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Survive the fourth natural disaster

Survive the fourth natural disaster


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Latest chapter:Chapter 1114 The world is reincarnation (finale)

A civil engineer was reincarnated in the magical continent and tragically became a wood, earth, and water warlock. When he was still wondering where his Earth Bear bloodline came from, the chosen son next door summoned the player. Looking at the turbulent lives of others, Hill just wants to hide well.

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《Survive the fourth natural disaster》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1114 The world is reincarnation (finale)
Chapter 1113 Another old friend comes
Chapter 1112 Better results
Chapter 1111 Isn’t it because of alcohol that you’re depressed?
Chapter 1110 Aurelio takes the bait if he wishes
Chapter 1109 Can you go to heaven?
Chapter 1108 The Town’s Application List
Chapter 1107 The person who asked the old cat to take action
Chapter 1106 Hill didn’t understand
《Survive the fourth natural disaster》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Hill's interpersonal relationship diagram (1)
Chapter 1 Self-reliance
Chapter 2 Don't Want to Be a Warlock
Chapter 3 Finding a Foothold
Chapter 4 My Home
Chapter 5 Adrian's Arrival
Chapter 6 First Heard of the Royal Fight
Chapter 7 The Chosen Son is Next Door
Chapter 8 Alice the White Cat
Chapter Nine: Poor William
Chapter 10: Players Still Have to Fight
Chapter Eleven Grandfather is here
Chapter Twelve The Reasons Why Mothers Are Unlucky
Chapter Thirteen: Sending Off the Only Friend
Chapter Fourteen Grandfather Became a Neighbor
Chapter 15 The Black Panther Merkel Moves In
Chapter 16 The Battle of Gods Begins
Chapter 17 William's Two Stupid Brothers
Chapter Eighteen Archmage Hill
Chapter 19 The Great God of Time and Space
Chapter 20 First Arrival in the Capital
Chapter 21 Prepare to be the boss
Chapter 22 The first day of dealing with players
Chapter 23 The first day of dealing with players
Chapter 24 The second day of dealing with players
Chapter 25: Hill who eats melons online
Chapter 26: Hill who eats melons online
Chapter twenty-seven finally fight
Chapter 28 Results of Players' Online Grumpy
Chapter 29 Rich Players
Chapter 30: Prelude to William's Enthronement
Chapter 31 I'm a King I Don't Like Slaves
Chapter 32 Leaving the Chaos Capital
Chapter 33 The call of 1.5 million people
Chapter 34 The teleportation array that appeared for the first time
Chapter 35 My Village
Chapter 36 The Church of Time and Space
Chapter 37 The Peaceful Country Life
Chapter 38 Players that the natives can't understand
Chapter Thirty-ninth The Coming War
Chapter 40 The Declaration of War with William on the Day Before the War
Chapter 41 The Battle of the City of Black Roses
Chapter 42 The victory without words
Chapter 43: The Confused Flange
Chapter 44 William the Pope
Chapter forty-five
Chapter 46: The Condition of the Alliance City
Chapter 47: Easy War and Terrible Thunder
Chapter 48 The Past of the God of Time and Space
Chapter 49 The God of Time and Space on the Throne
Chapter 50 William's Request
Chapter 51: Returning to the Territory, Sorting Out the Affairs
Chapter 52 The settled players
Chapter 53 Hill is a wizard
Chapter 54 Adrian is also a wizard
Chapter 55 Communication with Adrian
Chapter 56: Getting Ready to Travel
Chapter 57 Go to Black Rose City
Chapter 58: Opening a Shop and Listening to Gossip
Chapter 59 Communication with players
Chapter 60 The Terrible Inch and Wind
Chapter 61 The business is booming Hill
Chapter 62 Hill Almost Overturned
Chapter 63: Daxlot
Chapter 64: The Young Master is in Keslot
Chapter 65: It's about to fight
Chapter 66: Embarrassing and Embarrassing Fight
Chapter 67 Leaving Salar
Chapter 68 Pleasant Sea Voyage
Chapter 69 Arrival at Heva Sardo
Chapter 70 Chaos Heva Saldo
Chapter 71 The King's Highlights
Chapter 72 Hill, who received a lot of goods
Chapter 73: The Last Day at Heva
Chapter 74 Adrian's Action
Chapter 75 Leaving Heva Saldo
Chapter 76 Crazy thoughts on the Hill Road
Chapter 77: Cortez's Bad First Day
Chapter 78 The Failed Trip to Cortez
Chapter 79 Bad Hill
Chapter 80: Talking at Sea, Careful Flange
Chapter 81: Sending Kassel Away
Chapter 82 William is a demigod
Chapter 83: Meet Manton again
Chapter 83 Get rid of the clutter, all the way north
Chapter 85: See the player again
Chapter 86 There is a big difference between players
Chapter 87: William who owes scolding
Chapter 88 The undead are not so easy to provoke
Chapter 89 The undead who can fight without a word
Chapter 90: The Thoughtful Miss Carr
Chapter 91 The mighty power of time and space
Chapter 92 3 Stores for You to Choose
Chapter 93 Adrian's Tough Attitude
Chapter 94 Players who love to join in the fun
Chapter 95 The beginning of the natives and players are very satisfied
Chapter 96: Terrible News
Chapter 1 The United Kingdom of Cortez, Heva Sardo, and Saral is formed
Chapter 2 Flags are not white
Chapter 3 The methodical battle scene
Chapter 4 The cooperation of the two elemental lords
Chapter 5: The Tactics That Have Been Broken
Chapter 6 Kill the Devil
Chapter 7 The episode before the official war
Chapter 8 Towards the Abyss
Chapter 9 Fighting the devil in the front and being beaten in the back
Chapter 10 Intense battle, player's commentary
Chapter 11 The mantis is in the front, the oriole is in the back
Chapter 12 The snow is full of bows and knives, and the war has been swirling
Chapter Thirteen: A Victory Like a Bamboo
Chapter Fourteen: Sending Olivia Away
Chapter 15 Player Deputy Mayor - Old Cat
Chapter 16 The Battle to Capture the Gate of the Abyss
Chapter 17 The Battle of the Abyss
Chapter 18 The Lovely Little Princess Happy Celebration Party
Chapter 19 I really don't want to call the goddess of education
Chapter 20 Everything is ready, only for guests
Chapter 21 The reason for the beast tide
Chapter 22 The three gods, each with his own way
Chapter 23 Love is the eternal topic
Chapter 24 William who operates too much
Chapter 25: Bex's Letter
Chapter 26 The Real Melanie
Chapter 27 Hill made a fortune
Chapter 28 The arrival of the sea monsters and demigods
Chapter 29 Lobster, King Crab and Tuna
Chapter Thirty: Spencer in Line for Dinner
Chapter 31 The jealous Hill becomes a big deal
Chapter 32 Hill's water system also has attack spells
Chapter 33 Deep Sea Demigods, Interesting Deals
Chapter 34 The stunning sow
Chapter 35: Studying Demons Is Killing
Chapter Thirty-Six The Beauty Trick That Hill Can't Look At
Chapter 37 Taking a group photo with the deep sea demigod
Chapter 38
Chapter 39: The door opens, the door to the abyss
Chapter 40: The Sensational Succubus
Chapter 41 The Appearance of the First Betrayal
Chapter 42: Behind the scenes and the beauty and calamity
Chapter 43 The long river of time and space shatters the starry sky
Chapter 44 Adrian who returned safely
Chapter 45 The Diplomatic Conference, the Arrival of Dwarves and Elves
Chapter 46: The Elf Princess Who Came to Seduce William
Chapter 47: Anger against Dwarves and Elves
Chapter 48 The elf who wants Hill to meet
Chapter 49: The scheming elves, the water-tight territory
Chapter 50: The dwarf that is ready to move, the valley as solid as a rock
Chapter 51 Advanced Legendary Flange
Chapter 52 The First Legend in Hill Valley
Chapter 53: Undead full of whimsical ideas
Chapter 54 Are players from other countries coming?
Chapter 55 Jack's parents are leaving
Chapter 56 The Duke and Duchess?
Chapter 57 The abyss is gone, the fox and the old dog
Chapter 58 The world blesses Salar
Chapter 59: Hill, who found himself almost gone
Chapter 60 Put on the shirt and welcome the unknown visitor
Chapter 61 The idiot of the Mage Association has fallen in love with the elves
Chapter 62 The Undercurrent Between Legends
Chapter 63 The Elf Princess Who Sudden Attack
Chapter 64 The sudden outbreak of battle
Chapter 65 The war with elves and dwarves officially started
Chapter 66 During the Battle
Chapter 67 The Joyful Goddess descends on the earth with a holy beauty
Chapter 68 The young master and his friends who made their debut
Chapter 69 The Elf's Bloody Idol Drama
Chapter 70 The final stubbornness of the elf goddess
Chapter 71 From now on, only Sarah
Chapter 72 The Unveiled Grandmother
Chapter 73 The observed Hill is uncomfortable
Chapter 74 It's time to go to the Crystal Palace to play
Chapter 75: The Wheel of Fortune Spins Again
Chapter 76 Why Hill Again?
Chapter 77 Hill's First Artifact
Chapter 78
Chapter seventy-ninth artifact earth shield
Chapter 80 The Savannah of the Wolves and Hill's New Magic
Chapter 81 The brilliance of the silver moon is so bright
Chapter 82 It's time to go home
Chapter 83 Why are you calling the wolf god a dog~?
Chapter 84 Three-series mixed wolf dog, very familiar taste
Chapter 85 The King Who Lives in the Tree
Chapter 86 Can I let someone learn Hill's wind magic?
Chapter 87 What kind of evil is it to kill the wolf god?
Chapter 88 Chaos Actually Affects Hill
Chapter 89 News from an acquaintance, trouble for the earl
Chapter 90 Hill, who was a step late, had to go to the funeral
Chapter 91 The Earl Who Died Out of Flowers
Chapter 92 Dealing with Charles for the first time
Chapter 93 Perast is a thing of the past
Chapter 94 Hill brings joy to William again
Chapter 95 Melanie's Last Resort
Chapter 96 William's temptation, Hill passed the test again
Chapter 97 The Countess's third-rate idol drama seems to be unbelievable
Chapter 98 How many people will the wolverine of the old Sanda King drive crazy?
Chapter 99: Colorful Black, Adrian's Anger at William
Chapter 100: Hill who gently pushed open the legendary door
Chapter 101
Chapter 102 Hill, who has prepared with both hands
Chapter 103 Another shot of the elves against Hill
Chapter 104 The heavy snow brought by the water element lord
Chapter 105 The vitality brought by the wood element lord
Chapter 106
Chapter 107 Legendary Spells in the Spiritual Sea
Chapter 108 Fighting outside the town
Chapter 109 The unwillingness of the enemy is the source of happiness
Chapter 110: Newcomer, New Look, Change of Boss in the End Times
Chapter 11: Xue Yunfeng, desperate for the rabbit
Chapter 12 Hill, who does not intend to be wronged again
Chapter 13 The special envoy of the association who gave up half of his life before entering the door
Chapter 14 The road to killing is actually very easy
Chapter 15: The fierce reaction of the Warlock Tower
Chapter 166
Chapter 17: Silvermoon Warlock Abigail
Chapter 18 The water system has laws!
Chapter 19: The Male God Flan in the Wilderness
Chapter 120 Hill's biography, drafted
Chapter 121: The Space-Time God System that made up for the last shortcoming
Chapter 122 Hill's Biography Officially Published
Chapter 123 Confirmed that he is a blind Hill
Chapter 124: Frank's love for Hill
Chapter 125: Hill, who was almost pitted again
Chapter 126 The hot running ring task
Chapter 127
Chapter 128 Hill, who guards the demigod
Chapter 130 William's Guest, Silver Moon Warlock Valencia
Chapter 130 Treat Hill as the Warlocks of Future Hope
Chapter 131 William who turned his face like a book
Chapter 132: Prelude to the Battle of the Elves
Chapter 133 The secret contest between knights and wolves
Chapter 134 The alliance between humans and wolves, a skirt of the silver moon goddess
Chapter 135: Shining debut, the silver moon goddess who fights back happily
Chapter 136: The Elf God King with a corner missing from the throne
Chapter 137 The Drawn Demigod
Chapter 138 The Sun and the Silver Moon Give Hill a Money-Making Opportunity
Chapter 139 Entering Salar's treasury
Chapter 140 The only thing in the treasury worthy of Hill's attention
Chapter 141
Chapter 142 The Truth or Dare of the Undead
Chapter 143 The textbook-like way of dealing with scumbags
Chapter 144 The concept of marriage of the undead and the nobles of Salar
Chapter 145 Undercurrent floating fleet
Chapter 146 The Hundred Cities Alliance! The war has begun!
Chapter 147: The easily destroyed central city
Chapter 148 Why didn't the abyss open a door here?
Chapter 149 The beginning of the war with frequent trump cards
Chapter 150 The melee in the starry sky
Chapter 151 The Battle of the Gods and Dogs and Men and Women
Chapter 152 Departure to Hill of Central City
Chapter 153 Hill with Sunflower
Chapter 154 Become the Hill of Timely Rain
Chapter 155 Freedom without restraint is a crime
Chapter 156 William, who has lost his trust
Chapter 157: Frank's Guest, Half-elf Druid Violet
Chapter 158: Where the Blade is Going, the Most Evil Dwarf
Chapter 159 Where is the world tree of the elves hidden?
Chapter 160 Advanced Legendary Alice
Chapter 161 The elf who was scolded as a fool
Chapter 162 Hill knows about the arrival of his grandmother
Chapter 163 The rich and powerful party William
Chapter 164: Hill, who works diligently
Chapter 165: The Elf Divine Arrow to the Dwarf God Throne
Chapter 166 The elves and dwarves who parted ways
Chapter 167 Violet is an ambitious half-elf
Chapter 168 Hill is still a minor!
Chapter 169: Hill, who was sent a good card, is very depressed
Chapter 170: Is Hill the reincarnation of the tenth good person?
Chapter 171: A war situation that is imminent
Chapter 172: Exploring Hill (838,771,712 million)
Chapter 173 An Evil God Using Light Artifacts
Chapter 174 The cooperation between Yinyue and William is amazing
Chapter 175: Hill who wants to watch 3D blockbusters
Chapter 176 The Druid who watched the fun became a lively
Chapter 177 The last straw that overwhelms the Mage Association
Chapter 178: The Battle of the Dwarves
Chapter 179 Hill, who released natural blessings, is coveted
Chapter 180 The lover who broke up is not as good as a dog
Chapter 181 The nobles of Salar are in action
Chapter 182 Within the rules, omnipotent
Chapter 183 The peculiar construction method of the central city
Chapter 184: People are not as good as leopards
Chapter 185 The fire of anger burns out the evil
Chapter 186: The old people's hearts changed and they parted ways
Chapter 187 Red rose, spooked by time and space
Chapter 188 Beauty and confusion, murder in secret
Chapter 189 The beauty of money is nothingness
Chapter 190 William loves dogs, Hill loves cats
Chapter 191: Peach's Yaoyao, lost her beloved cat
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two husband and concubine love, choose life together
Chapter 193 Dream back to the beginning, the truth of blood
Chapter 194: The time has come, a visitor from afar
Chapter 195: When things come to an end, I know I regret
Chapter 196 The devil is gone, the plane is looming!
Chapter 197: Bewildering and confusing
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Eighth Old Cunning, Stubborn, Ruthless!
Chapter 199 The hole cards are repeated, the mystery of Flange!
Chapter 200 Feng Shui takes turns, the bell of luck!
Chapter 201 Looking for news, is there an ear outside the window?
Chapter 202: Going up the stairs, pretending to be deaf
Chapter 203 The towering castle, a secret legend
Chapter 203 See No Evil, Don't Listen to Evil
Chapter 205 In the same line, it is difficult to carve rotten wood
Chapter 206 Follow the good temptation, the heart is pounding
Chapter two hundred and seven
Chapter 208 As long as it exists, it has value
Chapter 209 The landslide and the ground crack, the sound stops the clouds
Chapter 210 Run forward, ready to fight!
Chapter 111 The wind blows the clouds, take the opportunity to take revenge!
Chapter 212: Fighting openly and secretly, thinking strangely
Chapter 230 Showing your true face, it turns out to be you
Chapter 240 Rose Maid, Queen of Elf!
Chapter 25 The Shame of the Mage, the Devil Babu!
Chapter 260 Destroy the enemy bandits and turn to the dwarves!
Chapter 271 A shocking sword, Hill was assassinated!
Chapter 28 The gods and masters run in the opposite direction
Chapter 29 The End of the World, the Bear Farming
Chapter 220 Luck is like the wind, always with me
Chapter 221 Headache hurts eyes, holes are popular
Chapter 222 The news is gone, the cat's revenge
Chapter 223 Time-limited choice, money or life?
Chapter 224 Thunderstorms, Luozhu Wufeng
Chapter 225 Aglaia, the water god is born!
Chapter 226: On the Throne, Above the Starry Sky
Chapter 227 The Black Panther is determined, the road of the gods!
Chapter two hundred and twenty eight
Chapter 229 The valley of Hill, the land of blessings of the gods
Chapter 230 The Land of Nature, Aglaia's Labyrinth
Chapter 231 The history of being deceived, the secret of the heart of the world
Chapter 232 Starting again, a trip to the central city
Chapter 233 Helpless to avoid! The establishment of the half-elf kingdom!
Chapter 234 Aurelio, looking for Hill's sleeping journey
Chapter 235: The bear of the earth, whose skin is as thick as a mountain, roaming the sea
Chapter 236 My ancestors kicked your ass
Chapter 237 Life is alive, feng shui turns
Chapter 238: burying his head in forging iron, Hill, who refines semi-artifacts
Chapter 239 The ending of a romantic elopement is always vendetta
Chapter 240 Killing decisively, Queen Violet's road to becoming a god begins
Chapter 241 The purpose of Virginia, the Lord of the Moon Elf?
Chapter 242 Hill, do you mind if I take your moon tree?
Chapter 243 Intrigue, who will be the final winner?
Chapter 244: The Lost Duke of Salar
Chapter 245 Sheltis, the birth of the Moon Elf!
Chapter 246 The gods are not bad, but I choose magic
Chapter 247 Dark Moon Elf, will the forest of elves split?
Chapter 248: A loud noise, the forest of elves fighting
Chapter 249 Some people give up their achievements, some people sow discord
Chapter 250 Burst! The power change of the Elf Forest
Chapter 251 The third-rate idol drama, the queen has changed again
Chapter 252 Pretend! Where are the undead watching!
Chapter 253 The God of Dwarf Foundry Going Home to Rest
Chapter 254 My world, originally called Trahill
Chapter 255 Corellon, who cleans up the mess for his stupid son
Chapter 256 The ocean belongs to Aglaia!
Chapter 257: The cycle of cause and effect, retribution is unhappy
Chapter 258 Kill! The true master of the grey dwarves
Chapter 259 The cat fights! The artifact is in hand!
Chapter 260 Hill's First Artifact
Chapter 261: The sky is full of colorful flowers, and the semi-artifact appears!
Chapter 262 Hill, who is waiting for his salary to live
Chapter 263 The Respectful Half-Elf Mission
Chapter 264 The relationship with the half-elves? Just don't kill them
Chapter 265 Hill's Water Semi-Artifact
Chapter 266 Preparation! The beginning of the war of dwarves
Chapter 267 Departure! Beyond the Dwarf Capital
Chapter 268 Revenge! The same trick is just to die!
Chapter 269 Surprise! The golden dwarf who was made into a puppet!
Chapter 270 Appearance of the first abyss gate
Chapter 271 The sun god who made up the sky, the intercepted dwarf ship!
Chapter 272 Decisive battle! The mourning of the enemy is always worth celebrating
Chapter 273: The Completely Destroyed Dwarf Pantheon
Chapter 274 Perfect kill! Behind the scenes!
Chapter 275 End! The future with the abyss
Chapter 276 Return! Hill who was stuffed with dog food
Chapter 277 Coronation! Merkel and Alice's Road to Kings
Chapter 278 The primary economic warfare of the undead
Chapter 279 The Appearance of the New Earl of Perast
Chapter 280 William who looked at the ocean
Chapter 281 Let's go! Great voyage!
Chapter 282: Flange ready to travel
Chapter 283: Ready, Hill, who is about to travel far
Chapter 284: Rich or Poor? The Stimulated Hill
Chapter 285 Aurelio's Foodie Map
Chapter 286 pocket money given by grandfather
Chapter 287 Aglaia always has a show
Chapter 288 The turbulent Keslot
Chapter 289 The God of Time and Space and William who are going to mine
Chapter 290: Welcome to Keslot, who is far away
Chapter 291 The undercurrent surging under the prosperity
Chapter 292 The actors are in place, and the drama is about to start
Chapter 293 The Whispering Elf
Chapter 294 The very enduring elf
Chapter 295 Hill also has bad luck
Chapter 296 Is this teleportation lucky?
Chapter 297 The Inside Story of the Crystal Flower
Chapter 299: All the way to the north, a hard journey
Chapter 300 Welcome Home, Little Hill
Chapter 301 Hill, who is ready to settle down in the valley
Chapter 302 Hill's sincere blessing will of course have an effect
Chapter 303 Smashing the door is of course premeditated!
Chapter 304 Orianna, the eldest sister of the three bears
Chapter 305 Niels, the second brother of the three little bears
Chapter 306 Bucky, the good boy of the three bears
Chapter 307: Flange's Departure, Adrian's Legendary Road
Chapter 308 Life is always giving up
Chapter 309 Aglaia who calls the wind and calls the rain
Chapter 310 Hill who started to work
Chapter 311 The Journey of the Three Little Bears
Chapter 312 What does the bear of the earth not eat!
Chapter 313: Meeting in the first snow, that familiar figure
Chapter 344: The Earth Bear Patriarch Hay Wilson
Chapter 315: Hyunwa's parents are always in danger of being beaten
Chapter 366 The long-lost and hard way to carry a bucket
Chapter 377 The last carnival before departure
Chapter 318 Come with me, little prince
Chapter 399 The days of digging and mud are so familiar
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty The Earth Shaking Violently
Chapter 321 Papa Hill, you guys are a bit like
Chapter 322 Hill's Half Soul
Chapter 323 Aglaia's concept of love
Chapter 324 The Arrival of the Gods
Chapter 325 The news that the world is about to be promoted
Chapter 326 Can the undead be borrowed?
Chapter 327 The Gate of Starry Sky Full of Controversy
Chapter 328 Where is the contract of Warcraft going!
Chapter 329 Hill's father is my anchor
Chapter 330 The sigh of joy of the goddess of the earth
Chapter 331 Hill who walked out of the star gate
Chapter 332 The first day of the new world is still the old one
Chapter 333: The World Will of Guerns
Chapter 334 Hill, who even the undead did not hide
Chapter 335: The Uncovered Corner of Guerns' World
Chapter 336: Is it okay to change the welcome ceremony?
Chapter 337: The Arrival of the Legendary Knight Squad
Chapter 338 The glorious knights kneeling on one knee!
Chapter 339 The inside story of Guerns
Chapter 340 The abyss and hell are the eternal enemies
Chapter 341 It is indeed a fake magic net
Chapter 342 Is there really a problem with the horses of the Glory Knights?
Chapter 343 The stable performance in the midst of war
Chapter 344 Is the horse named Becky a man or a woman?
Chapter 345 hurts his own curiosity
Chapter 346 Is your Hill the Hill of Trahir?
Chapter 347 Oil painting has many functions!
Chapter three hundred and forty-eight the glorious knights that leak from all sides
Chapter 349 The battle on the city wall, the power of the Ring of Winter!
Chapter 350 The Radiant Knights Ready to Go Home
Chapter 351 The beauty who guides the undead
Chapter 352 Sister, you look back~
Three hundred and fiftieth chapters easy victory
Chapter 354: The star gate opened again, the sudden return
Chapter 354 Let's go together in the future!
Chapter 355 Fairness, Justice and Justice
Chapter three hundred and fiftieth chapters looking for the devil's commander
Chapter 357: Hill who emptied his pockets to buy things~
Chapter 358 Who is the opponent of the God of Magic?
Chapter 359 Sir, have you ever dug mines?
Chapter 360 In fact, Hill can also be recruited from the ocean
Chapter 361 The Appearance of the Lord of the Eighth Floor of Hell
Chapter 362: The existence that will inevitably lead to the study of the magic net
Chapter 363 The Road of Resistance of the Singing God
Chapter 364: The Demon Lord, who is cooperating with the battle of the brave
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five two oriole staring at the battle
Chapter 366: Sarah's Smile and Gift
Chapter 367 Lucky Boy William
Three hundred and sixty-eight chapters one of the apologies of the elf god king
Chapter 369 The visitors of the Green Leaf Forest are really different
Chapter 370 Free-spirited green-leafed elves
Chapter 371 The female elf in wild laughter
Chapter 373 The green leaf elf who wants to know who Hill is
Chapter 374 Guardian Knight Navin Spencer
Chapter 375 Other divine arts brought by the virtues of knights
Chapter 376 Trahir's Road to Knights is No Longer Incomplete
Chapter 377 The recalled undead
Chapter 378 The Legendary Trial Officially Opened
Chapter 379: Set off again to purify the entire Guerns!
Chapter 380 The lost lady's skirt full of lies and betrayal
Chapter 381 The Kingdom of the Blood Moon that does not need to fight
Chapter 382 Let them go home together!
Chapter 383: The Arrival of the Green Leaf Elf and the Radiant Knights
Chapter 384 Deathmatch! The choice of the Radiant Knights
Chapter 385 Brilliant victory, and Soliers who is making up the sky again
Chapter 386 The arrival of Aglaia!
Chapter 387 The meeting of Alice and Aglaia
Chapter 388 A trip to the new world that was put together
Chapter 389 The Desolate Tower in the Forest
Chapter 390 Three thousand gods and three thousand avenues?
Chapter 391 The difficult road to rebuild the magic tower
Chapter 392 The officially opened life of a level 20 mage
Chapter 393 The sudden news of the undead
Chapter 394: Entering Tevalan
Chapter 395 Reyes City Auction
Chapter 396: The undead on the side of Megatron
Chapter 397 Not suitable for Hill's auction
Chapter 398 Hill, who made a little money
Chapter 399 Goodbye to the undead, the big bear of the Frank family
Chapter 400 The world that slips into the abyss is never innocent
Chapter 401: The Undead's Ambition
Chapter 402 Is it a proving ground or an amusement park?
Chapter 403: Felonriel, known as flying chess
Chapter 404: The Southern and Northern Wars, the Conquest of the Undead
Chapter 405 Hill was actually attacked!
Chapter 406 The enemy that Hill does not want to see
Chapter 407: The Hidden Enemy
Chapter 408: The arrogant man behind the scenes
Chapter 409: The Victory of Killing Vines
Chapter 410 Confirming that he is indeed not a mage's Hill
Chapter 411 Sneak attack! Another sneak attack!
The four hundred and twelfth chapter of the sudden orc god
Chapter four hundred and thirteen Hill was put on a bounty
Chapter 444: Hill Embraces Freedom
Chapter 415 The conspirators who showed a little clue
Chapter 416: The Hidden God of Tyranny
Chapter 417 What happened to Trahir?
Chapter four hundred and eighteen uninvited guests from afar
Chapter 490 There is no reason for nothing
Chapter 420 Race war is never right or wrong
Chapter 421 Hill, who has a little yearning for Nether
Four hundred and twentieth chapters are very valuable undead
Chapter 423 Dragon Baby's Large Playground
Chapter 424: William who gave up the monopoly of Ferren Hill
Chapter 425 Alice? Alice!
Four hundred and twentieth chapters identical eyes
Chapter 427 Father's love is like a mountain, a little heavy
Chapter 428: The Poison of Silent Faith
Chapter 429 Fire believers who attracted the attention of the undead
Chapter 430 Alice who was buried by homework
Chapter 431 In order to be free, we are willing to give our lives!
Chapter 432 The laughter brought by the long-lost old friend
Chapter 433: Faerun Riel's precarious future
Chapter 434 Refugees who defected to Hill
Chapter 435 Retaliation from all directions
Chapter 436 The descendants of Santos
Chapter 437 The Hogan Family Hidden in Reyes
Chapter 438
Chapter 439 Alice's Perseverance and Willfulness
Chapter 440: The Shadow Behind the Chaos of Warcraft
Chapter 441 Back to the Stargate, William's little trouble
Chapter 442 The days of being watched are really uncomfortable
Chapter 443: Disguised Passengers, Exploding Stargate
Chapter 444: Unexpected and Unexpected
Chapter 445 The Ming Deer Tavern in the small town of Cuerva
Chapter 446 The troubles brought by the big dog Hill
Chapter 447 Hill, who has settled down temporarily
Chapter 448: Lynn, who makes wine like mud
Chapter 449 Experience life is not easy
Chapter 450 Sudden attack in the middle of the night
Chapter 451 The first step of Hill's magic book
Chapter 452 Hill's magic book, comparable to the existence of an artifact
Chapter 453: The Thank You Gift of the Council of Cuerva
Chapter 454 Hill's Magic Chapter II
Chapter 455 In new places, there will always be a tempting hand
Chapter 456 The neighbor next door is a little wrong
Chapter 457 The Weakness of the Woods Array
Chapter 459 The unicorn came next door
Chapter 460 Hill's Magic Chapter Three
Chapter 461 Lynn who visits again
Chapter 462 The Northern Continent, a little bit of reality
Chapter 463 After the extreme winter, secret surging
Chapter 464 Are you going to buy a farm in Silvermoon City?
Chapter 465 Departure! Hill, who is going to spend money in Silvermoon City
Chapter 466 Erathrow and the Mark of Silvermoon City
Chapter 467 Gift from the Golden Oak
Chapter 468 Hill, who was rejected by friends
Chapter four hundred and sixty-ninth, Hill is not afraid of such things as bidding
Chapter 470 Long-lost Woking, happy revenge
Chapter 471 Barter, the sincerity of Waterdeep City
Chapter 472: The Territory Finally Got
Chapter 473: The Vol'jin Blessed Being targeted
Chapter 474 Uninvited guests in the garden villa
Chapter 475 The Golden Dragon Terry Vergas in the Rebellious Period
Four hundred and seventieth chapters Hill's deterrent
Chapter 477 The Beginning of the Year of You Long
Chapter 478: The Attraction of Environmental Golems
Chapter 479 Hill returning to college life
Chapter 480 From spring to summer, the dragon that is in decline
Chapter 481 Wake up Terry's bell
Chapter 482 Hill and Terry ready to set off
Chapter 483: Leaving the Vortex and Entering the Undead Swamp
Chapter 484 The first meeting of Aglaia and Terry
Chapter 485: The magic book that was finally promoted to the artifact
Chapter 486 Aglaia's Poseidon
Chapter 487 Terry's sincerity and luck
Chapter 488 The changed future of the undead swamp
Chapter 489 The first wave of guests greeted by the Undead Swamp
Chapter 490 Guests from Neverwinter
Chapter 491 The Silver Shield Knights who applied for admission
Chapter 492 The mysterious businessman Hill is online again
Chapter 493: The Harpist Who Wants To Get Into Them
Chapter 494: The Harpers Who Came To Become Dragon Knights
Chapter 495: Hill, who tests his luck
Chapter 496 The first thunder of early spring
Chapter 497 Dragon Egg, whoever loves to keep it, let's keep it!
Chapter 498 The doubts brought by the two invitation letters
Chapter four hundred and ninety-ninth Hill broke the inner bondage
Chapter 500 Lynn who came in a hurry
Chapter 501 The Beginning of the Journey to Waterdeep City
Chapter Five Hundred and Two The Third Companion Who Participated in the Auction
Chapter 503 Crazy Black Rod Lord
Chapter 504 What is Corellon hiding?
Chapter 505 Hill and Golden Dragon, Opposite Views on Money
Chapter 506 The Moon Elf in the Elf Stone Tavern
Chapter 507 Actually, Hill is here to shop
Chapter 508: Amber Acorns of the Moon Forest Ring
Chapter 509: The sudden universal impermanence card
Chapter 510 The choice of the five chapters of magic
Chapter 511: The Counterattack of the Capitalists
Chapter Five Hundred and Twelve Another Visitor from Terry's House
Chapter 513: Terry's Difficult Choice
Chapter Five Hundred and Fourteen Hill Actually Has Changed A Little Thing
Chapter 515 The name here: Aglaia!
Chapter 566: Success always has to be celebrated with a feast
Chapter 517: Theocracy of Aglaia
Chapter 518: The End of the Black Staff Kelburn (For Qin Feng ABC
Chapter 519: Chaos in Faer?n Continent
Chapter 520: The Expansion of Aglaia Town
Chapter 521 The Prince of Neverwinter who came suddenly
Chapter 522: Help from Neverwinter
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Three The Second Generation Alliance Group to Dig Treasures
Chapter 524 The beginning of the heroic epic
Chapter 525: Dawn and White Night, the Melancholy brought to Hill
Chapter 526 Another way of using the labyrinth array
Chapter 527 Su Lun who gave silver fire at will
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Eighth The Northland Youth Heroes Group Was Surrounded
Chapter 529 The heroes who entered the underwater temple
Chapter 530 Ransendell's Helpless Advice
Chapter 531 Barr who will appear of course
Chapter five hundred and thirty second interrupted tragic epic
Chapter 533 Toril always has unexpected guests
Chapter 534 Prepare for the upcoming old friends!
Chapter 535 The materials for building the port seem to frighten people
Chapter 536: Warlocks who are promoted in the unpredictable mind
Chapter 537 Lynn's Golden Elf Cousins
Chapter 538: Sad Elf Crusade
Chapter 539 Corellon's Fury
Chapter 540 The elf ancestor who came to solve the puzzle
Chapter 541: The frightened Lynn
Chapter five hundred and forty second long-lost shame
Chapter 543 A warm welcome from Hill
Chapter five hundred and forty fourth William's letter
Chapter 545 Chaos and Order of the Undead
Chapter 546 The dissatisfaction and anger of the Toril gods
Chapter 547 Alice's Letter and Gift
Chapter 548 Abduction of Ransendall
Chapter five hundred and forty-nine Hill secretly follow the trend
Chapter 550: Master Timely Rain
Chapter five hundred and fifty first self-deceiving Lynn
Chapter 552: The Future Planning of Aglaia City
Chapter 553: Dwarves and Gnomes from Faurenriel
Chapter 554: Terry and Gu Ramba become golfers
Chapter 555: The Secret Murder in Toril World
Chapter 556 The explosion from the city of deep water
Chapter 557: Waterdeep City in Chaos
Chapter 558 Who can beat BB!
Chapter 559: Law Enforcement Power in Deep Water City
Chapter 560 Old Sanda King's Fist
Chapter 561: The Return of Aglaia
Five hundred and sixtieth chapters Hill is a little unbearable treasure
Chapter 563 What to do with the cup that is not easy to use
Chapter 564 The Ten Northern Towns in Icewind Dale
Chapter 565 The long-lost Woking is here
Chapter 566: The tablet of the silver dragon Farisonis
Chapter 567 The Transmission Ring of the Tower of Windsong
Chapter five hundred and sixty-eight before there is a roadblock
Chapter 569 It really exposed too much Hill
Chapter 570 Vol'jin can't die
Chapter five hundred and seventy first Vera with an unusual identity
Chapter 572: Ransendel, who reconciled with the elf pantheon
Chapter five hundred and seventy-three occupations that hurt the elves' self-esteem
Chapter five hundred and seventy-four hurt Hill's attack
Chapter 575 The treasure that Hill wants to have
Chapter 576: The Crazy Moves of the Zhentalin Society
Chapter 577: Terry's Bell, Lansendel's Feather
Chapter five hundred and seventy-eight the otherworldly whale Purvi
Chapter five hundred and seventy-ninth escalated war
Chapter five hundred and eighty the angered Su Lun
Chapter five hundred and eighty first Su Lun's combat mode
Chapter 482 Rose and Corellon
Chapter 483 The Birth of a Monument
Chapter 484 The demise of Zhentil Fort predicted in advance
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-Fifth The Elves of Trasil About to Expedition
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-Six The Male Flower Fairy That Comes
Chapter five hundred and eighty seventh Lynn's little trouble
Chapter 588 The sudden change of Yongju Island
Chapter five hundred and eighty-ninth the powerful Admiral Gar
Chapter 590: The Real Destination of the Elf Royal Fleet
Chapter 591 The vanguard of the undead rushing to the desert
Chapter 592 Oberon's Pointing and Request
Chapter 593: Selene and Selene's Tears
Chapter 594 Longyan Star Journey
Chapter five hundred and ninety fifth simple and rough battle
Chapter 596 The conspiracy after the slave trade
Chapter five hundred and ninety-seven battle with astral pirates (to the lord of the plane tree on the road of happiness
Chapter 598 The first harvest
The five hundred and ninetieth chapters go home contentedly
Chapter 600 Life and freedom, each has its own choice
Chapter 601 Lynn waiting on the port
Chapter 602 The Purvii reports to you
Chapter 603 The little trouble brought by the goblin
Chapter 604: The Fleet of Yongju Island Reluctantly Moved
Chapter 605 Kyle Ben thinks it's a lose-lose
Chapter 606: The Astonishing IQ of Prince Andreu, the Ruler of Mulan
Chapter 607 What to do with the large garbage sent by the elves
Chapter 608 Lynn's worries
Chapter 609 Hill ready to travel around the world
Chapter 610 Crisis at the Gate of Hell
Chapter 611 The undead finally caught up with the big battlefield
Chapter 612: The Undead Priest Who Learned Resurrection
Chapter 613: The Invincible Knights of Justice
Chapter six hundred and fourteen boiling undead
Chapter 65 The Sword of Everisca of the Star Mountains
Chapter 616 Oberon's family found
Chapter 677 The story of the past, a touch of sadness
Chapter six hundred and eighteen the goblin queen who suddenly attacked
Chapter 69 The Power of Alessio
Chapter 620 The Elf Queen Who Was Kicked by Larry
Chapter 621: The Festival of the Corellon Believers: The Forest Supper of the New Moon
Chapter 622 The Holy Land and Statue of the Father of Elves
Chapter 623 The well-informed demon army
Chapter 624 The fierce reaction of the demon lord Grazt
Chapter 625 Looking for opportunities on the deadlocked battlefield
Chapter 626 The sudden outbreak of Vol'jin
Chapter 627 The welcome messenger that Hill likes very much
Chapter 628: The embarrassment of An Yanfei, the administrative officer of Long
Chapter 629 The treasurer from Anjia Treasure Building
Chapter 630: The Resentment of the Dragons to Faer?n Continent
Chapter 631 Shoulong, who is not friendly to goblins
Chapter 632 Ready to go to Hill in Haidong Province
Chapter 633 The first stop of Shoulong's free excursion, Renhe
Chapter 634: The surging waves of the Dragon Empire
Chapter 635 The person who came to die inexplicably
Chapter 636 The collapsed treasure building
Chapter 637 The days when you can only tell the truth are so painful!
Chapter 638: Going around again is Zhentalin
Chapter 639: The Lin Family Who Makes Holes Everywhere
Chapter 640: The Appearance of Mass Graves
Chapter 641 The Strange Sealing Magic Array
Chapter 642 The cave that was opened in advance
Chapter 643: Endless Thunder, Sweep the Darkness
Chapter 644: The Change of Renhe City
Chapter 645 Hill, who can no longer endure
Chapter 646: Hill, who was asked to leave
Chapter 647 VIP Auction on Yingbin Island
Chapter 648: Hill, who has moved a little bit of thought
Chapter 649 Finally a fish of some value came
Chapter 650 The Frightened Pirate
Chapter 651 The Advanced Artifact of the Sun God System
Chapter 652 Departure! Dancing Dolphin Bay
Chapter 653: Amberi, who seeks his own death
Chapter six hundred and fiftieth chapter Isi ray suddenly attacked
Chapter 655 Hill, the journey has come to an end
Chapter 656: Chaos in Faer?n Continent
Chapter 657 Bored William
Chapter 658 The Future of the Highest Forest
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth IX possible enemies
Chapter 660 Looking for Terry's friend for help
Chapter 661 The Demon Priest Is Really Here
Chapter 662 The beautiful life of Tustin
Chapter 663 The perfect bald head to lie to the dog
Chapter 664 Behind-the-scenes farce caused by the pirate pursuit
Chapter 665 Lynn's mysterious father
Chapter 666 The end of the demon war
Chapter 667: Turrell World Turmoil
Chapter 668 Aglaia City after the World Reorganization
Chapter 669 Who is the first?
Chapter 670 The second visitor
Chapter 671 The neighbors who are connected
Chapter six hundred and seventy-two a little troublesome ancient green dragon
Chapter six hundred and seventy third rich booty
Chapter 674 Missing Lynn of the Undead
Chapter 675 Negligence Hill
Chapter six hundred and seventy-six finally found the trouble of Hill
Chapter 777 Lynn's famous friend
Chapter six hundred and seventy-eight secretly dragging Kelburn's hind legs
Chapter 679: The Epic of Mystra with a Changed Key
Chapter 680 The bloody fight in Silvermoon City
Chapter 681: The plot that took a sharp turn
Chapter 682 The contact opposite the crystal
Chapter 683 Silver White Space Tree
Chapter 684 A Strange Gift from Corellon
Chapter 685: The Return of the Undead
Chapter 686 Neverwinter City
Chapter 687: Topaz Dragon Lich to Pay the Ransom
Chapter 688: Is Midnight Luck Good or Bad?
Chapter 689 What is the character of the old Sanda King?
Chapter 690: The Strange Start of the Battle of Luskan
Chapter 691: Charge to Luskan
Chapter 692 Long-lost William
Chapter 693 Lyra's Wish and Luskan's Future
Chapter 694: I can finally pry the corner of Neverwinter
Six hundred and ninetieth chapters undefeated enemies
Chapter 696
Chapter six hundred and ninety seventh Lynn and Lyra's small differences
Chapter 698 The Purvi bound for the Maztec continent
Chapter 699 The long-awaited reunion
Chapter 700: We have parted in ten years, and we meet here on the road
Chapter 701: Frank, you have a terrible grandson
Chapter 702 Isn't that a magic goddess dead?
Chapter 703 Abel's human attributes are terrible!
Chapter 704 Transcription! The basic skills of the master
Chapter 705: Faerun Continent, chaos has arisen
Chapter 706 Grandfather, this is my Aglaia
Chapter 707 The Mithril Elf that Suddenly Appeared
Chapter 708 Luskan's episode
Chapter 709 Edna's Beautiful Life
Chapter 710 Cold winter, omen of war
Chapter 711: Flange's Harvest in the Starry Sky
Chapter 712 A little episode of Luskan
Chapter seven hundred and thirteen practice before the war
Chapter 744: Luskan's preparations for the war
Chapter 415 The battle horn that sounded directly
Chapter four hundred and sixteen episodes in the battle
Chapter 777 The signal sent from the ridge of the world
Chapter 718: Poor Curatos
Chapter 719: The Dream of Alvia Tulais
Chapter 720 What kind of department are you in?
Chapter 721 Two white dragons standing at the fork in the road
Chapter 722 The White Dragon who bravely advances along the wrong road
Chapter seven hundred and twenty third Ben believers are working hard
Chapter 723: Reasons for Aid Miraba
Chapter 725 What is William going to do?
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth the upcoming decisive battle
Chapter 727: The Appearance of Another Enemy
Chapter 228 William's request
Chapter 729 The female dwarf who rushed into the alchemy hall (seeking the moon)
Chapter 730: Find the White Dragon of the Right Lord
Chapter 731 The White Dragon and the Little Girl
Chapter 732 Edna, whose outlook on life was bombed
Chapter 733 The establishment of the eternal contract
Chapter 734 The White Dragon Queen who is still fighting the undead
Chapter 735 Sister, do you want to raise a white dragon?
Chapter 736: William who is in one hand
Chapter 737: White Dragon's Future Residence
Chapter 738 Super Intermediary Alvia Tules
Chapter 739 Su Lun's Moonlight
Chapter seven hundred and fortieth undead euphemistic request
Chapter 741 Looking for the entrance to the Underdark
Chapter 742 Edna who was purified from the house
Chapter 743 For Trahill
Chapter 744: The Temple of Heim and the Conspiracy of Neverwinter
Chapter 445 The secrets hidden in the forest
Chapter 746 The Mithril Spirit Hidden in the Forest
Chapter 747 Hill's Test of Neighbors (Seeking a Monthly Pass~)
Chapter 748 The Temple of Heim, which has to be set before leaving
Chapter seven hundred and forty-ninth flange requirements
Chapter 750: The Shipping Method of the White Dragon
Chapter 751: How to Train Your Dragon Daily
Chapter 752 The visit of Patriarch Hubbell
Chapter 753: The worries of Patriarch Hubbell
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth chapters intrigue, each takes what he needs
Chapter seven hundred and fifty fifth preliminary contract
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-six set off to the underground world
Chapter 757 The first battle of the underground world
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth eight shocking battle
Chapter 759: Vera's Great Dream
Chapter 760 The mastermind behind the scenes is always on stage
Chapter 761 The sudden but fateful change of Verana
Chapter 762: The Old Dog Who Can't Help Cursing Impulsively
Chapter 763 BOSS substitutions, offense and defense are different
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-four runes that cannot be learned
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-five the silent old snow dog
Chapter 766 Reasonable transformation of the star-colored stone crown
Chapter seven hundred and sixty seventh: the enemy who keeps the undead away
Chapter 768: An extremely difficult victory
Chapter 669 The establishment of the first underground resurrection point
Chapter six hundred and seventieth good friends to share
Chapter 671: Spring is the season that breeds vitality
Chapter 672: Undead who don't know whether to be happy or not
Chapter 673 The old dog with a black mouth and a black heart
Chapter 674 Only truth is eternal
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-fifth love house and Wu's Shar
Chapter 776: The Battle of the Underground Hills
Chapter 777 Don't BB, just hit it
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-ninth, the guest who made Hill head big
Chapter 779: The Enemy on the White Bone Mountain
Chapter 780 Strange and powerful blood pool
Chapter seven hundred and eighty first high-level artifacts in the blood pool
Chapter 782: Drow's Attack - Offensive and Defensive Dislocation
Chapter 783: Schadenfreude Selene
Chapter 784 No fish or shrimp, each has its own beauty
Chapter 785 Aglaia's more and more flavorful temple area
Chapter 786: Drow who joined the battle
Chapter 787: The pride of the single dog Hill
Chapter 788 The start of the war on earth
Chapter 788 The so-called secret of Chang'an Town
Chapter 789
Chapter 790 The original goal of the Hubbell family
Chapter 791 Attack! White Dragon Brigade
Chapter 792 Sudden! Shar's high-level artifact
Seven hundred and ninetieth chapters Shar's real goal
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-four the subtle induction of twins
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-fifth of a word disagreement, first fight
Chapter 796 Revenge of course must be comprehensive
Chapter seven hundred and ninety seventh long-lost old friend
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-eight waterdeep city with heavy losses
Chapter 799: The talent of the undead gets lost
Chapter 800 Undead who came to ask for help
Chapter 801: Elves and Humans in the Undercurrent
Chapter 802 The undead on the right track
Chapter 803 The enemy right in front of you
Chapter eight hundred and fourth William's source
Chapter 805: The End of the Dwarf Delo
Chapter 806 A few orioles following behind
Chapter 807 In fact, people are dragon beasts
Chapter 808 Unexpected cooperation (seeking a monthly ticket for the leader of the helpless DE era
Chapter 809 Bury the enemy and find treasure
Chapter 810 The future trend between three words and a few words
Chapter 811 The hottest sun gave birth to the most indifferent gods
Chapter 812: Hill Buried in the Experiment
Chapter 813 The upcoming summer solstice celebration
Chapter 814 The guest of the city lord is a bit fierce
Chapter 815: Shar's Subtle Transformation
Chapter 816: Pre-war preparations for the land of conspiracy
Chapter 817: Selene, who is always looking for trouble
Chapter 818 Departure! Karin Shan
Chapter 819 The War Begins - Arrive at Karin Shan
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth the first battle that is neat and tidy
Chapter 821 Disappointed Weaver Pasha
Chapter 822 Villa, who wants to be lazy, is a bit pitted
Chapter 823: Planting Flowers and Vegetables to Build the Great Wall
Chapter 824: Vera who broke free for the first time
Chapter 825 The gods and monsters attacking the Great Wall
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters of the danger of group members
Chapter 827 The first unanimous proposal
Eight hundred and twentieth eight chapters beaten young master
Chapter 829 Have you soaked in blisters too much?
Chapter 830
Chapter 831 The Purpose of the Sigil City
Chapter 832: Faerun Riel Appears Again
Chapter 833 Haha is the best answer
Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters fierce one-in-a-million
Chapter eight hundred and thirty fifth the oriole is not so easy to do
Chapter 836 The demeanor of the eunuch on Dongchang Road
Chapter 837: The Attribution of the Hunting Horn
Chapter 838 Departure! Mill Forest
Chapter 839 The new boss and the robbed dish
Chapter eight hundred and fortieth Queen Vera's kindness
Chapter 841: Spy really is a dangerous job
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters honest spies
Chapter 843 They used to be human, right?
Eight hundred and fortieth chapters punished dark night messenger
Chapter 845: The Night Cloak of Doubtful Life
Chapter 846 Isn't it because of you every time I'm unlucky?
Chapter 847 Who are Ecak's parents?
Chapter eight hundred and forty-eight fortune tellers do not test themselves
Chapter 849: The Purpose of Ivar Grimes
Chapter 850 What does Sarah want?
Chapter 851 The girl of the moon who fights every day
Chapter 852: Amanata's big move
Chapter 853: Poverty has won again
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters Vera is a little sober
Chapter 855 Who is heavier than the priest and the cup?
Eight hundred and fiftieth chapters Mansa card entering the war mode
Chapter 857 Whose believer kneels the fastest?
Chapter 858: The Resurrection of Amana Tower
Chapter 859 The annoying sun god
Chapter 860 The joy brought by the misfortune of Amanata
Chapter 861 The next goal of the undead
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters chaotic Karin Shan
Chapter 863: The ardent Imbutu royal family
Chapter 864 The sorrow and joy of the royal family in Butu
Chapter 685 The contract has been completed, entering the inland sea
Chapter 866 Hill is so strong!
Eight hundred and sixty seventh chapter undercurrent under easy battle
Chapter 868: Intrigue, who is afraid of whom?
Eight hundred and sixtieth IX talented undead
Chapter 870 The Snow Old Dog Who Uses His Body as Bait (Seeking Monthly Pass)
Chapter 871 The victory that has been determined from the beginning (seeking a monthly ticket~)
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters Selene and some undead have in common
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters, the jubilant will report to the eunuch
Chapter 873 Is the goblin master crazy?
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters a little unlucky Ben
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters of the terrible place of Selene
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters hit half want to understand
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters want to bring disaster to the east because of Butu
Chapter 878: The Claws of Sigil
Eight hundred and seventieth IX different gifts
Eight hundred and eightieth chapter has been beyond recognition of the fate
Chapter 881 The movement over the giant valley
Chapter 882
Chapter 883
Chapter 884: Toril's annual drama kicked off
Chapter eight hundred and eighty fifth impatient Lynn
Chapter eight hundred and eighty sixth Leonard's helplessness
Chapter 887 The two goddesses who come again
Chapter 888: The Adventure Team Ready to Go
Chapter 889
Chapter 890: The determined Miss Edna
Chapter 891 The adventure team was officially established
Chapter 892: The Interrupted Departure Declaration
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters meeting ceremony of the undead
Chapter 894: Tiger Man Soma's Fried Hair Journey
Chapter 895 Go buy a dragon saddle!
Chapter 896 Edna who must live a long time
Chapter eight hundred and ninety seventh Edna who has no loopholes to drill
Eight hundred and ninetieth eight chapters dedicated two people
Chapter 989 Little Fox Edna
Chapter 900 The undead are really mysterious!
Chapter 901 Yang conspiracy to calculate people's hearts
Chapter 902 Greed and Temperance
Chapter 903 Suddenly the sky collapsed
Chapter 904 I don't know who is unlucky
Chapter 905 An operation that makes Hill very familiar
Chapter 906 My family can't be that stupid
Chapter 907: Selune, who always wants to stretch out his claws
Chapter 908 Selene, who looks at the old dog snow
Chapter 909 Difficulty advancing the road of destiny
Chapter 910 The Slate of Destiny in Dilemma
Chapter 911 An old friend who suddenly appeared
Chapter 912 The Confrontation Between Snakes and Dogs
The ninth and thirteenth chapter of the Hubbell family who shot again
Chapter 914: The Secret Spy
Chapter 915 Collapsed underground passage
Chapter 915 The hustle and bustle in the junkyard
Chapter 916 The Hubbell family who wants to leave Toril
Chapter 917 The Hubbell family who can save
Chapter nine hundred and eighteen emergencies come again
Chapter 919 The BOSS that finally appeared
Chapter nine hundred and twentieth the hatred of the Hubbell family
Chapter 921: Unlucky Ben, coveted Shar
Chapter 922 Edna watching the fun
Chapter 923 Finally found the wrong Hubbell
Chapter 924 The sleeping demon lord
Chapter 925 Aglaia was affected
Chapter 926 The new guests of the floating castle
Nine hundred and twentieth seventh chapter decanter Adanke
Chapter 928: Ransendall's Collection Task
Chapter 929 The Demon Lord who finally showed up
Chapter 930 Shar and Corellon hooked up
Chapter 931 Hill seems to have done something
Chapter 932: The Fierceness of the Natural Mage
Chapter 933 The cunning red-haired demon
Chapter 934 Pale-faced Edna
Chapter 935
Chapter 936 Damn Ransendall
Chapter 937 Talking too much is always going to lead to bad luck
Chapter 938 It hurts, not a dream
Chapter 939 Kill or not kill, have a good time
Chapter nine hundred and fortieth completely desperate tiefling
Chapter 941 The hesitation of the daughter of the dark night
Chapter 942 You really liked that William, didn't you?
Chapter 943 The soon-to-be-famous William
Chapter 944: Prepare to face troubled Aglaia city
Chapter 945: The Slate of Destiny has a lot of fun~
Chapter 946 Lansendel's Anguish
Chapter 947: Visitors from Shadow Valley
Chapter 948 Let's bypass this topic~
Chapter 949 The topic is quickly switching
Chapter nine hundred and fiftieth single-handedly in the wrong direction
Chapter 951 Sanda Ms. Wang is enough
Chapter 952 The artifact moves the dragon's heart
Chapter 953 Rose after the conspiracy
The ninth and fifty-fourth chapter is still here, Eilistraee
Chapter 955 Crazy Masked Lord
Chapter 956 Will Rose come?
Chapter 956: Fishing Shar
Chapter 957 The steel dragons who want to retreat
Chapter 958: The Admirable Rose
Chapter 959: Dawn doesn't want to see you
Chapter 960 Close your beak~
Chapter 961 Are the heads of the steel dragon solid?
Chapter 962 Can Ransendell speak a little less?
Chapter 963 The lower limit of the gods pulled by Rose to the bottomless abyss
Chapter 964 Edna, who is sorting out her mood every day
Chapter 965 Where did the chess pieces come from?
Chapter 966 The gift from Hubbell
Chapter 967 Edna, who feels so poor
Chapter nine hundred and sixty-eight, Edna who returned with fruitful results
Chapter 969: Unsettled Luskan
Chapter 970: Waterdeep City with an Uncertain Future
Chapter 971 The Deep Water City Gang targeted by the dragon
Chapter 972 Deep Water City, which is normal to be fried to slag
Chapter 973 Lansendel knows everything
Chapter 974 What a wonderful life!
Chapter 975 Refreshing Edna
Chapter 976 Edna, the future mayor of the hidden town
Chapter 977 Lightning and Thunder on Waterdeep City
Chapter 978 Edna, who felt satirized
Chapter 979 The sudden outbreak of battle
Chapter 980 Why are you so happy
Chapter nine hundred and eighty first giggling Shar
Chapter 982 The Shadow Valley Masters with Big Heads
Chapter 983 Edna playing with a fan
Chapter 984 The reception hall with surging tides
Chapter 985 The pot that Ms. Midnight doesn't want
Chapter 986 The opening dismount (seeking a monthly ticket~)
Chapter 987: The denial that is ignored (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 988 Who is the Crown of the Dead Dragon from? (asking for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 989 The looming god of prophecy
Chapter 990 You can be more unhappy
Chapter 991 You are too ugly, I have no interest in that (seeking a monthly pass)
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-two bones rushing out of the ground
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters of the hall
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-four gloating bystanders
Nine hundred and ninetieth chapters sad and angry Jay
Chapter 996 Interest is the only foundation of the alliance
Chapter 997 Edna's Careful Mechanism
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-eight of my father's words, can endure
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-ninth offense and defense of the ice wind valley and deep water city
Chapter 1000: An endless stream of enemies
Chapter 1001: The Purple-robed Lord of the Dragon Cult
Chapter 1002 Artifact, see artifact again
Chapter 1003: The White Dragon Queen Weeping Secretly
Chapter 104: Tangled Dragon Heart, Tangled Battlefield
Chapter 1005 Is Trahir made of gold?
Chapter 1006: The dazed Kelburn
Chapter 1007 Entering a stalemate battle
Chapter 1008: Waterdeep City in Distress
Chapter 1009: Unexpected and unwelcome reinforcements
Chapter 1010 Weird battle scene
Chapter 1011 Ice Wind Valley, the Focus of the World
Chapter 1012 Toast for fate
Chapter 1013 The End of the Black Staff Kelburn
Chapter 1014 The enemy who makes noises
Chapter 1015 A little panicked Hill
Chapter 1016 Tempas's whimsy
Chapter 1017 AO's Noncommittal
Chapter 1018 Fly to Icewind Valley
Chapter 1019 Why are there so many things?
Chapter 1020 Talos's unfinished calculation
Chapter 1021 Lost to the lucky god of prophecy
Chapter 1022 news of the long-lost old dragon
Chapter 1023 It's always those who are engaged in conspiracy
Chapter 1024 Page 11 is the limit
Chapter 1025 Edna on the road
Chapter 1026 Talos' question
Chapter 1027 The Secret Spy
Chapter 1028 I like Aglaia's five-colored dragon queen very much
Chapter 1029 Don't Blame Me Anyway
Chapter 1030 Doubts and joys and sorrows of the god of battle
Chapter 1031 Edna preparing for the next journey
Chapter 1032 The exchange meeting above the white clouds
Chapter 1033 The Unlucky Edna
Chapter 1034 The Lord of Dawn who likes to help others
Chapter 1035: The Chaotic Port of Aglaia
Chapter 1036 The meeting between Soma and Tyson
Chapter 1037 The list of enemies
Chapter 1038 Two people who have reached a consensus
Chapter 1039: The Magic Web Masters Confused Again
Chapter 1040 Erathrow's Awakening
Chapter 1041 Candle Castle in Crisis
Chapter 1042 Ogma believers who are about to step on the wire
Chapter 1043 The Ghost Dragon in Candle Keep
Chapter 1044 Urrant, who is determined to win
Chapter 1045 Miremu willing to join the team
Chapter 1046 Candle Castle is ready to welcome
Chapter 1047 Edna's Second Dragon
Chapter 1048 Key Person Jason
Chapter 1049 Hill has a foundation
Chapter 1050 To start a war, all you need is a look
Chapter 1051 Urrant's true master
Chapter 1052 The Collapsing Candle Castle
Chapter 1053 The End of Candlecastle
Chapter 1054 The Tight Shar
Chapter 1055 Departure! Nimbro Island
Chapter 1056 Where is Amberley?
Chapter 1057 No one cares about Amberi
Chapter 1058 Selune's Mission
Chapter 1059 Mystra is in action
Chapter 1060 Nasr in a dilemma
Chapter 1061 Confusion on the Moon Shadow Islands
Chapter 1062 each has its own careful thoughts
Chapter 1063 Who is the unlucky secretary of Xue Yunfeng
Chapter 1064 A new guest is here
Chapter 1065 The mission from the halfling
Chapter 1066 The first follower of the black-haired girls
Chapter 1067 Who was sent by the queen
Chapter 1068 night boat, night uneasy
Chapter 1069 Old Dog's Crow Mouth
Chapter 1070 Snow Old Dog, Falcon Tengu
Chapter 1071 Shar who casts more nets
Chapter 1072 Surprising Artifact
Chapter 1073 The Plan of the Kingdom of Amn
Chapter 1074 The looming enemy
Chapter 1075 Snow dog ready to run at any time
Chapter 1076 Toril's future direction may be crooked
Chapter 1077 Simple and rude fighting style
Chapter 1078 The Battle of the Five Colored Dragons
Chapter 1079 Arauzato's Great Adventure
Chapter 1080 Arauzato who made up his mind
Chapter 1081 Tiamat's victory?
Chapter 1082 The elated Bahamut
Chapter 1083 Intimate Sarah
Chapter 1084 Tiamat surrounded by negative states
Chapter 1085 Clean the battlefield and prepare to intercept
Chapter 1086 Amberley's happiness
Chapter 1087 What does Anmu want?
Chapter 1088 It turns out to be a black brother~
Chapter 1089 The conspiracy Anmu
Chapter 1090 The little trouble brought by the fine gold mine
Chapter 1091 Old Snow Dog is in Action
Chapter 1092 An accident, another accident
Chapter 1093 Anmu, who has lost his mind
Chapter 1094 Nasr at the crossroads
Chapter 1095 Crazy bitch Wang Anbori
Chapter 1096 Perfect bald head that can't last
Chapter 1097 Edna who wants to move
Chapter 1098 Leonard's hesitation
Chapter 1099 Stunned Sebek
Chapter 1100 Both loses? Hill doesn't want to make money
Chapter 1101 Edna reconciled with herself
Chapter 1102: Transforming Giant Ape Gera
Chapter 1103 Can you change careers? Mr. Haw Wai Wai
Chapter 1104 The Real Seebeck
Chapter 1105 Angry Edna
Chapter 1106 The goal of the undead is not to kill the enemy
Chapter 1107 The decisive battle on Nimbro Island
Chapter 1108 The happiness of the dead black brothers
Chapter 1109 The Despised Chantia
Chapter 1110 Harmonious Meeting of the Chosen of the Gods
Chapter 1111 The Sober Black Dragon Brothers
Chapter 1112 The contract finally signed
Chapter 1113 Tyr's unspoken resentment
Chapter 1114 The Origin of the Black Brothers
Chapter 1115 William's little suggestion
Chapter 1116 Old Sanda King's Intentions
Chapter 1117 Edna has become stronger again
Chapter 1118 The tacit communication between Edna and Lynn
Chapter 1119 Chaos Amn
Chapter 1220 The frank confession under the stars
Chapter 1221 Fishing or Big Fish
Chapter 1222 Each has its own way
Chapter 1223 The Amn Navy who resisted hard
Chapter 1224 The usefulness of the doomsday family
Chapter 1225 Go to Esmirtaran!
Chapter 1226 Two Parallel Lines
Chapter 1227 Hill's Secret Help
Chapter 1228 The processing method of Amn's brainwashing machine
Chapter 1128 The crisis in the border kingdom
Chapter 1129 The Doomsday Family Being Hunted For
Chapter 1130 What does the old dog want?
Chapter 1131 The visitor whose identity is a mystery
Chapter 1132 The Doubtful Talos
Chapter 1133 The anger of the bald head
Chapter 1134 The bald head of joy and sorrow
Chapter 1135 Trahir's Revenge
Chapter 1136 Sorry, Grandfather
Chapter 1137 Marching to the Swamp
Chapter 1138 Hurricane vs Cyclone
Chapter 1139 The real enemy
Chapter 1140 The Power of the Earth Bear
Chapter 1242
Chapter 1243 Mountains rising from the ground
Chapter 1244 Returning to Hill in Aglaia
Chapter 1245 Past and Future
Chapter 1246 Reset your mood and let go of the past
Chapter 1247 Overtures from Serge
Chapter 1248 William’s return gift
Chapter 1249 Everyone is waiting for Dandel
Chapter 1250 The Return of the Three Gods
Chapter 1251 Shar’s new electorate
Chapter 1252 The first wave of people arriving
Chapter 1253: Selna, the leader who deeply understands the essence of Bane
Chapter 1254 Suni and Haim
Chapter 1255 Men and women, pulling and pulling
Chapter 1256 Shuni has a wide range of hobbies
Chapter 1257 The re-encounter between the dignified lady and Rouge Hen
Chapter 1258 Two women fight, will Heim be satisfied?
Chapter 1259 The evil that reaches out to the realm of God
Chapter 1260 Notification letter from the Snowfall Island Alliance
Chapter 1261 Whose End of the World Is?
Chapter 1262 News that breaks Hill’s defense
Chapter 1263 Manx, who hates iron but cannot become steel
Chapter 1264 Arrogant Manx
Chapter 1265 Why worry in vain?
Chapter 1266 The Twin Towers Mage who rides on two boats
Chapter 1267 You are not welcome in hell
Chapter 1268 Only nine days of Edna
Chapter 1269 Toril is overwhelmed
Chapter 1270 Edna’s War
Chapter 1271 Soul War, there is only one winner
Chapter 1272 The double ponytails of the old Sanda king
Chapter 1273 As long as it’s not 0, you can go to Chult
Chapter 1274 You are really trying your best!
Chapter 1275 You don’t want to go out?
Chapter 1276 New Discovery of the Undead
Chapter 1277 Those who delay will die!
Chapter 1278 A little surprised Manx
Chapter 1280 Enemies coming from the unknown sea
Chapter 1281 Conversation Deep in the Soul
Chapter 1282 Cyclamen in full bloom
Chapter 1283 The opportunity that attracts everyone’s attention
Chapter 1284 There was a loud sound in the sky, and Wenjian made his debut
Chapter 1285 The embroidered crab also has an origin
Chapter 1286 Is there anyone else behind?
Chapter 1287 Where is Edna?
Chapter 1288 Edna holding cyclamen flowers
Chapter 1289: Flowers bloom on all sides, and war starts at the same time
Chapter 1290 Is this Velko coming?
Chapter 1291 The upcoming final battle
Chapter 1292 Edna who eats dog food
Chapter 1293 Love that I thought was too late
Chapter 1294 The sincerity of the undead
Chapter 1295 Edna rushing towards the star realm
Chapter 1296 The Lord of Hell who became a god
Chapter 1297 Departure and Awakening
Chapter 1298 The Sword Coast has completely changed its appearance
Chapter 1299 People who doubt life
Chapter 1300 The continent of Faer?n is turned upside down
Chapter 1301 Lin En, who has experienced many battles
Chapter 1302 Devis and Luca’s confusion
Chapter 1303 The Unyielding Planner
Chapter 1304 Merchant Ship from Shoulong Continent
Chapter 1305 The little fairy queen is here again
Chapter 1306 The little goblin’s grievances and hatreds
Chapter 1307 Titania left in embarrassment
Chapter 1308 The countdown to the days in Toril begins
Chapter 1309 Desperate Balsol
Chapter 1310 The potential crisis in Toril
Chapter 1311 Hill’s complete preparation
Chapter 1312 Three days left for the trip to Toril
Chapter 1313 See you later
Chapter 1314 Hill is working hard at mining
Chapter 1315 Is this okay?
Chapter 1316 The Wind Elemental Lord in the Cage
Chapter 1317 Thank you and sorry
Chapter 1318 The outspoken Purvi
Chapter 1319 Indestructible Trust
Chapter 1320 The new world is a bit troublesome
Chapter 1321 The world called Oasis
Chapter 1322 The World of Crystal Technology
Chapter 1323 The Poor and Noble Young Master—Hill
Chapter 1324 Count Steer of Brassia City
Chapter 1325 The alchemist comes at the right time
Chapter 1326 The most important thing in Brazil is materials.
Chapter 1327 Miss Stell, who is always lucky
Chapter 1328 Hill is in a hurry
Chapter 1329 Doesn’t Oasis like alchemy?
Chapter 1330 The Green Rose of Brasilia
Chapter 1331 Hill is confused about the situation
Chapter 1332 Confident thieves
Chapter 1333 The second generation of the Ismail family
Chapter 1334 First meeting
Chapter 1335 Happy getting along
Chapter 1336 The interesting Lusimar
Chapter 1337 Count Steer’s careful plan
Chapter 1338 Vice President Delgado is out of touch
Chapter 1339 Countess Steer’s Iron Pliers Skill
Chapter 1340 What Hill wants will always come
Chapter 1341 Linde in a difficult choice
Chapter 1342 Delgado’s face
Chapter 1343 Unexpected results
Chapter 1344 Do Mr. No. 18 and Ellie know each other?
Chapter 1345 Hill is suddenly alert
Chapter 1346 Notes that looked familiar to Hill
Chapter 1347 Greetings from the Past
Chapter 1348 Hill who can only buy handicrafts
Chapter 1349 Mr. Belfran who loves shopping
Chapter 1350 Hill’s Warning
Chapter 1351 Linde’s anger and pain
Chapter 1352: Hill’s small frailty (to the leader of Yueying Qi
Chapter 1353 The undercurrent of Basia City
Chapter 1354 Frustrated Ellie
Chapter 1355 Oasis should be satisfied with the excitement
Chapter 1356 The dark hand lurking in the dark
Chapter 1357 Golden Yunlan
Chapter 1358 Fortunately, it was not discovered by our family
Chapter 1359 Finch is a mouthful
Chapter 1360 Princes are ambitious
Chapter 1361 Trasil also has crystal fruit?
Chapter 1362 A familiar name
Chapter 1363 Hill praising Rose
Chapter 1364 The mage doesn’t think so
Chapter 1365 The Great Sage Ismail
Chapter 1366 Frightened Hill
Chapter 1367 The terrifying mutated spider
Chapter 1368 The flower farmer who loves to use holy water
Chapter 1369 A familiar little building
Chapter 1370 Hill’s New Neighbor
Chapter 1371 The silk spider who doesn’t like moonlight
Chapter 1372 How to contact Trasil?
Chapter 1373 Oasis standing at the crossroads
Chapter 1374 The chaos in Brasilia
Chapter 1375 Hill who doesn’t want to meddle in other people’s business
Chapter 1376 Familiar Stranger
Chapter 1377 Mom, something big happened
Chapter 1378 A visitor named Yue Clan
Chapter 1379 Don’t treat politeness as blessing
Chapter 1380 Earl Steer’s faith is beginning to be shattered
Chapter 1381 The distressed city of Brasiya
Chapter 1382 The Moon Clan set fire to the city
Chapter 1383 The Moon Clan will never die
Chapter 1384 The soon-to-disappear capital of Dambora
Chapter 1385 The First Moon Clan in Basia City
Chapter 1386 The Greedy King Danboro
Chapter 1387 What is Ismail thinking?
Chapter 1388 Determined Ismail
Chapter 1389 The Moon Clan fought on their own
Chapter 1390 Lusimar appears again
Chapter 1391 My quiet and mysophobic neighbor
Chapter 1392 What does Alexei want?
Chapter 1393 The Luck of Prince Alexei
Chapter 1394 The enemy alliance is officially established
Chapter 1395 Oasis’s depression
Chapter 1396: Being dug up along with the wall
Chapter 1397 Hill’s Bear Claw Leaves
Chapter 1398 Danboro’s Sudden Change
Chapter 1399 The shaking earth
Chapter 1400 The Undead on the Cliff
Chapter 1401 The undead who gave the first drop of blood
Chapter 1402 The excited old dog
Chapter 1403 Interesting Tobacco
Chapter 1404 The undead jumping into the wind
Chapter 1405 Chaos on Iosca Island
Chapter 1406 The meeting ceremony on the first day
Chapter 1407 Aren’t all our Poseidons surnamed Ao?
Chapter 1408 The undercurrent of the undead
Chapter 1409 The undead have never been a family
Chapter 1410 Hill’s pink rumors
Chapter 1411 To make friends or to make enemies?
Chapter 1412 Just an acquaintance
Chapter 1413 The Undead Planting Grass
Chapter 1414 What was blown away?
Chapter 1415. What did Hill do?
Chapter 1416 Hill who doesn’t intend to show mercy
Chapter 1417 Emergencies at Stell Castle
Chapter 1418 Why did she come?
Chapter 1419 Asking the Undead to Be Bodyguards
Chapter 1420 The sudden appearance of the enemy
Chapter 1421 The Tragedy of the Trasil Elves
Chapter 1422 Magic is his way
Chapter 1423 Scarlet’s Purpose
Chapter 1424 Is it the goddess of the ocean or the mother of insects?
Chapter 1425 Oasis who speaks evil words
Chapter 1426 Who are you running for?
Chapter 1427 The Warfield Family’s Herd
Chapter 1428 Doesn’t the Ster family have a younger son?
Chapter 1429 Linde is so useful!
Chapter 1430 Can’t even fight?
Chapter 1431 The friendship of knights
Chapter 1432 The hard-to-please NPC
Chapter 1433 A sudden announcement
Chapter 1434 Alert Hill
Chapter 1435 Our Hill, Our Bear
Chapter 1436 Single Dogs and Single Bears
Chapter 1437 The Undead at a disadvantage
Chapter 1438 The undead who resisted tenaciously
Chapter 1439 Calculation and Counter-Calculation
Chapter 1440 Hill always remembers his friends
Chapter 1441 Heartbroken Prince Scarlet
Chapter 1442 Ellie, is there something wrong?
Chapter 1443 Ellie assimilated with the wind fairy
Chapter 1444 Existence in the Silver Mine
Chapter 1445 The hidden arrow from the Garden of Eden
Chapter 1446 Mother Pig has no pigs
Chapter 1447 Paintbrush and Ji Lanyuan
Chapter 1448 The old dog’s sharp teeth and claws
Chapter 1449 A revengeful woman is like a shadow queen
Chapter 1450 The old Sanda king who can punch to the flesh
Chapter 1451 The bald head who deserves a beating
Chapter 1452 Who is she?
Chapter 1453 The completely neutral Steer family
Chapter 1454 The useful eunuch Lu
Chapter 1455 Lotus Tea Linde
Chapter 1456 The Cowherd’s Troublesome Mouth
Chapter 1457 How can a person be so selfish?
Chapter 1458: The flamboyant thread, the hidden person
Chapter 1459 The wind is blowing tighter and tighter
Chapter 1460 The exploding knights
Chapter 1461 Amberli is quite appreciative
Chapter 1462: Is Cunlu a monster?
Chapter 1463 Danboluo Pearl
Chapter 1464 The Pearl from the Ocean
Chapter 1465 Mr. Linde, are you interested?
Chapter 1466 Dieter passed the test
Chapter 1467 Dieter’s curiosity
Chapter 1468 Xueyun Peak’s Command Center
Chapter 1469 The upcoming provisional government
Chapter 1470 The Moon Clan suddenly takes action
Chapter 1471 Let her call someone
Chapter 1472 Then go kill Xueyunfeng
Chapter 1473 Always stand in the light of justice
Chapter 1474 Lily of the Valley’s Soul Toxin
Chapter 1475. What can Danboro do?
Chapter 1476 Hill, why are you so good!
Chapter 1477 The Chaotic Greek God System
Chapter 1478 Hill’s gloating
Chapter 1479 The pace seems to be speeding up
Chapter 1480 The most fragrant melon
Chapter 1481 Problems will arise if the spoils are not divided evenly
Chapter 1482 Can you give me a better excuse?
Chapter 1483 Does he not know Scorpion?
Chapter 1484 William is just wicked
Chapter 1485 Baron Linde Kane, let’s talk~
Chapter 1486 Xueyunfeng’s plan
Chapter 1487 Who did Rose see at the beginning?
Chapter 1488 The world begins to become chaotic
Chapter 1489 The old Sanda king who went to Brasilia
Chapter 1490 Enemies always come one after another
Chapter 1491 The impact of the locust plague
Chapter 1492 The Moon Clan has procrastination
Chapter 1493 The right dimensional gate
Chapter 1494 Knights, charge!
Chapter 1495 Hill rushing down
Chapter 1496 The purpose of the evil god
Chapter 1497 Heroes and Beauties
Chapter 1498 Where does her confidence come from?
Chapter 1499 The old dog that caught the bad guy
Chapter 1500 The scent of windmill jasmine
Chapter 1501 Oasis’ Mission: Impossible blockbuster
Chapter 1502 Various people are in action
Chapter 1503 Xueyunfeng’s plan
Chapter 1504 Oasis has no choice
Chapter 1505 Oasis who wants to be beautiful
Chapter 1506 Brother, I understand your pain
Chapter 1507 The battle between the mermaid prince and the mud
Chapter 1508 Triton who blew the conch
Chapter 1509 The undead playing Haidilao
Chapter 1510 The Coming Trader
Chapter 1511 Lu Huayu’s request
Chapter 1512 Oasis happily agreed
Chapter 1513 Lusimar’s strange attitude
Chapter 1514 Ms. Ruth went to Silver Moon Temple to purchase goods
Chapter 1515 Not everyone can take advantage of Rose
Chapter 1516 The black and white road to the desert
Chapter 1517 Have we met before?
Chapter 1518 Why wasn’t it me who was injured?
Chapter 1519. What is missing in reality, what is provided in the game?
Chapter 1520 Eunuch Lu is always so bad
Chapter 1521 Why is no one making trouble?
Chapter 1522 Lu Huayu’s road to becoming a great eunuch cannot escape
Chapter 1523 Queen of the Sea Amberli
Chapter 1524 Let’s start the war~ What’s so special over there
Chapter 1525 Amberli’s familiar smell
Chapter 1526 Where does dark lust come from?
Chapter 1527 The apocalyptic boss who almost doubted his life
Chapter 1528 Someone wants to feed the sharks
Chapter 1529 Ellie in fluttering white clothes
Chapter 1530 It would be nice if all enemies were so stupid
Chapter 1531 Where are the other gods in the Greek pantheon?
Chapter 1532 What happened to the Greek pantheon?
Chapter 1533 Hill, do you want to exchange news?
Chapter 1534 Can you complete my work?
Chapter 1535 I don’t train my boyfriend for others
Chapter 1536 Idle man, take him to the sea
Chapter 1537
Chapter 1538 The impact of the goddess descending to earth
Chapter 1539 Hill’s requirements for friends are quite high
Chapter 1540 What a cruel knife
Chapter 1541 The Danboro mages who thought wrongly
Chapter 1542 Lusimar’s Illusion
Chapter 1543 Lusimar’s sorrow and joy
Chapter 1544 The old dog always kills two birds with one stone
Chapter 1545 It seems that you have something for us to do.
Chapter 1546 Do you want to come to my Kingdom of God in the future?
Chapter 1547 Ms. Selune also invited
Chapter 1548 Lusimar’s sympathetic future
Chapter 1549 Triton’s Regression
Chapter 1550 Men educated by women
Chapter 1551 Lusimar’s strength and persistence
Chapter 1552 The more exposed, the crazier it becomes
Chapter 1553 Emboli is still a deterrent
Chapter 1554 The Aotian Alliance is most afraid of meetings
Chapter 1555 Where are the soul fragments of the God of Time and Space?
Chapter 1556 What are the conditions for you to choose a lord?
Chapter 1557 Who cares about Lusimar
Chapter 1558 Mo Bichen’s heart is under test
Chapter 1559 I’m just a little whale~
Chapter 1560 Ruth’s sowing discord
Chapter 1561 Every step a person takes is life
Chapter 1562 The oasis reached with difficulty
Chapter 1563 There are always fools who think they can do it
Chapter 1564 I want to call customer service!
Chapter 1565 Hill’s Second TV
Chapter 1566 Good people should not suffer
Chapter 253 A big reshuffle in the desert
Chapter 254 A single move affects the whole body
Chapter 255 Gaia’s suffering and endurance
Chapter 256 The Pride of Black and White Road
Chapter 257 Some people are happy and others are sad.
Chapter 258 What should I do if my dog’s nose is not enough?
Chapter 259 Oasis makes dogs want to run away
Chapter 260 My old snow dog has always been wise and powerful
Chapter 261 The evil goddess is never curious
Chapter 262: Are the undead enemies or friends?
Chapter 263 The Incompatibility of the Undead
Chapter 264 I think you have found the wrong person
Chapter 265 There is indeed a reason why Eunuch Lu likes you
Chapter 266 Ambry’s gossip
Chapter 267 Ambry’s old friend
Chapter 268 Amberli finds his old friend
Chapter 269 The faintly emerging power of destiny
Chapter 270 Harassment of Rose
Chapter 271 The leader of the Black and White Road who practices hard
Chapter 272 Frustration can make people grow
Chapter 273 The old snow dog wearing glasses
Chapter 274 Wear it, lest you die of anger
Chapter 275 The miserable manager Lu
Chapter 276 An old dog furious like thunder and snow
Chapter 277 It doesn’t have to be a moth to fight the fire
Chapter 278 Why do you have a brain?
Chapter 279 The fate of Oasis
Chapter 280 Susu’s elation
Chapter 281 Ignorant architects!
Chapter 282 Xueyun Peak’s expectations
Chapter 283 Ore veins, very useful
Chapter 284 My project is the best in the world
Chapter 285 The timer from the Black Rose Family
Chapter 286 The Uneasy Young Master
Chapter 287 The enemy who is always counted is coming
Chapter 288 Keep it up
Chapter 289 Can I record a video?
Chapter 290 Dare to underestimate Hill
Chapter 291 There are always people who think they are made of steel
Chapter 292 We can’t die too humblely
Chapter 293 The doubts about the brush
Chapter 294 Hill is worried about someone snatching monsters
Chapter 295 The power of the earth against
Chapter 296 Disappointing Gaia
Chapter 297 Angry Gaia
Chapter 298 Hill who grabbed a handful
Chapter 299 Finally, I caught you
Chapter 300 Long Live
Chapter 301 Good things, bad things
Chapter 302 There is a more suitable being
Chapter 303 Why do you dare to come?
Chapter 304 The Bear in Memory
Chapter 305 The Disappeared Ellie
Chapter 306 The disappeared city of Basia
Chapter 307 Is he serious?
Chapter 308 The Girl in the Wind
Chapter 309 Someone is always getting older
Chapter 310 The cruelty of Oasis
Chapter 311 Rose takes the initiative to help
Ask for leave
Chapter 312 What does the talkative Rose want to do?
Chapter 313 Hill with mixed feelings
Chapter 314 Mr. Butterfly Zhu Meili
Chapter 315 Hill preparing a souvenir
Chapter 316 Little Bear’s Tailoring Career
Chapter 317 Gaia’s last ditch effort
Chapter 318 There is always someone waiting behind you
Chapter 319 Let’s start the robbery!
Chapter 320 Are they really joining forces?
Chapter 321 Rich emotions in um and ah
Chapter 322 William is indeed the son of destiny!
Chapter 323 We don’t have anyone to accompany you!
Chapter 324 The undead who are always scheming
Chapter 325 Edna, how are you doing?
Chapter 326 Mr. Xueyunfeng who barks like a dog
Chapter 327 The earth gods have something in common
Chapter 328 Oasis’s Couple
Chapter 329 Did the cactus move?
Chapter 330 Rose’s Admirers
Chapter 331 Animal companions, not puppets
Chapter 332 The undead are overwhelmed
Chapter 333 What did Zhu Meili encounter?
Chapter 334 Oasis who owes a little
Chapter 335 Zhu Meili’s Shadow
Chapter 336 Perfect Singing and Harmony
Chapter 337 Smiling Hill
Chapter 338 The Origin of Oasis
Chapter 339 We can only waste money to eliminate disasters
Chapter 340 Only Ransander can help
Chapter 341 Thanks to Cunxu for her good acting
Chapter 342 Typhon never looks back
Chapter 343 Rose who doesn’t give up
Chapter 344 The Disliked Hill
Chapter 345 Beautiful Zhu Meili
Chapter 346 Everyone’s backhand is pretty ugly
Chapter 347 Who is the representative of the abyss?
Chapter 348 Nervous news
Chapter 349 Damn old dog
Chapter 350 The God of Time and Space Issues a Wanted Order
Chapter 351 The Art of Compromise
Chapter 352 The End of Gaia
Chapter 353 The Weakness of the Slaad
Chapter 354 Asmodeus’s last move
Chapter 355 The door of letting God’s will
Chapter 356 Looking for the unknown road
Chapter 357 Tracier’s Neighbor
Chapter 358 That thing is useless in the first place
Chapter 359 The Horrible World
Chapter 360 The enemy appears directly
Chapter 361 Let’s be lucky again
Chapter 362 If it’s not good, what will it be like?
Chapter 363 Helping others is also helping yourself
Chapter 364 The Struggle of the Black Mystery Tower
Chapter 365 The old man in the ring
Chapter 366 Russell with a rich heart
Chapter 367 My elders don’t seem to know how to control themselves.
Chapter 368 Starting from Basic Education
Chapter 369 Happy Russell
Chapter 370 Tired Russell
Chapter 371 Don’t be too close to the family
Chapter 372 Gilbert in the Vortex
Chapter 373 Gilbert without a future
Chapter 374 Leave your memory to me
Chapter 375 The Disappearance of Gilbert
Chapter 376 There are always old acquaintances
Chapter 377 Hilbert’s First Day
Chapter 378 You can try it yourself
Chapter 379 Russell was almost taught a lesson
Chapter 380 The Red Dragon Who Started the Iron Dragon’s Life
Chapter 381 Senior Brother Asking for Help
Chapter 382 Russell is a little panicked
Chapter 383 Do I have time?
Chapter 384 The Hell Prosecutor Finally Comes Out
Chapter 385 Rebellion in the Tower of Netherworld
Chapter 386 Gilbert’s strange aura
Chapter 387 Carpenter is spotted
Chapter 388 Carpenter’s Mistake
Chapter 389 Please give me a month
Chapter 390 The Cautious West
Chapter 391 Who did you offend?
Chapter 392 The puzzling Gilbert
Chapter 393 A vague glimpse of the truth
Chapter 394 The somewhat complicated Tower of Black Mystery
Chapter 395 Russell’s Anxiety
Chapter 396 Interesting World
Chapter 397 It’s best not to say anything
Chapter 398 Pruitt’s Purpose
Chapter 399 The Heinalson family leaks everywhere
Chapter 400 Senior Sister’s Purpose of Coming
Chapter 401 Friendly teacher-sect relationship
Chapter 402 The plan of the Lord of Hell?
Chapter 403 What does Aislin want to do?
Chapter 404 Agreement reached
Chapter 405 Only those who live long understand
Chapter 406 Do your best
Chapter 407 Hilbert is preparing to retreat
Chapter 408 The target is Carpenter
Chapter 409 The Carpenter Family’s Little Trouble
Chapter 410 How dare Sixth Ring be so arrogant?
Chapter 411 The conspiracy surrounding the Heinalson family
Chapter 412 Intrigue and Fighting
Chapter 413 Still don’t believe her
Chapter 414 Felice is a bit weird
Chapter 415 Nunnally, you came to me
Chapter 416 Nunnally’s Revenge
Chapter 417 Gilbert of the Three Cunning Rabbits
Chapter 418 Sour Felice
Chapter 419 Yellow warning light
Chapter 420 Feliz can only tell his fate
Chapter 421 Smart Russell
Chapter 422 Fortunately, I don’t follow my father
Chapter 423 Battle for Sister
Chapter 424 Do the Roland family have an aura of mental retardation?
Chapter 425: Grab time or wait for time
Chapter 426 Russell satisfied Hill
Chapter 427 Adrian should be able to understand, right?
Chapter 428 The Incident in the Tower of Siya
Chapter 429 Gracia may be coming
Chapter 430 Russell’s Awakening
Chapter 431 Aislin’s opponent
Chapter 432 The Tower of Darkness with Many Secrets
Chapter 433 Aislin’s mistakes
Chapter 434 Aislin’s shortcomings
Chapter 435 The same emotional fate
Chapter 436 The usual style of mages
Chapter 437 Hill with a Sensitive Nose
Chapter 438 Felice’s Prison
Chapter 439 Something seems wrong with Pruitt
Chapter 440 The miserable Felice
Chapter 441 Smart Russell
Chapter 442 Carpenter is a little off track
Chapter 443 Sad Carpenter
Chapter 444 Advanced Carpenter
Chapter 445 Felice also has his luck
Chapter 446 I understand, brother
Chapter 447 Hill making excuses
Chapter 448 The Red Dragon’s Goal
Chapter 449 Hill who is clear from the outside
Chapter 450 Russell’s depression
Chapter 451 Love is the greatest enemy of the mage
Chapter 452 What kind of person is Gilbert?
Chapter 453 Felice discovered the clue
Chapter 454 The selection time of the Black Mystery Tower
Chapter 455 Time begins to flow
Chapter 456 The disgusting Aislin
Chapter 457 Confirming the acquaintance Hill
Chapter 458 Confrontation with Words
Chapter 459 Aislin can’t find her way
Chapter 460 Root’s Troubles
Chapter 461 Who is making things difficult for whom?
Chapter 462 Living talents are the most important
Chapter 463 The bear who was forced to use his brain
Chapter 464: Don’t you care about Nunnally?
Chapter 465 The layers of fog in the Tower of Black Mystery
Chapter 466 Stupidity is also a sharp knife
Chapter 467 Just use the waste
Chapter 468 Felice faces a choice again
Chapter 469 Changes are always sudden
Chapter 470 The separation finally comes
Chapter 471 The Tower of Theia is approaching step by step
Chapter 472 Hill suddenly wakes up
Chapter 473 The endless mystery of the Tower of Black Mystery
Chapter 474 Hill’s shock and fear
Chapter 475 Russell is about to reach level 3
Chapter 476: Hill’s Aesthetics Was Critically Attacked
Chapter 477 Happy Carpenter
Chapter 478 Determined Hill
Chapter 479 The shaking aircraft
Chapter 480 Gilbert’s intelligence
Chapter 481 What’s going on with Aislin?
Chapter 482 Another pair of eyes behind the eyes
Chapter 483 Isn’t Gilbert a noble?
Chapter 484 The line is not a line, what else can it be?
Chapter 485 Russell’s confusion
Chapter 486 Gilbert, is he a big shot?
Chapter 487 Aislin’s Horn
Chapter 488 The mystery of Aislin’s identity
Chapter 489 The sister who can’t even have a funeral
Chapter 490 I really want to kill her!
Chapter 491 The death list has been decided long ago
Chapter 492 Aislin? Bissozeya?
Chapter 493 The undead who robbed the rich and gave to the poor
Chapter 494 An adventure with no survivors
Chapter 495 Aislin is in trouble
Chapter 496 The biggest weakness of the Lord of Hell
Chapter 497 Master and apprentice are always similar
Chapter 498 A world of entanglement and confrontation with each other
Chapter 499 The enemy is never human
Chapter 500 Stories without CP are really good stories
Chapter 501 Aislin is in a dilemma
Chapter 502 The pure white Tower of Siya
Chapter 503 The agreed soul and mask
Chapter 503 Is Aislin crazy?
Chapter 504: Attitudes changing three times a day
Chapter 505 Too much same preferences
Chapter 506 Aislin has a certain aura
Chapter 507 Is the person behind the scenes Bisuo Zeya?
Chapter 508 Hill decides to be a good homebody
Chapter 509 The weird town of West Asia
Chapter 510 Hilbert escaped another plot
Chapter 511 The Nine Rings Welcoming Guests
Chapter 512 Pat’s troubles
Chapter 513 Coyle’s Ambition
Chapter 514 Possible collaborators
Chapter 515 Hilbert’s Counterattack
Chapter 516 Someone will send resources
Chapter 517 A hint from Aislin
Chapter 518 Awkward lines
Chapter 519 Heinalson’s enemies
Chapter 520 Where did the candle come from?
Chapter 521 Everyone has their own gains
Chapter 522 Root’s Suspicion
Chapter 523 Root knows the students well
Chapter 524 Russell is determined
Chapter 525 Do you want a drink?
Chapter 526 The friendship between Coyle and Gilbert
Chapter 527 A tiring exchange
Chapter 528 Coyle decided to be more honest
Chapter 529: Our allies are not our own
Chapter 530 Failure to establish authority
Chapter 531 Coyle stood up
Chapter 532 Roxas is a little regretful
Chapter 533 Roxas’ various students
Chapter 534 Just don’t do any secret tricks
Chapter 535 It would be nice if the slap could be lighter
Chapter 536 It’s windy and rainy while a typhoon sweeps through
Chapter 537 The chaotic moment of the prophecy system
Chapter 538 Feng Ge knows everything
Chapter 539 The thrown out cannon fodder
Chapter 540 Can you give me a reasonable reason?
Chapter 541 Hilbert was not fooled
Chapter 542 A more suitable candidate for cooperation
Chapter 543 Aislin changing the wine recipe
Chapter 544 Aislin was very unhappy when she was despised for her aesthetics
Chapter 545 Communication within the soul
Chapter 546 Rommel at the end
Chapter 547 Where are the sun and moon?
Chapter 548 The worried Hill
Chapter 549 Is their Moon God also in debt?
Chapter 550 Hill who doesn’t dare to think nonsense
Chapter 551 Rossello’s little thoughts
Chapter 552 Where does Dreyfus come from?
Chapter 553: Beware of Probing Rossello
Chapter 554: Dreyfus can be punished but cannot die
Chapter 555 Senior sister and brother, a perfect match
Chapter 556 The Amazing Gilbert
Chapter 557 The turbulent devil’s heart
Chapter 558 People with keen senses
Chapter 559 Everyone has their own thoughts before the war
Chapter 560 Angry Hill
Chapter 561 Accident beyond accident
Chapter 562 Hill is a little chilly
Chapter 563 Gilbert’s Luck
Chapter 564 Gracia’s Talent
Chapter 565 Madness and Desire
Chapter 566 Dreyfus’ dilemma
Chapter 567 Dreyfus’s killer move
Chapter 568 Dreyfus suddenly went crazy
Chapter 569 The father and daughter suddenly fell out
Chapter 570 Do you want to leave if you want?
Chapter 571 Who did you encounter in the defense tower?
Chapter 572 Such a complex world
Chapter 573 Depressed Aislin
Chapter 574 Don’t do such disgusting things
Chapter 575 People on the journey
Chapter 576 Rommel’s doubts
Chapter 577: Foolish people are blessed by the Camante Tower
Chapter 578 Hilbert’s shock
Chapter 579 The bright moon over the lavender field
Chapter 580 The corner of the mouth that cannot be suppressed
Chapter 581 What’s good about me, I can change it
Chapter 582 Fongo’s panic
Chapter 583 Deafening Silence
Chapter 584 Feng Ge is in a dilemma
Chapter 585 What did Gracia do?
Chapter 586 Aisling is Aisling again
Chapter 587 Determined Hill
Chapter 588 Panic Rommel
Chapter 589 Their cooperation
Chapter 590 Rommel’s last hope
Chapter 591 The terrible thing about Rommel
Chapter 592: It’s so difficult to have an independent space!
Chapter 593 Fortunately, there is someone who has seen the outside world
Chapter 594 Delacruz is full of murderous intent
Chapter 595 Hilbert secretly stalks the enemy
Chapter 596 Maybe, some brains?
Chapter 597: Some brains, but not much
Chapter 598 Hill was almost tricked again
Chapter 599 A teacher who is a little happy and a little unhappy
Chapter 600 Russell’s subtle changes
Chapter 601 Aislin always wants people to work for free
Chapter 602 Deliberately artificial Aislin
Chapter 603 The Devil Duke Wants to Run
Chapter 604 The way devils get along with each other
Chapter 605 Aisling who found Hilbert
Chapter 606 Aislin is walking on her own destiny
Chapter 607 The Terrifying Defense Tower
Chapter 608 The tacit understanding between the Tower of Black Mystery and Drifos
Chapter 609 Hilbert is ready to watch the show
Chapter 610 One of Toril’s biggest jokes
Chapter 611 Rommel who doesn’t want to go out
Chapter 612 The Tower of Siya has not given up completely
Chapter 613 The future seems a bit bad
Chapter 614 Manipulated Dreyfus
Chapter 615 No one is idle
Chapter 616 The man in black in the eyes of the white-bone giant
Chapter 617 The Evil Red Dragon
Chapter 618 The red dragon guided by fate
Chapter 619 Fight or not?
Chapter 620 The Lord of Hell’s Strength Has Increased
Chapter 621 Testing Hilbert
Chapter 622 The interesting thing about Gilbert
Chapter 623 Carpenter is making progress
Chapter 624 Where are the polite men?
Chapter 625: Can you leave me some dignity as a mage?
Chapter 626 A messy room
Chapter 627 Ransander’s movements
Chapter 628: Terrible Rommel
Chapter 629 Little Bear’s gift is a bit tricky
Chapter 630 Finally saw it
Chapter 631 The information that was concealed
Chapter 632 Why is Dreyfus so ugly?
Chapter 633 The existence of Drifos is a tragedy
Chapter 634 A cruel and sad world
Chapter 635 There is always beautiful scenery waiting for you
Chapter 636 Gracia finally enters the door
Chapter 637 Gracia’s Temptation
Chapter 638 Rommel was taken advantage of
Chapter 639 The new table is more beautiful
Chapter 640 Is there another acquaintance here?
Chapter 641 Carpenter’s Opportunity
Chapter 642 Trinity Aislin
Chapter 643 Hill wants to change his face
Chapter 644 Russell’s Luck
Chapter 645 His students are really good
Chapter 646 The Hell Princess who is preparing to set the mountain on fire
Chapter 647 The devil trying to save himself
Chapter 648 The Lord of Hell’s attacks in the east and west
Chapter 649 Who is the respected lady?
Chapter 650 The silver moon in this world is not humanoid, right?
Chapter 651 Dreyfus is cruel enough to himself
Chapter 652 A sudden guest
Chapter 653: Brushing away the dust from the heart and finally entering the realm
Chapter 654 The annoying guy next door
Chapter 655 Happy William
Chapter 656 Rommel opens up
Chapter 657 Couples are always annoying
Chapter 658 Who is afraid of you adding those few points?
Chapter 659 What is your name?
Chapter 660 The heir of another family...
Chapter 661: Kick more and pour some water
Chapter 662 Stupidity that is not contagious is also scary
Chapter 663 Can I record it?
Chapter 664 That’s my magic tower
Chapter 665 Surprised Liszt
Chapter 666 Liszt is still the best
Chapter 667 Lansendre passively shuts up
Chapter 668 The tangled Ransander
Chapter 669 The shocked Hill
Chapter 670 Ransander’s Awakening
Chapter 671 Selune comes to chat
Chapter 672 The Specialness of Aislin
Chapter 673 Can you help Hill?
Chapter 674 Ransander’s Apology
Chapter 675 The vigilant Ransander
Chapter 676 Can you move somewhere else?
Chapter 677 It’s not easy to be a photographer
Chapter 678 Dawn is coming
Chapter 679 The brave and resourceful Lansendre
Chapter 680 It’s time to say goodbye~
Chapter 681 Selune hits the nail on the head
Chapter 682 The unwilling Selune
Chapter 683 It’s Amaunata who comes out to embarrass herself
Chapter 684 AO’s goal
Chapter 685 The favored Greek pantheon
Chapter 686: Who is right or wrong about Shar Selune?
Chapter 687 Who would want to be the sun of Toril?
Chapter 688 Amaunata calms down
Chapter 689 A bit strange friendship
Chapter 690 Can I take these brothers and sisters away?
Chapter 691 Shangtia’s opponent
Chapter 692 The Role of Athena
Chapter 693 The bottom line of twin goddesses
Chapter 694: Old rivals sitting next to each other
Chapter 695 Is Athena rich?
Chapter 696 Ransander’s Purpose
Chapter 697 The enemy spying in secret
Chapter 698 Behind the Greek God System
Chapter 699 The End on the Sun
Chapter 700 It turned out to be him?
Chapter 701 The Purpose of Hermes
Chapter 702 Angry and Sad Athena
Chapter 703 The familiar power is a bit scary
Chapter 704 The God of Time and Space is Implicated
Chapter 705 The ending of the Greek God King is very interesting
Chapter 706 Hill’s Enlightenment
Chapter 707 Hill is okay
Chapter 708 Angry Selune
Chapter 709 The gods who confused Hill
Chapter 710 The door finally opened
Chapter 711 Hill’s temptation
Chapter 712 Beautiful Sun Peacock
Chapter 713 The reappearing spider silk
Chapter 714 The Function of Spider Silk
Chapter 715 The Pool in the Net
Chapter 716 Ransander’s nonsense
Chapter 717 The pool trapped by the net
Chapter 718 The appearance of the Lord of Hell
Chapter 719 Everyone is performing
Chapter 720 Were you tricked by Amberli?
Chapter 721 Let’s dig a hole together
Chapter 722 Hill who likes to learn
Chapter 723 I have the courage
Chapter 724 The Powerful God of Time and Space
Chapter 725 Powerful Life Pool
Chapter 726 Shar who sticks to his true nature
Chapter 727 Hill asks for help
Chapter 728 Hill really understands plants
Chapter 729 What does Shar want to do?
Chapter 730 Rose finally shows up
Chapter 731 The Slandered Lord of Hell
Chapter 732 Debts in Heaven
Chapter 733 What is the Lord of Hell waiting for?
Chapter 734 Is there a betrayer?
Chapter 735 Ask him to let me go
Chapter 736 Lansendre is confident
Chapter 737 Not all chaos deserves to die
Chapter 738 The golden array
Chapter 739 Everyone was frightened
Chapter 740 There are a lot of question marks
Chapter 741 It’s the God of Order’s fault again
Chapter 742 Both have problems?
Chapter 743 You still have to watch it
Chapter 744 The goddess Cosette has changed her style
Chapter 745 A conspiracy that lasted for hundreds of thousands of years
Chapter 746 Asmodeus takes off
Chapter 747 The exploding pool of life
Chapter 748: Put yourself to death and survive
Chapter 749 Who will die this time?
Chapter 750 Hill’s Crow’s Mouth
Chapter 751 One ending and another beginning
Chapter 752 The secretly coveting enemy
Chapter 753 Who hasn’t had a few pitfalls on the road yet?
Chapter 754 Is someone else’s love story better?
Chapter 755 As long as you are happy
Chapter 756 Jos’s admiration
Chapter 757 Melancholy Russell
Chapter 758: Paying attention means destroying the world?
Chapter 759 Hill’s clever move
Chapter 760 The location of the Tower of Dawn
Chapter 761 Lansendre’s confidence
Chapter 762 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 763 How can there be no spring in my place of destination?
Chapter 764: Joes climbing the mountain with his bare hands
Chapter 765 Ready, just waiting for the east wind
Chapter 766 The open door
Chapter 2082 The powerful little bear rushes
Chapter 2083 The scattered undead
Chapter 2084 I am indeed your loyal believer
Chapter 2085 Black Rose is really good at scolding
Chapter 2086 Joes is about to be ignored
Chapter 2087 Who took the video?
Chapter 2088 The magic sword watched by Benbasha
Chapter 2089 What Hill Wants
Chapter 2090 Hill’s sensory system
Chapter 2091 Shar’s Purple Puppet
Chapter 2092 The old snow dog observing secretly
Chapter 2093 Ambry’s new ally (Part 1)
Chapter 2094 Ambry’s new ally (Part 2)
Chapter 2095 Ambry’s new ally (Part 2)
Chapter 2096 Everyone has his own way
Chapter 2097 Teach Joes a profound lesson
Chapter 783 The Story of Wolf and Dog
Chapter 784 Enemies are not qualified to talk about the future
Chapter 785 Generous Hill
Chapter 786 Actually everyone knows
Chapter 787 Is Zhu Meili a boy or a girl?
Chapter 788 The enemies and friends of the black rose
Chapter 789 A call to the bald head
Chapter 790 The very harmonious undead
Chapter 791 Allies and enemies, who doesn’t know who?
Chapter 792 Human nature is inherently evil and human nature is inherently good
Chapter 793 The Regrets of the Toril Gods
Chapter 794 The land of chaos, the ocean of order
Chapter 795 Manager Lu’s concerns
Chapter 796 Smart Manager Lu
Chapter 797 There really are no fools
Chapter 798 How did he do it?
Chapter 799 Is he a follower of Amaunata?
Chapter 800 The horror of the Snowfall Island Alliance
Chapter 801 The feared undead
Chapter 802 Edna’s Choice
Chapter 803 Shar’s plan
Chapter 804 Why did the battle begin?
Chapter 805 Lively Toril
Chapter 806 The neighbor who moved out smells a bit
Chapter 807 Leonard’s gains and losses
Chapter 808 Joes’ unnecessary enthusiasm
Chapter 809 The World of Professionals
Chapter 810 Why do you have the nerve to say that you are an adult?
Chapter 811 The Painful ‘Old Sanda King’
Chapter 812 No need to talk to you
Chapter 813 Is Joes too good at raising people?
Chapter 814 One of the uses of alleys
Chapter 815 Mr. Joes who never looks back
Chapter 816 One wrong step, regret every step of the way
Chapter 817 It can’t be a dragon warlock
Chapter 818 Why are you looking for an old man?
Chapter 819 The clever Edna
Chapter 820 Why are old people killing people?
Chapter 821 Who is it related to?
Chapter 822 The big peacock with quick response
Chapter 823 Shar’s Resentment
Chapter 824 The fear brought by the Sanda King
Chapter 825 The ending of the brush
Chapter 826 You see fewer fools
Chapter 827 Strange Animal Companions
Chapter 828 William’s negligence
Chapter 829 Zhu Meili’s ‘Perversion’
Chapter 830 The ‘Old Sanda King’ washed with blood
Chapter 831 A sudden mystery
Chapter 832 Gracia never cares about hell
Chapter 833 Who is hiding in the secret?
Chapter 834 Igwilf
Chapter 835 Why do you only hate Igvirvo?
Chapter 836 Try the Emerald Green Book!
Chapter 837 The Battle of the Old Sanda King
Chapter 838 Guilty Ransondel
Chapter 839 There are more and more acquaintances
Chapter 840 Finally showed up
Chapter 841 It turns out to be his home
Chapter 842 I’m leaving now
Chapter 843 The war begins again
Chapter 844 It’s just some obsession
Chapter 845 Why are we the only ones on the pillar?
Chapter 846 Ransander falls in love with me
Chapter 847 There are many hidden pits
Chapter 848 The clever old Sanda king
Chapter 849 The very unhappy ‘old Sanda king’
Chapter 850 Who did you pass this news to?
Chapter 851 A world where no one loses when killed
Chapter 852: Do your old job!
Chapter 853 A little robot with great background
Chapter 854 Xueyunfeng never shows mercy
Chapter 855 Everyone is counting
Chapter 856 Xueyunfeng’s Injury
Chapter 857 Master, what can we do?
Chapter 858 You deserve to be scolded
Chapter 859 I always do things within the rules.
Chapter 860 ‘Young Master’ and ‘Master Chuan’
Chapter 861 Young Master and Lansander
Chapter 862 Every second I see her, I think she will be fine
Chapter 863 The moving black rose
Chapter 864 People, what they practice is just one breath
Chapter 865 The Difficulties of ‘Young Master’
Chapter 866 The stunned young master
Chapter 867 Cute and beautiful!
Chapter 868 The best gift is rations
Chapter 869 Nan Feng is not as useful as you
Chapter 870 Another person I know
Chapter 871 A familiar name
Chapter 872 The unhappy Ransander
Chapter 873 Is there something wrong with Rose again?
Chapter 874 Shar’s happiness
Chapter 875 ‘Passion Fruit’ finally appears
Chapter 876 The ‘Passion Fruit’ that got carried away
Chapter 877 The tempter in the curse
Chapter 878 The fight started again
Chapter 879 The Duchess’s Appetite
Chapter 880 Betrayal that started very early
Chapter 881 Do you smell the stink?
Chapter 882 Hill’s words always have a reason
Chapter 883 The Duchess Who Chooses Friends
Chapter 884 A sudden awakening
Chapter 885 JīJīWaiwai’s Random Potion
Chapter 886 Poisonous gas faster than the speed of sound
Chapter 887 Strange Young Master Meng
Chapter 888 The Duchess’s Worries
Chapter 889 Terrible Young Master Meng
Chapter 890 It seems that what you understand is not what I said.
Chapter 891 Liszt, unwilling
Chapter 892 Shar without regrets
Chapter 893 What a pity, Hill can’t be used
Chapter 894 Hill’s Tree
Chapter 895 Yueshu’s whereabouts
Chapter 896 Hill is still a child
Chapter 897 An unexpected explosion
Chapter 898 JīJī’s potion is popular
Chapter 899 Young Master Meng saves himself
Chapter 900 Young Master Meng is very model-like
Chapter 901 The grumpy old Sanda King
Chapter 902 What does Shar want to do?
Chapter 903 Jos’ dissatisfaction
Chapter 904 Russell with mixed emotions
Chapter 905 She won’t betray me and Liuliu
Chapter 906 The unexpected discovery of ‘Cunxu’
Chapter 907 Who is being played by whom?
Chapter 908 You still have to tell the truth
Chapter 909 Someone comes again
Chapter 910 The incomprehensible Shar
Chapter 911 Russell’s decision
Chapter 912 How to use battlefield thunder
Chapter 913 Snow Old Dog’s Date
Chapter 914 The powerful ‘Yuluo Fanchen’
Chapter 915 Fortunately, I won’t work overtime all the time
Chapter 916 Young Master Meng is the key
Chapter 917 Bald head, borrow the wind
Chapter 918 I’m a little confused
Chapter 919 The leaky Young Master Meng
Chapter 920 Coming from the River Styx
Chapter 921 Guests invited by Xueyun Peak
Chapter 922 Terry was awakened by the disgusting smell
Chapter 923 Gilo’s future will definitely be exciting
Chapter 924 Everything is under control
Chapter 925 The man in black cloak suddenly appeared
Chapter 926 Communication between Demon Princes
Chapter 927 Who wants to start a war without any reason!
Chapter 928 Grazite almost lost his frequency
Chapter 929 The Devil’s Pollution Power
Chapter 930 Grateful Russell
Chapter 931: Control yourself, okay?
Chapter 932 The moonlight comes again
Chapter 933 Shut your mouth
Chapter 934 The Testing Sanda King
Chapter 935 The Neglected Guest
Chapter 936 Shar’s Shadow Whip
Chapter 937 Sowing discord with Selune
Chapter 938 Does Hill not want his magic tower?
Chapter 939 Just think that I am from the Selune family
Chapter 940 The more useful Demogorgon is happy
Chapter 941 The undead who know everything
Chapter 942 Invitation from the Abyss
Chapter 943 Demogorgon Wants Luck
Chapter 944 Shar’s Awakening
Chapter 945 Nanfeng’s Gloves
Chapter 946 The Difficult Trasil
Chapter 947 The timing is too consistent
Chapter 948 Do you know how to perform monkey fist?
Chapter 949 Vecna’s conspiracy
Chapter 950 Charging Purvi
Chapter 951 Ransander’s temptation
Chapter 952 Who is the winner?
Chapter 953 Graz'zt has a brain
Chapter 954 Graz’zt’s Resentment
Chapter 955 Demogorgon eyeing Toril
Chapter 956 Undead, it’s better not to be an enemy
Chapter 957 Orcus was taken out
Chapter 958 Is there anything wrong with Serge?
Chapter 959 Sunshine and Moonlight
Chapter 960 Unlucky Coyle
Chapter 961 The Immortal Snake on the 111th Floor
Chapter 962 Selune’s little thoughts
Chapter 963 The Contradictory Silver Virgin
Chapter 964 The Demon Lord finally finished his quarrel
Chapter 965 Please find the Styx
Chapter 966 Xueyunfeng knows people well and makes good use of them
Chapter 967 Shar’s Warning
Chapter 968 It turns out, it’s me again!
Chapter 969 I have to go first, Hill
Chapter 970 Crystal-like Aglaia
Chapter 971 Going around and around is still the beginning
Chapter 972 How cautious is Hill?
Chapter 973 Root, are you okay?
Chapter 974 Hei shot back from the air
Chapter 975 Are dragon eggs so rare?
Chapter 976 Alert Hill
Chapter 977 The Movement of the Elf God King
Chapter 979 Hill, you must know who it is
Chapter 980 Can Hill not bear the blame?
Chapter 981 Styx’s little hobby
Chapter 982 Familiar Stranger
Chapter 983 Trasil’s Great Crystal Wall
Chapter 984 Selune was suddenly speechless
Chapter 985 Why is Hill okay?
Chapter 986 Angry William
Chapter 987 William in Dilemma
Chapter 988 Styx is not the Virgin
Chapter 989 Isn’t the little bear cub just a naughty kid?
Chapter 990 Is William crazy?
Chapter 991 Do you think she can agree?
Chapter 992 Hill is worried about his own tree
Chapter 993 Going and Staying in Westalia
Chapter 994 The scrupulous William
Chapter 995 William’s Regret
Chapter 996 The respective injuries of former friends
Chapter 997 Gilbert is implicated
Chapter 998 Maybe, because I have a rich father?
Chapter 999 Toril is always ready to take the trap
Chapter 1000 Styx without Experimental Products
Chapter 1001 The Cruelty of the Black Mystery Tower
Chapter 1002 Styx’s idea is a bit weird
Chapter 1003 Hill’s special inheritance
Chapter 1004 Planning is just a dog
Chapter 1005 There are actually many enemies in time and space
Chapter 1006 Hill’s Crystal Flower Schoolbag
Chapter 1007 Uniflora and Trasil
Chapter 1008 Hill’s little thoughts
Chapter 1009 Resentful Russell
Chapter 1010 Root comes riding on the dark clouds
Chapter 1011 Coyle’s Awakening
Chapter 1012 The Undead Waiting for War
Chapter 1013 Gilbert’s Request
Chapter 1014 Hill is not you
Chapter 1015 Felice’s Awakening
Chapter 1016. Who is that little head?
Chapter 1016 Can you help me?
Chapter 1017 Feliz Knows Too Much
Chapter 1018 The black rose is setting off
Chapter 1019 Where does the seal come from?
Chapter 1020: Happiness like a rabbit’s tail?
Chapter 1021 Incredible Participants
Chapter 1022 I say you look like it, but do you really mean it?
Chapter 1023 A bit bitter Hill
Chapter 1024. 6 levels missing?
Chapter 1025 It’s always hard to change the topic
Chapter 1026 The attention that cannot be taken away
Chapter 1027 The Young Master in an Embarrassing Situation
Chapter 1028 William is such a hero!
Chapter 1029 William scolded very sincerely
Chapter 1030 Shadow under the lamp
Chapter 1031 Felice’s Sorrow
Chapter 1032 Johnston Heinalson
Chapter 1033 Johnston’s confusion
Chapter 1034 William forced to be brave
Chapter 1035 Excited ‘Perfect Bald Head’
Chapter 1036
Chapter 1037 The old snow dog who pressed the fingerprint
Chapter 1038 Prepare for a Rainy Day Snow Old Dog
Chapter 1039 The unlucky man who was recruited and hacked
Chapter 1040 The old snow dog with a strange date place
Chapter 1041 Bald Head’s Thorn and Shield
Chapter 1042 Edna’s powerful blessing
Chapter 1043 The Importance of the Emerald Scripture
Chapter 1044 Who is holding your book?
Chapter 1045 The bomb in the black rose
Chapter 1046 Why is it ‘Yue Xiaoluo’
Chapter 1047 The Two-Soul Experiment Originating from the Plague
Chapter 1048 The Heroes of the Green Forest Santarin
Chapter 1049 The tacit understanding of the old cunt
Chapter 1050 The strategists unanimously agree
Chapter 1051: Neutral fighting from both sides
Chapter 1052 The frightened Hill
Chapter 1053 Wait, I know a secret!
Chapter 1054 Fruit of Wisdom
Chapter 1055 Ben’s Poisonous Oath
Chapter 1056 Crystal Flower is the ancestor of purification!
Chapter 1057 The original meteorite summons
Chapter 1058 The Battle of Uniflora
Chapter 1059 Some things are better not to appear
Chapter 1060 The multiverse also has cause and effect
Chapter 1061 Liszt’s avoidance
Chapter 1062: Hill who is timid about being close to home
Chapter 1063 The gray-clothed mage asked for directions
Chapter 1064 A little loli who likes to play throwing
Chapter 1065 The door only has 10 seconds
Chapter 1066 Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 1067 The door that cannot be closed
Chapter 1068 A mess
Chapter 1069 An accident that is not an accident
Chapter 1070 The Tower of Despair of the Upstart
Chapter 1071 The extraordinary influence of the power of silver moon
Chapter 1072 You chase me and run away as you please
Chapter 1073 The deceived Tower of Despair
Chapter 1074 The fruits of pretentious wisdom
Chapter 1075 The undead are really scary
Chapter 1076 It’s still oilcloth
Chapter 1077 Become famous in one battle
Chapter 1078 Hill who never wronged himself
Chapter 1079 Russell is here
Chapter 1080 Let’s learn more
Chapter 1081 Is the botanical garden a bit small?
Chapter 1082 I saw something I shouldn’t have seen, is that why I’m unlucky?
Chapter 1083 Hill is never someone who lets go easily
Chapter 1084 Liszt’s Example
Chapter 1085 The much-anticipated capping
Chapter 1086 The Tower Breaking Through the Clouds
Chapter 1087 The song is melodious
Chapter 1088 The alien whale turned away
Chapter 1089 A surprise on the way
Chapter 1090 The power of cheating
Chapter 1091 Do you want teeth or belly?
Chapter 1092 A world that has been ravaged
Chapter 1093 What?
Chapter 1094 Everyone is prepared
Chapter 1095 Aglaia is the most important
Chapter 1096 Reluctant Sri
Chapter 1097 The earth’s recovery is too fast
Chapter 1098 The undercurrent of Trasil
Chapter 1099 The Kingdom of God is still dismantled
Chapter 1100 A young couple sharing resources
Chapter 1101 The usefulness of classmates
Chapter 1102 A somewhat familiar name
Chapter 1103 Adrian is still the city lord
Chapter 1104 Aurelio’s Undead Friends
Chapter 1105 Old friends appear one by one
Chapter 1106 Hill didn’t understand
Chapter 1107 The person who asked the old cat to take action
Chapter 1108 The Town’s Application List
Chapter 1109 Can you go to heaven?
Chapter 1110 Aurelio takes the bait if he wishes
Chapter 1111 Isn’t it because of alcohol that you’re depressed?
Chapter 1112 Better results
Chapter 1113 Another old friend comes
Chapter 1114 The world is reincarnation (finale)