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Gao Wu returns and becomes a neighbor in the courtyard

Gao Wu returns and becomes a neighbor in the courtyard

author:Bubbles on the road

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Latest chapter:Chapter 1165 Factory Director Yang and Director Lin Visit

I traveled to the highly technologically advanced world of Gaowu, and after a thousand years of interstellar life, I still can't forget the city of Blue Star in my heart! In a battle that destroyed the galaxy, the huge energy destroyed by the star brought me back to the city. Still. Before I could be happy, I discovered that the courtyard next door looked so familiar! How did it look like the courtyard in a TV series I had watched before I traveled to the world of Gaowu? Now that I think about it, this courtyard seems to be full of animals! What should I do? Are humans born to be beasts? Should we just sit back and watch the storm, or should we get involved, save and change the fate of some people? This question deserves serious consideration!

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《Gao Wu returns and becomes a neighbor in the courtyard》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1165 Factory Director Yang and Director Lin Visit
Chapter 1164 Shameless Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 1163 Li Xianghong and others fell asleep
Chapter 1162 Changes in the courtyard environment
Chapter 1161 Duan Hongxuan arranges formations to enjoy life
Chapter 1160 The improvement of Factory Director Yang’s management level
Chapter 1159 Duan Hongxuan’s Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 1158 Ran Qiuye’s Heart of Literary Youth
Chapter 1157 Ran Qiuye’s return gift to Duan Hongxuan and others
《Gao Wu returns and becomes a neighbor in the courtyard》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1: Finally returned to Blue Star, but a little confused
Chapter 2: What? Sister Xiao’e! You said your name is Lou Xiao’e!
Chapter 3: Discharge from hospital, go home and tidy up
Chapter 4: First meeting Lou Bancheng
Chapter 5: Dinner at the Lou family, night talk in the study
Chapter 6: The words shocked Lou’s father, and half of Lou’s city was frightened.
Chapter 7: The Lou family’s future study room is initially decided
Chapter 8: Live a comfortable life, go home and renovate your courtyard
Chapter 9: Apologize to Street Director Wang
Chapter 10: Apologize to Aunt Wang and recognize your godmother
Chapter 11: The rain hasn’t come back, so go to godmother’s house
Chapter 12: Lively reunion, first revelation of talent
Chapter 13: Happy dinner, formal marriage
Signed the contract, what a big surprise
Chapter 14 Goodbye Rain, Eliminate Barriers
Chapter 15 Talking after dinner, learning about He Yuyu’s current situation
Chapter 16 He Yuyu moves to a new home
Chapter 17 Teach He Yuyu how to practice Wu Qin Xi
Chapter 18 The little cook is included in the plan
Chapter 19 Teaching He Yuyu the revised version of Wuqinxi
Chapter 20 Go to Lou’s house again
Chapter 21 Invite Lou Xiaoe to the courtyard
Chapter 22 Lou Xiao’e goes to Duan Hongxuan’s house
Chapter 23 Xu Damao inquires about Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 24 When two girls meet for the first time, Xu Damao tries to cause trouble
Chapter 25 Xu Damao used tricks, and the second uncle was really jealous
Chapter 26 The second uncle is obsessed with the house
Chapter 27 Real integration into the new world, new abilities that suddenly appear
Chapter 28 It’s just the Chinese New Year, the second uncle wants to eat chicken
Chapter 29 The enthusiasm in bangs was completely dampened
Chapter 30 Liu Guangqi’s secret plan
Chapter 31 Duan Hongxuan suggests establishing a family day
Chapter 32 Want to be qualified to practice Chinese medicine
Chapter 33 He Yuyu’s Changes
Chapter 34 Went to the department store and met Xu Damao when he came back
Chapter 35 Xu Damao stabbed the second uncle in the back and wanted to get a favor
Chapter 36 Xu Damao finally showed his fox tail
Chapter 37 The first confrontation, Xu Damao returned without success
Chapter 38 I had to make a decision
Chapter 39 Just let Brother Zhuzi marry Qin Huairu
Chapter 40 Duan Hongxuan’s views on the deaf old lady
Chapter 41 In autumn, the house should be repaired first to prepare for winter.
Chapter 42 Visiting the trust store and feeling emotional
Chapter 43 The foundation building is completed, giving some benefits to He Yuyu
Chapter 44 Duan Hongxuan’s little cook is coming online
Chapter 45: Make many friends and make few enemies
Chapter 46 The uncle included the young scholar in the pension team
Chapter 47 Duan Hongxuan shows his ability for the first time
Chapter 48 Duan Hongxuan really recognized the deaf old lady
Chapter 49 What will happen after the third uncle and the second uncle are stunned?
Chapter 50 A stick woke up the deaf old lady
Chapter 51 The deaf old lady is a little resigned to her fate: Sha Zhu will marry Qin Huairu
Chapter 52 Qin Huairu’s possible development direction
Chapter 53 The deaf old lady is coming out of the mountain
Chapter 54 Duan Hongxuan plans to kill five birds with one stone
Chapter 55 Invited all three uncles
Chapter 56 Gathering together to see Qin Huai as mother and son
Chapter 57 Duan Hongxuan teaches the stickman a lesson in public
Chapter 58 Silly Zhu cried
Chapter 59 Xu Da shows up to cause trouble, Silly Zhu apologizes
Chapter 60 Boys should be raised poor, girls should be raised rich
Chapter 61 Duan Hongxuan’s little story scared Qin Huairu and Shazhu
Chapter 62 The deaf old lady teaches Qin Huairu
Chapter 63 Qin Huairu was taken in by the deaf old lady
Chapter 64 Three gentlemen donated two wheelchairs
Chapter 65: Dialogue between grandparents and grandchildren, heart-to-heart talk between the deaf old lady
Chapter 66 Silly Zhu is a guest
Chapter 67 Silly Zhu: All the leaders in the factory eat are my leftovers
Chapter 68 Silly Zhu was stirred up and revealed his inner thoughts
Chapter 69 In the original drama, Silly Zhu was tricked so miserably, he asked for it!
Chapter 70 Silly Zhu is determined to marry Qin Huairu
Chapter 71 Silly Zhu finally got the secret book
Chapter 72 The relationship between brother and sister is back
Chapter 73 The Chinese medicine practitioner finally has faith
Chapter 74 Yi Zhonghai returns to the courtyard
Chapter 75 The conflict between Silly Zhu and the third uncle
Chapter 76 Helping the third uncle’s family settle accounts and change everyone’s impression of him
Chapter 77 Help the third uncle re-establish his image
Chapter 78 Helping the third uncle to teach his son
Chapter 79 The hard-to-define fool
Chapter 80 Finally got to see the whole hospital meeting
This is the first time I have received a reward, so I would like to express my gratitude!
Chapter 81 General Meeting of the Courtyard
Chapter 82 The three uncles bowed and apologized at the meeting
Chapter 83: Go to Director Wang’s house for a meal
Chapter 84 Happy Chat
Chapter 85 Happy lunch time
Chapter 86 The temperament of the boss of the Yan family is a bit hard to change
Chapter 87 There must be something wrong with the third generation of the Silly Zhu family
Chapter 88 Listening to three old men and women in wheelchairs chatting
Chapter 89 Learn about the factory’s grade system from Uncle Han
Chapter 90 The banquet in the lively courtyard
Chapter 91 It’s time to divide Silly Zhu’s salary again
Chapter 92: I have to buy a chicken for a blind date, the third uncle feels sad
Chapter 93 Xu Damao has a powerful mouth, but he can also cause trouble
Chapter 94 Xu Damao is defeated
Chapter 95 Subverting everyone’s views, the young scholar actually beat someone
Chapter 96 Duan Hongxuan cleans up the Jia Zhang family
Chapter 97 Jia Zhang will continue to make trouble
Chapter 98 Our ancestors all knew that spanking children is a matter of knowledge
Chapter 99 Start criticizing the second uncle
Chapter 100 Silly Zhu was eaten to death by Qin Huairu
Chapter 101 Brother Zhuzhu, you beat Xu Damao to death
Chapter 102 Not only Xu Damao, but also Yan Jiecheng
Chapter 103 Xu Damao is coming again
Chapter 104 Duan Hongxuan and He Yuyu quietly watch Xu Damao bragging
Chapter 105 Xu Damao only has a little cleverness
Chapter 106 Duan Hongxuan and Xu Damao have their own agendas
Chapter 107 Taking He Yuyu to visit the Lou family
Chapter 108 Silly Zhu feels guilty towards Xu Damao
Chapter 109 First Meeting Wu Xinghua
Chapter 109 The big melon given by the deaf old lady
Chapter 111 Aunt Wu’s grandchildren are so rare
Chapter 112 Meeting Mr. Wei, a national master of traditional Chinese medicine
Chapter 113 Became Mr. Wei’s junior brother
Chapter 114 Mr. Wei invites Duan Hongxuan to diagnose and treat patients in the outpatient clinic
Chapter 115 Mr. Wei: Junior brother’s medical skills are eye-opening
Chapter 116 Don’t worry, godmother, I only see patients in the second hospital
Chapter 117 Duan Hongxuan’s painting shocked everyone
Chapter 118 Mr. Wei officially becomes a disciple
Chapter 119 Duan Hongxuan’s benefits are so shocking
Chapter 120 It was busy, Yi Zhonghai and Xu Damao came to the door
Chapter 121 Senior Brother Duan Hongxuan’s identity is beyond Yi Zhonghai’s knowledge
Chapter 122 Mr. and Mrs. Wei are such interesting people
Chapter 123 Confirmed to join the Second Academy
Chapter 124 He Yuyu teaches everyone Wu Qin Xi
Chapter 125 For the sake of my aunt, I’ll put up with Yi Zhonghai for the time being.
Chapter 126 The deaf old lady’s inner suffering
Chapter 127 The second welfare payment, just bring the deaf old lady with you
Chapter 128 Let Xiaodang also take advantage of it
Chapter 129 This is the real Yan Bugui
Chapter 130 A wall can not only separate the yard, but also separate the troubles
Chapter 131 Let’s dig into Duan Hongxuan’s dark history together
Chapter 132 The deaf old lady gave the grain book to the old Wu family and the old Han family
Chapter 133 Duan Hongxuan’s initial thoughts on the layout of the port city
Chapter 134 Duan Hongxuan officially joins the Second Hospital
Chapter 135 The status of famous doctors in the hearts of wealthy people
Chapter 136 The third uncle asked about Chinese medicine, but he didn’t know what he wanted to do.
Chapter 137 Duan Hongxuan joins the Second Hospital, which makes the first and second uncles have their own thoughts
Chapter 138 Can this kid be saved?
Chapter 139 There is such a secret behind Jia Dongxu’s father’s death
Chapter 140 Sister Qin, you were deceived by your mother-in-law
Chapter 141 Advising Qin Huairu against Jia Zhang
Chapter 142 I’m afraid there’s no way to save Banggeng, so let’s arrange for Qin Huairu
Chapter 143 Duan Hongxuan’s expectations for Qin Huairu
Chapter 144 Duan Hongxuan’s current knowledge
Chapter 145 Qin Huairu used the bathroom in Duan Hongxuan’s courtyard to take a bath, and Silly Zhuhun was so disappointed when he saw it
Chapter 146 Arrangements for He Yuyu
Chapter 147 Xu Damao is finally afraid
Chapter 148 I don’t want to worry about Lou Xiaoe anymore. There will be no health problems for me, Xu Damao.
Chapter 149 The Xu family’s bolt from the blue
Chapter 150 Treating Aunt Han’s old illness and Aunt Wu’s paralysis
Chapter 151 How can you, silly Zhu, be jealous of me, Duan Hongxuan?
Chapter 152 What if Silly Zhu and Yu Li are paired together? Act quickly
Chapter 153 Duan Hongxuan wants to steal Yan Jicheng’s blind date and give him to Sha Zhu as his wife
Chapter 154: He and the deaf old lady plan to steal Yan Jiecheng’s wife
Chapter 155 Yan Jiecheng’s daughter-in-law is determined
Chapter 156 The matchmaker Aunt Hu is here
Chapter 157 Let the third uncle’s family take the initiative to stop Yu Li
Chapter 158 Aunt Hu got it done, it’s done
Chapter 159 Brother Zhuzhu, come over for a blind date tomorrow
Chapter 160 The Yan family broke off the engagement, and Aunt Hu was angry with the Yan family
Chapter 161 Xiaodang is becoming more and more sensible
Chapter 162 Silly Zhu is tempted when he sees Yu Li
Chapter 163 Yu Li falls in love with Sha Zhu, so Sha Zhu naturally has no objection.
Chapter 164 Deciding on the marriage between Sha Zhu and Yu Li
Chapter 165 Silly Zhu goes to Yu Li’s house with the bride price
Chapter 166 Yuyu, don’t let your brother and Yu Li know before they get their certificates.
Chapter 167: Give Little Noodles
Chapter 168 Zhuzi, if you don’t get your marriage certificate, don’t let me know.
Chapter 169 Silly Zhu: Why can’t others know that I’m marrying a wife?
Chapter 170 Comparing Banggan and Xiaodang, the difference is huge
Chapter 171 Silly Zhu: My wife actually robbed Yan Jiecheng
Chapter 172 The test of the third uncle
Chapter 173 Aunt Hu deceives the third uncle and his family
Chapter 174 The third uncle himself failed to live up to expectations and failed to pass Duan Hongxuan’s test
Chapter 175 Brother Zhuzhu, show the cook to entertain Aunt Hu
Chapter 176 Why has Xu Damao disappeared recently?
Chapter 177 The deaf old lady educates the third primary school
Chapter 178 Getting ready to go to Yu Li’s house
Chapter 179 The first time I saw Yu Haitang, Yu Haitang was stunned
Chapter 180 On the eighth day of the eighth lunar month, Shazhu holds a wedding banquet
Chapter 181 Yu Li’s family’s unfinished plan
Chapter 182 Robbery on the way home
Chapter 183 It’s okay to be robbed, but it’s a bit miserable to be robbed
Chapter 184 Duan Hongxuan enters the police station
Chapter 185 Director Wang’s worries about Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 186 Demonstrate to Silly Zhu how to bring down the robber
Chapter 187 University Registration
Chapter 188 Inviting classmates from dormitory to home for dinner
Chapter 189 Sun Youbin was taught a lesson
Chapter 190 Sun Youbin, your mouth will get you into big trouble sooner or later
Chapter 191 A pleasant afternoon between He Yuyu and the members of dormitory 207
Chapter 192 He Yuyu: My brother is getting married, what gift should I give him?
Chapter 193 Sew new quilts for everyone
Chapter 194 Sha Zhu and Yu Li finally got their marriage certificates
Chapter 195 Tell Yu Li the truth
Chapter 196 Pedestrians gather in Duan Hongxuan’s courtyard
Chapter 197 Zhu Zhu has a wife, but she seems unable to have children
Chapter 198 Brother Zhuzhu, you have to spend money to marry Yu Lifeng in a glorious way
Chapter 199 The first day of school, interesting counselor
Chapter 200 The new clothes given to the deaf old lady actually made Qin Huairu sad
Chapter 201 When I learned that Silly Zhu was married, the elder became angry.
Chapter 202 Third uncle, you have missed the point
Chapter 203 Third Master, I’m done with this. What you do is up to you.
Chapter 204 The conversation between the deaf old lady and Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 205 Yi Zhonghai was greatly stimulated and fell ill
Chapter 206 He Yuguo and Yu Haitang were assigned to the same class
Chapter 207 Banggeng has learned to disguise himself at such a young age, so there is no hope.
Chapter 208 Yi Zhonghai fell ill because of his anger.
Chapter 209: Sir, it’s not entirely because of your mother that you and your wife have no children.
Chapter 210 Stimulated Yi Zhonghai and gave him hope again
Chapter 211 Old lady, let me tell you good news
Chapter 212 Yi Zhonghai’s Rebirth
Chapter 213 Going to the Second College to teach for the second time
Chapter 214 A big party in the courtyard
Chapter 215 Duan Hongxuan’s gang found the murderer
Chapter 216 Godmother, can Qin Huairu’s job be transferred to your street office?
Chapter 217 Second sister, congratulations on your pregnancy, twins
Chapter 218 Boss, I can’t explain the murderous intent, and you can’t understand it either.
Chapter 219 The deaf old lady and the old man and his mother are here.
Chapter 220 You brothers and sisters should not blame your father He Daqing, but should be grateful to him.
Chapter 221 Master, you are doing something wrong
Chapter 222 Yi Zhonghai’s sincere apology, the new Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 223 Prescribe medicine to Yi Zhonghai and Yi Ma
Chapter 223 Qin Huairu consults the deaf old lady and the uncle about changing jobs
Chapter 224 Sister Qin, even if you need help now, don’t underestimate yourself
Chapter 225 The first treatment for Yi Zhonghai and Yima
Chapter 226 Qin Huairu plans to help He Yuyu catch Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 227 The secret in He Yuyu’s heart, Liu Haizhong’s family is in trouble
Chapter 228 Silly Zhu’s new house and the things he bought made the two families uneasy
Chapter 229 Silly Zhu realizes that he wrongly blamed his father
Chapter 230 Duan Hongxuan explains what traditional Kung Fu is
Chapter 231 Untie the knot in He Yuyu’s heart
Chapter 232 When we go to Lou’s house again, Mrs. Lou is pregnant
September summary and thanks
Chapter 233 Mrs. Lou is pregnant, and everyone in the Lou family is overjoyed
Chapter 234 The situation of the Lou family is very different from that in the original play
Chapter 235 The Lou family’s father and daughter fight endlessly for Duan Hongxuan’s tea.
Chapter 236 Explain He Yuyu’s doubts
Chapter 237 Duan Hongxuan applied for the assessment and returned to the courtyard to entertain the children
Chapter 238 Duan Hongxuan performed tricks in the courtyard and was molested
Chapter 239 In the name of magic, Duan Hongxuan gave everyone food
Chapter 240 The first simple assessment of Duan Hongxuan by the Mechanical Department
Chapter 241 Duan Hongxuan prepares for detailed assessment by teachers of various subjects
Chapter 242 Duan Hongxuan enters the formal assessment process
Chapter 243 The assessment begins, Professor Sun from the Department of Physics makes a mistake
Chapter 244 Professor Sun wants to persuade Duan Hongxuan to go to the Department of Physics to study as a graduate student
Chapter 245 The first day of assessment is over, and the professors are extremely happy
Chapter 246 The battle between the Mechanical Department and the Physics Department (Part 1)
Chapter 247 The battle between the Mechanical Department and the Physics Department (Part 2)
Chapter 248 The assessment is over, but where will Duan Hongxuan go?
Chapter 249 All assessments are finally over
Chapter 250 Duan Hongxuan goes home and waits for notification that Xu Damao is back
Chapter 251 The deaf old lady has become a spirit with old age
Chapter 252 Everyone is worried about who can be Duan Hongxuan’s wife
Chapter 253 There are still explanations for the tobacco and alcohol used at Silhu’s wedding banquet
Chapter 254 The fight with He Yuyu, the vicious Jia Zhang family
Chapter 255 Duan Hongxuan and Xiaodang make cakes together
Chapter 256 Help He Yuyu solve the lunch problem in the future
Chapter 257 Carefully arrange the process of Shazhu’s wedding banquet
Chapter 258 Uncle Han was scolded by the deaf old lady, revealing the dark history of Silly Pillar
Chapter 259 The deaf old lady reprimanded Silly Zhu with harsh words
Chapter 260 Arrange the details of the wedding banquet and remind Silly Zhu that Xu Damao may cause trouble
Chapter 261 As soon as tobacco and alcohol appeared, the people in the courtyard immediately took a high look at Silhu.
Chapter 262 Silly Zhu starts to know that he wants to make money
Chapter 263 Everything is ready, it’s time to set off to meet the bride
Chapter 264 Duan Hongxuan meets Qin Lan for the first time
Chapter 265 Zhuzi led the new wife in
Chapter 266 The leaders are coming, Xu Damao and Liu Haizhong are fighting
Chapter 267 The leaders are all here, Shazhu earned a lot of face in the courtyard
Chapter 268 The wedding has begun, Qin Lan wants to learn cooking skills from Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 269 The bangs want to express themselves, but they appear
Chapter 270 Xu Damao started to misbehave in front of the leaders
Chapter 271 Xu Damao caused trouble, but Duan Hongxuan did it instead
Chapter 272 Xu Damao steals the chicken and makes a big fortune
Chapter 273 Your cooking skills are better than Zhu Zhu. I’m afraid there will be many people looking for you in the future.
Chapter 274 Director Yang wants to book Duan Hongxuan in advance
Chapter 275 Don’t call me Director Yang. From now on, I’ll call you Uncle Yang.
Chapter 276 Confidence in Bangs
Chapter 277 Duan Hongxuan has become Tang Monk Meat in the eyes of many people
Chapter 278 Sister Feng, Qin Lan, you might as well learn to make Western pastries if you learn Chinese food.
Chapter 279 Silly Zhu’s change, he knows how to win people’s hearts
Chapter 280 The envy of Yan Jiedi and Yu Haitang
Chapter 281 Teach Sister Feng and Qin Lan how to make small cakes
Chapter 282 Sweet and delicious cake, this is Qin Lan’s hope in life
Chapter 283 The hilarious Yan Jiedi
Chapter 284 Yu Haitang stayed in the courtyard for dinner
Chapter 285 Duan Hongxuan: You can’t take off the mask after wearing it for a long time
Chapter 286 Yu Haitang envies Duan Hongxuan and He Yuyu’s childish fights
Chapter 287 Duan Hongxuan pretends to be a county magistrate to interrogate the bride and groom
Chapter 288 Duan Hongxuan leads everyone to torment Silly Zhu and his wife (Part 1)
Chapter 289 Duan Hongxuan leads everyone to torment Silly Zhu and his wife (Part 2)
Chapter 290 Jia Zhang’s vicious plan
Chapter 291 Xu Damao’s hatred and self-rescue
Chapter 292 Congratulations, classmate Duan Hongxuan, you have graduated from college.
Chapter 293 Duan Hongxuan’s confidence, Secretary Zhang’s decision
Chapter 294 Duan Hongxuan shows off his skills
Chapter 295 You actually graduated and went to graduate school. Dormitory 207 was hit.
Chapter 296 Duan Hongxuan and He Yuyu’s daily life in the courtyard
Chapter 297: Yu Li was embarrassed and ran away
Chapter 298 Qin Huairu, Qin Lan, and Sister Feng are all here
Chapter 299 Duan Hongxuan’s respect, Qin Lan burst into tears to vent
Chapter 300 A few women got together and it became lively
Chapter 301 Duan Hongxuan analyzes the pros and cons of steel rolling mill and street office work
Chapter 302 He Yuyu discovered for the first time the importance of understanding oneself
Chapter 303 Duan Hongxuan’s fantasy-like ideas and Professor Wu’s support
Chapter 304: Lively roast duck dinner, go to the department to submit a report
Chapter 305 Director Zheng’s helplessness and responsibility
Chapter 306 I got the letter of introduction and will go to the steel rolling mill tomorrow.
Chapter 307 When talking about salary, everyone in the courtyard thinks that they need to be educated and study more.
Chapter 309 Duan Hongxuan: I will follow the professor to the steel rolling mill for investigation tomorrow.
Chapter 310 Yu Li: Is my man really stupid or just pretending to be stupid?
Chapter 311 Professor Wu takes Duan Hongxuan into the steel rolling mill
Chapter 312 Director Yang’s courage and responsibility
Chapter 313 Duan Hongxuan: Let’s start with domestic machine tools first
Chapter 314 Go to the workshop to see machine tool equipment
Chapter 315 The machine tool was dismantled into parts, and everyone in the technical department was completely convinced
Chapter 316 Qin Lan: Zhuzhu, Duan Hongxuan is sitting in the private room
Chapter 317 The machine tool assembly is completed, Duan Hongxuan throws a bombshell
Chapter 318: First make a prototype of the improved machine tool
Chapter 319: Divide the food sent from the steel rolling mill to everyone in the courtyard
Chapter 320 Duan Hongxuan tells the truth that the steel rolling mill may be recruiting workers
Chapter 321 Married women with children are terrible
Chapter 322 Xu Damao returned to his parents’ house, and the steel rolling mill did not deal with him.
Chapter 323 Factory Director Yang is furious and determined to rectify the leadership
Chapter 324 The convening of the middle-level and above leadership meeting of the steel rolling mill
Chapter 325 Duan Hongxuan was spotted while visiting the pigeon market
Chapter 326 The vicious poisonous wolf, the unlucky poisonous wolf
Chapter 327 Duan Hongxuan goes to Lou’s house and talks about Hong Kong city with Lou Jingzhai
Chapter 328 Lou Jingzhai: Where did Duan Hongxuan get so much money?
Chapter 329 It’s right that Lou Xiao’e didn’t let Xu Damao succeed.
Chapter 330 The aunt has been taking care of the deaf old lady for seventeen years
Chapter 331 Can a mother have a child? The deaf old lady was so excited that she almost had an accident
Chapter 332 It’s great to have a skilled Chinese doctor in the courtyard
Chapter 333 Qin Huairu’s decision
Chapter 334 Qin Huairu wants to separate the family, but where can she live after the separation?
Chapter 335 Yu Li’s happiness
Chapter 336 Yu Haitang comes to the courtyard
Chapter 337 He Yuyu: Brother Hongxuan, you haven’t told me at home these days.
Chapter 338 Yu Li wants to marry her sister to Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 339 The good news brought back by Silly Zhu
Chapter 340 Silly Zhu started to be generous again and gave his sister-in-law five yuan as pocket money.
Chapter 341 Silly Zhu is so cool after having a wife
Chapter 342 Duan Hongxuan: If you want to live a good life, you must make yourself irreplaceable
Chapter 343 Sensible Xiaodang makes Qin Huairu so happy
Chapter 344 Duan Hongxuan’s educational philosophy for children
Chapter 345 Yu Haitang got the teddy bear and showed her girly side
Chapter 346 Qin Huairu’s random thoughts and gratitude
Chapter 347 Duan Hongxuan provoked He Yuyu and was beaten up by He Yuyu
Chapter 348 Yu Haitang sympathizes with the fact that the Jia family has a patriarchal mother-in-law.
Chapter 349 Duan Hongxuan demonstrates the Kung Fu he created
Chapter 350 Yu Haitang also wants to learn kung fu from him
Chapter 351 Duan Hongxuan’s grand strategy for port city development
Chapter 352 Can you let me be the director of the machine tool production workshop?
Chapter 353 Daily gossip in the courtyard backyard
Chapter 354 Small problems caused by teddy bears
Chapter 355 Director Yang and Director Lin found themselves in the courtyard
Chapter 356 Duan Hongxuan introduced the situation of everyone in the hospital to Director Yang
Chapter 357 Duan Hongxuan begs for favors from Director Yang on behalf of Qin Huairu
Chapter 358 Director Yang is very interested in Duan Hongxuan’s tea
Chapter 359 Director Yang chatted with everyone in the courtyard
Chapter 360 Director Yang is envious of Duan Hongxuan’s courtyard
Chapter 361 Duan Hongxuan came up with another solar cooker, and Director Yang was also jealous
Chapter 362 Duan Hongxuan discusses the future development of Zha Steel Plant
Chapter 363 Duan Hongxuan: Uncle Yang, that broken Jeep in your factory is not as comfortable as me riding a bicycle.
Chapter 364 Director Yang is in trouble, Director Lin is very calm
Chapter 365: Saturday, dinner, a group of people gathered in Duan Hongxuan’s courtyard
Chapter 366 Qin Huairu, Silly Zhu, beats the child of Yu Li and the second uncle of the popular science
Chapter 367 Liu Guangqi is getting married on National Day
Chapter 368 Qin Huairu’s surprising changes
Chapter 369 Qin Huairu has always lived cautiously
Chapter 370 Duan Hongxuan talks about the three children of the second uncle’s family
Chapter 371 Duan Hongxuan: Brother Zhuzhu, I will teach you a new dish of boiled fish tomorrow.
Chapter 372 Yu Haitang learned propriety from everyone in the courtyard
Chapter 373 Duan Hongxuan talks about the nature of Westerners at Lou’s house
Chapter 374 Duan Hongxuan was blocked by the third uncle at the gate of the courtyard
Chapter 375: The steel rolling mill was first owned by the Lou family? Everyone in the courtyard was shocked
Chapter 376 Brother Zhuzhu, Lou Bancheng wants your sister to be their daughter-in-law
Chapter 377 Silly Zhu gave up his job, Liu Haizhong was dumbfounded
Chapter 378 Duan Hongxuan: Sister Qin, please invite Banggeng to this dinner party.
Chapter 379 Everyone in the courtyard gathered in Duan Hongxuan’s courtyard
Chapter 380 Duan Hongxuan: Sir, the workshop director may not be able to do it, but the deputy director can
Chapter 381 Duan Hongxuan used an upright conspiracy to plan an official position for Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 382 If Aunt Wu becomes the aunt in charge, it will be Director Wang’s political achievement.
Chapter 383 Zhuzi, this one dish can make you famous
Chapter 384 Shazhu’s title as the God of War in the Siheyuan
Chapter 385 All the leaders of the Mechanical Department came to the steel rolling mill
Chapter 386 Director Yang tried to impress the leaders of the Mechanical Department by playing the bitter card.
Chapter 387 Professor Ma’s jealousy and regret towards Professor Wu
Chapter 388 The steel rolling mill and the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Shuimu University have initially reached a consensus
Chapter 389 Duan Hongxuan proposed: the perspective of transforming science and technology into productive forces
Chapter 390 Duan Hongxuan: Research in scientific research institutes is out of touch with the needs of factories and mining enterprises
Chapter 391 At the dinner table, the confrontation between Factory Director Yang and the leaders of the Mechanical Department
Chapter 392 Duan Hongxuan’s cooking skills and boiled fish head appear in the steel rolling mill for the first time
Chapter 393 Duan Hongxuan, how much have you learned?
Chapter 394: Meeting Director Yao for the first time, his rugged appearance is so good at fooling people
Chapter 395 For the sake of the solar cooker, Director Yao started to act rogue
Chapter 396: In order to get the solar cooker, Director Yao angered Director Yang
Chapter 397 The steel rolling mill wants to celebrate National Day and start emergency production of new machine tools
Chapter 398 Final preparations for the National Day gift of the steel rolling mill
Chapter 399 The arrival of ministry leaders and experts
Chapter 400 Duan Hongxuan made his official appearance in front of ministry leaders and experts
Chapter 401 Minister Lu and Duan Hongxuan recognize their relatives
Chapter 402 Solar cooker display, people from the Municipal Light Industry Bureau came
Chapter 403 Minister Lu’s theory of war without gunpowder is shocking
Chapter 404 Duan Hongxuan: We cannot be arrogant, but we must be confident
Chapter 405 The preliminary test results of the new machine tool are out
Chapter 406 The superior performance of new machine tools raises the issue of national self-confidence
Chapter 407 The selection of new machine tool manufacturers, Duan Hongxuan’s roundabout strategy
Chapter 408 Duan Hongxuan discusses the catfish effect with two ministers
Chapter 409 The complacent Factory Director Yao and the two disappointed ministers
Chapter 410 The huge pit in the solar cooker shocked Director Liang and Director Yao into a cold sweat
Chapter 411 Duan Hongxuan applied for renovation of the steel-making furnace of the steel rolling mill
Chapter 412 Uncle Lu’s heartfelt concern for Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 413 The depressed and angry bangs
Chapter 414 Duan Hongxuan does not plan to show up in the courtyard for the time being
Chapter 415 The good luck of He Yuyu and Yu Haitang
Chapter 416 He Yuyu and Yu Haitang accidentally overstuffed themselves
Chapter 417 Duan Hongxuan: He Yuyu, you can still make decisions in this courtyard
Chapter 418 Duan Hongxuan’s gains after his enlightenment
Chapter 419 Xu Damao returns to the courtyard
Chapter 420 Liu Guangqi’s wedding banquet begins
Chapter 421 Xu Damao causes trouble, Liu Hai Zhong and Yi Zhonghai are torn apart
Chapter 422 Liu Haizhong offends Jia and Zhang, and Jia and Zhang act up and make a fuss at the wedding banquet
Chapter 423 Liu Guangqi’s wedding banquet ended hastily
Chapter 424 Liu Guangqi has completely decided to leave with his father-in-law
Chapter 425 Factory Director Yang consulted Duan Hongxuan about the specific arrangements for machine tool production
Chapter 426 Duan Hongxuan’s strict requirements for machine tool production
Chapter 427 Duan Hongxuan wants to break the big pot of rice in a disguised way
Chapter 428 Professor Wu’s concerns and instructions about Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 429 Duan Hongxuan discusses the impact of a person’s means of doing things on a person’s character
Chapter 430 He Yuyu: Brother Hongxuan, why do children like you so much?
Chapter 431 He Yuyu wants Xiaodang to live here temporarily
Chapter 432 Qin Huairu wants to introduce Qin Jingru to be the nanny for Duan Hongxuan’s family
Chapter 433 Qin Huairu wants to go back to Qinjiagou to bring Qin Jingru in person
Chapter 434 Xiaodang is so sensible that it makes people feel distressed
Chapter 435 Qin Huairu does everything for her children
Chapter 436 He Yuyu: Brother Hongxuan, you want to single-handedly influence the fate of the steel rolling mill
Chapter 437 Duan Hongxuan: I am really proficient in all aspects of music, chess, calligraphy and painting
Chapter 438 Duan Hongxuan talks about and plays Guqin
Chapter 439 Qin Jingru is really here
Chapter 440 A few more people want to learn Guqin from Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 441 Everyone must learn Guqin except Silly Zhu
Chapter 442 Duan Hongxuan wants to open a small canteen
Chapter 443 Duan Hongxuan accidentally said the wrong thing and offended Yu Haitang
Chapter 444 Duan Hongxuan’s apology to Yu Haitang—a bicycle
Chapter 445 New clothes for Qin Jingru
Chapter 446 Duan Hongxuan: Playing with children is easier than playing with adults
Chapter 447 Duan Hongxuan: Brother Da Zhuang, I wasted my food budget, you can use it!
Chapter 448 Chatting with Qin Jingru
Chapter 449 Everyone reminds Qin Jingru to be careful about Xu Damao
Chapter 450 Now Xu Damao’s two wives have been made pornographic
Chapter 451 Future arrangements for dinner and Guqin learning time
Chapter 452: Communicate with Yi Zhonghai and let him prepare in advance
Chapter 453 Yan Bugui’s greed and extravagance
Chapter 454 The three brothers in Yan Bugui’s family are unbalanced
Chapter 455 Duan Hongxuan helps Qin Jingru change her patriarchal mentality
Chapter 456 The Mechanical Department of Shuimu University wants to compete with the steel rolling mill for new machine tools
Chapter 457 Duan Hongxuan’s long-term considerations
Chapter 458 Director Lei’s idea to get the best of both worlds
Chapter 459 Duan Hongxuan returns to the dormitory, the fight in dormitory 207
Chapter 460 Duan Hongxuan’s impact on everyone in dormitory 207
Chapter 461 Dormitory Chat
Chapter 462 Professor Wu gave Duan Hongxuan full freedom
Chapter 463 Yan Bugui was awakened by Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 464 The deaf old lady opened her mouth and helped Duan Hongxuan to remind everyone in the courtyard.
Chapter 465 No matter what happens in life or work, you can always find the answer in the history books
Chapter 466 Both Mr. Wei and Director Wang are here
Chapter 467 Zhao Guowei wants to learn fighting skills from Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 468 A table of sumptuous dishes that you can’t even eat during the New Year
Chapter 469: Brother, medical skills can cure diseases and save people, and industry can strengthen the country.
Chapter 470 Duan Hongxuan: If you practice Wu Qin Xi seriously, you will not have the problem of losing your wisdom and longevity.
Chapter 471: Duan Hongxuan’s plum blossoms and three moves made everyone intoxicated.
Chapter 472 Duan Hongxuan plans the future for Mr. Wei’s children who are studying Chinese medicine
Chapter 473 Jiang Jianshe’s surprise
Chapter 474 A disaster in the life of the third child, Zhao Guoxing
Chapter 475 Zhao Guoxing’s claustrophobia and treatment methods
Chapter 476 The arrival of Director Yao and others
Chapter 477 Director Yao, who looks rough and bold but is actually very thoughtful
Chapter 478 Director Yao heard about the development prospects of the steel rolling mill from Director Lin
Chapter 479 Duan Hongxuan talks about Factory Director Yao
Chapter 480 Duan Hongxuan discusses martial arts
Chapter 481 No matter what kind of kung fu you practice, the original intention of practicing martial arts is to fight
Chapter 482 Duan Hongxuan’s future plans for Mr. Wei’s children
Chapter 483 Duan Hongxuan discusses the future development direction of traditional Chinese medicine (Part 1)
Chapter 484 Duan Hongxuan discusses the future development direction of traditional Chinese medicine (Part 2)
Chapter 485 Duan Hongxuan wants to make a divine book appear in advance
Chapter 486 Duan Hongxuan gives the great credit of creating Buddhas to his senior brother
Chapter 487 Professor Lu: Why don’t I have a smaller daughter?
Chapter 488 The courtyard is quiet again
Chapter 489 He Yuyu and Yu Haitang’s troubles at school
Chapter 490 Duan Hongxuan visits He Yuyu’s school
Chapter 491 Tell Zhao Guowei and He Yuyu about the trouble they encountered in school
Chapter 492 At Minister Lu’s request, Director Yang took Duan Hongxuan to visit Minister Lu’s house
Chapter 493 Minister Lu and his wife show genuine concern for Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 494 The physical problems of Minister Lu and his wife
Chapter 495 Duan Hongxuan left Minister Lu with a shocking calligraphy work
Chapter 496 Duan Hongxuan’s big surprise for Minister Lu and his wife
Chapter 497 Duan Hongxuan wants to use Aunt Luo to give Mr. Wei and others a live lesson
Chapter 498 Mr. Wei finally made a major breakthrough in his medical skills
Chapter 499 Duan Hongxuan’s on-site acupuncture teaching, Mr. Wei and others finally understood the preciousness of Wuqinxi
Chapter 500 Liu Haizhong has constant bad luck
Chapter 501 Liu Guangfu’s condition worsens
Chapter 502 Duan Hongxuan goes to the operating table to rescue Liu Guangfu
Chapter 503 Tears in bangs
Chapter 504 Duan Hongxuan discusses how Chinese medicine should view modern technology and new medical discoveries
Chapter 505 Everyone in the courtyard came to Duan Hongxuan’s courtyard because of the old Liu family’s affairs.
Chapter 506 While chatting, the conversation turned to Liu Guangfu again
Chapter 507 Who will Liu Haizhong offend because of Liu Guangfu?
Chapter 508 Silly Zhu and Yi Zhonghai are both greedy for Duan Hongxuan’s wine
Chapter 509 If the first uncle has a child, will Shazhu have an extra brother or sister?
Chapter 510 Duan Hongxuan gives Shazhu a slap in the face
Chapter 511 Silly Zhu finally listened and persuaded
Chapter 512 The deaf old lady’s revenge on Silly Zhu
Chapter 513 The huge change in bangs made everyone in the courtyard feel strange
Chapter 514 Should Second Aunt Divorce Liu Haizhong?
Chapter 515: Should I support the second aunt’s divorce? It’s confusing for everyone.
Chapter 516 It’s better not to divorce, but you have to set some rules for the second uncle
Chapter 517 Women, no matter when, they get excited when they hear about shopping for clothes.
Chapter 518 Duan Hongxuan suggested going shopping in a department store
Chapter 519 The third uncle is thinking about the position of second uncle
Chapter 520 Deaf old lady, your godson is so filial
Chapter 521 Yi Zhonghaishou also took his aunt to visit the department store.
Chapter 522 The deaf old lady exchanges her sincerity for her grandson’s filial piety
Chapter 523 Yan Bugui wanted to get a job quota in the steel rolling mill.
Chapter 524 Children learn about the world through adults’ words and deeds
Chapter 525 Director Yang’s Dilemma
Chapter 526 Duan Hongxuan uses his ultimate move to remove the cold energy from Aunt Luo’s body at once
Chapter 527 Duan Hongxuan’s exaggerated words frightened Minister Lu and his wife
Chapter 528 Duan Hongxuan has now become a member of Minister Lu’s family
Chapter 529 Duan Hongxuan explains to everyone the origin of the rules of diligence
Chapter 530 When they heard that Minister Lu was coming, the three girls were all nervous.
Chapter 531 Why has Xu Damao’s work style changed?
Chapter 532 Xu Damao wants to marry a wife
Chapter 533 The high-profile arrival of Minister Lu and his wife
Chapter 534 Duan Hongxuan specially invited Silly Zhu over to cook
Chapter 535 Duan Hongxuan helps Shazhu become famous
Chapter 536 Duan Hongxuan’s showdown with Minister Lu and his wife
Chapter 537 Director Wang and his wife are here
Chapter 538 Director Wang attacks Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 539 Duan Hongxuan shows off his Guqin skills
Chapter 540 Duan Hongxuan reveals his extraordinary qualities in advance
Chapter 541 Director Wang and his street are going to replace Liu Haizhong, the second uncle
Chapter 542 Everyone was shocked to hear that Liu Guangqi ran away
Chapter 543 Liu Haizhong was so angry that Liu Guangqi vomited blood and went to the hospital
Chapter 544 Aunt Luo is jealous, but she is also jealous of Director Wang
Chapter 545 Duan Hongxuan talks about the influence of Yin Yang and Five Elements on people
Chapter 546 Street work is not easy
Chapter 547 Director Wang’s instructions to everyone
Chapter 548 Duan Hongxuan divides the oranges
Chapter 549 Liu Haizhong and his wife will be troubled in the future
Chapter 550: Will Liu Haizhong dare to hit the second and third child in their family again?
Chapter 551 Li Xianghong’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law look forward to the days when Li Xianghong will go to work in the future
Chapter 552 Duan Hongxuan finds Director Lin of the factory office for Li Xianghong
Chapter 553: Because of the workers, Section Chief Tian of the Human Resources Department was almost driven crazy.
Chapter 554 Duan Hongxuan’s words caused huge waves in everyone’s hearts
Chapter 555 He Yuyu becomes coquettish
Chapter 556 In Western society, to master wealth, you must also have the ability to protect it.
Chapter 558
Chapter 559 Lou Xiao’e comes to Duan Hongxuan’s courtyard
Chapter 560 The filial Huahua and Xiaodang made everyone laugh.
Chapter 561 Lou Xiao’e’s shock and feelings
Chapter 562 The Changing Liu Guangfu
Chapter 563 The second aunt brought Liu Guangfu to thank Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 564 Duan Hongxuan explains to Mr. Wei and others the special features of the Master’s Five Animals Play
Chapter 565 The steel rolling mill gives Duan Hongxuan a job quota
Chapter 566 A large group of people spent the afternoon strolling in the park
Chapter 567 Yi Zhonghai talks about Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 568 Xu Damao is still obsessed with Qin Jingru.
Chapter 569 The problem of Yu Haitang living with Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 570 Qin Huairu reveals that the child in her belly is a girl
Chapter 571 Qin Huairu, why don’t you become a child bride for Hongxuan?
Chapter 572 Duan Hongxuan’s generosity
Chapter 573 Duan Hongxuan helps Li Xianghong’s family buy bicycles on credit
Chapter 574 Li Xianghong’s family bought a new bicycle
Chapter 575 He Yuyu couldn’t help but kissed Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 576 Duan Hongxuan: If any of you want to learn to ride a bicycle, just use my bike to practice.
Chapter 577 Aunt Wu can move her legs that have been paralyzed for many years
Chapter 578 The third uncle’s stinginess reaches new heights
Chapter 579 The principles and bottom line of the Third Master Yan Bugui
Chapter 580 Yu Haitang’s random thoughts
Chapter 581 The old grudge between Silly Zhu and the third uncle
Chapter 582 Yi Zhonghai came to see Duan Hongxuan about Yan Jiecheng’s work issues
Chapter 583 Yan Jiecheng is the next white-eyed wolf like Liu Guangqi
Chapter 584: Poor hearts of parents in the world
Chapter 585 The decision of the third uncle Yan Bugui
Chapter 586 The “money” path Yan Jiecheng found
Chapter 587 Duan Hongxuan went to the steel rolling mill to find Director Lin
Chapter 588 Yan Bugui comes to visit
Chapter 589 The confrontation between Yan Bugui and his son
Chapter 590 Xu Damao untied Yan
Chapter 591 Xu Damao’s random thoughts and the changes in everyone in the courtyard
Chapter 592 Festive November
Chapter 593: Everyone’s disbelief in “The Barefoot Doctor’s Manual”
Chapter 594 Director Wang’s family and Minister Lu and his wife get to know each other better
Chapter 595 Director Wang’s funny name
Chapter 596 Director Luo wants to recognize his relatives, but Duan Hongxuan refuses
Chapter 597 Chief Lu and Duan Hongxuan’s precautions to nip problems in the bud
Chapter 598: Minister Lu and his wife recognized their relationship, and Qin Huairu and her daughter came to the end of their hardships
Chapter 599 Where did the third uncle’s bicycle come from?
Chapter 600 Duan Hongxuan improves Silly Zhu’s cooking skills
Chapter 601 Life is not easy for young couples in this era
Chapter 602 Qin Lan and Sister Feng came to Duan Hongxuan to ask for recruitment quotas
Chapter 603 Duan Hongxuan went to the steel rolling mill to get the recruitment quota
Chapter 604 Everyone’s recruitment targets have been met
Chapter 605 Yan Jiecheng’s greed finally caused trouble
Chapter 606 Yan Jiecheng is in big trouble
Chapter 607 Everyone in the courtyard is waiting to see the old Yan family’s joke
Chapter 608 Yan Bugui wants to recruit everyone in the courtyard to support their family.
Chapter 609 Silly Zhu tipped off Xu Damao
Chapter 610 The troublemaker is here
Chapter 611 The troublemaker takes action, Duan Hongxuan takes action
Chapter 612 Duan Hongxuan takes a high-profile and tough approach to solve the problem
Chapter 613 Duan Hongxuan gave a compensation plan
Chapter 614 The matter is resolved, the deaf old lady comes to stay
Chapter 615 The Deaf Old Lady’s Deep Meaning of Staying as a Guest
Chapter 616 The deaf old lady is now established in the courtyard
Chapter 617 Yu Li’s filial piety towards the deaf old lady
Chapter 618 The tough-tongued Yan Jiecheng
Chapter 619 Duan Hongxuan: The courtyard is the big guy’s home
Chapter 620 Li Xianghong and Yu Li’s first day at work
Chapter 621 Duan Hongxuan’s speech in the machine tool workshop
Chapter 622 Duan Hongxuan uses five sets of new machine tools to inspire the machine tool workshop
Chapter 623 Duan Hongxuan makes Li Xianghong and Yu Li famous in the workshop
Chapter 624 The rolling off line ceremony of the new machine tool independently produced by the steel rolling mill (Part 1)
Chapter 625 The rolling off line ceremony of the new machine tool independently produced by the steel rolling mill (Part 2)
Chapter 626: The cunning Factory Director Yang
Chapter 627 The new drawings in Duan Hongxuan’s hands and the future of the machine tool workshop
Chapter 628 Duan Hongxuan goes to Minister Lu’s house again
Chapter 629 Duan Hongxuan: Jingru, from now on you have to get used to not being nervous when meeting officials.
Chapter 630: The uncle wants to treat a guest, Duan Hongxuan suggests that Yu Li wants a child now
Chapter 631 Speculations on the cause of Jia Dongxu’s father’s death
Chapter 632 It’s time for Han Dazhuang to get a wife
Chapter 633
Chapter 634 At the wine table, everyone toasted to Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 635 Duan Hongxuan plans to renovate the courtyard, everyone in the courtyard is delighted
Chapter 636 Qin Jingru returns home in fine clothes, Duan Hongxuan renovates the yard
Chapter 637 Your aunt and your wife will be able to have a baby by the end of the year.
Chapter 638 Duan Hongxuan’s sexy tricks in the newly renovated courtyard
Chapter 369 Two little girls stuck together and reluctant to separate
Chapter 370 Stylish and beautiful room decoration, He Yuyu and Yu Haitang were very happy
Chapter 371 The special guest room prepared by Duan Hongxuan and the embarrassed Li Xianghong
Chapter 372 He Yuyu and the others can crush walnuts easily
Chapter 373 Silly Zhu also wants to learn martial arts from Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 374 The old Wu family’s recognition and positioning of Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 375 Problems with motors used in machine tools
Chapter 376 Minister Lu and his wife came to the courtyard as guests again
Chapter 377 Lou Xiao’e comes to visit, Duan Hongxuan’s past
Chapter 378 Lou Xiao’e and others ‘bully’ Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 649 The meeting between Lou Xiaoe and the deaf old lady
Chapter 650 Everyone gathers in the small courtyard, it’s time for Han Dazhuang to find a wife
Chapter 651 Duan Hongxuan introduces Aunt Hu to Han Dazhuang as a matchmaker
Chapter 652: Yi Zhonghai Li Shu Duan Hongxuan’s help to everyone during this period
Chapter 653 Installing a heating stove for the deaf old lady, Yan Bugui wants to find Duan Hongxuan again
Chapter 654 Yan Bugui wanted to take advantage, but was ridiculed by Silly Zhu
Chapter 655: Salaries are about to be paid. Li Xianghong and Yu Li are concerned about how much money they can each receive.
Chapter 656: Motor Technology Public Relations Successful, Shenhai Factory Wants Someone to Meet Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 657: The steel rolling mill pays wages, and Duan Hongxuan also pays money in the courtyard
Chapter 658 Correct Education for Xiaodang
Chapter 659 Minister Lu and his wife spent the night in Duan Hongxuan’s courtyard for the first time
Chapter 660 Duan Hongxuan revealed to Minister Lu for the first time that he wanted to go out for development
Chapter 661 Duan Hongxuan helped Director Lin leave a good impression in front of Minister Lu
Chapter 662: Director Yang was so depressed that Duan Hongxuan kept him appetized
Chapter 663 The 'Barefoot Doctor's Manual' is compiled, Zhao Guowei is back from a business trip
Chapter 664 The cheerful and lively courtyard
Chapter 665 Professor Lu left Minister Lu and his wife stunned
Chapter 666 Duan Hongxuan teaches Zhao Guowei how to capture and fight
Chapter 667 Chat after nap
Chapter 668 Duan Hongxuan carefully teaches Mr. Wei’s children
Chapter 669: People from Shenhai Electrical Machinery Factory are here, Director Yang is playing a prank
Chapter 670 The surprise and suspicion of everyone at Shenhai Electrical Machinery Factory
Chapter 671 Duan Hongxuan was questioned
Chapter 672 Director Yang: Duan Hongxuan majored in mechanics, so don’t even think about it in your electrical machine factory.
Chapter 673 Director Yang was reminded by Director Zhou
Chapter 674 Duan Hongxuan plans to build an industrial machine to shock everyone
Chapter 675 Director Zhou refuses to give up and continues to want Duan Hongxuan to go to Shenhai
Chapter 675 Director Zhou refuses to give up and continues to want Duan Hongxuan to go to Shenhai
Chapter 676 Director Zhou gave Duan Hongxuan a TV set, which gave Duan Hongxuan new ideas
Chapter 677 The people from Shenhai Electric returned to Shenhai, and Duan Hongxuan went home with gifts.
Chapter 678 Duan Hongxuan is dividing the stolen goods in the courtyard
Chapter 679 Duan Hongxuans TV set caused people in the courtyard to come to join in the fun
Chapter 680 Everyone can see Duan Hongxuans peach blossoms
Chapter 681 Duan Hongxuan decided to have a showdown with He Yuyu and the others
Chapter 682 Everything will wait until Saturday
Chapter 683 Duan Hongxuan wants to quickly train Han Dazhuang into an eighth-level fitter
Chapter 684 Duan Hongxuans plan for Han Dazhuang
Chapter 685 After dinner on Saturday, He Yuyu and three others were waiting anxiously
Chapter 686 Duan Hongxuan showed off his kung fu, scared Qin Jingru to tears, and then started making up stories
Chapter 687 Duan Hongxuan gained three beautiful little wives at once
Chapter 688 Duan Hongxuans showdown with his three little wives
Chapter 689 Duan Hongxuans requirements for the future of He Yuyu and the others
Chapter 690 The three young wives were so stimulated by Duan Hongxuan that they became sexually active
Chapter 691 He Yuyu and the others officially started learning English
Chapter 692 Director Yang actually urged Duan Hongxuan to quickly fix the TV
Chapter 693 Duan Hongxuan divides the meat
Chapter 694 The eldest mother is happy
Chapter 695 Duan Hongxuan promised the three women that their relationship would be kept secret
Chapter 696 Everyone celebrates Yi Zhonghai in Duan Hongxuans courtyard
Chapter 697: The eldest mother can no longer do housework and serve the old lady.
Chapter 698 Nervous Yi Zhonghai and happy people
Chapter 699: The first lady is famous for being pregnant, Duan Hongxuan is in trouble
Chapter 700 The Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Second Hospital will open an outpatient clinic for the treatment of infertility
Chapter 701 Someone from Jinmen Radio Factory No. 1 is here
Chapter 702 The new TV is ready
Chapter 703 Duan Hongxuans development plan for the steel rolling mill next year
Chapter 704 Duan Hongxuan teases three young wives at home
Chapter 705 The troubles of the Yanbu Gui family
Chapter 706 The reason why the third uncle has objections to Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 707 Everyone chats about Liu Guangqi
Chapter 708 The Infertility Clinic of the Second Hospital Officially Opens
Chapter 709 A smooth first outpatient visit and Xu Damaos sudden visit
Chapter 710 Xu Damao seeks Duan Hongxuan to treat his infertility
Chapter 711 Should Xu Damao be treated for infertility?
Chapter 712: After figuring out the cause of Xu Damaos illness, everyone educates Silly Zhu
Chapter 713 Decided to treat Xu Damao
Chapter 714 Xu Damao was laughed at and Xu Damaos blessing in disguise
Chapter 715 Xu Damao spends his money to visit Duan Hongxuans house again
Chapter 716 Duan Hongxuan set a trap for Xu Damao, and Xu Damao wanted to take advantage of Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 717 Minister Lus reminder and inquiry
Chapter 718 Duan Hongxuan makes hot pot for everyone
Chapter 719: Chatting while eating hot pot, learning from history
Chapter 720 Duan Hongxuan: The products I took out should be sold to the international market for foreign exchange.
Chapter 721 Duan Hongxuan: We should sell our products abroad to earn foreign exchange
Chapter 722 Invite the deaf old lady and the others to eat hot pot
Chapter 723 Today, decades later, the deaf old lady eats hot pot again
Chapter 725 Silly Zhu is punished, everyone talks about Xu Damao
Chapter 724 While eating hot pot, Silly Zhus foul mouth irritated people again
Chapter 726 Another busy day at the clinic
Chapter 727 The year has passed and the new year has arrived
Chapter 728 Silly Zhus wife is pregnant, Xu Damao is worried
Chapter 729 The deaf old lady educates Qin Huairu, who has a sad face all day long
Chapter 730 Director Yang gives New Years goods to Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 731 Duan Hongxuan is busy delivering TV sets to people everywhere
Chapter 732 Director Lin met Director Yao who also came to deliver New Years goods.
Chapter 733 Zhu Bajies snowman carrying his wife made everyone laugh.
Chapter 734 Silly Zhu showed off his identity as the successor of Tan Family Food and was educated by Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 735 Director Yang and Director Lins ruse was exposed by Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 736 Arrangements for everyone in the small courtyard during the New Year
Chapter 737 Duan Hongxuan is running around delivering New Years goods
Chapter 738 Duan Hongxuan and He Yuyu visit the Lou family
Chapter 739 Duan Hongxuan and Lou Jingzhai discuss the issue of going to Hong Kong Island to cooperate with the country
Chapter 740: Prepare to make dumplings tomorrow, the three women take care of Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 741 Duan Hongxuan invites Minister Lu and his wife to celebrate the New Year together in the courtyard
Chapter 742
Chapter 743 Lets make dumplings together
Chapter 744 Wei Daosheng came to deliver new year gifts to Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 725 The steel rolling mill delivers New Years goods in the afternoon and gets off work early. Everyone gathers to make dumplings.
Chapter 726: It depends on what kind of environment a person is in and what kind of thoughts he has.
Chapter 727: Duan Hongxuan was leaked by Yi Zhonghai, Minister Lu wants to arrest the strong man
Chapter 728 Duan Hongxuan and Minister Lu suddenly became at war with each other
Chapter 729 Duan Hongxuan accidentally let something slip and was targeted by Minister Lu
Chapter 730 Sister Feng and her son, Qin Lan and her younger brother came to thank Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 751 Sister Fengs son and Qin Lans younger brother
Chapter 752 Xu Damao comes to deliver New Years goods
Chapter 753 The poorer the people are and the more sensitive they are who are easily unwilling to take advantage of others.
Chapter 754 Sister Feng and Qin Lan never expected that they would give one gift and get three gifts back.
Chapter 755 The deaf old lady is Jia Zhangs nemesis
Chapter 756 A delicious meal of dumplings made everyone reveal their true colors
Chapter 757 Big Oolong: The third uncles calligraphy is very valuable
Chapter 758 If there was no Jia Zhang family, we could have invited Qin Huairu and the others to celebrate the New Year together.
Chapter 759: Early on New Years Eve, the war caused by tea
Chapter 760 Duan Hongxuan plays tricks on Silly Zhu and his wife
Chapter 761 The mysterious Lao Li family in the front yard
Chapter 762 The Yanbu family gets dumplings for free, and the Yan familys father and son argue over eating dumplings
Chapter 763 Duan Hongxuans laziness
Chapter 764 Yu Haitang and Qin Jingru go home for the New Year
Chapter 765 Duan Hongxuan writes Spring Festival couplets
Chapter 766 A sumptuous and festive New Years Eve dinner
Chapter 767 Children pay New Year greetings on the first day of the Lunar New Year, an eye-opening joke
Chapter 768 Huahua and Xiaodang under Duan Hongxuans education
Chapter 769 Duan Hongxuan takes Xiaodang to pay New Year greetings and collect red envelopes, and Silly Zhu loses money
Chapter 770 Xiaodang doesnt know money, Duan Hongxuan fools the little girl
Chapter 771 Yan Jiedi came to Duan Hongxuans courtyard
Chapter 772 Yan Jiecheng married an uneasy wife
Chapter 773 Duan Hongxuans subtle education of Yan Jiedi
Chapter 774 On the second day of the Lunar New Year, everyone gathered in Duan Hongxuans courtyard
Chapter 775: There are three elders in charge of the courtyard, and their children have problems.
Chapter 777 While eating hot pot in Taizheng, Director Yang came to visit to pay New Year’s greetings
Chapter 777 While eating hot pot in Taizheng, Director Yang came to visit to pay New Years greetings
Chapter 778: Minister Lu is looking for trouble, and Director Yang is so frightened that he breaks into a cold sweat
Chapter 779 The Ministry wants the steel rolling mill to hand over the drawings of new machine tools to other factories
Chapter 780 Minister Lu invited Duan Hongxuan to join the government in the future, but Duan Hongxuan refused.
Chapter 781 Yu Haitang and Qin Jingru are back, and the chaotic generation caused by Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 782 Professor Lus childs temperament is eye-opening
Chapter 783 The women raised the flag to rebel, while the men retreated steadily
Chapter 784 A dinner party that made everyone happy and satisfied
Chapter 785: When a child in a courtyard is born in the future, breastfeeding will be a big problem
Chapter 786: Problems with breast milk and milk powder for several children born this year
Chapter 787 Lantern Festival
Chapter 788 School started, Duan Hongxuan invited the brothers in the dormitory to have dinner in the courtyard again
Chapter 789 Greedy Fatty Liang
Chapter 790 The misunderstanding caused by Yang Shijie
Chapter 791 Yang Shijie is greatly wronged
Chapter 792 The brothers in the dormitory said goodbye, and Shazhu brought Yu Li to see Duan Hongxuan for medical treatment.
Chapter 793 Silly Zhu full of feudal thoughts
Chapter 794 Duan Hongxuan lets everyone experience the beauty of massage
Chapter 795 Duan Hongxuan introduced converter steelmaking to Factory Director Yang and others
Chapter 796 Factory Director Yang and others discuss Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 797 Its over, Duan Hongxuan accidentally sold Factory Director Yang
Chapter 798 Duan Hongxuan and Minister Lu discuss the long-term plan of the steel rolling mill
Chapter 799 Minister Lu wants Duan Hongxuan to treat some of his old leaders
Chapter 800 Duan Hongxuan gives Minister Lu a shocking gift
Chapter 802 Duan Hongxuan comes up with ideas to solve the problem of how the project team should make decisions
Chapter 803 Duan Hongxuan came to the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Shuimu University and told about the research on industrial aircraft
Chapter 804 Duan Hongxuan solved his worries and came to the steel rolling mill again
Chapter 805 Duan Hongxuan saw a group of admirable lunatics
Chapter 806 Converter acceptance, steel rolling mill was questioned by everyone
Chapter 807 The appearance of stupid Deputy Director Wang and Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 808 The converter passed the acceptance inspection. Director Yang wants to recruit experts for the steel rolling mill.
Chapter 809 Duan Hongxuan suggested that the steel rolling mill should upgrade the technical department to a research institute
Chapter 810 Duan Hongxuan is completely famous in the entire industry
Chapter 811 Technical geeks who are not liked by the leaders are transferred to the steel rolling mill
Chapter 812 Duan Hongxuan gives a heads-up to the new entrants to the steel rolling mill
Chapter 813 Duan Hongxuans suggestions on the organizational structure of the Steel Rolling Mill Research Institute and the reorganization of the Security Section
Chapter 814 Duan Hongxuan became famous in the hutong streets and became a golden son-in-law in the eyes of every household
Chapter 815 Director Liang and Factory Director Yao from the Light Industry Bureau came to visit
Chapter 816 While Huahua and Xiaodang were not at home, Duan Hongxuan teased the three young wives
Chapter 817 Duan Hongxuan uses different training methods to cultivate martial arts masters
Chapter 818 Duan Hongxuan gave Lou Jingzhai suggestions on the route to develop in Hong Kong Island
Chapter 819 Duan Hongxuan: Uncle Lou, you go to Hong Kong Island first. I will go there soon.
Chapter 820 Duan Hongxuan: A man with no chest is like jade, but a belly with poetry and calligraphy.
Chapter 821 Duan Hongxuan said that He Yuyu and Yu Haitang cried
Chapter 822 Duan Hongxuan was pitied by everyone
Chapter 823 Duan Hongxuans home has a steady supply of good ingredients
Chapter 824 The private gentlemans agreement between Duan Hongxuan and Minister Lu
Chapter 825 Comrade Lao Lu, you have to take care of your own wife.
Chapter 826 The influence of Duan Hongxuans boxing training
Chapter 827 Duan Hongxuan practiced a set of boxing and influenced most of the people in the alley
Chapter 828 Qin Jingru turned into a miser
Chapter 829 Duan Hongxuans family status is worrying and he needs to revive his husband
Chapter 830 Duan Hongxuan finally met the mysterious Uncle Li of the courtyard
Chapter 831 After Qin Huairu gives birth to a child, the question of whether to separate the family
Chapter 832 If Qin Huairus family is not divided, they will not have a good life in the future.
Chapter 833 Qin Huairu is about to give birth
Chapter 835 Qin Huairu gave birth to a girl, and the indifferent Jia Zhang family
Chapter 834 Qin Huairu entered the hospital, but Mrs. Jia Zhang was still sleeping in the room
Chapter 835 Qin Huairu gave birth to a girl, and the indifferent Jia Zhang family
Chapter 836 Everyone advised Qin Huairu to separate the family quickly
Chapter 837 Qin Huairu finally figured out how to separate the family
Chapter 838 Qin Huairu returns to Duan Hongxuans courtyard for confinement
Chapter 839 Duan Hongxuan went to Director Wang to discuss Qin Huairus work and family separation.
Chapter 840 Qin Huairus job change is settled
Chapter 841 Someone from the street office came to find Qin Huairu to understand the situation.
Chapter 842 Qin Huairu complained to the staff of the sub-district office
Chapter 843 Qin Huairus venting and the support of the street office
Chapter 844 Duan Hongxuan stays as a guest
Chapter 845 Deputy Director Zhao is troubled and needs help from Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 846: The streets are aware of the hidden dangers of the Jia family, and the separation of the family is not an issue.
Chapter 847 The first time I ate food and wine from Duan Hongxuans family, Yan Bugui regretted it
Chapter 848 Yan Bugui and Xi Ni, Director Wang and Duan Hongxuan are kind mothers and filial sons
Chapter 849 Xiaodang and Sophora japonicas new names: Jia Jingwei, Jia Jingyun
Chapter 850 Aunt Han and Han Dazhuang visit Qin Huairu
Chapter 851 Qin Huairu warns Qin Jingru
Chapter 852 Jia Zhang suffered a bolt from the blue
Chapter 853 Jia Zhang: I risk my life, no one wants to separate my family today
Chapter 854 Duan Hongxuan gave Jia Zhangs half-truth and half-false Dharma education
Chapter 855 The Jia family is separated, Qin Huairu is finally free
Chapter 856 Duan Hongxuan poses another problem for Minister Lu
Chapter 857 Why did Jia Dongxu go to the countryside to find a wife?
Chapter 859 Duan Hongxuan explains to Lou Jingzhai and his wife
Chapter 860 Duan Hongxuans experiment in training elites
Chapter 861 Duan Hongxuan officially joins the industrial mother machine project team
Chapter 862 After two months of study, everyone in the project team has grown up
Chapter 863: The industrial mother machine is officially produced, and the steel rolling mill also ushered in new development
Chapter 864 Duan Hongxuans Human Experiments
Chapter 865 Director Yang seizes power and the steel rolling mill changes drastically
Chapter 866 Director Yang who has no wisdom in office struggles
Chapter 867 Duan Hongxuans plan for the steel rolling mill
Chapter 868 Duan Hongxuans status in Director Yangs mind
Chapter 869 During the period when Duan Hongxuan was not at home, Yan Jiecheng also separated.
Chapter 870 Aunt Wu found out about the house Yan Jiecheng was looking for
Chapter 871 Why are little locust flowers so edible?
Chapter 872
Chapter 872 Qin Huairus changes
Chapter 873 The first uncle wants to use Duan Hongxuans courtyard to treat the third uncle to a drink
Chapter 874 Duan Hongxuans promise to He Yuyu and the others
Chapter 875 Yi Zhonghai and Yan Bugui are guests
Chapter 876 Duan Hongxuan tore off Yan Buguis fig leaf
Chapter 877 Duan Hongxuans advice to Yan Bugui (Part 1)
Chapter 878 Duan Hongxuans advice to Yan Bugui (Part 2)
Chapter 879 The three remaining children of the Yanbu Gui family
Chapter 880 Yan Bugui and the third aunt felt the family crisis
Chapter 881 Decided to let He Yuyu and Yu Haitang take a long leave to study at home
Chapter 882 Xu Damaos painful mental journey
Chapter 883 Xu Damaos infertility disease is cured, but the Xu family and his son are seeking death again
Chapter 884 The Yanbu Gui family began to change
Chapter 885 Xu Damao wants to find out about Lou Xiaoe from Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 886 Xu Damao was completely dumbfounded
Chapter 887 Xu Damao is anxious: Dad, you want to die, but dont hurt me.
Chapter 888 Director Yang: Hongxuan, the special steel you gave to the steel rolling mill was taken away by the military factory.
Chapter 887 Duan Hongxuans compensation to the steel rolling mill
Chapter 890 Duan Hongxuan will soon be noticed by everyone
Chapter 891 Yi Zhonghais reminder to Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 892 Huahua and Xiaodang must start their gender awareness education
Chapter 897 The changed Yan Bugui in Yan Jiedi’s eyes
Chapter 893 Yu Li is about to give birth, but there are a few problems
Chapter 894 Silly Zhu: Duan Hongxuan wants to massage that place of my wife
Chapter 895 Silly Zhu was taught a lesson by the deaf old lady and Aunt Wu
Chapter 896 Aunt Wu: Hongxuan, the food at your home is so good, can you afford the money you earn?
Chapter 897 The changed Yan Bugui in Yan Jiedis eyes
Chapter 898 Duan Hongxuans advice to Minister Lu
Chapter 899 Duan Hongxuan and Li Xianghong educate Wu Xinghua and Han Dazhuang
Chapter 900 Duan Hongxuans sudden damaging move that no one expected
Chapter 907 Yu Li gave birth to a big fat boy
Chapter 902 'The Barefoot Doctor's Manual' is officially published
Chapter 903 Duan Hongxuan commits suicide at Director Wangs house
Chapter 904 Yan Buguis transformation and childrens education issues
Chapter 905 Yu Li is about to give birth
Chapter 906 Yu Lis family comes to the hospital
Chapter 907 Yu Li gave birth to a big fat boy
Chapter 908 Silly Zhus compromise
Chapter 909: Naming the Silly Zhu familys children
Chapter 910 Everyone came to Duan Hongxuan to choose the characters and seniority for their family.
Chapter 911 Silly Zhu wants to make money to support his son
Chapter 912 Duan Hongxuan teaches three young daughters-in-law: Many things are not black and white. When the water is clear, there will be no fish.
Chapter 913 Duan Hongxuan makes new toys for two little girls again
Chapter 914 The sad Lou Xiao'e came to Duan Hongxuan's house, the Lou family was leaving
Chapter 915 Surprised by the good news, Lou Xiaoe is happy
Chapter 916 Huahua and Xiaodang discovered a new fun game
Chapter 917 Duan Hongxuan: Uncle Lou, you must not forget the identity of the descendants of Yan and Huang even when you arrive in Hong Kong Island
Chapter 918 Duan Hongxuans outlook on Lou Xiaoe
Chapter 919 The Lou Familys Farewell Luncheon
Chapter 920 Duan Hongxuans gift to Lou Xiaoe
Chapter 921 Secretary Wang arrives to inform Duan Hongxuan that Director Luo is coming to live here
Chapter 922 Li Xianghong and his wife borrowed
Chapter 923 Director Luo moves into the courtyard
Chapter 924 Minister Lu came to the courtyard after get off work
Chapter 925 The Importance of Industrial Machinery to a Country
Chapter 926 Duan Hongxuan: Uncle Lu, its very hard for women to be pregnant. You should be more considerate.
Chapter 927 The eldest mother is about to give birth
Chapter 928 Yi Zhonghais child is finally born
Chapter 929 The lively deaf old ladys house
Chapter 930 Yi Zhonghais surprise
Chapter 931 Duan Hongxuans family gathering, Director Yang comes uninvited
Chapter 932 The surprise of Director Yang and Director Lin
Chapter 933: Minister Lu laughs and exposes Director Yangs background
Chapter 934 Factory Manager Yang was criticized by Minister Lu for eating alone
Chapter 935 What Director Yang and Director Lin learned at Duan Hongxuans house
Chapter 936 Duan Hongxuan helps the little ones take care of themselves
Chapter 937 Professor Lu who will never grow up and likes to play pranks
Chapter 938 Duan Hongxuan wants to give up the challenge
Chapter 939 Duan Hongxuans plan
Chapter 940 The fault-finding Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 941 Mr. Suns support for Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 942 Duan Hongxuans negligence caused Minister Lu to be in a dilemma
Chapter 944 Director Luo gave birth, Minister Lu was shocked and was in trouble.
Chapter 943 Director Luo entered the Second Hospital
Chapter 945 The project team encountered difficulties
Chapter 946 Duan Hongxuan wants to solve the problem himself
Chapter 947 Duan Hongxuans stunning maneuvers
Chapter 948 The first domestic industrial mother machine was finally born
Chapter 949: The famous story passed down to future generations was that Leader Zhou personally came to inspect and cut the ribbon for project acceptance.
Chapter 950 The project team successfully completed the task and the departure and retention of the project team members
Chapter 951 Mr. Suns little plan for Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 952 Aunt Qian comes to the door in the alley
Chapter 953 Aunt Qian comes to ask Duan Hongxuan for medical treatment
Chapter 954 Aunt Qian was rejected
Chapter 955 Aunt Qian and the funny Yu Haitang
Chapter 956 Director Luos evaluation of He Yuyu and the others
Chapter 957 Director Luo wants to take a long leave to take care of the children at home, but Minister Lu is in a dilemma
Chapter 958 Duan Hongxuan comes up with ideas to solve the problem of Minister Lu and his wife
Chapter 959 Duan Hongxuans inappropriate ideas were warned by Minister Lu
Chapter 960 Duan Hongxuans regret
Chapter 961 Duan Hongxuan tells Commander Lu all about his future plans
Chapter 962 Two research institutes compete for Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 963 Mr. Sun comes to visit
Chapter 964: Mr. Sun and his party failed to draw water from a bamboo basket
Chapter 965 The old man who makes people laugh and cry is not ashamed of Mr. Sun
Chapter 966 Mr. Sun went all out to seduce Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 967 Fruit and tea at Duan Hongxuans house
Chapter 968 Duan Hongxuan uses Mr. Wei as a shield
Chapter 969 The mischievous Qin Jingru and the conspicuous Mr. Sun
Chapter 970 Pretending to be pitiful Mr. Sun to gain sympathy
Chapter 971 Its not easy to be a leader for Mr. Sun
Chapter 972 Mr. Suns original plan
Chapter 973 The steel rolling mill is in great shape
Chapter 974 All-Leadership Meeting of the Steel Rolling Mill
Chapter 975 The steel rolling mill that makes people excited
Chapter 976 Annoying Bangs
Chapter 977 Why does a woman have to undergo confinement after giving birth?
Chapter 978 The Magic of the Creator
Chapter 979 Dumbfounded Yan Jiecheng
Chapter 980 Yan Jie returns to the courtyard as a couple
Chapter 981 The boring game between Duan Hongxuan and Shazhu
Chapter 982 Duan Hongxuan has known how to win peoples hearts since he was a child
Chapter 983 Duan Hongxuan gives advice on troubles in the steel rolling mill
Chapter 984 Director Yang, who was almost tortured for half his life
Chapter 985 Yan Jiecheng compromised with his biological father Yan Bugui
Chapter 986: The little scholar who gave Yan Bu some face
Chapter 987 A frightened and startled Yan Bugui
Chapter 988 The third uncles spinelessness and the rules of the tomb robbing team
Chapter 989 Silly Zhu and He Yuyus Dad
Chapter 990 The crisis in the steel rolling mill is resolved
Chapter 991 Yan Jiecheng is in a hurry and quickly finds his biological father
Chapter 992 The lost Yan Bugui
Chapter 993 Yu Haitangs dissatisfaction with his family
Chapter 994 In the eyes of Silly Zhu, children are just toys to play with when they have time.
Chapter 995 Yan Bugui was knocked unconscious and Xu Damao was beaten
Chapter 996 There is nothing serious about Yan Bugui and Xu Damao
Chapter 997 How to deal with the conflict between the Yan family and Xu Damao
Chapter 998 Yanbus family is submissive
Chapter 999 Duan Hongxuan scares the blind Xu Damao (Part 1)
Chapter 1000 Duan Hongxuan scares the blind Xu Damao (Part 2)
Chapter 1001 The dissatisfied Director Luo
Chapter 1002 The past grudges between Yan Bugui and Sha Zhu
Chapter 1003 Two lazy little girls
Chapter 1004 The cowardly Director Yang
Chapter 1005 Director Yang, who did not believe in evil, was given diarrhea
Chapter 1006 Factory Director Yang was punished
Chapter 1007 Director Yangs awakening
Chapter 1008 The best ingredient, puffer fish
Chapter 1009 The shameless fool
Chapter 1010 Liu Haizhong finally became an official
Chapter 1011 Bangs are about to shake out again
Chapter 1012 The new officials three-pointed bangs
Chapter 1013 Something happened in bangs
Chapter 1014 Everyone is anxiously waiting for news from Liu Haizhong
Chapter 1015 Liu Haizhong was not injured at work but was beaten
Chapter 1016 The reason why Liu Haizhong was beaten and Director Wus regret
Chapter 1017 Director Wu of the workshop feels the uncertainty of the world
Chapter 1018 The dream of becoming an official is shattered in bangs
Chapter 1019 Director Wang teaches Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 1020 Duan Hongxuan helps Zhang Yanhuis family
Chapter 1021 Mr. Wei educates his daughter and son-in-law
Chapter 1022 Xu Damao and Yan Buguis plan
Chapter 1023 The actions of Yan Bugui and Xu Damao
Chapter 1024 Xu Damao comes to visit
Chapter 1025 Xu Damao lost his wife and lost his troops
Chapter 1026 Duan Hongxuan, an excellent son-in-law candidate
Chapter 1027. What kind of partner should Duan Hongxuan look for?
Chapter 1028 Duan Hongxuans idea
Chapter 1029 The sense of crisis among He Yuyu and the others
Chapter 1030 Xu Damaos timely help to the old Liu family
Chapter 1031 Xu Damao fooled Liu Haizhong
Chapter 1032 Liu Haizhong and Second Aunt were taken advantage of by Xu Damao
Chapter 1033 The second aunt fell into Xu Damaos trap
Chapter 1034 The unwilling Liu Haizhong
Chapter 1035 The problem of the logistics director of the canteen of the steel rolling mill
Chapter 1036 Silly Zhu is going to get rich
Chapter 1037 Director Huo was moved by Silly Pillar
Chapter 1038 The frightened Yu Li
Chapter 1039. Silly Zhu and his wifes trust in Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 1040 The bodies of the four little guys from the deaf old ladys family
Chapter 1041 The shrewd deaf old lady
Chapter 1042 Yan Jiedis Talent
Chapter 1043 How should parents consider their childrens future?
Chapter 1044 Duan Hongxuans awakening
Chapter 1045 Jiang Jianshe also came to Shazhu to ask for new years goods
Chapter 1046 Everyone went to Duan Hongxuans house to celebrate the New Year
Chapter 1047 The education issues of the children in Weis hometown
Chapter 1048 Everyone learns about Duan Hongxuans great achievements
Chapter 1049 Duan Hongxuans improved TV is really exported
Chapter 1050 Mr. Weis kindness and Duan Hongxuans thoughts
Chapter 1051 The wise but interesting Professor Lu
Chapter 1052 Liu Yings family background
Chapter 1053 Chatting after dinner
Chapter 1054 Jiang Jianshe has no status in the family
Chapter 1055 Director Yangs Harvest
Chapter 1056 It is best for children to have playmates of the same age
Chapter 1057 Duan Hongxuan returns the gift
Chapter 1058 Duan Hongxuan sends new years goods, Yan Bu is greedy
Chapter 1059 Something is wrong with Yu Haitang suddenly
Chapter 1066 Aunt Wu suggested that Qin Huairu marry the deaf old lady
Chapter 1060 Duan Hongxuan treats Yu Haitang
Chapter 1061 Duan Hongxuans three little wives
Chapter 1062 Duan Hongxuan teaches two young wives
Chapter 1063 Three beauties unite to teach Duan Hongxuan a lesson
Chapter 1064 Everyone comes to Duan Hongxuans house to make dumplings
Chapter 1065 Shameless Jia Zhang
Chapter 1073 The pastries in the canteen of the steel rolling mill need to be famous
Chapter 1067 Yu Haitang and Qin Jingru go home to celebrate the New Year
Chapter 1068 The past of Uncle Li in the front yard
Chapter 1069 Duan Hongxuan delivers dumplings
Chapter 1070: Everyone extorts Duan Hongxuans New Years money
Chapter 1071 Sister Feng and Qin Lan received promotions and salary increases
Chapter 1072 Duan Hongxuans bad idea for Sister Feng and Qin Lan
Chapter 1073 The pastries in the canteen of the steel rolling mill need to be famous
Chapter 1074 Qin Juns weak temper
Chapter 1075 Silly Zhu who is willing to change his behavior for the sake of his son
Chapter 1076 The deaf old lady and Qin Huairu recognized their relationship
Chapter 1077 Qin Huairu finally feels at ease after recognizing her godson
Chapter 1078 Everyone goes home to celebrate New Years Eve
Chapter 1079 Silly Zhus petty mind
Chapter 1080: Bringing the children together to celebrate the New Year on the first day of the Lunar New Year
Chapter 1081 Yan Bugui plans the new years money
Chapter 1082 Something happened in the courtyard on New Years Day
Chapter 1083 Duan Hongxuan makes a big deal into a trivial matter
Chapter 1084 Yan Jiedi made a small fortune
Chapter 1085 Silly Zhus bad mouth said the wrong thing again
Chapter 1086 The scheming Yan Bugui
Chapter 1087 Silly Zhu actually has low emotional intelligence
Chapter 1088 Emotional Quotient and IQ
Chapter 1089: People with low emotional intelligence are not suitable to be officials and will not be able to be officials.
Chapter 1090 Duan Hongxuan bullies Silly Zhu again
Chapter 1091 Distributing and asking for lucky money
Chapter 1092: Giving out lucky money turns into exposing each other
Chapter 1093 What kind of wife is worthy of Duan Hongxuan?
Chapter 1094 The wronged He Yuyu
Chapter 1095 Yu Haitang is back
Chapter 1096 He Yuyu and Yu Haitang are going to pick up Qin Jingru
Chapter 1097 Duan Hongxuans decision
Chapter 1098 The first snow since winter finally fell
Chapter 1099 Eating hot pot on a snowy day is so cool!
Chapter 1100 Li Xianghong said something wrong and Duan Hongxuan made up for it
Chapter 1101 The time bomb planted by Silly Pillar
Chapter 1102 From sweeping snow to having a snowball fight
Chapter 1103 The road is slippery after it snows, so be careful when you go to work
Chapter 1104 Big changes in Liu Haizhongs family
Chapter 1105 Xu Damao takes action
Chapter 1106 The future development direction of He Yuyu and the others
Chapter 1107 Uncle Li suddenly came to the door
Chapter 1108 Duan Hongxuans Thoughts
Chapter 1109 Uncle Li who loves tea
Chapter 1110 Antiques will become more and more valuable in peaceful times
Chapter 1111 Xu Damao comes to visit
Chapter 1112 Xu Damaos plan
Chapter 1113 Duan Hongxuans intimidation and warning to Xu Damao
Chapter 1114 Xu Damao was completely frightened
Chapter 1115 Fortunately Xu Damao
Chapter 1116 Poor Director Yang
Chapter 1117 Factory Manager Yang wants to continue harvesting Duan Hongxuans wool
Chapter 1118 Factory Director Yang, who is both rough and thin
Chapter 1119 Factory Director Yang who is acting rogue
Chapter 1120 The Difficult Director Yang
Chapter 1121 The newly completed research institute of the steel rolling mill
Chapter 1122 The technicians at the Steel Rolling Mill Research Institute are so ambitious
Chapter 1123 Problems with the Steel Rolling Mill
Chapter 1124 The ashamed Factory Director Yang
Chapter 1125 The motivated Yu Li and the lazy Silly Zhu
Chapter 1126 Ansheng’s birthday after the new year
Chapter 1127 Duan Hongxuan plans to teach He Yuyu and the others to play Monopoly
Chapter 1128 Everyone plays games
Chapter 1129 Why would the bank lend you money?
Chapter 1130 The difference between money and wealth
Chapter 1131 Where does Duan Hongxuan’s money come from?
Chapter 1132 The transformation of He Yuyu and Yu Haitang
Chapter 1133 Xu Damao and Han Dazhuang are both looking for a partner
Chapter 1134 Li Xianghong doesn’t believe Yan Bugui would be so enthusiastic
Chapter 1135 Misunderstanding of the calculating Yan Bugui
Chapter 1136 Ran Qiuye must become Han Dazhuang’s wife
Chapter 1137 Duan Hongxuan takes the initiative to find Yan Bugui
Chapter 1138 Duan Hongxuan advises Han Dazhuang
Chapter 1139 Han Dazhuang waiting for a blind date
Chapter 1140 The frightened Xu Damao
Chapter 1141 Ran Qiuye’s impression of the old Han family
Chapter 1142 Ran Qiuye shocked everyone
Chapter 1143 Ran Qiuye visits Duan Hongxuan’s courtyard
Chapter 1144 Ran Qiuye’s impression of Han Dazhuang
Chapter 1145 Surprised Ran Qiuye
Chapter 1146 A person can only change himself at most, don’t think about changing others
Chapter 1147 Han Dazhuang is obsessed with Ran Qiuye
Chapter 1148 The attraction of piano and other musical instruments to Ran Qiuye
Chapter 1149 The rich dishes that surprised Ran Qiuye
Chapter 1150 Duan Hongxuan helps others raise their daughter
Chapter 1151 Difficulties of Widow
Chapter 1152 The so-called beauty is a disaster
Chapter 1153 Happy Han Dazhuang and depressed Xu Damao
Chapter 1154 Duan Hongxuan’s lifelong events
Chapter 1155 Private discussion between He Yuyu and three others
Chapter 1156 Xu Damao suddenly enlightened
Chapter 1157 Ran Qiuye’s return gift to Duan Hongxuan and others
Chapter 1158 Ran Qiuye’s Heart of Literary Youth
Chapter 1159 Duan Hongxuan’s Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 1160 The improvement of Factory Director Yang’s management level
Chapter 1161 Duan Hongxuan arranges formations to enjoy life
Chapter 1162 Changes in the courtyard environment
Chapter 1163 Li Xianghong and others fell asleep
Chapter 1164 Shameless Duan Hongxuan
Chapter 1165 Factory Director Yang and Director Lin Visit