter 540 The second solution to the Yang-Mills equation!
Chapter 541: His wisdom is not just his own
Chapter 542 A single spark can start a prairie fire
Chapter 543: The first hurdle of miniaturized and controllable nuclear fusion
Chapter 544: Areas where no one can help
Chapter 545: Transfer engineering problems to theory!
Chapter 546 Xu Chuan: Am I a unit of measurement?
Chapter 547 Redefining aviation and aerospace
Chapter 548: Who doesnt have a dream of a great nation?
Chapter 549: Change the fusion method!
Chapter 550: Second generation controllable nuclear fusion technology
Chapter 551: Methods to Solve Vacuum Heat Dissipation Problems
Chapter 552 Cai Peng: I can finally graduate!
Chapter 553: Witten and Deligne join forces
Chapter 554 The pinnacle of wisdom in human history
Chapter 555: Interview with 'Nature'
Chapter 556 Mysterious Meeting
Chapter 557 'Outer Space Space Carrier Strategic Planning Plan'
Chapter 558: Magnetic Confinement Plasma Processing Device
Chapter 559: Scientific research takes the blame again?
Chapter 560: Unparalleled National Scholar!
Chapter 561: One tree becomes a forest
Chapter 562 Super Stealth Fighter
Chapter 563 The Famous Alpha Team
Chapter 564 Mishustin: Xu, are you still single?
Chapter 565 Schultz: MMP
Chapter 566: I think it shouldnt be difficult, right?
Chapter 567 Schultz: All the handsome people are married!
Chapter 568: As if coming from the void
Chapter 569 Topological tunnel in three-dimensional space
Chapter 570 Einstein-Rosen Bridge
Chapter 571 Research beyond the scope
Chapter 572 Gauss Prize!
Chapter 573: There are no unexpected winners!
Chapter 574: A decision that caught everyones attention!
Chapter 575: You can only look up, but you cant catch up!
Chapter 576: The unprecedented second Fields Medal!
Chapter 577: Its that man after all!
Chapter 578 Number Theory and the Mystery of Space and Time
Chapter 579 The key to opening the space hole
Chapter 580 Amelias departure
Chapter 581 The International Mathematics Conference ends
Chapter 582 Emperor Vladimir
Chapter 583: Far Ahead, released one year in advance
Chapter 584 Quantum Computers and Carbon-Based Chips
Chapter 585: Its better to ask for money than this
Chapter 586: Breakthrough in miniaturization
Chapter 587: Some things within your power
Chapter 588: Production cannot keep up with the development of theoretical applications
Chapter 589: A blessing for the country
Chapter 590: He is indeed the legendary person
Chapter 591 Artemis Plan, Americas Counterattack!
Chapter 592 New Competition!
Chapter 593 Academician Xu = Wishing Stone?
Chapter 594: Limitations and Development of the Times
Chapter 595: Half a Year
Chapter 597: Did you come to me to show off... these achievements?
Chapter 598: That plane should be shot down!
Chapter 598: All the poor have left is money
Chapter 599 The aerospace engine is completed!
Chapter 600 The second good news in the golden autumn of October
Chapter 601 A more distant plan
Chapter 602: Genealogy compilation in the village
Chapter 603: Prosperous Aerospace and Scientific Research and Exploration
Chapter 604: Deployment in the field of artificial intelligence
Chapter 605 Bidding Conference
Chapter 606 The biggest change in the history of aerospace!
Chapter 607: Eating alone is not a good habit
Chapter 608 Meteorite transfer technology
Chapter 609 Xu Xiao’s deception
Chapter 610 Human-Computer Interaction Technology
Chapter 611: Exoskeleton and Bionic Robots
Chapter 612 The completion of the small pile!
Chapter 613: Unparalleled in the World
Chapter 614: Give me some support
Chapter 615: A Grand Meeting of Physics
Chapter 616: Like-minded!
Chapter 617 Technology Sharing Platform
Chapter 618: Academic exchanges
Chapter 619 CERN Press Conference
Chapter 620 Tillman: Why do I feel like I was NTRed?
Chapter 621 Xu Chuan: It’s not difficult, it’s about the same as your senior brother’s.
Chapter 622 A birthday full of surprises
Chapter 623 Special Invitation Letter
Chapter 624: America’s reaction
Chapter 625 The Unsinkable Fortress
Chapter 626: The Enthusiasm of the Naval Equipment Department
Chapter 627: The Concept of Strong Magnetic Deflection Field
Chapter 628: One in a Billion Possibility
Chapter 629: Xinghai!
Chapter 630: First voyage
Chapter 631: Xinghai! Set sail!
Chapter 632 The most difficult level!
Chapter 633: Entering orbit!
Chapter 634: Did I make a mistake somewhere?
Chapter 635 NASA’s Analysis
Chapter 636 The future route
Chapter 637: Overtaking on a curve is not enough to describe it!
Chapter 638 The Crisis of the Xinghai
Chapter 639: A moon that cannot grow vegetables is not a good moon
Chapter 640: The United States is stimulated
Chapter 641 Manned Spaceflight
Chapter 642 Supersonic spoiler problem
Chapter 643: Not everyone has your mathematical abilities!
Chapter 644 Plasma Torch
Chapter 645 Dragon Day Festival
Chapter 646 Lunar Surface Biosphere Project
Chapter 647 NASA’s response: The first lunar surface base!
Chapter 648: Full live broadcast of the moon landing
Chapter 649 Mission and Pride
Chapter 650: Under the starry sky, move forward bravely
Chapter 651: The last come first?
Chapter 652 Damn it, what kind of monster are they facing?
Chapter 653: Looking into the Deep Sky
Chapter 654: It is not impossible to land on the moon early...
Chapter 655: Set foot on that land!
Chapter 656 A new chapter in the history of spaceflight!
Chapter 657: Unsolvable Situation
Chapter 658: How about we ‘help’ them?
Chapter 659: A troubled NASA
Chapter 660 Xu Chuan: Just let me take a look.
Chapter 661: Disgraced to the whole world
Chapter 662: An irresistible conspiracy
Chapter 663: NASA friends, how are you?
Chapter 664: Unlucky and Lucky
Chapter 665 Rescue successful!
Chapter 666 NASA: Damn it, you are robbing!
Chapter 667: New Generation Space Shuttle
Chapter 668: How to quickly build a lunar base
Chapter 669 Welcome home!
Chapter 670: The direction he is facing is the future
Chapter 671 Cooperation ‘Good Partner’
Chapter 672 Moon Mineral Mining Plan
Chapter 673: Immigration to the moon is right in front of you
Chapter 674 A 300 billion super project!
Chapter 676 'Proof that the factorization of great positive integers has a polynomial algorithm!'
Chapter 677 P≠NP?
Chapter 678: Start the manned mission to Mars!
Chapter 679: Inspiration from Senior Sister
Chapter 680 The Road to the Quasi-Riemann Hypothesis
Chapter 681 A more interesting method than shrinking the critical zone!
Chapter 682: The ‘freak’ who is different from ordinary people
Chapter 683 Tao Zhexuan: Please be sure to send me the paper!
Chapter 684 Guests from the Middle East
Chapter 685: Young hero, I want to travel to space!
Chapter 686 Xu Chuan: I want to go up too!
Chapter 687: Isn’t it okay as long as there are no problems?
Chapter 688 This is the power of technology!
Chapter 689 This is my belief!
Chapter 690 Prince Faisal: I never took it so seriously when I was in school!
Chapter 691 Artificial Gravity
Chapter 692: Not as fast as robbing a bank!
Chapter 693: Stealing business!
Chapter 694 NASA’s helplessness
Chapter 695 Nagging from parents
Chapter 696: Weak Riemann Hypothesis!
Chapter 697: Riemann Hypothesis, is there an answer?
Chapter 698: Challenge from the world’s top mathematicians!
Chapter 699: The Mathematics World Explodes Again
Chapter 700 Clay Mathematics Institute that can’t give away money
Chapter 701 Xu Chuan: I’m not interested in money~
Chapter 702 Xu Chuan: Then we can be together
Chapter 703: Opportunity to break the situation
Chapter 704: Shameless US Government
Chapter 705 The good news among the bad news!
Chapter 706: Who wouldn’t be disgusting?
Chapter 707 Theresa Achille: This is impossible!
Chapter 708: Desperate Professor Theresa Achille
Chapter 709: Go to prison to do your research!
Chapter 710 New research direction: quantum chemistry!
Chapter 711 Xu Chuan: I need two helpers!
Chapter 712 The End of the Dispute
Chapter 713: Just a playboy
Chapter 714 What is true cultivation!
Chapter 715: Stealing people from Xu Chuan?
Chapter 716: Shining like a star in the long river of civilization!
Chapter 717 More shocking news than the Riemann Hypothesis
Chapter 718: Aging is an eternally sad topic
Chapter 719: NASA’s cry for help and the fiery space travel
Chapter 720: The interstellar era belonging to China!
Chapter 721 ‘Space Void’ and ‘Graviton’
Chapter 722 Mr. Lu said it well!
Chapter 723: Exchanges with ulterior motives
Chapter 724 Inspiration from students!
Chapter 725: A project more awesome than lithium-sulfur batteries
Chapter 726 Lithium Air Battery
Chapter 727: Research theory on simulated neural signals and electrical signal conversion based on quantum theory
Chapter 728 Just let him try it
Chapter 729: Mathematical model worth 20 million
Chapter 730: This is too fast~
Chapter 731: The craze for studying the ‘Riemann Hypothesis’
Chapter 732: A world-class mathematical problem that was killed casually
Chapter 733 The Dissipated Space Hegemony
Chapter 734 Asia-Pacific Science and Technology Innovation Investment Summit
Chapter 735: Co-Signature
Chapter 736 NASA’s Visit