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Han Shizu

Han Shizu

author:Mi Muli

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-03 09:29

Latest chapter:Chapter 68 Renzong Chapter 10 The Political Ecology of the Empire

After time travel, Liu Chengyou, Emperor Yin of the Han Dynasty, founded the country as his assistant. Later, when he was still young, he inherited the new business, guaranteed the fortune of the flood, and maintained the unbreakable foundation. PS: If his father and brother had not died early, this might have been the reincarnation of Li Er .

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《Han Shizu》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 68 Renzong Chapter 10 The Political Ecology of the Empire
Chapter 67 Renzong Chapter 9 The South Wind Overwhelms the North Wind
Chapter 66 Renzong Chapter 8 'Suspicions' about the Prime Minister's dismissal
Chapter 65: Renzong Chapter 7: Upstart Bureaucrats, the Anti-Fan Group
Chapter 64 Renzong Chapter 6 Wang Anshi is here
Chapter 63 Renzong Chapter 5 The Completely Solidified Ruling Class
Chapter 62 Renzong Chapter 4 Fan Gong upholds the government and works hard to support it
Chapter 61 Renzong Chapter 3 Everyone Ouyang
Chapter 60 Renzong 2 Sixth Year of Orthodoxy
《Han Shizu》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Autistic Teen Liu Chengyou
Chapter 2 Parents and Brothers
Chapter 3 Tianpan asks right
Chapter 4 The Central Plains Change Owners
Chapter 5 The Court
Chapter 7 Little People Discuss Big Things
Chapter 8 Patrol
Chapter 9 Wang Jun's Return
Chapter 10 Chaos in the Khitan Government
Chapter 11 Consultation
Chapter 12 Strategy
Chapter 13 Examination
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16 Different Attitudes
Chapter 17
Chapter 18 Petition
Chapter 19
Chapter 20 Neglected Issues
Chapter 21 Yellow robe and body
Chapter 22 Proclaiming Emperor
Chapter 23 Night Banquet
Chapter 24 Twelve Years of Tianfu
Chapter 25 Zhou Shizong and Yang Linggong
Chapter 26 Famous General
Chapter 27 Dispute
Chapter 28 Liu Chengyou's thoughts
Chapter 29
Chapter 30 Han Tong and Xiang Xun
Chapter 31 Marching Order
Chapter 32 Luzhou Vibration
Chapter 33 Tokyo City
Chapter 34 Chongyuan Hall
Chapter 35
Chapter 36
Chapter 38 Rewards
Chapter 39
Chapter 40 The Three Heroes of Luzhou
Chapter 41
Chapter 42
Chapter 43 Meeting
Chapter 44
Chapter 45 The same choice
Chapter 46 Guo Rong's Radical Suggestions
Chapter 47
Chapter 48 Geng Chongmei
Chapter 49
Chapter 50
Chapter 51
Chapter 52 Confrontation
Chapter 53 Escape
Chapter 54: Commanding the battle
Chapter 55 A Simple Victory
Chapter 56
Chapter 57
Chapter 58
Chapter 59
Chapter 60 Sudden Death
Chapter 61
Chapter 62 The situation is very good
Chapter 63 Cousin's Reminder
Chapter 64 I want to take revenge for Duke Geng!
Chapter 65 Choice
Chapter 66
Chapter 67 News from Heyang
Chapter 68
Chapter 69
Chapter 70
Chapter 71 Northern Qi Town
Chapter 72 Cizhou Thief
Chapter 73 Solution
Chapter 74 The Hot Liao Emperor
Chapter 75
Chapter 76
Chapter 77 Anyang's Tragedy
Chapter 78 Three Hundreds and One Hundred Thousands
Chapter 77 Liu Zhiyuan finally moved
Chapter 78 Recall Erlang?
Chapter 79 The Victory of Fuyang
Chapter 80
Chapter 81 The Angry Yelu Deguang
Chapter 82 Undercurrent in the Liao Camp
Chapter 83 The Death of Emperor Liao
Chapter 84 Be a Great Mage
Chapter 85
Chapter 86 Survive, is a famous general
Chapter 87 The Battle of Luancheng (1)
Chapter 90 The Battle of Luancheng (2)
Chapter 91 The Battle of Luancheng (3)
Chapter 92 The Battle of Luancheng (4)
Chapter 93 The Battle of Luancheng (End)
Chapter 94
Chapter 95
Chapter 96 Battle Damage and Results
Chapter 97
Chapter 98
Chapter 99 Two Talents
Chapter 100
Chapter 101 Liu Zhiyuan is in Luoyang
Chapter 102 Political disputes are normal
Chapter 103 Li Congyi who lacks a system
Chapter 104
Chapter 105 The situation in Hebei
Chapter 106 Temptation
Chapter 107 Thoughtful
Chapter 108 Jingxing
Chapter 109 Governance to secure the army and the people
Chapter 110 Pull Liu Chengxun into the water
Chapter 111
Chapter 112
Chapter 113: Turn Your Eyes to the North
Chapter 114 Yelu Ruan Proclaimed Emperor
Chapter 115 Yingzhou
Chapter 116 Changes in the Liao Army
Chapter 117 Opportunity
Chapter 118 Puyin
Chapter 119 Gambling Northern Expedition
Chapter 120 When the Northern Expedition is underway
Chapter 121 The most difficult bone to gnaw, the easiest to gnaw
Chapter 122 Chain Reaction
Chapter 123: You Yan is in trouble
Chapter 124: You Yan is in trouble (continued)
Chapter 125
Chapter 126 Guilty
Chapter 127 The Wei Bo problem
Chapter 128
Chapter 129 Uncle
Chapter 130: Chen Qiao
Chapter 131 Tokyo Chaos
Chapter 132 Entering the Palace
Chapter 133
Chapter 134
Chapter 135
Chapter 136 Guo's Father and Son
Chapter 137 Reorganization
Chapter 138 Please establish a prince
Chapter 139
Chapter 140
Chapter 141 Female Prestige
Chapter 142 Ready to Kill Chickens
Chapter 143
Chapter 144 The Battle of Ye Capital
Chapter 145 Mid-Autumn Festival
Chapter 146 You have to fight in person when you arrive
Chapter 147 Deshengdu
Chapter 148 Concerns about supporting a disabled person
Chapter 149
Chapter 150 The power of the emperor is so terrifying
Chapter 151 I, Murong Yanchao, Wronged
Chapter 152 Entering Yedu twenty-five days ago
Chapter 153 The twists and turns of breaking the city
Chapter 154 Destruction of the Family
Chapter 155: Helping King Zhou to deal with the aftermath
Chapter 156
Chapter 157
Chapter 158 The wedding night
Chapter 159 Return to court
Chapter 160 King Wei is dying of illness
Chapter 161 Erlang, Im afraid I wont die soon!
Chapter 162 Death
Chapter 163 Boring
Chapter 164
Chapter 165 Uighur Messenger
Chapter 166 Its not easy to be the prince
Chapter 167 Its not easy to be the prince (2)
Chapter 168
Chapter 169 Duplicity
Chapter 170 How can a tiger girl mate with a dog?
Chapter 171 Can I say that I am attracted to the second wife of the Fu family?
Chapter 172 The Crown Princess
Chapter 173 Daily
Chapter 174 The Emperor Collapse
Chapter 1 Succession in front of the coffin
Chapter 2 Its hard to be an emperor
Chapter 3 The New Imperial Edict System
Chapter 4 After seeing this, see that
Chapter 4 After seeing this and seeing that
Chapter 6 Symposium
Chapter 7 The issue of rewards
Chapter 8 Dissensions among Prime Ministers
Chapter 9 Fengxiang Battle Situation
Chapter 10 Its not easy for Wang Jun either
Chapter 11 Defeat the Shu Army
Chapter 12 Daichokai
Chapter 13 Respect each other as guests
Chapter 14 Relatives
Chapter 15 Gradually Unaware
Chapter 16 Make arrangements first
Chapter 17 Wu Desi
Chapter 18 Hou Yi
Chapter 19 Zhao Kuangzan goes north
Chapter 20 Wude Sis Harvest
Chapter 21 Western Inspection
Chapter 22 Zhengzhou Station
Chapter 23 From Zhengzhou Station to Luoyang Station
Chapter 24 Divided Luoyang
Chapter 25 Drawing up a list
Chapter 26 Shi Qing, I want to entrust you with important responsibilities
Chapter 27 Xijing turmoil
Chapter 28 Go to Prison
Chapter 29 Persuasion
Chapter 30 Harvest
Chapter 31
Chapter 32 The Emperor Comes
Chapter 33 The end of the Western Tour
Chapter 34 Shi Qing, I still have an important responsibility for you.
Chapter 35 Return to the East
Chapter 36 Li Ye's Complaint
Chapter 37 New Deal
Chapter 38 Palace Discussion
Chapter 39 Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law
Chapter 40 Guo Dangjunjie
Chapter 41 Liu Xin was demoted
Chapter 42 The position of commander-in-chief fell from the sky
Chapter 43 Cleaning and Optimization
Chapter 44 Su Fengji's case closed
Chapter 45
Chapter 46 Food and Money
Chapter 47
Chapter 48 Restless April and May
Chapter 49 To collect its elite soldiers, first collect its craftsmen
Chapter 50 Xiaoman and childbirth
Chapter 51 The death of Concubine Geng Shu
Chapter 52 The Incident in Youyan
Chapter 53
Chapter 54 Sick Tiger Fangs
Chapter 55 King Yan died of illness
Chapter 56 The joy of the full moon
Chapter 57 The July Dynasty
Chapter 58 Confrontation
Chapter 59 Yuan Chen is so despicable
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Chapter 60 The Queen's Speech
Chapter 61
Chapter 62 Intensity
Chapter 63 The Courts Response
Chapter 64 Yang Ye is the enemy
Chapter 65 Progress in System Development
Chapter 66
Chapter 67 Manchu opposition is ineffective
Chapter 68 Arrangements before leaving Beijing
Chapter 69 Hardcore allies fall off the chain first
Chapter 70 Battle of Tongzhou
Chapter 71 The rebels are in decline
Chapter 72 Stop in Shihao Town
Chapter 73 Zhao Da is already in the army
Chapter 74 Long live the cry
Chapter 75
Chapter 76: Follow Guo Weis tactics
Chapter 77
Chapter 78
Chapter 79 Alone and Dangerous
Chapter 80 Attack
Chapter 81
Chapter 82
Chapter 83 The Buddha came into the world and was under his rule
Chapter 84 The Beginning of the Destruction of the Buddha
Chapter 85 Young Faction
Chapter 86 Winning Peoples Hearts
Chapter 87
Chapter 88 After the Autumn Settlement (Continued)
Chapter 89 Bankruptcy and Atonement
Chapter 90 Guanyou Jiedu
Chapter 91 Wang Jun's arrogance
Chapter 92 Major Adjustment
Chapter 93 Class Teacher
Chapter 94 Its hard to make up your mind
Chapter 95 The effect has been shown
Chapter 96
chapter 97
Chapter 98
Chapter 99
Chapter 100 The problem of money and food cannot be avoided
Chapter 101 Reorganize the Army
Chapter 102
Chapter 103 Guo Wanghui
Chapter 104
Chapter 105 The Secret Service
Chapter 106 Beating
Chapter 107 Palace Exam
108. Champion
Chapter 109 The end of the system
Chapter 110 Discussing the capture of Huainan
Chapter 111 The Accident and Inevitability of History
Chapter 112 Rectification
Chapter 113 The beginning of the military reform
Chapter 114: March Term
Chapter 115 Winter Moon
Chapter 116 The King of Huaiyang
Chapter 117 Emperor Xing Yaohua Palace
Chapter 118 Merchant
Chapter 119
Chapter 120 Losing the Family
Chapter 121 Taoist priest
Chapter 122 Sleeping Fairy
Chapter 123 Consulting with others on side issues
Chapter 124 Military Dilemma
Chapter 125 Winter Solstice Banquet
Chapter 126 Winter Solstice Banquet 2
Chapter 127 Winter Solstice Banquet 3
Chapter 128 Public Security Issues
Chapter 129 After entering Beijing, there will always be some changes
Chapter 130 Changes in the Supervision System
Chapter 131
Chapter 132 Matchmaking
Chapter 133 Accepted
Chapter 134 The end of the first year of Qianyou
Chapter 135 Xuzhou soldiers and bandits
Chapter 136 Welcome
Chapter 137 Finally buried
Chapter 138 Long-term plan
Chapter 139 Taking the Censor with him
Chapter 140 Two Uncles
Chapter 141 Sacrifice to Guan Gong
Chapter 142 Asking Guo Weijing
Chapter 143
Chapter 144 Court Trial
Chapter 145 Extraordinary Things
Chapter 146 Xuzhou has something to do (1)
Chapter 147 Xuzhou has something to do (2)
Chapter 148 Return to Beijing
Chapter 149 The emperor wants to open the river
Chapter 150 Listening to Government
151 Listening to the Politics 2
Chapter 152 Listening to the Government 3
Chapter 153 Yang Ye garrisoned the dynasty
Chapter 154 Envoys from the Southern Tang Dynasty 1
Chapter 155 Envoys from the Southern Tang Dynasty 2
Chapter 156 Envoys from the Southern Tang Dynasty 3
Chapter 157 'Xingtong' will be completed
Chapter 158 Practicality for court officials
Chapter 159 Reciprocity
Chapter 160 Attempts to Separate Military and Political Affairs
Chapter 161 Zhe's Entering the Palace
Chapter 162 Traveling with the Bride
Chapter 163 Should Kaifeng be repaired or not?
Chapter 164: Marquis Yins Ascension to the Hall
Chapter 165 Summer Hunting, Auspiciousness and Tribute
Chapter 166
Chapter 167
Chapter 168 The fake Tang Dynasty in Tao Gus eyes
Chapter 169 Wang Pus Supplement
Chapter 170 The Difficult Second Year of Qianyou
Chapter 171 The Difficult Second Year of Qianqing 2
Chapter 172 Prime Ministers of the Political Hall
Chapter 173 Ma's civil strife may be used
Chapter 174 Winter Northern Patrol
Chapter 175 In Huazhou
Chapter 176 Going to Yedu
Chapter 177 Bow down into the village
Chapter 178 The clear-minded Emperor Qianyou
Chapter 179 Goodbye Guo Rong
Chapter 180 Passing Yedu
Chapter 181 Father and son talk at night
Chapter 182 Changes in Xingzhou
Chapter 183 Wang Jingchong has something to say
Chapter 184 Liu Chengyun is also here
Chapter 185 Mr. Yang works hard for the country
Chapter 186 Something happened in Xingzhou
Chapter 187 Trivial
Chapter 188 Yongqing Military Discussion
Chapter 189 King Yan comes south
Chapter 190 Treat each other warmly
Chapter 191 The End of the Northern Patrol
Chapter 192 Two More Sons
Chapter 193 Yang Fang Case (1)
Chapter 194 Yang Fang Case (2)
Chapter 195 Yang Fang Case (3)
Chapter 196 Yang Fang Case (4)
Chapter 197 Financial Planning
Chapter 198 The Untied Wu Deji
Chapter 199 Leaving the Palace
Chapter 200 A new era
Chapter 1 Qianyu destroys Buddha
Chapter 2 Sharing food
Chapter 3 Taiwans Embracing Matters
Chapter 4 Kunming Hall-Chongzheng Hall
Chapter 5 The Emperor loves Yang Ye especially
Chapter 6 The End
Chapter 7 The release of power from noble relatives
Chapter 8 The Effect of Mixing Sand
Chapter 9 Government Secret Discussion
Chapter 10 Veteran takes action
Chapter 11 Return to pay homage to the Emperor
Chapter 12 Trouble in Hedong
Chapter 13 Yang Yes Work Report
Chapter 14 The Dark Plot
Chapter 15 Civil strife in Ma Chu
Chapter 16 Dissent
Chapter 17 Seconded
Chapter 18 Machiavellian tactics
Chapter 19 Military planning begins from now on
Chapter 20 Mighty arrival in Jingnan
Chapter 21 The smart and proactive An family
Chapter 22: Shi Gong Zhenluo: public resentment abounds
Chapter 23 The old minister withered
Chapter 24 Personnel Adjustments
Chapter 25 Analysis of the Privy Councils Power
Chapter 26 Privy Guo visits Xiangzhou
Chapter 27 Guo Wei is sick
Chapter 28 Shi Hongzhao goes to the border
Chapter 29 Sleeping Alone in a Solitary Pavilion
Chapter 30 Full House Spring Banquet
Chapter 31 Success
Chapter 32 The harem is not peaceful
Chapter 33 The real purpose
Chapter 34 Shocking Valley
Chapter 35 Yao Huachun
Chapter 36 Fengchen Camp
Chapter 37 Uncle Guo impeaches Guo Rong
Chapter 38 Puzhou Case (1)
Chapter 39 Puzhou Case (2)
Chapter 40 Puzhou Case (3)
Chapter 41 Prison Visit
Chapter 42 Duke Li is angry
Chapter 43 Its over
Chapter 44 The Queen Mother summons
Chapter 45 Jingjiang Army
Chapter 46 Khitan changes, worries for the future
Chapter 47 Coping
Chapter 48 Liu Chengyous determination and doubts
Chapter 49 The Southern Wind Rises
Chapter 50 The Southern Tang Dynasty monarchs and ministers celebrated with their foreheads and hands
Chapter 51 Todays Big Man
Chapter 52 Marriage
Chapter 53 There is a poem
Chapter 54 Continue to deceive
Chapter 55 Kicks off
Chapter 56 Khitan has many troubled people
Chapter 57 Yelu Ruan: Im on the fifth floor
Chapter 58 The Rebellion of Vulcan Lake
Chapter 59 The Sleeping King ascends to the throne
Chapter 60 The surprise came too suddenly
Chapter 61 The War between North and South
Chapter 62 A rare hesitation
Chapter 63 Night Visit to Wife Guo
Chapter 64 Guo Weis support is stable
Chapter 65 Decision to march south
Chapter 66 The Country of Brothers
Chapter 67 Suzhou First Line
Chapter 68 Chaos in Hunan
Chapter 69 Disaster
Chapter 70 The Lord of the Tang Dynasty was in a hurry to order troops.
Chapter 71 The army is approaching Shouchun
Chapter 72 Bossy VS High-spirited
Chapter 73 Talking on Paper
Chapter 74 On the 18th, the emperor was lucky enough to be in Huainan
Chapter 75 Northwest Side News
Chapter 76 Wang Jun uses troops
Chapter 77 Battle of the Whirlpool (1)
Chapter 78 Battle of the Whirlpool (2)
Chapter 79 A great victory
Chapter 80: Go your own way and die
Chapter 81 Cai Dajie
Chapter 82 Killing Prisoners
Chapter 83 Tokyo Reaction, by Wang Jun
Chapter 84 Uncontrollable suspicion
Chapter 85 Guo Rongs surprise
Chapter 86 Arriving at the mouth of the vortex
Chapter 87 Huaidong Economic Strategy Chief and Deputy Envoys
Chapter 88 The Emperors Golden Order
Chapter 89
Chapter 87 Huaidong Economic Strategy Chief and Deputy Envoys
Chapter 91 A good omen to mobilize troops and return to Shouchun again
Chapter 92 Cold Winter in Jinling
Chapter 93 Bad news again and again
Chapter 94: National calamity and loss of son, but there are still good generals
Chapter 95 Playing Conspiracy
Chapter 96 In Shouchun City
Chapter 97 The Xuanwei Department will be put on the agenda
Chapter 98 Military morale is available
Chapter 99 Royal tent discussion
Chapter 100 City War
Chapter 101: Calm down and retreat your troops calmly
Chapter 102: Attacking the Weary Enemy
Chapter 103 Food delivery is coming
Chapter 104: Fighting between hungry wolves
Chapter 105 Led to the south in search of food
Chapter 106 Chen Jueyong observes success or failure in battle
Chapter 107: Training a general is like sharpening a sword
Chapter 108 Take Xu Jun first
Chapter 109 Defeat Chen Jun again
Chapter 110 Guo Rongs Interdiction
Chapter 111 The Defeat of the Famous General
Chapter 112 Zhao Dazhis Brave Strategy
Chapter 113 Must Become a Great Weapon
Chapter 114 Desire for great success
Chapter 115 The fight between trapped beasts
Chapter 116 Struggle is powerless
Chapter 117 Pour cold water on
Chapter 118 Consider ending the war
Chapter 119 Shouchun is finally broken
Chapter 120 Conqueror Liu Chengyou
Chapter 121 Recruiting Surrenders and Rebellions
Chapter 122 King Yan asks for a battle
Chapter 123 Send envoys to seek peace
Chapter 124 Take Yangzhou lightly
Chapter 125 The Zhou family has a daughter named Huehuang
Chapter 126 Liu Chengyou was betrayed
Chapter 127 Not allowed
Chapter 128 Two Envoys Arrive with Gifts
Chapter 129: Cutting territory, claiming vassal status, and paying tribute
Chapter 130 The Covenant of Losing the Country
Chapter 131 Peace Agreement Reached
Chapter 132 Climb the clear stream and discuss the aftermath
Chapter 133 Death of Li Deming
Chapter 134 The teacher returns to court
Chapter 135 The final persistence
Chapter 136 Accept a general and a concubine
Chapter 137 Tokyo Military and Political Affairs
Chapter 138 Return to the Palace
Chapter 139: Listening to Government in Chongzheng Hall 1
Chapter 140 Listening to the Government in Chongzheng Hall 2
Chapter 141 Chongzheng Palace Listening to Government 3
Chapter 142 Overnight at Kunming Hall
Chapter 143 Guo Weisi retreats
Chapter 144 Zhao Family Father and Son
Chapter 145 Ce Xun Royal Banquet
Chapter 146 Proud General
Chapter 147: Asking for forgiveness
Chapter 148 Teaching
Chapter 149 Governor of Hedong
Chapter 150 Practicing for the General
Chapter 151 Withering
Chapter 152 Frustrated Politician
Chapter 153 Cutting down the vassalage
Chapter 154 Hedong Storm (1)
Chapter 155 Hedong Storm (2)
Chapter 156 Hedong Storm (3)
Chapter 157 Hedong Storm (4)
Chapter 158 Hedong Storm (5)
Chapter 159 Hedong Storm (6)
Chapter 160 Hedong Storm (7)
Chapter 161 Hedong Storm (8)
Chapter 162 Hedong Storm (9)
Chapter 163 Hedong Storm (End)
Chapter 164 Duke Shouyangs awareness of danger
Chapter 165 The Emperors Attitude
Chapter 166 A Manor
Chapter 167 Resignation
Chapter 168 Its hard to distinguish between loyalty and treachery
Chapter 169 Two or three things about Wu Desi
Chapter 170 Hedong Restructuring
Chapter 171 Jinling Political Situation
Chapter 172 The down-and-out Zhong Mo
Chapter 173 Zhong Mo becomes Qin Hui
Chapter 174 Hunan: After you sing, I will appear on stage
Chapter 175 Military Strategy
Chapter 176 King Yong
Chapter 177 Little Wise King
Chapter 178 The handsome mans plan
Chapter 179 A long lesson
Chapter 180 Game
Chapter 181 Battle of Donghe Village
Chapter 182 Dare to look north?
Chapter 183 A big game of chess
Chapter 184 Tacit understanding
Chapter 185 Banquet
Chapter 186 Honey in Mouth
Chapter 187 Everyone came to the table one after another
Chapter 188 Bian Jiang leaves Beijing and gets another son
Chapter 189 Zhao Da reports his work
Chapter 190 There is no greater honor than the Gao family
Chapter 191 Changes in Financial System
Chapter 192 Liu Baht Case
Chapter 193 Autumn Examination of the Fifth Year of Qianyou
Chapter 194 Troubles arose at the Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet
Chapter 195 King and Han were demoted
Chapter 196
Chapter 197 Kaifeng Expansion
Chapter 198 Autumn Hunting
Chapter 199 Visitors from Luzhou
Chapter 200 The Emperors Attitude
Chapter 201 Donation
Chapter 202 Millions of Money and Food
Chapter 204 The situation expands
Chapter 204 Solution
Chapter 205: Let bygones be bygones
Chapter 206 Wude Prison
Chapter 207 Death of Wang Jingchong
Chapter 208 The value of the jailer
Chapter 209 Yushitai Metropolitan Procuratorate
Chapter 210 The Third Martial Envoy
Chapter 211 The frightened Li Chongju
Chapter 212 Emperor Murong asks questions
Chapter 213 Rain, Snow and Ice
Chapter 214 Jinghu Strategy
Chapter 215 The dispute between Guo and Li
Chapter 216 Ma Zheng
Chapter 217 Li Guoshus Administration
Chapter 218 Smuggling
Chapter 219 Puchuan sinned against the people
Chapter 220 General Er
Chapter 221 The Growing Wang Yansheng
Chapter 222 A banquet that will leave its name in history
Chapter 223 Huazhou River Defense
Chapter 224 Yedu Civil and Military Affairs
Chapter 225 Love and Grace
Chapter 226 Feng Dao resigns
Chapter 227 Yanzhou Affairs
Chapter 228 Patrol Report
Chapter 229 Meng Chang: The Seven Treasures Drowning Weapon is easy to use
Chapter 230 Temporary resolution of side affairs
Chapter 231 A nationwide flood
Chapter 232 Situation in Huainan
Chapter 233 Wang Shijun is in Sizhou
Chapter 234 The Diligence of the Prince
Chapter 235 Kaifeng New City
Chapter 236 Mother, Wife, Son
Chapter 237 Wang Jun died violently, and the generals came to Beijing
Chapter 238 A glass of wine releases power
Chapter 239 Advance and retreat
Chapter 240 Family Banquet
Chapter 241 'Joking'
Chapter 242 Death of He Fujin
Chapter 243 Unaware
Chapter 244 Changes in frontline commander
Chapter 245 Send troops to defeat Shu
Chapter 246 Target Eight Villages
Chapter 247 The arrival of troops, enemy situation, and decision-making
Chapter 248: Breaking the Stronghold in Two Battles
Chapter 249 In the Privy Council
Chapter 250 The army meets in Mighty City
Chapter 251 Rumors in Shu
Chapter 252 The Monarchs and Ministers of Later Shu
Chapter 253: Privy Kings Plan for Thousand Miles
Chapter 254 Long awaited opportunity
Chapter 255 King Yong rewards the army
Chapter 256 The attacking Shu army
Chapter 257 Battle of Huanghua Valley
Chapter 258 Burning Mighty City
Chapter 259 Soldiers Arrive at Liangquan
Chapter 260 Prince Murong
Chapter 261 Great Victory
Chapter 262 Zhao Pu discusses Shu
Chapter 263 Talking about the world
Chapter 264 King Ru Wei
Chapter 265 Qin Feng is established
Chapter 266 Disputes in the Shu Court
Chapter 267 In times of national crisis
Chapter 268 West County
Chapter 269 Pioneer Murong Chengtai
Chapter 270 Above and Below the City
Chapter 271 Young General
Chapter 272 The pain of conscription
Chapter 273 Wang Yan Zhenluo
Chapter 274 Getting stronger with old age
Chapter 275 The prince is not a good person
Chapter 276 Jade Ruyi
Chapter 277 I have an eye towards Hexi
Chapter 278 Sending envoys to the west, the battle situation in Hanzhong
Chapter 279 Joy falls from heaven
Chapter 280 News of the Imperial Seal
Chapter 281 Fan Xianggong is concerned about the country and the people
Chapter 282 Discussing the aftermath
Chapter 283 Surrendering General
Chapter 284 The few people who reassure the emperor
Chapter 285 Discussing Jing Lake over wine and barbecue
Chapter 286 Army Strategy
Chapter 287 Zhao Pu sent Shu 1
Chapter 288 Zhao Pu sent Shu 2
Chapter 289 Zhao Pu sent Shu 3
Chapter 291 Peace Agreement Reached
Chapter 291 Huaidong Case
Chapter 292 Zhao Pu returns to life
Chapter 1 The Troubles in Yangzhou
Chapter 2 Wang, Zheng Ergong
Chapter 3 Not suitable for expansion
Chapter 4 The king and his ministers are united
Chapter 5 Spring
Chapter 6 Jinshi Tower
Chapter 7 Xiao Zhang explores the beauty
Chapter 8 Qionglin Banquet
Chapter 9 New official takes office
Chapter 10 Sharpening the knife towards Jinghu Lake
Chapter 11 The situation changes unexpectedly
Chapter 12 The Education of Princes
Chapter 13 The war is approaching
Chapter 14 The Warrior Warlord
Chapter 15 Xiangyang
Chapter 16 Talents in the Army
Chapter 17 Take Jiangling lightly 1
Chapter 18 Take Jiangling lightly 2
Chapter 19 Take Jiangling lightly 3
Chapter 20 Abolition and Reform of Tunnel Affairs
Chapter 21 Jieyin has come first
Chapter 22 Jingnan is established
Chapter 23 Murong Dushuai uses troops
Chapter 24 Conquering the enemy without fighting
Chapter 25 Li Shis conspiracy
Chapter 26 Pan Mei defends the city
Chapter 27: Planning is useless and dangerous
Chapter 28 Battle of Liyang
Chapter 29 The Queen Mothers Illness
Chapter 30 You can prepare for the aftermath
Chapter 28 Battle of Liyang
Chapter 32 Guos concerns
Chapter 33 Someone wants to corrupt General Sun
Chapter 34 The clan that subjugated the country
Chapter 35 Tang Jiangs empty talk
Chapter 36 Fierce Battle at Sanjiangkou
Chapter 37 Imminent destruction
Chapter 38 All Quiet in Hunan
Chapter 39 Changsha
Chapter 40 Entering Changsha and settling in Hunan
Chapter 41 A small disturbance
Chapter 42 Lingnan is in sight
Chapter 43 Tokyo Sensation
Chapter 44 Listening to Huxiang
Chapter 45 Smart Yao Man
Chapter 46 Guo Rongs memorial
Chapter 47 Strategic Direction
Chapter 48 The pattern of Yaoman
Chapter 49 Medical Politics
Chapter 50 Envoys from the Southern Han Dynasty, celebration banquet
Chapter 51 Guo and his son
Chapter 52 The Kingdom of Witches and Officials
Chapter 53: Change the name of the country, remove the throne, become ministers and pay tribute
Chapter 54 Hiring Guo Nu
Chapter 55 Fu Sisters
Chapter 56 King Nanping asked me to wait
Chapter 57 Father and son dual phase, one family and two countries
Chapter 58 Guo Wei is sick again
Chapter 59: Advocacy on the Sickbed
Chapter 60 Everyone feels at ease
Chapter 61 The Northern Envoy Returns to the South
Chapter 62 The traitorous eunuch and the confused master
Chapter 63: You and your servants are enjoying themselves
Chapter 64 Peace is meant to be broken
Chapter 65 The problem of Kaifeng Fu Yin
Chapter 66 This winter is unusual
Chapter 67 Another old man
Chapter 68 Second Northern Inspection
Chapter 69 Conversation between husband and wife
Chapter 70 Arrangements for the Future Prime Minister
Chapter 71 On Liuhe Embankment
Chapter 72 Seeking fame without sacrificing ones life
Chapter 73 The Battle between Taoist Governments
Chapter 74 The root cause is in the government
Chapter 75 Concubine Gao
Chapter 76 Disposal Resolution
Chapter 77 Changes in Official Positions
Chapter 78 Cangzhou Mansion
Chapter 79 The Government of Chu Zhaofu
Chapter 80 Spring Night
Chapter 81 Fighting Han
Chapter 82 Waqiao Pass
Chapter 83 Choice
Chapter 84 Liu Chengyous decision
Chapter 85 Peace of mind
Chapter 86 The Heart of the Guardsman
Chapter 87 There are also worries
Chapter 88 Zhao Siwan has a long-term plan
Chapter 89 The importance of the kings kindness is frightening
Chapter 90 Escape safely
Chapter 91 Saying farewell and heading west
Chapter 92 Dingzhou Affairs
Chapter 93 Its over
Chapter 94 Lenins Disposal
Chapter 95 Zhending Mansion, Duke Shou
Chapter 96 Li Shaoyous new whereabouts
Chapter 97 Return to Jingxing
Chapter 98 Mountain Road
Chapter 99 The End of the Northern Patrol
Chapter 100 Rebellion in Guanzhong and Shu
Chapter 101 Chaotic Control
Chapter 102 Desperate Situation
Chapter 103: The leader of the thieves is fiercely defeated, and the army is ready to go
Chapter 104 Calm down
Chapter 105 Arrangements for the aftermath
Chapter 106 The reaction of the Tokyo court
Chapter 107 Li Xiang is in high spirits
Chapter 108 In the Privy Council
Chapter 109 In Chang'an
Chapter 110 Southwest General
Chapter 111 Suspend the desire to conquer Shu
Chapter 112 Arrangements before returning to Beijing
Chapter 113 Return of the Western Envoy
Chapter 114 Three Great Merits
Chapter 115 Situation in the Northwest
Chapter 116 Cool Gangua Sand
Chapter 117 One Picture and One Book
Chapter 118 Cotton
Chapter 119 Return to Beijing
Chapter 120 Many children, many blessings
Chapter 121 Dynasty
Chapter 122 The case is full of memorials
Chapter 123 The Suspicion of Kong
Chapter 124 Glossary
Chapter 125 Song Gong Pavilion
Chapter 126 The Sorrow of Close Ministers
Chapter 127 Imperial City Division
Chapter 128 Chaos in Shu
Chapter 129 The Han army conquers Shu
Chapter 130 The plan to conquer the Han Dynasty
Chapter 131 The plank road between Sichuan is defeated and the troops are in danger
Chapter 132 Xiang Xun is the commander-in-chief
Chapter 133 Good News
Chapter 134 East Route Army
Chapter 135: Surrender Good General
Chapter 136 Zhao Dushuai
Chapter 137 The detour teacher
Chapter 138 Breaking the Stronghold
Chapter 139 Wang Zhaoyuan: This is a fighter plane
Chapter 140 A great victory
Chapter 141 Surrender
Chapter 142 The Iron Cable Crosses the River
Chapter 143 Great Victory in Kuizhou
Chapter 144 Destroy Shu in two months?
Chapter 145 Disadvantages in Shu
Chapter 146 Some are happy and some are sad
Chapter 147 Meng Changs Awakening
Chapter 148 The Last Battle
Chapter 149 Lowering the List
Lets talk about two points briefly
This is the speech
Chapter 150 The Death of Shu
Chapter 151 Guangzheng Palace Discussion
Chapter 152 Depressed Chengdu
Chapter 153 Chaos is inevitable
Chapter 154 Never tolerate
Chapter 155 Reflections of the Han Emperor
Chapter 156 The King of Subjugation
Chapter 157 The emperor is having sex and the queen is furious
Chapter 158 Aftermath
Chapter 159
Chapter 160 Peace
Chapter 161
Chapter 162 Military Affairs
Chapter 163 The queen is sick, the choice of the heir apparent
Chapter 164 Shu Minister
Chapter 165 Arrangement, another veteran general
Chapter 166 The Crown Prince and the General
Chapter 167: Celebrate with each other
Chapter 168 The Lord of Jinling
Chapter 169 National Day Ceremony
Chapter 170 Royal Banquet
Chapter 171 Tokyo Fire
Chapter 172 Sichuan-Sichuan Customization, Zhong Mo Report
Chapter 173 Tokyo after many years of absence
Chapter 174 Old friendship
Chapter 175 Shu Ding, Triumph
Chapter 176: Catch the wind and wash away the dust
Chapter 177 Talking on the Same Couch
Chapter 178 Worship
Chapter 179 Tokyo Troubles, Surrender to Shuai
Chapter 180 Rewards
Chapter 181 In Qionglin Garden
Chapter 182 Conquest of Tang Dynasty
Chapter 183 Li Xiang is handsome
Chapter 184 Zhang Dejuns Report
Chapter 185 Zhao Li Case
Chapter 186 Death
Chapter 187 The Han Military Bureaucrat Landlord
Chapter 188 Follow-up
Chapter 189 Cant punish a doctor?
Chapter 190 The wind started at the end of Qingping
Chapter 191 Zhao Siwans betrayal
Chapter 192 Liao Emperors Southern Hunt
Chapter 193 The sense of worry among the upper echelons of the Liao Kingdom
Chapter 194 The strong man in Xiao Husis eyes
Chapter 195 Emperor Liao
Chapter 196 Strategic Discussion
Chapter 197 Decision!
Chapter 198 Turning Point
Chapter 199 General Yanmen
Chapter 200 Defending the Enemy
Chapter 201 Head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 202 Battle of Baicaokou
Chapter 203 The meaning of victory
Chapter 204 The Liao Emperors Disposition
Chapter 205 The South Campus Kings Strategy
Chapter 206 Zhao Siwan was arrested
Chapter 207 King Yans Thoughts
Chapter 208 The strategic dispute between North and South 2.0
Chapter 209 Everyone has his own opinion
Chapter 210 The person who makes the final decision
Chapter 211 Planning the Northern Expedition
Chapter 212 Wang Pu resigns
Chapter 213 Condescending
Chapter 214 A loyal minister speaks from the bottom of his heart
Chapter 215 Establishing the Crown Prince
Chapter 216 Issued an edict for the Northern Expedition
Chapter 217 A big fight
Chapter 218 The emperor has not yet arrived, but the fighting is already going on
Chapter 219 August War
Chapter 220 Killing Gao Mohan in Formation
Chapter 221 Famous Team
Chapter 222 Luan arrives in Youzhou
Chapter 223 Soothing people
Chapter 224 Strategy Direction
Chapter 225 Liaos Response
Chapter 226 The suffocating method of siege
Chapter 227 Breaking the city with force
Chapter 228 Great Victory in Tanzhou
Chapter 229 Yelvcongs suggestion
Chapter 230 Take the initiative
Chapter 231 Liao Armys Counterattack
Chapter 232 Battle at Nankou 1
Chapter 233 Battle at Nankou 2
Chapter 234 Battle at Nankou 3
Chapter 235 Battle at Nankou 4
Chapter 236 Battle at Nankou 5
Chapter 237 Battle at Nankou 6
Chapter 238 Battle at Nankou 7
Chapter 239 Battle at Nankou 8
Chapter 240 Battle at Nankou 9
Chapter 241 The battle ends here
Chapter 242 After the War
Chapter 243 Summary
Chapter 244 The prince goes to the army
Chapter 245: Next Step Strategy
Chapter 246 Where will the Liao army go?
Chapter 248 Retreat westward!
Chapter 248 Yelu Houses real advice
Chapter 249 All Quiet in Winter
Chapter 250 Its not easy for the young prince
Chapter 251 Two or three things this winter
Chapter 252 Two-sided offensive, four-pronged attack
Chapter 253 Other battlefields
Chapter 254 Yingzhou Army
Chapter 255 The situation of the Liao army is not optimistic
Chapter 256 Emperor Liaos decision
Chapter 257 Rebellion in Beijing
Chapter 258 The Han Armys Reaction
Chapter 259 Put yourself to death
Chapter 260 The plan to lure the enemy failed
Chapter 261 Rushing in pursuit
Chapter 262 The army approaches the city and is hard to contain when it returns.
Chapter 263 The ending of Shi Yanchao
Chapter 264 Yang Ye is even more behind
Chapter 265 Yang Wudi
Chapter 266 The Great Victory at Duanyunling
Chapter 267 Going to Yunzhou in person
Chapter 268 One city, one battle
Chapter 269 Love General
Chapter 270 Harassment, Attack
Chapter 271 The Tanzhou incident happens again
Chapter 272 The trapped beast still fights
Chapter 273 Yunzhou is defeated
Chapter 274 A grand burial
Chapter 275: Have fun with everyone
Chapter 276 The War at the Southern Foot of Yinshan Mountain
Chapter 277 Military and Political Arrangements
Chapter 278 Military Affairs
Chapter 279 The Three Heroes of the Year
Chapter 280 Before returning to Beijing
Chapter 281 Envoy to take office
Chapter 282 Song Qis strategy
Chapter 283 The Emperor returns to court
Chapter 284 Influence
Chapter 285 Housework
Chapter 286 Clan
Chapter 287
Chapter 288 Summary of the Palace Discussion
Chapter 289 Its hard to be the prime minister of Han Dynasty
Chapter 290 King Yan is in Beijing, military reform
Chapter 291 Rewards
Chapter 292 Prosperity and frustration
Chapter 293 Born from sorrow
Chapter 294 Tang and Guangdong Issues
Chapter 195 Zhangquan offers land
Chapter 296 Reaction
Chapter 297 Guilty Conscience
Chapter 298: Party policies
Chapter 299 The Situation of Liao Kingdom
Chapter 300 Lingzhou Change of Position
Chapter 301 The vassal officials leave the capital
Chapter 302 Major changes in the situation of the DPRK
Chapter 303 The fifteenth year of Qianyou
Chapter 304 The past three years
Chapter 305 Three Years of Liao Kingdom
Chapter 306 North Affairs
Chapter 307 Storm in the South Country
Chapter 308 New Rich
Chapter 309 General Jianghuai
Chapter 310 Captain of the Sea Route
Chapter 311 Old acquaintance
Chapter 312 Eradicated in one fell swoop
Chapter 313 Daily life
Chapter 314 The Number One Scholar in Renxu Branch
Chapter 315 The highest quality imperial examination
Chapter 316: There are two ways to become the number one scholar and to explore the beauty.
Chapter 317 Law Cultivation
Chapter 318 The princes are getting older
Chapter 319 The general dies young
Chapter 320 Man Yao surrenders
Chapter 321 Yao Nu
Chapter 322 The Chieftain System and Liao Envoys
Chapter 323 The second peace negotiation between Han and Liao
Chapter 324 Peace is paramount
Chapter 325 The peace treaty is concluded and Pingnan prepares
Chapter 326 Use veterans again
Chapter 327: Tongda Feeding, Quanzhou Civil War
Chapter 328 Default
Chapter 329 Touring the Market
Chapter 330 The common people
Chapter 331 Tailai Tower
Chapter 332: Party inspector angrily scolds a powerful man in the street
Chapter 333: Adopted Son, the Southern Expedition is Coming
Chapter 334: Issue an edict to Pingnan
Chapter 335 Triumphal Order, Liu Fang asks for orders
Chapter 336 How to lose this battle?
Chapter 337 A war of words in Beijing, a strategy to attack the heart
Chapter 338 Chengxintang is panic-stricken
Chapter 339 The Road to the Emperor of Ci
Chapter 340 Hangzhou Landing
Chapter 341 The enemy army is really useless
Chapter 342 Unstoppable
Chapter 343 Gradually suffocating situation
Chapter 344 Master Wang has crossed the river
Chapter 345 The Way of Governing the World
Chapter 346 Literary Character
Chapter 347 The Battle in Lingnan
Chapter 348 Pan Shuai welcomes enemy reinforcements
Chapter 249 Such an opponent
Chapter 350 Great Victory in Shaozhou
Chapter 351 Southern Guangdong is in danger!
Chapter 352 One hundred thousand Han troops surrounded Jinling
Chapter 353 Messenger
Chapter 354 Its time to discuss surrender
Chapter 355 Han Xizai is ready
Chapter 356 The prince rewards the army, the deadline has come
Chapter 357 The country is destroyed
Chapter 358 Peace of the Two Rivers
Chapter 359 This prince is not simple
Chapter 360 Presiding over the aftermath
Chapter 361 The magnanimity of the eldest son of the emperor
Chapter 362 The Treasure of Miyagi
Chapter 364 Passing the Korean Mansion
Chapter 364 Inside the Han Palace
Chapter 365 Privy Council Military and Government
Chapter 366 The Liao Army advances westward
Chapter 367 Its better to be steady
Chapter 368 Wu Yues ending is doomed
Chapter 369 The Emperor is Hard to Serve
Chapter 370 Liu Yuan
Chapter 371 To kill or not to kill?
Chapter 372 Emperor Lius Filial Piety
Chapter 373 Jinlings Sad Guest
Chapter 374 Treat it kindly
Chapter 375 From entrepreneurship to keeping a business
Chapter 376 Surrenders come one after another
Chapter 377 The Reign of Zhangquan
Chapter 378 Outside Dongshui Gate
Chapter 379 Unification of North and South
Chapter 380 Open Treasure
Chapter 1 What is Kaibao?
Chapter 2 Auspicious auspiciousness everywhere, direction of reform
Chapter 3 Brother-in-laws Report
Chapter 4 Southwest Affairs
Chapter 5 Wang Pu is gone
Chapter 7 Turmoil
Chapter 8 Yang Su returns to Beijing
Chapter 9 General Er also returns to Beijing
Chapter 10 An ordinary meeting
Chapter 11 Ceremony Day
Chapter 12 Intoxicating
Chapter 13 The whole city rejoices
Chapter 14 The Twenty-Four Heroes of Qianyou
Chapter 15 List
Chapter 16 New Lord System
Chapter 17 It turns out this is a feast
Chapter 18 Edict on national policy
Chapter 19 Han Xizai is impatient
Chapter 20 The common people can still discuss state affairs
Chapter 21 Trouble comes from the mouth
Chapter 22 Vanguard of Reform
Chapter 23 The Emperors Confidence
Chapter 24 Parade
Chapter 25 New Deal for Kaibao
Chapter 26 New Deal and Personnel
Chapter 27 The Twenty-Three Ways of the Great Han
Chapter 28: Officials of the Frontier
Chapter 29: The commander will be relieved of his duties.
Chapter 30 The Governance of Huxiang
Chapter 31 Bian Gong is in office
Chapter 32 Pizhou, the team migrating north
Chapter 33 Powerful
Chapter 34 Suffering
Chapter 35 Yangcun
Chapter 36 People from the West
Chapter 37 The Uighur Messenger
Chapter 38 The situation in Hexi has changed
Chapter 39 The Guiyi Army is determined to return home
Chapter 40 Ambition to Pioneering
Chapter 41 The War in the Western Regions
Chapter 42 The situation in Xizhou is in danger
Chapter 43 Emperor Liu trains his son
Chapter 44 The Diligent Jurchen
Chapter 45 Emperor Liu is in a bad mood
Chapter 46 Dissatisfaction and vigilance
Chapter 47 The Dingan incident in Goryeo
Chapter 48 Acceptance of Return
Chapter 49 Asking for help
Chapter 50 Make up your mind
Chapter 51 Edict to march westward
Chapter 52 Six Valley Riches
Chapter 53 Deletion of elixirs upon arrival
Chapter 54 The Uighurs take the initiative
Chapter 55 Up and Down the Mountain
Chapter 56 The first battle determines Hexi
Chapter 57 The turmoil in the court
Chapter 58 The Seventh Prince, Annan Issue
Chapter 59 The Emperor and the Prince
Chapter 60 Family Affairs, State Affairs
Chapter 61 Zhao Er becomes an official
Chapter 62 The Second Generation of Honorable Men
Chapter 63 Martial ethics plays a role
Chapter 64 Death of Uighur Khan
Chapter 65 The king and his ministers are in harmony
Chapter 66 Resignation? No!
Chapter 67 Liu Xus Marriage
Chapter 68 Wedding Banquet
Chapter 69 Death of Zhang Yanwei
Chapter 70 Duke Wei passes away
Chapter 71 The quelling of Wu Yues rebellion
Chapter 72 The Thunder Kings Struggle, the Current Situation in the Northwest
Chapter 73 Hidden dangers in the northwest
Chapter 74 The Khitan and Goryeo Incident
Chapter 75 Go, Yang Wudi!
Chapter 76 The Prince Returns to Beijing
Chapter 77 Pan Mei asks for help to defeat Annan
Chapter 78 North-South Concurrency
Chapter 79 Father and son ask questions
Chapter 80 Something went wrong with the brother-in-law at the birthday party
Chapter 81 Internal and external changes
Chapter 82 Four Major Events
Chapter 83 Concubine Hui and her son
Chapter 84 Xiazhou surrenders
Chapter 85 The aftermath of the dispute
Chapter 86 Confrontation with Nanchen
Chapter 87 Regarding Xia Sui
Chapter 88 The Emperors eldest grandson is born
Chapter 89 An Nandong Returns
Chapter 90 Recovering Cochin
Chapter 91 This is not easy to change
Chapter 92 Pay equal attention to both capitals
Chapter 93 Promotion
Chapter 94 Rugong comes out of the mountain
Chapter 95 The Queen remonstrates again
Chapter 96 The Fourth Tour
Chapter 97 Return to Liuhe
Chapter 98 Dispute on Fengchan
Chapter 99
Chapter 95 The Queen remonstrates again
Chapter 101 Liangshan Observes Government
Chapter 102 Current Situation of Liao Kingdom
Chapter 103 Wang Zhaoyuans insights
Chapter 104 Arriving at Licheng
Chapter 105 Interview one by one
Chapter 106 Return to the River
Chapter 107 Tour Gangnam
Chapter 108 Stopped Abruptly
Chapter 109 The Queen Mother dies
Chapter 110 Empress Ko Akihito
Chapter 111 Cotton rice, later disease
Chapter 112 Brothers
Chapter 113 Little hope
Chapter 114 Fan Zhidei, Emperor Buyu
Chapter 115 Two pieces of good news
Chapter 116 The Southwest Case
Chapter 117 New Luoyang City, Mangshan Hermit
Chapter 118: Face calm and heart moved
Chapter 119 Xingxijing
Chapter 120 Begin to deal with Liao Kingdom
Chapter 121 Ascending Qianyuan
Chapter 122 Southwest Chieftain
Chapter 123 Liu Xus mission, personal visit
Chapter 124 Target Dali
Chapter 125 Involved by the land issue
Chapter 126 Another Southern Expedition
Chapter 127 West Road Strange Soldiers
Chapter 128 Progress on the East Road
Chapter 129 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 130 Cangshan Erhai Lake
Chapter 131 Worries in the Political Hall
Chapter 132 No matter the cost
Chapter 133 Yanxi Station
Chapter 134 Wang Shi has conquered the enemy capital
Chapter 135 Banditry in the Northwest
Chapter 136 Understanding the Prince
Chapter 137 The harem thing
Chapter 138 Emperor Liu approved
Chapter 139 Han Chang Case
Chapter 140 Angry Zhao Kuangyin
Chapter 141 The Princes Reminder
Chapter 142 In Court
Chapter 143 The garden is filled with an atmosphere of ease
Chapter 144 Two choices
Chapter 145 Ending
Chapter 146 Intermarriage between relatives
Chapter 147 A sign of changes in the political situation
Chapter 148 Another minister, candidate for successor
Chapter 149: Expanding from the West to the South
Chapter 150 Two more
Chapter 151 Seven years of opening treasure
Chapter 152 Its February 2nd of another year
Chapter 153 Future General
Chapter 154 Lack of people for cultivated land
Chapter 155 The Slavery Debate
Chapter 156 The new situation in the court
Chapter 157 Liu Laosi
Chapter 158 Liu Fangs next work arrangements
Chapter 159 Balance in the Political Hall
Chapter 160 Three Young People
Chapter 161 The fifteenth son, the new man and the old man
Chapter 162: Jin Gongs travels to the south
Chapter 163 The Third Northern Patrol
Chapter 164 Return to Jinyang
Chapter 165 Old Residence
Chapter 166 Shi Xizais governance philosophy
Chapter 167 Rebuilding Yunzhong
Chapter 168 Stop the scenery
Chapter 169 The undercurrent of Liao politics
Chapter 170 Mobilization across the board
Chapter 171 Yelujing chooses to be conservative
Chapter 172 Its more like fighting
Chapter 173 Friendly exchanges between Han and Liao emperors
Chapter 174 Exposing each others weaknesses
Chapter 175 The stimulated Liao Emperor
Chapter 176 Declaration of War
Chapter 177 Concubine Yelu
Chapter 178 Hunting
Chapter 179 Yulin Yang Chonggui
Chapter 180 Complacency
Chapter 181 There were many complaints on the Western Patrol
Chapter 182 The Northernmost Point of Han Dynasty
Chapter 183 Small town with few people
Chapter 184 Lessons
Chapter 185 The Princes Psychological Burden
Chapter 186 Li Guojius tendency to fool the people
Chapter 187 Northern Xinjiang Prisoners
Chapter 188 The current situation of party members
Chapter 189 Are you still going?
Chapter 190 It cant be cured
Chapter 191 Follow the advice
Chapter 192 There are many emotions at the top of Guzang City
Chapter 193 Ludosun governs Hexi
Chapter 194 Difficulty in reducing taxes
Chapter 195 With this person, why should Hexi not be cured?
Chapter 196 Eight years after opening the treasure
Chapter 197 Still stubborn
Chapter 198 Changes in Liao Kingdom
Chapter 199 Death of Emperor Liao
Chapter 200 Who can succeed?
Chapter 201 The Protector of Qingtian
Chapter 202 Emperor Liu has arrived in Chang'an
Chapter 203 Gloating over misfortune
Chapter 204 The Northern Expedition is Determined
Chapter 205 The new king of Liao
Chapter 206 Objections are inevitable
Chapter 207 Return to Beijing
Chapter 208 The secret discussion between the monarch and his ministers
Chapter 209 Emperor Lius mind is still clear
Chapter 210 The question is, who will be the coach?
Chapter 211 The prince takes command
Chapter 212 Kaibao Northern Expedition
Chapter 213 Set off with cheers
Chapter 214 Yelvxian is preparing to rectify the Chao Gang
Chapter 215 My hands cant help but tremble
Chapter 216 Early Summer
Chapter 217 Camping in Youzhou
Chapter 218 Marching into the Army
Chapter 219 The Unreliable Emperor Liu
Chapter 220 As always, full support
Chapter 221 Attack on all fronts
Chapter 222 Concerns about eunuchs
Chapter 223 North and South Navy
Chapter 224 Devastated
Chapter 225 Its not enough to rely on the navy alone
Chapter 226: A Thousand Miles Collapse
Chapter 227 Sweeping the Peninsula
Chapter 228 Critical Situation
Chapter 229 The bloody battle in Jinzhou
Chapter 230 The pressure is not small
Chapter 231 Active adjustment
Chapter 232 The situation in the Western Region is excellent
Chapter 233 Han Riders Out of Absolute Territory
Chapter 234 Those who are good at fighting have no great achievements
Chapter 235 Its hard to be optimistic
Chapter 236: There is food in hand, no panic in mind
Chapter 237 Seventy-Nine Discords
Chapter 238 The emperor is still afraid of the queen
Chapter 239 Battle of Yaozhou
Chapter 240 The city collapsed
Chapter 241 The Fall of Jinzhou
Chapter 242 One general succeeds and thousands of bones wither
Chapter 243 March to Liaoyang
Chapter 244: A thorn in the back, like a lump in the throat
Chapter 245 Emperor Liaos Determination
Chapter 247 There is not much time left for Liaoyang
Chapter 247 Inspection
Chapter 248 Emperor Lius Little Notebook
Chapter 249 The Current Situation of Wude Division
Chapter 250 Actions on the Secret Front
Chapter 251 Duke Shou
Chapter 252 Meeting the Saint
Chapter 253 The Emperors Toast
Chapter 254 The Rarely Nagging Emperor Liu
Chapter 255 Social Practice
Chapter 256 The battle is still about logistics
Chapter 257 Dragon Boat
Chapter 258 Battle of Liaohe River, singing a triumphant song
Chapter 259 Liaodong Preliminary Decision
Chapter 260 On Son-in-law
Chapter 261 Too much advantage and too much confidence
Chapter 262: A wise concubine, adjust the direction
Chapter 263 Gao Li wants to reach out
Chapter 264 Strong Truth
Chapter 265 Planning Goryeo
Chapter 266 Relief to Liaodong
Chapter 267 The Kind and Honest Prince
Chapter 268 Opportunity
Chapter 269 Military Meeting
Chapter 270 Position
Chapter 271 Nip the threat in the bud
Chapter 272 The Abandoned Yelv Xiezhen
Chapter 273 Xiao Siwen ran away
Chapter 274: Fighting Jurchens, Shi Wei is still fine
Chapter 275 A Despairing Future
Chapter 276 The kings heart is unpredictable
Chapter 277 The different voices of the prince
Chapter 278 Give the boss a chance
Chapter 279 The loss of the Central Army
Chapter 280: Thinking about difficulties and preparing for war
Chapter 281 The entire army was wiped out?
Chapter 282 New situation, new stage
Chapter 283 Siege in the Clouds
Chapter 284 Lost
Chapter 285 A counterattack with a huge appetite
Chapter 286 You cant die
Chapter 287 The counterattack begins at Yehuling
Chapter 288 The head of the enemy chief is presented
Chapter 289 Good news is coming
Chapter 290 Let the Han flag fly in Beijing
Chapter 291 The Battle of Shanyang between Han and Liao Dynasties
Chapter 292 The End of the Northern Expedition 1
Chapter 293 The End of the Northern Expedition 2
Chapter 294 The End of the Northern Expedition 3
Chapter 295 The End of the Northern Expedition 4
Chapter 296 Three lingering sounds
Chapter 297 New Shanyang
Chapter 298 Things are revealed
Chapter 299 Tenderness
Chapter 300 They are in Jinshan
Chapter 301 Martial Arts Envoy becomes more and more uneasy
Chapter 302 Prince Xi comes to court
Chapter 303 Between Brothers
Chapter 304: Entering China, its hard to come back in this life
Chapter 305 The Princes Last Time in Liaodong
Chapter 206 The crux is difficult to solve
Chapter 307 General Lao Ma deserves the important task
Chapter 308 The teacher returns to court
Chapter 309 Hengjiao
Chapter 310 Political Rising Star
Chapter 311 Emperor Liu was also worried about the prince
Chapter 312 Dong Zuns troops came to Beijing
Chapter 313 The collapse of the Liao Kingdom is just around the corner
Chapter 314 Return to Beijing
Chapter 315 The haze in Qianyuan Palace
Chapter 316 The Queens Relief
Chapter 317 Emperor Liu is still the same Emperor Liu
Chapter 318: One hundred thousand families wear sackcloth and mourn
Chapter 319 Considerations of the tax system, Erzhi Shanyang
Chapter 320 See the opportunity and speak out, the power belongs to the center
Chapter 321 Fortunately, the Privy Council
Chapter 322 The Westward March Again
Chapter 323 Hidden dangers in the prosperous age
Chapter 324 Southern Foot of Jinshan Mountain
Chapter 325 Growth and Maturity
Chapter 326 The search will eventually yield results
Chapter 327 Faction
Chapter 328 Decision to cross the quicksand
Chapter 329 Storm in the Western Regions
Chapter 330 The last eastward march
Chapter 331 Emperor Liu marries a daughter, which has strong political implications
Chapter 332 Guangde Palace Wedding Banquet
Chapter 333 Your Honors Attitude
Chapter 334 Good news comes
Chapter 335 Goryeo surrendered
Chapter 336 Strange Circle
Chapter 337 If Emperor Liu does not die, how can the world be at peace?
Chapter 338 Chess Players and Chess Pieces
Chapter 339 If you dont ascend the throne, you will eventually be controlled by others.
Chapter 340 'General Category of Opening Treasures'
Chapter 341 Look at the money
Chapter 342 Killing Fat
Chapter 343 Mr. Zhao is in power
Chapter 344 Make a Bet
Chapter 345 Yulin Dog Meat Restaurant
Chapter 346 Bottom
Chapter 347 Cutting leeks
Chapter 348 Civil and Military Empowerment
Chapter 349 Side Affair
Chapter 350 Retirement Statement
Chapter 351 This is the only one in the whole dynasty
Chapter 352 The Imperial Envoy and His Adopted Son
Chapter 353 Smart Zhang Dejun
Chapter 354 The Royal Concubine, Mother and Son
Chapter 355 Special Hunting
Chapter 356 The Neglected Prince
Chapter 357 The Palace and the Clan
Chapter 358 The Liu Familys World
Chapter 359 The unpredictable psychology
Chapter 360 Hunting rabbits today, hunting enemies tomorrow
Chapter 361 'Dragon Palace'
Chapter 362 Expedient Measures
Chapter 362 Enfeoffment?
Chapter 364 The Prince Guards the Border
Chapter 365 Conclusion of Side Affairs
Chapter 366: Soldiers Return from Hundred Battles
Chapter 367: Grand Ceremony
Chapter 368 Honor and Favor
Chapter 369 Heroes and Generals
Chapter 370 Government Household Affairs
Chapter 370 National Law is Great
Chapter 372 Confessing the King
Chapter 373 Halfway through the nine years of opening the treasure
Chapter 374 Taishi Mountain
Chapter 375 Shaolin Temple
Chapter 376 Torture
Chapter 377 Its hard to know the blessings of a decision
Chapter 378 Current Situation of Liao Kingdom
Chapter 379 Xiao Siwen
Chapter 380 Conquer the Han
Chapter 381 Emperor Liu returns to Beijing
Chapter 382 The Khitans lost all the Northeast
Chapter 383 Support Wanyan Department?
Chapter 384 The emperors will remains unchanged
No. 385 Concierge Hotel
Chapter 386 Xiao Qing, get up
Chapter 387 The Khitans were finally beaten back to their original form
Chapter 388 Pros and Cons of the Examination System
Chapter 389 Palace Secrets
Chapter 390 Military Election Official Selection Customization
Chapter 391 The First General of the Han Dynasty
Chapter 392 Discussing the Enshrinement of Zen, Military Academy
Chapter 393
Chapter 394 Always on the road of suspicion
Chapter 395 Skyrocketing Salt Prices
Chapter 396 Released to Chengdu Prefecture
Chapter 397 The salt matter is tentatively decided
Chapter 398 Poppy
Chapter 399 Emperor Lius ambivalence
Chapter 400 Chai Rong is dead
Chapter 401 Old Guo Wei
Chapter 402 The prince has a daughter
Chapter 403 The Furious Prince
Chapter 404 Winter Night
Chapter 405 The House of the Twenty-Four Ministers is About to Fall
Chapter 406 Expansion of Influence
Chapter 407 One person is connected to another, one case is linked to another case
Chapter 408 Between Brothers
Chapter 409 The law does not punish the public
Chapter 410 Shooting the first bird
Chapter 411 Political Crisis
Chapter 412 We are not the same people
Chapter 413 Attitude and Declaration
Chapter 414 The clouds disappear and the sun rises
Chapter 415 The blood is coming
Chapter 416 Ending
Chapter 417 A celebration-like execution ground
Chapter 418 Emperor Liu invites you
Chapter 419 Emperor Lius treat
Chapter 420 Emperor Liu: The prince owes discipline
Chapter 421 Why not drink?
Chapter 422 Ive finished my words
Chapter 423 A fire does not mean the end
Chapter 424 Major adjustments at the end of Kaibaos ninth year
Chapter 425 Ten Years of Treasure Creation
Chapter 426 The Crown Prince is Still Making Progress
Chapter 427 The King of Jin wants to be a loyal minister
Chapter 428 King Zhaos new appointment
Chapter 429 The Escaped Khitan
Chapter 430 Emperor Liu tricks his grandson
Chapter 431 The Sorrow of Mrs. Huarui
Chapter 432 Personnel Power
Chapter 433 Hadith
Chapter 434 The heavy responsibility lies on our shoulders
Chapter 435 The Perfect Prime Minister
Chapter 436: Taking the platform at the top of Qianyuan
Chapter 437 A flood that is rare in twenty years
Chapter 438 Year of Flood Fighting and Disaster Relief
Chapter 439 Asking for fault
Chapter 440 Borrowing money again? No!
Chapter 441 Emperor Lius Property
Chapter 442 The warehouse is full of gold and jade, piled up like a mountain
Chapter 443 The plan came without any warning
Chapter 444 Asking for something but not getting it
Chapter 445: Donate money, natural disasters continue
Chapter 446 The Queen Arrives
Chapter 447 The Emperor is particularly good at introspection
Chapter 448 Emperor Liu: I dont need three thousand beauties
Chapter 449 The Bite Between Eunuchs
Chapter 450 Killing a Royal Relative
Chapter 451 Wanyan comes to court, the Northeast will be in chaos
Chapter 452 The Emperors Grandson
Chapter 353 The iconic figure of Chu Man naturalization
Chapter 454 The court is going to take heavy action
Chapter 455: Devotion to Xianggong Zhao
Chapter 456 The headstrong Emperor Liu
Chapter 457 Zhengzhou
Chapter 458 Return to Tokyo
Chapter 459 The dishonored Uncle Li Guo
Chapter 460 Emperor Lius biggest problem
Chapter 461 Excessive Grace
Chapter 462 Good governance back then
Chapter 463: There are also discarded talents in the current dynasty
Chapter 464 Feng Chans difficult delivery
Chapter 465 Liao traitor
Chapter 466 Economic Sanctions
Chapter 467 Xiao Siwens Value
Chapter 468 Hus Hidden Danger
Chapter 469 Inspection of Chanzhou
Chapter 470 The most difficult period has passed
Chapter 471 Waste of people and money
Chapter 472 Huge momentum
Chapter 473 Behave and stand up
Chapter 474 Position
Chapter 475 Discord between Zhao and Lu
Chapter 476 Internal and external party colleagues
Chapter 477 March 10th
Chapter 478: Dengfeng and surrender
Chapter 1 The Aftertaste of Feng Chan
Chapter 2 Hearing the sound of drums
Chapter 3 Unfair selection of scholars
Chapter 4 Li Fangs night visit to the East Palace
Chapter 5 Emperor Lius test comes again
Chapter 6 pales in comparison
Chapter 7 Unsatisfactory second trial result
Chapter 8 Is this the truth?
Chapter 9 is well written!
Chapter 10 How to deal with it
Chapter 11 Emperor Lius Thoughts on the Rule of Law
Chapter 12 Such comfort
Chapter 13 Voice of the Market
Chapter 14 The Imperial City Division is in action
Chapter 15 The villains behavior
Chapter 16 All kinds of feelings in my heart
Chapter 17 The board finally falls
Chapter 18 When Emperor Liu sneezed, the court was shocked.
Chapter 19: Removing Two Honorable Men
Chapter 20 Shiwei Jurchen War
Chapter 21 The sixth child has grown up too
Chapter 22 A loving fathers care
Chapter 23 The battle between Shiwei and Jurchen ends, and clan members have no privileges
Chapter 24 The Princes New Marriage
Chapter 25 Xiao Yanyans Story
Chapter 26: Persist in being a loyal minister of the Han Dynasty
Chapter 27 Father and Son Discussion
Chapter 28 The Prince Guards the Border
Chapter 29 Lao Jiuhun is alone
Chapter 30 Leniency in Sentences and Simplified Administration
Chapter 31 Farewell
Chapter 32 The Princes Arrangements
Chapter 33 Guangdong and Guangxi Movement
Chapter 34 Three Tieli Battles
Chapter 35 The destruction of Shiwei
Chapter 36: Ambush in the Northeast
Chapter 37 Disputes in the Court
Chapter 38 Let it be troubled
Chapter 39 A Centennial Plan
Chapter 40 The Ridiculous Prince
Chapter 41 King of Goryeo
Chapter 42 Its rare to be positive
Chapter 43 The eldest princess is back
Chapter 44 Disadvantages
Chapter 45 Public Security
Chapter 46 The Prince Consorts Up and Down Strategies
Chapter 47 The pressure brought by the 800,000-strong army
Chapter 48 Conflicts everywhere
Chapter 49 Anton Governors Mansion
Chapter 50 Good News
Chapter 51 There should be some 'expression'
Chapter 52 The kind approach
Chapter 53 Military Reform
Chapter 54 Military System Reform 2
Chapter 55 How virtuous and capable am I, Zhao Kuangyin?
Chapter 56 Confidential Talk
Chapter 57 The Yangzhou case has a result
Chapter 58 When the Crown Prince and the Prime Minister jointly target
Chapter 59: Demotion in the Ming Dynasty but promotion in reality
Chapter 60 Beating Hard
Chapter 61 Concubine Shu is critically ill
Chapter 62 Between misfortune and blessing
Chapter 63 The second half of the thirteenth year of Kaibao
Chapter 64 Things are uneasy
Chapter 65 Emperor Lius Suspicion
Chapter 66 Business blowback
Chapter 67 Posthumous Statement
Chapter 68 Feeling chilled or not?
Chapter 69 Duke Yu is also gone
Chapter 70 Anton Development 1
Chapter 71 Anton Development 2
Chapter 72 Anton Development 3
Chapter 73 Anton Development 4
Chapter 74 The Rise of East Asian Pirates
Chapter 75 Aolai Town
Chapter 76 Inspection
Chapter 77 Scary
Chapter 78 Anton is not a simple place
Chapter 79 'Battle of Fuyuan'
Chapter 80 Beijing View
Chapter 81 Jiaqing Festival and the Princes Troubles
Chapter 82 Contradiction
Chapter 83 The Role of the Prince
Chapter 84 Warning
Chapter 85 Relief
Chapter 86 Gray beard and hair
Chapter 87 Brothers
Chapter 88 Nursery Rhymes
Chapter 89 Conversation
Chapter 90 King Anton?
Chapter 91 Treasure Opening Today
Chapter 92 Long Live Palace Banquet
Chapter 93 Voices from Place
Chapter 94 The rhythm of war
Chapter 95 Big Shuffle
Chapter 96 Emperor Liu is the Dinghai Divine Needle
Chapter 97 Xizhou
Chapter 98 Chase
Chapter 99 Two companies in full confrontation
Chapter 100 Hexi Major Case
Chapter 101 Is this the prosperous age of treasure creation?
Chapter 102 Under the Fury
Chapter 103 Strong, Conspiracy
Chapter 104 Secret Communication Style
Chapter 105 Lu Duoxun is anxious
Chapter 106: Overthrow Zhao
Chapter 107 Lu Duoxun: Its time for Zhao Pu to fall too
Chapter 108: Being afraid after knowing it later
Chapter 109 Daxiangguo Temple
Chapter 110 Confession
Chapter 111 If the Wude Division is like this, what about the Imperial City Division?
Chapter 112 Gloating over misfortune
Chapter 113 The ten-year war has come to an end
Chapter 114 Daichokai
Chapter 115 Fifteen Charges
Chapter 116 The entire court was shocked
Chapter 117 Zhao Kuangyi also panicked
Chapter 118 Search
Chapter 119 Difficult to Trial
Chapter 120 It doesnt matter whether we form a party or not
Chapter 121 Dissent between father and son
Chapter 122: Mutual Punishment
Chapter 123 Implication is inevitable
Chapter 124 Overseas Expansion
Chapter 125 The Illiterate General
Chapter 126 The first prime minister to be killed
Chapter 127 Breaking the Unwritten Rules
Chapter 128 Death of Prime Minister Kaibao
Chapter 129 Honors and Bureaucrats
Chapter 130 Suppression of Bandits in the Northwest
Chapter 131 The Sand Bandit
Chapter 132 Lu Nan and Yuan Ke
Chapter 133 The humble warrior warrior
Chapter 133 Western Expedition!
Chapter 134 The Suffering Prime Minister
Chapter 135 Zhao Family Father and Son
Chapter 136 Unable to advance or retreat
Chapter 137 Zhao Pus Dark Materials
Chapter 139 Yinzhou Rebellion
Chapter 140 The murderous intention arises
Chapter 141 Father-Son Relationship
Chapter 142 The Death of the Martial Artist
Chapter 143 Li Chongju returns
Chapter 144 The East Palace family affairs are declining one after another
Chapter 145 The corrupt assimilation policy
Chapter 146 Huang Yangping
Chapter 147 Opportunities for the middle and lower classes
Chapter 148 The Third Western Expedition
Chapter 1674 Outbreak
Chapter 1675 Bloody Battle
Chapter 1676 Tragic
Chapter 1677 Military Discussions and War Weapons
Chapter 1678 Conservation and Expansion
Chapter 1679 The prince is involved in military affairs
Chapter 1680 The Loyal Minister and Dutiful Son King of Korea
Chapter 1681 The battle between land and sea
Chapter 1682 The permanent cure
Chapter 1683 The Rectification of Wu Desi
Chapter 1684 Xizhou is restored
Chapter 1685 Stable to the End
Chapter 1686 King Yong returns to Beijing
Chapter 1687 Imperial Examination in Guiwei Year
Chapter 1688 The importance of Nanyang
Chapter 1689 High Standard
Chapter 1690 Jigsaw Puzzle
Chapter 1691 King Jins achievements
Chapter 1692 The Spice Road Memorial of the King of Wei
Chapter 1693 King Anxi
Chapter 1694 Yanzhou
Chapter 1695 Yuanjiazhuang
Chapter 1696 Hiding troops from the people
Chapter 1697 Ready to make a move
Chapter 1698 A guilty conscience
Chapter 1699 Rectifying the Northwest
Chapter 1700 The state is not guilty
Chapter 1701 Surfaced
Chapter 1702 The Prince with a Headache
Chapter 1703 Relieved
Chapter 1704 Inside Chongzheng Hall
Chapter 1705 The emperor and his ministers became ruthless
Chapter 1706: Picking up the missing pieces and fixing the gaps
Chapter 1707
Chapter 1708 Pattern
Chapter 1709 Being distracted
Chapter 1710 Zhao Pus Resignation
Chapter 1711 King Zhao performs his duties
Chapter 1712 The inside story of the traitor
Chapter 1713 Opportunity
Chapter 1714 People suffer
Chapter 1715: Within our capabilities
Chapter 1716 The Era of Co-Governance
Chapter 1717 Guo Wei finally left
Chapter 1718 The dispute between grandson and grandson has already begun.
Chapter 1719 Dare to talk about any taboo things
Chapter 1720 Silence
Chapter 1721 Nothing is more real than being warm and full
Chapter 1722 Bloody Yulin
Chapter 1723 King Qins request
Chapter 1724 Although the rebels were defeated, the blockade continued
Chapter 1725: Knowing the Small Things
Chapter 1726 How can the people be at peace?
Chapter 1727 The governor is taking a concubine
Chapter 1728 New Deal to Benefit the People
Chapter 1729 The Princes Question
Chapter 1730 One level suppresses the other
Chapter 1731 A wisp of melancholy
Chapter 1732 Emperor Lius reaction
Chapter 1733 Wang Qian is going to be in trouble
Chapter 1734 Head=reward
Chapter 1735 Silent Yulin
Chapter 1736 Test Cannon
Chapter 1737 One of the Hundred Relics of the Living People
Chapter 1738 The traitor is crowned and prepares to withdraw his troops
Chapter 1739 The stimulated Thirteenth Prince
Chapter 1740 Peasants are suffering
Chapter 1741 Pressure Transfer
Chapter 1742 People from Mobei
Chapter 1743 There is still a threshold for surrender
Chapter 1744 This road is blocked
Chapter 1745 Tokyo Explosion
Chapter 1746 I need a justifiable reason
Chapter 1747 Its normal to have an accident, right?
Chapter 1748 Emergency Mechanism
Chapter 1749 Training Khitan
Chapter 1750 'Peach Orchid Fu'
Chapter 1751 Its over
Chapter 1752 Let go
Chapter 1753 A century of national destiny+
Chapter 1754 Talent is hard to control
Chapter 1755 Liangping Island
Chapter 1756 Haifeng
Chapter 1757 Honorable Disciples
Chapter 1758 Relationship Management
Chapter 1759 The way to make money
Chapter 1760 Bored King Yong
Chapter 1761 New Question
Chapter 1762 Khitan Coup
Chapter 1763 Resigning from office for the second time
Chapter 1764 Forbidden Sedan
Chapter 1765 Three Dukes
Chapter 1766 Bad news one after another, the queen is critically ill
Chapter 1767 Panic
Chapter 1768 Collapse
Chapter 1769 Influence
Chapter 1770 Gotta kill some people
Chapter 1771 King Xiangyang
Chapter 1772 Disposal
Chapter 1773 Questioning
Chapter 1774 Another appearance
Chapter 1775 Adjustment
Chapter 1776 In the Palace of Prince Dongping
Chapter 1777 The Curtain Call of King Dongping
Chapter 1778 The Han Dynasty no longer needs any king with a different surname
Chapter 1779 The Four Kings Completed
Chapter 1780 Invasion of the Black Khanate
Chapter 1781 Danger often comes from behind
Chapter 1782 Greetings Hundreds of Years Later
Chapter 1783 Dai Xiao enters Broken Leaf
Chapter 1784 The End and the Beginning
Chapter 1785: Rule begins with de-communization
Chapter 1786 Hateful appearance
Chapter 1787 Tell a joke, tell an interesting story
Chapter 1788 Lets discuss business
Chapter 1789 'Monkey''s reaction
Chapter 1790 Worry
Chapter 1791 Things will happen in the future
Chapter 1792 Anxis request
Chapter 1793 Another fourth-grade official is gone
Chapter 1794 King Wei is back
Chapter 1795 Father and son talk at night
Chapter 1796 Emperor Lius support
Chapter 1797 Blood-sucking Auction
Chapter 1798 No good banquet
Chapter 1799 Hangover Troubles
Chapter 1800 Kou Laoxis first advice
Chapter 1801 Its still a land issue
Chapter 1802: Sit tight and have a correct attitude
Chapter 1803 Sports
Chapter 1804 Angrily scolding the prince
Chapter 1805 Every day is like a year, Prince Consort Zhang Jing
Chapter 1806 Yanyan, give me some advice
Chapter 1807 Everyone is unkillable
Chapter 1808: Losing a Daughter in Old Age
Chapter 1809 Farewell
Chapter 1810 The army must seek stability
Chapter 1811 Return
Chapter 1812 The changes in Mizhou under the tide
Chapter 1813 King Yong should not be the first person
Chapter 1814 Lao Jiu committed another crime
Chapter 1815 Insights from Persia
Chapter 1816 The evolution of a distinguished family
Chapter 1817 Shake people? The big men followed together
Chapter 1818 A loving mother loses her son
Chapter 1819 How can anyone be really stupid? Its just a matter of personality
Chapter 294 Brakes, war drums sound by the Broken Leaf River
Chapter 295 Difficult
Chapter 296 Missing people
Chapter 297 Strange Circle
Chapter 298: The King gives up his prime ministership
Chapter 299 Tell me one by one
Chapter 300 Unified Local Taxation
Chapter 301 Starting from Qingzhang Land
Chapter 302 There are some things that only I can do
Chapter 303 Zhao Pu goes north
Chapter 304 Chuzhou
Chapter 305 Local Current Situation under the Old Tax System
Chapter 306 For the needs of rule
Chapter 307 The plan was perfect, but it failed in the end
Chapter 308 Eat well and drink well
Chapter 309: Accounting for funeral arrangements
Chapter 310 All kinds of things
Chapter 311 Li Hang
Chapter 312 The middle palace is suspended, Zhao Pu claims power
Chapter 313 King Jin
Chapter 313 Prince Jins Family
Chapter 314 A huge crowd
Chapter 315 Zhao Kuangyi has a bold idea
Chapter 316 Stop pretending
Chapter 317 This villa is still not built anymore
Chapter 318 Only the fruits remain
Chapter 319 Trusting each other with important responsibilities
Chapter 320 Reform Leader
Chapter 321 Contradiction
Chapter 322 Tit for tat
Chapter 323 Fighting
Chapter 324 Confession
Chapter 325 The referee exits the game
Chapter 326 Emperor Lius Attitude
Chapter 327 Relatively fair
Chapter 328 Reform deepens
Chapter 329 Yangzhai Landlord
Chapter 325 The referee exits the game
Chapter 321 Reasonable Tax Avoidance
Chapter 322 What Im Really Proud of
Chapter 323 The Wisdom of Dang Hou
Chapter 334 Confession
Chapter 335: Put it on yourself
Chapter 336 Proposing
Chapter 337 Privilege
Chapter 338 Dispute
Chapter 339 That kick
Chapter 340 Conclusion
Chapter 341 Good intentions
Chapter 342 Sensitive Emperor Liu
Chapter 343 The Eunuchs Young Mansion
Chapter 344 Liu Gui Reform
Chapter 345 Exploiters
Chapter 346 The Emperors Mercy
Chapter 347 Conversation
Chapter 348 The Old Emperor
Chapter 349 The Holy Emperor Passes Through the House
Chapter 350 The Beginning of Enfeoffment
Chapter 351 Lin Yiguo
Chapter 352: The heir of another generation makes waves again
Chapter 353 The Great Victory in Yangcheng
Chapter 354 The one holding back is in the court
Chapter 355 Reason belongs to reason, and the battle must be fought
Chapter 356 Trials and Tests
Chapter 357 Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet
Chapter 358 Holding a vermilion pen
Chapter 359 The Night of Shangyuan
Chapter 360 Dominate the world
Chapter 361 Anton Kingdom
Chapter 362 Xinqi and Xinchu
Chapter 363 Anxis slow closure
Chapter 364 Silence
Chapter 365 Looking down
Chapter 366 Anton is different!
Chapter 367 The voice below
Chapter 368 The Dissent of the Prime Ministers
Chapter 369 Come to the door
Chapter 370 His ambition is very strong
Chapter 371 Condolences = Farewell
Chapter 372 Speak normally!
Chapter 373 Forced to Help
Chapter 374 Overthrow and start over
Chapter 375 Privy Guos audience
Chapter 376 Countermeasures
Chapter 377 Nanyang Strategy
Chapter 378 Heart-to-heart talk between father and son
Chapter 379 The edict is issued
Chapter 380 Rao Leguo
Chapter 381 The Hall of Heroes
Chapter 382 I know you are dissatisfied
Chapter 383 Open Talk
Chapter 384 Reaction
Chapter 385 Resentment, choice
Chapter 386 Viewing from a Development Perspective
Chapter 387 Return to the country
Chapter 388 Minister in Tubo
Chapter 389 Enfeoffment or not
Chapter 390: Reduction Policy, Climb That Mountain
Chapter 391 Hidden Arrow
Chapter 392 Rescue
Chapter 393 Where did the money go?
Chapter 394 Still owes foreign debt
Chapter 395 Big Businessman
Chapter 396 Ceiling
Chapter 397 Guidance
Chapter 398 Change your mind
Chapter 399 Pay off the debt
Chapter 400 No Guarantee for the Late Festival
Chapter 401 Death of Wang Yansheng
Chapter 402 This is not over yet
Chapter 403 Catch him!
Chapter 404: Innocent Uncle Li Guo
Chapter 405 Yang Lus audience
Chapter 406 Transfer
Chapter 407 Trouble
Chapter 408 Stupid Son
Chapter 409 Can two thousand strings bring about a huge relationship?
Chapter 410 Restraint
Chapter 411 The official affairs of the yaw
Chapter 412 Two Kings
Chapter 412 The ending is already determined
Chapter 413 Sharing food
Chapter 414 Thats it
Chapter 415 The Emperors Grandson Returns
Chapter 416 Interview
Chapter 417 Frivolous
Chapter 418 Baptism
Chapter 419 Leaving the palace, bad news
Chapter 420 Losing a son in old age
Chapter 421 King Xiao of Liang
Chapter 422 The first winter in Andong Kingdom
Chapter 423 The dignitaries of Andong Kingdom
Chapter 424 Life is immortal
Chapter 425 The Prince of Andong Kingdom
Chapter 426 King Rao Le visits
Chapter 427 Rao Leguos Dilemma
Chapter 428 Careful
Chapter 429 Xiangnan!
Chapter 430 Death of King Anton
Chapter 431: Can you rest assured about the Tubo Rebellion?
Chapter 432 Things are different now
Chapter 433: Keep a low profile and bide your time
Chapter 434 It has to be Wang Yucheng
Chapter 435 Its still a worse era
Chapter 436 True and Cruel
Chapter 437 Opportunity for change
Chapter 438 Involvement with the Prince
Chapter 439 Being a villain in vain
Chapter 440 Panic
Chapter 441 The Denwen drum sounds again
Chapter 442: Targeted
Chapter 443 The Imperial City Envoy is in Danger
Chapter 444 Speculator
Chapter 445 The old emperor cant sit still anymore
Chapter 446 Flowing Light Garden
Chapter 447 The situation is not good
Chapter 448 The prince still stands firm
Chapter 449 Emperor vs. Prince
Chapter 450 The End
Chapter 451 Both died
Chapter 452 The Western Expedition is finally over
Chapter 453 The hero who poured water into the treasure
Chapter 454 New King Anton
Chapter 455 Insights
Chapter 456 The legacy
Chapter 457 Whitewashing
Chapter 458 Xiaoqi, King Yongs words
Chapter 459 Frustration
Chapter 460: Concubine Hui like her father asks for a title
Chapter 461 Madness?
Chapter 462: Chicken feathers all over the place
Chapter 463 Anxi standing at the crossroads
Chapter 464 Ganzhou Yang Family
Chapter 465 'Teaching Bandits'
Chapter 466 Urgent need for change
Chapter 467 Further measures to cure the root cause
Chapter 468 Believing in religion and not keeping ones head
Chapter 469 Four Major Transformations, Camp Reform
Chapter 470 Enfeoffment
Chapter 471 Starting anew
Chapter 472 How can one mountain accommodate three tigers?
Chapter 473 Brothers settle accounts clearly
Chapter 474 The leak-tender
Chapter 475 The man-eating Helong prepares for disasters
Chapter 476: Zhao Kuangyi stayed in Taiwan and the bell rang
Chapter 477 Honor the Queen
Chapter 478 Twenty-nine years of opening treasure
Chapter 479 Twenty-Nine Years of Kai Bao 2
Chapter 480 New Countermeasures
Chapter 481 Palace
Chapter 482 Li
Chapter 483 Southern Tour
Chapter 484 Something is wrong!
Chapter 485 Old Emperor: Check if there is any problem
Chapter 486 Death of Li Yu
Chapter 487 'Surprise'
Chapter 488 Reality
Chapter 489 It doesnt end well
Chapter 490 The royal banquet continues, Wang Qinruo
Chapter 491 A mere ninth grader dares to reach the sky
Chapter 492 The incident happened
Chapter 493 The performance in front of the emperor
Chapter 494 Let it go gently
Chapter 495 The Formation of the Market
Chapter 496: People who make progress when they make progress
Chapter 497 Regain
Chapter 498 The first encounter in sixty years
Chapter 499 Some things never change
Chapter 500 The old emperor is 'sick' again
Chapter 501 The Last Journey 1
Chapter 502 The Last Journey 2
Chapter 503 The Last Journey 3
Chapter 504 The Last Journey 4
Chapter 505 The Last Journey 5
Chapter 506 The Last Journey 6
Chapter 507 A sigh
Chapter 508 The Last Journey 7
Chapter 509 The Last Journey 8
Chapter 510 The Last Journey 9
Chapter 511 The Last Journey 10
Chapter 512 The Last Journey 11
Chapter 513 The Last Journey 12
Chapter 514 The Last Journey 13
Chapter 515 The Last Journey 14
Chapter 516 The Last Journey 15
Chapter 517 The Last Journey 16
Chapter 518 The Last Journey 17
Chapter 519 The Last Journey 18
Chapter 520 The Last Journey 19
Chapter 521 The Last Journey 20
Chapter 522 The Last Journey 21
Chapter 523 Return to Beijing
Chapter 524 Final Chapter
Taizong Chapter 1 Change of Heaven
Taizong Chapter 2 Emperor Shizu
Chapter 522 The Last Journey 21
Taizong Chapter 4 The Last Farewell
Taizong Chapter 5 Yongxi
Taizong Chapter 6: One Emperor and One Courtier
Taizong Chapter 7 Kaibao Lao Chen
Taizong Chapter 8 Principality
Taizong Chapter 9 Interlude on Yankang Street
Taizong Chapter 10 Two Kings
Taizong Chapter 11 The meeting of the kings in Taihe Tower
Taizong Chapter 12 Emperor Yongxi
Chapter 13 of Taizong is not that simple
Taizong Chapter 14: Left to Right
Taizong Chapter 15 Lively Night
Taizong Chapter 16 Listen to my brothers advice
Taizong Chapter 17: Compromising, pretending to be stupid, going astray
Taizong Chapter 18: Shifting Position
Chapter 19 of Emperor Taizong: Calming the Troubles
Taizong Chapter 20: Fighting for the Prefecture in the First Year
Chapter 21 Taizong Chapter 21 His mind is unpredictable
Chapter 22 Taizong Chapter 22 Grand Ceremony
Chapter 23 Taizong Chapter 23 Tax reform entering the deep water area
Chapter 24 Taizong Chapter 24 The rebound begins
Chapter 25 Taizong Chapter 25 The Emperor is Hard to Bully
Chapter 26 Taizong Chapter 26 Yellow River Port
Chapter 27 Taizong Chapter 27 Loyal ministers, virtuous gentry, frequent tricks
Chapter 28 Taizong Chapter 28 Jiannan 'played' and got off
Chapter 29 Taizong Chapter 29 Uprising in Shu
Taizong Chapter 30, the second year of Yongxi
Chapter 30 Taizong Chapter 31 Newspaper Siege of Chengdu
Chapter 31 Taizong Chapter 32 The Royal Power is Poured in Flesh and Blood
Chapter 33 Taizong Chapter 33 Yongxi Era
Chapter 34 Taizong Chapter 34 Jiaqing Today, Touring the Southwest
Chapter 35 Taizong Chapter 35 Success is also a compromise
Chapter 36 Taizong Chapter 36 The Great Han in the New Era (Part 1)
Chapter 37 Taizong Chapter 37 The Great Han in the New Era (Part 2)
Chapter 38 Taizong Chapter 38 The Great Han in the New Era (Part 2)
Chapter 39 Taizong Chapter 39 The Beginning of the Kingdom of Wu
Chapter 40 Taizong Chapter 40 The Reign of Yongxi
Chapter 41 Taizong Chapter 41 'Yi Zheng Building', the wind of rectification
Chapter 42 Taizong Chapter 42 Three Appointments
Chapter 43 Taizong Chapter 43 The World in the Shadow of the Han Dynasty (Part 1)
Chapter 44 Taizong Chapter 44 The World in the Shadow of the Han Dynasty (Part 2)
Chapter 45 Taizong Chapter 45 Resurrection to seize the throne
Chapter 46 Taizong Chapter 46 Arms Sales Privy Council Changes
Chapter 47 Taizong Chapter 47 The World in the Shadow of the Han Dynasty (Part 2)
Chapter 48 Taizong Chapter 48 Yongxi Ninth Year
Chapter 49 Taizong Chapter 49 The Birth of the Magic City
Chapter 50: Chapter 50 of Taizong Chapter 50: The Hunting of the Sky
Chapter 51 Taizong Chapter 51 The Prince
Chapter 52 Taizong Chapter 52 King Linzi
Chapter 53 Taizong Chapter 53 Late Night
Chapter 54 Taizong Chapter 54 The Emperors Approval
Chapter 55 The End of Taizong The End of an Era
Chapter 56 Kangzong Chapter 1 The young master ruled the country and enjoyed peace for half a year
Chapter 2 Kangzong Chapter 2 The Era of Assistant Government
Chapter 2 Kangzong Chapter 3 The Leading Incident
Chapter 3 Kangzong Chapter 4 Emperor Anle
Chapter 3 Kangzong Chapter 5 The counterattack begins
Chapter 4 Kangzong Chapter 6 Defeat Lu Fengbo
Chapter 4 Kangzong Chapter 7 The Queen Mother and the Concubine
Chapter 5 Kangzong Chapter 8 The Key Government of the Marquis Mansion
Chapter 6 Kangzong Chapter 8 Continued Family Chess
Chapter 7 Kangzong Chapter 9 Pingkang Era
Chapter 8 Kangzong Chapter 10 The old minister is late
Chapter 9 Kangzong Chapter 11 The Era of Co-Government
Chapter 10 Kangzong Chapter 12 Hunting the Emperor
Chapter 13 Kangzong Chapter 13 The disease of the empire, the emperor has no descendants
Chapter 14 Kangzong Chapter 14 A minister also chooses a king, between brothers
Chapter 15 Kangzong Chapter 15 Hidden Dragon in the Deep
Chapter 16: The End of Kangzongs Eight Years in Reign, Indolence and No Achievements
Chapter 9 Sejong Chapter 1 Who will succeed the throne?
Chapter 9 Sejong Chapter 2 The Only Conclusion
Chapter 2 Sejong Chapter 3 Different Temperaments
Chapter 2 Sejong Chapter 4 Empire Territory, Queuing to Die
Chapter 3 Sejong Chapter 5 Anton is uneasy
Chapter 3 Sejong Chapter 6 The next minister
Chapter 4 Sejong Chapter 7 Conflict between Han and Jin
Chapter 5 Sejong Chapter 8 Entering the New Era
Chapter Six Sejong Chapter 9 Duangong Three Years
Chapter 7 King Sejong Chapter 10 Three Years of Duan Gong
Chapter 8 King Sejong Chapter 11 The University of Political Science and Law
Chapter 12 King Sejong 12 Storms in Central Asia (Part 1)
Chapter 13 King Sejong Chapter 13 Storms in Central Asia (Part 2)
Chapter 14 King Sejong Chapter 14 Storm in Central Asia (Part 2)
Chapter 15 Sejong Chapter 15 Battle of Mingcheng in Central Asia
Chapter 16 Sejong Chapter 16 The End of the Troubles in Central Asia
Chapter 17 Sejong Chapter 17 Management of the Domain Affairs
Chapter 18 Sejong Chapter 18 The Emperors Will
King Sejong Chapter 19 The hero is late
Sejong Chapter 20 Liu Min is gone
Chapter 21 Sejong Chapter 21 King Kangs final song
Chapter 22 Sejong Chapter 22 The third year of Jianlong
Chapter 23 Sejong Chapter 24 The old nobles and the new nobles, the meeting of kings
Chapter 24 King Sejong Chapter 25 New Testament of King Sejong
Chapter 25 Sejong Chapter 26 Prime Minister of Beiting
Chapter 26 Sejong Chapter 27 Nanyang Gouwu
Chapter 27 Sejong Chapter 28 The City of Dawn, the Elderly White Dragon
Chapter 28 Sejong Chapter 29 Black Industry
Chapter 29 Sejong Chapter 30 A quick turn of history
Chapter 30 Sejong Chapter 31 The Sixth War between Han and Yi in the Sixth Year of Jianlong
Chapter 31 Sejong Chapter 32 Dominate Central Asia in the Sixth Year of Jianlong
Chapter 32 Sejong Chapter 33 The “Crownation” of the Heavenly King, the Founder
Chapter 33 Sejong Chapter 34 Triggered by 'Labor Export'
Chapter 34 Sejong Chapter 35 Andong Incident
Chapter 35 Sejong Chapter 36 The Different Wanyan Department
Chapter 36 Sejong Chapter 37 Ending of Chapter 36
Chapter 37 Sejong Chapter 38 King Andong’s Will
Chapter 38 Sejong Chapter 39 Kou Zhun Resigns as Prime Minister
Chapter 39: King Sejong Chapter 40: Death of the King, Empire Ten
Chapter 40 Sejong Chapter 41 The Law of the Empire
Chapter 41 Sejong Chapter 42 The haze behind the great prosperity
Chapter 42 Sejong Chapter 43 Namding Southwest
Chapter 43: King Sejong Chapter 44: Storm in Mobei, Khitan destroys the country
Chapter 44 Sejong Chapter 45 Conflict between Han and Jin
Chapter 45 Sejong Chapter 46 Beiding Mobei
Chapter 46 Sejong Chapter 47 Fengchan
Chapter 47 Sejong Chapter 48 The eighteenth year of Jianlong
Chapter 48 Sejong Chapter 49 The emperor dies late and the prince dies early
Chapter 49 Sejong Chapter 50 Whose Family Will the Flower Become?
Chapter 50 Sejong Chapter 51 The Emperor’s Grandson
Chapter 51 The End of King Sejong’s Death
Chapter 52 Renzong Chapter 1 The Orthodox Era
Chapter 53 The History of the Peninsula Princess Anping
Chapter 54 Weird History of the Peninsula
Chapter 55: Forty Years of Peninsula History Annan
Chapter 56 The Centenary Keynote of the Peninsula’s History
Chapter 57 The history of the peninsula talks about Linyi
Chapter 58 The History of the Peninsula King Huan
Chapter 59 The End of Peninsula History - The Limit
Chapter 60 Renzong 2 Sixth Year of Orthodoxy
Chapter 61 Renzong Chapter 3 Everyone Ouyang
Chapter 62 Renzong Chapter 4 Fan Gong upholds the government and works hard to support it
Chapter 63 Renzong Chapter 5 The Completely Solidified Ruling Class
Chapter 64 Renzong Chapter 6 Wang Anshi is here
Chapter 65: Renzong Chapter 7: Upstart Bureaucrats, the Anti-Fan Group
Chapter 66 Renzong Chapter 8 'Suspicions' about the Prime Minister's dismissal
Chapter 67 Renzong Chapter 9 The South Wind Overwhelms the North Wind
Chapter 68 Renzong Chapter 10 The Political Ecology of the Empire