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Fox in the Forbidden Zone

Fox in the Forbidden Zone

author:Lin Hai Tingtao

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:01-17 17:47

Latest chapter:Postscript There are so many people in this world

Mr. Hu Lai, the living space for forwards like you who can only score goals is getting narrower and narrower in today's football world... But despite this, you have still achieved dazzling achievements. What is the secret of your success? On a winter afternoon , Hu Lai showed the highest honor he had just received to reporters from all over the world, and a reporter asked him such a question. Facing the gazes of reporters, Hu Lai's thoughts returned to that afternoon in middle school. He stood alone on the side of the court watching other students play. They didn't let him play, thinking he was here to cause trouble. He also thought of what the coach said to him with a straight face: Hu Lai, if you can't pay ten times as much as others Despite your hard work, your talent is just a worthless stone. And a disdainful voice: Modern football has higher and higher requirements for centers and is becoming more and more comprehensive, so what's the use if you can only shoot? His final thoughts At that time, the night was already looming in the eastern sky. In the middle of an abandoned open space covered with weeds, a girl said to him seriously: Hu Lai, you are actually talented, and you are very powerful. Your talent! Because you know where the goal is! Hu Lai stared at the girl's eyes, and saw the sunset behind him from those eyes. The sunlight was reflected in the pupils, flowing, burning, and condensing into a halo, as if to It was like melting himself into this light. After withdrawing his thoughts, Hu Lai returned to this warm winter afternoon. Facing the enthusiastic reporters, he smiled slightly: Because I know that the goal is there.

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《Fox in the Forbidden Zone》The latest nine chapters
Postscript There are so many people in this world
Chapter 2236 Epilogue For You
Chapter 2235 We are the champions!
Chapter 2234 The game is over!
Chapter 2233 So far, it has become a legend
Chapter 2232 Toward victory, move forward! Move forward! Move forward! Move forward!
Chapter 2231 Hero Group
Chapter 2230 There are mountains behind you
Chapter 2229 Do not accept any result other than victory
《Fox in the Forbidden Zone》Chapter Contents
Wedge Hu Lai Hu Lai
Chapter 1 Dream Football World
Chapter 2 Who are Ronaldo and Messi?
Chapter 3 This world is a little different
Chapter 4 He looks like a dog
Chapter 5 How they met
Chapter 6 Talented and Female Appearance
Chapter 7 Why do you like it?
Chapter 8 Give me the ball, I want to go home
Chapter 9 Do you want to play football?
Chapter 10 The most beautiful boy in the school
Chapter 11 Thank you for participating
Chapter Twelve I Teach You
Chapter thirteen life
Chapter 14 The strongest among the newcomers
Chapter 15 So You Are Professional
Chapter 16 The Historic Meeting
Chapter 17 Change
Chapter 18 Results
Chapter 19 New Tasks
Chapter 20 A humble person like him
Chapter 21: Defender with a Knife
Chapter 22 Shit luck?
Chapter 23 How can the long sky be inferior to me?
Chapter 24 Is this okay?!
Chapter 25 Hu Daxian
Chapter 26 Apart from that, nothing good
Chapter 27 Lucky Bracelet
Chapter 28 Because you know where the goal is
Chapter 29 Bet Don't Cowardly
Chapter 30 School Team List
Chapter 31 They are not ordinary classmates
Chapter 32 Teammates
Chapter 33 Starting from Basic Skills
Chapter 34 Come and practice me
Chapter 35 Changes
Chapter 36 Parenting
Chapter 37 New Knowledge
Chapter 38 How Long Can He Last?
Chapter 39 Five Elements Lack of Gold
Chapter 40 It would be nice if you could be gentle
Chapter 41: The Cursed Number
Chapter 42 What a beautiful new world this is
Chapter 43 Shameless
Chapter 44 Coach I want to play
Chapter 45 Explosion
Chapter 46 Special Training
Chapter 47 Time is running out
Chapter 48 World Wave!
Chapter 49 The door to the new world
Chapter 50 One million
Chapter 51 Don't worry
Chapter 52: Played
Chapter 53 Mission: Score a Goal
Chapter 54 Mission Completion
Chapter 55 Sin!
Chapter 56: Heaven will give a great responsibility to... that guy?
Chapter 57 Sigh
Chapter 58 Football is really interesting
Chapter 59 Sword eyebrows and stars
Chapter 60 Final opponent
Chapter 61 They only have Luo Kai
Chapter 62 Not an honest person
Chapter 63 The high-speed train to the final
Chapter 64: Encounter
Chapter 65 Jiaxiang High School, which is good at defense
Chapter 66 The 'gift' of growth
Chapter 67 What's special about him?
Chapter 68 No one can mess with his hair?
Chapter 69 Variables Appear
Chapter 70: Mud the water
Chapter 71 Key Figures
Chapter 72: Brother, let me sing you a song
Chapter 73 He is my classmate (please vote for recommendation)
Chapter 74 His name is Hu Lai (continue to ask for recommendations)
Chapter 75 What kind of person is he? (Please vote for recommendations in the new week)
Chapter 76 A very powerful person
Chapter 77 You are brave, standing here with a thin but proud face
Chapter 78 Farewell and embark on a new journey
Chapter 79 The glorious days of Dongchuan Middle School
Chapter 80 What kind of people are they!
Chapter 81 Only I am stronger than Chen Xingyi
Chapter 82 I will catch up with you
Chapter 83 Reasons for training (please subscribe!)
Chapter 84 Training (please subscribe)
Chapter 85 It’s time to leave (please subscribe!)
Chapter 86 Stupid Woman (Please subscribe!)
Chapter 87: Looking forward to the future (please subscribe!)
Chapter 88 Phone number (please subscribe!)
Chapter 89 Professional Football (Please subscribe!)
Chapter 90: The young man goes to war (please subscribe!)
Chapter 91 Who are you?
Chapter 92: Fate is so wonderful
Chapter 93 The first day of peace and comfort
Chapter 94 The first round opponent
Chapter 95 Big Brother, You Really Have a Life
Chapter 96 Dreams shine into reality
Chapter 97 I don't want to go home
Chapter 98 New Mission
Chapter 99 A Yellow Card
Chapter 100: Run, Hu Lai!
Chapter 101 Now you owe me again
Chapter 102 A Supernova
Chapter 103 Do you want to admit defeat in advance?
Chapter 104 The backup plan of Dongchuan Middle School
Chapter 105: their own thoughts
Chapter 106 Looking to the future
Chapter 107: A powerful fourth place
Chapter 108 The outbreak of Luo Kai
Chapter 109 Are you okay?
Chapter 110 Run to the position
Chapter 111: I don't owe it now
Chapter 112 Lore
Chapter 113 It's Great
Chapter 114: Top Eight
Chapter 115 Chongwen Middle School
Chapter 116 Reporter's Notes
Chapter 117 It's like a dream
Chapter 118 The real special training
Chapter 119 Must come on
Chapter 120 Sophomore
Chapter 121 The school team recruits new students
Chapter 122 New people
Chapter 123 Who do you look down on?
Chapter 124 Is scoring so easy?
Chapter 125 This is the national top eight
Chapter 126: Zhen Shishi should treat each other with admiration after three days of separation
Chapter 127: Key Observation Objects
Chapter 128 Ten consecutive draws
Chapter 129 I also want to practice
Chapter 130 This is your choice
Chapter 131 Fans
Chapter 132 Consecutive goals
Chapter 133 The news of Li Qingqing
Chapter 134 A little surprise
Chapter 135 People who are concerned
Chapter 136 Professional Football Field
Chapter 137 Semi-finals
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Eighth
Chapter 139 Treat boos as praise
Chapter 140: Adversary Authentication
Chapter 141: Kneeling
Chapter 142 Storm
Chapter 143 Slowly appreciate
Chapter 144 The era is over
Chapter 145: The Teenager Who Made Jiaxiang High School Silent
Chapter 146: So Chen Xing is lost
Chapter 147 Your football style
Chapter 148: Senior Hu Lai is so handsome
Chapter 149 No need to help
Chapter 150 Spring Festival
Chapter 151 Penalty Taker
Chapter 152 Wonderful Person
Chapter 153 The troubles of star players
Chapter 154: Scumbag
Chapter 155 Youth
Chapter 156 Conflict with 'Four'
Chapter 157 'The Four Knights of the White Night'
Chapter 158 Eukaryotic
Chapter 159 Picking up leaks is also a skill
Chapter 160 This is a goal?
Chapter 161 go all out
Chapter 162: The sea is wide and the fish leaps
Chapter 163 An ordinary dagger
Chapter 164 A big fish
Chapter 165 An Opportunist Core
Chapter 166 Out of the circle
Chapter 167 Qingyang One High Zhou Zijing
Chapter 168: Someone More Powerful Than Chen Xingyi
Chapter one hundred and sixty-ninth heart uneasy
Chapter 170 Please prove that you are better than them
Chapter 171 This ball has
Chapter 172 Who is afraid of whom?
Chapter 173 Chen Xingyi's competitor
Chapter 174 The villain
Chapter 175 A few minutes of sweet dreams
Chapter 176 Since he is a villain...
Chapter 177: It will look like a villain
Chapter 178 Isn't that better?
Chapter 179 Follow
Chapter 180 Iron Facts
Chapter 181 Because I want to be a professional player
Chapter 182 We must succeed, Hu Lai
Chapter 183 Go to the professional team
Chapter 184: The arrogant soldier will be defeated
Chapter 185: Knowing yourself and the enemy
Chapter 186 The strongest high school player
Chapter 187 Cunning like a fox
Chapter 188 Restless
Chapter 189 Ball Oil
Chapter 190 Hu Lai's Talent
Chapter 191: Arrangement
Chapter 192 What did football give me?
Chapter 193: The afterlife is terrifying
Chapter 194: Leaping from the Dragon Gate
Chapter 195 Perfect start
Chapter 196 This is Chen Xingyi!
Chapter 197 Heart (sound)
Chapter 198 Who is the heart?
Chapter 199: A thousand days to prevent thieves
Chapter two hundred tit for tat
Chapter 201 Hu Lai is awesome!
Chapter 202 Time is running out
Chapter 203 Hu Lai, the scorer (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 204 Capital S
Chapter 205 This damn football
Chapter 206 The weight of the national championship
Chapter 207 Airport farewell
Chapter 208 This is the reason
Chapter 209 Recognize the truth of the dream
Two hundred and tenth chapter vast world
Summary of Volume 1 and Late Listing Testimonials
Chapter 1 Hot because of you
Chapter 2 Fate is really interesting
Chapter 3 Big Boss Qin Lin
Chapter 4 WHO in Restricted Areas
Chapter 5 Dream Soccer World Professional Edition
Chapter 6 The deep love between teachers and students
Chapter 7 Flash Star's First Training
Chapter 8 Hu Lai and Wang Guangwei
Chapter 9 How to complete the task?
Chapter 10 We need goals
Chapter Eleven: Opportunity
Chapter 12 The boy is smart
Chapter 13 Competition List
Chapter 14 The debut of the professional league
Chapter 15 The Birth of a Goal
Chapter 16 From High School to Professional Arena
Chapter 17 Running in front of everyone
Chapter 18 Be careful, young man
Chapter Nineteen Why?
Chapter 20 Listening to the Big Boss Talking About the Past
Chapter 21 I told you about the hammer
Chapter 22 Offside and Anti-Offside
Chapter 23 The Bread Front That Doesn't Spit Out Bread
Chapter 24 The Rising Star
Chapter 25 Retribution
Chapter 26: Don't come in early or late
Chapter 27 The Genius of the Past
Chapter 28 Zhang Qinghuan's people and affairs
Chapter 29 Beautiful scenery
Chapter 30 For
Chapter 31 The past is like the wind
Chapter 32 Penalty
Chapter 33 Star Treatment
Chapter 34 The Ace Program
Chapter 35: The Legendary End Time
Chapter 36 The most beautiful moment in this city
Chapter 37: A brace
Chapter 38 Hat Trick (Seeking Monthly Pass)
Chapter 39: The Back Wave
Chapter 40 The people who follow the light
Chapter 41 Family Banquet
Chapter 42: Uncommon Ordinary People
Something about the outbreak...
Chapter 43 The man stabbed by the light
Chapter 44: Concern is chaos
Chapter 45 Family
Chapter 46 Party Invitation
Chapter 47 How is Zhang Qinghuan?
Chapter 49: One on One
Chapter forty-ninth
Chapter 50 The place to stay
Chapter 51: No Longer That Teenager
Chapter 52 Ups and downs
Chapter 53: So I am such a person?
Chapter Fifty-Four
Chapter 55: Retire, Zhang Qinghuan
Chapter 56 Father and Son
Chapter 57 I'll beat you for your dad
Chapter 58 My game is not over yet
Chapter 59 Self-cultivation of scumbags
Chapter 60 You are responsible
Chapter 61 This game is not easy to play
Chapter 62 The important thing is the momentum!
Chapter 63: Hard to Get
Chapter 64 You are a real dog, Hu Lai
Chapter 65 World-class counterattack
Chapter 66 Long time no see
Chapter 67 Do You Know Hu Lai?
Chapter 68 forever young
Chapter 69 Ceremony Sense
Chapter 70 Temporary Agent
Chapter 71 Mom, I’m sorry
Chapter 72 What do I do with the money?
Chapter 73 Let me see you all
Chapter 74 Alienation that I haven't seen for many years
Chapter 75 Double Sports
Chapter 76 No matter how beautiful the sunset is, it can't compare to your smile
Chapter 77 Go to the middle class
Chapter 78 New Contract
Chapter 79 A brand new version that has never been played
Chapter 80 My Hu Lai can't be so rubbish
Chapter 81 Dad and Daughter
Chapter 82: Shi Wuyin's Candidates
Chapter 83: To the Flashing Star
Chapter 84 The call of the national team
Chapter 85 Hu Lai of our Shining Star is so strong!
Chapter 86 New arrivals
Chapter 87 Green Goddess
Chapter 88 Focus Figures
Chapter 89 I have a dream
Chapter 90 Don't even dare to dream?
Chapter 91 A new mission
Chapter 92 Say what you want to say and do what you want to do
Chapter 93 Women's and men's football
Chapter 94 Observer Guo Junfu
Chapter 95 If I were here...
Chapter 96 Friendship
Chapter 97 Let them see how powerful you are
Chapter 98 Old Resentments
Chapter 99 New Enmity
Chapter 100 Double Standard
Chapter 101 Nonsense
Chapter 102 I want them to know who I am
Chapter 103 is looked down upon
Chapter 104 A Blockbuster
Chapter 105 The Light of the Right Path
Chapter 106 BOOM!
Chapter 107 Did you give the wrong script?
Chapter 108 The most threatening person
Chapter 109: Funny as a 'Clown'
Chapter 110 The laughter in no one laughs
Get up and talk to everyone
Chapter 111 Damn the stick
Chapter 112 Two small goals
Chapter 113 The night is so beautiful tonight
Chapter 114 After his blockbuster
Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen
Chapter 116 Efficient Cake Eating Machine
Chapter 117 The game that decides the championship
Chapter 118 Football pays attention to talking and learning to sing
Chapter 119: A hair into the soul
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty The Meaning of Gifting Clothes
Chapter 121 The second group photo
Chapter 122 Little Star
Chapter 123 Don't go to the national team
Chapter 124 Waiting for an opportunity
Chapter 125: Bole and Maxima
One hundred and twentieth chapters of the heart have a clear understanding
Chapter 127 Chemical Reaction
Chapter 128 The grace of dripping water should be reciprocated by the spring
Chapter 129 The two of them really call
Chapter 130 It's done
Chapter 131 Young people have grown up
Chapter 132 'Bullshit'
Chapter 133 Penalty is a responsibility
Chapter 134: Shining Star has a new player
Chapter 135 The genius goalkeeper
Chapter 136 He is right
Chapter 137 Those things about the FA Cup
Chapter 138 The Grassroots Miracle of Amateur Teams
Chapter 139: Line up for shoe shine
Chapter 140: Everyone loves you, flowers bloom when you see them
Chapter 141 Lai Hu
Chapter 142 Data will not lie
Chapter 143 Hu Lai's targeted training
Chapter 144 Li Qingqing, don’t cry!
Chapter 145 What is 'surprise'?
Chapter 146 I'm so happy
Chapter 147 Really effective!
Chapter 148: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
Chapter 149 Asian Cup
Chapter 150 Li Qingqing's suitors
Chapter 151 Thank you
Chapter 152 Where is Qingqing going?
Chapter 153 Feeling the South China Sea Team Crossing the River
Chapter 154: I can't tell the truth
Chapter 155 What did Hu Lai and Luo Kai say?
Chapter 156 It's not just you who become stronger
Chapter 157: Down to the Mountain Tiger
Chapter 158 If there is a golden generation...
Chapter 159: If you don’t listen to nonsense, you will suffer the consequences.
Chapter 160
Chapter 161 Who has the final say in this game?
Chapter 162: If you can't keep up, you will be eliminated
Chapter 163 Zhao Kangming's Bold Ideas
Chapter 164 Super League and China League One
Chapter 165 I didn't pay attention
Chapter 166: Introduce yourself
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven the glorious years
Chapter 168 The opponent in the semifinals
Chapter 169 The popularity is so good
Chapter 170 Picking sesame and losing watermelon?
Chapter 171 Hu Lai’s “little idea”
Chapter 172 Big News
Chapter 174: Light the fire first
Chapter 174 The flames are high when everyone gathers firewood
Chapter 175 Prove them wrong
Chapter 176 What kind of corner kick tactics is this?!
Chapter 177 This is called 'The Goddess Scattering Flowers'!
Chapter 178: Not the time to be happy
Chapter 179 Still laughing?!
Chapter 180 Thirty-three meters
Chapter 181 Applause like thunder (seeking monthly ticket)
Chapter 182 I thank you for the eighteenth generation of your ancestors
Chapter 183 Wei Changyou
Chapter one hundred and eighty-four has long been destined
Chapter 185 The benefits of the FA Cup
Chapter one hundred and eighty sixth
Chapter 187 Times have changed
Chapter 188: Poor people must have something to hate
Chapter 189 League and FA Cup
Chapter 190 Revisiting the Hometown
Chapter 191: There are always obstacles
Chapter 192 Do you still want to win?
Chapter 193: Record-breaking performance
Chapter 194 Anton Football is back
Chapter 195 What did Hu Lai's father do before?
Chapter 196 I will not be interviewed
Chapter 197 This world is so small
Chapter 198 The person I hate the most
Chapter 199 Important things
Chapter 200 I don’t understand football, but I know...
Chapter 201 The fully armed Hu Lai
Chapter 202 Are you really here?
Chapter 203 Let the game get back on track
Chapter 204: Thunder on the ground
Chapter two hundred and five eyes with a knife
Chapter 206 Are we even worse than amateur teams?
Chapter 207: A flash of light
Chapter 208 This used to be the gold medal market
Chapter 209 Pressure is Power
Chapter 210: A generation will eventually grow old, but there are always people who are young
Chapter 211 A single spark can start a prairie fire
Chapter 212 That is our son!
Chapter 213 I am your retribution
Chapter 214 I will give this justice
Chapter 215 We support Hu Lai
Chapter 216 Anyone who has anything to do with Wang Xianke...
Chapter 217 Failure is success, his father
Summary of Volume 2
Chapter 1 This is our home
Chapter 2 Hanging on the hook
Chapter 3 Catfish
Chapter 4 Hu Lixin's Decision
Chapter 5 Want to catch up with him
Chapter 6 Where the Sail and Anchor
Chapter 7 Winning Glory for the Country
Chapter 8 A decision to change the future of Chinese football
Chapter 9 On-site Teaching
Chapter 10 Earn points and qualify
Chapter 11 Off topic
Chapter 12 An abnormal game
Chapter Thirteen We will definitely go to Madrid
Chapter 14: Furious Release (First update, please vote for me)
Chapter 15 The fastest score twice? (Second update, please vote for me)
Chapter 16 This familiar scene...
Chapter 17: A palm move falling from the sky (fourth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 18 After a tough game...
Chapter 19 The Art of Language
Chapter 20: Fire Goes Abroad
Chapter 21 Those related to Hu Lai
Chapter 22 The changed Morikawa Junpei
Chapter 23 Shaping the Spirit from Scratch
Chapter 24 Air Leak
Chapter 25: Everything will come naturally
Chapter 26 Happy People
Chapter 27 Now that they're all in the finals
Chapter 28 Come on
Chapter 29 The same destination
Chapter 30 Everyone is a leader
Chapter 31 Luo Kai's Fighting Spirit
Chapter 32 Sugiyama Tatsuya's Ability
Chapter 33 Being watched from behind
Chapter 34 Hu Lai's Shadow Dance
Chapter Thirty-fifth, then score another goal
Chapter 36 Schrodinger Pendulum
Chapter Thirty-Seven The Mandate of Heaven
Chapter 38 Heaven's Way Is Good Reincarnation
Chapter 39 Foreign Aid
Chapter 40: The goal is to avoid relegation
Chapter 41 The new faces of the shining star
Chapter 42 Why choose Shining Star?
Chapter 43 Morikawa Junpei's leader
Chapter 44 New Shared Rental Life
Chapter 45: Young People
Chapter forty-six grudges
Chapter 47 A reunion after a long absence
Chapter 48 The story begins at that time
Chapter 49 The Grace of Not Killing
Chapter 50 Tigers in South China
Chapter 51: Something Exciting
Chapter 52 Spear and Shield
Chapter 53 A fresh wind blows on the court
Chapter 54: Missed
Chapter 55: Characteristics of Flashing Stars
Chapter 56 VIP Treatment
Chapter 57 Non-dominant feet
Chapter 58 Self-inflicted humiliation
Chapter 59 The future is theirs
Chapter 60: I Can Still Cry For Failure
Chapter 61 What do you say?
Chapter 62 Turn into a Storm
Chapter 63 Waiting for 21 years
Chapter 64 The Season Belonging to Young People
Chapter 65 The Gap Between Reality and Dreaming
Chapter 66 Do you want to give up the AFC Champions League?
Chapter 67 There is always someone worthy of your high hopes
Chapter 68 Viewing
Chapter 69: Not a single one
Chapter 70 According to the agreement
Chapter 71 Who do you look down on?
Chapter 72 Really blessed land
Chapter 73 This is not the best of him
Chapter 74: Park in the embarrassing way
Chapter 75 Don't take it lightly
Chapter 76 Echoes After Six Years
Chapter 77 Thunderstorm
Chapter 78 A Precious Lesson
Chapter 79 Housewarming
Chapter 80 I'm going to Europe
Chapter 81 You are wrong
Chapter 82 Dip the light
Chapter 83 What about the promised party?
Chapter 84 Net Red Team
Chapter 85 The Witness of Asia
Chapter 86 The spirit of the happy event is refreshing
Chapter 87 Some changes are happening
Chapter 88: Meeting Hu Lai Again
Chapter 89 Professional Players
Chapter 90 An “important” game
Chapter 91 Your death is very important to me
Chapter 92 has drifted away
Chapter 93 Isn't this a coincidence?
Chapter 94 Flash Star Fans
Chapter 95 The No. 14 player of Anton Shining Star
Chapter 96 Fist is afraid of young men
Chapter 97: The Celebration at the Door of Others
Chapter 98 Loach
Chapter 99 I'm here to collect debts
Chapter 100: One win of three games
Chapter 101: The Gratitude Report to Chen Xingyi
Chapter 102 Dashun fans
Chapter 103 Dilemma
Chapter 104 Killed!
Chapter 105 Low morale
Chapter 106: Two wins in three games
Chapter One Hundred and Seven
Chapter 108 Wang Xianke is dead, even Jesus can’t save him
Chapter 109 Now I Believe
Chapter 110 His appearance
Chapter 111 A promise worth a thousand dollars
Chapter 112 Always take that step
Chapter 113 Father and Son
Chapter 114 Relegation has not been successful
Chapter 115 System Your Uncle
Chapter 116 The goal is the same
Chapter 117 Keep the house safe
Chapter 118: Cheers to each other
Chapter 119 Best buddies
Chapter 120 The Olympic Games are coming
Chapter 121 Idol
Chapter 122 Don't be nervous
Chapter 123 careless
Chapter 124 My fault
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Five Sounds
Chapter 126 A new chapter in Chinese football
Chapter 127 twists and turns
Chapter 128 The True Color of the Killer
Chapter 129 laughing happily
Chapter 130 Witnessing History Together
Chapter 131 The man who breaks the darkness
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Two Dead Kicks
Chapter 133 A phone call
Chapter 134 The last group match
Chapter 135 The young generation is the strongest in the world
Chapter 136: Hu Lai, do you have any advice?
Chapter 137 Angry Young Eagle
Chapter 138: The Expectation
Chapter 139 There is still courage
Chapter 140 Pretty
Chapter 141 The long game
Chapter 142 Before shedding the last drop of blood
Chapter 143 The Battle Hymn Begins
Chapter 144: Shoot, Hu Lai!
Chapter 145 Light up the darkness
Chapter 146: Creating History
Chapter 147 Sleepless
Chapter 148 I remember you
Chapter 149 The golden boy and girl of Chinese football
Chapter 150 Goodbye, Hu Lai
Chapter 151 Long winds and waves sometimes
Chapter 152 You are the ones who want to grow into big trees
Chapter 153 The Light of Asia?
Chapter 154 He deserves more
Chapter 155 That's it
Chapter 156 Familiar feeling
Chapter 157 International
Chapter 158 Hu Lai, we are not done yet
Chapter 159 Big Brother
Chapter 160 The best auditorium
Chapter 161 It's fun again
Chapter 162 Let football return to football
Chapter 163 Lost completely
Chapter 164: The “arrogant” world-famous coach
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five
Chapter 166: The state is hot
Chapter 167 If life is just like first sight
Chapter 168 Don't believe every word the flashing star says
Chapter 169: The Leveling Effect of the Olympic Games
Chapter 170 False and real champion players
Chapter 171 Hu Lai's ambition
Chapter 172: Good deeds and evil deeds should be punished, and the way of heaven is reincarnation.
Chapter 173 If you don’t believe it, look up and see who Hu Lai spared?
Chapter 174 Substitution
Chapter 175 Massacre
Chapter 176 Please answer, Director Wang
Chapter 177 Respect for the good day
Chapter 178 There is a big fish
Chapter 179 The strongest local shooter in history
Chapter 180 Who doesn't love the champion?
Chapter 181 The sound of the tide
Chapter 182 Two cities, two stadiums, four teams, one championship
Chapter 183 The fastest goal in the Super League this season
Chapter 184 The birth of a new record
Chapter 185 Everyone is growing up
Chapter 186: The Final Intermission
Chapter 187 Boiling and Cooling
One hundred and eighty-eight minutes The last ten minutes
One hundred and eighty-ninth chapter one of two conditions
Chapter 190 Countdown
Chapter 191 Goodbye, boss
Chapter 192 The morning after becoming a champion
Chapter 193 dawn
Chapter 194 Who can refuse the top giants?
Chapter 195 Moving
Chapter for leave
Chapter 196 This is our sincerity
Chapter 197 Familiar Strangers
Chapter 198 decided
Chapter 199 Everyone needs a long trip in their life
Summary of Volume 3
Chapter 1 The distant city
Chapter 2 Prologue
Chapter 3 Meeting with teammates
Chapter 4 Who Betrayed Who
Chapter 5 The first day of training in the Premier League
Chapter 6 The Boat of Friendship
Chapter 7 On Relegation I'm Professional
Chapter 8 This coach is a bit skilled
Chapter 9 When can I play?
Chapter 10 Two Geniuses
Chapter Eleven Five Balls a Meal
Chapter Twelve How did this year go?
Chapter 13 Exit
Chapter Fourteen Sending Blessings
Chapter 15: One Small Step and One Big Step
Chapter 16 Pushing open the door of the world
Chapter 17 Happy New Year to everyone
Chapter 18 Happy Chinese New Year!
Chapter Nineteen
Chapter 20 Second Premier League game
Chapter 21 Someone is going to be unlucky
Chapter 22 Stud
Chapter 23 Premier League must get used to this scene
Chapter 24 The best of the show
Chapter 25 The Restless People
Chapter 26 Return to the North Stand
Chapter 27 Happiness comes too suddenly
Chapter 28 The Goal Spell
Chapter 29 Football Feast
Chapter 30 Party
Chapter 31 The Real Asian Brother
Chapter 32 The 'Scarlet Witch' Living in the Red House
Chapter 33 Precious Courage
Chapter 34 Just do it
Chapter 35 The New People of the National Team
Chapter 36 My English is very poor
Chapter 37 What young people should do
Chapter 38 The Trident of Youth
Chapter 39 If Hu Lai can do it, so can I!
Chapter 40 Do you think I don't exist?
Chapter forty-one
Chapter 42 We are still alive
Chapter 43 The price paid
Chapter 44 Fear of insufficient goals
Chapter 45 Sean “The Lamb”
Chapter forty-six
Chapter 47 Now it's about me
Chapter Forty-Eight Thirteenth Minute
Chapter 49 Whose stage is this?!
Chapter 50 Half-time changes
Chapter 51 Tempered Quinn
Chapter 52 HUUUUU!
Chapter 53 The Thunder
Chapter 54 Who is the real hero?
Chapter 55 Phenomenon
Chapter 56 Very Excited
Chapter Fifty-Seven
Chapter 58 The number one key signing target
Chapter 59: Eleven goals of the season
Chapter 60 'Good Guy' Lorraine
Chapter 61 The Boss Treats You
Chapter 62 Going to Paris
Chapter 63 Sister Takes You To Fly
Chapter 64 Reflection in the Eyes
Chapter 65 Daughter has grown up
Chapter 66 Buying a House
Chapter 67 I'm going to Europe too
Chapter 68 A Rare Gathering
Chapter 69 You can continue to dream
Chapter 70 Image Spokesperson
Chapter 71 The pair of figures
Chapter 72 The new season is about to start
Chapter 73 'Lone Wolf'
Chapter 74: Conquer Them Like Hu
Chapter 75 The Talented Player The Day Before
Chapter 76: Changing the way of kicking and living
Chapter 77 There is nothing that can't be solved by a meal
Chapter 78 The effect is not good enough
Chapter 79 Responsible Pete
Chapter 80 The last warm-up match
Chapter 81 Handsome is a lifetime thing
Chapter 82: No madness, no life
Chapter 83 I Need You
Chapter 84 The first class of the second grade
Chapter 85 The only thing I am good at
Chapter 86 Why didn't I meet him earlier?
Chapter 87 Welcome to the Premier League
Chapter 88 Premier League here I come!
Chapter 89 Bonus Terms List
Chapter 90 Don't bully the poor young
Chapter 91: There is still a lack of beatings in the Premier League
Chapter 92 Broken heart for the bear child
Chapter 93 I want it all
Chapter 94 The game with Tramede
Chapter 95 Do You Still Need Me?
Chapter 96 Ricardo Barria
Chapter 97 My pass was not wasted
Chapter 98 Crazy Football
Chapter 99 The Final Word
Chapter 100 Our Hu Lai
Chapter 101 I love my friends, but I love Leeds City more
Chapter 102 Park in the embarrassing way 2
Chapter 103 Good Sleep
Chapter 104 What happened to Park Chuntai?
Chapter 105 'Blessed Land' Jincheng
Chapter 106 Pre-match press conference
Chapter 107 Park Guixian's ambition
Chapter 108 The confidence of the Chinese team
Some explanations about the style of this book and a discussion on creative ideas
Chapter 109 Please listen to the dragon
Chapter 110 Bigger cheers
Chapter 111 scattered is full of stars
Chapter 112 Gradually out of control
Chapter 113 The jackal has a shotgun
Chapter 114 Pu Guixian's humiliation
Chapter 115 Yang Zhongxun's humiliation
Chapter 116 Swastika
Chapter 117 The cannons are first fired
Chapter 118 There is not much time left for the Korean team!
Chapter 119 I love you China
Chapter 120 I have seen the beautiful scenery
Chapter 121 Who do you think you are offending?
Chapter 122: The world laughs at me for being too crazy, but I laugh at others because they can’t see through it
Chapter 123 Are you nervous?
Chapter 124 To be real
Chapter 125: Are the Clowns Actually Us?
Chapter 126 Chinese Football's Mitzvah
Chapter 127 Pendulum
Chapter 129 I have seen that day
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty So You Want to Be a Sinner
Chapter 131 People who demand progress
Chapter 132: An Encounter with North London Wanderers
Chapter 133 Self-destruction Sean
Chapter 134 A Bold Idea
Chapter 135 Chinese football is not only one Hu Lai
Chapter 136 A happy thing
Chapter 137 Enjoy the victory
Chapter 138: The years are quiet
Chapter 139 And you?
Chapter 140: I'm in trouble
Chapter 141 Better late than never
Chapter 142 was provoked
Chapter 143: Park Soon-tae doesn’t live up to expectations...
Chapter 144: Play football with your brain (not)
Chapter 145: Ancient Chinese Wisdom (It's Not)
Chapter 146 Two kinds of applause
Chapter 147 The most threatening people in the two teams
Chapter 148: The King of Workers
Chapter 149 has been foolproof
Chapter 150 Sorry that you are no longer young
Chapter 151 Rare leisure
Chapter 152 Namozov with nowhere to go
Chapter 153 Young central defender
One hundred and fifty-four chapters have a heart
Chapter 155 Walking alone
Chapter 156: Collective Charge
Chapter 150 Hu Lai Character Song
Chapter 158 Let's HUHUHU together
Chapter 159 Cultural output
Chapter 160 “The issue of Hu Lai’s goal bonus”
Chapter 161 Merry's Lifetime Enemy
Chapter 162 Not lost to Kamala
Chapter 163 Ladies and gentlemen, this is talent
Chapter 164 Clark's Tactics Manual
Chapter 165 The opponent in the last level
Chapter one hundred and sixty sixth man
Chapter 167 Shake hands and make peace
Chapter 168 The Promised Witness
Chapter 169 Difficult Hills
Chapter 170 Unpredictable
Chapter 171 Super super huge...
Chapter 172 Lin Zhiyuan, Lin Zhiyuan
Chapter 173 Howard
Chapter 174 I'm sorry
Chapter 175 One step away
Chapter 176 Iron is burning
Chapter 177 I swear on the flag
Chapter one hundred and seventy-eight wind and rain
Chapter 179 Dongchuan Middle School cattle criticism
Chapter 180: The Resurrected Lin Zhiyuan
Chapter 181 The last forty-five minutes
Chapter 182 Everyone is for me, I am for everyone
Chapter 183 I covered the goal of the Chinese team!
Chapter 184: Eternal History
Chapter 185 Dream Chaser
Chapter 186 Go!
Chapter 187: The Song of Victory
Chapter 188 After qualifying
Chapter 189: Like every three autumns
Chapter 190 Environmental Protection Ambassador
Chapter 191 This song represents a goal
Chapter 192 Unpopular
Chapter 193: Don’t stop, praise harder
Chapter 194 Hulai Forest
Chapter 195 Planting trees for future generations
Chapter 196 That's it?
Chapter 197 Good News
Chapter 198 Reason
Chapter 199 Come on, Luo Kai
Chapter 200 The battle between the old and the new
Chapter 201 This is a master
Chapter 202 The goal shortage is gone
Chapter 203 Heroes and Clowns
Live seriously and write books seriously
Chapter 204 The reason for Hu Lai's success
Chapter 205 Sage Time
Chapter 206 Club Career Milestones
Chapter Two Hundred and Seven No Desires?
Chapter 208 Opponent: Stan Park Rangers
Chapter 209 King Kong's Angry Eyes
Chapter 210 Here is the undefeated home
Chapter 211: Pian Ruo Jinghong
Chapter 212 as if there is magic
Chapter 213: Don’t be afraid, just do it!
Chapter 214 A group of hyenas
Chapter 215 If you want to fight, then fight
Chapter 216 Isn't it just a goal?
Chapter 217 They are afraid of us!
Chapter two hundred and eighteen fourth ball
Chapter 219 'Tough Guy Harry'
Chapter 220 Shaking hands with history
Chapter two hundred and twenty first unwilling
Chapter 222 Ancient Chinese Wisdom
Chapter 223 Confidence
Chapter two hundred and twenty fourth six points
Chapter 225 Shi Gui's call
Chapter 226 Go to Europe
Chapter two hundred and twentieth seventh ponytail shake
Chapter 228: My husband has ambitions all over the world and is still close to his neighbors even though they are thousands of miles away.
Chapter 229 How far are we from the world's top?
Chapter 230 The Comparing Heart of Young People
Chapter two hundred and thirty first relieved
Chapter 232 I don't want to owe you favor
Chapter 233: Curtin's Advice
Chapter 234 What do you gain from going to Europe to train?
Chapter 235 God is a Leeds City fan?
Two hundred and thirtieth chapters desperate
Chapter 237 - Reverse C-style header
Chapter two hundred and thirty eight four points
Chapter 239 The man
Chapter 240 The ball was kicked back
Chapter 241 The Mysterious Oriental Spell
Chapter two hundred and forty-two fighting in the rain
Chapter 243 We need this goal
Two hundred and fortieth chapters Merry's comfort
Chapter two hundred and forty fifth kick-off at noon
Chapter 246 Bad News
Chapter two hundred and forty seventh pick and roll
Chapter two hundred and forty-eight already doomed
Chapter two hundred and forty-ninth championship trophy
Chapter 250: Luo Kai's Road
Chapter 251 The game over there
Chapter 252 No experience
Chapter 253 Stop the slide
Chapter 254: The Choice of Fate
Chapter 255: Show it to me, Hu!
Two hundred and fiftieth chapters save character
Chapter two hundred and fifty seventh focus
Chapter 258 Sweetness in life
Two hundred and fifty-ninth chapter backing down the mountain
Chapter 260 I understand you and believe you
Chapter 261 This friend of mine
Chapter 262 Hu Lai's way
Chapter 263 Too fast
Chapter two hundred and sixty fourth go-ahead
Chapter two hundred and sixty-five Liang Zi forged
Chapter 266 There is only one way to go
my confession
Chapter 267 Time is running out
Chapter 268: Twenty-two seconds to change the Premier League
Chapter 269 Heroic Moment
Chapter 270 This crazy day
Chapter 271 Rainbow
Chapter 272 Our golden age
Chapter 273 Best of the Season
Chapter 274 The last round
Chapter 275 The championship is decided!
Chapter 276 The dust has settled
Chapter 277 A new chapter in the Premier League
Chapter 278 The Birth of a Tradition
Chapter two hundred and seventy-ninth national team training list
Chapter 280 looks so funny and laughs so good
Chapter 281 You live...I live...
Chapter 282 Must be a special fate
Two hundred and eighty-third Zhang Distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors
Chapter two hundred and eighty fourth where the dream begins
Chapter two hundred and eighty fifth training camp ends
Chapter 286 Twenty-three people who were written into history
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh before the expedition
Two hundred and eighty-eighth chapter open for the country
Chapter 289 World Cup Opening
Chapter 290: Some people can’t sleep, and some people don’t want to sleep
Chapter 291 Pre-match meeting
Two hundred and ninetieth chapters their first steps
Chapter 293 Reason and Feeling
Chapter 294 I just learned it yesterday
Chapter 295 This is the World Cup
Two hundred and ninetieth chapters critical moment
Chapter 297 World Wave
Chapter two hundred and ninety-eight blow
Chapter 299 'Killing Machine'
Chapter 300: Come on, Xia Xiaoyu!
Chapter three hundred and first forward
Chapter 302 Stars
Three hundred and three chapters can hit ten
Chapter 304 Good Morning
Chapter 305 I don't want to be a deserter
Chapter 306 Someone left
Chapter 307 The World Cup in full swing
Chapter 308 The second group match
Chapter 209 I'm serious
Chapter 310 Welcome home
Chapter 311 Unexpected first half
Chapter 312 Leading behind
Chapter three hundred and thirteenth fight endlessly
Chapter 314 'Ivan the Terrible'
Chapter 315 Wang Guangwei's game
Chapter 316 Prancing
Chapter 317 Proof of Battle
Chapter 318 It is indeed Brazil
Chapter 319 To fight with masters
Chapter 320: The Characteristics of Chen Xingyi
Chapter 321 The wind rises from Qingping and dances between heaven and earth
Chapter 322 First Stage Rocket
Chapter 323 We have come a long way
Three hundred and twentieth chapters touchstone
Chapter 325 A team from another world
Chapter 326 Kabangka is too strong
Chapter 227 Stupid bird runs first
Chapter 328 Guess which side I play?
Chapter 329 Is this the Chinese team?
Chapter 336 Six Star Brazil
Chapter 331: Wind and Thunder in Kyushu
The 332nd chapter is as famous as the top genius
Chapter 333 We can also fight back
Chapter 334: Don’t want to accept “glorious failure”
Chapter three hundred and thirty fifth concerned people
Chapter 336 The fire
Chapter 337 The first person in forty-four years
Chapter 338 It's not too late to return today
Chapter 339 The Heart of a Champion
Chapter 340 The way home
Chapter 341 He still remembers me
Chapter 342 Leisure time
Chapter 343: Gathered it is a ball of fire, scattered it becomes a sky full of stars
Summary of Volume 4
Chapter 1 Bright Future
Chapter 2 Fighting for each other
Chapter 3 The signings of Leeds City
Chapter 4 It's Nice To Be Young
Chapter 5 Preseason
Chapter 6 The only way to become a superstar
Chapter 7 The first goal of the season is credited
Chapter 8 The Gap between Master and Disciple
Chapter IX Technology Poverty Alleviation
Chapter 10 Chinese Football Image Spokesperson
Chapter 11 Hu Lai's Personal Honor
Chapter 12 The Geniuses of Europe
Chapter Thirteen The Nineteen-Year-Old Country Gate
Chapter 14 Scare him
Chapter 15 Standing side by side
Chapter 16: Face like a peach blossom, sweet smile
Chapter 17: Merry is a Caregiver
Chapter 18 The Popular Person
Chapter 19 The old man and the new coach of the national team
Chapter 20 Is it good or bad?
Chapter 21 Returning Together
Chapter 22 Leagues before the Champions League
Chapter 23 Chinese teams in the Premier League
Chapter 24: A distant but not romantic Turkey
Chapter 25 Exotic Football Culture
Chapter 26 There is still a long way to go
Chapter 27 A Solid Step
Chapter 28 The Real Madman
Chapter 29 Super Giants
Chapter 30 Huge gap
Chapter 31 No Goal
Chapter 32 The ebb and flow
Chapter 33 Barcelona Derby
Chapter 34 Poverty Alleviation
Chapter 35 Be Your Own Torch
Chapter 36: It's Hu Lai's Turn
Chapter 37 A Handshake
Chapter 38 Sagrada Familia Stadium
Chapter 39 Leeds City, which is mainly anti-customer
Chapter 40 It's a bad thing and a good thing
Chapter 41 Merry's opponent
Chapter 42 'Super Mario'
Chapter 43 The first half
Chapter 44 Counterattack
Chapter 45
Chapter 46 Because they want to attack
Chapter 47 European Player Hu Lai
Chapter 48 Lighthouse
Chapter 49 Instinct
Chapter 50 I will score like this
Chapter 51 This is what I didn't do
Chapter 52: Brother Huan, please eat chicken
Chapter 53 A Meal With Extraordinary Meaning
Chapter 54 Die at a meal
Chapter 55: Activating the Polish Genius
Chapter 56 Target Europa League
Chapter 57 Always think too much
Chapter 58 No excuses
Chapter 59: The Growth of Barea
Chapter 60 They're Scared
Chapter 61 Eating is very important
Chapter 62: Creating a Deadly Enemy
Chapter 63 This is our home
Chapter 64 Breaking the Demons
Chapter 65 tit for tat
Chapter 66 Deceiving the whole world
Chapter 67 Lucky Ceremony
Chapter 68 Listen to your words
Chapter 69: No Change in One Hundred Years
Chapter 70 Like flowing water
Chapter 71: Collective Return
Chapter 72 Not a Good Omen
Chapter 73 He is different from ordinary people
Chapter 74 The Watcher in the Villa
Chapter 75 People go to the empty building
Chapter 76 Difficulty falling asleep
Chapter 77: Death from drought, death from waterlogging
Chapter 78 Coward
Chapter 79 Quarterfinals
Chapter 80 “I am the main one”
Chapter 81 The important thing is to score a few goals
Chapter 82: Fucking Dreams
Chapter 83 The Unexpected Chinese Team
Chapter 84 The rival of Japanese football
Chapter 85 Evidence
Chapter 86 A little change
Chapter 87 Old Farmers
Chapter 88 We are the Asian champions!
Chapter 89 Thinking about the World Cup
Chapter 90 He's going to work hard
Chapter 91 behind the scenes
Chapter 92 The big sword chops off the heads of the devils!
Chapter 93: His enemy, my hero
Chapter 94 The Chinese team won
Chapter 95 Dong Guidance
Chapter 96 Successor
Chapter 97 New and old
Chapter 98 I have something to say
Chapter 99 To become stronger
Chapter 100 Back to the club
Chapter 101 Across the ocean to see you
Chapter 102 It's time to show the real technology
Chapter 103 If I didn't meet you
Chapter 104 Are you not welcome?
Chapter 105 A common meal
Chapter 106 Goodbye
Chapter 107 You are out
Chapter 108 This Football Weekend
Chapter 109 The game is not over yet
Chapter 110 The atmosphere has changed
Chapter 111 He is back
Chapter 112 What does it mean when she and I always laugh together?
Chapter 113 He said he liked it
Chapter 114 He is the king here
Chapter 115 Celebration across the stadium
Chapter 116 Don't underestimate yourself
Chapter 117 This is the bravest moment in my life
Chapter 118 This is not a dream
Chapter 119 Europa League
Chapter 120 The legend continues
Chapter 121 Like a duck in water
Chapter 122 Moya's counterattack
One hundred and twentieth chapters pour cold water
Chapter 124 Do not forget the original intention
Chapter 125: No merit and no reward
Chapter 126 is doomed
Chapter 127 Shi Yifeng
Chapter 128 The Light of Dreams
Chapter 129 The port where sailing
Chapter 130 I will try my best to treat
Chapter 131 Royal Carterhorn
Chapter 132 Greetings from Morikawa
Chapter 133 This is the Premier League champion
Chapter 134 No regrets later?
Chapter 135 The ultimate pursuit of professional players
Chapter 136 The Legend of Bro Huan
Chapter 137 It's true!
Chapter 138 The center I want
Chapter 139 You are the brain of this team
Chapter 140 University professors and junior high school students
Chapter 141 New requirements for the new coach
Chapter 142 The new coach takes on a fire
Chapter 143: The Freshmen of the Chinese Team
Chapter 144 Thank you for watching me play football
Chapter 145 An indispensable figure for the Chinese team
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Six Thousands of Calls Begin to Come Out
Chapter 147 see hope
Chapter 148 Who doesn't love Zhang Qinghuan?
Chapter 149 Make 1.5 billion people happy
Chapter 150 Hu Lai's tactical role
Chapter 151: Strong offense and defense...not weak
Chapter 152 I think it's okay again
Chapter 153 High pressure
Chapter 154: Stalemate Stage
Chapter 155 Cold light flashes
Chapter 156: Trapped Beasts Still Fighting
Chapter 157 Kill the game
One hundred and fifty-eight chapters do not accumulate a small step, there is no way to a thousand m
Chapter 159 Back to the Europa League
Chapter 160 The real genius
Chapter 161 'Iceberg' Albertazzi
Chapter 162 Two records
Chapter 163: High mountains and man-made peaks
Chapter 164 A-style climbing
Chapter 165 You have lost
Chapter 166 You are not a mountain, the mountain is right there
Chapter 167 Leaping over the iceberg
Chapter 168 How did he do it?
Chapter 169 Albertazzi's Redemption
Chapter 170 Who would have thought of this?
Chapter 171 Is it really that easy to score goals?
Chapter 172: The character design has collapsed?
Chapter 173: Conquering a Mountain
Chapter 174 Who is your father?
Chapter 175 Homophonic Stem
Chapter 176: Francis's experience of Leeds
Chapter 177 Let's talk about it when the time comes
Chapter 178 League
Chapter 179 Mainstream Stage
Chapter 180 Although we lost the ball...
Chapter 181 This is a normal game
Chapter 182 Smecta
Chapter 183 Wait again
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Fourth Come and Not Indecent
Chapter 185 Defense is for Offense
Chapter 186 Punch
Chapter 187 Strategic Weapons
Chapter one hundred and eighty eighth day cake
Chapter 189 True Love’s Red Rope
Chapter 190 Europa League Overlord
Chapter 191 Equalize
Chapter 192 Hunter and Prey
Chapter 193 See the move
Chapter 194 We are going to Paris!
One hundred and ninetieth chapters owe three lifetimes
Chapter 196 The end of the league
Chapter 197 They may be targeting us
Chapter 198 Zhang Qinghuan's answer sheet
Chapter 199 The season that has ended and begun
Chapter 200 I just want to support Leeds City
Chapter 201 Europe, here we come
Chapter 202 Everyone is still together
Chapter 203 Superstition
Chapter 204: Destroying Superstition
Chapter 205 will only attack
Chapter 206 The whole world knows it, but...
Chapter 207 This is the Europa League final
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighth Double-Edged Sword
Chapter two hundred and ninth thank you
Chapter 210 Are you worried?
Two hundred and eleventh chapter side gamblers
Chapter 212 Game
Chapter 213 Time is running out
Chapter 214 Wait for a chance
Chapter 215 No one can stop him
Chapter two hundred and sixteen the wind is behind
Chapter 217 Witness the legend
Chapter 218 Congratulations, Mr. Champion
Chapter 219 The Golden Age
Summary of Volume V
Chapter 1 Opening Lightning Strike
Chapter 2 If you like it
Chapter 3 The world is so big
Chapter 4 Reasons for Leaving
Chapter 5 Under the Shadow is the Nearest Place to Him
Chapter 6 Fans
Chapter 7 Of course it's more interesting to be an opponent
Chapter VIII Explosive Discovery
Chapter 9 The great melon eaters
Chapter 10 I'm the only one left in this world, you and me
Chapter Eleven My Youth Is Over
Chapter 13 A man who dared to say no to the king
Chapter Fourteen Under the Shadow
Chapter 15 Going to Madrid
Analysis of billion points
Chapter 16 Maxi Carey’s Worries
Chapter XVII Pirates of Madrid
Chapter 18 Farewell
Chapter 19 Welcome home, Hu Lai
Chapter 20 The days are still long
Chapter 21 I'm glad he said that
Chapter 22 What kind of person is the pirate coach
Chapter 23: That time, this moment
Chapter 24 Newcomers join in
Chapter 25 This giant is different
Chapter 26 A new life in Madrid
Chapter 27 Defending Our Lives
Chapter 28 Training
Chapter 29 Lower-level grassroots
Chapter 30 Sending warmth
Chapter 31 Double-layer BUFF
Chapter 32 La Liga Opening
Chapter Thirty-Three The Famous Homecoming
Chapter 34 Where is Hu?!
Chapter 35 La Liga debut
Chapter 36 Your grandfather is here!
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Mastery of Ideas
Chapter 38 Your grandfather is your grandfather
Chapter 39 Born to be a Pirate
Chapter 40 And there!
Chapter 41 Falling in love with the storm
Chapter 42: Storms and Beyond
Chapter 43 The contest has just begun
Chapter 44 It's so lively over there
Chapter 45 Han Shuyu's troubles
Chapter 46: The 'Rebellion' of a Kings Fan
Chapter 47 Han Shuyu's Ball Watching VLOG (1)
Chapter 48 Han Shuyu's Ball Watching VLOG (2)
Chapter 49 Han Shuyu's Ball Watching VLOG (3)
Chapter 50 Don't forget to be yourself
Chapter 51 Win-win
Chapter 52 Hello everyone is really good
Chapter 53 Awards Ceremony
Hu Lai Honor Book (until 2027)
Chapter 54 Champions League Grouping
Chapter 55: The Manipulation of Fate
Hu Lai's career scoring statistics (as of the 2026-2027 season)
Chapter 56 Maxi Carey’s Problem
Chapter 57 The Dutchman with Broken Wings
Chapter 58 Dilapidated body
Chapter 59 Protection
Chapter 60 This goal is dedicated to you
Chapter 61 Challenger
Chapter 62 The King Does Not Envy Pirates
Chapter 63 Thank you
Chapter 64 Fan Behavior
Chapter 65 Integration into the System
Chapter sixty-six like passing like shooting
Chapter 67 Don't let fans down
Chapter 68 God's Punishment
Chapter 69 This ball should only be found in the sky
Chapter 70 Best Goal
Chapter 71 An opponent like a whip
Chapter 72 Where did your Hu Lai go?
Chapter 73: Catching up in His Footsteps
Chapter 74 As if nothing
Chapter 75 Although he is not here, there is his legend here
Chapter 76 The prerequisites for becoming a legend
Chapter 77 consecutive goals
Chapter 78 Good steel is used on the blade
Chapter 79: Merry, who is in hot pursuit
Chapter 80 Derby Preview
Chapter 81 The Atmosphere of Derby
Chapter 82 Those grudges
Chapter 83 Traitors and Undercover
Chapter 84 The side that loses the ball first
Chapter 85 The Spirit of the King
Chapter 86 'Cripple' Hu Lai
Chapter 87 Showing a Foot
Chapter 88 Left Foot
Chapter 89 Is a draw an acceptable result?
Chapter 90 Awesome!
Chapter 91: There is not much time left for the king
Chapter 92 “Strategic Depth”
Chapter 93 A rising star
Chapter 94: Tear well, then tear louder!
Chapter 95: A Beautiful Day
Chapter ninety-six hopeless
Chapter 97 Depressed Zhou Zijing
Chapter 98 HUUUUU Challenge
Chapter 99 Don't Celebrate
Chapter 100 Visiting Leeds
Chapter 101 Welcome home
Chapter 102 Hidden Murder
Chapter 103 Let you see how powerful we are
Chapter 104: Owned and Lost
Chapter 105 Summer Thunderstorm
Chapter 106 He does not belong to any system
Chapter 107: The Unexpected Counterattack
Chapter 108 “Chinese Derby”
Chapter 109 Hu Lai's sense of oppression
Chapter 110 Top strikers often only need simple attacking methods
Chapter 111 Gradually cooling
Chapter 112 Reunion, Farewell and Thunder
Chapter 113: Zhou Zijing's thoughts
Chapter 114 Ruzi can teach
Chapter 115 Everyone goes their own way
Chapter 116 The Olympic Team and the National Team
Chapter 117 Training with the World Preliminaries
Chapter 118: Time and Space Accompanying
Chapter 119: Barcelona that has never been to
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One on One
Chapter 121: Brother Huan is awesome
Chapter 122 Hu Lai's weakness
Chapter 123 Yes, we know each other
Chapter 124 Missing you
Chapter 125 Competition
Chapter 126 I have to watch the women's football
Chapter 127 When is the time for retribution
Chapter 128 New Adventure
Chapter 129 The people inside are helpless
Chapter 130 The outside world is wonderful
Chapter 131 Unfinished To Be Continued
Chapter 132 Do you still want to participate in the World Cup?
Chapter 133 Champions League round of 16
Chapter 134 Chinese Derbys
Chapter 135: Seventy-five goals a year
Chapter 136 Tan Xingzheng
Chapter 137 FIFA Annual Ceremony
Chapter 138 The Legend of the Condor Heroes in Football
Chapter 139 You are not that kind of person
Chapter 140 Just get some sleep
Chapter 141 Carey's suggestion
Chapter 142 Ball Control
Chapter 143 This is for you
Chapter 144 What is no sportsmanship?
Chapter 145 Overaged Players
Chapter 146 Lost the wife and lost the army
Chapter 147: Special Training Results
Chapter 148: City Derby
Chapter 149 The lucky ceremony of combining Chinese and Western
Chapter 150 The King's Spear
One hundred and fifty-one chapters are like two different people
Chapter 152: Brother, do you know what 'cultivating immortality' is?
Chapter 153: There is a ball coming from the west
Chapter 154 This damn football
Chapter 155 Breaking Defense
Chapter 156: Deadly Enemy Fans
Chapter 157 The King of the Madrid Derby
Chapter 158 The old dog still has a few teeth
One hundred and fifty-ninth chapter Li Qingqing taught
Chapter 160 This opponent is the right one
Chapter 161 The Triumph International Column
Chapter 162 The King's Heart Demon
Chapter 163 Progressive Youth
Chapter 164 Xia Xiaoyu's practice
Chapter 165 Organizer Xia Xiaoyu
Chapter 166 Win-win Chinese fans
Chapter 167 Two silver coins
Chapter 168 Don't answer
Chapter 169 What is the use of a bull's knife to kill a chicken?
Chapter 170: Lied but not completely lied
Chapter 171 Pressure Relief
Happy New Year to everyone!
Chapter 172 The difference between me and Hu Lai
Chapter 173 They Know I'm Dangerous
Chapter 174 Like a sharp knife
Chapter 175 A knife stabbed in the heart
Chapter 176 Is this ball good-looking?
Chapter 177 I'm not only shooting
Chapter 178 It’s not that I can’t, I just don’t want to
Chapter 179 is trying to win
Chapter 180: The end of the confrontation
Chapter 181 Not recruited
Chapter 182 Carey's Good News
Chapter 183 It is like the king returning to the palace
Chapter 184 is different from what I imagined
Chapter 185 Carey Shrinking in the Shadows
Chapter 186 A bit lonely
Chapter 187: Figure it out
Chapter 188 The Champions League in the middle of the week
Chapter 189 The rushing forward does not stop
Chapter 190 Champions League quarter-finals
Chapter 191: Snipe and Clam Fight
Chapter 192 fierce competition
Chapter 193 Champions League quarter-finals
Chapter 194 This is not like his style
Chapter 195 Intra-team competition
Chapter 196 Gunpowder Keg
Chapter 197 It should have been a goal...
Chapter 198: There are five of the Four Heavenly Kings
Chapter 199 High Five
Chapter 200 Is the powder keg not blowing up?
Chapter 201: The ferocious Merry
Chapter 202 The top four are released
Chapter 203 The relegation team is not easy to play
Chapter 204 The time has passed
Chapter 205 One step closer to Hu Lai
Chapter 206: Sacrifice and Responsibility
Chapter 207: There are special bonuses
Chapter 208 Arrogance
Chapter 209 The key puzzle
The two hundred and tenth chapter is equal
Chapter 211 Trap
Chapter 212 Explode
Chapter 213 “MAX”
Chapter 214 Happiness
Chapter 215 An acceptable but not completely acceptable result
Chapter 216 Renewal?
Chapter 217 The suspense of winning the championship
Chapter 218 has done everything that should be done
Chapter two hundred and nineteen new records
Chapter two hundred and twentieth intense enough
Chapter 221 Merry is as fierce as a tiger
Two hundred and twentieth chapters were attacked unprepared
Chapter 223 This is the Champions League semi-final
Chapter 224 jumped up
Chapter 225 A different Merry
Two hundred and twentieth chapters do not admit defeat
Chapter 227 has a goal
Chapter 228 The league is the bottom line
Chapter 229 The establishment of a dynasty
Chapter 230 The last round of the league is left
Chapter 231 Kabangka's attention
Chapter 232 A season is coming to an end
Chapter 233 is ready
Chapter 234 To be the first to win
Chapter two hundred and thirty-five two goals in a row
Chapter 236 The boos from the air
Chapter 237 What does this mean?
Chapter 238 Never open champagne
Chapter 239 The dust has settled
Chapter two hundred and fortieth double the pain
Chapter two hundred and fortieth more harsh boos
Chapter 242: Breaking the Great Defense
Chapter 243 Top performance
Chapter two hundred and forty fourth beating Mars
Two hundred and fortieth chapters life and death sorrow and joy
Chapter two hundred and forty-six Chinese Champions League first person
Chapter two hundred and forty seventh go home
Chapter 248 Mom
Chapter 249 So you're still here
Chapter 250 Why are they a good match?
Chapter 251 The Power of Example
Chapter 252 The beginning of a summer
Chapter 253 The lowest and highest goals
Chapter 254: The Possibility of Getting a Card
Chapter 255 Olympic Training
Chapter 256 Meet in Los Angeles
Chapter 257 The similarities and differences between four years ago and now
Chapter two hundred and fifty eight fatal blow
Chapter 259 He said good night to me
Chapter 260: Qualifying in advance
Chapter two hundred and sixty first reunion
Chapter 262 underestimate the enemy
Chapter 263 The Chinese team not only has Hu Lai
Two hundred and sixtieth chapters to work hard
Chapter 265 Hu Lai's corner kick tactics
Chapter two hundred and sixty-six made history
Chapter two hundred and sixty seventh ceiling
Chapter two hundred and sixty-eight our agreement
Chapter two hundred and sixty-ninth, quickly burn that fire red
Chapter 270 Ou Yangjin's arduous task
Chapter 271 MelliGOL
Chapter two hundred and seventy-two simple
Two hundred and seventieth chapters low morale
Chapter two hundred and seventy fourth scene suppression
Chapter 275 Checkers
Chapter 276 Merry bows his head
Chapter 277 The eagle has grown up
Chapter two hundred and seventy-eight people defending Merry
Chapter two hundred and seventy-ninth blunt knife cutting meat
Chapter 280 Defending Hu Lai is a difficult task
Chapter 281 Thank You
Chapter 282 Kill the Argentinian
Chapter 283: Is Hu Lai so fast?
Chapter 284 Merry is also desperate
Chapter 285: Their own longings
Chapter 286 Gold and Bronze Medals
Chapter 287: Stepping on the Hot Wheels
Chapter 288 A brand new day for Chinese football
Chapter 289 Dream Linkage
Chapter 290 Gu Panshenghui Zhang Qinghuan
Two hundred and ninetieth chapters lead the dragon out of the cave
Chapter two hundred and ninety-two this day
Chapter 293 But the tree was planted by me
Two hundred and ninetieth chapters hold high
Chapter 295 This summer is over
Two hundred and ninetieth chapters a big gamble
Chapter two hundred and ninety seventh new aid and old friends
Chapter 298 The new season has begun
Chapter 299 Influence of the Olympic Games
Chapter 300 Who can win the Golden Globe?
Chapter 301 I'm here waiting for you
Chapter 302 On the mainstream stage
Chapter 303 Return to the National Team
Chapter 305 Simple and rude
Chapter 306 The pressure of gambling
Chapter 307 What is this little pressure?
Chapter 308 Before the match with the navigator
Chapter 309 Two new aids
Chapter 310 will not become reality
Chapter 311 When I hit the navigator, I'm excited
Chapter 312 You can go to school
Chapter 313 The real defending champion
Chapter 314 Double the happiness
Chapter 315 Fight for a fight
Chapter 316 Turin Bull
Chapter two hundred and eighteen system to system
Chapter 319 Focus
Chapter 320 Football Youth
Chapter 321 Zero Degree Angle
Chapter 322 Don't move forward with a burden
Chapter 323 How can a hat trick be so easy?
Three hundred and twentieth chapters overseas internationals
Three hundred and twentieth chapters have fun together
Chapter 326 The opponent before the RB team
Chapter 327 Please give me more advice
Chapter 328 Dare to Shine the Sword
Chapter 329 A sword seals the throat
Chapter 330 Consciousness
Chapter 331 After all, it is the home of the RB team
Chapter 332 Watershed
Chapter 333: Lesson 1
Chapter 334 The weight of this jersey
Chapter 335: Foreign Legion
Chapter 336 He is here again
Chapter 337 Go to the ball with you
Chapter 338 The man who booed the Crown Stadium
Chapter 339 Precious Materials
Chapter three hundred and fortieth major business
Chapter 341 Accelerate
Chapter 342 Vacation Copy
Chapter 343 Madeira in this time and space
Chapter three hundred and forty-four where life does not meet
Chapter 345 Why do you care who you are
Chapter 346: The holiday is over
Chapter 348 Is my home everywhere?
Chapter 349 Quality is more important than quantity
Chapter 350 Infectious Diseases?
Chapter 351 Thank you for your cooperation
Chapter 352 This person's heart is black
Chapter 353 Is it so easy to score goals?
Three hundred and fiftieth chapters in vain
Chapter 355: You call this a 'whip'?
Chapter 356 A New Era Opened in Controversy
Chapter 357 Who said I must score goals?
Chapter 358 The first championship of the season
Chapter 359 Hot Topics
Chapter three hundred and sixty tied
Chapter 361 Records
Chapter three hundred and sixty second stepping stone
Chapter 363 What is this bastard doing?!
Chapter 364 No induction training
Chapter 365 I just scored a goal
Chapter 366 New Record
Chapter 366 New Record
Chapter 367: The true king’s mortal enemy
Chapter 368 “Shocking”
Chapter 369 Listen to me, thank you
Chapter 370 'The Source of All Evil'
Chapter 371: It’s also a kind of experience... right?
Three hundred and seventieth chapters turned around and passed the ball
Chapter 373 Captain
Chapter 374 'Land of Longxing'
Chapter 375 There is no better way
Chapter 376 Change is happening?
Chapter three hundred and seventy seventh
Chapter 378 We have Hu Lai
Chapter 379 Traffic
Chapter 380 'General' Xia Xiaoyu
Chapter 380 'General' Xia Xiaoyu
Chapter 381 Champions League Overview
Chapter 382 Would you like to invite me to dinner?
Chapter 383 What happened in the past seven days
Chapter three hundred and eighty fourth decision
Chapter 385 Heroes
Chapter 386: There is not much time left for Hu Lai
Chapter 387 A Cloud Piercing Arrow
Chapter 388 He changed Europe
Chapter 389 The Chinese players in the quarter-finals
Chapter 390 Say goodbye to yesterday
Chapter 391 Cupping
Chapter 392: A ball that grabs fate's throat
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters water flows to high places
Chapter 394 UEFA understands too much
Chapter 395 Power
Chapter 396 Running wild on the road that no one has ever traveled
Chapter 397 The second half of the top 12 competition
Chapter 398: There is both thunder and silent spring rain
Chapter 399: Three teams, one play
Chapter 400 'Dongchuan Middle School Derby'
Chapter 401 Available
Chapter 402 There are two brushes
Chapter 403 Whose story is this?
Chapter 404 One of the charms of football
Chapter 405: Looking Back at the Moon
Chapter 406: Anger
Chapter 407 No suspense anymore
Chapter 408 Scarlet Witch Nemesis
Chapter 409 No spoilers
Chapter 410 Educational attributes of football
Chapter 411 The daunting red house
Chapter 412 This is also the land of Longxing
Chapter 413 The Champions League semi-finals are born
Chapter 414 German Football Overlord
Chapter 415 I want to win the Golden Globe
Chapter 416 Respect
Chapter 417 The more difficult Albertazzi
Chapter 418 An ordinary game
Chapter 419 Major events in European football
Chapter 420 Hulai Museum
Chapter 421: Trademarks and Sculptures
Four hundred and twentieth chapters fancy marriage
Chapter 423 Before the Champions League semi-finals
Chapter 424: Coming to Madrid and returning to Madrid
Chapter 425: A Good Person
Chapter 426 Good people should be pointed at by guns?
Chapter 426 Good people should be pointed at by guns?
Chapter four hundred and twentieth
Chapter 428 Attacking the bridgehead
Chapter 429 The most important ability as a striker
Chapter 430 Opposing
Chapter 431 Mad and good people
Chapter 432 Carey who is different from before
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters should not have a tacit understanding
Chapter 434 God, are you targeting me?
Chapter 435 End of the first half
Chapter 436 'Intermission'
Chapter 437 The second half begins!
Chapter 438 You are too happy
Chapter 439 Deathly Silence
Chapter 440 He is really good at scoring goals
Chapter 441 The shortest-lived record
Uphold the original intention
Chapter 444: Cheers to Hu
Chapter 445 A Season of Writing History
Chapter 446: Dictatorship Disobedience
Chapter 447 'Phenomena'
Chapter 448: Across the Ocean
Chapter 449: Unknown Realm
Chapter 450 The feeling of home
Chapter 451: When I am old, I will reflect on the relationship between father and son
Chapter 452: 'Chinese Derby' in the King's Cup Final
Chapter 453: What should come is still here
Chapter 454 Retribution
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters three crowns won the second
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters Huan brother couple
Chapter 457 May all lovers in the world get married
Chapter 457 May all lovers in the world get married
Four hundred and fiftieth eight chapters smile
Chapter 459: Departure to Milan
Chapter 460 Kick the bus to pieces!
Chapter 461 It's our turn
Chapter four hundred and sixty-two women's intuition
Chapter 463 Everyone is here
Chapter 464 The stars shine
Chapter 465 The game begins
Chapter four hundred and sixty-six famous game start
Chapter 467 One of the elements of the famous game: penalty kick
Chapter 468: The second element of the famous bureau: the world wave
Chapter 469: The third element of the famous game: the goal battle
Chapter 470 The fourth element of the famous bureau: fast pace
Chapter 471 The King and the Pirates
Chapter 472 Textbook-like standard dribbling
Chapter 473 Taking the Champions League final as the stage
Chapter 474 The third person in history
Chapter four hundred and seventy-fifth white rainbow penetrating the sun
Chapter 476 It’s terrible...
Chapter 477: Get down to survive and stand to die
Chapter 478 The first person in history
Chapter 479 The cry of the people
Chapter 480 The last element of the famous game: conflict and red card
Chapter 481 That is the red plucked from the rising sun
Chapter 481 That is the red plucked from the rising sun
Chapter 482 Pirates are champions!
Summary of Volume 6
Chapter 1 Going to an appointment
Chapter 2 here we come again
Chapter 3 Chinese Campus Football Report 1: Hu Lixin and his Nancheng Primary School
Chapter 4 Playing football itself is the most important
Chapter 5 Chinese Campus Football Report 2: “The Cradle of the National Football Team” Dongchuan Middle School
Chapter 6 Replay of the game
Chapter 7 Knowing how to win is more important than winning
Private goods about the last few chapters
Chapter 8 Dad, come on!
Chapter 9 Legend, to be continued
Chapter 10 We'll be here for a long time
Chapter Eleven: Study Abroad
Chapter 12 Preseason
Chapter Thirteen The Real Kabonka
Chapter 14 The king of kings of Europe
Chapter 15 Like a Broken Couple
Chapter 16 Let Seventh Brother take us to fly
Chapter 17 Meeting old friends abroad
Chapter 18: What Makes People Happy
Chapter Nineteen The Name
Chapter 20 The Milky Way at Midnight
Chapter 21 The Old Principal's Greatest Wish
Chapter 22 The first person in Asia
Chapter 23 Because of you
Chapter 24 The famous home goes home
Chapter 25 Despised by the Chinese team
Chapter 26 No Hu Lai
Chapter 27 You'd better go all out
Chapter 28 Take the lead
Chapter twenty-ninth
Chapter 30: The RB team that was cornered
Chapter 31 Preparing for the World Cup starts now
Chapter 32 Don't stop shining
Chapter Thirty-Three It's Over
Chapter 34 You are you, you are Zhou Zijing
Chapter 35 The Twelve Rounds End
Chapter 36 The Reborn Catalan United
Chapter 37 Score goals like Maxi Carey
Chapter 38 This is Hu Lai
Chapter Thirty-Nine Sharp Knife
Chapter 40: One hundred secrets eventually have a sparse
Chapter 41 I want to stand on the shoulders of giants
Chapter 42 Just a small suggestion
Chapter 43 The new season of the Champions League begins
Chapter 44 The Golden Age of Chinese Football
Chapter 45 Foreign Affairs Department
Chapter 46 Come on Ou Yangjin
Chapter 47 The second famous scene
Chapter 48 A great cause
Chapter 49: Ordinary and Uncommon Games
Chapter 50 A Good News Not Bad
Chapter 51 The game has just begun
Chapter fifty-two
Chapter 53 Lifting weights lightly
Chapter 54 The high-quality idol of Chinese football
Chapter 1729 Strategic Deterrence
Chapter 56 'Mistake of the Century'
Chapter 58 Derby warm-up
Chapter 1732 Beyond Football
Chapter 59 The world is hot and cold
Chapter 60 Meli's and Hulai's Dependence
Chapter 61 Record Destroyer
Hu Lai's career statistics (by the end of 2028-2029)
Chapter 62 More and more angry
Chapter 63 Lack of Lubrication
Chapter 64 Breakthrough in the middle
Chapter 65 Comparing the Heart
Chapter 66: The right time, place and people
Chapter 67: The Century Turns Around
Chapter 68 Hustle and bustle
Chapter 69 “Chinese Fans” in Europe
Chapter 70 It's actually a Hu Lai fan
Chapter 71 The purpose of the warm-up match
Chapter 72 Another warm-up purpose
Chapter 73 Shield and Sword
Chapter 74 Facts
Chapter 75 Sugiyama Tatsuya's refutation
Chapter 76 'Go all out'
Chapter 77 Mr. Bracelet
Chapter 78: Massacre
Chapter 79 This night is very lively
Chapter 80 Record Night
Chapter 81 The game that attracts much attention
Chapter 82 Take you to see my family
Chapter 83 The joy of family
Chapter 1757 Eighty-third ball
Chapter 1758 Heartwarming
Chapter 1759 Time heals the pain
Chapter 1760 scolding less
Chapter 1761 Punching towards the mountain
Chapter 1762 World Cup Grouping
Chapter 1763 'Group of Death'
Chapter 1764 National Derby
Chapter 1765 The end of the bonus
Chapter 1766 World Club Cup
Chapter 1767 Peng Weijun
Chapter 1768 Don't mess up
Chapter 1769 The candidate for the left back
Chapter 1770 a dream
Chapter 1771 Just because of being in history
Chapter 1772 Don't let yourself regret
Chapter 1773 Strength Gap
Chapter 1774 Within the plan
Chapter 1775 Like a Black Panther
Chapter 1776 A public execution
Chapter 1777 Hold back the fist
Chapter 1778 Unwilling
Chapter 1779 Historic Moment
Chapter 1780 Wishful thinking
Chapter 1781 Let yourself go
Chapter 1782 A Day Worth Remembering
Chapter 1783 Different Dimension Suggestions
Chapter 1784 Take a step back
Chapter 1785 Brazilian genius
Chapter 1786 'Master'
Chapter 1788 Six Crowns
Chapter 1790 2029
Chapter 1791 He is there
Chapter 1792 Those who are not happy for Hu Lai
Chapter 1793 The First Game of the New Year
Chapter 1794 Spanish Chicken Rib Cup
Chapter 1795 If you don’t have a mentality, you can’t have a mentality.
Chapter 1796 The Accusation of the Sufferer
Chapter 1797 The Flag Bearer of Brazilian Football
Chapter 1798 So handsome
Chapter 1799 Captain without armband
Chapter 1800 It smells so good
Chapter 1801 Normal Mind
Chapter 1802 Blitz Pirates
Chapter 1803 Change of tactics
Chapter 1804 Mental Pollution
Chapter 1805 System Bureau
Chapter 1806 Holy Family Stadium VIP
Chapter 1807 A savior in danger?
Chapter 1808 Wonderful Passage
Chapter 1809 The meaning of failure
Chapter 1810 The Champions League reignited the war
Chapter 1811 To be calm
Chapter 1812 Luo Kai’s Secret
Chapter 1813 What happened?
Chapter 1814 He is stronger than you think
Chapter 1815 Warm water
Chapter 1816 Simple and rude
Chapter 1817 Where is VAR?
Chapter 1818 Straight ball
Chapter 1819 He changed football
Chapter 1820 Visitors from the Iceberg
Chapter 1821 lofty goals
Chapter 1822 Short-term Goals
Chapter 1823 The Bifurcation of the World Line
Chapter 1824 Huleixing
Chapter 1825 Ah, yes, yes
Chapter 1826 A biting dog never barks
Chapter 1827 Oh my god?!
Chapter 1828 I want your girlfriend's clothes
Chapter 1829 Come on, continue
Chapter 1830 Ninety-five Supreme?
Chapter 1831 More powerful
Chapter 1832 Living in a legend
Chapter 1833 Tipland's collapse
Chapter 1834 This is the reason
Chapter 1835 anger at the crown
Chapter 1836 Let Hu Lai make a sample for you
Chapter 1837 Heart Demon
Chapter 1838 foreshadowing four years in advance
Chapter 1839 Since ancient times, heroes are like beauties
Chapter 1840 Caesar’s desperate situation
Chapter 1841 The winner and the loser
Chapter 1842 You guys are so boring
Chapter 1843 Being stunned
Chapter 1844 The Satisfactory 'China Cup'
Chapter 1845 What is the 'Golden Generation'?
Chapter 1846 'Sinister Intentions'
Chapter 1847 Happy Day for Chinese Fans
Chapter 1848 Going up and down the mountain
Chapter 1849 Some are happy and some are worried
Chapter 1850 The Moment of Turmoil
Chapter 1851 'Madrid Massacre'
Chapter 1852 A simple kick
Chapter 1853 The cornerstone of the championship
Chapter 1854 The Heavy Punch in the Face
Chapter 1855 Struggling to move forward
Chapter 1856 'The Curse of Linares'
Chapter 1857 Same score
Chapter 1858 'I am the one who can decide the champion!'
Chapter 1859 She is going to watch my Champions League game live!
Chapter 1860 Why not?
Chapter 1861 How dare you?!
Chapter 1862 Barcelona Derby
Chapter 1863 He is in good condition
Chapter 1864 Who doesn't love Brother Huan?
Chapter 1865 You have to work hard to get to Munich
Chapter 1866 Is Luo Kai injured?
Chapter 1867 Fate is too cruel
Chapter 1868 History That Never Happened
Chapter 1869 The 'Cornerstone' of the 'Cornerstone of Champions'
Chapter 1870 See whose knife is faster
Chapter 1871 Not out of control
Chapter 1872 All are tougher than expected
Chapter 1873 The Red-Eyed Gambler
Chapter 1874 'Walking in the Sky'
Chapter 1875 There is still a chance for a comeback
Chapter 1876 More ways
Chapter 1877 'Good Omen'
Chapter 1878 I am the most threatening
Chapter 1879 So terrifying
Chapter 1880 My teammates should not be underestimated either
Chapter 1881 Living in a nightmare
Chapter 1882 What is Fei doing?
Chapter 1883 Madrid is incredible
Chapter 1884 This is the best opportunity
Let me say a few words about guessing the outcome.
Chapter 1885 We are at the crossroads of history again
Chapter 1886 The ceiling is a bit high
Chapter 1887 Family Relations
Chapter 1888 Starting a new adventure
Chapter 1889 Registration for training
Chapter 1890 Rebellious Period
Chapter 1891 I will stare at you
Chapter 1892 The Eve of the Finals
Chapter 1893 The Opening of the Finals
Chapter 1894 Dad, I chose it
Chapter 1895 Half Volcanic Half Iceberg
Chapter 1896
Chapter 1897 Kabanka has not given up yet
Chapter 1898 Walking with God
Chapter 1899 Another Failure Accumulated
Chapter 1900 The Birth of a New Dynasty
Chapter 1901 World Cup Wish
Chapter 1902 Lubricant
Chapter 1903 Who to choose or not to choose?
Chapter 1904 That young figure
Chapter 1905 List of twenty-three people
Chapter 1906 The World Cup is coming soon
Chapter 1907 Changes in the past four years
Chapter 1908 Everyone Watching the World Cup Together
Chapter 1909 Everything is possible in the World Cup
Chapter 1910 The slowly unfolding red carpet
Chapter 1911 'He is outdated'
Chapter 1912 Louder voice than four years ago
Chapter 1913 Ginger is still old and spicy
Chapter 1914 I have a long tassel in hand today
Chapter 1915 The Eternal Legend of World Football
Chapter 1916 The fastest legend in the World Cup
Chapter 1917 Open World Cup Goal Account
Chapter 1918 The beauty is not like reality
Chapter 1919 An unforgettable first half
Chapter 1920 Who is more motivated?
Chapter 1921 Since two goals are not enough, then...
Chapter 1922 Dare to dream of victory
Chapter 1923 How to be proud
Chapter 1924 A happy day
Chapter 1925 After the upset
Chapter 1926 An era is coming to an end
Chapter 1927 It’s hard to qualify in the group
Chapter 1928 How to meet
Chapter 1929 Caesar before and Caesar now
Chapter 1930 Still coming?
Chapter 1931 The state is out
Chapter 1932 “The Great Emperor” Appears
Chapter 1933 Live the way you want
Chapter 1934 It’s truly a team of death
Chapter 1935 Am I not suitable to be the captain?
Chapter 1936 We must qualify as a group
Chapter 1937 The joys and sorrows in the World Cup are not the same
Chapter 1938 One hell and one heaven
Chapter 1939 Want nothing but victory, nothing for victory
Chapter 1940 Only delayed for three minutes
Chapter 1941 Mentality is very important
Chapter 1942 Gaining the upper hand
Chapter 1943 Midfield Substitution
Chapter 1944 The 'weakness' of the defense
Chapter 1945 The Undervalued Person
Chapter 1946 Captain China
Chapter 1947 You have emerged from the cocoon
Chapter 1948 Things about another stadium
Chapter 1949 The shadow hanging over the Spaniards
Chapter 1950 Collapse
Chapter 1951 No more suspense
Chapter 1952 Making History
Chapter 1953 The favorite to win the championship
Chapter 1954 Everyone wants to meet the Chinese team
Chapter 1955 Fans
Chapter 1956 I’m interested!
Chapter 1957 Boys never grow up
Chapter 1958 There is more than one knockout match
Chapter 1959 Team China, come on!
Chapter 1960: Open up
Chapter 1961 Fast pace
Chapter 1962 The first boot that falls
Chapter 1963 England’s tactics
Chapter 1964 'Good Omen'
Chapter 1965 Daily life at Pirates Park
Chapter 1966 Midfield Substitution
Chapter 1967 Not yet taken off
Chapter 1968 Sharp knife on the wing
Chapter 1969 After taking the lead
Chapter 1970 A truly world-class team
Chapter 1971 Fierce Offensive
Chapter 1972 Restart
Chapter 1973 Don’t give up, never give up!
Chapter 1974 Today we are all Chinese fans
Chapter 1975 “Hand of God”
Chapter 1976 Leave it to you, Lin Zhiyuan
Chapter 1977 The heroes of the Chinese team
Chapter 1978 Encounter on a narrow road
Chapter 1979 The Brave Wins
Chapter 1980 A wonderful moment for Chinese football
Chapter 1981 To create a miracle, it’s all up to us
Chapter 1982 It’s useless to give you a chance
Chapter 1983 “Teammate Derby”
Chapter 1984 Hypotension was cured
Chapter 1985 Preparing for the quarter-finals
Chapter 1986 First Half
Chapter 1987 Caesar’s Determination
Chapter 1988 Ready to go
Chapter 1989 This is the quarter-finals
Chapter 1990 A boring battle
Chapter 1991 Free Kick Master
Chapter 1992 There is not much time left for the Chinese team
Chapter 1993 Who said you can’t score without cheating?!
Chapter 1994 Who wants to play overtime?
Chapter 1995 Seventeen minutes and seventeen seconds
Chapter 1996 Died...bravely
Chapter 1997 Starting a new journey
Summary of Volume Seven
Current situation report
Chapter 1998 Hu Lai and Li Qingqing’s Football Museum
Chapter 1999 Tens of Millions of Screws
Chapter 2000 Lecturer Hu Lixin (compensation update)
(Reissue) 6 departments on accelerating the development of national football and football clubs
Chapter 2001 The withdrawal ceremony of Dongchuan Middle School
Chapter 2002 It’s not a dream
Chapter 2003 Return
Chapter 2004 There is neither a feast that lasts nor a victorious teacher
Chapter 2005 Please start from me for blood exchange
Chapter 2006 He is a wild horse
Chapter 2007 You will start from now on
Chapter 2008 Do you want to coax the child?
Chapter 2009 Good news? Bad news?
Chapter 2010 It seems like it was messed up...
Chapter 2011 Destiny
Chapter 2012 The ruins of the dynasty
Chapter 2013 After I finish speaking, who agrees? Who opposes?
A simple 7 million word speech
Chapter 17 What makes us tolerate each other?
Chapter 18 As expected
Chapter 19 If you can’t score a goal, you will die.
Chapter 20: Stay steady and don’t panic
Chapter 21 Farias’ Solo Dance
Chapter 22 The best goal in the Champions League
Chapter 23 For the sake of the championship
Chapter 24 Qualifications for starting the game
Chapter 25 The counterattack of the little guy
Situation description
Chapter 26 Dilemma
Chapter 27 Your Advantages
Chapter 28 I’m looking for Hu
Chapter 29 Tips of Teeth
Chapter 30 Re-recognition
Chapter 31 Regret
Chapter 32 'The responsibility lies entirely with Hu Lai'
Chapter 33: Same frame
Chapter 34 Dream Beginning
Chapter 35 Under heavy pressure
Chapter 36 Nothing left
Chapter 37 Not only...even...
Chapter 38 The King of Vesuvius
Chapter 39 Fighting
Chapter 40 Changes have occurred
Chapter 41 It doesn’t matter what you say, it depends on what you do
Chapter 2039 A whip
Chapter 2040 The heavy responsibility lies on our shoulders
Chapter 2041 Everyone is ready
Chapter 2042 Less than a minute
Chapter 2043 It’s just the beginning
Chapter 2044 Is it too reluctant?
Chapter 2045: Like a stuck in the throat
Chapter 2046 Foundation
Chapter 2047 Increase efforts
Chapter 2048 It has to be Merry
Chapter 2049 Atypical Chen Xingyi
Chapter 2050 Ups and Downs
Chapter 2051 Experience in the European War
Chapter 2052 Too unlucky
Chapter 2053 Professional Spirit
Chapter 2054 The Story of Luo Kai and Tramed
Chapter 2055 The Sinner Zhou Zijing
Chapter 2056 Maybe give it a try
Chapter 2057 Rely on yourself
Chapter 2058 Luo Kai’s Determination
Chapter 2059 Looking forward
Chapter 2060 Already a legend
Chapter 2061 Dream and Reality
Chapter 2062 The journey is both beautiful and beautiful
Chapter 2063 A prairie fire
Chapter 2064 “Audition”
Chapter 2065 This is my last chance
Chapter 2066 Just do it
Chapter 2067 TIFO
Chapter 2068 As cool as a shooting star
Chapter 2069 This opponent is not simple
Chapter 2070 Reassurance
Chapter 2071 Old Taoist
Chapter 2072 Gift
Chapter 2073 Pirates’ Time Bomb
Chapter 2074 Realistic acting skills
Chapter 2075 Continuous goals
Chapter 2076 This ball is dedicated to the head coach
Chapter 2077 To fight or not to fight
Chapter 2078 A sunny and cheerful boy
Chapter 2079 Young
Chapter 2080 Their Team
Chapter 2081 Who is Chen Xingyi?
Chapter 2082 A few things before the World Cup starts
Chapter 2083 Grand Festival
Chapter 2084 Kick-off
Chapter 2085 'Cowardly'
Chapter 2086 Breaking the Ice
Chapter 2087 As a heavy shooter, is it normal to play with a goalkeeper?
Chapter 2088 Monkey Sai Lei
Chapter 2089 Beware of arrogance and impetuosity
Chapter 2090 Late but arrived
Chapter 2091 Strategic Forward
Chapter 2092 Substitution
Chapter 2093 The opening match ends
Chapter 2094 The World Cup begins with the knockout rounds
Chapter 2095 All-out war
Chapter 2096 Four years in a blink of an eye
Chapter 2097 The Speechless Incident
Chapter 2098 Can’t overturn the car
Chapter 2099 No. 1 in Asia
Chapter 103: Young and frivolous
Chapter 104 'Group of Death'
Chapter 105: Heroes of Japanese Football
Chapter 106: Win first and then talk
Chapter 107 The Boy from Madeira Island
Chapter 108 Sino-Portuguese Friendship
Chapter 109: A game to please the fans?
Chapter 110 Rainbow in the restricted area
Chapter 111: Exchange jerseys
Chapter 112 Salute
Chapter 113 We Will Rock You
Chapter 114 The difference between the original version and the imitation show
Chapter 115 He deserves it
Chapter 116 A group photo traveling through time and space
Chapter 117 Only today did you know that I am me
Chapter 118: On the Pillar of Shame
Chapter 119 Language is the bridge of communication
Chapter 120 The Three Heroes Stand in Dignity
Chapter 121 Have confidence
Chapter 122 The quarter-finals begin
Chapter 123 This is a tough bone
Chapter 124: Underestimating the Enemy
Chapter 125 Breaking the Deadlock
Chapter 126 Lenormand’s helpless move
Chapter 127 You are the best!
Chapter 128 After reaching the quarterfinals
Chapter 2126 British Accounting
Chapter 2127 Please take good care of me next time
Chapter 2128 A “disgraceful” curtain call?
Chapter 2129 “The cornerstone of championship”?
Chapter 2130: Throwing cold water and throwing fire
Chapter 2131 Misstep
Chapter 2132 They are not strong
Chapter 2133 Now we are starting from scratch
Chapter 2134 Provocation
Chapter 2135 Going to the meeting alone
Chapter 2136 Dragon Roar
Chapter 2137 England’s Opportunity
Chapter 2138 They have Hu Lai
Chapter 2139 The wanderer returning home
Chapter 2140 Stronger than expected
Chapter 2141 A satisfying first half
Chapter 2142 Don’t be too happy too early
Chapter 2143 Asian Level
Chapter 2144 Listening to Thunder in Silence
Chapter 2145 The so-called revenge
Chapter 2146 Why?
Chapter 2147 Give in
Chapter 2148 Wang Guangwei’s answer
Chapter 2149 It’s not over yet
Chapter 2150 Kill England
Chapter 2151 Tragedy
Chapter 2152 The darkest day in the history of English football
Chapter 2153 Likes from all directions
Chapter 2154 He said Brazil is dead
Chapter 2155 That’s our shame
Chapter 2156 Half Fire and Half Frost
Chapter 2157 The so-called superstar
Chapter 2158 No one who takes revenge will end well
Chapter 2159 Winners and Losers
Chapter 2160 The hemp rope always breaks at the smallest point
Chapter 2161: Misfortune seeks out the poor
Chapter 2162 My World Cup is not over yet
Chapter 2163 Plan
Chapter 2164 'No Man's Land'
Chapter 2165 There is only one goal
Chapter 2166 No time to regret
Chapter 2167 Tit for tat
Chapter 2168 The person behind Hu Lai
Chapter 2169 Is this really the first time?
Chapter 2170 Adjustments to the Brazilian Team
Chapter 2171 Recording History
Chapter 2172 There’s still half a game left
Chapter 2173 Loophole
Chapter 2174 Ah this
Chapter 2175: What if I die?
Chapter 2176 Who scored the goal?
Chapter 2177 Spiritual Power
Chapter 2178 The red flag is flying
Chapter 2179 So what if there is no system?
Chapter 2180 The further you go, the better
Chapter 2181 Innocent
Chapter 2182 Lessons from the past?
Chapter 2183 This is hope!
Chapter 2184 Everything is just right
Chapter 2185 The accent of history
Chapter 2186 They have the heart of a champion
Chapter 2187 There is a fire in my heart that has been burning for eight years
Chapter 2188 Planting Trees
Chapter 2189 Who will we fight in the final?
Chapter 2190 The Ending Battle
Chapter 2191 The only way to grow?
Chapter 2192 The loser eats the dust
Chapter 2193 He still cares
Chapter 2194 Tactical Arrangements
Chapter 2195 This is the real no man’s land
Chapter 2196 See you in the capital
Chapter 2197 Can’t sleep
Chapter 2198 Chinese fans celebrate the New Year
Chapter 2199 Riding the Dragon and Breaking the Waves
Chapter 2200 1.4 billion and 46 million
Chapter 2201 Let’s meet
Chapter 2202 Coming from the Stars
Chapter 2203 Argentinian oppression
Chapter 2204 Sinner
Chapter 2205 The first attack
Chapter 2206 Getting better
Chapter 2207 What does this mean?
Chapter 2208 The beginning of hell
Chapter 2209 Qin Lin’s Adjustments
Chapter 2210 The prodigal returns home
Chapter 2211 We don’t believe in history, we create history
Chapter 2212 Turning point?
Chapter 2213 A man like the wind
Chapter 2214 No retreat is the road to victory
Chapter 2215 Fairy Ball
Chapter 2216 Writing a new record
Chapter 2217 Renew the relationship
Chapter 2218 Embarrassed
Chapter 2219 Don’t be afraid, dad is here
Chapter 2220 The sweat that cannot be wiped away
Chapter 2221 Because they think so too
Chapter 2222 He hits his, I hit mine
Chapter 2223 Nine minutes left
Chapter 2224 Four minutes left
Chapter 2225 A breathtaking three hundred and seventy seconds
Chapter 2226 If Miracles Have Color
Chapter 2227 What a great person, what a wonderful life
Chapter 2228 Overtime
Chapter 2229 Do not accept any result other than victory
Chapter 2230 There are mountains behind you
Chapter 2231 Hero Group
Chapter 2232 Toward victory, move forward! Move forward! Move forward! Move forward!
Chapter 2233 So far, it has become a legend
Chapter 2234 The game is over!
Chapter 2235 We are the champions!
Chapter 2236 Epilogue For You
Postscript There are so many people in this world