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I show off in front of aliens

I show off in front of aliens

author:lonely universe

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:01-07 03:31

Latest chapter:Chapter 786 French Writer

That year, I went to outer space with a magical wedding dress... Chu Di said in an interview. What then? Then, the alien who met me was not well... The captured alien fleet The commander-in-chief said in an interview with an earth reporter: I really didn’t expect that we, with tens of thousands of years of technology, would lose to cold weapons... Reporter: Do you want to say something to your fellow civilizations? Alien Commander After pondering for a long time, he said with tears: If one day, an earthling shows up with a sword in front of you, run away! That young man named Chu Di has no martial ethics!

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《I show off in front of aliens》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 786 French Writer
Chapter 785 I'm right by your side
Chapter 784: Hijacking scene
Chapter 783 Hardcore fighter jets destroy the neutron star cluster
Chapter 782 Neutron Fighter
Chapter 781 Tao Bao’s reminder
Chapter 780 Double Silk Palm Technique
Chapter 779: Dejected, ecstatic, and frightened
Chapter 778 The return of the light of life
《I show off in front of aliens》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Homelessness
Chapter 2 A Bad Habit
Chapter 3 Galactic War
Chapter 4 Reiki Soaring
Chapter 5 The Magic of Wedding Dress
Chapter 6 Unintentional trouble
Chapter 7 Earth's Past
Chapter 8 Beginner Piloting
Chapter 9 First Experience of Air Combat
Chapter 10 Picking Up Money
Chapter 11 The era of matriarchal clans?
Chapter 12 Leader and Wingman
Chapter 13 Encounter
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter 15 The brave one wins
Chapter 16 Stealing for half a day
Chapter 17 Who is Ding Junchao
Chapter 18 Natural Cohesion
Chapter 19 Partial Victory
Chapter 20 The Female Commander
Chapter 21 Feeling Uneasy
Chapter 22 Kindness is not rewarded
Chapter 23 Martial Artists Are Superior
Chapter 24 The problem of Haoyu Corps
Chapter 25 Ding Junchao became famous
Chapter 26 Qu Xiaoqing's Birthday Banquet
Chapter 27 Uninvited guests
Chapter 28 Drinking
Chapter 29 Break up
Chapter 30: The Secrets of the Qu Yin Family
Chapter 31 What about the promised benefits?
Chapter 32 Register Game ID
Chapter 33 The fists of these people are a bit rough
Chapter 34: Military Fist in the Space Age
Chapter 35 The Sad Dog Appears
Chapter 36 Everyone shouts and beats
Chapter 37 Half-Day Love
Chapter 38 Chu Di is dead
Chapter 39 Ice Palace Dragon's Shuang Shu
Chapter 40 One-star warriors come on stage
Chapter 41 The Boxer With Internal Strength
Chapter 42: Playing a big sword in front of Guan Gong
Chapter 43
Chapter 44: Shame on Mars
Chapter 45: Air Special Headquarters
Chapter 46: Dragging the Knife
Chapter forty-seven more than three heads and six arms
Chapter forty-eight castration
Chapter 49: Long Wu Appears
Chapter 50 What Smart Technology Wants
Chapter 51 The Battle of Bingfeng
Chapter 52 More than just a flying immortal?
Chapter Fifty-Three
Chapter 54 Encounter and battle
Chapter 55: The Plan of the Star Pirates
Chapter 56: Curfew and City Lockdown
Chapter 57 The sound of the police car is deafening
Chapter 58 The first criminal suspect
Chapter 59: Warning, Never Fear
Chapter 60 Auntie Director
Chapter 61 Bear Child
Chapter 62 Actually, I can still see ghosts
Chapter 63 The more you describe, the darker
Chapter 64: All Lies
Chapter 65 Chu Di killed
Chapter 66 Someone is coming to fish
Chapter 67 Release on bail pending trial
Chapter 68: Sit through the prison
Chapter 69 The Presidential Suite Family
Chapter 70: Young Master Chu Doesn't Talk About Hygiene
Chapter 71 The first friend
Chapter 72 Tao Bao
Chapter 73: Compassionate each other
Chapter 74 Press Conference
Chapter 75: Jealousy
Chapter 76 Compound Crossbow Killer
Chapter 77****
Chapter seventy-eight sound east and west
Chapter 79: Chasing and Killing on the Long Street
Chapter 80 The Killer is a Ninja
Chapter 81 Two women fighting
Chapter 82 Stick to the last eight hours
Chapter 83: Excellent Magic Weapons Product Launch
Chapter 84: The Cosmic Sword
Chapter 85 Swordsmanship Tester
Chapter 86 Black Box Operation
Chapter 87: What everyone expects
Chapter 88 Long's Oolong
Chapter 89: Chu Di is lying on the gun
Chapter 90 Juvenile Master Megatron
Chapter 91
Chapter 92 I can't stand the spanking
Chapter 93 Ceres Mining Plan
Chapter 94: The Operation Guide of the Cosmic Excalibur
Chapter 95 Human VS Mecha
Chapter 96 Singing Bad Chu Di
Chapter 97 Refused to draw
Chapter 98 Mecha Eyes
Chapter 99: People, not machines
Chapter 100 Chu Di killed someone again
Chapter 101: Blatantly Resisting Arrest
Chapter 102: Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 103: A guest appearance as a detective
Chapter 104: High-profile admission
Chapter 105 Journey to Ceres
Chapter 106: The momentum of killing one person in ten steps
Chapter 107 Women are unreasonable
Chapter 108: Suffering a Loss
Chapter 109: Persistence in Enrollment
Chapter 110 Qi and Blood Test
Chapter 111 Close the confinement
Chapter 112 The Ugly Girl Delivering Food
Chapter 113 The beauty major asks for a teacher
Chapter 114 Death Cage
Chapter 115 Hundred Ghosts Night Walk
Chapter 116 Not My Father
Chapter 117 Aliens are coming
Chapter 118 Hacker Tao Bao
Chapter 19 The Master of Sinology
Chapter 120: One stone stirs up thousands of waves
Chapter 121 Verification
Chapter 122 No one believes
Chapter 123 Poor planning
Chapter 124: Tao Bao is arrested
Chapter 125 Escorted to justice
Chapter 126 Master of Boxing
Chapter 127 The Great Escape
Chapter 128 Major Accidents
Chapter 129 'Scalpel'
Chapter 130: Falling into despair again
Chapter 131 A lifeline
Chapter 132 Eight Golden Locks Teleportation Array
Chapter 133 It's like crossing
Chapter 134: Warrior Paradise
Chapter 135: The days in the burrow
Chapter 136: Trial of Internal Power
Chapter 137 The Gap
Chapter 138 Long Yujing is here
Chapter 139 Save Long Yaojing
Chapter 140 He killed my ex-father
Chapter 141 Figure-2
Chapter 142 Meeting of Senior Admirals of the Combined Fleet
Chapter 143 It turns out that he is Chu Di
Chapter 144 The speed of life and death
Chapter 155 The fifth cosmic speed
Chapter 146 Three aircraft carriers
Chapter 147: Robbery
Chapter 148 The Alien With Three Eyes
Chapter 149: Dive into the cloud
Chapter 150: Disagreement within the Starry Sky Pirates
Chapter 151 Impostors
Chapter 152 Chang'e should regret stealing the magic medicine
Chapter 153 Thrilling again and again
Chapter 154 Building Blocks
Chapter 155: Zhuang Siyu is cowardly
Chapter 156 He wants to save Long Yaojing
Chapter 157 There are masters in opening the door and picking locks
Chapter 158 Gendaya Civilization
Chapter 159: I’m still stunned by the grass
Chapter 160 Save your pig teammates first
Chapter 161 Free Fall
Chapter 162 The Weird Ice Lake
Chapter 163 The Ice Palace at the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 164 Ice and Snow Fantasy
Chapter 165 Sisters turn against each other
Chapter 166 Life and Death
Chapter 167 No Rules
The first sixty-eight chapters do not talk about martial arts
Chapter 169 The Cosmic Divine Sword is out of power
Chapter 170 No one can kill the other
Chapter 171 Sad Moments
Chapter 172 The mountains and rivers are exhausted
Chapter 173 Who is the wedding dress for?
Chapter 174: Chuan Gonglong Yaojing
Chapter 175: Visitors to the Ice Palace
Chapter 176: Ginger, the old one is spicy
Chapter 177 Chu Di is dead
Chapter 178 Fly with me
Chapter 179 Nine Yin White Claws Dismember Space Bombers
Chapter 180: The Heart-Destroying Palm Destroys the Mecha Troops
Chapter 181 Long Yaojing Megatron Ceres
Chapter 182 Flying a plane is also afraid of female drivers
Chapter 183 If Star Wars Comes
Chapter 184 Return
Chapter 185 Is Chu Di dead or not?
Chapter 186 Tao Bao's worries
Chapter 187: Conquering Ceres
Chapter 188 The Strange Things That Happened to the Pathfinder
Chapter 189 Rumors
Chapter 190 Live Broadcast of Terrorist Activities
Chapter 191 The strength of the Cheka
Chapter 192 I can't leave if I want to go
Chapter 193 The invisible enemy
Chapter 194 An escape
Chapter 195: The Fire Alliance descends
Chapter 196 Don't get burned
Chapter 197 A hot face with a cold ass
Chapter 198: Desperate Moment
Chapter 199
Chapter 200 Qu Xiaoqing gives up the challenge
Chapter 201 Alien’s Ultimatum
Chapter 202 Alien Spaceship Landing
Chapter 203: The most fearless thing is hand-to-hand combat
Chapter 204 'Boxing Gloves'
Chapter 205: Heavy Death
Chapter 206 Li Yuze’s tactics
Chapter 207: Humanity’s Last Barrier
Chapter 208: One woman is in charge
Chapter 209 Qu Xiaoqing’s method
Chapter 210 Sister, I’m sorry
Chapter 211 The Journey of the Jade Girl Suxin Sword
Chapter 212 Misunderstanding, a series of misunderstandings
Chapter 213 Rhetoric
Chapter 214 Who knows my heart
Chapter 215 A Fighter
Chapter 216 Borrowing a Destroyer Again
Chapter 217 Tao Bao's Plan
Chapter 218 The tragic decisive battle
Chapter 29 The Great Victory Near the Earth
Chapter 220 Bragging
Chapter 221 Slap the solar system in the face
Chapter 222 The situation is grim
Chapter 223 Realm Sublimation
Chapter 224 Chu Di spit out his heart
Chapter 225 No East Wind
Chapter 226 Aliens are not convinced
Chapter 227 Eight Arrays in Space
Chapter 228 Iron Curtain Installation
Chapter 229 The plan to fight cattle across the mountain
Chapter 230 Lure the enemy deeper
Chapter 231: Besieged
Chapter 232 Space Limbo Microstep
Chapter 233 Alien Zoom In
Chapter 234 The sun comes out from the west
Chapter 235 Who is shining brightly?
Chapter 236 Tao Bao made another mistake
Chapter 237 Chopping melons and vegetables
Chapter 238 Who is scolding me?
Chapter 239 Ambition
Chapter 240 The Great Victory on Venus
Chapter 241 The top level of the Earth Alliance is passive
Chapter 242 The Strange Thing on the Dawn
Chapter 243 Kunpeng Eyes
Chapter 244 laying eggs black chicken
Chapter 245 The Long Journey
Chapter 246 Europa, Peace Day
Chapter 247 Long Er Shao visits Europa
Chapter 248 Genius Marketing Plan
Chapter 249: Ergou, Apprentice of Long’s Pharmaceutical
Chapter 250 The drugged boxer
Chapter 251 Oriental Magic
Chapter 252 Just don't fight back
Chapter 253 Pigeon Square becomes the underwater world in seconds
Chapter 254 It's all messed up
Chapter 255 Saving People
Chapter 256 The real warrior
Chapter 257 Beauty favors
Chapter 258 Easy, too easy
Chapter 259 One shot and two scattered
Chapter 260 Personal Press Conference
Chapter 261: No Phase Tribulation Fingers
Chapter 262 Real gold is not afraid of fire
Chapter 263 Dimensionality reduction strike? Kang Long has regrets!
Chapter 264: The Huns are not destroyed, and they have nothing to do with their family
Chapter 265 Farewell
Chapter 266 surprise attack on Mars plan
Chapter 267 It's all Chu Di's fault
Chapter 268 Double Open
Chapter 269 The more you fight, the better you are
Chapter 270 Chu Di’s life experience
Chapter 271 Yin Yanmei's Memories
Chapter 272 The Tragedy of the Beiyang Navy
Chapter 273 Urban Counterattack (1)
Chapter 274 Urban Counterattack (2)
Chapter 275: Urban Counterattack (3)
Chapter 276 The heroine
Chapter 277 Beauty is angry
Chapter 278 Only you can save yourself
Chapter 279 The 'little brother' who drives the mecha
Chapter 280 The three-eyed god is a bit erotic
Chapter 281 Unity
Chapter 282 Lidong Volunteer Army
Chapter 283 Diamonds are forever
Chapter 284 Hyperspace Jump
Chapter 285 The Desperate Alien Fleet
Chapter 286 The God of Flying Clouds and Riding the Fog
Chapter 287 Long Yaojing's rival
Chapter 288: 100 million kilowatts, how to break it?
Chapter 289 A marriage worth billions of lives
Chapter 290 Nine Star Grandmaster
Chapter 291 Invincible
Chapter 292 Long Yaojing debuts
Chapter 293 Mathematical expressions of martial arts
Chapter 294 Cosmic Mathematical Genius
Chapter 295 Sudden Battle
Chapter 296 No one can do anything
Chapter 297 The outcome is unpredictable
Chapter 298 Yin Yanmei's decision
Chapter 299 The battlefield recognizes relatives
Chapter 300: Son scolds mother
Chapter 301: Watch you die
Chapter 302 Chu Di dies again
Chapter 303 Throw me into the sun
Chapter 304 Flying to the Sun
Chapter 305 Qu Liang’s plan
Chapter 306: Walking with a Love Rival
Chapter 307 The New Three-Eyed God
Chapter 308: Dwarfs on Mercury
Chapter 309: Help Rejected
Chapter 310 Xu Yanfei’s brother
Chapter 311 Cozy Self-immolation
Chapter 312: Wu Wu
Chapter 313 The Natural Enemy of the Golden Crow
Chapter 314 Making Xuanming Divine Palm in the Sun
Chapter 315 The sun is made of water
Chapter 316 The Earth Begins to Cool
Chapter 317 The sun is sick
Chapter 318 Heluo Magical Art
Chapter 39 The Tathagata's Grandma
Chapter 320 You are so powerful!
Chapter 321 The real world shift
Chapter 322 Underground Fighting
Chapter 323 Each has a plan
Chapter 324 Meeting on a narrow road
Chapter 325 Traitors are not easy to be
Chapter 236 Seven-color Light Shield
Chapter 237 The end of the war
Chapter 238 kick ass
Chapter 239: Abuse of Vegetables
Chapter 240 Disowning relatives
Chapter 241 Save the Mother
Chapter 242 Mother-son Dialogue
Chapter 243 Killing my uncle with my own hands
Chapter 244 The war has just begun
Chapter 245: The Undead Gendayas
Chapter 246 Three powerful enemies
Chapter 247 Waiting for the Rabbit
Chapter 248 The female spy becomes the president
Chapter 249 The end of the world is like a neighbor
Chapter 250: Getting into trouble
Chapter 251 Linda's Crisis
Chapter 252: Empowering Linda to be President
Chapter 253 Riot
Chapter 254: Chu Di's Declaration
Chapter 255 Lao Xun taught his son
Chapter 256 Inexplicable Heartache
Chapter 257 Resonance Killing
Chapter 258 Head-on attack
Chapter 259: Fear
Chapter 260 Unknown Jump
Chapter 261 Sirius
Chapter 262 The Prisoner Dragon on the White Dwarf
Chapter 263 Dragon Knight
Chapter 264 Another Dragon Song
Chapter 265: The new plan of Gendaya's three causes
Chapter 266 Going to the sea with my sister-in-law
Chapter 267 The second wedding dress
Chapter 268: Three years and three hundred days
Chapter 269 The Land Alliance Surrenders
Chapter 270 The Mysterious Nile River
Chapter 271 The Value of Chu Di and Tao Bao
Chapter 272 Comments from the Dogon Elders
Chapter 273 sit back and wait
Chapter 274 The general trend is gone
Chapter 275 The War in the Caves
Chapter 276 The swelled Ding Junchao
Chapter 277 Ambush is to send
Chapter 278 The real purpose of the Gendayas
Chapter 279 Desperate
Chapter 280 Empty City
Chapter 281 Father and Son Reunite
Chapter 282 The Adventures of Xun Yuankun
Chapter 283 Zhuang God
Chapter 284 Xun Shao fights
Chapter 285 Super Battle
Chapter 286 Breakthrough
Chapter 287 The great voyage in the cave world
Chapter 288 Patrol of the Royal Palace at Sea
Chapter 289 - God Zhuang is holding on
Chapter 290 Beiming Divine Skill
Chapter 291 Beach Attack and Defense
Chapter 292 Deadlock
Chapter 293 Negotiations
Chapter 294 The person who knows current affairs is Junjie
Chapter 295: The Earthman with the Highest Status
Chapter 296 Hao Yunlai's Temptation
Chapter 297 The Story of Tieshu
Chapter 298 Qu Xiaoqing toast
Chapter 299 Fox Fake Tiger Might
Chapter 300
Chapter 301 The final interrogation
Chapter 302 Chu Di appears
Chapter 303 Revenge
Chapter 304 A new realm
Chapter 305 Crazy
Chapter 306: Performance Battle
Chapter 307: Palm Breaking Light Armor
Chapter 308: A good man aims at the universe
Chapter 309: King's Landing Cave
Chapter 310 Beiming’s magical power has only the name of a god
Chapter 311 How to Kill Alien Blood Drops?
Chapter 312 Perseverance
Chapter 313 Deterrence
Chapter 314 The mother-in-law stole the daughter-in-law
Chapter 315 Stargazing
Chapter 316 Debt repayment
Chapter 317 The whole network denounces Chu Di
Chapter 318 Brainwashing All Humans
Chapter 39: Smart Technology at Work
Chapter 320 The whole world is crazy
Chapter 321 Private Waters
Chapter 322 Wisdom Ice King
Chapter 323 The Forbidden Pyramid
Chapter 324 Cracking the Forbidden Martial Arts Tower
Chapter 325: The Detoxification Effect of Phoenix Blood
Chapter 326 I am such a double standard
Chapter 327 The Undersea Mountain
Chapter 328 The Speed ??of Light Sunflower
Chapter 329: The Law of Assimilating Stars
Chapter 330 Dayu
Chapter 331 Catastrophe is imminent
Chapter 332 Qianwu Continent by the River
Chapter 333 Tianhe Demon Cloud War
Chapter 334: A Long Journey
Chapter 335: Extermination of Gendaya Planet
Chapter 336: Imprisonment
Chapter 337 The whereabouts of Long Yaojing
Chapter 338 Conditions for Buying a Boat
Chapter 339 Battle on Greed Wolf Star
Chapter 340 Bai Tianyu
Chapter 341 Comprehensive restraint
Chapter 342 Brother-in-law
343 Cool down
Chapter 344: Autumn is high and airy
Chapter 345 The practice of Heluo Shengong
Chapter 346 The Empress of the River
Chapter 347 The mighty Yao Ji
Chapter 348 Green 'Earth'
Chapter 349 Space Checkpoint
Chapter 350: Going through the back door
Chapter 351: Big Misfortune
Chapter 352: The Bigger and the Bigger
Chapter 353 Making the Eyeball and Tongue a Nuclear Bomb
Chapter 354 Chu Di's backstage is harder
Chapter 355 Covering the sky with a big hand
Chapter 356: Dictate all kinds of vitality
Chapter 357 The old friend
Chapter 358 The Empress's Invitation
Chapter 359 The eldest princess and the second princess
Chapter 360: Appointment at sunset
Chapter 361 Romantic Twilight
Chapter 362 is amazing
Chapter 363 Empathy
Chapter 364 She is not worthy of you
Chapter 365 talk about wine
Chapter 366 Because I Don't Love You
Chapter 367: The Strongest Will
Chapter 368: Looking at each other from a distance of 90,000 light-years
Chapter 369 The Silicone Doll of the Magic Cloud World
Chapter 370 The Origin of the Universe
Chapter 371 Bet
Chapter 372 Go directly to the final
Chapter 373 The first question
Chapter 374 Metal Killer
Chapter 375 Gendaya Resonance Technique
Chapter 376 Long Yaojing's martial arts knowledge
Chapter 377 The Warrior from Coruscant
Chapter 378 is like glue
Chapter 379 The creator of absolute zero
Chapter 380: Pressure on Home Players
Chapter 381 An embarrassing draw
Chapter 382 Ling Rui's Person
Chapter 383 Emotional entanglements in plain sight
Chapter 384 Awakening
Chapter 385 The same disease
Chapter 386 Skyfire
Chapter 387 Lianxiangxiyu
Chapter 388: The Great Law of Nothingness and Annihilation
Chapter 389 Conquering the Metal Killer
Chapter 390 Creating the future
Chapter 391 Flip
Chapter 392 The real power of the real big hand
Chapter 393 Blocking the space VS stealing the sky
Chapter 394 Similar
Chapter 395 The truth
Chapter 396 Through the Wall
Chapter 397 Melee
Chapter 398 The Three-Body Problem, Water Drops
Chapter 399 Big Hand, See Big Hand Again
Chapter 400 Let you know clearly
Chapter 401 The Condensed Sun
Chapter 402: Being Recruited
Chapter 403 Long Yaojing sacrificed his life to protect Chu Di
Chapter 404: Killing the Husband with My Own Hands
Chapter 405 Human Creation Plan
Chapter 406: Moths Fly into Flames
Chapter 407: Star Core Magnetic Storm
Chapter 408: Good intentions
Chapter 409: Life experience remains a mystery
Chapter 410 Target Betelgeuse
Chapter 411: The Past of Changbai
Chapter 412 The Strange Man Li Zhiyun
Chapter 413 The benefactor in the mother's womb
Chapter 414 dominate the two worlds
Chapter 415 Set sail
Chapter 416 Mutation
Chapter 417: The Principle of Dayu
Chapter 418 Get rid of
Chapter 49: Lu Ya's Immortal Slaying Flying Knife
Chapter 420 Zhu Rong’s Villa
Chapter 421 The Weird Betelgeuse
Chapter 422 I don't know what it is
Chapter 423 The brain is flooded
Chapter 424 Tao Bao is also crazy
Chapter 425: Flame Star Behemoth
Chapter 426: Beasts have animal language
Chapter 427 The greedy beast
Chapter 428: Painting the ground as a prison
Chapter 429: Chu Di is counseled
Chapter 430: Sacrifice yourself to feed the beasts
Chapter 431 Explosion
Chapter 432 The Sith Warrior
Chapter 433: Reversing Time and Space
Chapter 434: Last Words
Chapter 435 Men's Tears
Chapter 436 Destroying the Soul
Chapter 437: Even though there are thousands of people, I am going!
Chapter 438 Evil Sword Bai Qin
Chapter 439: The Golden Snake That Nuclear Bombs Can't Kill
Chapter 440 Tit for tat
Chapter 441 Group fight
Chapter 442 Heluo Aegis
Chapter 443 The Dark Emperor
Chapter 444 The Earth Fellow
Chapter 445: Ruiyu Sky Patching Needle
Chapter 446 I'm by your side
Chapter 447 Recognize each other
Chapter 448 You are me, I am you
Chapter 449 Unscientific
Chapter 450 Tao Bao’s life experience
Chapter 451 The so-called dimensionality reduction strike
Chapter 452: Enemy Li Zhizhi
Chapter 453: My buddy becomes an uncle
Chapter 454 Riverside Battlefield
Chapter 455: Chu Di's Stratagem
Chapter 456 Enlistment
Chapter 457: Flying Star, Labor Banquet
Chapter 458: Someone 'asked for advice'
Chapter 459, please enter the urn
Chapter 460 Weak Water City
Chapter 461 See how Chu Di died
Chapter 462 The Weird Weak Water Space
Chapter 463 The useless earth martial arts
Chapter 464: The Priestly Ritual Before Death
Chapter 465: Tai Chi, not afraid of losing someone again
Chapter 466 Invincible
Chapter 467 The Illusionary Four-Image Star Destroyer
Chapter 468 The authorities are fans
Chapter 469: Jade and Stone Burning
Chapter 470: Transform into water
Chapter 471 The hook in weak water
Chapter 472 The Old Qian Family
Chapter 473 A disagreement
Chapter 474 Unreasonable
The fourth seventy-fifth chapter is extremely strange
Chapter 476 Weak tide
Chapter 477 Fighting consumption
Chapter 478 Natural Live Streaming
Chapter 479: A pseudonym Di Chu
Chapter 480 The Poison of the Universe
Chapter 481: The Public Enemy of the Galaxy
Chapter 482: There is a misunderstanding and I don’t understand!
Chapter 483 Blackmail
Chapter 484 Decide your own life and death
Chapter 485 Xinghai Crystal
Chapter 486 Beauty and Ugly
Chapter 487 True Snake
Chapter 488 entanglement
Chapter 489 Treasure
Chapter 490 A tree
Chapter 491: The enemy's road is narrow
Chapter 492 escape
Chapter 493 Chickens and eggs beat
Chapter 494 Methods
Chapter 495: A fierce son on the Ruoshui River
Chapter 496 Interstellar Court
Chapter 497 witnesses
Chapter forty-ninth eighth
Chapter 499 The ebb and flow
Chapter 500 His name is Chu Di!
Chapter 501 Guests of Honor
Chapter 502 Talent
Chapter 503: Fighting Beauty
Chapter 504: Whose hot face is touching whose cold ass?
Chapter 505 Cross-examination
Chapter 506 Conditions for Enlistment
Chapter 507 Recruits
Chapter 508: Small Shoes
Chapter 509 Six Women Accompanying
Chapter 510 Journey
Chapter 511 Moved
Chapter 512 Six Women and Two Dramas
Chapter 513 Star Prison
Chapter 514 The wooden cow and the horse in space
Chapter 515 Ball Length
Chapter 516 Contest
Chapter 517 Small Eyes
Chapter 518 Mirage Technology
Chapter 519 Light Hole, Super Heavy Hydrogen
Chapter 520: Enchanting Analysis
Chapter 521: Misfortunes
Chapter 522 Group Fight
Chapter 523: Playing the Monkey
Chapter 524 Macroscopic Nucleus Movement
Chapter 525 Tao Huan
Chapter 526 The first master of the galaxy
Chapter 527 Start the investigation
Chapter 528 TV is no longer available
Chapter 529 I'm Going to Save Chu Di
Chapter 530 He can only seek happiness for himself
Chapter 531 Die together
Chapter 532 Shu Hua
Chapter 533 Prosperous Fu Gong
Chapter 534 Original Match
Chapter 535: The organs are exhausted
Chapter 536 The Coup
Chapter 537 The food looks ugly
Chapter Five Thirty-Eight
Chapter 539 How is it you?
Chapter 540 Yesterday’s Love
Chapter 541 The son who was tragically deprived of love
Chapter 542 Discourage
Chapter 543 The sweet wife invites you
Chapter 544 Taking over White 22
Chapter 545: Huluzui Fortress
Chapter 546 Second Gunner
Chapter 547 The first set of emergency plans
Chapter 548 Marriage Census
Chapter 549 Intelligence
Chapter 550: Randomly reading the mandarin duck spectrum
Chapter 551 Unauthorized opening of border provocations
Chapter 552 Beauty Loves Heroes
Chapter 553 New recruits
Chapter 554 Who is pretending to be a pig and who can eat a tiger?
Chapter 555 A Showdown Without Suspense
Chapter 556 Xiaoqiang's fist
Chapter 557 Unprecedented punch
Chapter 558 Seeing is not necessarily believing
Chapter 559 Weak water molecules in the air
Chapter 560: Mysterious Boxing Techniques
Chapter 561 Ling Rui's Conspiracy
Chapter 562 Dumplings
Chapter 563: Victory Against the Heavens
Chapter 564: The Great Soldiers Press the Realm
Chapter 565 The Heart of Ruby
Chapter 566 Yan Xinghua's prudence
Chapter 567 Tough
Chapter 568: Home Flowers Have No Wild Flower Fragrance
Chapter 569 Sovereignty
Chapter 570 The fatal request
Chapter 571 Prevarication?
Chapter 572 Commander of the Demon Cloud
Chapter 573 Chance to Live
Chapter 574 than drinking water
Chapter 575 Weak water three thousand, take a scoop to drink
Chapter 576 Unexpected
Chapter 577 The brain-damaged law, heaven and earth
Chapter 578 Upgrade Star Sea Crystal
Chapter 579: Chu Di's Secret
Chapter 580 No more pretending
Chapter 581 Breakthrough Failure
Chapter 582 melee
Chapter 583 Ten Thousand Cannons Are Fired
Chapter 584 Weak water and rising tide
Chapter 585 The Drunkard Splits the Palm
Chapter 586 The Immortal Drunk with a Gun
Chapter 587 A very unbeautiful misunderstanding
Chapter 588 Rebellion
Chapter 589 Brainstorming
Chapter 590: Demei Shi’s memory
Chapter 591 Travel through ten thousand years
Chapter 592 Yan Xinghua tells a story
Chapter 593 Trouble is coming again
Chapter 594 Shaking
Chapter 595 Earth Fellowship
Chapter 596: Aboriginal martial arts, inch strength
Chapter 597 Le Hong's suggestion
Chapter 598: Seeing the big hand that covers the sky again
Chapter 599 The Soul of the Palm
Chapter 600: Not giving a chance
Chapter 601 Di Lie
Chapter 602: The staying power of immortal drunkenness
Chapter 603 Another drunkard comes
Chapter 604: Time flies
Chapter 605: Hua Youqing
Chapter 606: If one plan fails, try another one
Chapter 607 Di Lie is seriously injured
Chapter 608 Klein Bottle
Chapter 609: Suddenly discovered that Chu Di is also untouchable
Chapter 610: Sitting and Discussing Taoism
Chapter 611 Good Teacher, Admonishing Friend
Chapter 612: Chu Di's Flaws
Chapter 613 Light Hole Cannon
Chapter 614: The Last Year of the Milky Way
Chapter 615 Martial Arts Quick Method
Chapter sixty-six
Chapter 617 Coercing Chu Di
Chapter 618: Arrest
Chapter 619 Swords and Swords
Chapter 620 Everyone has their own unique skills
Chapter 621 Precarious
Sixty-two second condition of being bound
Chapter 623 Karma
Chapter 624
Chapter 625: Cleverly Breaking the Star God Lock
Chapter 626 Strong Enemy
Chapter 627 Don't dare to do it
Chapter 628 Destruction of Body and Spirit
Chapter 629 Subsequent Arrangements
Chapter 630: The Wrath of Xianghu
Chapter 631: Galaxy Ark
Chapter 632 Headshot with a Punch
Chapter 633: Massacre
Chapter 634 Ruyi Ecstasy Account
Chapter 635: Xiang Liu Goes Crazy
Chapter 636: Big Brothers Join Forces
Chapter 637: Nothing to do
Chapter 638 Chaos Treasure
Chapter sixty-nine
Chapter 640 Everyone gets what he needs
Chapter 641 Communication Channels
Chapter 642 Dog Man and Woman
Chapter 643: Ding Junchao's poisonous plan
Chapter 644: Intrigue or jealousy?
Chapter 645 The discovery of “little eyes”
Chapter 646: The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 647 I want to call Chu Di
Chapter 648 “Brothers are righteous”
Chapter 649: It’s Done
Chapter 650: Shocked to hear that destruction is imminent
Chapter 651: Qian Qingjian beats up Enchanting
Chapter 652: Di Lie's Vision
Chapter 653: Chu Di’s Popular Science Lecture
Chapter 654: Huang Ling's Suspicion
Chapter 655 Cousin's Phone Call
Chapter 656 Enchanting Chance
Chapter 657: Yu Wuxia's Caution
Chapter 658: Unsatisfactory people in the world
Chapter 659 Continue the routine
Chapter 660: Innocence Ruined
Chapter 661 Going to die
Chapter 662 Confrontation
Chapter 663 Kill Chu Di a hundred times
Chapter 664: Hua Youqing's Expectation
Chapter 665: Gambling for All Beings
Chapter 666 'Retreat'
Chapter 667 The Powerful Tao Huan
The sixty-sixth and eighth chapter must kill Chu Di with thirteen tricks in a row
The sixty-ninth chapter Wushang is zero
Chapter 670 Counterattack
Chapter 671: Enchanting about to die
Chapter sixty-seventy-two
Chapter 673 Conquest
Chapter 674: Well-intentioned efforts are in vain
Chapter 675: Chu Di's Anger
Chapter 676: Ling Tian makes a move
Chapter 677 Critical moment
Chapter 678 Unable to defend
Chapter 679 Dantian Cancer
Chapter 680 Wife’s Complaint
Chapter 681 The flames in the backyard
Chapter 682: Even a quantum can’t stand the test of time
Chapter 683: An Unprecedented Practice Environment
Chapter 684: Nothing
Chapter 685 How will you be fierce to me
Chapter 686: Hao Ying Escapes
Chapter 687: Yin Qinglian's Anxiety
Chapter 688 Opportunity
Chapter 689 Imminent
Chapter 690: Various drags
Chapter 691: The Fortified Red House
Chapter 692 A large wave of magic cloud creatures strikes
Chapter 693 Lobbyist
Chapter 694: Julie Goes Wild
Chapter 695: Tao Chumu
Chapter 696 Wild
Chapter 697: Kihara Miracle Taobao's Backhand
Chapter 698: Before the Heavenly Secret Pavilion
Chapter 699 Dialogue between father and son
Chapter 700 Qu Xiaoqing cries in mourning
Chapter 701 Ding Junchao’s Highlight Moment
Chapter 702 The truth
Chapter 703: The Soul Travels Ten Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 704: Died Ten Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 705 Beauty Trap
Chapter 706 Chu Di’s Revenge
Chapter 707 Hao Ying’s request
Chapter 708 Helping others kill themselves
Chapter 709: Yao Ji’s Past
Chapter 710 Crazy
Chapter 711: The Battle of Yan and Huang
Chapter 712 The Plan Failed
Chapter 713 Soul pierces the heavens and worlds
Chapter 714: Rescue Jingwei
Chapter 715 Integrating Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms
Chapter 716: Saving Your Life
Chapter 717 Gendaya Resonance Technique
Chapter 718 Sudden Confusion
Chapter 719 Things in the Story
Chapter 720 Yao Ji’s shock
Chapter 721 Two Conditions
Chapter 722 Life and death bet
Chapter Seventy-Twenty-Three Captured for the Second Time
Chapter 724 Face Slapping in Progress
Chapter 725 Accident
Chapter 726: Formatting Your Brain
Chapter 727 Smooth Transition
Chapter 728: Chu Di's Breath
Chapter Seventy-Twenty-nine
Chapter 730: Sabotage
Chapter 731 Extreme Joy Begets Sadness
Chapter 732: The Battle for the First Merit
Chapter Seventy-three
Seventy-three fourth, not allowed to kill
Chapter 735 My love won't last forever this time
Chapter 736 Soul Returns Home
Chapter 737 Amazing Discovery
Chapter 738 Chaos Lake
Chapter 739: Lishan Old Mother’s Travel Agency
Chapter 740 Conception
Chapter 741 Hao Ying’s mother’s story
Chapter 742 I can do it too
Chapter 744: Alliance of Father-Enemies
Chapter 745: Battle for the Watch Star
Chapter 746 The final defense
Chapter 747 A strange battle situation
Chapter 748: But Qiu’s life is a drunken one
Chapter 749: The Great Shift of the Universe
Chapter 750 Chu Di’s treat
Chapter 751 Wedding Wine
Chapter 752 Obstruction
Chapter 753 The ignorant are fearless
Chapter 754: Fixation Method
Chapter 755 Such a father-to-father hatred
Chapter 756 Jealousy and Stupidity
Chapter 757: Holy Mother?
Chapter 758 Dayu’s life insights
Chapter 759 Chu Di discusses Taoism
Chapter 760 The Three Brothers of the Galaxy
Chapter 761: Fairy Saint Star
Chapter 762: An ugly daughter-in-law will inevitably meet her parents-in-law
Chapter 763: Reprimand
Chapter 764 The Unsolvable Sith Chariot
Chapter 765: The singing voice of Ge Zhe Civilization
Chapter 766 Live Broadcast
Chapter 767 Promise
Chapter 768 Langchen goes to battle
Chapter 769: Wait and see what happens
Chapter 770 The unimaginable Chu Di
Chapter 771: Playing with a big knife
Chapter 772: Pearls of rice also shine with brilliance
Chapter 773: Great achievements shock the mother
Chapter 774: Then I won’t get used to it
Chapter 775 The highest difficulty
Chapter 776: The Final Battle
Chapter 777: Preparations of the Sith
Chapter 778 The return of the light of life
Chapter 779: Dejected, ecstatic, and frightened
Chapter 780 Double Silk Palm Technique
Chapter 781 Tao Bao’s reminder
Chapter 782 Neutron Fighter
Chapter 783 Hardcore fighter jets destroy the neutron star cluster
Chapter 784: Hijacking scene
Chapter 785 I'm right by your side
Chapter 786 French Writer