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The leisurely life of a reborn dad

The leisurely life of a reborn dad

author:simba tree

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:10-04 21:47

Latest chapter:Chapter 470 The ‘takers’ are coming one after another (500.01 million)

Cao Shujie, who died suddenly while working late at night, was reborn in 2011. In this life, he wanted to live a more relaxed life, spend more time with his wife and children, raise a dog, walk his baby, and earn some living expenses when he was not busy!

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《The leisurely life of a reborn dad》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 470 The ‘takers’ are coming one after another (500.01 million)
Chapter 469 Can I still have some trust? (1.05 million)
Chapter 468 He is a unique existence (800.01 million) First
Chapter 467 Husband, is the God of Wealth our ancestor? (4100
Chapter 466 Riding on the popularity of ‘Mengmeng Orchard’ (1.52 million)
Chapter 465 Mengmeng is best at rubbing salt into wounds (9.10015 million
Chapter 464: Historical bottom, do you want to buy the bottom? (510015
Chapter 463 Mengmeng, the little traitor
Chapter 462 Liu Furong’s request (at least 31006000) tomorrow
《The leisurely life of a reborn dad》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Rebuilding the House
Chapter 3 He can't hang around outside, right?
Chapter 4 The cuteness that people hate dogs, lah
Chapter 5 Start work at an auspicious time,
Chapter 6 To provide fruit trees with some nutrient solution, monthly pass
Chapter 7 Mengmeng, are you Xiu?
Chapter 8 Mengmeng's one move to control the enemy
Chapter 9 How Cheng Xiaolin Betrayed 1/130
Chapter 10 Add some nutrient solution to fruit trees
Chapter 11 Mengmeng, the Unlucky Child
Chapter 12 Catch Rabbits on the Mountain, Monthly Pass 2/130
Chapter 13 The Daughter's Pet
Chapter 14 A lot of big things happened without knowing it
Chapter 15 Preparing for a Big Fight 3/130
Chapter 16 Mengmeng is a little sycophant
Chapter 17: Adults Make Choices
Chapter 18 You two dogs are looking for death 3/130
Chapter 19 What a pleasant life
Chapter 20 Cao Shujie who gloats
Chapter 21 Husband, Your Daughter Is Really Beautiful
Chapter 22 One thing drops one thing, Mengmeng meets an opponent
Chapter 23 Large-Scale Buns 5/130
Chapter 24 Became King of the Mountain
Chapter 25 Daha, Bite Her
Chapter 26 Mengmeng should be obedient in school, right? 6/130
Chapter 27 Mengmeng beat someone on the first day of school
Chapter 28 Mengmeng is an elf who belongs to the mountain
Chapter 29 Acting Sophisticated 7/130
Chapter 30 I'm Not Trying To Make Money, I Just Want To Find Something To Do For Myself
Chapter 31 Cat, Hello
Chapter 32 A few bosom friends are enough 8/130
Chapter 33 The body is getting better and better
Chapter 34
Chapter 35 The cat and dog war is about to start 9/130
Chapter 36: The Dogs Have Been Spirited
Chapter 37 Mengmeng Can Dance
Chapter 38 Life has entered a new level
Chapter 39 The Life of the Immortals
Chapter 40 The first wave of guests and two more chapters tonight
Chapter 41 I Want To Run When I Hear My Aunt's Name 11/130
Chapter 42 Provoking Aunt 12/130
Chapter 43
Chapter 44 Don't Be Too Optimistic
Chapter 45 Cao Shujie Is A Real Dog 13/130
Chapter 46 Adorable Happiness, Also My Childhood
Chapter 47 Already spent more than 300,000 yuan
Chapter 48: Thank you for the loan
Chapter 49 Healing System... Mengmeng
Chapter 50 Don't Regret This Choice 14/130
Chapter 51 Just want to make a friend
Chapter 52 Mengmeng's cleverness must be in the wrong place
Chapter 53
Chapter 54 Dad, buy
Chapter 55 Daha and Erha are about to fall out of favor
Chapter 56 Don't Destroy the Market
Chapter 57
Chapter 58
Chapter 59
Chapter 60 Are Mom and Dad Kissing?
Chapter 61 The youth hormone that has nowhere to volatilize
Chapter 62 My Cousin Is Really Not a Good Thing
Chapter 63 I want to spread my wings and take off Chapter 1
Chapter 64
Chapter 65 Cao Shujie's New Idea
Chapter 66
Chapter 67: On a Rainy Night, Lao Cao Was Injured
Chapter 68 God Has No Eyes
Chapter 69 Walking the dog with my daughter
Chapter 70 Road Construction
Chapter 71 This Free and Easy Life
Chapter 72 Mengmeng, the prodigal son
Chapter 73 This is Mengmeng's fault
Chapter 74 Have Fun
Chapter 75 It doesn't matter if you catch fish or not, it's just a process to enjoy
Chapter 76
Chapter 77
Chapter 78 Drink a lot and eat a lot of meat
Chapter 79 Do you guys know about Bitcoin? 1/138
Chapter 80 Married to the right person Chapter 1
Chapter 81 Mengmeng Ruined Dad's Good Deed Chapter 2
Chapter 82
Chapter 83 What to do if you are short of money? Chapter 1
Chapter 84: Mr. Cao, You Are a Man of Great Things
Chapter 85 Intersecting at the End of the World 3/138
Chapter 86
Chapter 87 Who doesn't want more
Chapter 88 Patrolling the Territory 4/138
Chapter 89 Bulldog
Chapter 90 Mengmeng is very proud
Chapter 91 50 Calves 4/138
Chapter 92 Buy Bitcoin 1.6/30,000 words
Chapter 93: The fruit is almost ripe, only giving away or not selling 2/30,000
Chapter 94 Precisely Positioning the Market 2.4/30,000
Chapter 95 Give the fruit away
Chapter 96 Cao Shujie is busy
Chapter 97 Just Go to Cao's Village and Find Cao Shujie to Buy Kiwis (Sorry, I Just Finished) Good Night
Chapter 98 Mengmeng is such a good boy,
Chapter 99 House decoration, the orchard ushered in the first wave of guests
Chapter 100: Business Opening 10/138
Chapter 104 Big Harvest Monthly Ticket) 40
Chapter 105 Exceeding Expectations (Monthly Pass) 8000
Chapter 106 Diversified Management 11/138
Chapter 107 Little Fame (Monthly Pass) 40
Chapter 108: Monthly ticket for recruiting thieves in the orchard) 8000
Chapter 109: Steals and Acquisition, Respect Monthly Pass
Chapter 110 Adorable Car
Chapter 111: Money Earned is Spend
Chapter 112: Such a Dutiful Daughter
Chapter 113: Mengmeng, why am I so unlucky to have you
Chapter 114 Mengmeng is very smart (re-edited) 13/138
Chapter 115 The Only Girl of the Fourth Generation
Chapter 116 Dress up the mountain again (monthly pass) 50
Chapter 117 Continuing to Contract the Mountains
Chapter 118 Buy Mengmeng a New Car Pass
Chapter 119: The Most Beautiful Boy on the Street (monthly ticket) night
Chapter 120 What is Cao Shujie planning?
Chapter 121 Mengmeng, who offended you? Monthly ticket
Chapter 122 Cao Shujie Has Proved That He Wanted
Chapter 123: Boss Cao keeps asking for a guaranteed monthly pass
Chapter 124
Chapter 125: I'm Pouring Wine for Grandpa, Asking for a Monthly Ticket)
Chapter 126 The House Is Completed Moon
Chapter 127: Silly, Bold and Adorable Monthly Pass
Chapter 128 Dad, I'm Scared of Yue
Chapter 129 Everything is Changing (Monthly Pass) 12,500 1
Chapter 130 Sending off monthly pass) 4200/12,000
Chapter 131 New Variety Planted? Monthly Ticket) 84
Chapter 132: One Person, Four Dogs (Monthly Ticket) 12,400
Chapter 133 This is not about money. Please vote for me.
Chapter 134: Build your own brand (please vote for me)
Chapter 135 Four dogs recognize their master and ask for monthly votes) 4000
Chapter 136 Meng Meng’s Filial Heart Monthly Ticket
Chapter 137 Mengmeng gets into trouble again (please vote for me) 19/138 1.2/1
Chapter 138 I am a happy little elf (please vote for me) 16,000
Chapter 139 Recruiting troops, Mengmeng is too wasteful (4100/12,000
Chapter 140 The four dogs are getting better and better (asking for a double moon on the last day)
Chapter 141 The market teaches you how to be a good person 4100/1.2
Chapter 142 Dad, watch me dance. Please vote for me.
Chapter 143 Harvest from walking the dog at night (please vote for me) 120,000 to 120,000
Chapter 144 Dad, give me money and ask for monthly votes) 4000
Chapter 145 Preparing to move 600.01 million 22138
Chapter 146 Bitcoin is so cheap that no one cares about it
Chapter 147 Cheng Xiaolin blames herself and asks for monthly votes) 6
Chapter 148 Cao Shujie’s sample monthly ticket, recommended
Chapter 149 Dad, I am the boss (monthly ticket) 24138
Chapter 150 I just like watching her work for the monthly payment,
Chapter 151 Salary Monthly Ticket 10,000
Chapter 152 This is just an appetizer (400.01 million)
Chapter 153 Deserves a heavy reward (6000 words) 26138
Chapter 154 Dog sledding, Mengmeng had a lot of fun (400.01 million
Chapter 155: Want to make a lot of money (6100 words) Good night!
Chapter 156 This granddaughter is very thoughtful
Chapter 157 The difference (3100)
Chapter 158 Cute healing smile (400.01 million)
Chapter 159 The New Year is approaching (5000)
Chapter 160 The naughty elf asks for monthly votes) 50
Chapter 161 A new year has begun (Good night)
Chapter 162 Mengmeng: I just took the opportunity to threaten, what’s wrong (41
Chapter 163 Grandpa, you are the old goblin and I am the little goblin
Chapter 164 Mengmeng, you are not worrying at all (4200) Yesterday
Chapter 165 Mengmeng, you are so annoying (15000 tomorrow)
Chapter 166 Please vote for me on this night of fireworks
Chapter 167 Playing games with Mengmeng is tiring (5000150,000)
Chapter 168 There is a dog thief (10,000 words) 29138
Chapter 169: Tough No Need to Explain (5000 words) There will be more tonight
Chapter 170 The Growth of Cao Shujie (monthly ticket) 5200 words
Chapter 171 This is our territory monthly ticket)
Chapter 172 Mr. Dog is open. Please give me your monthly ticket) Good night
Chapter 173 Mengmeng is a disservice (monthly ticket) 4000
Chapter 174 There is a big guy around me. Please give me your monthly vote) 6
Chapter 175 Mengmeng’s strange incident (500.01 million)
Chapter 176 Earn 6,000 yuan per day (11,000 yuan) monthly pass
Chapter 177 Cheng Xiaolin is preparing to make a video (500.01 million)
Chapter 178 A large number of outstanding people (1020010000) 32138
Chapter 179 A prosperous start to the new year (400.01 million)
Chapter 180 So many tricks (920.01 million) Please vote for me 331
Chapter 181: The net worth has skyrocketed. Please vote for me.
Chapter 182 Mengmeng said: I want monthly tickets
Chapter 183 The Most Conscientious Boss (5100 words) Good night
Chapter 184 The old naughty boy and the little brat (please vote for me)
Chapter 185 Mengmeng came over to show off (6000) 36138
Chapter 186 I called my dad (400.01 million) and finally asked for the moon
Chapter 187 Mengmeng is a bit of a monster (4100) Please vote for me
Chapter 188 What a good dog (please vote tonight)
Chapter 189 The most embarrassing thing (please vote for me) Good night
Chapter 190 Salary increase (420.01 million) Please give me a guaranteed monthly ticket!
Chapter 191 This business savvy (6000) makes up for yesterday’s
Chapter 192 Grandma, we are going to buy a plane (400.01 million)
Chapter 193 What kind of naughty kid is this? (Make up yesterday’s post) Very huggable
Chapter 194 Cao Shujie said: I want to block the road! Good night
Chapter 195 How dare you be so arrogant on my territory?(520015
Chapter 196 Shujie, we all listen to you! (10,000)
Chapter 197 Shujie, do you want to run for election? (4200) Please
Chapter 198 Good night, cute little clever ghost (4100)
Chapter 199 You naughty kid, don’t blame others (4000)
Chapter 200 Mengmeng, I can’t cure you if you don’t believe (4100)
Chapter 201 Mengmeng, why do you eat so randomly (4200)
Chapter 202 The Harvest is Coming (4200) Please vote for me
Chapter 203 Making a video with Mengmeng as the protagonist (5000)
Chapter 204 Dad, I have to watch and don’t let anyone steal the strawberries(
Chapter 205 Completely Darken Cao Shujie (5000)
Chapter 206 Cheng Xiaolin’s video went viral (4200) 4
Chapter 207 What’s the point of calling to remind you?
Chapter 208 Copyright Dispute Monthly Ticket
Chapter 209 Playing with Mengmeng, please vote for me
Chapter 210: Become a favorite (4000) Monthly ticket 612
Chapter 211 Got 5 more puppies (4200) monthly pass
Chapter 212 Final Preparations (4200) Monthly Ticket
Chapter 213 Signing a contract with this year’s first customer (4200)
Chapter 214 Unripe strawberries are delicious (4000)
Chapter 215 A huge amount (500.01 million) of monthly tickets,
Chapter 216 Purchase of strawberries in large quantities (5000) 7124
Chapter 217 Another big customer comes (500.01 million)
Chapter 218 Making a lot of money (4200) Please vote for me
Chapter 219 Earn 470,000 (5,000) in the first wave
Chapter 220 Want to buy a car (4000) Good night
Chapter 221 Today I am the General Manager (6100 words)
Chapter 222 Mengmeng, grandma will take you to see your wife (good night)
Chapter 223 The proper big landowner (2000)
Chapter 224 Derived new business (good night)
Chapter 225 Business is booming (500.01 million)
Chapter 226 This is a good deal (510010200) Please
Chapter 227 Cute fruits are highly recognized in the market (5000
Chapter 228 There is still a phoenix hidden in Qingshi Town (4300) Refined
Chapter 229 Unknowingly, he has become famous (4000)
Chapter 230: Meet the Boss (4000) Asking for monthly votes,
Chapter 231 Mengmeng becomes a little star (5200) Good night
Chapter 232 Counting money makes my hands cramp (4200) There will be more at night
Chapter 233 How about letting Cao Shujie decide this matter (4200
Chapter 234 To fight against Cao Shujie is to fight against Caojiazhuang.
Chapter 235 They are all supported by peers (4000) Good night
Chapter 236 Earned 700,000 (4,200) in two days and more at night
Chapter 237 The daily income is hugely different (4000) Good night
Chapter 238 Mengmeng, look at the good things you have done, you are really cheating (42
Chapter 239: Cute and cute, German Shepherd Xiaohei shows his power (4100)
Chapter 240 Mengmeng has a lot of thoughts (4100), please vote for me
Chapter 241 Another big deal (4200) There will be more tonight
Chapter 242 Earned almost 2 million (4000) Good night
Chapter 243 It turns out the treatment here is so good (4200) Shuyue
Chapter 244 Video income is nearly 100,000 (4200) Good night
Chapter 245 The price of cattle is rising (4300) Please vote for me
Chapter 246 Another video becomes popular unintentionally (4300)
Chapter 247 Majestic (4200 words) Please vote for me
Chapter 248 Third-party business comes to your door (4200) Good night, friend
Chapter 249 Cao Shujie’s bad habits, the devil Mengmeng (4000)
Chapter 250 The latest performance (4000) I’m so sleepy, good night!
Chapter 251 The co-author is a second-generation farmer (3000) I will write more at night
Chapter 252 Openness from the Rich Second Generation (5200) Good night
Chapter 253 The key to unlocking the core of power (4100) Wait a moment
Chapter 254 Earned 550,000, bought a car (4300) Good night
Chapter 255 The full amount is 410,000 (5,000). Please give me monthly votes.
Chapter 256 I have money, okay! (5100) Please
Chapter 257 Mengmeng didn’t follow and had a romantic lunch (3000
Chapter 258 More bonuses, greater recognition (7100)
Chapter 259 Cooperative Investment (5200) Please vote for me
Chapter 260 Investing in shares (5500) Please vote for me today.
Chapter 261 Does Boss Cao still have crocodiles at home? (4000)
Chapter 262 Travel (4100) Good night
Chapter 263 Mengmeng’s anger
Chapter 264 You did what I dare not do (4000)
Chapter 265 Raising deer? (4200) Good night
Chapter 266 Cao Shujie’s face is disgraced (4200 words) Evening
Chapter 267 Let’s take you to see the great rivers and mountains in China (40
Chapter 268 Special dishes of the farm restaurant (4200) Please vote for me,
Chapter 269 This dog recognizes its owner (4200 words) Please vote for me
Chapter 270 Income from selling cattle (4000) Asking for monthly votes
Chapter 271 Let’s take a casual trip (good night) today
Chapter 272 Harvest (1) 4000 words, I caught a cold yesterday
Chapter 273 Harvest (2) Crowds of people 4100
Chapter 274 Harvest (3) Hot 4100 words Please vote for me
Chapter 275 Delay in Paying Wages (Good Night)
Chapter 276 The cow is sold cheaply (4000) Please vote for me
Chapter 277 The price has to be increased! (4200 words) Please vote for me, good night
Chapter 278: Earned 1 million (4,000 words) Please vote for me
Chapter 279 Boss Cao, do you want money? (4000) Please give me the moon
Chapter 280 Cute face-changing stunt (write more tonight)
Chapter 281 Mengmeng, children should not pry into adult matters.
Chapter 282 Unintentional insertion (3100) Write more in the next chapter
Chapter 283 War dogs attack the city, Mengmeng is in charge (5000) Good night
Chapter 284 Repricing (4200) Please vote for me
Chapter 285 New Materials (4000) Please vote for me
Chapter 286 Transformation Completed (3000) I wrote more at night, something went wrong
Chapter 287 Becoming a Star Orchard (Good Night)
Chapter 288 Mom, take these 200,000 later (5100 words)
Chapter 289 Making money again (4000) Just a few hundred short, go first
Chapter 290 Cute little thoughts (4100) There will be more tonight
Chapter 291 Mengmeng, you little loser (4000) intensive training
Chapter 292 Even the pigs on the wind can fly (4000) Please give me the moon
Chapter 293 Shujie, is your computer broken? Why don’t you unplug it?
Chapter 294 Holding your hand (3100) Write more at night
Chapter 295 There is a way (good night)
Chapter 296 Even the dog doesn’t want to talk to Mengmeng (there are still 5000 in the evening
Chapter 297 The prank video went viral (5100 words) Refined version
Chapter 298 Cao Shujie lying on the gun (4200) There will be more at night
Chapter 299: With the right person (4100) Good night, please vote for me
Chapter 300: Meng Meng’s filial piety is commendable (5000) Try to make 10,000 per day today
Chapter 301 Little Naughty Egg (4200) Good Night
Tell your friends in advance
Chapter 302: People who can take the trouble (4000) are still there tonight
Chapter 303: Eye-catching (I can’t hold it anymore, I feel uncomfortable all over, first
Chapter 304 Mom, please sing me a song (Little Sheep Family)
Chapter 305 Mom, hit me (4000) Good night
Chapter 306 The new village director (more on that later)
Chapter 307 Aunt, I am awesome (good night)
Chapter 308 Solving the Money Problem (3200) Please vote for the party
Chapter 309 Dad, I left you delicious food for (5000) night
Chapter 310 There is such a big problem (at least 400.01 million)
Chapter 311 Mengmeng, don’t make trouble for me (at least 800.01 million)
Chapter 312 The little girl practicing boxing (5,000,130,000) Good night
Chapter 313 Beating the local tycoons (at least 420.01 million)
Chapter 314 Fruit can’t be sold (minimum 840.01 million) later
Chapter 315 It’s fun for me to find sales for you (4600.13 million)
Chapter 316 Sensible Mengmeng, I speak for my hometown (400.01 million
Chapter 317 How can such a video become popular (800.01 million)
Chapter 318 Chapter 315 Let’s see who dares to trip up (1.221 million)
Chapter 319: Mom said I’d beat him to death and bring him down (420.01 million) Please give me your monthly vote
Chapter 320 Continue to develop (refined, I was too sleepy yesterday, manuscript
Chapter 321 Cao Shujie is really different (there is another chapter tonight)
Chapter 322 Mom’s mobile phone is in arrears and dad can’t be found (refined version)
Chapter 323 Xuemeng Fruit Shop (4000) There is another chapter in the evening,
Chapter 324 I don’t want to make money, okay (good night)
Chapter 325 Earned 120,000 (420013000)
Chapter 326 I can’t do it without Cao Shujie (820013000) Continued
Chapter 327 What is the concept of explosive orders (1230013000) Ming
Chapter 328 Go to town and rent a workshop (400012000)
Chapter 329 I’m cute and not easy to deceive (710012000)
Chapter 330 There is no one who sells regret medicine in this world (refined) 12
Chapter 331 Researching technology, the cheating daughter (400012000)
Chapter 332 Buying fruit saplings in bulk (810012000)
Chapter 333 A wave of welfare (12.300.12 million) Good night
Chapter 334 You are really a talent (at least 400.01 million)
Chapter 335 The thinking is very strange (I am so sleepy that I can’t open my eyes today.
Chapter 336: Alliance (400.01 million) There is another big chapter tonight
Chapter 337 Dad, why do you look down on me (62001.02 million
Chapter 338 Entrusted with important tasks (30008000)
Chapter 339 White Lies (63008000) Later
Chapter 340 I’m not a good person, but this is where I grew up
Chapter 341 Son, you are no match for Shujie (41001200
Chapter 342 Brothers are drinking (810012000)
Chapter 343 More and more people are returning home (1240012000)
Chapter 344 Stop being cute and have another one (40001200
Chapter 345 Talking about people and talking about ghosts (820012000
Chapter 346 Give some benefits to the people in the village (1240012000
Chapter 347 Relatives outside, come back (4200) 4200
Chapter 348 I don’t allow anyone to speak ill of Shujie (8400
Chapter 349: Welfare (12,600,120,000) Please vote for me, finally
Chapter 350 Is this a poor household? (4,000,120,000)
Chapter 351 Fruit saplings arrive (8000120,000) I will continue writing
Chapter 352 The beginning of great development (12.100.12 million)
Chapter 353 Mengmeng, aunt will take you out to play (4000.12 million
Chapter 354 Poor old man (8000.12 million)
Chapter 355 Like a besieged city (1.2212 million)
Chapter 356 This was a place I saw in textbooks (4200
Chapter 357 The Land of Past Glory (8,200,120,000)
Chapter 358 Dad, you can’t even pretend (1.2412 million)
Chapter 359 Mengmeng cried (42008000)
Chapter 360 Grandpa is very happy (83008000) Good night
Chapter 361 This guy is too thick-skinned (at least 400.01 million)
Chapter 362: When we make money, the whole village will go traveling together (3000)
Chapter 363 Envy of Cao Shujie’s life (11,000) Good night,
Chapter 364 The first production reduction of Bitcoin (at least 410.01 million)
Chapter 365: Rare things are more valuable (at least 720.01 million)
Chapter 366 Become a second-rate dealer and earn some hard-earned money (1.13 million
Chapter 367 This friend can handle it (420.01 million)
Chapter 368 Continue writing in tons (720.01 million)
Chapter 369 The richer you are, the more you dig (1.02 million) Good night
Chapter 370 I don’t care about dad, he lied to me (3200.11 million)
Chapter 371: Love the cuteness to the heaven (7200.11 million) Wait a moment
Chapter 372 Weird things and weird people (1.1211 million)
Chapter 373: First earned more than 900,000 (4,000,120,000
Chapter 374 It’s the end of the month
Chapter 375: Each one is better than the other (1.13 million) Friends,
Chapter 376 The order has been placed but the payment has not been made. Please ship the goods in time (4100
Chapter 377 Pie in the sky (1.021 million) Good night
Chapter 378 2,000 tons of apples (410.01 million) I will continue writing
Chapter 379 I will kill the cow and treat you to it (730.01 million) first
Chapter 380 Big Household (10,000) Completed
Chapter 381 We only cooperate with Brother Cao (at least 400.01 million)
Chapter 382 Beat up Mengmeng and let her remember it for a long time (800.01 million
Chapter 383 'Lies and Truth' (110,000) Good night
Chapter 384 The whole Internet wants to see Mengmeng get beaten (at least 400.01 million)
Chapter 385 The price has to be increased (at least 800.01 million)
Chapter 386: No matter what you do to make money, it’s not shabby (10,000) Write first
Chapter 387: Have a good year after finishing this (at least 410.01 million)
Chapter 388 You can sell another 2,000 tons (at least 820.01 million)
Chapter 389 New Year (10500) Good Night
Chapter 390 The first Apple train in the new year (300.01 million)
Chapter 391 Qingshi Town’s Star Enterprise (600.01 million)
Chapter 392 These unreliable things (9300)
Chapter 393 Dad, do you dislike me (at least 400.01 million
Chapter 394 Selling cattle (at least 800.01 million) The last three hours
Chapter 395 Don’t worry about selling good things (1.12 million) Please vote for me late.
Chapter 396 Earn 10 million a month? (400.01 million)
Chapter 397 The big taxpayer in the town (820.01 million)
Chapter 398 One-shot deal (1,130.01 million) Good night
Chapter 399 Chinese New Year (400.01 million)
Chapter 400 How much money did Cao Shujie earn (810.01 million) continued
Chapter 401 Proud and proud Mengmeng (1.02 million) Good night
Chapter 402 I’ll make fruit wine for you to drink next year (420.01 million)
Chapter 403 Orchard worth more than 10 million (740.01 million)
Chapter 404 Mengmeng goes to kindergarten (1.041 million) Good night
Chapter 405 Mengmeng: Teacher, I have XX at home (420.01 million
Chapter 406 Investment (730.01 million)
Chapter 407 Linlin, aren’t you considering having a second child (yesterday)
Chapter 408 Buy this factory (400.01 million)
Chapter 409 Boss Cao is not short of money (700.01 million) Continue writing
Chapter 410: At least more than 20 million in cash (10,000) is finally finished
Chapter 411: Counter (410.01 million) please vote for me
Chapter 412 Caojiazhuang is your backing (720.01 million)
Chapter 413 Cute and silly smile (9300) Good night
Chapter 414 Sister Mengmeng, I listen to you (320.01 million)
Chapter 415 My son is on TV (640.01 million)
Chapter 416 Wang Yuelan’s Pride (Good Night)
Chapter 417 Target (310.01 million)
Chapter 418 There is a heavy reward (610.01 million)
Chapter 419 Director Cao’s three decisions, I wish you a smooth career
Chapter 420: People from the equipment factory (410.01 million)
Chapter 421 Don’t be too greedy (700.01 million) It’s a bit of a headache,
Chapter 422 Ready (to make up for yesterday’s) I got a fever in the middle of the night,
Chapter 423 Who dares to be short-changed? Don’t blame me for being rude (3100
Chapter 424 Daily income of more than 600,000 (63006000) Good night
Chapter 425 Wow, Sister Mengmeng (320.01 million)
Chapter 426: Cute and generous (720.01 million)
Chapter 427 Life is impermanent (1.03 million) Good night
Chapter 428 Buy an electric tricycle for grandpa (300.01 million)
Chapter 429 Mengmeng feels very cool (700.01 million)
Chapter 430: A single Bitcoin exceeds 120 US dollars (1.03 million) late
Chapter 431 Children’s one-day trip to the orchard (400.01 million)
Chapter 432 Wisdom comparable to adults (700.01 million)
Chapter 433 Cao Shulun’s Thoughts (9000) Refine it twice and hold it
Chapter 434 That is Cao Shujie’s lifelong shadow (300.01 million)
Chapter 435 See you again next time (700.01 million)
Chapter 436 Construction starts (10,000) Good night
Chapter 437 Yi Bo Yuntian Cao Shujie (310.01 million)
Chapter 438 Mengmeng is the type who deserves a beating (6000) Friends,
Chapter 439 They are all big bull stocks (300.01 million)
Chapter 440 Outrageous things (600.01 million)
Chapter 441 Money is everywhere (10,000) Good night
Chapter 442 The golden phoenix flying out of the mountain nest (31007000)
Chapter 443 Nutrient solution needs to be mass-produced? (7000) Good night
Chapter 444 Expensive deer antlers (320.01 million)
Chapter 445 The cute big red flower (620.01 million)
Chapter 446 Let me see what stocks you want to buy (1.02 million) Good night
Chapter 447 This is a harvest season (300.01 million)
Chapter 448 The common people finally get their money back (600.01 million)
Chapter 449 Others’ eyes turn red with envy (9000) Good night
Chapter 450 Take a new set of wedding photos (300.01 million)
Chapter 451 Hope that the girl will become a phoenix (600.01 million)
Chapter 452 One tael of gold and one tael of velvet (9000) Good night
Chapter 453 Proceeds from selling deer antlers (400.01 million)
Chapter 454 Mengmeng makes great contributions (700.01 million)
Chapter 455 Mengmeng’s true colors are revealed (10,000) Good night
Chapter 456 Mengmeng was punished by standing on the wall (300.01 million)
Chapter 457 Mengmeng, you are so sensible! (600.01 million)
Chapter 458 The special effects of deer antler slices (8000) will be supplemented next Monday
Chapter 459 On the importance of relationships (410.01 million)
Chapter 460 Making Fruit Wine (710.01 million)
Chapter 461 Mengmeng’s coquettish moves and unexpected fists
Chapter 462 Liu Furong’s request (at least 31006000) tomorrow
Chapter 463 Mengmeng, the little traitor
Chapter 464: Historical bottom, do you want to buy the bottom? (510015
Chapter 465 Mengmeng is best at rubbing salt into wounds (9.10015 million
Chapter 466 Riding on the popularity of ‘Mengmeng Orchard’ (1.52 million)
Chapter 467 Husband, is the God of Wealth our ancestor? (4100
Chapter 468 He is a unique existence (800.01 million) First
Chapter 469 Can I still have some trust? (1.05 million)
Chapter 470 The ‘takers’ are coming one after another (500.01 million)