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Choyo High School

Choyo High School

author:solemn knight

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-12 11:20

Latest chapter:Chapter 2780 Do you want to add a name?

After the college entrance examination, Zheng Qing did not go to Imperial University, which he had long admired. Instead, he carried his luggage, hugged the fox, and followed a notice to break into an unfamiliar university. There was no advanced mathematics, English, ideological and political education here. It is the philosophy of divination, astronomy, and magic. The extracurricular activity here is hunting monsters, and the hobbies here are all kinds of weird. Boating, learning, and climbing mountains of books. This confused young man stumbled into his career as a wizard. (Jianqun Slightly: six two three eight five eight nine three one, welcome to join)

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《Choyo High School》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 2780 Do you want to add a name?
Chapter 2779 Brother Ganzha
Chapter 1000: One for each
Chapter 2777 Tips
Chapter 2776 The plan of the teaching assistant team
Chapter 2775 Four Letters
Chapter 2774 But what’s the price?
Chapter 2773 A familiar mission
Chapter 2772 It’s not a sequelae
《Choyo High School》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The inexplicable exam
Chapter 2 The eagle on the telephone pole
Chapter 3 The irresponsible puppy
Chapter 4 Admission Notice
Chapter 5 Sanyou Bookstore
Chapter 6 Mr. Wu
Chapter 7 The Collection of Words
Chapter 8 You are a wizard
Chapter 9 I'm a little curious
Chapter 10 The Interviewer's Tea Party
Chapter Eleven: No Unsafe Spells
Chapter 12 Four Seasons Square
Chapter Thirteen Yun Xiangyi
Chapter 14 Public Students Can't Buy Pets
Chapter 15 The Law Book
Chapter 16 This Fatty Again
Chapter 17 Private Order
Chapter 18 The Old Man, the Elf, and the Leather
Chapter 19 Refining Books, Supplementing Blood
Chapter 20 Magic is illogical
Chapter 21 Yin Qilei!
Chapter 22 Lightning and Falling Talismans
Chapter 23 The Commissioner of the UMIU Investigation Bureau
Chapter 24 Three-pronged sword
Chapter 25 The Journey of the Clock and the North Sea
Chapter 26 Nikita
Chapter 27 She is from the black prison
Chapter 28 Captain of the Mist
Chapter 29 Falling in the Darkness
Chapter 30: The Rebirth of Weeping Blood
Chapter 31 Six Crew
Chapter 32 Four Kraken Ships
Chapter 33 The Legendary Meeting
Chapter 34 History and Reality
Chapter 35 Pan Luer Deng Xiaoxian
Chapter Thirty-Six Farewell Word Collection
Chapter 37 This girl is her classmate?!
Chapter 38 The Fox, the Dove, and the Tortoise
Chapter Thirty-Nine Blue Sparrow
Chapter 40: The Innocent Elf
Chapter 41 Cafeteria on the plane
Chapter 42 hearsay
Chapter 43 The Threat from the Star Coin Sequence Seven
Chapter 44 The Wounded Elf
Chapter forty-fifth heart throbbing
Chapter 46: Reckless and Cowardly
Chapter 47 Banshee's Magic Array
Chapter 48 The belated escort
Chapter 49 Classmates
Chapter 50 Recurrent head disease
Chapter 51: Rumors and Nightmares
Chapter 52 Salvation
Chapter 53 Scream
Chapter 54 The feeling of stepping on the ground
Chapter 55 The Four Colleges
Chapter 56 A Brief Welcome Ceremony
Chapter 57: The Doubtful Guide
Chapter 58 ‘Old Student’ Nicholas
Chapter 59 Shadow Wall and School
Chapter 60: Nicholas' Ambition
Chapter 61: Linzhong Lakeside Cabin
Chapter 62 The Tug of War with the Murlocs
Chapter 63 The north wind is cool
Chapter 64 Frogs Sing
Chapter 65 The War of Sucrose and Maltose
Chapter 66 Copper can also be generous
Chapter 67 The Little Boy Selling Old Books
Chapter 68 Jota Cafeteria
Chapter 69 The Domineering Alpha Old Man
Chapter 70 Tear up the book if a word disagrees
Chapter 71 Level 3 Warning and Unknown Punishment
Chapter 72 The Little Beast Ni Wuye
Chapter 73 The Big Blue and the Vampire Wolf
Chapter 74 Fat Cats
Chapter 75 Banshee's Wanted Order
Chapter 76 Two Dialogues
Chapter 1 still starts with morning exercises
Chapter 2 Jiang Yu
Chapter 3 Special Enrollment Students Are Not Public Funded Students
Chapter 4 Big News
Chapter 5 The Professor's Opening Remarks
Chapter 6 Two Public Students
Chapter VII Wizard Class
Chapter 8 The Ugly Duckling Among the Geese
Chapter 9 A little advice from the professor to freshmen
Chapter 10 Chief, Squad Leader and Punishment List
Chapter 11 After Class
Chapter 12 The Professor's Lounge
Chapter 13 Invitation Letter
Chapter 14 The Fundamental Exam
Chapter 15 Putting the Pen
Chapter 16 Moving
Chapter 17 Aftermath
Chapter 18: Some Thoughts on Eliminating Losses
Chapter Nineteen: Alpha's Lounge
Chapter 20 The fate of the elf and the plan of the big man
Chapter 21 Go to the School Working Committee
Chapter 22 Pavilion No. 7
Chapter 23 The Parable of the Garden
Chapter 24 Flint and Magic
Chapter 25 School Work Committee Building
Chapter 26 The First Administrative Office
Chapter 27 Impossible Mission
Chapter 28 Night Watch of Linzhong Lake
Chapter 29 Little Secrets in the Boys' Circle
Chapter 30 How can a boy be described as cute
Chapter 31 Wandering
Chapter 32 Two Cups
Chapter Thirty-Three Public Expenses Students and Tail Cars
Chapter 34 The bloody case caused by a hard candy
Chapter Thirty-Five Tong Yan Wuji
Chapter thirty-six cheap stuffed bear
Chapter 37 Spirit Witch
Chapter 38 A Word of Pride
Chapter thirty-ninth red card slot
Chapter 40: Writing and Sealing Spirit
Chapter 41 Uninvited guests
Chapter 42 Two Invitations
Chapter 43 Amber Light
Chapter 44 Gold Card Customers
Chapter 45: The Tradition of the Ness Family
Chapter 46 The Use of Light Bugs
Chapter 47 Amulet
Chapter 48 Flying Centipede
Chapter 49 Preferential Price for Gold Card Customers
Chapter 50: How Wizards Bargained Prices
Chapter 51 The Drunk and the Contract
Chapter 52: Struggle for Loli
Chapter 53: ‘Help’ from the Wandering Wizard
Chapter 54 Greetings from afar
Chapter 55 Silence is risky
Chapter 56 Divination needs to be cautious
Chapter 57 How to Use Cloud and Mist Divination
Chapter 58 This is not a deal
Chapter 59 The End of the Bar
Chapter 60: The Campus Under the Darkness
Chapter 61 The Campus Under the Darkness (2)
Chapter 62 Questions and Explanations
Chapter 63 Sobering pills
Chapter 64 Anonymous Letter
Chapter 65 Black Hair Card
Chapter 66 M·K·S
Chapter 67 Dead Cat
Chapter 68 Cat Master
Chapter 69: Mundell's Paradox
Chapter 70 Abnormal Life Research Institute
Chapter 71 Terry Duzem
Chapter 72 Howling Full-length Mirror
Chapter 73 The old young man
Chapter 74: Dehydrated Beetles
Chapter 75 Horus
Chapter 76 Blood and Tears
Chapter 77 Eyewash
Chapter 78 Sage's Powder
Chapter 79 Spirit Turtle
Chapter 80 Lingsan
Chapter 81 Wake Up
Chapter 82 Before the regular meeting
Chapter 83 Nightmare and Warning
Chapter 84 Public Expenses Students and Tail Cars
Chapter 85 Libraries
Chapter 86 The Librarian
Chapter 87 Octopus Octopus
Chapter 88 Book List
Chapter 89 Learning Ghosts
Chapter 90 Matthew Cullen
Chapter 91 Matthew's Pride
Chapter 92 Alpha Fort
Chapter 93 Outside the lounge
Chapter 94 Sir Friedman
Chapter 95 The Vampire Reading the Bible
Chapter 96 Binding Curse
Chapter 97 Ge Zhitan
Chapter 98 Li Meng's Spell
Chapter 99 Her Majesty the Queen
Chapter 100 Yuanchen Guardian
Chapter 101 Professor of Pharmacy
Chapter 102 Dangerous Laboratory Building
Chapter 103 The Herb Garden
Chapter 104: Incense ash was thrown over the left shoulder
Chapter 105: The Running Rabbit Lord
Chapter 106 Earth Dragon
Chapter 107 Seven-colored flowers and strips of grass
Chapter 108: Migraine
Chapter 109 The Newcomer's Mission
Chapter 110: Playing a Bowl of Flowers
Chapter 111 Professor Tesla
Chapter 112 Rebuke
Chapter 113 Discussion
Chapter 114 Mrs. Bella
Chapter 115 Hilda Don Alfonso
Chapter 116 Mr. Assistant
Chapter 117 Andrew Taylor
Chapter 118 Showing off
Chapter 119: The Carpenter's Son from Viel
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Peeping Eyes
Chapter 121: There is plenty of time
Chapter 122 Vampires and Werewolves
Chapter 123: Polite Greetings
Chapter 124 Meeting Ceremony
Chapter 125 The Bloody Ring
Chapter 126 Nobles under the Moon
Chapter 127 Rules and Warnings
Chapter 128 I am a horse
Chapter 129 When the practice class is in progress
Chapter 130 It's not a spell to read words
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty First Thought Every Day
Chapter 132 No. 3 Pavilion and Feiyuan
Chapter 133 The Biography of Flying Cranes
Chapter 134 Life is so cruel
Chapter 135 Five boxes
Chapter 136: The imagination of the second-year teenager
Chapter 137 Dream of Hunting Dragons
Chapter 138: Burning Swallow and Time of Lin Guo
Chapter 139: The Patrol Begins
Chapter 140 The Weeping Kappa
Chapter 141 The breath of murlocs
Chapter 142 glade
Chapter 143 Exposure
Chapter 144 Armored Horse
Chapter 145 Fish Hook
Chapter 146 Iseni's business
Chapter 147 Fighters and spectators
Chapter 148 Rabbit rises and falcon falls
Chapter 149 The spell from behind
Chapter 150 Fat Wizard
Chapter 151 Two public students
Chapter 152 Seeking peace of mind in every possible way
Chapter 153 There are fireworks in the depths of the lake
Chapter 154 Kappa is not dead
Chapter 155 It's all bugs to blame
Chapter 156 Fish Woman
Chapter 157 Seminar in the dormitory
Chapter 158: Knight of Wands
Chapter 159 Love Story
Chapter 160 This is not magic
Chapter 161 The life-sucking monster
Chapter 162 School
Chapter 163 Jamaicans
Chapter 164 Invitation from Augustus
Chapter 165 Sima Yangyun
Chapter 166 History is also unknown
Chapter 167: Measures for the Management of Wizarding Behavior
Chapter 168 Where does the wizard come from
Chapter 169 What is morality
Chapter 170 Dr. Xiao's Question
Chapter one hundred and seventy-first verbal punishment
Chapter 172 The Empty Campus
Chapter 173 Shadows by the Lake
Chapter 174: Although the tortoise is alive
Chapter 175 Divine Will
Chapter 176 Two Issues
Chapter 177 Warning Magic
Chapter 178 Roundtable at lunch
Chapter 179: You have little common sense, I won’t lie to you!
Chapter 180 The brain is a good thing
Chapter 181 A Headache Meeting
Chapter 182 18 Gamma Street
Chapter 183: The Story of Augustus
Chapter 184 The dormitory at eight o'clock
Chapter 185 Freshmen Recruitment Meeting
Chapter 186 Registration
Chapter 187 The different modes of operation of the student union
Chapter 188 Beta Town Post
Chapter 189 Emergency call of the school working committee
Chapter 190 Shadow of the God of Time
Chapter 191: Sand Time and Lazy Worms
Chapter 192 Where time is drained
Chapter 193 Beauty and the Snake
Chapter 194 The third weekend
Chapter 195 was pushed again
Chapter 196 Honorary President of the Student Union
Chapter 197 It's over at the beginning
Chapter 198 Restless Monday
Chapter 199: The Calamity of Lazy Worms
Chapter 200 Stealing for half a day
Chapter 201 Can it be called laziness when it comes to scholars?
Chapter 202 Rumors in the Town
Chapter 203 Silence returns to the tide
Chapter 204 Professor Yi
Chapter 205 Divination Lesson
Chapter two hundred and six deducted two points
Chapter 207 David's Key
Chapter 208 There are always people who want to harm me
Chapter 209 Astronomy and Lady Emma
Chapter 210 Ascension
Chapter 211 Why not exchange ideas
Chapter 212 Exam-taking life
Chapter 213 Dr. Xiao looks at the picture
Chapter 214 It came so suddenly
Chapter 215 How much is the face worth
Chapter 216 In the Office Building-101
Chapter 217: On the New Life
Chapter 218 The discovery of the professors
Chapter 219 Night shift sick room
Chapter 220 Wake Up
Chapter 221 finally quiet
Chapter 222 Professor Yao's Private Clinic
Chapter 223 The so-called big trouble
Chapter 224 Discussion of Straight Men
Chapter 225 What gift to give
Chapter 226 Green Spinning
Chapter 227 is an illusion
Chapter 228: Confession and leniency
Chapter 229 If life deceives you
Chapter 230 Reality is cruel
Chapter 231 The class meeting at the end of the month
Chapter 232 The beginning of the fifth week
Chapter 233 The key to learning the magic spell
Chapter 234 The International Standard of Magic Books
Chapter 235 The professor is very angry
Chapter 236 We are cruel enough
Chapter 237 Noble Man's Disease
Chapter 238 The Slandered Newspaper
Chapter 239 The triangular body on the school badge
Chapter 240 Soul Baptism
Chapter 241 The principal is unknown
Chapter 242 Two Vice-Principals
Chapter 243 The Principal's Speech
Chapter 244 Freedom and Justice
Chapter 245 Equality and Justice
Chapter 246 After the ceremony
Chapter 247 Heroes
Chapter 248 Merlin Medal
Chapter 249 Home Party
Chapter 250 Unlock
Chapter 251 Nicholas' Letter
Chapter 252 Writing a letter
Chapter 253 The temptation of the parliament under the moon and the attitude of the school
Chapter 254 2.5-Dimensional Butterfly
Chapter 255 The chatter of the misty crew
Chapter 1 The dormitory in the afternoon
Chapter 2 The Basic Cultivation of Nobles
Chapter 3 The Pussy Licking Paper
Chapter 4 The Theory of Silence
Chapter 5 Ant Continent
Chapter 6 Austen's Equilibrium and the Observer Effect
Chapter 7: Just Around the Corner to the Office
Chapter 8 The Deeper Causes of Headaches
Chapter 9 I Don't Know I'm a Guest in a Dream
Chapter 10 Witnesses
Chapter Eleven: Dan Hag
Chapter 12 The Witch in Pajamas
Chapter 13 Time measures everything
Chapter Fourteen Noisy Birds
Chapter 15 The third face
Chapter 16 What?
Chapter 17 Birds chirping
Chapter 18 Eyes turn red?
Chapter 19: Professor Montelia
Chapter 20 Anatomy Lesson in Moonlight
Chapter 21 Inside the Isolation Ward
Chapter 22 The Visitors
Chapter 23 News in the Newspaper
Chapter 24: Several Ways for Demons to Produce
Chapter 25 Moon Hunting Plan for Freshmen
Chapter 26 The philosophy of life of the door gods
Chapter 27 The Storm in the Conference Room
Chapter 28 The Sixth Monday
Chapter 29 A Big Orange
Chapter 30 The Wayward Professor
Chapter 31 Dimension Theory
Chapter 32 The Principle of Forbidden Magic
Chapter 33 The World of Dimension School
Chapter 34 A Brief History of Dimension School
Chapter 35 Green's Grocery Store
Chapter 36 A few small questions about associations
Chapter 37: A Difficult Beginning
Chapter 38 A Little Controversy About Names
Chapter Thirty-Nine
Chapter 40 Articles of Association
Chapter 41: My Head, My Regiment
Chapter 42 The Professor's Office
Chapter 43 Moores Law
Chapter 44 An Unknown Conjecture
Chapter 45 Suffering from the subtle
Chapter 46 Can this also be reimbursed?
Chapter 47: Bad excuses
Chapter 48 Smell the fragrance and know the girl
Chapter forty-ninth people in embarrassment
Chapter 50 Haotian Yueming
Chapter 51 Bad News and Good News
Chapter 52 The Amish
Chapter 53 Belladonna Juice
Chapter 54 Potion and a stack of documents
Chapter 55: Potion in ampoules bu
Chapter 56 Talisman Bullets
Chapter fifty-seven hard facts
Chapter 58 Davasili, Cheers!
Chapter fifty-ninth dream beyond reality
Chapter 60 From today onwards, be a happy cat
Chapter 61 What a cat should do
Chapter 62 Cat's Eyes Look at the School
Chapter 63 Cousin, you have been defiled
Chapter 64 Jiang Yu's Obsession
Chapter 65 Your cat is losing hair
Chapter 66 The Birth of a Psycho
Chapter 67 Sequelae of Transfiguration
Chapter 68 The Hunting Team in the Late Night Campus
Chapter 69 Deng Xiaojian's Cousin
Chapter 70: A Date I've Taken
Chapter 71 Fatty wants to make big news
Chapter 72 The witch tonight is a bit strange
Chapter 73 Choice
Chapter 74 News in the Newspaper
Chapter 75: Elder Zhang's Hobbies
Chapter 76 At the end of the regular meeting
Chapter 77 The Hunt and the Hunt
Chapter 78: The Basic Organizational Form of the Hunting Team
Chapter 79 Who is the right hunter
Chapter 80 Two-Headed Hunting Team
Chapter 81 Hunter Manager
Chapter 82 Who will be the coach
Chapter 83 Conversation on the Terrace
Chapter 84 Matthew's Hunting Party
Chapter 85: The History and Legends of the Terrace
Chapter 86 Ouroboros
Chapter 87 Andrew's Hunting Team
Chapter 88 Our head is still useful
Chapter 89 Matthew's unusual behavior
Chapter 90 The Hunting Team Completes the Plan
Chapter 91 What were you talking about just now?
Chapter 92: The Son of Jota's Restaurateur
Chapter 93 Father and Son
Chapter 94 Ouroboros Hunting Team
Chapter 95 Amber
Chapter 96: The Diviner's Warning
Chapter 97 A big bouquet of roses
Chapter 98 Everyone's Heart Confused
Chapter 99 Hi, Darling
Chapter 100 Hum ha
Chapter 101 Luck can also be overdrawn
Chapter 102 The guests on the podium
Chapter 103 The Lost Kunpeng
Chapter 104 Hunting Speech
Chapter 105 That is a small world
Chapter 106 Hunting Song
Chapter 107 Go to the hunting ground
Chapter 108 Formal, Reserve, and Incompetent
Chapter 109 Karen's Family Tree, Downton Offline
Chapter 110 Half-face business
Chapter 111 Insert an eye in the sky
Chapter 112 Bet
Chapter 113 Rich investment options
Chapter 114 The Hunting Club and a Large Wave of Hunting Teams
Chapter 115 The strongest hunter
Chapter 116: The Deer
One hundred and seventeenth blue-green eyes and Zheng Qing's last bet
Chapter 118 Half a face has a name
Chapter 119 John Neville Jr.
Chapter 120 Exceeding Expectations
Chapter 121 I took two breaths
Chapter 122 The identity of the Cheung Kei Club
Chapter 123 Snake Eating Tail Tattoo
Chapter 124: The Fat Wizard's Means
Chapter 125 Neville's Choice
Chapter 126: The hunt is over
Chapter 127 The dance after the opening ceremony
Chapter 128 The Bird on Duty in the Office Building
Chapter 129 Two seniors
Chapter 130 Divine Will and Judgment
Chapter 131: The Origin of the Judgment Hunting Team
Chapter 132 The Little Fox Running Around
Chapter 133: The Guard of the Pet Garden
Chapter 134 Fox Maid
Chapter 135 Put down that little fox
Chapter 136 The fox meets the demon
Chapter 137: Self-Saving of the Dead
Chapter 138 Su Ya's Report
Chapter 139 Beauty and Princess
Chapter 140 The Seed of the Sorcerer
Chapter 141 The Song of Time
Chapter 142 Small talk before the training starts
Chapter 143 Supplements to the Trivia of the Hunting Team
Chapter 144: The first meeting between the verdict and the sinner
Chapter 145 The hidden undercurrent in the introduction
Chapter 146 Training Plan
Chapter 147 The first thing to enter the hunting ground
Chapter 148 Details are very important
Chapter 149 The homework of the hunting team
Chapter 150 The regular meeting after the regular meeting
Chapter 151 Code Name
Chapter 152 Double Assessment
Chapter 153 The beginning of the eighth week
Chapter 154 Two things
Chapter 155: Courtesy Three
Chapter 156 Chaos Curse
Chapter one hundred and fifty seventh
Chapter 158: The Vice-Principal's Special Envoy
Chapter 159 The man with big glasses
Chapter 160 Inside and Outside the Door
Chapter 161 The witch without a sense of existence
Chapter 162 Disappointment
Chapter 163: Between the Great Wizards
Chapter 164 Between the little wizards
Chapter 165 Questions for trainee reporters
Chapter 166 Fatty's Killing Again
Chapter 167 A failed question
Chapter 168: Blessing Bottle
Chapter 169 The sixth questioner
Chapter 170: Zheng Qing's Problem
Chapter 171 Outside the school newspaper
Chapter 172 Zheng Qing's Trouble
Chapter 173 Invitation to the Hunting Painting Exhibition
Chapter 174: Going or Not Going
Chapter 175 The ultimate travel solution
Chapter 176 Visitors
Chapter 177 Different Arts
Chapter 178: Reporter Xin's News Concept
Chapter 179 Andrew's anomaly
Chapter 180 Andrew's story and advice
Chapter 181 Taylor Says Public Expenses
Chapter 182 Zheng Qing's answer
Chapter 183: Chaotic days
Chapter 184 Classmates, your incident happened
Chapter 185 Applied Magic Research Institute
Chapter 186 Su Shijun's Laboratory
Chapter 187 Big and small fox
Chapter 188 From 2D to 3D
Chapter 189: This chapter can have a side story
Chapter 190: Zheng Qing's Shadow
Chapter 191 The former head of the two-dimensional evolution laboratory
Chapter 192 Poseidon Physical Exam
Chapter 193 The Meaning of Shadows
Chapter 194: Neptune and Poseidon
Chapter 195 Public Expenses Students Absenteering
Chapter 196 Interpretation
Chapter 197: Several Judicial Interpretations Regarding Infringement on the Rights and Interests of
Chapter 198 Weekend of the eighth week
Chapter 199 The last round robin
Chapter 200 Queen
Chapter 201 Hearts Q
Chapter 202 Tactical Choices in Hunting Mode
Chapter 203 The Seed Hunting Team and Its Members
Chapter 204 The first intimate contact
Chapter 205 The Queen of Charge
Chapter 206 The real enemy
Chapter 207 Clover Hunting Team
Chapter 208 General
Chapter 209 Owad and Sima
Chapter 210 Dead deer in the wild
Chapter 211 Off-site Analysis
Chapter 212 The storm suddenly rises
Chapter 213 Captain vs Captain
Chapter 214 Penalty Points
Chapter 215 Slashing Technique
Chapter 216 Compound Scroll
Chapter 217 Interpretation
Chapter 218 Deeper Reasons
Chapter 219: The conflict escalates
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Consequences
Chapter 221 The end of the eighth week
Chapter 222 The Ninth Monday
Chapter 223 Weird public opinion
Chapter 224 Xiao Xiao's Analysis
Chapter 225: The Root of Conflict
Chapter 226 The last team to advance
Chapter 227 reprimand and reward
Chapter 228 Life Lessons
Chapter 229 Outdated Magic
Chapter 230: Thinly dirty my self, thinly wash my clothes
Chapter 231 The Tradition of the Ball
Chapter 232: Summons in the Medal
Chapter 233 Minotaur
Chapter two hundred and thirty fourth dance
Chapter 235 Familiar figure
Chapter 236 Embarrassing beginning and end
Chapter 237: Elena's teammates
Chapter 238 Divination and wine glasses
Chapter 239: Dancing on Philosophy
Chapter two hundred and fortieth powerful main hunter
Chapter 241 Just understand the meaning
Chapter 242 Roaring Tauren
Chapter 243 Minotaur's Ability
Chapter 244 The red light rising from the sky
Chapter 245 Guess
Chapter 246 The Doctor's Inference
Chapter 247: The medicine is turned over, dragged away
Chapter 248 Under the red light
Chapter 249 Master Baoyangzi
Chapter 250 The wizard who manages the forbidden spell
Chapter 251 Two guesses
Chapter 252 Scared the bird to death
Chapter 253 The tiring freshman competition starts
Chapter 254 Pre-match inspection
Chapter 255 Wake Up
Chapter 256 Goodbye Mr.
Chapter 257 Mr. said
Chapter 258 Puppets
Chapter 259 Opening of His Royal Highness the Puppet
Chapter 260 Big Mouth Gollum
Chapter 261 3 Rules
Chapter 262 Secret Garden Elves
Chapter 263 Admission
Chapter 264 The division of the world
Chapter 265 Constant Detection
Chapter 266: The bad luck of the divination, the good luck of the divination
Chapter 267 The first prey
Chapter 268: Tortoise Paperweight
Chapter 269: The Tomb of the Sheep, Three Stars
Chapter two hundred and seventieth escape, scorching its flowers
Chapter 271 Deadlock
Chapter two hundred and seventy second connector
Two hundred and seventieth chapters uncle in serval
Chapter two hundred and seventy fourth fire three
Chapter 275 Two hunting teams
Chapter 276 Rabbit and Green Bull
Chapter 277 Illusory Talisman
Chapter two hundred and seventy-eight
Chapter 279: Again and again, again and again
Chapter two hundred and eighty first six
Chapter two hundred and eighty first
Chapter 282 Blue Giant
Chapter 283 Wolves
Chapter 284 One after another
Chapter 285 Ran's Fish
Chapter 286 Biting Gua
Chapter 287 Fenrir
Chapter 288 Second Blood
Chapter two hundred and eighty nine third-level damage classification
Chapter 290 reinforcements
Chapter two hundred and ninety first
Chapter 292 Rest and Exchange
Chapter 293 The New Hunting Team
Chapter two hundred and ninety fourth invalid array
Chapter 295 Red Flame
Chapter 296 Choice
Chapter 297 Armored Horse
Chapter 298 The third party
Chapter 299 Tiger Might
Chapter 300 Slaughterhouse
Chapter 301: Consciousness as a ration
Chapter 302 Almost A Little Luck
Chapter 303 The ‘ghost’ in black robe
Chapter 304: Unlucky and doubters
Chapter 305 The Wizard and the Witch
Chapter 306: The Disappearing Red
Chapter 307 The whereabouts of the spoils
Chapter 308 Has anyone of you eaten roasted swallows?
Chapter 309 Warning! Warning!!
Chapter 310 Retreat
Chapter 311 Lao Yao's Roar
Chapter 312: Cause and Effect
Chapter 313 Karma Turning Curse
Chapter 314 ‘Say’ hello
Chapter 315 Black Tiger and Shi Lezhi
Chapter 316 The Doctor's Analysis of the Big Cat
Chapter 317 Silence Contract
Chapter 318 The penultimate chapter of this volume (maybe)
Chapter 319 The person who holds the bull's ear
Chapter 320 Great Secret Treasure
Three hundred and twenty first chapter forty one
Chapter 1 Strange Acquaintances
Chapter 2 The Position of Public Opinion
Chapter 3 The Sutra of Many Hearts
Chapter 4 Letters and Gifts
Chapter 5 Visiting a Sick
Chapter 6 On and Off Campus
Chapter 7 Goodbye Wandering Wizard
Chapter 8 The Wandering Wizard Tells Stories
Chapter 9 Business after the story
Chapter 10 Yesterday's Tanabata
Chapter Eleven He Yi
Chapter 12 The Colt Python
Chapter Thirteen Jiang Yu's Plan
Chapter Fourteen The Tenth Regular Meeting
Chapter 15 Different Ways to Spend Money
Chapter 16 The Interrupted Regular Meeting
Chapter 17 Dr. Chen
Chapter 18 Re-entry into Su Shijun's laboratory
Chapter Nineteen Have You Ever Learned the Forbidden Spell?
Chapter 20 Small tricks
Chapter 21 Su Shijun's Gift
Chapter 22 Moon Hunting Ends
Chapter 23 Gaming, Money, and Picketing
Chapter 24 The Missing Figure
Chapter 25 The Restless Demon
Chapter 26: The next Yuan Festival
Chapter 27 Going out
Chapter 28 Temporary Pass
Chapter 29 Destination
Chapter 30: Elena's Gift
Chapter 31 A Post
Chapter 32 The Psychic
Chapter 33: The Struggles of Decline
Chapter 34 This is a confession
Chapter Thirty-Five 49 Gamma Street
Chapter thirty-six cordial and friendly talks
Chapter 37 Friedman's Real Purpose
Chapter 38 Snails have no shells
Chapter 39 I'm going to be a cat again
Chapter 40 Medication
Chapter 41 Mutation
Chapter 42 The broken law
Chapter 43 It can be said that it is very similar
Chapter 44 Temporary Plan
Chapter 45 A Mouse
Chapter 46: Keeping the hole and waiting for the mouse
Chapter 47 Poodle
Chapter 48 Jiang Kitten
Chapter 49 The Big Cat and the Kitten
Chapter 50 From Friday Night to Sunday Night
Chapter 51 The Eleventh Regular Meeting
Chapter 52: Lao Yao's Analysis
Chapter 53 After the regular meeting
Chapter 54: Little but Xi
Chapter 55 Persuasion and Counter-Persuasion
Chapter 56 Week 12
Chapter 57 The Fourteenth Week Begins
Chapter 58 Return
Chapter 59 Interpretation
Chapter 60 Mission
Chapter 61 Good News and Bad News
Chapter 62 Cost Control Canteen
Chapter 63 The cat is on the branch and the wind blows the hair
Chapter 64 Li Meng's Business
Chapter 65 Conflict
Chapter 66: One Claw, One Claw
Chapter 67 Li Meng's Story
Chapter 68 New Identity
Chapter 69 Bloody Case Caused by Tribute
Chapter 70 The Skills of Being a Cat
Chapter 71 Two subordinates
Chapter 72 Tribute to the Forest Cat
Chapter 73 Goodbye to the rat in the vest
Chapter 74 The meeting is over!
Chapter 75 The so-called cat essay
Chapter 76 Lost
Chapter 77 Hesitating
Chapter 78 Fatty's Scream
Chapter 79 Talk to the Rat
Chapter 80 Ding Dong Ears
Chapter 81 Parting ways
Chapter 82 The Fourteenth Saturday
Chapter 83 The number that was erased
Chapter 84 The whiteness in the night
Chapter 85 Friendly Contact
Chapter 86 Jiang Kitten's Mental Journey
Chapter 87: Failed Communication
Chapter 88 Heavy Snow
Chapter 89 Snowman
Chapter 90 Snowman II
Chapter 91 Nicholas' Mission
Chapter 92 Hard Currency
Chapter 93 Beautiful Frozen People
Chapter 94 The Story of the Double Tang Dynasty
Chapter 95 Food Street
Chapter 96 Digestion
Chapter 97 Snake in the Snow
Chapter 98 Cooler by the Lake
Chapter 99 Forbidden Land
Chapter 100 Shock
Chapter 101 The wizard who walked out of the white tower
Chapter 102 The Professor's Confusion
Chapter 103 Double Red
Chapter 104 Week 15
Chapter 105 Golden Quill Pen
Chapter 106 Magical Forbidden Step
Chapter 107 The Collision of Guilt and Guilt
Chapter 108 Something bad happened, something bad happened
Chapter 109 The Cat and the Fox
Chapter 110 I'm covering this fox!
Chapter 111 Uninvited guests
Chapter 112 Business Economics
Chapter 113 The truth of the black stone
Chapter 114 Dr. Xiao's Prize Quiz
Chapter 115 Cross Validation
Chapter 116 End of the conversation
Chapter 117 D{xml}K
Chapter 118: The Direction of Business Expansion
Chapter 119 The cat grid
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Business with Rats
Chapter 121 The talent of the mouse
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Second
Chapter 123 Paper cranes are flying in the sky, and black cats are chasing each other on the ground.
Chapter 124: Dry Seeds
Chapter 125 The Failed Stalker
Chapter 126: The Mouse's Warning Trick
Chapter 127 Fatty Pippi
Chapter 128 Can't think of a title
Chapter 129 The negotiator who can't speak
Chapter 130 Time is up
Chapter 131 Unexpected Visitors
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Second Business
Chapter 133 The chat between the wizard and the witch
Chapter 133 Debuff
One hundred and thirtieth chapters are not speculative
Chapter 136 Abnormal inspection results
Chapter 137 Different anomalies, similar speculations
Chapter 138 The Dean and Two Teaching Assistants
Chapter 139 Some arrangements for winter hunting
Chapter 140 The Butterfly Flying Out of the Window
Chapter 141 No. 54 Courtyard in the West District of Beta Town
Chapter 142 The Senator and the Two Maids
Chapter 143 Su Ya's idea
Chapter 144 The well-informed little fox girl
Chapter 145 Red skin and green skin
Chapter 146 The World of the Rat
Chapter 147 Old Ancestor's Big Office
Chapter 148 The Rat Fairy's First Appearance
Chapter 149 Long time no class
Chapter 150 The professor who was interviewed by the student council
Chapter 151 Pre-exam Mode
Chapter 152: Exam Scope of the Curse Class
Chapter 153 She must have some conspiracy
Chapter 154 Li Meng's Outsourcing Task
Chapter 155: Half-hearted
Chapter 156 slip of words
Chapter 157 Three sets of plans
One hundred and fifty-eighth occupied courses
Chapter 159: Ping Qi Talisman
Chapter 160 The Courier
Chapter 161 Cat Trading
Chapter 162 White and Black
Chapter 163 The origin of the little white cat
Chapter 164 True Fragrance Warning
Chapter 165: The Conversation of Cousins
Chapter 166 Mao Shi
Chapter 167 Little Fox Girl's Resentment
Chapter 168: The time of the hour
Chapter 169 There is a hole in the corner
Chapter 170 Schr?dinger's Rat Name
Chapter one hundred and seventy-first
Chapter 172 No. 97 Pedestrian Street
Chapter 173: Prelude to the Passenger Tide
Chapter 174: The family is here
Chapter 175 The corner is near
Chapter 176
Chapter 177 Old Jack turns the compass in his hand
Chapter 178: Irina, this line is tied
One hundred and seventieth nine chapters endless stream
Chapter 180 The Shrinking Lord May (Happy New Year!)
Chapter 181 Murlocs who walked out of the bottom of the lake
Chapter one hundred and eighty second smell the wind
Chapter 183 Special Guests
Chapter 184 Gift from the Bird Workers Association
Chapter 185 Commissioner of the Trident Sword
Chapter 186 Two Andrews
Chapter 187: The rain is coming
Chapter 188 Target
Chapter 189 Illusion
Chapter 190 Selling Medicines
Chapter 191 Trouble
Chapter 192 The cat and the mouse
Chapter 193 Two Guns
Chapter 194 Failed Escape Plan
Chapter 195: The Mouse and the Cat
Chapter 196 Figure
Chapter 197 Outside the store
Chapter 198 Inside the store
Chapter 199 Temporary arrangements
Chapter 200 The Neglected Guest
Chapter 201: Rat's Confidence
Chapter 202 The Disappearing Yellow Fox
Chapter 203 The Last Guest
Chapter 204 The Praise of the Wandering Wizard
Chapter 205 The store opening event ends
Chapter 206 Winter Solstice
Chapter 207 The Adventures of Wizard Amin
Chapter 208 The sixteenth regular weekend meeting
Chapter two hundred and ninth layers of cover up
Chapter 210 Maybe it's a temptation
Chapter 211 The professor's statement
Chapter 212 The truth of life
Chapter 213 D{xml}K has a new accountant
Chapter two hundred and fourteen cats, three mice, four foxes, five
Chapter 215 Crazy Pumpkin Cart
Chapter 216 Rat's Professional Ethics
Chapter 217 See also the table
Chapter 128 A few small details
Chapter 129 The Cabin in the Woods
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty The New Match of Guilty
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Three Kinds
Chapter 132: The Rat
Chapter 223 Ferret
Chapter 224 The General Bearer of the Rat
Chapter 225 Familiar Strange Rat
Chapter 226: Fat Rui
Chapter 227 Zheng Qing's Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Chapter 228: Truman's World
Chapter 229 The observation room outside the field
Chapter 230 The commotion in the observation room
Chapter 231 A wave of problems is on the way
Chapter 232 Fei Rui's answer
Chapter 233 The Teaching Assistants enter the field
Chapter 234 Xiao Xiao's guess on Huizi Collection
Chapter 235 Hidden Rules
Chapter 236 Black Pocket
Chapter 237 The Quartet in the Night
Chapter 238 Out of Control VS Runaway
Chapter 239 The Confusing Silence
Chapter 240 The situation is a bit complicated
Chapter 241: Righteousness
Chapter two hundred and forty second
Chapter 243 The standard posture of hugging
Chapter 244 The origin of anger
Chapter 245: Catching turtles in the urn
Chapter 246 Min Tian Jiwei
Chapter 247 The frog must die
Chapter 248 Temporary passage
The 249th chapter is coming
Chapter 250 Horns
Chapter two hundred and fifty first account
Chapter 252 Rabbit rises and falcons fall
Chapter 253 The Master said
Chapter 254 A friend comes from afar
Chapter two hundred and fifty fifth tick tock
Chapter 256 The end of the winter hunt
Chapter 257 Dimensional Disorder Syndrome
Chapter 258 The first list after New Year's Day
Chapter 259 ‘Magic Wand’
Chapter two hundred and sixty
Chapter 261 The end of the period
Chapter 262 Another nightmare
Chapter 263 Su Shijun's suggestion
Chapter 264 New Year's Day
Chapter 265 Zheng Qing's pocket watch
Chapter 266 Pink Octopus
Chapter 267 A look of confusion
Chapter 268 Codename ‘World’
Chapter 269 Four places
Chapter 270 Public Chaos
Chapter 271 Uninvited guests from the laboratory
Chapter two hundred and seventy-two trends under the moon
Chapter 273 Clouds in all directions (3)
Chapter 274 Clouds in all directions (4)
Chapter 275 Ancient Trees Blossom
Chapter 276 Mysterious Yellow Wood
Chapter 277 Mr. and the cat
Chapter 278 Final Exam
Chapter 279 Written Exam
Chapter two hundred and eighty episodes of practice exams
Chapter two hundred and eighty first winter vacation plan
Chapter two hundred and eighty second winter vacation plan
Chapter 283 Winter Vacation Plan (3)
Chapter 284 End of last semester
Chapter 285 years ago
Chapter 286 Before leaving
Chapter 1 Going Home
Chapter 2 Abnormal noises in the bookstore
Chapter 3 What's the use of me learning this magic
Chapter 4 The Bookstore on the Other Side
Chapter 5 Goodbye Deng Xiaoxian
Chapter 6 Neighborhoods
Chapter 7 The Street of the End
Chapter VIII Annual Festival
Chapter 9 Beyond the Blue Smoke
Chapter 10 Cat Meow
Chapter 11 Set the storm
Chapter 12 The Wizards Alliance
Chapter Thirteen It's Over
Chapter Fourteen Seven Days Talk
Chapter 15 Back to School
Chapter 16 Zheng Qing's Temporary Residence
Chapter 17 Su Shijun's Arrangements
Chapter 18 Truth and Lies
Chapter 19 The second plan to go to the North District
Chapter 20 Bulletin Boards in Schools
Chapter 21: The Rhyme on the Quiet River
Chapter 22 The Little Show of the Old Boatman
Chapter 23 The Evil Monster
Chapter 24: The Descendants of Zatogurah
Chapter 25 A puddle of mud
Chapter 26 The first wave of investigators
Chapter 27 Threats Beyond the World
Chapter 28 Mounted Police in Beta Town
Chapter 29 Registered wizards are also graded
Chapter Thirty Ms. Pulitzer
Chapter 31 The Bell Under the Archway
Chapter 32 Interview
Chapter 33 Interview (2)
Chapter 34 Escape
Chapter 35 The Concave Area
Chapter 36 In-depth
Chapter 37 Gu eagle street
Chapter Thirty-Eight The Gini Cottage
Chapter 39 Colmar de Guigny
Chapter 40 Employer Status
Chapter 41 Symphony No. 5 in C minor
Chapter 42 The Three Broods
Chapter 43 Edge
Chapter 44: Two Theorems About Magic Mechanics
Chapter 45 Dialogue in the Sakura Tavern
Chapter 46 The Hanged Man
Chapter 47 Purchasing before school starts
Chapter 48 Begins from the battle of misfortune
Chapter 49: Many people
Chapter 50 Diplomatic Accidents
Chapter 51: There is fire in the sea
Chapter 52 Crucible Frog
Chapter 53
Chapter 54 A Song of Ice and Fire
Chapter 55 Wild Hunt
Chapter 56 Before the Kuroshio
Chapter fifty-seven gradually rising
Chapter 58: Escape
Chapter 59 Wild Hunt Sentinel
Chapter 60 Why use a sword as a sign
Chapter 61 Different Signs
Chapter 62 Horde and Alliance
Chapter 63 Multi-cavity Organisms
Chapter 64 Weird Ballads
Chapter 65 Out of Control
Chapter 66 Anticlimactic
Chapter 67 The Disappearing Wizard
Chapter 68 Su Ya's Tail
Chapter 69 The so-called ‘seed’
Chapter 70 Reminders and Attempts
Chapter 71 Lack of Ability
Chapter 72 Valentine's Day
Chapter 73 Zheng Qing's Gift
Chapter 74 Letter
Chapter 75 Address, Cat Fruit Tree
Chapter 76 The Flying Crane
Chapter 77 Two gifts
Chapter 78 The first regular meeting of the second semester
Chapter 79 Final Exam Results
Chapter 80: On Fairness
Chapter 81 After Class
Chapter 82 In front of the library
Chapter 83 Death of Bloodlines
Chapter 84 Gathering in the gazebo
Chapter 85 The Contradiction Behind the Contradiction
Chapter 86 The War of Agents
Chapter 87 The first week
Chapter 88
Chapter 89 'Shadows in the Sun'
Chapter 90 Beyond the Report
Chapter 91: Fair Language Theory
Chapter 92 The Dorey Green Effect
Chapter 93 Rat Generation
Chapter ninety-four
Chapter 95 The first spell class of the second semester
Chapter 96 What is a spell
Chapter 97 Redness in the eyes
Chapter ninety-eight of the same grief
Chapter 99 Untitled
Chapter 100 The Professor's Laboratory
Chapter 101 Laboratory work
Chapter 102 Laboratory Assistant
Chapter 103 Behind the Congestion
Chapter 104 Complaints about the brain
Chapter 105 The Second Weekend
Chapter 106 Trend Divination
Chapter 107: Gua map
Chapter 108 Spring thunder bursts
Chapter 109 Rat Sees Suspicion
Chapter 110 Little White Shoes and Little White Claws
Chapter 111 Acorns Falling from the Tree
Chapter 112 Confirm the position
Chapter 113 The Witch
Chapter 114: The Missing
Chapter 115 A task that benefits without cost
Chapter 116 Riot
Chapter 117 High Buildings
Chapter 118 The confrontation on the shore
Chapter 119: Oiling the soles of the feet
Chapter 120 A touch of feces
Chapter 121 Public opinion and discussion
Chapter 122 The Fifth Monday
Chapter 123 After the Spring Equinox
Chapter 124 This is a dangerous season
Chapter 125: Escape
Chapter 126 Snake Slaughter
Chapter 127 Reunion
Chapter 128: Painted Skin
Chapter 129 Choice
Chapter 130 After the Scandal
Chapter 131 The sixth Thursday
Chapter 132: Forbidden Magic Festival
Chapter 133 Picking up firewood
Chapter 134 Warnings and Suggestions
Chapter 135 Return to Soul Yang
Chapter 136 Secret Meeting
Chapter 137 A note
Chapter 138 The shame of a cat
Chapter 139 The War of Agents
Chapter 140: Outside the Star Gate
Chapter 141 The Mouse and the Little Girl
Chapter 142 Riding a cat on a tree
Chapter 143 Drop a black cat
Chapter 144 Flashback
Chapter 145: The Alliance Under the Tree
Chapter 146 The neglected thing
Chapter 147 In the tent
Chapter 148 Signing too many contracts is not good
Chapter 149: Punishment Plan and New Plan
Chapter 150: The murloc parade around the lake
Chapter 151 Fire
Chapter 152 Seventh Week Wednesday
Chapter 153 Old acquaintance
Chapter 154 Sealed
Chapter 155 The fox calls
Chapter 156: Closing the store
Chapter 157: The Centaur Camp Incident
Chapter 158: Enlargement
Chapter 159 Different scenery
Chapter 160 After practice
Chapter 161 Qingming Festival
Chapter 162 Colmar's Plan
Chapter 163: The Image of Chong Yin
Chapter 164: The Conditions of Ferri
Chapter 165 Man, Cat and Mouse
Chapter 166 Stupid Cat
Chapter 167: The Way to Defuse Fatty's Appetite
Chapter 168 Eighth Monday
Chapter 169 Visiting Dr. Duzem
Chapter 170: The Guest Behind
Chapter 171: Testing each other
Chapter 172 Amazing Quote
Chapter 173 Trading in the Shadows
Chapter 174: Two flowers bloom
Chapter 175 Boys and Girls
Chapter 176: The Deadly Topic
Chapter 177 Xin Holmes Laughs
Chapter 178 Idiots
Chapter 179 The Eighth Weekend
Chapter 180 The Cat, the Fox and the Witch
Chapter 181: Carell Tactics
Chapter 182 The Warmth Charm in the Night
Chapter 183 There are ghosts
Chapter 184 Confrontation
Chapter 185 The white cat is on the left and the fox is on the right
Chapter 186 A Blood Rune Bullet
Chapter 87: Thousands of troops meet each other (1)
Chapter 188: Thousands of troops meet each other (2)
One hundred and eighty-ninth chapter trouble
Chapter 190 Shadow
Chapter 191 The talisman gun was taken away
Chapter 192 Conflict of Opinions
Chapter 193: School Probation
Chapter 194 The witches
Chapter 195 Courage
Chapter 196 I'm not a human being
Chapter 197 The clues to the secret realm are in hand
Chapter 198 Eye of the Storm
Chapter 199 Regeneration waves
Chapter 200 Wild Birds Entering the Room
Chapter two hundred and first chaos after class
Chapter 202 Whose gift
Chapter 203 Beretta Double Tube
Chapter 204 The meaning of the world
Chapter 205: Adjustment
Chapter 206: Green Clam Mission
Chapter 207 Absinthe
Chapter 208 Distortion
Chapter 209: Seprano's Plan
Chapter 210 Harassment and Amulet
Chapter 211 Poseidon
Chapter 212 Su Ya gives gifts
Chapter 213 Ecological Imbalance
Chapter 214 Chasing flowers
Chapter 215 The Herb Garden is closed
Chapter 216 The first exploration
Chapter 217 Self-defense
Chapter 218 Before leaving
Chapter 219 Sun and Moon in the Sky
Chapter 220 Cowardly Cat
Chapter 221 Bugs
Chapter two hundred and twenty second crack
Chapter 223 Cats and Cats
Chapter 224 The tenth week
Chapter 225 Sandwich
Chapter 226 Inside the Window and Outside the Window
Chapter 227 Seven Deadly Sins
Two hundred and twentieth eight chapters guilty
Chapter 229 Devils who maintain peace
Chapter 230 The Crow Sings
Chapter 231 The Undercurrent After the Spring Hunt
Chapter 232 The second secret realm exploration
Chapter 233 The source of the array
Chapter 234 Suo Luomon
Chapter two hundred and thirty fifth sight
Chapter 236 Wizard and Witch
Chapter 237 The tenth weekend
Chapter 238: Their respective tasks
Chapter 239: their respective problems
Chapter 240 This is not a deal
Chapter 241 Difficult choices
Chapter 242 The Purpose of Jazz
Chapter 243 Constructive Discussion
Chapter 244: Seprano's Arrangement
Chapter 245 is bound to win
Chapter 246 Wreck and Figure
Chapter 247 Choice
Chapter 248 Raise your hand
Chapter 249 The Emperor’s Corpse is Carried (The Magical Second Update)
Chapter 250: Under the Cat Fruit Tree (The third update that cannot exist)
Chapter 251 The Wandering Wizard's Warning
Chapter 252 Two tubes of blood
Chapter 253 Between men and women
Chapter 254 The Hearing Off-topic
Chapter 255 The Hearing Begins
Chapter 256: Zheng Qing's question and answer session
Chapter 257 The Poet Seprano
Chapter 258: The Footsteps of History
Chapter 259 Long-lost philosophy class
Chapter 260 Accidents in the practical class
Chapter 261 after school
Chapter 262 Saturday morning
Chapter 263 Saturday morning (2)
Chapter 264 Saturday Morning (3)
Chapter 265: The Tail of the Morning (Additional update for the leader ‘Wawu Cat’)
Chapter 266 The Variation of the Moon Phase
Chapter two hundred and sixty seventh third-party supervisor
Chapter 268 Lakeside Conflict
Chapter 269 Reasons for Conflict
Chapter 270 The final choice
Chapter 271 NIGGURATH
Chapter 272 Chaos (1)
Chapter 273 Chaos (Part 2)
Chapter 274 Black Goat Cub
Two hundred and seventieth fifth provocation
Chapter 276 Out of Control and Absence
Chapter two hundred and seventy seventh blood removal
Chapter 278 Seeking the Way
Chapter 279 Gunshots
Chapter 280 Cat Meow
Chapter 281 Monologue
Chapter two hundred and eighty second tree
Chapter two hundred and eighty third blank place
Chapter 284 After Zheng Qing was bombed
Chapter 285 The New Great Wizard
Chapter 286 Four Forbidden Spells
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh on the ancient wizard
Chapter two hundred and eighty-eight at first
Chapter 289 growing up
Chapter 290: The Risk of Growth
Chapter 291 Do not look directly at God
Chapter 292: Study hard and make progress every day
Chapter 293 The Story of the Giant Griffin
Chapter two hundred and ninety fourth leave
Chapter 295 Teapot
Chapter 296 Ancient Magic
Chapter 297 Between Hope
Chapter two hundred and ninety-eight cross the hill
Chapter 299 Colmar's experimental assistant
Chapter 300 An Account
Chapter 301 Curse Seal
Chapter 302 North District Wizard
Chapter three hundred and three blood dripping
Chapter 304 The Witness (1)
Chapter 305 The Witness (Part 2)
Chapter 306 The Witness (Part 2)
Chapter 307 with you
Chapter 308 Epilogue
Extra 1 The Forgotten Exam
Extra 2: The Story of Love (4,000 words, two in one, with an extra update for the cute protagonist Ling Yan: The Sharpness)
Extra Story 3 The Cat's Story
Extra Story 4: The Mouse's Tale
The Story of the Rat Fairy (Part 1)
The Story of the Rat Fairy (Part 2)
Chapter 1 Early May
Chapter 2 Sleepwalking
Chapter 3 Doubts about the legal book
Chapter 4 Discussions at the dinner table
Chapter 5 The Consequences of Ruining Half a Street
Chapter 6 The Visitors
Chapter 7 Nicholas' Future
Chapter VIII A Trip to the North District
Chapter 9 New Weather
Chapter 10 The Great Sage
Chapter Eleven: The Tired Witch
Chapter 12 The Great Juggler
Chapter Thirteen Legal Risks of Wizards in the North District
Chapter 14: Hug your thighs, it’s comfortable and not shabby
Chapter 15 Eyes of the abyss
Chapter 16 A Different Stage
Chapter 17 Life has no next time
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Nineteen Oleg
Chapter 20: The Courage of the Wizards of the North District
Chapter 21 North District Magic
Chapter 22 Out of Control
Chapter 23 Rules
Chapter 24 The man who ruined the street
Chapter 25 The Land of Transformation
Chapter 26 The twelfth week begins
Chapter 27 The truth behind the news
Chapter 28 Unexpected Joy
Chapter 29 Trouble at school
Chapter 30 The Future of the North District
Chapter 31 Gifts
Chapter 32 Commissioned by the Hunter Manager
Chapter 33 Three Ways
Chapter 34 Late lunch break
Chapter 35 Birthday
Chapter 36 Untitled
Chapter 37 Lixia
Chapter 38 The cat is really a liquid
Chapter 39 The Hedgehog Cat
Chapter 40: Professor Garcia
Chapter 41 The Invitation Letter from Quan Kelai
Chapter 42 Courses that start early
Chapter 43 Mr.'s Teaching Goals
Chapter 44 Sitting on the sidelines
Chapter 45 The Triple World and the Brain in a Vat
Chapter 46 The benevolent do not worry
Chapter 47 The Greatness of the Great Wizard
Chapter 48 Lost and found
Chapter 49 The Twelfth Weekend
Chapter 50 The Heirs
Chapter 51 Xiao Xiao's Goat Milk Report
Chapter 52: Zhen Xiao Xiao’s Goat Milk Report
Chapter 53 The Twelfth Week Regular Meeting
Chapter 54 Two Topics
Chapter 55 The Wizard with Sunglasses
Chapter 56 The Dark Wizard
Chapter 57 The Real Dark Wizard (1)
Chapter 58 The Real Dark Wizard (Part 2)
Chapter 59 The Real Dark Wizard (Part 2)
Chapter 60 The eyes of the yellow raccoon
Chapter 61 Debuff
Chapter 62: Inquiry about the Three-Pronged Sword
Chapter 63 The thirteenth week begins
Chapter 64 Two or three things before class
Chapter 65 The so-called Yuanchen guardian
Chapter 66: Sheep, Sheep
Chapter 67 Klai Bay
Chapter 68 The fish guard
Chapter 69 Quan Kelai
Chapter 70 Learn and Learn
Chapter 71 Acquaintances
Chapter 72 Seprano and Zhang Shuzhi
Chapter 73 Adults only look at their position
Chapter 74 News of the Faceless Demon
Chapter 75 Nymph and Professor Garcia
Chapter 76 Psychic Divination
Chapter 77: Yagneg
Chapter 78 Prophecy
Chapter 79 Analysis
Chapter 80 The Three Paper Cranes
Chapter 81: I don't know if I'm a guest in my dream
Chapter 82 The second lesson of Mr.
Chapter 83 Ten minutes before class
Chapter 84 In the Mirror
Chapter 85 Between true and false
Chapter 86 I'm True
Chapter 87 The little girl in the mirror
Chapter 88 Zhu Si
Chapter 89 Leaves of Migraine
Chapter 90 Light is like a piece of water
Chapter 91 Reflecting the people on both sides
Chapter 92: Delusional Appearance
Chapter 93: Inside and Outside of Dreams
Chapter 94 Prophecy
Chapter 95 In the Mirror Pavilion
Chapter 96: Those who know are not confused
Chapter 97: Next Steps
Chapter 98 Priorities
Chapter 99: The Big Mouse Who Drinks
Chapter 100 Wizards discuss wine
Chapter 101 Giant Zero Three
Chapter 102 Moved again
Chapter 103 The pheasant on the chopping board
Chapter 104 Public Opinion Preparation
Chapter 105: See the big black cat again
Chapter 106 Transactions
Chapter 107 Pig-eared cat
Chapter 108 A dog came to the cat fruit tree
Chapter 109: On the Tree Under the Tree
Chapter 110 Dragon Boat Festival
Chapter 111 Mulan Soup in Potions Class
Chapter 112 Final class
Chapter 113 When did the flowers fall in the dream
Chapter 114 picturesque features
Chapter 115 Bad things in the library
Chapter 116 Lost in the Pavilion
Chapter 117 The third lesson of Mr.
Chapter 118 What makes people afraid
Chapter 119 The truth of the wizarding world
Chapter 120: The Origin of the Demon
Chapter 121 The tacit understanding of the great wizards
Chapter 122 The brave are not afraid
Chapter 123 Lao Yao
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Four The Gentleman's Way Three
Chapter 125 A chance encounter in front of the library
Chapter 126 Fatty is also profound
Chapter 127 Zai Xia Bao Yu
Chapter 128 News from the Brahma Times
Chapter 129 Banner's study plan
Chapter 130 Uninvited guests of the cat fruit tree
Chapter 131 Under the tree
Chapter 132: Spiritual Rain is Zero
Chapter 133 Dog bites Lu Dongbin
Chapter 134 Colmar's Plan
Chapter 135 Unexpected guests at the class meeting
Chapter 136 The ensuing fright
Chapter 137: Three pairs of eyes
Chapter 138 The dog is here
Chapter 139 Dog Skin Plaster
Chapter 140 Eye Disease
Chapter 141 The Witch's Handbook
Chapter 142 Charm (Part 1)
Chapter 143: The Second Witness
Chapter 144 Charm (Part 2)
Chapter 145 Charm (Part 2)
Chapter 146: Love Day
One hundred and forty-seventh sample sent for testing
Chapter 148 Mhisha
Chapter 149: Curved Space-Time and Angular Space-Time
Chapter 150 Another Paper Crane
Chapter 151 Reply
Chapter 152 The role of the dog
Chapter 153 Life is a rhythm
Chapter 154 A group of dogs
Chapter 155 Hot Potatoes
Chapter 156 Chasing the murderer
Chapter 157 The tide of the times
Chapter 158 Listening to the Tide (1)
Chapter 159 Listening to the tide (2)
Chapter 160 Listening to the Tide (3)
Chapter 161 Listening to the Tide (4)
Chapter 162 Listening to the Tide (5)
Chapter 163 Listening to the Tide (End)
Chapter 164 Black Goat Hair
Chapter 165 Answers without Answers
Chapter 166 Dog Name
Chapter 167 Edamame
Chapter one hundred and sixty-eight of the calamity Buck
Chapter 169 Two voices
Chapter 170 Intruder
Chapter 171 Recruitment
Chapter 172 The crowd of mayflies
Chapter 173 Sir Ulrich
Chapter 174: Sacrifice of the Liches
Chapter 175 After smashing
Chapter 176 Yan Return
Chapter 177 A fish
Chapter 178 Tug of War
Chapter 179 reinforcements
Chapter 180 Towards a New World
Chapter 181: In the Black Prison
Chapter 182 The trainee registrar of the Black Hell Castle
Chapter 183 Kunpeng Hunting Team
Chapter 184 The first prisoner
Chapter 185 The second prisoner
Chapter 186 Mi Ge’s Identity
Chapter 187 Mismatch
Fanwai seven, the story before Fanwai II (1)
Fanwai 8 The story before Fanwai 2 (2)
Fanwai Jiu, the story before Fanwai II (End)
Chapter 188 June 5th
Chapter 189: Mango Seeds
Chapter 190 The purpose of edamame
Chapter 191: Starting from the Mirror
Chapter 192 My Mr.
Chapter 193 Target, Museum
Chapter 194 Before the Museum
Chapter 195: Crossing the Lake
Chapter 196: Wonderful Night at the Museum
Chapter 197: The thorn of the tree
One hundred and ninety-eighth chapter bones like a tide
Chapter 199 The temptation to break the rules
Chapter 200 The third exhibition hall
Chapter 201 Inside and outside the museum
Chapter 202 Observation
Chapter 203 Lost is the best
Chapter 204 Dirty Demon
Chapter 205 Inspiration to run away
Chapter 206 Sleepy Worm
Chapter 207: The insect flies and dies, and I am willing to share the same dream with my son.
Chapter 208 On the Beach
Chapter 209 One more tail
Chapter 210: Assembling in a Dream
Chapter 211 Dreams come from the heart
Chapter 212 Banshee and the Gug Giant
Chapter 213 The guests in the charming mouse village
Chapter 214: Coming to another world
Chapter 215 The City of Cats
Chapter 216: Under the Mount Kra
Chapter 217 Just live
Chapter 218 Everyone starts like this
Chapter 219 Preparation
Chapter 220 The choice of stealth
Chapter 221 Shatak
Chapter 222 Target, Uzza
Chapter 223: Outside the City of Usa
Chapter 224 Usa's Pumpkin Cart
Chapter 225 Two little girls
Chapter 226 The devil will miss you but will not repent
Chapter 227 Master Atal
Chapter 228 The Conversation Before the Top
Chapter 229 True Vision
Chapter 230 The Holy Water of Lourdes
Chapter 231 Businessman
Chapter 232 pass by
Chapter 233 Menis Tavern
Chapter 234 Menes' Cat
Chapter 235 Two-state superposition
Chapter 236 meet again
Chapter 237 C-level wanted order target
Chapter 238 Five fireballs open
Chapter 239 The Greatest Justice (Thanks to ZeYiii for the reward~)
Chapter 240 All staff assembled
Chapter two hundred and forty first solicitation
Chapter 242 Mantra
Chapter 243: Illusion of Control
Chapter 244 The Most Accurate Prophecy
Chapter 245 Bad news
Chapter 246 missing
Chapter 247 Goodbye
Chapter two hundred and forty-eight three flowers
Chapter 249 White Lies
Chapter 250: The Way to Leave the Dreamland
Chapter 251 The man in yellow
Chapter 252 Tombstone
Chapter 253 Journey behind the door
Chapter 254 Conversation at the Window
Chapter 255 A small goal
Chapter 256 under the door
Chapter 257 The Good Will of the Outer Gods
Chapter 258 Hastur's Friendship
Chapter 259 The time to wake up
Chapter 260 The gradually disappearing anchor line
Chapter 261 ‘Friendly’
Chapter 262 Choice (1)
Chapter 263 Choice (Part 2)
Chapter 264 Choice (End)
Chapter 265 Beyond the Dream
Chapter 266 After the mirror is broken
Chapter 267 The main battlefield of the wizards of the North District
Chapter 268 One of the aftermath
Chapter 269 Jiang Yu's Story
Chapter 270 Invalid Contract
Chapter 271: The Dog Takes the Mouse
Chapter two hundred and seventy second approaching distance
Chapter 273: A cautious meeting
Chapter 274 Lies and Truth
Chapter 275 Hastur and the Siren King
Chapter 276: The Way of Return
Chapter 277 The problem of crossing the river
Chapter 278 under balance
Chapter two hundred and seventy-ninth poke burst
Chapter 280: See you three times in two days
Chapter two hundred and eighty first worship
Chapter 282 Memory
Chapter two hundred and eighty third story
Chapter two hundred and eighty fourth riddle
Chapter 285 Blessing
Chapter 286: Under the Mount Kra
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh deviation
Chapter 288 The real dark wizard
Chapter 289 The old house owner
Chapter 290 Add mushrooms to you
Chapter 291 Jiang Yu's Nightmare Doll
Chapter 292 Choice and Test
Chapter two hundred and ninety third trying to forget the past
Chapter 294 Temporary Meeting
Chapter 295 Difficulties in physically clearing memory
Chapter 296 Tochigi Flower Juice
Chapter 297 Forgotten Bullets
Chapter 298 The world behind the door
Chapter two hundred and ninety-ninth fishing for beans
Chapter 300 The Effect of Mushroom Soup
Chapter 301 Green Beans
Chapter 302 Dialogue in the dark
Chapter 303 From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain
Chapter 304 The Big Witch in the Little Witch
Chapter 305 The way home
Chapter 306 Drinking and taking medicine
Chapter 307 Ivy
Chapter 308: A Long Night (1)
Chapter 309: A Long Night (2)
Chapter 310: A Long Night (3)
Chapter 311 The Long Night (4)
Chapter 312: A Long Night (5)
Three hundred and thirteenth chapter long night (six)
Three hundred and fourteenth chapter long night (seven)
Three hundred and fifteen chapters long night (eight)
Three hundred and sixteen chapters long night (nine)
Three hundred and seventeen chapters long night (ten)
Chapter 318: Undercurrent in the Dawn
Chapter 319 The deep meaning behind the question
Chapter 320 Emergency Summoning Order
Chapter 321: Senators
Chapter 322 The ancient game
Chapter 323 Ruoyu's meaning
Chapter 324 Prelude to the War
Chapter 325 Nails, pliers and locks
Chapter 326 High latitude operations
Chapter 327 Branch Tasks
Three hundred and twentieth eight chapters network bride
Chapter 329 The revised branch
Chapter 330 Monster Beast
Chapter 331 Zhang Boren's Mission
Chapter 332 The sheep
Chapter 333 The situation is still under control
Chapter 334 Chasing sheep and ghosts
Chapter 335: Ivy leaves Pinghu
Chapter 336 Misunderstanding is a bit big
Chapter 337 Moving to the Black Prison Tower
Chapter 338 Oh... so bright!
Three hundred and thirtieth IX in front of the mysterious yellow wood
Chapter 340 The three-dimensional defense system of the black prison
Chapter 341 The old and the young
Chapter 342 Coincidence
Three hundred and fortieth chapters horizontally inserted in a corner
Chapter 344 I'm going to explode
Chapter 345 Beyond the Curtain
Chapter 346 The monster in the lake
Chapter three hundred and forty seventh fish man fall
Chapter three hundred and forty-eight pieces of amber
Chapter 349: The Bell Tribulation
Chapter 350 After the Broken Window
Chapter 351 In the Black Moon
Three hundred and fiftieth chapters come from
Three hundred and fiftieth chapters go somewhere
Chapter 354 When the black moon rises
Chapter 355 The black moon shines on the silent river
Chapter 356 The Prisoner's Dilemma
Chapter 357 Behemoth
Chapter 358 The so-called compost
Chapter 359 Hell Formula
Chapter three hundred and sixty guests from all directions
Chapter three hundred and sixty first white rainbow
Chapter 362 Adjustment and Deployment
Chapter 363 Characteristics of the Growth Stage
Chapter 364 Everything is a miracle
Chapter 365 Accidents Caused by Illegal Landing
Chapter 366 The world of corpses
Chapter 367 You are wrong
Three hundred and sixtieth eight chapters fire in July
Chapter 369: Fish in the sky, sheep in the fire
Chapter 370 Eye of Sauron
Chapter 371 The moon is shining brightly
Chapter three hundred and seventy second unexpected visitor
Chapter 373 Don't mess with the cat
Chapter 374 The reason I came
Chapter 375: Target, Black Prison Castle
Chapter 376 The most basic order
Chapter three hundred and seventy seventh urine bubble is big
Chapter 378 Personality Suppression
Chapter 379 Towards the Light
Chapter three hundred and eighty split
Chapter 381 The Witch's Green Rice Wine
Chapter three hundred and eighty second candle night tour
Chapter three hundred and eighty third aftertaste prophecy
Chapter 384 The thunder sounded after the cloud
Chapter 385 After the Thunder
Chapter 386 Come! The army of demons!
Chapter 387 Leviathan
Chapter 388 Parasites
Chapter 389 The song of the prisoners
Chapter 390 Breaking through the world
Chapter three hundred and ninety first stars like rain
Chapter 392 Magic is innocent
Chapter 393 Phoenix Project
Chapter three hundred and ninety fourth two spells
Chapter 395 Two suns rise in the dark
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters turned into a dark prison of day
Chapter 397 The mist under the city walls
Chapter 398 Beyond the White Prison
Chapter 399 In the Forbidden Forest
Chapter 400 Stalkers
Chapter 401 One can't be less
Chapter 402 Accidents occur frequently
Chapter 403 The Observer
Chapter 404 Before the sun rises
Chapter 405 Withered Wasteland
Chapter 406 Missing
Chapter 407: The Color of Dirty
Chapter 408: Silent Confrontation
Chapter four hundred and ninth invisible attack
Four hundred and tenth chapter dawn
Chapter 411 The Burning World
Chapter 412: Gorgeous Desolation
Chapter 413 Breaking in, four sea monster ships!
Chapter 414 Data Contradiction
Chapter 415: Kotos
Four hundred and sixteen chapters of wood
Four hundred and seventeenth chapter big willow
Chapter 418: Five Elements Reversed
Chapter 419 Wrestling
Chapter 420 Pure Power
Chapter 421: Black and White Entering the Mystery, Boosting Morale
Chapter 422: Three Hunts
Four hundred and twentieth chapters escaped prisoner
Chapter 424 The end of the thin line
Chapter 425 is an accident
Chapter 426 True and False Legends
Chapter 427 The fog, the giant eye and the clock
Chapter 428: Auditorium
Four hundred and twentieth IX Earth Dragon turned over
Chapter 430: Any Door
Chapter 431 behind the door
Chapter 432 Shooting
Chapter 433 Conversation
Chapter 434 A momentary pause
Chapter 435 Six Fingers
Chapter 436 Tengu eats the sky
Chapter 437 Zhuge
Chapter 438 The secondary form of the battle formation
Chapter 439 Mimicry
Four hundred and fortieth chapters Bo Fu's
Chapter 441: Drought, Emperor Insect
Chapter 442 The Mutated Emperor Insect
Chapter 443 Pink Mushrooms
Chapter 444: Choice and Forgiveness
Four hundred and fortieth chapters city on the city
Four hundred and fortieth chapters big willow ox starling
Chapter 447 New fighters
Chapter four hundred and forty-eight dishes
Four hundred and fortieth IX sheep came
Chapter 450 Hidden danger
Chapter 451 The witches who violated the order
Chapter 452 Bargaining and not bargaining
Chapter 453 Helping Hand
Chapter 454 Anti-robbery
Chapter 455 Atlas' blessing
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters war under unspoken rules
Chapter 457 Bang! Bang! Bang!
Chapter four hundred and fiftieth eight shameless
Four hundred and fiftieth IX monsters in the mist
Chapter 460 This rise and fall
Chapter 461 Rampage
Chapter four hundred and sixty second unexpected counterattack
Chapter 463 Fukatsu Ryoko
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters go away
Four hundred and sixtieth chapters have a fox Sui Sui
Chapter 466 The most terrifying
Chapter 467 Eat your own wizard
Chapter 468: Zhu Si and Migo
Chapter 469 The late third party
Chapter four hundred and seventieth
Chapter 471 Unexpected admission
Chapter 472 Other options
Chapter 473 Differences
Chapter 474: The Origin of the Dark Council
Four hundred and seventieth chapters bleeding
Chapter 476 Two safety valves
Chapter 477 Angel and Tebiron
Chapter 478 Click, click
Chapter four hundred and seventy-ninth again and again
Chapter 480: Tebilong's Innate Magic
Chapter 481: Zheng Qing's Choice
Chapter four hundred and eighty second propriety and righteousness as a tool
Chapter 483: The Choice of Xuan Huangmu
Chapter 484 Fruits
Chapter four hundred and eighty fifth long and difficult to break free
Chapter 486 Traditional Arts
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh
Chapter 488 The choice of the rat fairy
Chapter 489: Zheng Qing's Choice
Chapter 490 I have always loved you
Chapter 491: No Ge under the Moon
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters in the moonlight
Chapter 493 The whereabouts of the two fruits
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters lost luck
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters close the net
Chapter 496: Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters under the moon giant zero three
Chapter four hundred and ninety-eight under the mysterious yellow
Chapter four hundred and ninety-ninth Tao is in the device
Chapter 500 Legends (1)
Chapter 501 Legends (2)
Chapter 502 The Legends (3)
Chapter 503 The Legends (4)
Chapter five hundred and fourth legends (five)
Chapter five hundred and fifth legends (six)
Chapter 506 Taiyi
Chapter five hundred and seventh
Chapter 508 Inside and Outside the City Wall
Chapter 509 Pause button
Chapter 510 After the time is suspended
Chapter 511 Black Snail
Chapter 512: The Fall of the Legend
Chapter five hundred and thirteenth ancient birth
Chapter 514 The war is over (1)
Chapter 515 The war is over (2)
Chapter 516 The war is over (2)
Extra VII Timeline 1 (The Rat Immortal)
Extra Eight Mysterious Yellow Wood
Fanwai Nine Rat Man
Extraordinary Ten People Robbery
Extra Story 11 Pull one hair and move the whole body
Extra Twelve Time is a corner
Fanwai thirteen as it is
Chapter 1 Awakening
Chapter 2 Final Exam
Chapter 3 Zheng Slag
Chapter 4 Career Planning
Chapter V Summer Arrangements
Chapter 6 Dreamland
Chapter 7 With You
Chapter 8: The Yellow Cubs Visiting the Sick
Chapter 9 Annoyance at the Door
Chapter Ten Uninvited Guests
Chapter Eleven Questions
Chapter 12 Death Cap
CHAPTER XIII The Second Gentleman on Death
Chapter 14 Chicken Soup and Reality
Chapter 15 Recovering the Black Prison Event
Chapter 16 Laleye
Chapter 17 Left ear in and right ear out
Chapter 18 Courage
Chapter 19 Several Questions
Chapter 20 Discharge from Hospital
Chapter 21 Feeling Good
Chapter 22 Early Start of the Second Academic Year
Chapter 23 The Living Book
Chapter 24 Lin Guo's New Pet
Chapter 25 Pretty
Chapter 26 Differences and Compromises
Chapter 27 On the Pedestrian Street
Chapter 28 In the Pedestrian Street
Chapter 29 In the Pedestrian Street
Chapter 30 Inside the Pedestrian Street
Chapter Thirty-One
Chapter 32 On-site Investigation
Chapter 33 Trial Cards
Chapter 34 The first class meeting before school starts
Chapter 35 Before the class meeting
Chapter 36 The Three Little Pigs
Chapter 37 Three things at the class meeting
Chapter 38 An event after the class meeting
Chapter Thirty-Nine
Chapter 40 Collection
Chapter 41 Who provokes who!
Chapter 42 Speech
Chapter 43 Departure
Chapter 44 Starting from 50 minutes
Chapter 45: Mayfly's Feather
Chapter 46 Plan ahead
Chapter 47: Yan Yan Yu Fei, her voice rises and falls
Chapter 48 Above the Clouds
Chapter 49 The Quails
Chapter 50: A Plan full of flaws
Chapter 51 High-altitude Adventures
Chapter 52 Emergency Action
Chapter 53: Their respective tasks
Chapter 54 The Raven and the Experiment
Chapter 55 The Disappeared Experiment
Chapter 56 Like a cat
Chapter 57 Crows
Chapter 58: Yu Yu Qiao Qiao
Chapter 59 Landing
Chapter 60 Points, Camp
Chapter 61 New Tasks
Chapter 62 - Flake Preparations
Chapter 63 The Familiar Strange World
Chapter 64 The Status Quo of the Black Prison
Chapter 65 The Last Day
Chapter 66 Accidental Changes
Chapter 67 Eyjafjallaj?kull
Chapter 68 Before the Foothills
Chapter 69 Hunting Plan
Chapter 70 Two-Headed Ogre
Chapter 71 The Glorious Skull
Chapter 72: Silent Confrontation
Chapter 73 Black Hand's Choice
Chapter 74 Fighting
Chapter 75 The Shaman's Curse
Chapter 76 The One-Eyed Crow
Chapter 77 The Origin of the Ogre
Chapter 78 'M'
Chapter 79 Meaningless things
Chapter 80 The Trial is Over
Chapter 81 The ancient teaching is the formula
Chapter 82: Mysterious Birds from the Sky
Chapter 83: Forgotten Days
Chapter 84 I want to be like a cat
Chapter 85 Distinctive sharpness
Chapter 86 Merlin's Initials
Chapter 87 Reasons for Course Selection
Chapter 88 Paper Mouse
Chapter 89 New Public Students
Chapter 90 Final Exam Results
Chapter 91 September 1st
Chapter 92 The night before
Chapter 93 The night before
Chapter 94 Carmen
Chapter 95: The first spells lesson for second graders
Chapter 96 Taboo
Chapter 97 After Class
Chapter 98 Colmar's Ambition
Chapter 99 Two Magic Labs
Chapter 100 Findings in the Laboratory
Chapter 101 The Tradition of Talisman Lessons
Chapter 102 Trivia about the opening week
Chapter 103 Decision on recruiting new students
Chapter 104 The new lecturer of the school
Chapter 105: Tired
Chapter 106 The barbarian at the door
Chapter 107 The new role of edamame
Chapter 108: Lin Yan said the calamity
Chapter 109 Lin Yan's Reason
Chapter 110 Edge Family
Chapter 111: Poor Takako
Chapter 112 Aftermath
Chapter 113 End of the first week
Chapter 114 The school's caliber (Happy New Year's Day!)
Chapter 115 Not so correct answer
Chapter 116 Three things
Chapter 117 Bailu
Chapter 118 Question Notes
Chapter 119 Autumn dew like beads
Chapter 120 The Out of Control Paper Crane
Chapter 121: Dew Plate
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Two
Chapter 123 Magical Biology
Chapter 124: Out of Control Shadow
Chapter 125 The shadow must be cut
Chapter 126 The Second Opening Ceremony
Chapter 127 The New Plan of the Hemophilia
Chapter 128 Reformers
Chapter 129 deserter
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Trivia
Chapter 131: Organized Chaos
Chapter 132 cut
Chapter 133 Su Shijun's suggestion
Chapter 134 Surprise
Chapter 135 Chaos in Chaos
Chapter 136 The truth behind the truth
Chapter 137 What kind of monster is the most dangerous
Chapter 138 Illegal Materials
Chapter 139 Signature
Chapter One Hundred and Fortieth Rumors
Chapter 141 Seems positive, but is actually negative
Chapter 142 A little thing about homework
Chapter 143 The second weekend of September
Chapter 144 The second week's class meeting
Chapter 145 Unexpected Visitors at the Class Meeting (Happy Year of the Tiger)
Chapter 146: Guests of Qingqiu Mansion (1)
Chapter 147: Guests of Qingqiu Mansion (Part 2)
Chapter 148: Marginal People
Chapter 149 Greatness and Mediocrity (1)
Chapter 150 Greatness and Mediocrity (Part 2)
Chapter 151 Nightmare
Chapter 152 'Truth, Philosophy and My Worldview' (1)
Chapter 153 'Truth, Philosophy and My Worldview' (Part 2)
Chapter 154 The third week begins
Chapter 155 Avoid
Chapter 156 Dinner
Chapter 157 Training Plan
Chapter 158 Collection
Chapter 159 Friday Night
Chapter 160 Hunting Target
Chapter 161 In the Murosu array
Chapter 162: The Mutated Gai Tracy
Chapter 163 Blockers
Chapter 164 Beyond the hunting ground
Chapter 165 The River Bend
Chapter 166: Encounter
Chapter 167 ‘Greetings’
Chapter 168 confrontation
Chapter 169 About serious media
Chapter 170 The Newcomer of Ouroboros
Chapter 171 Return journey
Chapter 172: Conquest
Chapter 173 Fragment ①
Chapter 174 The Fourth Monday
Chapter 175 Zheng Quasimodo
Chapter 176 Lunch time
Chapter 177 The changed rules
Chapter 178 Whose cheese is moving
Chapter 179 Undercurrent
Chapter 180 Collecting opinions
Chapter 181 The Mark of Lucifer
Chapter 182 Autumn Equinox
Chapter 183 Invitation
Chapter 184 Proof
Chapter 185 No Harmful Choice
Chapter 186 The Fourth Saturday
Chapter 187 The cat wearing a mask
Chapter 188: The Morning That Hurts Each Other
Chapter 189 Morning exercise trivia
Chapter 190 The Fifth Monday
Chapter 191: Random Equality
Chapter 192 Bofu's blood
Chapter 193 Trouble watcher
Chapter 194 Difficulties in Second-Order Expansion
Chapter 195 The little witch who recites the text
One hundred and ninety-sixth small and large
Chapter 197 The price of returning late
Chapter 198 late night guests
Chapter 199 Inside and outside the tavern
Chapter 200 Conversation between the two daughters
Chapter 201 Switch
Chapter 202 Wednesday morning
Chapter 203 'Visit in the Night'
Chapter 204 Analysis
Chapter 205: Hanging the Wall Curse
Chapter 206 Hunting Meeting Schedule
Chapter 207 Simple selection task
Chapter 208 Women's Dolls
Chapter 209 Mid-Autumn Festival
Chapter 210 Another Saturday
Chapter 211 Seven Provinces themselves
Chapter 212 Cat Face Mask
Chapter 213 The sin of jealousy
Chapter 214 Xiao Xiao's Mid-Autumn Festival Gift
Chapter 215 Rejection
Chapter 216 Edge Hunter
Chapter 217 Find, find, find teacher
Chapter 318 Nothing is guaranteed
Chapter 319 Negotiations
Chapter 320 Saturated Application
Chapter 221 Thursday afternoon
Chapter 222 Final Candidates
Chapter 223 Dinner
Chapter 224 Final decision
Chapter 225 Cold Dew
Chapter 226 One left and one right
Chapter two hundred and twenty seventh mutual relief
Chapter 228: Unexpected Response
Chapter 229 Friday night
Chapter 230 Meeting
Chapter two hundred and thirty first meeting
Chapter 232 Split Field
Chapter 233: Acting Captain Candidates
Two hundred and thirtieth chapters back the pot
Chapter two hundred and thirty fifth not so much
Chapter 236 Samael
Chapter 237 I'm still a bit powerful
Chapter 238 Selection Task
Chapter 239 In the library
Chapter 240 Dreaming
Chapter 241 The first selection task
Chapter 242 The name of the crime has been changed
Chapter 243 lottery
Chapter 244 Opening
Chapter two hundred and forty fifth ghouls
Chapter 246: The Emperor's Corpse is Picked Up
Chapter 247 Inside and outside the hunting ground
Chapter 248: Approximate one to one
Chapter 249 Limit
Chapter 250 Under the Tombstone
Chapter 251 Countdown
Chapter 252 The last three minutes
Chapter 253: Four Ways of Death
Chapter 254 The trials are over
Chapter 255 The Trials End (Part 2)
Chapter 256 After the end
Chapter 257 Sunday
Chapter 258 Standard Reply
Chapter 259 blocked the door
Chapter 260 The Remaining Trials (Part 1)
Chapter 261 The Remaining Trials (Part 2)
Chapter 262 Effort is like snow
Chapter 263 Super Student Hunting Team
Chapter 264 The treatment of the star hunting team
Chapter 265 Andrew's Purpose
Chapter 266 Jump on the Dragon's Back
Chapter 267 Everything has cracks
Chapter 268 Reply and boring practice class
Chapter 269 Belfinger
Chapter 270 Middleman
Chapter 271 The story of gold
Chapter 272 The seventh Sunday
Chapter 273 Little Transparent Hunting Team
Chapter 274 An Aroma Duck
Chapter 275 Ranking
Chapter 276 Nine Hunting Teams
Chapter 277 Edge, edge!
Chapter 278 The eighth week begins
Chapter 279 Chassis
Chapter 280: Combining Vertical and Horizontal
Chapter 281 Gan Ning
Chapter 282 The correct principle
Chapter two hundred and eighty third send back
Chapter 184 The final begins
Chapter 285: Behind the door is darkness
Chapter two hundred and eighty sixth Weibei has a fight
The 287th chapter is broken or moved
Chapter 288 The Tenth Hunting Team
Chapter two hundred and eighty ninth water worms
Chapter two hundred and ninetieth
Chapter two hundred and ninety first Kan Ruhu
Chapter 292 If man drives out God in his heart
Chapter 293 Mr. Hiroshi is here!
Chapter two hundred and ninety fourth giant supernatural powers
Chapter two hundred and ninety fifth
Chapter 296 Collection of Materials
Chapter 297 Today Saturday (Wish @ love me ah ah happy wedding!)
Chapter 298 Changes in the meeting
Chapter 299 Mammon
Chapter 300: Nine Out and Thirteen Returns
Chapter 301 Two children argue for gold
Chapter 302 Three-Party Transactions
Chapter 303 Don't touch my tongue
Chapter 304 Mask Man
Chapter 305 The Professor's Laboratory
Chapter 306 I advise you to be cautious
Chapter 307 The Doctor Makes Money
Chapter 308 Gifts (1)
Chapter 309 Gifts (Part 2)
Chapter 310 Gifts (Part 2)
Chapter 311 Gift (External)
Chapter 312 Gift (Supplement)
Chapter 313 The Daily Bugle
Chapter 314 A Newspaper Focusing on Facts and Reliable Information
Chapter 315: Classmate Zheng Qing, your mailbox is exploded
Chapter 316 HOW DARE YOU!
Chapter 317 Letter
Chapter 318: Take a break from school, young man!
Chapter 319: Four Diaries of Zheng Qing
Chapter 320 Halloween Eve
Chapter 321 Burning Zheng Qing's Parade (Part 1)
Chapter 322 Burning Zheng Qing's Parade (Part 2)
Chapter 323 Burning Zheng Qing's Parade (Part 2)
Chapter 324 Burning Zheng Qing's Parade (End)
Chapter 325 After the frenzy
Three hundred and twentieth chapters under the frenzy
Chapter 327 Resentment
Chapter 328 Please give me a frog
Chapter 329 The coward and the useless
Chapter 330 Lidong
Chapter 331: At first, no one cared
Chapter 332 Pig Head
Chapter 333 The weight of life
Chapter 234 Ruby Ring
Chapter 235 Su Shijuns attitude
Chapter 236 The First Mr.
Chapter two hundred and thirty seventh face
Chapter 238: Politeness and Impoliteness
Chapter 239 Zheng Qing's title
Chapter 240 Undercurrent
Chapter 241 The eleventh week
Chapter 242 Xiao Xiao's inaudible voice
Chapter 243 Sequelae of Deformation
Chapter 244 Moonlight Magic Essential Oil
Chapter 245: Law Book Liberation Association
Chapter 246 News of the Seven Deadly Sins
Chapter 247 The first time the black cat participated in the meeting
The 248th chapter is not gray gray
Chapter 249 Concealment
Chapter 250 Dust to Dust Dirt to Dirt
Chapter 251 The unlucky substitute (Additional update for the cute protagonist 'The Fire in July is Cool on a Night')
Chapter 252 I have a friend (1)
Chapter 253 I have a friend (Part 2)
Chapter 254 Misunderstanding
Chapter 255 Winter Clothes Festival
Chapter 256 The Twelfth Saturday
Chapter 257 Two Purposes
Chapter 258 Task List
Chapter 259 Ding! Ding!
Chapter 260 Little Snow
Chapter 361: Tricky Answers
Chapter 362 The sack that fell from the sky
Chapter 363 Response
Chapter 364 Reasoning
Chapter 365 Unreasonable
Chapter 366 Midnight Battle
Chapter 367 Everyone knows this thing
Three hundred and sixtieth eight chapters thank you
Chapter 369 The difference between living and breathing
Chapter 370 Transaction with Li Meng
Chapter 371 The mission of the edge hunter
Chapter 372 is all the fault of deformation
Chapter 373 The Five Stages of Grief
Chapter 374 Thanksgiving Speeches and Discussions
Chapter 375 The Gift of Thanksgiving
Chapter 376: Temperature Survival
Chapter 377 Unexpected clues
Chapter 378 Duzem Alchemy Laboratory
Chapter 379 The Raven and the Lich
Chapter three hundred and eighty bugs
Chapter 381 Report
Chapter three hundred and eighty second herbalist
Chapter 383 Fat wizard begging for shit
Chapter 384 Pig and Fox
Chapter 385 I am not Zheng Qing
Chapter 386 Arrogant request
Chapter 387 Interlude
Chapter 388 Untitled
Chapter 389 Unexpected
Chapter 390 Contribution
Chapter 391 Don't do bad things during the day
Chapter 392 Three-party notice
Chapter 393: A Frightening Coincidence
Chapter 394 Response
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters three paper cranes
Chapter 396: Arranged (Part 1)
Chapter 397: Arranged (Part 2)
Three hundred and ninetieth eight chapters next yuan festival
Chapter 399 A little discussion about winter hunting and spring hunting
Chapter 400: Rune Lessons in the Fourteenth Week
Chapter 401 The Professor of Rune Class talks about Rune
Chapter 402 Important Matters
Chapter 403 Heavy Snow
Chapter 404 Winter Hunting Day
Chapter 405: Laughter in the Snowstorm
Chapter 406: The Red Hat of the Mandrill Branch
Chapter 407 Xu is a misunderstanding
Four hundred and eighth chapter human face mouse
Chapter 409: Magic not sharp enough
Chapter 410: Spell Variation
Four hundred and eleventh chapter Shuo rat
Chapter 412 Darkness is justice
Chapter 413 Cheung Kei Hunting Team
Chapter 414 Intelligence
Chapter 415 Chaos is a ladder
Chapter 416: The Winter Hunt Is Nearing the End
Chapter four hundred and seventeenth choice
Four hundred and eighteenth chapter Qing Jiao
Chapter 419 Isolation
Chapter 420: The observation room is a mess
Four hundred and twentieth chapters ouroboros backwards
Four hundred and twentieth chapters sin forward
Chapter four hundred and twentieth
Chapter 424 Ogre strikes
Chapter 425 The Crow Falls
Four hundred and twentieth chapters increase
Chapter 427: Back and forth (Part 1)
Chapter 428: Going and Returning (Part 2)
Chapter 429: Going and Returning (Fill)
Chapter 430: Identity Change
Chapter 431: The Storm in the Teacup
Chapter 432: The Price of Blood and Flesh
Chapter 433 The best help
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters do not add chaos
Chapter 435 Out of Control
Chapter 436: Giant Hand
Chapter 437: Three Guns
Chapter 438: The Dharma Book Turned to Ashes
Chapter 439: Foxtail Pen and Copperplate Book
Chapter 440: When the Huge Palm Falls
Chapter 441: After Winter Hunting
Chapter 442 Another goal of the professor
Chapter 443 Nothing can't be changed
Chapter 444: Thursday
Chapter 445: Two Reports
Chapter 446 Analysis of William Blair Jr.
Chapter 447 Another invitation
Chapter 448: Friday Morning
Chapter 2227 Crispy Crisps (Part 1)
Chapter 2228 Crispy Crisps (Part 2)
Chapter 2229 Arrogant news
Chapter 2230 thinking behind the list
Chapter 2231 Arrogant News (True)
Chapter 2232 Accident
Chapter 2233 Insider Trading of the Seven Deadly Sins
Chapter 2234 First Anniversary of Opening
Chapter 2235 big etiquette problem
Chapter 2236 Not a good fruit
Chapter 2237 Week 17
Chapter 2238 About Insurance
Chapter 2239 Alpha-Beta Level Acceptance
Chapter 2240 The Sun Hair Color and Magic Text Lesson
Chapter 2241 The conversation changed for the third time
Chapter 2242 Lunch
Chapter 2243 A useless detail
Chapter 2244 Makeup and Unicorns
Chapter 2245 Arriving at the dance scene
Chapter 2246 Special Guest (Part 1)
Chapter 2247 Special Guest (Part 2)
Chapter 2248 Special Guest (Part 2)
Chapter 2249 Four Fawns
Chapter 2250 Yo Yo Luming
Chapter 2251 Christmas Eve
Chapter 2252 Three Witches, Three Dances and Three Dialogues (Part 1)
Chapter 2253 Three Witches, Three Dances and Three Conversations (2)
Chapter 2254 Three Witches, Three Dances and Three Conversations (3)
Chapter 2255 Three Witches, Three Dances and Three Conversations (4)
Chapter 2256 Three Witches, Three Dances and Three Conversations (5)
Chapter 2257 Three Witches, Three Dances and Three Conversations (6)
Chapter 2258 Three Witches, Three Dances and Three Dialogues (Part 2)
Chapter 2259 Three Witches, Three Dances and Three Dialogues (Supplement)
Chapter 2260 Good News and Bad News
Chapter 2261 New Helper
Chapter 2262 Christmas morning
Chapter 2263 Christmas Tragedy
Chapter 2264 Little Red Riding Hood
Chapter 2265: Money and goods
Chapter 2266 There is something wrong with your gift
Chapter 2267 After growing up
Chapter 2268
Chapter 2269 A day full of malice
Chapter 2270 Uninvited guests in practical class
Chapter 2271 Every cloud has a silver edge
Chapter 2272 A gift for Poseidong
Chapter 2273 the importance of pushing
Chapter 2274 Accidents and Variables
Chapter 2275 Baptism
Chapter 2276 Aftertaste of Christmas
Chapter 2277 The profit after Christmas
Chapter 2278 The last day of 2009
Chapter 2279 January 1st
Chapter 2280 The information behind the list
Chapter 2281 An unexpected person
Chapter 2281 An unexpected person
Chapter 2282 Good eyesight
Chapter 2283 Winter Vacation Plan
Chapter 2284 Alliance designated tasks
Chapter 2285 Final Exam (Part 1)
Chapter 2286 Final Exam (Part 2)
Chapter 2287 Accident in the examination room
Chapter 2288 Outside the Wall
Chapter 2289 Captured again
Chapter 2290 Similar Problems
Chapter 2291 Lao Yaos problem
Chapter 2292 Doctors Suggestions
Chapter 2293 Big Cold
Chapter 2294 The Frog Princess on the Edge
Chapter 2295 Haha Beads on the Edge
Chapter 2296 The Crow on the Edge Drinks
Chapter 2297 The Fishman on the Edge of the Lake
Chapter 2298 Marginal Discussion
Chapter 2299 The Beginning of the Edge
Chapter 2300 Examiner
Chapter 2301 Newbies Mistake
Chapter 2302 The mission of forgiveness
Chapter 2303 Secret
Chapter 2304 Zheng Qings review results
Chapter 2305 The wizard wearing a cat mask
Chapter 2306 Rookies style of doing things
Chapter 2307 Light Beer and Frog Juice
Chapter 2308 Magic Leech
Chapter 2309 Lock
Chapter 2310 The meaning of white crow
Chapter 2311 Aftermath Team
Chapter 534 Crow chanting sutras
Chapter 535 Vas Egg
Chapter 536 Accident Scene
Chapter 537 Great Yarmouth Elf
Chapter 538: Goodbye Brass Mark
Chapter 539: Dumbfounded
Chapter 540 This is your trouble
Chapter 541 On the Earth Dragon Express
Chapter 542: Sorting out
Chapter 543 Return to Sakura Tavern
Chapter 544 Someone is coming
Chapter 545: The same pebble
Chapter 546: A Copper Bean
Chapter 547: Do one good deed a day
Chapter 548 Varys
Chapter 549 Observer
Chapter 550 Tracking
Chapter 551: Speculation
Chapter 552: Edamames prey
Chapter 553 Zheng Qings robe
Chapter 554 Face to face
Chapter 555: Shelter from the rain
Chapter 556 Dangerous Mushrooms
Chapter 557: Persistence
Chapter 558 Conversation in the Laboratory
Chapter 559 Another five days passed
Chapter 560 The Price of Growth
Chapter 561: Red-Eyed Earth Dragon
Chapter 562 The smell of soot
Chapter 563: Tuberose
Chapter 564 Peeling Onions
Chapter 565 Faith
Chapter 566 Werewolf
Chapter 567 Rising
Chapter 568 Priority
Chapter 569 Tug of War
Chapter 570: Thunder and rain
Chapter 571 Blood will illuminate everything in the world
Chapter 572 Helping Hand
Chapter 573 Zai Tuan (shn) Zai Zha (zu)
Chapter 574 A critical moment
Chapter 575: One minute of truce
Chapter 576: One to Thirteen
Chapter 577 Bloody Starry Sky
Chapter 578: In vain
Chapter 579 Try your best
Chapter 580 Its not me
Chapter 581 The most elegant character
Chapter 582 The sky is both blue and black
Chapter 583 Celebration Dinner
Chapter 584: Digging Graves
Chapter 585 A plate of barbecue
Chapter 586: Reverse Scale
Chapter 587 A cup of tea
Chapter 588 Cognitive Bias
Chapter 589: How to get a puppy
Chapter 590: A bunch of candied haws
Chapter 591: Breakfast
Chapter 592: Physical examination
Chapter 593 Servants and Reports
Chapter 594: A world without reason
Chapter 595 Warning
Chapter 596: Morning three days later
Chapter 597 A green paper crane
Chapter 598: Born to Die
Chapter 599 Zheng Qing did not bite off his tongue
Chapter 600: A woman sings and her husband follows her
Chapter 601: After Gan Ning ran away
Chapter 602 If
Chapter 603: Subsidizing the family
Chapter 604 Spending money to buy peace
Chapter 605 Time is getting less and less
Chapter 606: Cleaning is a small matter
Chapter 607: Flying Centipede on the Window Edge
Chapter 608: Flying centipede, you and me
Chapter 609 New Years Eve
Chapter 610 New Years Eve
Chapter 611: Staying up late
Chapter 612: Lucky Money
Chapter 613: Wutong Restaurant
Chapter 614: Taboo, Breaking Ground (Part 1)
Chapter 615: Taboo, Breaking Ground (Part 2)
Chapter 616: The light of the sword and the shadow of the sword
Chapter 617: The principal wife
Chapter 618: Days of pretending as if nothing happened
Chapter 619 The fifth day of the lunar month
Chapter 620: The second uninvited guest after the new year
Chapter 621 Gradual dyeing
Chapter 622: Three Bloodlines, Two Analysis
Chapter 623: Sneaky
Chapter 624: Early Graduation Strategy (Part 1)
Chapter 625: Early Graduation Strategy (Part 2)
Chapter 626 Basic Process
Chapter 627 Basic Credits and Bonus Credits
Chapter 628 Extra Points
Chapter 629: Credit Waiver
Chapter 630 New Class Schedule (Part 1)
Chapter 631: New Class Schedule (Part 2) (Xin Meng @ Yi Qingmu Shu)
Chapter 632 The day before school starts
Chapter 633 A plan never imagined
Chapter 634 A discussion on safety and health
Chapter 635: The strange behavior of the elf
Chapter 636: Eighth Day
Chapter 637 Interview
Chapter 638: A lesson before the start of school
Chapter 639 Characteristics of Time
Chapter 640: The asymmetry of time in the magic dimension
Chapter 641: Basic Principles of Time Conversion
Chapter 642: Staggered Time
Chapter 643: Other risks of time transition
Chapter 644: The first class meeting in the second semester of sophomore year
Chapter 645 The Luckiest Hunter
Chapter 646: Cant choose a class?
Chapter 647 The most important thing this semester
Chapter 648 Divine Will
Chapter 649 Hereby
Chapter 650 The Sands of Time and the New Class Schedule
Chapter 651 The youngest assistant coach
Chapter 652 Clover
Chapter 653: Ninth Day
Chapter 654: Absentee
Chapter 655: The first class of the second semester of sophomore year
Chapter 656: Those who approach pigs are crazy
Chapter 657 Li Mengs Report
Chapter 658: Invisible Deskmate
Chapter 659: The Benefits of Invisibility
Chapter 660: Speak well if you have something to say
Chapter 661 Its popular again
Chapter 662 Tuesday
Chapter 663: You came from rumors
Chapter 664 The first second of eternity
Chapter 665 The Forgotten Mission
Chapter 666 A small misunderstanding
Chapter 667: The Science of Mo Lu and the Science of Yin Fu
Chapter 668: Hindsight
Chapter 669: Raising a glass to the bright moon
Chapter 670 Third Party Mission
Chapter 671: Coordinate Time
Chapter 672 Thursday afternoon
Chapter 673: On the cliff
Chapter 674 The first lesson
Chapter 675: Students of Fringe College
Chapter 676: Clone Transformation Technique
Chapter 677 Lateness and Mistakes
Chapter 678 A classroom with only two people
Chapter 679 Dinner without candlelight
Chapter 680 Hao Ma Essential Oil
Chapter 681 Water stains in the sun
Chapter 682 Temporarily changed meeting time
Chapter 683: Troubles that you cant get rid of even if you become a cat
Chapter 684: The first meeting after the Seven Deadly Sins
Chapter 685: Respective tasks
Chapter 686: If you cant protect your heart, you cant protect your inch.
Chapter 687 The Theory of the Living Dead
Chapter 688 Busy Saturday
Chapter 689: About Graduation Thesis
Chapter 690 Jiang Yus thesis title
Chapter 691: Relevant departments of First Universitys Edge College
Chapter 692 Differential Treatment
Chapter 693 The belated problem
Chapter 694: About the Philosophers Stone
Chapter 695 The first Saturday is over
Chapter 696: Lantern Festival
Chapter 697 Sunday Night
Chapter 698: Gift from the Flower Fairy
Chapter 699 Shangyuan Festival
Chapter 700: Household Sacrifice and Distribution of Vegetables
Chapter 701 The new owner of the invitation
Chapter 702: The White-haired Tigers Difficulties
Chapter 703 Tuning Fork
Chapter 704 Please invite Gao Ming
Chapter 705: The entrance to the bookstore
Chapter 706 Side theory
Chapter 707: Fragments of the Philosophers Stone
Chapter 708: A discussion about the Dean of Fringe College
Chapter 709 Are you a groundhog?
Chapter 710 Ge Shen
Chapter 711: One drink and one peck
Chapter 712: One drink and one peck
Chapter 713 Zheng Qings thesis title
Chapter 714: Troublesome Paper
Chapter 715 The second week of the second semester of sophomore year
Chapter 716 Section 2: Clone Transformation Technique
Chapter 717 The Healthiest Energy Potion
Chapter 718 Dumb Hair
Chapter 719 After class
Chapter 720 Qinling Guzheng
Chapter 721 One after another
Chapter 722: Stressful Days
Chapter 723 The efficiency of the devils
Chapter 724 Lucifers Information
Chapter 725 Seven Ghosts Crossing the Sea
Chapter 726: Deep in the Forbidden Forest
Chapter 727 Under the black robe
Chapter 728 Monster
Chapter 729 Safety Rules
Chapter 730: Awakening of Insects
Chapter 731: The dove takes over the magpie's nest
Chapter 732 The Story of Cat Thirteen
Chapter 733 The Origin of the Two-Dimensional World
Chapter 734 Shadow Cats Road to Transcendence
Chapter 735 Shadow Cats Road to Transcendence (Part 2)
Chapter 736: Chatting in the bookstore
Chapter 737: Notice from the Teaching Assistant Team
Chapter 738: The third Monday of the second semester of sophomore year
Chapter 739: One word becomes a prophecy
Chapter 2518 The third week
Chapter 2519 Secret Weapon
Chapter 2520 Prelude to the meeting
Chapter 2521 Little Hands
Chapter 2522 Little Hand Mission (Part 1)
Chapter 2523 Little Hand Mission (Part 2)
Chapter 2524 Little Hand Mission (Part 2)
Chapter 2525 Before the third week class meeting
Chapter 2526 Why Fringe College Needs a Secret Weapon
Chapter 2527 Resignation
Chapter 2528 The Fourth Monday
Chapter 2529 Wood Flea
Chapter 2530 Disappeared for half the class
Chapter 2531 About Lao Yaos whereabouts
Chapter 2532 Only rumors know everything
Chapter 2533 The New Order of Merlin
Chapter 2534 Frightened
Chapter 2535 Dialogue in High Dimensions
Chapter 2536 The Captain Hanging on the Wall
Chapter 2537 Some arrangements for hunting
Chapter 2538 I have a student
Chapter 2539 Heavy Hammer Copper Pea
Chapter 2540 Friday Night
Chapter 2541 Friday night
Chapter 2542 Friday Night
Chapter 2543 Friday night supplement
Chapter 2544 Zhongshan Hairy Dragon
Chapter 2545: Riding the Dragon and Talking Quickly
Chapter 2546 Hunting of the Four Seasons
Chapter 2547 An impressive beginning
Chapter 2548 Shanglinyuans opening speech
Chapter 2549 At the foot of Mount Li
Chapter 2550 He is Zheng Qing
Chapter 2551 First Round
Chapter 2552 New Talismans
Chapter 2553 The Ninth Day of Tushan
Chapter 2554 Wood and Fire and Dragon and Flowers
Chapter 2555 The hunter who forgot to lock the door
Chapter 2556 Zheng Qings first round
Chapter 2557 Zheng Qings second round
Chapter 2558 Together
Chapter 2559 Chidori
Chapter 2560 Swinging
Chapter 2561 A Silent Victory
Chapter 2562 Sweet pastry
Chapter 2563 Vivian
Chapter 2564 Three Ancients and Four Paths
Chapter 2565 The witch from a noble family
Chapter 2566 Face Theory
Chapter 2567 There is something in the words along the way
Chapter 2568 Before Shanglin Dinner
Chapter 2569 The Corridor from Winter to Spring
Chapter 2570 The goals of the witches
Chapter 2571 Today is the day of hunting
Chapter 2572 Prey and Hunter
Chapter 2573 Close combat
Chapter 2574 Crush Over
Chapter 2575 A magical race between centaurs and unicorns
Chapter 2576 Little Hooves
Chapter 2577 Awakening
Chapter 2578 Dylans cousin
Chapter 2579 Obligations of aristocratic families
Chapter 2580 The obligations of aristocratic families (Part 2)
Chapter 2581 Thirty Jade Coins
Chapter 2582 Return
Chapter 2583 The Fifth Monday
Chapter 2584 All in one go
Chapter 2585 Su Shijun’s Punishment
Chapter 2586 Progressive Imagination
Chapter 2587 Intersecting parallel lines
Chapter 2588 Line and Line
Chapter 2589 Some reports about Shanglinyuan
Chapter 2590 The Risk of Rumors
Chapter 2591 Consultant Invitation
Chapter 2592 Face Divination
Chapter 2593 The so-called professionals
Chapter 2594 Rumors are like zombies
Chapter 2595 There is no way to survive in the world of public opinion
Chapter 2596 A pile of broken glass
Chapter 2597 Xiao Xiao’s joke
Chapter 2598 The reversed tower
Chapter 2599 Bad Omen
Chapter 2600 Born in a Dream
Chapter 2601 Rumors arise
Chapter 2602 Zheng Qing’s new identity
Chapter 2603 New Transfer Student
Chapter 2604 Hug you
Chapter 2605 Friday Night
Chapter 2606 The tip of the mouse’s tail
Chapter 2607 Imperial Order
Chapter 2608 Unexpected impact
Chapter 2609 Emergency Gathering
Chapter 2610 Mask of Face Elimination
Chapter 2611 Special Tactics Team
Chapter 2612 New ‘intuition’
Chapter 2613 The fifth regular meeting
Chapter 2614 Another year of the Forbidden Demon Festival
Chapter 2615 The Miracle of Crow Saving Ilya
Chapter 2616 Reinterpretation of reverse position
Chapter 2617 New attempt
Chapter 2618 Difficult Conversation
Chapter 2619 Something is wrong with Kolma
Chapter 2620 Something is really wrong (Part 1)
Chapter 2621 Something is really wrong (Part 2)
Chapter 2622 Daytime Fireworks
Chapter 2623 The intercepted formation
Chapter 2624 Colorful Crow
Chapter 2625 If virtue is not matched, there will be disaster
Chapter 2626 Newbie’s Luck
Chapter 2627 Not everyone can get ‘open results’
Chapter 2628 What can exist beyond logic is the truth
Chapter 2629 The man with the hammer
Chapter 2630 Disrupted Rhythm
Chapter 2631 Everyone has no choice
Chapter 2632 This is not my plan
Chapter 2633 Disrupting each other’s rhythm
Chapter 2634 Inside and outside the sandbox
Chapter 2635 Out of the box
Chapter 2636 The so-called annual training plan
Chapter 2637 The Law of Cat’s Claws
Chapter 2638 The aftermath of the emergency drill
Chapter 2639 Hot
Chapter 2640 Mini Wizard
Chapter 2641 You will examine yourself three times in the future
Chapter 2642 April Fool’s Day
Chapter 2643 Jiang Yu’s warning
Chapter 2644 Honesty is the best choice
Chapter 2645 Balance and Spread
Chapter 2646 Fetal Movement
Chapter 2647 Discussion on Transformation
Chapter 2648 Scumbag
Chapter 2649 Arrangement (Part 1)
Chapter 2650 Arrangement (Part 2)
Chapter 2651 Their names
Chapter 2652 Thought of it from the roster
Chapter 2653 Reminder from Zhong Shan
Chapter 2654 Another three-day holiday
Chapter 2655 It rains heavily during Qingming Festival
Chapter 2656 Busy Holiday
Chapter 2657 News from the Review Committee
Chapter 2658 Mask, Namelessness and Immortality
Chapter 2659 Silence makes sense
Chapter 2660 Bolide
Chapter 2661 Not until March
Chapter 2662 Black Jewel Cat
Chapter 2663 White Snow Witch
Chapter 2664 Why did giants become an endangered species?
Chapter 2665 Wizard Psychology
Chapter 2666 Austere Space-Time Theory
Chapter 2667 The World and the Universe
Chapter 2668 Cinnabar Selection of Talisman
Chapter 2669 He is right to be afraid
Chapter 2670 What she worries about
Chapter 2671 In the cafeteria
Chapter 2672 His husband is very powerful
Chapter 2673 The protagonist of this world
Chapter 2674 Two opposite possibilities
Chapter 2675 Xiao Xiao’s Dragon Fart Story
Chapter 2676 Temporary Injunction
Chapter 2677 Five Minutes
Chapter 2678 Zheng Qing’s priority status
Chapter 2679 Comparable but not comparable
Chapter 2680 Risk Prohibition Contract
Chapter 2681 Special Projects of Fringe College
Chapter 2682 Fishing Bait
Chapter 2683 Ever since you were bitten
Chapter 2684 The Banshee’s Choice
Chapter 2685 Now we both fell into the hole
Chapter 2686: Misfortune comes with blessings
Chapter 2687 Spring Hunting Week
Chapter 2688 About the right to develop
Chapter 2689 Zheng Qing’s sense of responsibility
Chapter 2690 The eighth week’s class meeting
Chapter 2691 The innocence gradually passing away
Chapter 2692 The War with the Fence Goblin
Chapter 2693 Black Sap
Chapter 2694 Week 9, midterm exam
Chapter 2695 Mysterious Aggregation Principle
Chapter 2696 A series of coincidences
Chapter 2697 Deja Vu Solution
Chapter 2698 Want to do the right thing
Chapter 921 The Road to Legend
Chapter 922 Compromise between Legends
Chapter 923: Three words, two shots and one pinch
Chapter 924 Missions and Tasks
Chapter 925 Heresy
Chapter 926 Vest, Elbow Pads and Basement
Chapter 927 The civet cat exchanges for the prince
Chapter 928 Good and Bad
Chapter 929: Immunity Clause
Chapter 930: Look directly at me, my soul is weak!
Chapter 931 You need a little rationality
Chapter 932: The covered mark
Chapter 933 Why
Chapter 934 Strict Security
Chapter 935 Because of love
Chapter 936: Unwilling
Chapter 937: So generous?
Chapter 938 The Gospel of Judas
Chapter 939: Everyone can be a crow
Chapter 940 The target is missing
Chapter 941 Report
Chapter 942 Su Zi meets old man Ruoyu
Chapter 943: House of Thousand Cockroaches
Chapter 944 Sorry, I can’t afford to pay
Chapter 945 Forgiveness requires three nails
Chapter 946 White and Black
Chapter 947 The Tenth Monday
Chapter 948 Gnostic Sect
Chapter 949 A little trouble
Chapter 950 You are not clean anymore
Chapter 951 You are no longer an egg
Chapter 952 The Second Punishment
Chapter 2731 I need your help
Chapter 2732 Primary ‘Alienation’
Chapter 2733 Three stages of clone transformation
Chapter 2734 Abnormal transformation into a cat
Chapter 957 Two forms of energy potion
Chapter 958 Exam Notice
Chapter 959 About the exam time
Chapter 960 The last day of April
Chapter 2739 The implication of not moving your claws
Chapter 2740 Qualification Examination
Chapter 2741 963 Registered Talisman Painter
Chapter 964: Chartered Talisman Maker
Chapter 965 Goodwill from the Three-pronged Sword
Chapter 966 The Tenth Weekend
Chapter 967: Oolong comes out of the hole!
Chapter 2746 The wine is sour
Chapter 2747: Such a ‘goat rush’
Chapter 2748 Alchemy Sheep Puppet
Chapter 2749 The invitation letter not received
Chapter 2750 May 4th
Chapter 2751 The most beautiful person in the world
Chapter 2752 Optional Gifts
Chapter 2753 Learn to refuse
Chapter 2754 The state of simultaneous awakening
Chapter 2755: More than synchronized, but not fully distracted
Chapter 2756 The bookstore owner cannot be a cat
Chapter 2757 It’s the beginning of summer again
Chapter 2758 Raise an army to investigate the crime
Chapter 2759 Earworm
Chapter 2760 The first drop of dew after the beginning of summer
Chapter 2761 Temporarily adjusted course schedule
Chapter 2762 The Weaknesses and Functions of Earworms
Chapter 2763 If there are bugs, we must spray them
Chapter 2764 The long-lost commission
Chapter 2765 Wise Li Cute
Chapter 2766 Deviating from the original intention
Chapter 2767: Evil people have their own trials and tribulations
Chapter 2768 Just taking a walk
Chapter 2769 It’s good to be a stone
Chapter 2770 He’s a scumbag, it’s none of my business!
Chapter 2771 A wave of unrest
Chapter 2772 It’s not a sequelae
Chapter 2773 A familiar mission
Chapter 2774 But what’s the price?
Chapter 2775 Four Letters
Chapter 2776 The plan of the teaching assistant team
Chapter 2777 Tips
Chapter 1000: One for each
Chapter 2779 Brother Ganzha
Chapter 2780 Do you want to add a name?