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initial evolution

initial evolution

author:make a comeback

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-15 05:10

Latest chapter:Chapter 102: Coercion + inducement

The most unexpected and bizarre fate, the most intense brain clash, the most brutal life and death battle, the craziest fantasy, the most bizarre truth... The end has arrived, let’s fight for another ten years!

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《initial evolution》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 102: Coercion + inducement
Chapter 101
Chapter 100 Soul Equipment
Chapter 99 Complete Victory
Chapter 98: Unit 1 appears
Chapter 97: Reaper of Souls upgraded!
Chapter 96 Mysterious Discovery
Chapter 95 Reward Biskar Data Stream
Chapter 94: Distress
《initial evolution》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Preface Dry Summer
Chapter 1 Evil in the world
Chapter 2 The collision of feelings
Chapter 3 Variables
Chapter 4 Better late than never
Chapter 5 Intrigue and deception
Chapter 6 Annoyance
Chapter 7 Penetration
Chapter 8 Purchasing Medicine
Chapter 9 Fangs, you are going to die! (Additional update for the alliance leader Honghuang Weiming)
Chapter 10 Voodoo Doll (Additional update for the leader and me for the Drip Immortal)
Chapter 11: Distant Murderous Intent (Additional update for the alliance leaders special record)
Chapter 12 Zombies! (Updated for leader ZH222)
Chapter 13: The Cleaner Plan is launched! (Additional update for the alliance leader)
Chapter 14: Terrifying Biological Weapons (Added update for the leader of the alliance to sweep across the world)
Chapter 15 Fangs head flies up!
Chapter 16 Planning
Chapter 17 Three Plans (Additional update for the leaders lucky luck)
Chapter 18 Bloody Key (Additional update for leader Bo Liang)
Chapter 1 See the text message again (added update for the leader of the alliance, I am not a bullshit)
Chapter 2 Late again... (Additional updates for the leader the day before)
Chapter 3 Advent Mode! (Additional update for the angry little Mumu, the leader)
Chapter 4 Extraction (Additional update for the leaders pleasure)
Chapter 5 Voodoo Doll (additional update for leader AD 1)
Chapter 6 Successful production
Chapter 7 The Power of the Blood Spider (Added update for leader newpaker)
Chapter 8 Datafication
Chapter 9 Milestones (Additional updates for the alliance leader to protect FREE)
Chapter 10 Hidden PVP information!
Chapter 11: Scheming and scheming
Chapter 12 Four consecutive shots (additional update for the leader of the alliance, Stupid Elephant)
Chapter Thirteen Beguiled by Beauty
Chapter 14 Bullet Time
Chapter 15 Bloody Scroll
Chapter 16 The Beauty of Machinery
Chapter 17 Reversal 911
Chapter 18 Backup Plan
Chapter 19: Caught the enemy...
Chapter 20 Jump out automatically!
Chapter 21 The difficulty of the task increases!
Chapter 22 Deduction of 30% of completion...
Chapter 23 Fierce spray
Chapter 24 Landing
Chapter 25 The final... truth (additional update for the unrepentant sadness of Silver Alliance Leader)
Chapter 26 Fangs true motive!
Chapter 27 Leaving
Chapter 28 Infinite Mark (More updates for the alliance leader)
Chapter 29 Uncle Xu...
Chapter 30 Goodbye Xiaoli Guliang
Chapter 31 The truth about Case Cafe!
Chapter 32: Fang Aftermath
Chapter 33 Evil Zen! (Added update for leader Alos_Yui)
Chapter 34 The text message comes again
Chapter 35 A strange combination of circumstances
Chapter 1 Presumption
Chapter 2 Missing calculation?
Chapter 3 I caught you
Chapter 4 A strange way to enter
Chapter 5 Reclining Woman
Chapter 6 Datafication
Chapter 7 Officially Opened (Additional update for I am the leader of Crespo)
Chapter 8 The Trap at the Start
Chapter 9 Clever Use of Titles
Chapter 10 Double Kill
Chapter 11 Getting Weapons
Chapter 12 Unpacking
Chapter Thirteen Entering the City
Chapter 14 Milestones
Chapter 15 Pit within a pit
Chapter 16 Three Components
Chapter 17 A one-time title
Chapter 18 Bait!
Chapter 19 Hug the thigh
Chapter 20 Difficulties
Chapter 21 Bullets = Bonus
Chapter 22 Amazement and Surprise
Chapter 23 Satisfaction 110%!
Chapter 24 Exchange
Chapter 25 The Governors Roar
Chapter 26 Meeting the Trialist for the First Time
Chapter 27 Sudden interrogation
Chapter 28 Secret Mission
Chapter 28 Variables (Thanks to the leader, the diving squid, for his support)
Chapter 29 Titanoboa
Chapter 30 Capture
Chapter 31 Blood Orchid
Chapter 32: Human Heart
Chapter 33 Suppression
Chapter 34: A plan within a plan
Chapter 35 Human Nature
Chapter 36 I said!
Chapter 37 Escape
Chapter 38 The big pit hidden in the title
Chapter 39 The horror of being dominated by the mysterious atmosphere
Chapter 40 The second stage
Chapter 41 Negotiating Exchange
Chapter 42: Undercurrent
Chapter 43 Complete the main plot
A few words I really want to say + outbreak notice...
Chapter 44 Warning (please subscribe for the first time and ask for monthly tickets)
Chapter 45 Entering by mistake (Thanks to the leader Tu Kui Gua for his support)
Chapter 46 Recruitment (Thanks to Wayne0685 leader for his support)
Chapter 47: One shot into the soul! (Thanks to 13syzpld leader for his support)
Chapter 48 Lobbying (Thanks to the alliance leader Feitian Yurilong for his support)
Chapter 49 Dispute (Thanks to Uncle Soy Sauce next door for his support)
Chapter 50 Game (Thanks to the leader Bai Doufu for his support)
Chapter 51: Being cheated? (Thanks to the alliance leader Mao Niuzhiye for his support)
Chapter 52 Showing Muscles (Thanks to Novice Village Chief Taipal for his support)
Chapter 53: Entering the black market for the first time (Thanks to the alliance leader, Blue Blood Sky, for his support)
Chapter 54 Xiaojies true face
Chapter 55 VIP Experience Card
Chapter 56: Mark Mutation (Additional update for first order)
Chapter 57 Determined to win (additional updates for first order)
Chapter 58: Roasted kidneys in the snow (thanks to Silver League leader Pu Tianhao for his support)
Chapter 59 what the fuck (Thanks to Silver Alliance Leader Stab for his support)
Chapter 60 Finally opened
Chapter 61 Biska Data Flow!
Chapter 62 Drones and machine gun towers!
Chapter 63 98K
Chapter 63: The resistance of the chess pieces (thanks to leader Rui Ge for his arrogant support)
Chapter 64 Reunion
Chapter 65: Its all my fault...
Chapter 66 Compensation (Thanks to the alliance leader Di Lei Laomou for his support!)
Chapter 67 The very kind Fang Linyan
Chapter 68 Amazing Inside Story
Chapter 69: Turning point (Thanks to the leader, Baby Pig, for his adorable support)
Chapter 70 Strange request
Chapter 71 Hidden mission?
Chapter 72 Compensation
Chapter 73 Good luck, lets eat chicken tonight!
Chapter 74 The Secret of the Statue
Chapter 75 Everyone must die!
Chapter 76 Da da da da da! (Thanks to the leader Shangguan Weier V for the support)
Chapter 77 The correct usage of titles......
Chapter 78 Dark Green Reward
Chapter 79 The First Emergency
Chapter 80 Internal Integration
Chapter 81 Gaiqiu Mountains real plan
Chapter 82 Yellow Bird
Chapter 83: Usage of Bloody Map (Thanks to the support of Alliance Leader Battle Peak)
Chapter 84 The second emergency!
Chapter 85: See the Pulse Glasses Again
Chapter 86 Fight and retreat
Chapter 87 A difficult choice
Chapter 88 Crack
Chapter 89: A road that leaves others with nowhere to go!
Chapter 90 Murder Lottery
Chapter 91 Confident Wild Cat
Chapter 92 Regional Tasks
Chapter 93 The Punishment of Space
Chapter 94: Gifts from Kalimdor Continent
Chapter 95: See the Goat Again
Chapter 96 Being sold
Chapter 97 Severe Bleeding
Chapter 98 The Chosen One!
Chapter 99: Murderous Intent
Chapter 100 The Ring of Face Slimming
Chapter 101: Surrender
Chapter 102 Its her
Chapter 103 An opportunity to leave?
Chapter 104: Being Cheated
Chapter 105 The Wild Cat of Justice
Chapter 106 A surprising choice
Chapter 107 The Death of the Wild Cat
Chapter 108: Brave killing!
Chapter 109 The battle of scheming
Chapter 110: Tu Qiong Dagger (Thanks to the leader He Tiantian for his support)
Chapter 111: Powerful Mutated Sniper Tower (Thanks to the alliance leader for his support)
Chapter 112 Causes and Consequences (Thanks to Alliance Leader Ximen Tingyu for his support)
Chapter 113 Soul Equipment (Thanks to the leader JIN.LK for his support)
Chapter 114 Evaluation
Chapter 115 Losing the election
Chapter 116 Forced Recruitment
Chapter 117 A painful decision
Chapter 118 Akai runs away
Chapter 119: Amazing Skills
Chapter 120 Identification
Chapter 121 Greed
Chapter 1 The Call of Space
Chapter 2 Training Upgrade (Thanks to the leader of the alliance, Shengyi Coffee Table 666 for his support)
Chapter 3: Finally getting basic endurance
Chapter 4 Consumption
Chapter 5 The Protectors Chain of Beast Bones
Chapter 6 Cannon Fodders Little Calculation
Chapter 7 Making Money
Chapter 8 Who else?
Chapter 9 The Necessity of Lawfulness
Chapter 10 Detection
Chapter 11 First Entry
Chapter 12 Royal Dragoons
Chapter 13 Reputation opens
Chapter 14 Professionals
Chapter 15 Breakthrough and Harvest
Chapter 16 Free Time
Chapter 17 The place where I learned magic is in the Himalayas... (Thanks to the leader Jiewa Ge for his support)
Chapter 18 Looking for clues
Chapter 19 Weird Materials
Chapter 20 Fierce appraisal
Chapter 21 Robbies Trouble
Chapter 22 Hunting
Chapter 23 Nicolas Flamel (Youngster)s Tool Box
Chapter 24 Potion
Chapter 25 Meeting an old friend again
Chapter 26 Conspiracy
Chapter 27 Magic: The body is very honest
Chapter 28 Being a Thief
Chapter 29 Books delivered to your door?
Chapter 30 Finally waiting for you
Chapter 31 Doing Business
Chapter 33 I am a scumbag without any emotions (Thanks to the Alliance Leader Supreme Destroyer for his support)
Chapter 34 A contract of 12,500 points!
Chapter 35: Putting the blame on
Chapter 36: Borrowing 'birds' to kill people
Chapter 37 The magical creature on the tip of the tongue
Chapter 38 Mother of Cave
Chapter 39 The Coat of Arms of the British Empire
Chapter 40 Conflict
Chapter 41 Blessing Elixir
Chapter 42 Discovery
Chapter 43 Sacrifice
Chapter 44 The cross is fixed and the arm is broken!
Chapter 45 Temptation
Chapter 46 Silver Key!
Chapter 47: Maximizing Benefits
Chapter 48 Three Things
Chapter 49 The Gaze of the Ancient God
Chapter 50 The New Twigs of Teldrassil
Chapter 51 Acquaintance Transaction
Chapter 52 Crazy Strengthening
Chapter 53 Ability mutation! Stand up!
Chapter 54 Favors
Chapter 55 Jack the Ripper appears!
Chapter 56 Completed?
Chapter 57 Visitors at night
Chapter 58 Memories
Chapter 59 The truth comes to light
Chapter 60 Control
Chapter 61 Mission
Chapter 62 Muddy Waters
Chapter 63 Killing
Chapter 64 Jack the Ripper...that's me! (Thanks to the leader of the alliance, Mulinsen for his support)
Chapter 65 Epic option!
Chapter 66: Inheriting the legacy of the gods?
Chapter 67 Consumption
Chapter 68 Mission mutation!
Chapter 69 Relics
Chapter 70 Its her!
Chapter 71 Targeting
Chapter 72 Sacrifice Mephisto!
Chapter 73 Athenas Blessing
Chapter 74: Gonya keeps pace with the times
Chapter 75 Entering the network
Chapter 1 Investment
Chapter 2 Officially join the mission of space! (Thanks to the alliance leader for his support)
Chapter 3 Arrive on time
Chapter 4 Summon! Elite Warrant Officer!
Chapter 5 Attack and Killing
Chapter 6 This is impossible!
Chapter 7 Crushing Damage
Chapter 8 Complete the secret mission
Chapter 9 Harvest
Chapter 10 The whole story
Chapter 11 Making Friends
Chapter 12 Entering S Space
Chapter Thirteen Military Rank Promotion
Chapter 14 Rare things to live in
Chapter 15: Two pieces of silver plot equipment for one?
Chapter 16 The Bundle of Sakura Dragon
Chapter 17: Time and Space Beacon (Thanks to the leader: Guan Guan Dont Cry for your support)
Chapter 18 Enter
Chapter 19 Selection
Chapter 20 Old Friend
Chapter 21 Bloody Umbrella
Chapter 22 Departure
Chapter 23 Reverse Thinking
Chapter 24 Temptation
Chapter 25 Falling out
Chapter 26 Infinite power!
Chapter 27 Danger
Chapter 28 Sirens Egg
Chapter 29 Capture
Chapter 30 Enemy Attack
Chapter 31 Counterattack
Chapter 32 Investigation
Chapter 33 Appreciation
Chapter 34 Codename: Veronica
Chapter 35 Hidden Main Mission
Chapter 36 Small Town
Chapter 37: Advance
Chapter 38 Casino
Chapter 39 Licker allies!
Chapter 40 Chaos
Chapter 41 I am a goat!
Chapter 42 Kobold Warlock
Chapter 43: The Rechang Goat King on the Ancient Road
Chapter 44 You guessed it right...
Chapter 45: Finding the target
Chapter 46 Discovery (Thanks to the alliance leader for his support)
Chapter 47 Being tricked
Chapter 48 An unexpected gain
Chapter 49 Shameless Transaction
Chapter 50 Enemy Attack
Chapter 51 Mechanical Giant Ape
Chapter 52 The Vomiter
Chapter 53 Undercurrent
Chapter 54 Discovery
Chapter 55 Preliminary Exploration
Chapter 56 Killed
Chapter 57: Surprise
Chapter 58 The strange way to open the door
Chapter 59 Attack
Chapter 60: Discovery of Conscience
Chapter 61 Calculation
Chapter 62 Internal strife
Chapter 63 The Third Party
Chapter 64 From now on we are brothers!
Chapter 65: Please enter the urn
Chapter 66 Trump Card
Chapter 67 Transformation
Chapter 68 The only weakness
Chapter 69 Echo Scroll
Chapter 70 Get your wish
Chapter 71 Dodge 20%!
Chapter 72 Preliminary exploration
Chapter 73 Source
Chapter 74 Awakening
Chapter 75 Casualties
Chapter 76 Crisis
Chapter 77 Evacuation
Chapter 78 Mysterious Building
Chapter 79 Submersible
Chapter 80 Hunter
Chapter 81: Learn! Chain punching with Japanese characters
Chapter 82 Debate
Chapter 83 Killing Game!
Chapter 84 Escape in a hurry
Chapter 85 Underwater
Chapter 86 Turtle Jellyfish
Chapter 87 Suspicions abound
Chapter 88 Five-sided strange box
Chapter 89 The pursuit comes
Chapter 90: Aftermath
Chapter 91 Maintenance
Chapter 92: Get mission props!
Chapter 93 A+ evaluation!
Chapter 95 Activating the Mechanical Heart
Chapter 95 Past events on the moon
Chapter 96 Unlucky Pumas
Chapter 97 New talent! Dual talent!
Chapter 98: Box of Quintessons
Chapter 99 Six years ago
Chapter 100 Rust-Eating Parasites
Chapter 101 Internal strife
Chapter 102 Capture
Chapter 103 Evacuation
Chapter 104 Return is not easy
Chapter 105: Forced into the Palace
Chapter 106 Miracle
Chapter 107 A small favor
Chapter 108 Gene Optimization!
Chapter 109 Former Residence
Chapter 110 The Old Foxs Flaw
Chapter 111 Raid!
Chapter 112 Instant Kill
Chapter 113 Death in battle
Chapter 114
Chapter 115: Find out the whole story
Chapter 116 The Gift of the Twisted Jungle
Chapter 117 This person looks like a dog (5,000 monthly votes for additional updates)
Chapter 118 Entering
Chapter 119 Battle of Power
Chapter 120 Smith appears
Chapter 121 The last piece is really like a puzzle
Chapter 122 Meeting Shania again
Chapter 123
Chapter 124 The Evil Zen Appears
Chapter 125: Pincer attack
Chapter 126 The monster appears
Chapter 127 Strange Gestures
Chapter 128 Wild Waves
Chapter 129: Dominance of Female Primates
Chapter 130 Shanias Secret
Chapter 131 New clues
Chapter 132 Old Friend (Thanks to the Alliance Leader for betraying Heavens support!)
Chapter 133: Mysterious Area 51
Chapter 134 Lisas Choice
Chapter 135 Plan
Chapter 136 Vortex
Chapter 137 Smooth Infiltration
Chapter 138 The prototype of the Black Pearl
Chapter 139 Done
Chapter 140 Transfer!
Chapter 141: Fireball evolves!
Chapter 1 Sublimation Trial
Chapter 2 Diagnosis and Treatment
Chapter 3 Class B Rare Professional Abilities!!
Chapter 4 Mechanical Gyrfalcon
Chapter 5 Asking for help
Chapter 6 I am guilty...
Chapter 7: Swearing
Chapter 8 The battle for the little wolfdog
Chapter 9 Surprise
chapter Ten
Chapter 11 Lucifers Bloodline
Chapter 12 The Language of the Talisman: Whispering
Chapter 13 The mysterious enemy
Chapter 14 The Malice of the East
Chapter 15 The Golden Branch World! (Thanks to the Silver Alliance Leader WV for his support)
Chapter 16 The strange black patterned headgear
Chapter 17 Basic skills break through human limits
Chapter 18: Giant Palm Conquers Demons
Chapter 19 Troubled Times
Chapter 20 A fatal milestone (Thanks to the alliance leader Yushu Shepherd for his strong support!)
Chapter 21 Escort Bureau
Chapter 22 The Mantis and the Oriole
Chapter 23 The Power of the Wooden Ax
Chapter 24 Substituting one thing for another
Chapter 25 Elite Dire Wolf... Lu! Bo! Si!
Chapter 25 The Demon Appears
Chapter 26 Low-quality inner elixir
Chapter 27 Luo Yong
Chapter 28 Nibelungen bionics exploration system
Chapter 29: Hot pursuit
Chapter 30 Discovery
Chapter 31 Confusion
Chapter 32 Self-defeating
Chapter 33
Chapter 34: The cicada wakes up before the golden wind moves, and the key to the two capitals is unparalleled!
Chapter 35 Counterattack
Chapter 36 The four powerful men are attacking!
Chapter 37 Survival
Chapter 38: Itchy crotch and angry
Chapter 39 Identity Exposed
Chapter 40 A... nail rake fell from the sky!
Chapter 41 The Man Behind Zhugang Hyena
Chapter 42 Zhou Zhuos whereabouts
Chapter 43 Finally succeeded
Chapter 44: The wand that spreads the legs, the hand with nimble fingers...
Chapter 45 Passive
Chapter 46: Scheming versus scheming
Chapter 47 Please...go to hell!
Chapter 48 Meeting many acquaintances again
Chapter 49 Mantis oriole
Chapter 50 Interception
Chapter 51: Survival by cutting off the tail
Chapter 52 **Transaction
Chapter 52 **Transaction
Chapter 53 The miserable wolf soul
Chapter 54: Master Purity
Chapter 55 Trading
Chapter 56 Meeting again and leaving in shame
Chapter 57 Clues to the Sublimation Trial
Chapter 58 Fang Linyan wins the prize?
Chapter 59: The deal with Oumi (Thanks to the Silver Alliance Leader Favorite Tuduck for his support)
Chapter 60 Of course its dirty...
Chapter 61: Make you rich!
Chapter 62: Execution of Zhengyi
Chapter 63: Killed by minions
Chapter 64 I want it, I want it, I want it all!
Chapter 65: Space is shameless...
Chapter 66 The Desperate Trial
Chapter 67 Johns Secret
Chapter 68 Take action
Chapter 69: With a gun in hand, you can meet all the heroes in the world!
Chapter 70 Blind spots in thinking
Chapter 71 Change of tactics
Chapter 72 Divine Wind
Chapter 73: Chapter of Sublimation
Chapter 74: Finally a Contractor
Chapter 1 Di Ya Kitchen Knife
Chapter 2 The evil god has arrived
Chapter 3 It turned out to be her! (Thanks to the leader for his helpless support)
Chapter 4 Artifact
Chapter 5 Robbery!
Chapter Six: Fifty Years in the World
Chapter 7 Is eight million gods enough to eat...?
Chapter 8 The Punishment of Impulse
Chapter 9 Its all in the wine
Chapter 10 The Ring for Subduing Demons and Killing Demons
Chapter 11 Assembly Number
Chapter 12 War Team
Chapter 13 Meeting an acquaintance again
Chapter 14 Rescue
Chapter 15 Testing
Chapter 14 Rescue
Chapter 15 Testing
Chapter 16 Instant Kill
Chapter 17: First Show of Skills
Pig's feet data card, if you are interested, please click to view
Chapter 18 Endgame
Chapter 19 SCI
Chapter 20 Attention
Chapter 21
Chapter 22 Success! (Thanks to my father for asking if you are afraid of the alliance leaders support!)
Chapter 23: Skyrocketing Personal Contribution
Chapter 24 Sudden accident
Chapter 25 Enemy Attack
Chapter 26 Star Thief
Chapter 27: Two consecutive rounds of honor missions
Chapter 28 Maze Technique
Chapter 29: Red Suo Star Thief Tyrant
Chapter 30: Stalemate and hard fight
Chapter 31 The ending of Bhaskar...
Chapter 32 Join forces
Chapter 33: Small Harvest
Chapter 34 The new mechanical dire wolf heart!
Chapter 35: Great Harvest: SSS Rewards! (Additional update for the update circle invitation event)
Chapter 36 Legend
Chapter 37 Open the box
Chapter 38 Next destination
Chapter 39 Fishing Law Enforcement
Chapter 40: Lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 41: Split up
Chapter 42 Mosquito Cake
Chapter 43 Tracking
Chapter 44 Explosion
Chapter 45 A surprising discovery
Chapter 46 Intrigue
Chapter 47 Successful Escape
Chapter 48 Counterattack!
Chapter 49: Follow the clues
Chapter 50 Asking for help
Chapter 51: Wild Hunting Dog
Chapter 52: Die if you get close!
Chapter 53: Strange Cuckold
Chapter 54 Strong Enemy
Chapter 55 Extreme Suppression
Chapter 56 Decisiveness
Chapter 57: Advance instead of retreat
Chapter 58 Falling into the trap
Chapter 59 Protection Fees
Chapter 59: The Great Harvest and the Dividing of the Spoils
Chapter 60 The hidden main mission begins
Chapter 61 Officially Joined
Chapter 62 Cross-examination
Chapter 63 Strange Corpse
Chapter 64: Finding Jha
Chapter 65 Raid
Chapter 66 New mission
Chapter 67 Parasitized?!
Chapter 68 Leeroy
Chapter 69 Heavy damage
Chapter 70 The truth comes to light
Chapter 71 Scarlet Memories
Chapter 72 The truth comes out
Chapter 73 K Port
Chapter 74 Surprised
Chapter 75 A strange combination of circumstances
Chapter 76 Get started
Chapter 77 Planning
Chapter 78 Crack?
Chapter 79 Two Halls
Chapter 80: Certificate of Surrender
Chapter 81 Taming
Chapter 82 Strengthening (first update)
Chapter 83: Opening up reputation (second update)
Chapter 84 071 Stronghold (Third update)
Chapter 85 A dazzling array of things (fourth update)
Chapter 86 Main Mission: Struggle (fifth update)
Chapter 87 See you again
Chapter 88 Investigation
Chapter 89 Analysis
Chapter 90 Mysterious Recording
Chapter 91 Secret
Chapter 92 New Mission
Chapter 93 Bet
Chapter 94 Passed?
Chapter 95: Not willing to give in
Chapter Ninety-six: Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 97 Successfully Done
Chapter 98: Stab on the head
Chapter 99 Assault on the headquarters!
Chapter 100 Boarding
Chapter 101: First Arrival Feelings
Chapter 102 Dangerous Environment
Chapter 103: Finding faults? (First update)
Chapter 104: Spiny Beast and Void Ray (Second Update)
Chapter 105 Embarrassment (Third update)
Chapter 106 The Comet Falls (Fourth update)
Chapter 107 Return to Watchfort (fifth update)
Chapter 108: Weiye Raid
Chapter 109 A Shocking Spear
Chapter 110 High Price
Chapter 111: Seeing Through
Chapter 112 Confusing
Chapter 113 Surprise discovery
Chapter 114: Items for Obtaining New Talents
Chapter 115 Opportunity
Chapter 116 Conflict
Chapter 117 Betrayal!
Chapter 118 Another chance to get SSS!
Chapter 119 Massive Bleeding
Chapter 120 Time Node (Thanks to the alliance leader for his support)
Chapter 121 The beginning of difficulty
Chapter 122: Do you think everyone in the world is your mother? (Thanks to Leader Qingningzi for his support)
Chapter 123 Casio returns (Thanks to leader Wang Pengjiao for his support)
Chapter 124: Deadly Enemy!
Chapter 125 Extraneous problems
Chapter 126 The human heart is sinister
Chapter 127 Large Lead Bullet
Chapter 128: An acquaintance attacks
Chapter 129 Escape
Chapter 130: Misfortunes never come singly
Chapter 131 Ambush from Daggers
Chapter 132 Temptation
Chapter 133 Camp
Chapter 134: Get the Mammoth
Chapter 135 Warehouse Capsule
Chapter 136 Underground Base (First update)
Chapter 137 Sister-in-law (Second update)
Chapter 138 Defeat (Third update)
Chapter 139 I will set the task! (Fourth update)
Chapter 140 Shock! This battlefield actually gave away the artifact for free (fifth update)
Chapter 141 Kill Wood!
Chapter 142 Pursuit
Chapter 143 The Meeting of Two Heroes
Chapter 144: A head-on attack!
Chapter 145: Mutual offense and defense
Chapter 146 The Redemption of Kama Taj
Chapter 147 Dark gold props! The secret of the universe!
Chapter 148 Return to camp
Chapter 149 Shameless Cheating
Chapter 150 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 151 Behind the Scenes Dealings
Chapter 152: Changeable like a cunning fox, vicious like a poisonous snake
Chapter 153 Showdown
Chapter 154 Reputation and Respect!
Chapter 155 TP
Chapter 156: A trap within a trap!
Chapter 157 Punishment
Chapter 158 Plan
Chapter 159: If I want something, I will only take it with my own hands!
Chapter 160: Unstoppable!
Chapter 161: Foolproof anti-theft measures
Chapter 162 Crash
Chapter 163 The plunder begins!
Chapter 164 Creating Chaos
Chapter 165 Wise Judgment
Chapter 166 Bad breath
Chapter 167 Merter
Chapter 168 The trump card appears
Chapter 169 The Last Instruction
Chapter 170 Dragnet
Chapter 171: Get the most expensive props
Chapter 172 Holy Power Potion!
Chapter 173 The title of dark gold quality!
Chapter 174: Dividing the spoils
Chapter 175: Visit again
Chapter 176 Fishing
Chapter 177 Options Trading
Chapter 178 Return to Coles
Chapter 179: So Im looking for her!
Chapter 180 Angel and Bitch
Chapter 181 The horrifying truth
Chapter 182: Pathetic, pitiful and hateful
Chapter 183 It turns out to be it
Chapter 184 Ten times ahead!!
Chapter 185 Bloody Battle Flag
Chapter 186 The vulture successfully joined
Chapter 187 Meeting
Chapter 188 Returning the favor
Chapter 189 Union
Chapter 190: The Art of Divine Order
Chapter 191 Return
Chapter 192 Capsule Technology Space Office
Chapter 193 Lieutenant
Chapter 194 Burning 250,000 Universal Points!
Chapter 195 A strange dark green suit!
Chapter 196 Loan
Chapter 1: Animals are not spared either
Chapter 2 Cult
Chapter 3 Saint Seiya?
Chapter 4 Cannon Fodder
Chapter 5 Ritual
Chapter 6 Real damage!
Chapter 7 Appearance
Chapter 8 Misunderstanding?
Chapter 9 Divine Envoy
Chapter 10 Ossuary Hall
Chapter 11 Senior Team
Chapter 12 A difficult start
Chapter Thirteen Ollie to the Patron Saint
Chapter 14 Choices
Chapter 15 Split rescue
Chapter 16 Strong Suppression
Chapter 17 Origin
Chapter 18 The worst plan
Chapter 19 Uninvited Guests
Chapter 20: Oil first, then bleeding
Chapter 21 Panda Husky (Thanks to the leader Manhua Feiwu for his support)
Chapter 22 Fang Xiaoqis Ending (Thanks to Alliance Leader Yin Haoyuan for his support)
Chapter 23 Strange Color
Chapter 24 Reunion
Chapter 25 Overturning the table! (Thanks to leader adrian-fufu for his support)
Chapter 26 Greetings (Thanks to leader Crespo for his support)
Chapter 27 Omis Story
Chapter 28 Five Color Pen
Chapter 29 The Initial Blood (Thanks to Alliance Leader Rui Ge_arrogant support)
Chapter 30 Raid (Thanks to the leader of the alliance, the old man Guanzhong, for his support)
Chapter 31 Strong Enemy
Chapter 32 Fierce Battle
Chapter 33 Tarot Messenger
Chapter 34 Captain?
Chapter 35 Negotiation
Chapter 36: Side mission completed
Chapter 37 The Eye of Truth
Chapter 38 The Harvest of the First Yellow Exclamation Mark
Chapter 39 Green exclamation mark?
Chapter 40 Sale
Chapter 41 Injection
Chapter 42 Strange Target
Chapter 43 Honorary Mission
Chapter 44: Unstoppable
Chapter 45 Pops trump card
Chapter 46 The terrible tongue-attacking woman
Chapter 47: Spiritual Speaking Technique
Chapter 48 The one who really waits
Chapter 49 Lock the key!
Chapter 50 Negotiation
Chapter 51 Goodbye Strange Armor
Chapter 52 Testing each other
Chapter 53: Crotch itch returns
Chapter 54 Internal strife with the machine
Chapter 55: Survival by docking the tail
Chapter 56 Return
Chapter 57 Meeting an acquaintance
Chapter 58 The first drop of blood
Chapter 59 Salt Brick
Chapter 60: Riding an Insect
Chapter 61 Going to the Island
Chapter 62 A single tree becomes a forest
Chapter 63: The Art of Psychedelics
Chapter 64 Gaiqiu Mountain
Chapter 65 Total Suppression
Chapter 66 Disagreement
Chapter 67 Giant Tree Vandeweghe
Chapter 68 Biological Theft Security
Chapter 69 Powerful Preventive Measures
Chapter 70 Secret Energy Shield
Chapter 71: Scheming Bitch
Chapter 72: Cleaning Plan
Chapter 73 Activate!
Chapter 74: Riding the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 75 Internal strife
Chapter 76 Sudden Change
Chapter 77 Serial Trap
Chapter 78: There is a dark future and a bright future
Chapter 79 Mutual Aid
Chapter 80 Go to the main control room
Chapter 81 Technology crushes
Chapter 82 Raid!
Chapter 83: Blowfish poison attack
Chapter 84 Hakan asks for help
Chapter 85 The Death of Hakan
Chapter 86 The mystery of the key
Chapter 87 It takes a normal man on average 18 seconds to...
Chapter 89 The Right Path
Chapter 90 Appearance
Chapter 91 The Horrible Bloody Mary
Chapter 92: Invincible
Chapter 93 It turned out to be it!!
Chapter 94 Coward
Chapter 95: Encounter on a narrow road
Chapter 96 The First Drop of Blood
Chapter 97 Find an acquaintance again
Chapter 98 The operation was successful
Chapter 99: Multi-Party Competition
Chapter 100 A bold idea!
Chapter 101 The Mysterious Airport
Chapter 102 New Mechanical Creatures
Chapter 103 The Embers of Austria
Chapter 104 The changes in the world are completely different
Chapter 105 The ending of Pumas?
Chapter 106 Fingers
Chapter 107: Being discovered?
Chapter 108 Dangerous Materials Room
Chapter 109: Being discovered?
Chapter 110: World-class important plot props!
Chapter 111: Wreaking havoc
Chapter 112 Succeed
Chapter 113 Flesh Hunter
Chapter 114 Misjudgment
Chapter 115 Awakening
Chapter 116: Buying time
Chapter 117 Do what Jarvis can do
Chapter 118 Revenge
Chapter 119 Impeccable
Chapter 120 Crash Landing
Chapter 121 Being caught up
Chapter 122: Stone of Flesh and Blood
Chapter 123 Metal Mother Machine
Chapter 124 Help
Chapter 125 Appraisal Fee 87113 Common Points
Chapter 126 Proof of Friendship
Chapter 127 Meeting
Chapter 128 The Rich Man
Chapter 129: Auntie, I dont want to work hard anymore
Chapter 130 Garden of Eden!
Chapter 131 Emergencies
Chapter 132 Oxygen Syndrome
Chapter 133 Three people
Chapter 134 The Mysterious Garden of Eden
Chapter 135 Finally Completed
Chapter 136 Limited Time Milestone
Chapter 137: Blending in
Chapter 138 Experimental Products
Chapter 139 Blue Card
Chapter 140 A major breakthrough
Chapter 141 Smuggling
Chapter 142: Locking the target
Chapter 143 Picking up leaks
Chapter 144 The Rightful Owner
Chapter 145 The attack unfolds
Chapter 146 Going deeper
Chapter 147 Crush
Chapter 148 Caspian Sea Monster
Chapter 149: Do something big
Chapter 150 Destruction
Chapter 151 The core of the mystery
Chapter 152: Looting Energy Blocks
Chapter 153 Key Parts
Chapter 154 Minotaur
Chapter 155: If you want to become the God Emperor, you must first secede from the palace
Chapter 156 Eye Contact
Chapter 157 The price of greed
Chapter 158 Body = Equipment...
Chapter 159: Body Form
Chapter 160 Transformation
Chapter 161 Hidden Danger
Chapter 162 Dual Engine Mode
Chapter 163: The picture shows you!
Chapter 164 Fulfillment
Chapter 165 Pu!Ma!Si!
Chapter 166 Parasite
Chapter 167 Martyrdom
Chapter 168 Huang Shigong
Chapter 169 Finally Completed
Chapter 170: Split up
Chapter 171 Return
Chapter 172 Finding the Secret
Chapter 173: Banyan Tree
Chapter 174 Inheritance
Chapter 175 Barbecue
Chapter 176: Revealing the Secret
Chapter 177 Curtain Call
Chapter 178 SSS is coming again!
Chapter 179 Legend!
Chapter 180 Finally got the legendary item!
Chapter 181 Fusion
Chapter 182 Supermarket Video
Chapter 183: The truth that makes you feel cold all over (two chapters in one chapter)
Chapter 184: Cheating and coaxing
Chapter 185 Message
Chapter 186 Breastfeeding Evelina
Chapter 187 Questioning
Chapter 1 Germination
Chapter 2 Equipment Strengthening
Chapter 3 Confusion
Chapter 4 Departure
Chapter 5 Saving the Prodigal Ryan
Chapter Six Departure
Chapter 7 A bad start
Chapter 8 A difficult start
Chapter 9 Mosaic! Steel fire source fragments
Chapter 10 Dark of the Moon!
Chapter 11 The terrifying water source
Chapter 12 An unexpected discovery
Chapter 13 Repair
Chapter 14 Bloody Rescue
Chapter 15 Trap
Chapter 16 The Howling Doomsday
Chapter 17 Cut into pieces
Chapter 18 The Mysterious Centaur
Chapter 19 Orgrimmar and Red Cloud Mesa
Chapter 20 Meeting the Hill Giant for the First Time
Chapter 21 Magical Herbal Bag
Chapter 22 The filly Jordan
Chapter 23 Camp War
Chapter 24 The fillys support
Chapter 25 Antidote
Chapter 26 Attack on Titan
Chapter 27 Snow Mei Niang Bomb
Chapter 28 Killing One Eye
Chapter 29 Incitement
Chapter 30 Shameless poaching
Chapter 31 Centaurs pursuit
Chapter 32 Kissas appears
Chapter 33 Decisive Battle
Chapter 34 Victory and Pursuit
Chapter 35 Activation! Dark of the Moon!
Chapter 36 Legendary Creature! Lion King Huma!
Chapter 37 Combination Skill: Lion Kings Flurry!
Chapter 38: Killing and Harvest
Chapter 39 Humas request
Chapter 40 Secret
Chapter 41 Ryan appears
Chapter 42 Death of Ryan
Chapter 43 The Weaknesses of Human Nature
Chapter 44 It turned out to be him
Chapter 45 Complete the trial mission!
Chapter 46 The dirty truth
Chapter 47 Chill
Chapter 48 Rumors about the Lord
Chapter 49 Vardens Ambush
Chapter 50 Crazy Varden
Chapter 51 Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 52: No way to kill!
Chapter 53 Transaction
Chapter 54: Kill someone!
Chapter 55: See the legend again! Arms spread all over the world!
Chapter 1 Finalizing the Goal
Chapter 2 Resurrection from God
Chapter 3 Intimate Contact
Chapter 4 Cold War
Chapter 5 Entering
Chapter 6 Dilemma
Chapter 7 Scheming
Chapter 8 Continuous killing setting!
Chapter 9 The Cruel Truth
Chapter 10 Zhao Brothers
Chapter 11 The fisherman gets a profit
Chapter 12 Laws of Troubled Times
Chapter 13 Smooth progress
Chapter 14 Space Routines
Chapter 15 Battle with Cavalry
Chapter 16 Liu Feng!
Chapter 17: Brother Zhang Xu has deep loyalty
Chapter 18 Legendary quality props reappear!
Chapter 19 Battle with Liu Feng
Chapter 20 Defeating Liu Feng
Chapter 21 Last place elimination system
Chapter 22 Chinese Army Camp
Chapter 23: Chinese Army Camp (Thanks to Alliance Leader Ruomu for his support)
Chapter 24 Hearty
Chapter 25: Follow the clues
Chapter 26 Massacre of the Village
Chapter 27 Peach Arc Thorn Arrow
Chapter 28 The cunning girl Meiling
Chapter 29 Revealing Identity
Chapter 30 Scheming
Chapter 31 Third Place
Chapter 32 The Punished Goat
Chapter 33 The Amazing Eraser
Chapter 34 History changes!
Chapter 35: First experience on the battlefield
Chapter 36: Show off your power through tactics
Chapter 37: Projecting Wooden Stake
Chapter 38 The first achievement
Chapter 39 The savior riding alone!! The golden branch!
Chapter 40: Refuse the Trap
Chapter 41 Hes coming, hes coming!
Chapter 42 Zhao Yun + Lu = Invincible?
Chapter 43 Qingzhi appears!
Chapter 44 Rebellion (Thanks to the alliance leader, the evil king, for his support!)
Chapter 45 The Hunting King Appears
Chapter 46 Maxs Highlight Moment
Chapter 47: Big melee
Chapter 48 A fateful encounter
Chapter 49: Another legendary milestone
Chapter 50 A little cold light comes first!
Chapter 51 Squirting on Xia Houen
Chapter 52: Brother Yuns favor!
Chapter 53: Kill!Xia!Hou!
Chapter 54: Holding Qingzhi (Thanks to the leader of the alliance, the evil king, for his support)
Chapter 55: Instant Kill
Chapter 56: Golden Cicada escapes from the shell (Thanks to the leader, Showtime, for the support)
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Chapter 57: Great Master!
Chapter 58 Athenas Desire
Chapter 59: War of words
Chapter 60: 300,000 universal points identification fee!
Chapter 61: The Overlord takes the bow/Hidden profession/Athenas exclamation!
Chapter 62 The Hunting King comes to inquire
Chapter 63 The enemy general Zhang Fei enters the battlefield!
Chapter 64: The old enemy reappears
Chapter 65: Kill! Elite Colonist
Chapter 66: Purchasing after hearing the news
Chapter 67 Meeting the old leader again
Chapter 68 Officially Joined
Chapter 69 Re-entering the Changbanpo battlefield
Chapter 70: A single word changes the situation of the battle
Chapter 71 Routine
Chapter 72 A satisfactory solution
Chapter 73: Peeling off the cocoon
Chapter 74 Refuse to hide the mission
Chapter 75: Book of Escape from Heaven
Chapter 76 A fierce fight on board the ship
Chapter 77 The Corpse King of Western Hunan
Chapter 78 A chaotic battle at night
Chapter 79: Killing Mao Gando
Chapter 80: Not a human colonizer!
Chapter 81 Obtaining the Dark Gold Staff
Chapter 82 The Mystery of the Corpse
Chapter 83 The murderer appears
Chapter 84 Xu Chus Son
Chapter 85 Support Zhao Yun
Chapter 86 Friendship improves again
Chapter 87 Grudge
Chapter 88 Target Liu Chan!
Chapter 89: Strange Conspiracy (Thanks to leader 3636332 for his strong support)
Chapter 90 Routine Jiangdong
Chapter 91 Zhao Yuns token
Chapter 92: Storm is coming
Chapter 93 The goal of the golden main line!
Chapter 94 The Hunter Kings bold idea!
Chapter 95 High-end Options
Chapter 96 The Hunting Kings Compromise
Chapter 97 Divine Comedy and Brain-Eating Hat
Chapter 1 Big Red Envelope
Chapter 2 Offering Sacrifice
Chapter 3 Great Changes
Chapter 4 Upgrading the Artifact!
Chapter 5 Plan (Thanks to the alliance leader S and Shining Starry Sky S for their support!)
Chapter 6 The elite hunters job change is triggered
Chapter 7 Planning for the future
Chapter 8 Yu Xia
Chapter 9 The hunt begins!
Chapter 10 The Goddess Arrives
Chapter 11 Great changes, Dante appears!
Chapter 12 Entering the Kingdom of God
Chapter Thirteen Dante the Horrible
Chapter 14: Cut in half!
Chapter 15 Hard battle
Chapter 16 A great victory
Chapter 17 Taming Dante?
Chapter 18 Negotiation
Chapter 19 Resurrection! God of Plants!
Chapter 20 Unblocking A.E
Chapter 21 Omi joins
Chapter 22 A sudden turn of events
Chapter 23 Hidden career information
Chapter 24 Entering
Chapter 25: A show of force
Chapter 26: A mans struggle cannot be tarnished!
Chapter 27 Peeping
Chapter 28 Haggar escapes from trouble
Chapter 29 Heading to the Ministry of Magic
Chapter 30 Lets learn how to bark like a dog...
Chapter 31 Dark Gold Ring
Chapter 32: Black and evil
Chapter 33 Yellow Bird
Chapter 34 Contemporary Xu Xian
Chapter 35: Profiteers
Chapter 36 The attention of powerful enemies
Chapter 37 Jack the Ripper!
Chapter 38 Robbie...'s granddaughter
Chapter 39 The Little Purchasing Girl
Chapter 40 The dark ingredients finally appear!
Chapter 41 Difficulties
Chapter 42 Official Inauguration
Chapter 43: Broken Belly Button
Chapter 44 Meeting Dumbledore for the first time
Chapter 45 Difficulties
Chapter 46 Transaction
Chapter 47: Inspiring the Dark of the Moon
Chapter 48: Attack of Quirrell
Chapter 49: Recognized?
Chapter 50: All trump cards revealed!
Chapter 51 Uniform
Chapter 52 Clues to Aegis
Chapter 53 The Sorrow of the Unicorn
Chapter 54 Quirrell's turban
Chapter 55: Why dont you call me daddy?
Chapter 56 Battle with Fire Dragon
Chapter 57 Dragon Blood Bath
Chapter 58 The last soul
Chapter 59 Heading to Madagascar
Chapter 60: The legendary version of Sakura Dragons Grip!
Chapter 61 Difficulty traveling
Chapter 62 Transformation!
Chapter 63 Contacting the High Priest
Chapter 64 Warning from the Ghost
Chapter 65 Snape
Chapter 66 Transaction
Chapter 67 Commission
Chapter 68 Forbidden Forest Moon Mane
Chapter 69: Horseman
Chapter 70 Ambush
Chapter 71 Lord of the River
Chapter 72: Inspire! Fog of destiny!
Chapter 73 Meeting after a hundred years
Chapter 74 Meeting
Chapter 75 Potion upgrade
Chapter 76 The Arrangements of the Abyss Lord
Chapter 1 Gains and Losses
Chapter 2 The storm is coming
Chapter 3: Legendary equipment is destroyed as soon as it is destroyed!
Chapter 4 Fang Linyans head flew out!
Chapter 5 Intertwining
Chapter 6 Visitors from the Xu family
Chapter 7 Causes and Consequences
Chapter 8 Rebuke
Chapter 9 Show off your skills
Chapter 10 Life experience
Chapter 11 Back then...
Chapter 12 Traceability
Chapter Thirteen: Evil to the extreme
Chapter 14 Falling Behind
Chapter 15 Director of the Orphanage
Chapter 16: Doubts abound
Chapter 17 Showing the Tread
Chapter 18 Puppet
Chapter 19 Memories can be deceptive
Chapter 20 Finally seeing the photo!!
Chapter 21 Gradually Perfecting
Chapter 22 Its me?
Chapter 23 That moment has finally arrived!
Chapter 24: Not Survived in the End
Chapter 25 Emergency Rescue
Chapter 26 Arriving
Chapter 27: That glimmer of hope
Chapter 28 A succession of bad news
Chapter 29 Li Daitao is stiff
Chapter 30 Legacy
Chapter 31 Debate
Chapter 32 Glory Swordsman
Chapter 33 Successful job transfer
Chapter 34 Choose one of four
Chapter 1 Hug the thigh
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Chapter 2 Clues for first entry
Chapter 3 Running around
Chapter 4 Special mission appears
Chapter 5 Spider Spirit
Chapter 6 Ambush
Chapter VII
Chapter 8 A person lives up to his name
Chapter 9 Killing and Being Beheaded
Chapter 10 Rescue
Chapter 11 Lurking
Chapter 12 The legendary key!
Chapter Thirteen: Repaying a favor
Chapter 14 As long as Im not embarrassed...
Chapter 15 Jinguang Temple
Chapter 16 Robbed
Chapter 17 The foreshadowing takes effect
Chapter 18 Choice
Chapter 19 Huiming blocks the way
Chapter 19 Ban Zhida
Chapter 20 The Abbots Secret
Chapter 21 Ready-made and cheap
Chapter 22 Old Store
Chapter 23: Sell the goods and know the family
Chapter 24: Getting what you want
Chapter 25 New Goal
Chapter 26 Come back! My golden plot!
Chapter 27: Fight against the Tyrant Tiger
Chapter 28 Come out, my spider
Chapter 29: Adverse Luck
Chapter 30 Cicada moves
Chapter 31: Empty Villa
Chapter 32: Heavenly Deformed Foot
Chapter 33: Entering the Void
Chapter 34 The stage of survival of the fittest has arrived
Chapter 35 Perfect restraint
Chapter 36 Xia and Hitomi
Chapter 37 The out-of-control artifact
Chapter 38 Wasteland Experience
Chapter 39 Monk!
Chapter 40 The Monk Appears
Chapter 41: The Slave Catcher in Pictures
Chapter 42 On the Zimu River
Chapter 43: Void Swordsmanship
Chapter 44 The Cuckold Falling from the Sky
Chapter 45 Taking the initiative to cater
Chapter 46 Officially dispatched
Chapter 47 Killing target!
Chapter 48 A sudden turn of events
Chapter 49: The Karma Gun! A sure hit!
Chapter 50: Mutual Schemes
Chapter 51 Destiny is him
Chapter 52 The Mysterious Ball
Chapter 53 Basic Melee LV12!
Chapter 54: Awaken, tentacle monster...
Chapter 55: Secrets of the Womens Kingdom (Part 1)
Chapter 56 Kun Taoist Temple
Chapter 57 Someone strikes first
Chapter 58 Different Dimension Arena
Chapter 59 Everyone is trying their best
Chapter 60: Suppression, absolute suppression
Chapter 61: Fixation Bead
Chapter 62 Doctor Stranges Favorite Object
Chapter 63 Tentacles show their power
Chapter 64 Do you think I am a shared power bank?
Chapter 65 The ** princess!
Chapter 66 The Essence of Divine Water
Chapter 67 The Breath of the Artifact
Chapter 68 It turned out to be him
Chapter 69 The artifact appears
Chapter 70 The... true face of the artifact
Chapter 71 The true form of Dui Chan
Chapter 72: Going deep into the summer palace
Chapter 73 The end of the road?
Chapter 74: Hidden so deeply...
Chapter 75 A complete defeat
Chapter 76 Big Leak
Chapter 77 Ten thousand ghosts travel to the underworld
Chapter 78 The picture is exhausted
Chapter 79 The dagger appears!
Chapter 80 Dui Chan is just an appetizer
Chapter 81 The Great Terror
Chapter 82 I only want his life!!
Chapter 83 Game
Chapter 84 Let my blood flow out heartily!!!
Chapter 85 Go to hell!
Chapter 86: Accused Again
Chapter 87 The golden side mission appears!
Chapter 88 The artifact is obtained!
Chapter 89 Shocking Secret
Chapter 90: None of the people in the daughter country are human beings
Chapter 91: Encountering the Arctic Circle Again
Chapter 92: Testing and Inquiry
Chapter 93 Pearl of the Dark Dragon
Chapter 94 Going deep into the passage
Chapter 95: Snatching food from the tiger's mouth
Chapter 96 Angry
Chapter 97 Congratulations on becoming a mother
Chapter 98 Strong reinforcements are coming
Chapter 99 Big Leak
Chapter 100 Weird Jar
Chapter 101: The Appearance of Pi Jiao
Chapter 102 The last puzzle piece
Chapter 103 A Small Thousand Worlds
Chapter 104 Salvage the Blood Bodhi
Chapter 105 Great Harvest
Chapter 106 Tao Te Sect
Chapter 107 The Death of Ban Zhida
Chapter 108: Insider
Chapter 109: A plan within a plan
Chapter 110 Dangerous little wet girl
Chapter 111: Manna Yuantai = Fertilizer?
Chapter 112 Hope of Resurrection
Chapter 113 A painful journey
Chapter 114 Final Resurrection
Chapter 115 Sharing Legend
Chapter 116 The first step of the golden branch
Chapter 116: Incentives
Chapter 117 The Ending of Jinguang Temple
Chapter 118: Open plank road construction
Chapter 119: Boss, its great that you are alive
Chapter 120 The Golden Cicada Arrives
Chapter 121 The demon city is in chaos
Chapter 122 Its coming
Chapter 123 Strengthening and Exploding Troops
Chapter 124 The Mother of the Nest
Chapter 125: Soul Beads Breaking Ten Thousand!!
Chapter 126 Attack on Space S
Chapter 127: Suspicions in the Royal Palace
Chapter 128 Bee Concubine
Chapter 129 Brother Yudi
Chapter 130 The three artifacts in the palace
Chapter 131 Eater Girl
Chapter 132 The Evil God Appears
Chapter 133 Its dawn
Chapter 134 Give up?
Chapter 135 Join forces again
Chapter 136: Kamakamis sexy moves before his death
Chapter 137: Golden Universal Points, Golden Potential Points...
Chapter 138: Light Red Treasure Box
Chapter 139: The Stormy Artifact Appears
Chapter 140 The Queen exploded her corpse?
Chapter 141 Tang Jinchans true purpose
Chapter 142 Resurrection! Festival God
Chapter 143: Mythical Dark Ingredients
Chapter 144 The final plan
Chapter 145 The Three Brothers of Che Chiguo...
Chapter 146 The Newborn Golden Cicada
Chapter 147 Is your retribution going to be me?
Chapter 148 Extra Reward of Soul Beads
Chapter 149 Specialties of Colonizers
Chapter 150 The Embrace of the Madman
Chapter 151 The Kingdom of God on Earth
Chapter 152 The Secret of the Vase of Olympus
Chapter 153 The eight-foot magatama remains forever
Chapter 154 Subordinate Dante
Chapter 155 Kaguya Ji
Chapter 156 Take action
Chapter 157 Easy to fool
Chapter 158: Cursed Heart
Chapter 159 The Temptation of the God of Beauty
Chapter 160 Release Dante
Chapter 161 Kaguya Ji
Chapter 162 Dimensionality Reduction Strike
Chapter 163 Return to Space
Chapter 164 Carving a boat and seeking a sword
Chapter 165 Club No. 13
Chapter 166 Middlemen
Chapter 167 The crimson light shoots straight into the sky!
Chapter 168 One million universal points
Chapter 169 Xuanyuan Seal
Chapter 170 Game between Gods
Chapter 171 The Origin of the Eight-foot Magatama
Chapter 172 Li Daitaos artifact is completed
Chapter 173 The Stunned Great Priest
Chapter 174 Open the channel
Chapter 175 The two shocked demons
Chapter 176: First Experience of the Kingdom of God
Chapter 177 The Artifact Appears
Chapter 178: Leaves of Disorder
Chapter 1 The final reinforcement
Chapter 2 Where did Guangxu go?
Chapter 3 The Chaser
Chapter 4 The pursuit is coming
Chapter Five: Teahouse Experience
Chapter 6 The Russians who knew the I Ching
Chapter 7 Arrival in Tianjin
Chapter 8 Choosing an Identity
Chapter 9 Casino situation
Chapter 1313 Li Sans Junior Brother
Chapter 1314 Millennium Killing
Chapter 1315 Red Light
Chapter 1316 Original Futures Trading
Chapter 1317 Meeting Wang Wu for the first time
Chapter 1318 A strange man of a generation
Chapter 1319 Dispute
Chapter 1320 Reconciliation
Chapter 1321 Changed History
Chapter 1322 Secret Talk
Chapter 1323 The Qiao family participates in shares
Chapter 1324 Trouble
Chapter 1325 The Grandmaster Attacks
Chapter 1326 Sword and Tao
Chapter 1327 Crossing that hurdle
Chapter 1328 Seventh Uncle
Chapter 1329 Licking the Dog
Chapter 1330 Naive sister-in-law
Chapter 1331 Li San
Chapter 1332 Heading to Japan
Chapter 1333 New subordinates
Chapter 1334 Hijacking
Chapter 1335 Locking the target
Chapter 1336 Rookies pecking each other
Chapter 1337 Assassination
Chapter 1338 Amazing Strength
Chapter 1339 Bad money drives out good money
Chapter 1340 The Butterfly Effect Caused by Night Pearl
Chapter 1341 The Assassin Attacks
Chapter 1342 Shamisen
Chapter 1343 Kill at the door
Chapter 1344 Castrato
Chapter 1345 Powerful Ninja
Chapter 1346 Navel Hair Village
Chapter 1347 Human Skin
Chapter 1348 Chinese mansion
Chapter 1349 Obsession
Chapter 1350 Drastic changes
Chapter 1351 Powerful Swordsman
Chapter 1352 Saints
Chapter 1353 Shangluo Plan
Chapter 1354 Kill Nan Ben
Chapter 1355 Then Ill toast you with a glass of wine
Chapter 1356 The Admirals Ambition
Chapter 1357 Assassin
Chapter 1358 Miscalculation
Chapter 1359 Fury
Chapter 1360 Xiang Hezhens final song
Chapter 1361 No. 1 in Jinmen
Chapter 1362 Disaster
Chapter 1363 Assassin
Chapter 1364 Persuasion
Chapter 1365 Ghost Market
Chapter 1366 Li Sans multiple choice questions
Chapter 1367 Muramasa
Chapter 1368 Is Lao Tan a time traveler?
Chapter 1369 The Russians were killed on the way
It feels very sad that a rabbit has died and a fox has died...
Chapter 1370 Li Family Courtyard
Chapter 1371 Cruel Night
Chapter 1372 All-out war (I wish the leader of the alliance, I am Kress
Happy May Day everyone! Be careful not to pay a fine of 5,000 yuan.
Chapter 1373 Wall Charge
Chapter 1374 Bloody Battle
Chapter 1375 Interception
Chapter 73 Big Lawsuit
Chapter 74 Sadness and Death
Chapter 75 Kill the thief, kill the thief, kill the thief!!!
Chapter 76 The pursuer appears
Chapter 77: The Knife of Destiny VS the Knife of Family and Country?
Chapter 78 Terrifying Power
Chapter 79: Coercion and inducement
Chapter 80 Another group of space warriors?
Chapter 1384 Picking up the leak?
Chapter 1385 The other side of the attack
Chapter 1386 Old acquaintance Arteba
Chapter 1387 Sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight
Chapter 1388 Each shows his or her special powers
Chapter 1389 Going deep into the enemy's nest
Chapter 1390 Inner World
Chapter 1391 The real master plan
Chapter 1392 A glass of wine for you
Chapter 1393 Beheading the Enemy
Chapter 1394 The sure-killing demon sword!
Chapter 1395 Chase
Chapter 1396 Hard Journey
Chapter 1397 Mutation
Chapter 1398 Decisive Battle on the Yellow River
Chapter 1399 Wall of Glory
Chapter 1400 The Origin of the Mysterious Ancient Seal
Chapter 1401 Flame Disaster
Chapter 1402 The decisive blow
Chapter 1403 Cherry Blossoms Withered
Chapter 1404 Worshiping the Yellow River
Chapter 1405 Just wish you had your way
Chapter 1406 The sound of candle shadow and ax
Chapter 1407 Li Sans Luck
Chapter 1408 The Mystery of Sinking City
Chapter 1409: Peeling off the cocoon
Chapter 1410 Trap
Chapter 1411 Goddess
Chapter 1412 Appearance
Chapter 1413 Coercion and inducement
Chapter 1414 Finally arrived at Zhangwangzhuang
Chapter 1415 Entering the village
Chapter 1416 Aunt Qing
Chapter 1417 Xu Xian does it so hard that I cant do it?
Chapter 1418 I would like to recommend a pillow mat
Chapter 1419 Meeting Lao Li
Chapter 1420 Digging a hole
Chapter 1421 Departure
Chapter 1422 Encounter with Japanese Ship
Chapter 1423: Convincing people with virtue
Chapter 1424 Capture
Chapter 1425 The tragedy of Tang peoples house
Chapter 1426 Direct attack on the military port
Chapter 1427 Lurking in
Chapter 1428 Tiger Thor
Chapter 1429 The Brainless Russians
Chapter 1430 Variables created by the Russians
Chapter 1431 Dispatch! Agency soldiers
Chapter 1432 Explode with all your might!
Chapter 1433 Attack
Chapter 1434 Thirty-eight Great Covers
Chapter 1435 Slavery
Chapter 1436 Priceless Silver...
Chapter 1437 Disaster in Navel Hair Village
Chapter 1438 Pursuit
Chapter 1439 The Evil Sound Returns
Chapter 1440 Suspense
Chapter 1441 Truth and Despair
Chapter 1442 Seppuku and Abortion
Chapter 1443 A worse war
Chapter 1444 Abnormality
Chapter 1445 Defeat
Chapter 1446 Pig attack
Chapter 1447 Dragging into street fighting
Chapter 1448 Tragic
Chapter 1449 Surrender
Chapter 1450 Sensation
Chapter 1451 Exploitation
Chapter 1452 Nationwide Carnival
Chapter 1453 Identification
Chapter 1454 Not for sale?
Chapter 1455 Props of legendary quality
Chapter 1456 Shocking Changes
Chapter 1457 The end?
Chapter 1458 The final battle
Chapter 1459 Action
Chapter 1460 The journey to find the master craftsman
Chapter 1461 Obtaining a Famous Sword
Chapter 1462 The Blood Talisman of the Rich Family (Thanks to the leader for being oily but not greasy)
Chapter 1463 Curtain
Chapter 1464: Daming Dragon Banner (Thanks to the leader of the alliance, King Jiexie
Chapter 1465 Fudo Ming King
Chapter 163 Hattori Hanzo
Chapter 1466 Hattori Hanzo
Chapter 1467 I only owe the east wind
Chapter 1468 Reunion
Chapter 1469 The souls overlap again
Chapter 1470 Domestic Trend
Chapter 1471 Tan Tietou
Chapter 1472 Official occupation (Thanks to book friend 130716
Chapter 1473 Take action!
Chapter 1474 The witty Qixiang (Thanks to the leader Yi Yewu
Chapter 1475 Desperate Situation
Chapter 1476 The future emperor is a hostage (Thanks to book friend Qi
Chapter 1477 A glimmer of hope
Chapter 1478 Conspiracy versus conspiracy
Chapter 1479 Decision
Chapter 1480 The Heroic Spirit of the Imperial Guard
Chapter 1481 Red Flag Town Tokyo!
Chapter 1482 Aftermath
Chapter 1483 Judgment
Chapter 1484 Grasp
Chapter 1485 Secret Ointment
Chapter 1486 Request from the God of Love
Chapter 1487 Response
Chapter 1488 Goodbye Xiang Hezhen
Chapter 1489 Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 1490 Omis Operation
Chapter 1491 Legendary Armor
Chapter 1492 The Lord of the Abyss Appears
Chapter 1493 Accepting Employment
Chapter 1494 Resurrection, my brother!
Chapter 1495 Enter
Chapter 1496 The Weaknesses of Taoyuan SHE
Chapter 1497 Contradiction
Chapter 1498 Routine
Chapter 1499 Valley
Chapter 1500 Contact
Chapter 1501 Turning the Tide
Chapter 1502 Sneak Attack
Chapter 1503 The BOSS appears
Chapter 1504 Death in battle and trump card
Chapter 1505 A cover?
Chapter 1506 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 1507 Successful job transfer
Chapter 1508 A stunning move
Chapter 1509 Show off your skills
Chapter 1510 Zhang Manchengs explosion
Chapter 1511 Consuming Gold Common Points
Chapter 1512 Summoning Helpers
Chapter 1513 Sit back and wait.
Chapter 1514: Drugged (Thanks to book friend Zui Bujue for his support
Chapter 1515 Strategy
Chapter 1516: Sneaking in to save people (Thank you, book friend, you want Feng Ju
Chapter 1517 War of words
Chapter 1518 The cunning old man
Chapter 1519 The Book of Heaven and Lu Xun
Chapter 1520 Water Mirror
Chapter 1521 Meeting Liao Hua again
Chapter 1522 Stealing the Camp
Chapter 1523 Clues
Chapter 1524 Fulfillment
Chapter 1525 Its him! (Thanks to book friend Lao Guo for coming out
Chapter 1526 Routine
Chapter 1527 Cupids Kiss
Chapter 1528 Monster Bee
Chapter 1529 Man in the tree
Chapter 1530 Return
Chapter 1531 Tribulus Bone Flower
Chapter 1532 The Magic Mountain Reappears (Thanks to book friend Gagake
Chapter 1533: Get people first, get shield first
Chapter 1534 Intrigue
Chapter 1535 Undercover
Chapter 1536 Zoumaicheng
Chapter 1537 The Sword of the Martial Saint (Thanks to the book friend Xi Jinzhao
Chapter 1538 The Power of the Martial Saint
Chapter 1539 Fighting Righteousness with Righteousness
Chapter 1540 Capture
Chapter 1541 Fishing in troubled waters (Thanks to book friend Hydrogen Feng Xu Lai
Chapter 1542 The elixir of death
Chapter 1543 Qinglong Yanyue Sword VS Sword in the Stone
Chapter 1544: Dui Zi
Chapter 1545 The mastermind behind the scenes (Thanks to book friend zh222 for the support
Chapter 1546 Its hard to fish in troubled waters
Chapter 1547 Huge Variables
Chapter 1548 Killing Game
Chapter 1549 Playing with Fire
Chapter 1550 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 1551 Xingyis request
Chapter 1552 Death of Liao Hua
Chapter 1553 Dragon Ball
Chapter 1554 Spare Tire
Chapter 71 The target is him!
Chapter 1555 Interlocking
Chapter 1556: Continuously dumping trump cards
Chapter 1557 The Magical Use of Eight Wine Glasses
Chapter 1558 Running wildly
Chapter 1559 Reverse Thinking (Thanks to the book friend Love in Simplicity
Chapter 1560 Warning from the Star
Chapter 1561 Please hit me!
Chapter 1562 Killing Silla
Chapter 1563 Picking peaches?
Chapter 1564 The cavalry attacks
Chapter 1565 Great Victory
Chapter 1566 Attack of Jacintos
Chapter 1567 War of words
Chapter 1568 Artifact-level props!
Chapter 1569 Reappearance! Dark of the Moon
Chapter 1570 The golden cicada reappears
Chapter 1571 Conspiracy
Chapter 1572 A terrifying blow
Chapter 1573 Meeting Wang Ping Again
Chapter 1574 Flanders is coming
Chapter 1575 The enemy attacks
Chapter 1576 The Secret of Xingyi
Chapter 1577 Xingyis Stud
Chapter 1578 Traitor?
Chapter 1579 Chance Encounter
Chapter 1580 Meeting Guan Yu Again
Chapter 1581 The Dark Door
Chapter 1582 Destroy the Door
Chapter 1583 Offering the Head
Chapter 1584 Becoming a God
Chapter 1585 Tang Jinchans true goal
Chapter 1586 An ordinary person...
Chapter 1587 Ten Points of Legend (Thanks to book friend 202002
Chapter 1588 Meeting Brother Yun Again
Chapter 1589 Yu Ji?
Chapter 1590 Another option
Chapter 1591 Quasi-artifact!
Chapter 1592 Dukang Wine
Chapter 1593 Prepare to return
Chapter 1594 Being raided!
Chapter 1595: Picking up the bargains
Chapter 1596 Being Beaten
Chapter 1597 Triggered by two people in a row!
Chapter 1598 Continuous Hard Fights
Chapter 1599 Perverted Tybot
Chapter 1600 The thrust into the S space
Chapter 1601 A teleportation pursuit of more than 100 meters long!
Chapter 1602 The invasion is over
Chapter 1603 Gift
Chapter 1604 Integrating Power
Chapter 1605 Awkward Site Selection
Chapter 1606 The dedicated Flanders
Chapter 1607 The Eighth Choice
Chapter 1608 News from the Abyss Lord
Chapter 1609
Chapter 1610 A call from Taicheng
Chapter 1611 The ceremony begins
Chapter 1612 Undead Portal
Chapter 1613 The terrible doubling
Chapter 1614 The goddess takes action
Chapter 1615 Elder Silva
Chapter 1616 The second fang portal
Chapter 1617 The powerful wild boar tribe
Chapter 1618: Capturing Prisoners
Chapter 1619 The irresistible fourth portal
Chapter 1620 Activate the Thunder Spear Tip!
Chapter 1621 Zhao Yun appears
Chapter 1622 Gron knelt down
Chapter 1623 Zhao Yuns Annoyance
Chapter 1624 Fathers love is like a mountain
Chapter 1625 Loss and Gain
Chapter 1626 He formed a CP with Brother Yun
Chapter 1627 Decision (Thanks to book friend Dog and Cat for the support)
Chapter 1628 King of Flame
Chapter 1629 Decapitation Tactics
Chapter 1630 The Strongest TacticsXJBD
Chapter 1631 Tyrande + Ner'zhul
Chapter 1632 Successive setbacks
Chapter 1633 Big Move VS Big Move
Chapter 1634 Horror Spell
Chapter 1635 Mythical props appear
Chapter 1636 Tyrande leaves the scene
Chapter 1637 Clever Killing of Ner'zhul
Chapter 1638 Resurrection, Vulture
Chapter 1639 Giving back to those who participated in the war
I wish you all a Happy New Year in advance and your health value will be solidified at 1
Chapter 1641 A call from Taicheng
Chapter 1642 Death of Qizai
Chapter 1643 The Resurrected Mobius Mark
Chapter 1644 Old Friend
Chapter 1645 The love back then is still there today
Chapter 1646 Key Clues
Chapter 1647 Qizais abnormality
Chapter 1648 Japanese Visitors
Chapter 1649 Perfect Cutting
Chapter 1650 Far from it
Chapter 1651 The ghost is possessed
Chapter 1652 A huge secret
Chapter 1653 Weird memory
Chapter 1654 The power of the artifact
Chapter 1655 Revealed (Thanks to book friend Yanling Bahuangdai for the
Chapter 1656 The Magicians Changes
Chapter 1657 The Secret of the Wallet
Chapter 1658: Reunion and taking the blame (Thanks to book friend Ai Zai Jian)
Chapter 1659 Acquaintance
Chapter 1660 The black hand appears
Chapter 1661 The mysterious ancient country
Chapter 1662 Inner World
Chapter 1663 Strange Lamp
Chapter 1664 The truth is gradually restored
Chapter 1665 Finally meet
Chapter 1666 Real and fake old man machine
Chapter 1667 The Secret of the Artifact
Chapter 1668 Eating
Chapter 1669 The truth about the artifact
Chapter 1670 The secret back then
Chapter 1671 Behind the Iron Gate...
Chapter 1672 Gains and Losses
Chapter 1673 Doom
Chapter 1674: Vengeance must be retaliated
Chapter 1675 Powerful Talent
Chapter 1676 Magical Club
Chapter 1677 The Suicidal Manager
Chapter 1678 Epic difficulty start?
Chapter 1679 Seeing Sakura Again
Chapter 1680 Have you ever conquered a man?
Chapter 1681 Spider-Man
Chapter 1682 Drift appears
Chapter 1683 Chaotic War
Chapter 1684: Nothing to lick, no need to lick anymore
Chapter 1685 Road Run
Chapter 1686 Female Decepticon
Chapter 1687 The Split Decepticons
Chapter 1688 The ultimate secret of the world
Chapter 1689 Drift is coming
Chapter 1690 Garage War
Chapter 1691 The drifting rotor exploded!
Chapter 1692 Hijacking the Drifting Body
Chapter 1693 Choosing Sides
Chapter 1694 Who in the world doesnt recognize you?
Chapter 1695 This mission is very Decepticon
Chapter 1696 Five-faced Monster Quintasa
Chapter 1697 Let him work overtime
Chapter 1698 Mysterious Curse
Chapter 24 The powerful Shedel
Chapter 25 Visiting Kobe Bryant
Chapter 26 A complicated situation
Chapter 27 Joining the Decepticons
Chapter 28 Decepticon Badge
Chapter 29 Crazy Repair
Chapter 30 Massacre Attack
Chapter 31 Rescue
Chapter 32: Shock in the air
Chapter 33 Black Mamba Shock Wave
Chapter 34 The real master appears
Chapter 35 Killing and Saving People
Chapter 36 Employment
Chapter 37: Searing Gears
Chapter 38: Advance
Chapter 39: Big melee
Chapter 40: Destroying the U.S. Army
Chapter 41: Retire after success
Chapter 42 Dui Zen
Chapter 43 The Fear of the Far North
Chapter 44 Traitor
Chapter 45 Magic Bomb
Chapter 46: White Anacondas Stubbornness
Chapter 47: Catch the traitor
Chapter 48: Good luck
Chapter 49 The Hunting King Appears
Chapter 50 Being used
Chapter 51 Support teammates
Chapter 52 Miraculous Apocalyptic Technology
Chapter 53 Death Submarine
Chapter 54 The secret of the end of the world
Chapter 55: Strange Bismarck
Chapter 56: Breakthrough
Chapter 57 The truth about the end of the world
Chapter 58: Fighting Sakura Again
Chapter 59 Come to trade
Chapter 60: Renwang Shield
Chapter 61 Bering Strait
Chapter 62 The Fierce Black Boy
Chapter 63 An ominous feeling
Chapter 64 The mysterious seabed
Chapter 65 A great discovery under the sea
Chapter 66 Giant Metal Mosquito
Chapter 67 The sea monster appears
Chapter 68 Dragging away the loot
Chapter 69: Killing Giants
Chapter 70 Silver Mosquito No. 7
Chapter 71: That ball is actually an organ?
Chapter 72 Super Optimus Prime!
Chapter 73 The deal with the Decepticons
Chapter 74 The fire source fragment appears!
Chapter 75: The Bar Spirit Rumbles
Chapter 76: Combining Vertical and Horizontal
Chapter 77 The Iron Throne
Chapter 78 Hidden Mission: Save Megatron
Chapter 79 Finalizing the plan
Chapter 80 The conspiracy begins
Chapter 81 Forced boarding
Chapter 82 A torn situation
Chapter 83 Fierce Attack and Defense
Chapter 84 Black Sea Monster
Chapter 85 Lets share the cake!
Chapter 86 Help
Chapter 87 No matter the cost
Chapter 88 Robot Insects
Chapter 89: Seize the opportunity (Thanks to my book friend Im Not Happy for your support)
Chapter 90: The Face-Based Man Appears
Chapter 91 Rescue Megatron
Chapter 92 The Abnormal Optimus Prime
Chapter 93 Meeting Dui Chan again (Thanks to book friend Long Leiming for his support)
Chapter 94 Shake people
Chapter 95 The terrifying instant kill technique
Chapter 96: Insidious Poisoning
Chapter 97 The decisive battle with Optimus Prime
Chapter 98 Optimus Prime in Meteorite Form
Chapter 99 Defeat
Chapter 100 Breaking into the warehouse and looting
Chapter 101 Resonance
Chapter 102 The origin of human beings turned out to be...
Chapter 103 Uproar
Chapter 104 Meeting Megatron for the first time
Chapter 105: Face-to-face with Optimus Prime
Chapter 106 The Secret of Optimus Prime
Chapter 107 Mythical props
Chapter 108 The connection between one thousand dollars and three hundred thousand lives
Chapter 109 The Great Little Man
Chapter 110 The last thing
Chapter 111 Finally got Megatron
Chapter 112 Return
Chapter 113: Embarrassing Reunion (Thanks to book friend Walker Fish for his support)
Chapter 114: Focusing on the artifact
Chapter 115
Chapter 1 Persuasion
Chapter 2 The Lamp that Starts a Prairie Fire
Chapter 3 Designated Extraction
Chapter 4 Seems like an acquaintance
Chapter 5 Opening Aladdins Nightmare
Chapter 6 How could this happen?
Chapter 7 Second Stage
Chapter 8 The Difficult Caligula
Chapter 9 Malnourished hapless guy
Chapter 10 Stripping Divinity
Chapter 11 The God of Food
Chapter 12 A tortuous entry
Chapter 13: A show of force
Chapter 14 The Mysterious Tribe
Chapter 15 Tribal Journey
Chapter 16 Guide
Chapter 17 A Difficult Journey into the Desert
Chapter 18 Going deep into the ruins
Chapter 19 Metal Flea
Chapter 20 The Artifact Appears
Chapter 21 First Communication
Chapter 22 Max shows off his power
Chapter 23 Formatting Area
Chapter 24 The Great Emperors Graffiti
Chapter 25 Experience the whispering of the night
Chapter 26 The passionate collision between a dog and a man
Chapter 27 Explosion
Chapter 28 Hitting the iron plate
Chapter 29: Preliminary Test of the Artifact
Chapter 30 A ruthless plan
Chapter 31 A huge change
Chapter 32 You were deceived!
Chapter 33: Extortion
Chapter 34 Severe Blackmail
Chapter 35: Invite Megatron
Chapter 36 The most powerful blow!
Chapter 37 The Ultimate Reward
Chapter 38 Injecting the soul into the weapon
Chapter 39: Dog Licking + Thin Dogs House
Chapter 40: Gain another trump card
Chapter 1 Revealed
Chapter 2 Kung Fu
Chapter 3 Conspiracy and Entry
Chapter 4 Robber Liu Er
Chapter 5 A tough start
Chapter 6 Worse than me!
Chapter 7 Masan + Sanjiang Water
Chapter 8 The Power of Habit
Chapter 9 The End of Dracula
Chapter 10 The threshold for top masters
Chapter 11 There is no worst, only worse
Chapter 12 Crocodile Gang AND Ax Gang
Chapter 13 Crespo respects his sister-in-law
Chapter 14 Only worse!
Chapter 15 Golden Locking Point
Chapter 16 The Age of Prosperity of Alchemy
Chapter 17 Being targeted!
Chapter 18 48 points of collapse
Chapter 1849 Emperor of the Empire?
Chapter 1850 Boarding the Ship
Chapter 1851 The mysterious boy
Chapter 1852 The Yang family and his wife
Chapter 1853 Coolie Qiang and Hell King Qiang
Chapter 1854 Omis bizarre whereabouts
Chapter 1855 The team gathers
Chapter 1856 The storm is coming
Chapter 1857 National Martial Arts Conference
Chapter 1858 A first exploration of the dangerous place
Chapter 1859 Careful exploration
Chapter 1860 The secret is gradually revealed
Chapter 1861 The Abyss Lord’s Response
Chapter 1862 Yang Xiaokang’s Death
Chapter 1863 Changing Fate Against Heaven
1939. Chapter 1864 A powerful enemy appears
Chapter 35: A big bet on the 1803-unit Biska data stream
Chapter 36 Wind Chaser
Chapter 37 Fang Linyan who is not doing his job properly
Chapter 38 Hallucinations abound
Chapter 39 The Wheel of Fortune Turns
Chapter 40 Trapped
Chapter 41: Being imprisoned one after another
Chapter 42 The Evil God Appears
Chapter 43 Earth-shattering
Chapter 44 Silly Dog’s Opportunity
Chapter 45 Ah Huang exerts his strength
Chapter 46 The strange behavior of Fire Cloud Evil God
Chapter 47: Crazy practice method
Chapter 48: Follow the clues
Chapter 49: Peerless Secret Book
Chapter 50 Meeting Tigris
Chapter 51 Ma San suffered disaster
Chapter 52: Yang Clan’s Mutation
Chapter 53: Battle with fellow sects
Chapter 54 Meeting Yuan Buyi
Chapter 55: Tathagata Divine Palm is in hand
Chapter 56: Tang Jinchan’s ulterior motives
Chapter 57: Split up
Chapter 58 The Wheel of Destiny Pushed by Fifty-Eight Dogs
Chapter 59 Baron Devon
Chapter 1890 The Hunter King takes action!
Chapter 1891 He gave too much
Chapter 1892 A desperate counterattack
Chapter 1893 Use your trump card
Chapter 1894 Riding a Tiger and Being Difficult to Dismount
Chapter 1895 Swift Zulian Tiger!
Chapter 1896 The Wrath of the Evil God
Chapter 1897 The situation is over
Chapter 1898 Auction of Alteba
Chapter 1899 The anxious Lord of the Abyss
Chapter 1900: The picture shows the dagger
Chapter 1901 Reaper of Souls
Chapter 1902 Six hundred thousand with one knife
Chapter 1903 A broken heart
Chapter 1904 Take the initiative
Chapter 1905 The Abyss Lords Counterattack
Chapter 1906 Tianlangwang
Chapter 1907 Defeat
Chapter 1908 Accidents happen frequently
Chapter 1909 Message
Chapter 1910 Fang Linyan was killed!!
Chapter 1911 The Grumpy Couple
Chapter 1912 Final exposure
Chapter 1913 I love a piece of firewood
Chapter 1914 Murderous intent is everywhere
Chapter 1915 The Grandmaster Arrives
Chapter 1916 Jin Chan died
Chapter 1917: Poisonous
Chapter 1918 Forced by helplessness
Chapter 1919 Face to Face
Chapter 1920 Four Famous Catchers
Chapter 1921 The artifact kills Wuqing
Chapter 1922 Everyone Shows Their Magical Powers
Chapter 1923 Perfect Cooperation
Chapter 1924 The end of the famous arrest
Chapter 1925 Defeat
Chapter 1926 Law of Conservation of Luck
Chapter 1927 Absorption
Chapter 1928 Opening of the Conference
Chapter 1929 Awakener Promotion Task
Chapter 1930 Yang Clan’s Dilemma
Chapter 1931 Savior
Chapter 1932 A broken heart
Chapter 1933 A small test of skills
Chapter 1934 Give up
Chapter 1935 The water in the valley is difficult to purge
Chapter 1936 Death of Yang Yihou
Chapter 1937 Abstaining
Chapter 1938 Shaolin Nine Yang Kung Fu
Chapter 1939 How could he appear here?
Chapter 1940 Taking a girl through the trash
Chapter 1941 Reading Memory
Chapter 1942 A huge loss
Chapter 1943 Everyone has a clever plan
Chapter 1944 Layout again
Chapter 1945 The storm is coming
Chapter 1946 Borealis
Chapter 1947 Lin Yi, long time no see
Chapter 1948 Parasitized
Chapter 1949 Terrorist Counterattack
Chapter 1950 Intrigue
Chapter 1951 Unexpected reinforcements, unexpected bargaining chips
Chapter 1952 Shetianren
Chapter 1953 Meet the Condor Heroes Couple Again
Chapter 1954 It’s a matter of life and death
Chapter 1955 Tit for tat
Chapter 1956 Athena’s Wonder VS Thanos’ Glove
Chapter 1957 Seven figures in one blow!
Chapter 1958 Fusion with King Kong!
Chapter 1959 Have you ever heard of a move falling from the sky?
Chapter 1960 The most difficult and cruel battle
Chapter 1961 You were born to be eaten by me!
Chapter 1962 Death of Charter Wife
Chapter 1963 Quit!
Chapter 1964 Devouring
Chapter 1965 Obtaining the Artifact
Chapter 1966 Raid on the Prince
Chapter 1967 Defeat Tsuyoshi Fujita!
Chapter 1968 Selecting a Gang
Chapter 1969 An upset
Chapter 1970 Continuous upsets
Chapter 1971 The key to unlocking Long Ahong!
Chapter 1972 One key and three legends
Chapter 1973 The rotor blades are assembled
Chapter 1974 Promotion to Awakener
Chapter 1975 Evolution of Shadow Clan
Chapter 1976 The horrifying truth
original worldview system
Chapter 1977 The Power of Bisca
Chapter 1978 The treasure of destiny has been triggered
Chapter 1979 Magical Treasure
Chapter 1980 Template!
Chapter 1981 The Depressing Optimal Solution
Chapter 1982 Not choosing is the best choice
Chapter 1983 The second rotor blade is obtained
Chapter 1984 Template selected and covered!!
Chapter 1985 Emergency
Chapter 1986 The artifact shows off its power
Chapter 1987 Successfully arrived
Chapter 1988 The Fortress of Hope Established with Explosions
Chapter 1989 Main Mission
Chapter 1990 God descends
Chapter 1991 Triggering hidden tasks
Chapter 1992 The awesome portal
Chapter 1993 The first goal
Chapter 1994 Assassination
Chapter 1995 The one that pleases you the most
Chapter 1996 Amazing Background
Chapter 1997 The truth comes out
Chapter 1998 Evil comes with evil consequences
Chapter 1999 It’s better to do the right thing than to do the wrong thing
Chapter 2000 The Fall of a Wife
Chapter 2001 Twin Emperors
Chapter 2002 Lots of doubts
Chapter 2003 The magician’s overture
Chapter 2004 Fishing
Chapter 2005 Three Colored Balls
Chapter 2006 I’m afraid things won’t make a big fuss
Chapter 2007 Frontal Hard Top
Chapter 2008 Total Suppression
Chapter 2009 The real murderer?
Chapter 2010 Son of God
Chapter 2011 Resurrection of the Dead
Chapter 2012 The real goal
Chapter 2013 Chaos Eye Beast
Chapter 2014 The exploded items were robbed?
Chapter 2015 Healing injuries actually makes you rich
Chapter 2016 Chaos Demon King
Chapter 2017 Order Gyro
Chapter 2018 Magical Battle Castle
Chapter 2019 A knife of 9999 reappears
Chapter 2020 Robbery
Chapter 2021 The anger of Space S
Chapter 2022: Give him his own way
Chapter 2023 It’s really possible to exchange for artifacts!
Chapter 2024 Artifact Loan?
Chapter 2025 First time punching in
Chapter 2026 The end is coming
Chapter 2027 The weird dream battle
Chapter 2028 Discovering Weaknesses
Chapter 2029 The big snake destroys the world!
Chapter 2030 Casualties
Chapter 2031 Omi’s Sacrifice
Chapter 2032 Asking for help
Chapter 2033 Emerald Dream
Chapter 2034 The treasure of destiny is triggered
Chapter 2035 Treasure of Destiny
Chapter 2036 Freddy’s natal artifact
Chapter 2037 Seize the gloves!
Chapter 2038 Being taken over
Chapter 2039 Peerless Melee Goat
Chapter 2040 Killing the clone
Chapter 2041 The Ghost King’s Mark
Chapter 2042: Hug together for warmth
Chapter 2043 Goodbye Omi
Chapter 2044 Secrets of Dreams
Chapter 2045 The Unfathomable Freddy
Chapter 2046 Black Market
Chapter 2047 Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 2048 Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 74 Opening Tactics
Chapter 75 Neutral nightmare creature?
Chapter 76 The biggest weakness
Chapter 77 The first hero appears
Chapter 78: Completely destroyed
Chapter 79 Tug of War
Chapter 80 The End
Chapter 81 The God of Sleep Appears
Chapter 82 Counterattack
Chapter 83 Decision
Chapter 84 Take a risk
Chapter 85 The Right Path
Chapter 86 The Immortal Freddy
Chapter 87
Chapter 88 Return of fear
Chapter 89 Let me tell you a bear story
Chapter 90: Tracking Technology for Giant Floating Garbage on the Sea Surface
Chapter 91: Don’t give in to shame
Chapter 92 The Powerful Princess
Chapter 93 Chaos Snake
Chapter 94: Distress
Chapter 95 Reward Biskar Data Stream
Chapter 96 Mysterious Discovery
Chapter 97: Reaper of Souls upgraded!
Chapter 98: Unit 1 appears
Chapter 99 Complete Victory
Chapter 100 Soul Equipment
Chapter 101
Chapter 102: Coercion + inducement