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Make France great again

Make France great again

author:Ganges catfish

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Latest chapter:Chapter 1,116 The Admiralty of the Navy is forced to take a rest

The wind of history opened another glorious chapter for France. That year, our great French Emperor was born! Napoleon III illuminated France's path to prosperity. When people recall those years, it was France's first For once, you can say no to the British and shout, Cest la France! Second Empire Augustus Jérôme Bonaparte: I will make France great again! Austrian Café: 488573948

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《Make France great again》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1,116 The Admiralty of the Navy is forced to take a rest
Chapter 1,115 Selling Warships
Chapter 1,114 Establishing a Prohibited Sea Zone
Chapter 1113 Current Situation Analysis
Chapter 1112 Successor
Chapter 1,111 Unknowingly leaking secrets
Chapter 1110: Cooperation with hope and hope
Chapter 1,109 Abandoning Sardinia
Chapter 1,108: Combine vertically and horizontally
《Make France great again》Chapter Contents
CHAPTER 1 Jerome Bonaparte Comes to Faithful London
CHAPTER II The Count of Ficia de Pesili
Chapter 3 Louis Napoleon is critically ill
Chapter 4: A tragic meeting of brothers
Chapter 5 Care from Albert?
Chapter 6 The Arrogance of the Angsa Bandit
Chapter VII Conversation with Louis Napoleon
Chapter VIII Analysis of the French Situation
Chapter IX Drawing up plans
Chapter 10 Buckingham Palace
Chapter 11: The Surprise of Jerome
Chapter 12 The Passionate Victoria
CHAPTER XIII The Foreign Secretary Palmerston
Chapter 14 Visiting Buckingham Palace
Chapter 15 Thrilling Meals
Chapter 16 The Diplomatic Dilemma of the New Republic
Chapter 17 The Death of Louis Napoleon (Part 1)
Chapter 18: The Death of Louis Napoleon (Part 2)
Chapter 19 The Movement of Gods
Chapter 20 The Times (Part 1)
Chapter 21 The Times (Part 2)
Chapter 22 Layout Creates God
CHAPTER XXIII Baron Rothschild's Invitation
Chapter 24 The Arrogance of Rothschild
Chapter 25: Politics at the Table
Chapter 26 The Peace-loving Rothschild
Chapter 27 The First Angel Investor
Chapter 28 Cooperation reached
Chapter 29 Polaris News
Chapter 30 The beginning of the turmoil
Chapter Thirty-One: Bitch Britain
Chapter 32 Workers' Revolt
Chapter Thirty-Three When the Conflict Is On
Chapter 34: Catch the Thief First Catch the King
Chapter 35 Reinforcements arrive
Chapter 36 Detention Houses
Chapter Thirty-Seven of the Republic of Lamartine
Chapter 38: Lobbying Thiers
Chapter 39 Eugene Rouet MP
Chapter 40 Agreement
Chapter 41 Prime Minister Russell
Chapter 42 Public Opinion Layout
Chapter 43 Leaving the Detention Center
Chapter 44: Homecoming Trivia
Chapter 45 Tocqueville and London
Chapter 46 Negotiations Begin
Chapter 47 Negotiations
Chapter 48 Departure to Rome
Chapter 49 Leaving Britain
Chapter 50 Going to Rome
Chapter 51 Arrival in Rome
Chapter 52: Lucien Louis Bonaparte
Chapter 53 Collusion
Chapter 54 Prince Kono
Chapter 55: Bishop Muzarelli
Chapter 56: Bribing the Bishop
Chapter 57: Special Envoys and Gifts
Chapter 58: Seeing Pius IX
Chapter fifty-ninth, testing each other
Chapter 60 The Pope's Village Surrounds the City
Chapter 61: A Good Election
Chapter 62 The Reformation of the Papal State
Chapter 63: The Current Situation in France
Chapter 64 Victor Hugo
Chapter 65: The End of the June Revolution
Chapter 66 The Oriole is Behind
Chapter 67 The Stubborn Pope
Chapter 68 Preparations before returning to France
Chapter 69 The Final Meeting
Chapter 70 The Elections in Marseille
Chapter 71: The astute imitator
Chapter 72 The Paris Ballot
Chapter 73 Hongmen Banquet?
Chapter 74 The Furious Lion
Chapter 75: Biro's Betrayal
Chapter 76 The Rhein Hotel Paris
Chapter 77 Sister Mathilde
Chapter 78 The Gott Banker's Party
Chapter 79: The Baron Welcomes
Chapter 80 General Opper
Chapter 81 The Bonaparte Party Meeting
Chapter 82 The New Roosevelt New Deal
Chapter 83 The Victor Hugo Family
Chapter 84 Political Negotiations
Chapter 85: Hugo in the urn
Chapter 86 Cavaignac's Visit
Chapter 87: Cavaignac, who jumped over the wall
Chapter 88: The Bonapartist Counterattack
Chapter 89: Facing Thiers
Chapter Ninety Thiers
Chapter 91 The dusty election
Chapter 92: Old Jerome's Inquisition
Chapter 93: Anti-revolutionary Investigation Division
Chapter 94 The President and the Army
Chapter 95 The President and His Prime Minister
Chapter 96: The gluttonous feast (three thousand-character chapter)
Chapter 97: The First Step of Burying the Party of Order
Chapter 98 Minister of Public Education
Chapter 99 Stinky Chess Basket Barrow
Chapter 100 Disband the Rangers
Chapter 101 Public-Private Partnership Railway Policy
Chapter 102 Everyone loves to build railways
Chapter 103 The Emperor and the Emperor
Chapter 104: The army enters the field
Chapter 105: Smoke bombs for the military parade
Chapter 106: The French Railway Report
Chapter 107 The Army and the Railway
Chapter 108 Victor Hugo's audience
The 109th chapter military parade (1)
The 110th chapter military parade (2)
The 111st chapter military parade (3)
Chapter 112 Colonel Conrobel
Chapter 113 Preparations for the annihilation of Rome
Chapter 114 Reorganization of the General Staff?
Chapter 115: Take a step back
Chapter 116 The Roman Expedition
Chapter 117 Parliamentary Struggle
Chapter 118 The Three Heroes of the Empire
Chapter 119 The prototype of the General Staff
Chapter 120: Coup Candidates and Roman News
Chapter 121 Expedition
Chapter 122: The Flattery of the Holy See
Chapter 123 - Destroy Garibaldi
Chapter 124 Occupation of Rome
Chapter 125 New conspiracy
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six The Investigation Department Unsheathed
Chapter 127: The Bloodshed in Paris
Chapter 128 Fabricating a treasonous group
Chapter 129: Smash the treasonous group
Chapter 130: The Dust Settles
Chapter 131: Preparing to strike the pavilion
Chapter 132 Application for Martial Law
Chapter 133 Cabinet Reorganization
Chapter 134: Terrified Bife
One hundred and thirtieth chapters yield to the fee
Chapter 136 Holiday Exchange
Chapter 137: The Fasa Alliance?
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Eighth
Chapter 139 The Austrian Conspiracy
Chapter 140 Archduke Albrecht
Chapter 141 Habsburg Little Meat
Chapter 142 The end of the war
Chapter 143 The Action of the Orleans
Chapter 144: The Protector Barrow
Chapter 145 Touring the provinces
Chapter 146 Luoshui Oath
Chapter 147: Public Opinion Control and Western Development
Chapter 148: The German Shock
Chapter 149: Military Report of French Popularization
Chapter 150: Austria? Prussia?
Chapter 151 I am already a German
Chapter 152 Ask for Thrall
Chapter 153 Formulating the Boundary Issue
Chapter 154 The Insidious Prime Minister and the New Emperor
Chapter 155: Faao Secret Association
Chapter 156 The Council of Bonaparte
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Seven Party Disputes and Splits
Chapter 158 Prime Minister Candidates
Chapter 159 Cleaning the War Department
Chapter 160 The Minister of War returns to Paris
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty-One: The St. Denis District
Chapter 162: Reynio's Debriefing
Chapter 163 Decisive Battle Rehearsal
Chapter 164: Increase steel production capacity
Chapter 165 Concain Steel Company
One hundred and sixty-sixth Prime Minister's Doomsday
Chapter 167 The Cabinet of Bonaparte
Chapter 168 Hugo's battle
Chapter 169 Hugo counterattacks and the first meeting
Chapter 170 Ministry of Railways and Military Parade
Chapter 171 Attack on the Ministry of War
Chapter 172: Chief of the General Staff of St. Arnault
Chapter 173: Mignet Rifle
Chapter 174 Angel Investors
Chapter 175 Create panic
Chapter 176 Public Opinion Orientation
Chapter 177 Paris Panic
Chapter 178 Panic or a fact?
Chapter 179 Legislative Assembly on the edge of the cliff
Chapter 180 The Responsibilities of the People's Bankers
Chapter 181: On the Banker's Responsibility
Chapter 183 Arrest of Alphonse Rothschild
Chapter 183 Economic Policy Differences
Chapter 184 Is the Elysee Palace an underworld?
Chapter 185 Obey Baron Farrow
Chapter 186 The Jewish Threat Theory
Chapter 187: Go strong
Chapter 188 Characteristic Capitalism
Chapter 189 - Weiwei
Chapter 190: The Doomsday of the Evil Forces
Chapter 191 Let the bullets fly
Chapter 192 President Assassination
Chapter 193: Detaining the French Traitor James
The one hundred and ninetieth chapters show their magical powers
Chapter 195 We are all patriots
Chapter 196 All French capitalists unite!
Chapter 197 The Crowbar of Capital
Chapter 198 James Rothschild surrenders
Chapter 199: Family Split
Chapter 20 Family Split
Chapter 201 Lifting martial law?
Chapter 202: March of Suffering
Chapter 203 Military spending imposed on parliament
The 204th chapter military parade (1)
Chapter 205 War and Peace
Chapter 206 Loyalty is not absolute
Chapter 207 Politics on and off the dinner table
Chapter 208 Paramilitary Alliance Württemberg
Chapter 209 Official Appointment and Removal
Chapter 210 Prince Marshal
Chapter 211 Bonaparte Treasures
Chapter 212 'Class Struggle in France 1848-1850' Karl Marx
Chapter 213 Paris Intelligence Integration
Chapter 214 Imperial Marshal Jerome
Chapter 215 Grand Marshal Sirte
Chapter 216 The struggle of life and death
Chapter 217 The Battle of the Legislative Assembly
Chapter 218 The End of the Republican Party
Chapter 219 President Bonaparte is in action
Chapter 220 The last time to win over
Chapter two hundred and twenty one complete break
Chapter 222 Military Procurement Plan
Chapter 223 The military must not do business
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty-Four Semi-Streamlined Operations and Control Funds
Chapter 225 Embezzlement of state-owned assets?
Chapter 226 Eastern Strategic Layout
Chapter 227 The National Intelligence Service is in action
Chapter 228 Countermeasures of the Party of Order
Chapter 229 Reorganizing the Police System
Chapter 233 Thiers' Plan
Chapter 231 Changarnier's ambition
Chapter 232 Seizing Power and Counter Seizing Power
Chapter 233 Internal conflict in the army
Chapter two hundred and thirty-four a complete break
Chapter 235 Paris under the shroud of civil war
Chapter 236 The first shot of the Legislative Assembly
Chapter 237 War Threats and Countermeasures
Chapter 237 Hearing? This is a declaration of war!
Chapter 239 The Lonely Army
Chapter 242 Commentary on Bonaparte
Chapter 241 Harvesting French Leeks
Chapter 242 The end of an era
Chapter 243 The parties react
Chapter two hundred and forty-four
Chapter 245 Desperate MP
Chapter 246 The Last Obstacle
Chapter two hundred and forty seventh dismantling the arrangement of military power
Chapter 248 The First Brigade in Paris Changes Hands
Chapter 249 Counterattack of the Legislative Assembly
Chapter 250 Dismissal
Chapter 251 Gala at the Tuileries Palace
Chapter 251 The dance is diplomacy
Chapter 253 The Dream of Constantine
Chapter 254 Russian-French Alliance?
Chapter 255 Double-headed bet, win!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-six Dick Tutor of Paris
Chapter 257: The Momentum for Amending the Constitution
Chapter 258 Huangcun
Chapter 259 The Tsar is in action
Chapter 260 The contest between Austria and Russia
Chapter 261 Is the bitter master actually a good talent?
Chapter two hundred and sixty-two naval construction plan
Chapter two hundred and sixty-three new gunboat construction
Chapter 264 The plan of the coup
Chapter 265 The support of the Bank of France is the key to the coup
Chapter 266 Reorganization of the War Department
Chapter 263 Annual Summary of the Legislative Assembly
Chapter 268 Debt and Power
Chapter 269 The Last Amendment to the Constitution
Chapter 270 12.2 Day Coup Plan
Chapter 271 The Hypocrite Agreement
Chapter 272 The Prince of Prussia
Chapter 273 The Prussian-Austrian War
Chapter 274 The duel of the famous generals
Chapter 275 Fulda's Slaughter
Chapter two hundred and seventy-six Prussia's decline
Chapter 277 The Diplomatic Dilemma of Prussia
Chapter 278 Prussia at a historical turning point
Chapter 279 Prussian Homecoming Mission
Chapter 280 Diplomatic Sharp Turn
Chapter 281 The Holy Alliance has been resurrected?
Chapter 283 The Tsar is in action
Chapter 283 Otto von Bismarck
Chapter 284 12.2 Coup Prologue (1)
Chapter 285 12.2 Coup Prologue (2)
Chapter 286 12.2 Coup (1)
Chapter 287 12.2 Coup (2)
Chapter 288 12.2 Coup (3)
Chapter 289 12.2 Coup (4)
Chapter 290 12.2 Coup (5)
Chapter 291 12.2 Coup (6)
Chapter 292 The Death of Thiers (Part 1)
Chapter 293 Thiers' Death (Part 2)
Chapter 294 The Fall of the Second Republic (Part 1)
Chapter 295 The Fall of the Second Republic (Part 2)
Chapter 296 The Fall of the Second Republic (Part 2)
The 297th chapter I established the third republic in the world
Chapter two hundred and ninety-eight killing chickens and scaring monkeys
Chapter 299 The referendum was successful
Chapter 300 The patron saint of socialism?
Chapter 301 French-British collaboration?
Chapter 302 French Expeditionary Force
Chapter 303 Deployment of Military Operations in Hawaii
Chapter 304 Hawaii's Ambition
Chapter 305 Far East Foreign Legion
Chapter 306 Digging a pit for America
Chapter 307 Government Reorganization and Louis Pasteur
Chapter 308 French Agricultural Reform
Chapter 309 Health System Construction
Chapter 310 The second bullet of agricultural modernization
Chapter 311 Conscience and Progress
Chapter 312 Logistics and supply problems
Chapter 313: The Dilemma of Military Reform
Chapter 314 Change people without changing their minds
Chapter 315 Anza Diplomatic Thinking and Marriage
Chapter 316 Valewski was ordered
Chapter 317: The Strasbourg Military Reform Problem
Chapter 318 Urban Sanitation and Cholera
Chapter 319 The Empire is the Republic
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Senior Officials Change
Chapter 321 Paris Urban Renovation
Chapter 322 The end of an era
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Three French Characteristic Music
Chapter 324 Marriage Candidates
Chapter 325 Cavour and Bonaparte
Chapter 326 vassal Sardinia
Chapter 327 Ascension to the Throne (1)
Chapter 328 Enthroned (Part 2)
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Nine
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Britain Coming to Liangshan
Chapter 331 The Emperor and the Crown Prince
Chapter 332 teaches by precept and example
Chapter 333 Cavour's Beauty Conspiracy
Chapter 334: Bonaparte's Court Interests
Chapter 335 Railway Weiwei
Chapter 336 Establishment of Financial Supervision System
Chapter 337 Mission to Constantinople
Chapter three hundred and thirty-eight
Chapter 339 Barracks Restoration and the Near East
Chapter 340: Strategy for the War against Russia
Chapter 341 Candidates for Chief of the General Staff
Chapter 342 St. Arnault Chief of Staff
Chapter 343 Establishment of the Maintenance Command
Chapter 344 Build and improve the staff system
Chapter 345: The Rebound of the Staff College
The Staff College in the Inner Volume of Chapter 346
Chapter 347: Loyal General Staff
Chapter 348 The Empire's Financial Crisis
Chapter 349 Death and Taxes
Chapter 350: Marriage to Württemberg
Chapter 351 Princess Augusta
Chapter 352 The sudden divorce
Chapter 353 The wedding goes on as usual
Chapter 354: Anti-Adventurism
Chapter 355 Candidates for the Central Supervisory Agency
Chapter 356 On the Eve of the Crimean War
Chapter 357 Delaying the outbreak of the war
Chapter 358 The Twilight Before the War
Chapter 359 The Opposition Alliance
Chapter 360 Yes, Minister!
Chapter 361 The Tsar is in action
Chapter 362 Christmas in Constantinople
Chapter 363 Rehearsal of the Russian-Austrian border
Chapter 364 The monarchs and ministers in the Amber Hall
Chapter 375 Carve up the Ottoman Empire
Chapter 366 The Russian-British Alliance?
Chapter 367 The second cabinet debate
Chapter 368 Mediation Master Menshkov
Chapter 369 Allies? No! It's a lackey!
Chapter 370 Weak countries have no diplomacy
Chapter 371 The inner ghost lurking in the embassy
Chapter 372 Preparations before the naval battle
Chapter 373 Fishing and eradicating inner ghosts
Chapter 374 quells civil unrest
Chapter 375 Nearly Broken Negotiations
Chapter 376 Reckless Menshkov
Chapter 377: The prudent Mediterranean fleet
Chapter three hundred and seventy-eight Canning's decision
Chapter 379 The Anglo-French Alliance
Chapter three hundred and eighty-one alliance
Chapter 381 Paris Housing Crisis
Chapter 382 Say no to high house prices!
Chapter 383 Cheap Public Rental Housing Program
Chapter 384 Make the cake bigger and distribute it reasonably!
Chapter 385 The Ninth Russo-Turkish War
Chapter 386 French Industrial Mobilization
Chapter 387 Regulations on the Control of Railway Bonds
Chapter 388 Patriotic feelings clearly marked
Chapter three hundred and eighty-ninth unscrupulous banker
The three hundred and ninetieth chapter of the railway under semi-military control
Chapter three hundred and ninety-one, His Royal Highness Bonaparte with a simple heart
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two new appointments
Chapter 393 The war is approaching
Chapter 394 Big Napoleon Cannon
Chapter 395 Expensive Big Napoleon Cannon
Chapter 396 breech block and rifled gun
Chapter 397 Research Progress
Chapter 398 Oberndorf Royal Arsenal
Chapter 399 Metternich goes to Paris
Chapter 400: The Vienna System Is About to Collapse
Chapter 401: Fao Synergy
Chapter 402 Paskevich: Danube troops, don't move!
Chapter 403: The Coercion of the Russian Empire
Chapter 404: Paskevich in Contradiction
Chapter 405 Ottoman Compromise
Chapter 406 Ottoman Partisans
Chapter 407 The crying child has milk to eat
Chapter 408 Behind the Shamiler
Chapter Four Hundred and Nine
Chapter 310 Diplomacy is the mainstay, and military is the supplement
Chapter 411 The Resurrection of the Guards
Chapter 412: The Emperor Who Sings Red Face
Chapter four hundred and thirteenth drink poison to quench thirst
Chapter 414: Abandoning the land is not a ceded land
Chapter 415: The dull secretary and the shrewd ambassador
Chapter 416: The Ottoman Empire declares war
Chapter 417: The French-Russian Contradiction Worst
The four hundred and eighteenth chapter of the war temptation of various countries
Chapter 419: Tiger Tiger Tiger (1)
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Tiger Tiger Tiger (Part 2)
Chapter 421: Tactical Fraud
Chapter 422: Public Opinion War in the Shadow
Chapter 423: The French Empire declares war!
Chapter four hundred and twenty-four the chaotic tsar
Chapter 425: The Ottoman Empire who does not understand gratitude
Chapter 426: The Russian Offensive
Chapter 427 Crimea I Commander-in-Chief
Chapter 428 Double-Material Governor
Chapter 429 The Imperial Fleet Set sail
Chapter 430 Wolf Pack Tactics
Chapter 431: The Fury of the Sultan
Chapter 432 The Ottoman Combined Fleet
Chapter 433 The Ottoman First Victory
The four hundred and thirtieth chapter of the beast that is about to fall into the trap
Chapter 435: A World War That Changed History
Chapter 436 The annihilated navy
Chapter 437 Britain (forced) to enter
Chapter 438 Near East Synergy
Chapter 439 Heading to the Bosphorus
Chapter 440: Change people without changing their minds
Chapter 441 The Prime Minister caught in public opinion
Chapter 442 The Anti-Russian Storm Strikes
Chapter 443 Beating the Anti-Russian faction
Chapter 444 Prime Minister Palmerston
Chapter 445: The Great Song of Britain
Chapter 446: The Yingyi has no generals, and the adjutant is the vanguard
Chapter 447 Shut up! I am discussing democracy in Britain!
Chapter 448 Planning Committee (Part 1)
Chapter 449 Planning Committee (Part 2)
Chapter 450: Mauser and Metal Fixed Ammo
Chapter 451: The Gatling Cannon Project
Chapter 452 The Great Attempt - Smokeless Gunpowder
Chapter 453: The Research Results of Louis Pasteur
Chapter 454 The French version of Nightingale
Chapter 455: Filial Son of Sardinia
Chapter 456: The Chaos of the Austrian Empire
Chapter four hundred and forty seventh imperialist friendship
Chapter 468 Where is the road
Chapter 459: Sissi and Franz
Chapter 460 Austria in Dispute
Chapter 461 The Indecisive Franz
Chapter 462 South German Twenty-five Aberdeen
Chapter 463 Churchill's Act Re-enactment
Chapter 464 The Gallipoli Incident
Chapter 465 Britain's Ten Billion Subsidies
Chapter 466 Baron Raglan's Trip to France
Chapter 467: The Unsuccessful Union
Chapter four hundred and sixty-eight wartime command without an inch
Chapter four hundred and sixty-ninth the sluggish British Army
Chapter four hundred and seventieth meeting with Varna
Chapter 471 Raglan and St. Arnault
Chapter 472 Attack! Combined Fleet!
Chapter 473 Bombarding Odessa
Chapter 474: The Defeatist Strategist Paskevich
Chapter 475: Fortified Bastion Group
Four hundred and seventieth chapters Silistra meat grinder
Chapter 477 The Battle of Tabia
Chapter 478: Pinduoduo Version of the Ottoman Army
Chapter four hundred and seventy-ninth, the new look of the Ottoman army
Chapter 480 Cossacks and Zhuav
Chapter 481 Is the center blossoming or going alone?
Chapter 482 Trench War Rehearsal
Chapter 483 The first wave of grey animals' attack
Chapter 484 European military police? European clowns!
Chapter 485 The second attack
Chapter 486 Come to sneak attack! Come to cheat! Is this okay?
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh collapse of the first division
Chapter 488 Silistra's Relief
Chapter four hundred and eighty-ninth on meritorious deeds
Chapter 490: Victory Reunion
Chapter 491: Destiny Showdown?
Chapter 492 Special Diplomatic Operations
The four hundred and ninetieth chapters go to weakening
Chapter 494: Propaganda War, Cognitive War
Chapter 495 Big Brother is watching you
Chapter four hundred and ninety-six France's battle plan against Austria
Chapter four hundred and ninety seventh deadline
Chapter four hundred and ninety-eight last lesson
Chapter 499: Layout of West Africa
Chapter 500 Of course I forgive her!
Chapter 501 Open the door! Welcome the powers!
Chapter Five Hundred and Two The French Tribute System
Chapter 503 Establishment of Far East Branch
Chapter 504: The St. Petersburg Landing Plan and the Quartet Talks
Chapter Five Hundred and Five De. Ruiz's Trip to Austria
Chapter 506 Vienna Conference (1)
Chapter 507 Vienna Conference (2)
Chapter 508 Diplomatic Orphans Russia
Chapter 509: Weak countries have no human rights
Chapter 510: Marching into Crimea
Chapter 511: The Crimea Landing Steps (1)
Chapter 512: The Crimea Landing Steps (Part 2)
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirteenth Russian Town under Special Military Operation
Chapter 514: Apportionment and Bandit Suppression
Chapter 515: Chaotic Landing and Food Crisis
Chapter 516: Setting Fire to the Warehouse and Borrowing Food from Yin Soldiers
Chapter 517 Crimea at the gambling table
Chapter 518: The army marching forward in chaos
Chapter 519: The Critically Ill Saint Arnault
Chapter five hundred and twentieth the ambush in the jungle
Chapter five hundred and twenty first defeat in the first battle
Chapter 522 Invention and War
The 523rd chapter Alma offensive plan (1)
Chapter 524: Alma General Offensive Plan (2)
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Five Friends of the Allied Forces Kiriako
Chapter 526: The Lost Telegraph Mountain Heights
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Seven The Defeated Russian Army
Chapter five hundred and twenty eight collapse across the board
Chapter five hundred and twenty nine light cavalry charge
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty March to Sevastopol
Chapter 531: Sevastopol in preparation
Chapter 532: Sevastopol in Panic
Chapter 533 Kornilov's Coping Strategies
Chapter five hundred and thirty fourth coalition division
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-Five The Battle of the Port of Calatina
Chapter 536 Unexpected Victory
Chapter five hundred and thirty seventh captured Tolstoy
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Eighth Offensive on the North Shore of Sevastopol
Chapter five hundred and thirty-ninth desperate battle
Chapter five hundred and fortieth fortress meat grinder
Chapter five hundred and forty-one English and French in the same bed and different dreams
Chapter 542: The Fall of Sevastopol
Chapter 543: Marshal Saint Arnault returns
Chapter five hundred and forty-four the conception of the Crimean Khanate
Chapter five hundred and forty-fifth military hospital reform
Chapter five hundred and forty-six the stable emperor
Chapter five hundred and forty-seven on the reward for meritorious deeds
Chapter five hundred and forty-eight parting ways
Chapter 549: The Bank of France that changed the dynasty
Chapter 550 The Age of Credit Is Coming
Chapter five hundred and fifty first unwilling bank directors
Chapter 552: The Submissive Banker
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth chapters prepare for arch fire
Chapter 554: I, the First Continental Army, make money!
Chapter 555: The Will of the People
Chapter 556 Want to prostitute for free? Are you worthy of Sweden!
Chapter five hundred and fifty-seven beautiful feet
Chapter 558 The European version of the Monroe Doctrine
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth IX Ambassador Cowley is deeply coerced
Chapter 560 Palmerston's Ambition
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty One Suffering America
Chapter five hundred and sixty-two diplomatic circles Gambia
Chapter five hundred and sixty-three: the surrender of the Austrian Empire
Chapter 564 Jerome: I am God!
Chapter five hundred and sixty-five Russian non-stick pan
Chapter 566 Nicholas I: Death does not belong to the Tsar!
Chapter 567: Nicholas I is probably crazy
Chapter five hundred and sixty-eight usury empire and export capital
Chapter five hundred and sixty-ninth double emperor association
Chapter Five Hundred and Seventieth Contradictory Franz Joseph
Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-One Countries Response
Chapter five hundred and seventy-two diplomacy under short-lived peace
Five hundred and seventieth chapters flickering Prussia
Chapter five hundred and seventy fourth Princess Sissi's sorrow
Chapter 575 Franz Joseph: I feel a little green
Chapter five hundred and seventy sixth precepts and deeds
Chapter Five Hundred and Seventy-Seven: The Pro-French Start From Juveniles
Chapter 578 War and Peace
Chapter five hundred and seventy-nine first thoughts on annexing Luxembourg
Chapter 580 Capital appreciation and Austrian industry
Chapter five hundred and eighty-one leveraging the crowbar of Luxembourg
Chapter five hundred and eighty second instigating Egypt
Chapter five hundred and eighty-three teachings in the restaurant
Chapter five hundred and eighty-four first rich and then rich
Chapter 585: Industrial Nationalization and Industrial Regionalization
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-Six New. Newspaper Censorship System
Chapter five hundred and eighty seventh meeting with Albert
Chapter five hundred and eighty-eight consumption is the main, supplemented by interspersed
Chapter five hundred and eighty ninth knock on Ful
Chapter five hundred and ninetieth the frightened papal envoy
Chapter five hundred and ninety-first, the cunning Metternich
Chapter five hundred and ninety-two gentlemen's agreement
Chapter 593 Victory Day Speech
Chapter 594 Bad Austrian Empire
Chapter five hundred and ninety fifth is not a high price
Chapter five hundred and ninety-six scientific and technological revolution
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters Sharping Bonaparte
Chapter five hundred and ninety-eight reducing the discount rate
Chapter five hundred and ninety-ninth the friendship of the monarchs
Chapter 600 Nicholas I in Distress
Chapter 601: Infighting Illusion God Nikolai
Chapter 602 The future is yours
Chapter 603 Arrangements Before Departure
Chapter 604 Deputy Emperor Rue
Chapter 605 Troika
Chapter 606 Toulon Naval Port
Chapter 607 The Friendship Ironclad
Chapter 608: Sailing the sea depends on the helmsman
Chapter 609 Limiting the scale of expansion
Chapter 610 Open Sources, Reduce Costs and Industrial Upgrades
Chapter six hundred and eleventh breeding ambition
Chapter 612 Lulu and Gallo
Chapter 613 Abdul's Ambition
Chapter 614 The Ironclad and the Greek Problem
Chapter 615 Splitting the Arab World
Chapter 616: The Dying Saint Arnault
Chapter 617 Soldiers must have backbone!
Chapter 618 Growth
Chapter 619 Minuteman Missile
Chapter 620 Army Red Deer
Chapter 621 The hidden danger of the French army
Chapter 622 The Ottoman Empire in Action
Chapter six hundred and twenty-third loopholes in action
Chapter 624 Marshal and Medal
Chapter 625 The war will start
Chapter 626 Going to Crimea
Chapter 627 Nightingale
Chapter 628 Perfecting the Nursing System
Chapter 629 The Great Emperor Comes to Loyal Crimea
Chapter 630: The Allied Forces Ready
Chapter 631: The Stubborn Emperor
Chapter 632 Wartime Command
Chapter 633 The Disappointed Gorchakov
Chapter 634 Alexander II Arrives in Crimea
Chapter 635: The Russian Army in Crisis
Chapter 636 Planning for Peace
Chapter 637 Negotiations
Chapter 638 (3) Rome and (Gaul) Rome
Chapter 639 Broken Negotiations
Chapter 640: The Chaos of Bakhchisaray
Chapter 641: Inkerman Deployment of the Armageddon
Chapter 642: The Bad Check to Sardinia
Chapter six hundred and forty third full gambler
Chapter 644: A Plan Doomed to Fail
Chapter 645 The army that started in chaos
Chapter 646 Inkerman Hill Offensive
Chapter six hundred and forty seventh fire brigade captain
Chapter six hundred and forty-eight relief and dumplings
Chapter 649 Stupid teammates
The six hundred and fiftieth battle to the Qiaoya position
Chapter 651 The Missed Victory
Chapter 652 The end of the war
Chapter 653 The Minister and the Princess
Chapter 654 Luxembourg Consensus
Chapter 655 Albert's Help
Chapter 656 Get the Great Britain
Chapter 657: The Threat of War
Chapter 658 Occupation of Luxembourg
Chapter 659: The Angry William I
Chapter 660 Who is under the court, dare to sue this official!
Chapter 661: Humiliated Prussia
Chapter six hundred and sixty-two the parties are moving
Chapter 663 The Battle of Luxembourg Banks
Chapter 664: Marshal Saint Arnault Returns to the West
Chapter 665: Nikolai, who is also critically ill
Chapter 666 Military Conference
Chapter 667: The Worries of Alexander II
Chapter 668 Conspiracy Coup
Chapter 669: Meeting Herzen
Chapter 670 The Duke
Chapter 671 The Request of Duke Golitsyn
Chapter 672 Difficult choices
Chapter 673 Miscalculated Fouche
Chapter 674 Sweden joins the war
Chapter 675 Changed Plan
Chapter 676 The Olive Branch of Peace
Chapter 677 The Art of Language
Chapter 678: Tactical Fraud Success
Chapter 679 Pig Teammate Constantine
Chapter 680 The heavily guarded St. Petersburg
Chapter 681: The Czars Who Betrayed
Chapter 682: The Czar Who Changed His Mind
Chapter 683 Nesher Roddy and Gorchakov
Chapter 684 Control the third hall
Chapter six hundred and eighty fifth framed
Chapter 686 The conflict between Austria and Russia depends on France
Chapter 687 Deterrence of the God of War
Chapter 688: The Mission Arrives
Chapter 689 Yalta Negotiations
Chapter 690 The Beginning of Negotiations
Chapter six hundred and ninety-first
Chapter 692 The peace talks break down and the war begins
Chapter 693 Strategic Deployment
Chapter 694 The attack begins
Chapter 695 Breaking the Line of Defense
Chapter 696: Repeatedly changing hands
Chapter 697 The Minister of War is jailed
Chapter 698 The conspiracy under St. Petersburg
Chapter six hundred and ninety-ninth first strike is strong
Chapter 700 Sir, this is your empire!
Chapter 701: Nicholas I of Stroke
Chapter 702 Control of St. Petersburg
Chapter 703 Goodwill of Britain and France
Chapter 704 The New Tsar
Chapter 705: Sovereign Power and Civilian Grant
Chapter 706: Anxious Alexander II
Chapter 707 Negotiation resumes
Chapter 708: The Subjugated Russian Empire
Chapter seven hundred and ninth the treaty that humiliates the country
Chapter 710: Ning and allies, not nobles
Chapter 711 Double Happiness
Chapter 712 The end of the war
Chapter 713 The Age of Bonaparte
Chapter 714 The Polish Question
Chapter 715 Maximilian, Grand Duke of Warsaw
Chapter 716 The Principality and the Kingdom
Chapter 717: Finishing the Crimean Peninsula (Part 1)
Chapter 718: Finishing the Crimea Peninsula Work (Part 2)
Chapter 719 Farewell, Crimea!
Chapter 720 Arrival in Toulon
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-first Toulon show
Chapter 722 The Dilemma of Toulon's Shipbuilding Industry
Chapter seven hundred and twenty third beat Dicko
Chapter seven hundred and twenty fourth collection
Chapter seven hundred and twenty fifth departure
Chapter 726 Inspection of the Industrial Park
Chapter seven hundred and twenty seventh artificial dyes by accident
Chapter 728 Mauser Afterloading Gun 1.0
Chapter 729 The almost perfect rear-loading gun
Chapter 730 West African Expedition Conception
Chapter seven hundred and thirty first meeting
Chapter 732 Punch-in Holy Land: Paris
Chapter 733: Recover the Sprinkled Water
Chapter 734 The Ambition of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Chapter 735 The Polish Consensus
Chapter 736 Beating Leopold
Chapter 737: Preliminary Discussion on Currency Union
Chapter 738 Europa League?
Chapter 739: The arrival of Pius IX
Chapter 740 The Pope, how many divisions does he have?
Chapter 741 The Distressed Holy Father
Chapter seven hundred and forty-two lover
Chapter 743 The Baptism Begins
Chapter 744: The Conditions of Maximilian
Chapter seven hundred and forty-five interests driven
Chapter 746: Poland under Compromise
Chapter seven hundred and forty seventh Swedish ambition
Chapter 748: The Franco-Swiss Customs Union
Chapter 749: Alternative War and Peace
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth Cavour's sugar-coated shells
Chapter 751 Warm-up before the meeting - World's Fair
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-two exhortations to the Baron Ottoman
Chapter 753 Albert's Beating
Chapter 754: Two Governments and Two Tsars
Chapter 755 The military parade in front of the Champ de Mars
Chapter 756 Negotiations with the Eve of the Meeting
Chapter 757 The Paris Peace Conference begins
Chapter seven hundred and fifty eight Polish differences
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-ninth turning over old accounts and shelving disputes
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-ninth turning over old accounts and shelving disputes
Chapter seven hundred and sixty the secret fight between the recesses
Chapter 761: The Stupid Prussian Foreign Minister
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-two Prussia: wake up, and the enemy of the world
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-two exchange of interests and entrustment
Chapter seven hundred and sixty fourth brace
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-five Bauer: Damn temptation
Chapter 766 The end of the Paris Peace Conference
Chapter 767: Abolish the National Guard?
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-eight forging ahead
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-ninth poison under the honey
Chapter 770 Layout of Jerusalem
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-first nine-year reserve system
Chapter 772: The Reserve System Under Compromise
Chapter 773 Winner of the Battle of Moscow
Chapter 774 Algeria Raiders
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-five preparations before the currency union
Chapter 776: The Resurrection Match of Count Argu
Chapter 777 Continuation of the multi-standard system
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-eighth little fan brother Edward VII
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-ninth bad father-son relationship
Chapter 780 Visiting the Expo
Chapter seven hundred and eighty first family mediator
Chapter 782 Euro 1.0
Chapter 783 European Monetary Union Convenes
Chapter 784 Monetary Union Signed
Chapter 785: The European Monetary Union is established
Chapter 786: Establishment of the Colonial Ministry
Chapter seven hundred and eighty seventh personnel adjustment
Chapter 788 Coal and Steel Community
Chapter seven hundred and eighty nine beauty plan
Chapter seven hundred and ninetieth Leopold takes the bait
Chapter 791: Hierarchy (1)
Chapter 792: Hierarchy (Part 2)
Chapter seven hundred and ninety third replacement of the manager
Chapter seven hundred and ninety fourth community establishment
Chapter seven hundred and ninety fifth departure
Chapter 796 The first stop Baden
Chapter 797 Baden Dinner
Chapter 798 Visit to Württemberg
Chapter 799 The Russian Lobbyist of Württemberg
Chapter 800 Family Banquet
Chapter 801: Guarantee Pakistan Independence
Chapter 802 Arrives in Vienna
Chapter eight hundred and third sullen Elizabeth
Chapter 804: The Disgusting Spanish Court Etiquette
Chapter eight hundred and fifth dance floor episode
Chapter 806: The Willful Emperor and the Helpless Prince
Chapter 807 Princess Sophie
Chapter 808 The Diplomatic Crisis at the Hofburg
Chapter 609: The Disgraced Empress Dowager
Chapter 810 Love or like this is a question
Chapter 811: The end of the dance
Chapter eight hundred and twelve father and daughter
Chapter 813: The Weird Hofburg Palace
Chapter 815 Never Air Force
Chapter eight hundred and fifteenth the end of the first half
Chapter 816 Lorenz Rifle
Chapter eight hundred and seventeen the cardinal
Chapter 818 Labor? Militia!
Chapter Eight hundred and Nineteen The Cardinal's Invitation
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth exchange of interests
Chapter 821 Buried in Austria's Dark Line
Chapter 822 Departure to Warsaw
Eight hundred and twenty-third deposed king
Chapter eight hundred and twenty-four completely different treatment
Chapter 825: Pi?sudski?
Chapter 826: King of Poland
Chapter 827 The second bullet of the Prussian threat theory
Chapter eight hundred and twenty-eight division of spheres of influence
Chapter eight hundred and twenty-ninth Danzig encounter
Chapter 830: Ambiguous Diplomacy
Chapter 831: The Arrogant Bismarck
Chapter 832 Rouen Industrial Plan
Chapter 833: Trafficking in People with New Signs of the New Year
Chapter 834 Supervision Dicko
Chapter 835: Dicko, who was tragically deposed
Chapter 836 Summary Conference of 1855
Chapter 837 Summary of Various Departments (1)
Chapter 838 Summary of Various Departments (Part 2)
Chapter 839 The Opposition of Baron Ottoman
Chapter 840: The Lyon Telegraph and the Mauser Rifle
Chapter 841 Governor of Gabon
Chapter 842 Asking a problem does not mean solving a problem
Chapter 843: Arrive in Lyon
Chapter eight hundred and forty-four found a treasure
Chapter eight hundred and forty-five Palmerston longing for war
Chapter eight hundred and forty-six ministers and secretaries with different minds
Chapter eight hundred and forty seventh secret war under intelligence
Chapter 848: Secret War under Intelligence (Continued 1)
Chapter eight hundred and forty-ninth big fish
Chapter 850 You can ask for money! Interview with an official!
Chapter eight hundred and fifty first dealing with cousin
Chapter 852 Mr. Flaubert
Chapter 853 Declares war on the Kaija Dynasty!
Chapter eight hundred and fiftieth chapters fool Pierre Bonaparte
Chapter eight hundred and fifty-fifth Pierre doomed to death
Chapter 856: The First Difficulty in Gabon
Chapter 857 Inspection of the Barracks
Chapter 858 The army enters the city!
Chapter 859 Malaria Attacks and Far Eastern Intelligence
Chapter 860 Heaven? Manchu?
Chapter eight hundred and sixty first Far East President
Chapter 862: Candidates for in-depth Central Africa
Eight hundred and sixtieth chapters first ceremony and then soldiers
Chapter 864 Preparations for exploring the colony
Chapter eight hundred and sixty-five contacts with the indigenous people of Gabon
Chapter eight hundred and sixty-six backward will be beaten
Chapter eight hundred and sixty seventh is attached to the Governor's Office
Chapter eight hundred and sixty-eight unpredictable
Chapter 869 The response of the Governor's Office
Chapter eight hundred and seventieth take over the mining area
Chapter eight hundred and seventy first helpless tribe
Chapter 772: The Desperate Gap
Chapter 873 New Technology and Manganese Ore
Chapter 874 Candidates
Eight hundred and seventieth chapters from the emperor's entrustment
Chapter 876 The gradually blackened governor
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-seventh discovery of manganese ore
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-eight from hell to heaven
Chapter eight hundred and seventy-ninth
Chapter 880 As long as you don't write about slaves, you are not slaves!
Chapter 881: Chaos in Central Asia
Chapter 882 Rectify the Industrial Group
Chapter eight hundred and eighty third rectification under the industrial group
Chapter 884: Moroccan Diplomatic Crisis
Chapter eight hundred and eighty fifth joint pressure
Chapter 886: The Kingdom of Spain, which intends to move closer
Chapter eight hundred and eighty seventh diplomacy is no trivial matter
Chapter 888: Her Majesty the Queen
Chapter 889 Joint Pressure
Chapter 890 Diplomatic Red Line
Chapter eight hundred and ninety-first bad news ensuing
Chapter 892 The Color Revolution to the Kingdom of Morocco
Chapter 893: Military discussions that gradually deviated from the theme
Chapter eight hundred and ninety-four differences in the founding of the army
Chapter 895 The conflict between the War Department and the General Staff
Eight hundred and ninetieth chapters special envoy of Kaiga Kingdom
Chapter eight hundred and ninety seventh rebuke Wayan
Chapter 898: The first military reform led to the later military reform
Chapter 899 Has the Gatling machine gun been successfully developed?
Chapter 900 Gatling machine gun? Xia Saibo machine gun!
Chapter 901 The Showa staff is in France!
Chapter 902 Wayang suits soft
Chapter 903 Establishing the Military Military Police
Chapter 904: Pity the hearts of the world's parents
Chapter 905 Teacher Candidates
Chapter 906 Anglo-Polish peace talks
Chapter 907 The Peace of a Generation
Chapter 908 The Great Indian Uprising
Chapter 909 Britain's response
Chapter 910: The Chaos of the Stock Exchange
Chapter 911: The Partition Plan for the East India Company
Chapter nine hundred and twelve roundabout tactics
Chapter nine hundred and thirteenth exchange of interests
Chapter 914: Britain's Choice
Chapter 915 Joint Offensive
The nine hundred and sixteenth chapter was ordered to rot
Chapter 917 Sudden Economic Crisis
Chapter 918 The North-South Contradiction under the Economic Crisis
Chapter 919 The Way to Stop Loss
Chapter 920 Cooperation and Confrontation
Chapter 921: Harvest Crisis
Chapter 922 is not a way
Chapter 923: The Dangerous Rothschild
Chapter 924 Chasaipo machine gun equipment and preparations before the meeting
Chapter 925 Kind Reminder
Nine hundred and twenty sixth business contraction
Chapter 927 Everyone Has Selfishness
Chapter Nine Hundred and Twenty Eight Ministers with Both Public and Private
Chapter 929: Isaac Perel's Response
Chapter 930: Ottoman Resigns
Chapter 931 Suspension of Construction
Chapter 932 The Economic Crisis Breaks Out
Chapter 933: North-South Contradictions Under the Economic Crisis
Chapter 934: Vice King of India
Chapter 935 Rhineland Political Crisis
Chapter 936 Suppression of Koblenz
Chapter Nine Hundred and Thirty-Seven Doing Yourself and Discrediting Others
Nine hundred and thirty eighth George Osman returns
Chapter 939 Blitz Morocco
Chapter 940 The Rise of McMahon
Chapter 941: The Assassin and the Serial Plan
Chapter 942: Mission Impossible
Chapter 943: Frustrated Mokar
Chapter 944: The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 945 Orsini in Suffering
Chapter 946: The Assassination Begins
Chapter 947 Pessini in a hurry
Chapter 948 Unlucky Sardinia
Chapter 949: The National Flag Wrapped on a Bayonet
Chapter 950 The first stage is over!
Chapter 951: The Promise of Ambassador Kautz
Chapter 952: Fao and Austria Synergy
Chapter 953: Double Reed Opera
Chapter 954: Doubts of the Republicans
Chapter 955: Emile Olivier's Wavering
Chapter 956: New Republicans
Chapter 957: Emile Olivier in Swing
Chapter 958 Angrily denounced Sardinia
Chapter 959: Olivier's Helplessness
Chapter 960: Democracy and Autocracy
Chapter 961 Shelving Controversy
Chapter 962: The Eve of the Split
Chapter 963: The Second Split Republican Party
Chapter nine hundred and sixty four
Chapter 965: The Joining of Emile Olivier
Chapter 966 Regency Committee System
Chapter 967 Announcement of List
Chapter 968 Morocco Land Ownership
Chapter 969 Suppression of the Military Department
Chapter 970 Compromise and Toughness
Chapter 971: Request from the Russian Empire
Chapter 972 Questioning of the Sardinian Ambassador
Chapter 973 Judgment Day Comes
Chapter 974 Defense Attorney Leon Gambetta
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-fifth win over Gambetta
Chapter nine hundred and seventy sixth: The turmoil after the trial
Chapter 977 Orsini’s Death
Chapter Nine hundred and seventy-eight second pressure
Chapter 979 Everything is Ready
Chapter 980 The Sardinian Ambassador who dumped the pot
Chapter 981 Ceding Savoy?
Chapter 982 The Pig Teammates of the Royal Palace of Turin
Chapter 983: The French City of Chambery
Chapter 984 Investment Attraction
Chapter 985: Cavour who hit the wall
Chapter 986: Nowhere to Give Gifts
Chapter 987: The Ideal and Reality of the Agricultural College
Chapter 988 Italian toilet theory
Chapter 989 Preparations for the Milan Front Army
Chapter 990 Deserter Education
Chapter nine hundred and ninety first
Chapter 992 We Soldiers Are Very Simple
Chapter 993 Chaotic Political Situation
Chapter Nine Hundred and Ninety-Four Main Contradiction and Secondary Contradiction
Chapter Nine Hundred and Ninety Five
Chapter 996 Joint investigation?
Chapter 997: The Fickle Emperor
Chapter Nine hundred and ninety-eight must add money
Chapter Nine Hundred and Ninety IX Confused Diplomacy
Chapter 1000 The Terror of Sardinia
Chapter One Thousand and One Second Pressurization
Chapter One Thousand and Two
Chapter One Thousand and Three
Chapter 1004 Entering Sardinia
Chapter 1005: Chambery's Welcoming Ceremony
Chapter 1006 Suspension of Financing
Chapter 1006 Suspension of Financing
Chapter One Thousand and Seven
Chapter One Thousand and Nine To Turin
Chapter One Thousand and Nine Victor Emmanuel II
Chapter 1011: Small Thoughts at the Banquet
Chapter 1012 Heading to the Embassy
Chapter 1013 Ambassador Victor
Chapter 1014: Austria-British Conflict
Chapter 1015: Imperial Financial Crisis
Chapter 1016: The Frustrated Empress Dowager
Chapter 1017 Augusta and Peace Negotiations
Chapter 1018 Both Arrive
The 1,019th adjutant arrives
Chapter 1020: Invitation from Victor Emmanuel II
Chapter 1021 Leaving Turin
Chapter 1022: Finally meeting
Chapter 1023: Refreshing Franz
Chapter 1024: Annexation of Savoy and Nice
Chapter 1025 Angry Britain
Chapter 1026: Limiting Mediterranean Hegemony
Chapter 1,027 The Broken Navy Dream
Chapter 1028: Question from Prince Albert
Chapter 1029 Albert’s shock
Chapter 1030: Use deception on Albert!
Chapter 1031 Unify the pace
Chapter 1032 Observatory Capture Operation
Chapter 1033: Family affairs, state affairs, world affairs
Chapter 1034 New Appointment
Chapter 1035 Valewski’s Mission
Chapter 1036: The careless crown prince
Chapter 1,037 Second Acquisition of Bankrupt Railway
Chapter 1038 Cotton Crisis
Chapter 1039: Support Cotton
Chapter 1040: A good show
Chapter 1041: The Prodigal Emperor and the Stingy Minister
Chapter 1042: The Chancellor of the Exchequer Surrenders
Chapter 1043: The beginning of usury imperialism
Chapter 1044: The Art of Checks and Balances
Chapter 1045: The Republic’s Disaster
Chapter 1046: Infighting among the Legislative Group
Chapter 1,047 Bonaparte’s Ambition
Chapter 1048: Interlude outside the Bourbon Palace
Chapter 1049: The Austrian Emperor’s Political Show
Chapter 1050: Curse Bismarck
Chapter 1051: Dispute in the carriage
Chapter 1052: Funerals in various forms
Chapter 1053 The funeral ends
Chapter 1,054 'Accidental' Encounter
Chapter 1055 Metternich is arriving by car
Chapter 1056: The first chapter that determines the future (1)
Chapter 1057: The first chapter that determines the future (2)
Chapter 1058: The first chapter that determines the future (3)
Chapter 1059: The first chapter that determines fate (4)
Chapter 1060: The first chapter that determines fate (5)
Chapter 1,061 The first chapter that determines fate (End)
Chapter 1062: Move to Fontainebleau
Chapter 1063: Travels in Fontainebleau
Chapter 1064: Fog Moon Plan
Chapter 1065: Broadening the Living Space of the Nation
Chapter 1066: Forming Cliques
Chapter 1067: I'm fooled
Chapter 1068: Release 'Catfish'
Chapter 1069 Father, Son and Vienna
Chapter 1,070 The whole story of the turmoil in Paris (Part 1)
Chapter 1,072 The whole story of the turmoil in Paris (Part 2)
Chapter 1073: The whole story of the turmoil in Paris (Part 2)
Chapter 1,073 The Hesitant Monarch
Chapter 1074: Announcement of funeral arrangements
Chapter 1075: The self-taught crown prince
Chapter 1076 Young Kelvin
Chapter 1,077 Building the Transatlantic Telegraph
Chapter 10078 France Senegal French Guiana
Chapter 1079: Three lines laid out together
Chapter 1,080 Transoceanic Telegraph, Start!
Chapter 1081: The Worry-Free Son
Chapter 1,082 Welcoming the Emperor
Chapter 1,083 The Crown Prince’s Debut
Chapter 1,084 Appointment of General McMahon
Chapter 1,085 Prelude to personnel adjustments
Chapter 1086: Conrobert wants to resign
Chapter 1087: Transferred to the Governor-General of Algeria
Chapter 1088 Return to Fontainebleau
Chapter 1,089 Seeking Asylum
Chapter 1,090 Grand Ceremony (Part 1)
Chapter 1091 Ode
Chapter 1093 I am the Emperor of the French
Chapter 1,094 'Veterans' Rights Protection'
Chapter 1094: Education cannot be relaxed for a moment
Chapter 1095: Transformation of the Kingdom of Sardinia
Chapter 1096: The immature Crown Prince
Chapter 1097: Not a wonderful opening
Chapter 198: Cavour is outputting
Chapter 1099: Three-pointed Mediterranean Concept
Chapter 1010 Limited Support
Chapter 1101 Reaching a Consensus
Chapter 1,102 Cavour on the run
Chapter 1,103 The Meeting of Two Heroes (Part 1)
Chapter 1,104 The Meeting of Two Heroes (Part 2)
Chapter 1,105 Planning an Uprising
Chapter 1107 Giuseppe Garibaldi
Chapter 1,107 Analysis of Napoleon’s Motives
Chapter 1,108: Combine vertically and horizontally
Chapter 1,109 Abandoning Sardinia
Chapter 1110: Cooperation with hope and hope
Chapter 1,111 Unknowingly leaking secrets
Chapter 1112 Successor
Chapter 1113 Current Situation Analysis
Chapter 1,114 Establishing a Prohibited Sea Zone
Chapter 1,115 Selling Warships
Chapter 1,116 The Admiralty of the Navy is forced to take a rest