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My players are so fierce

My players are so fierce

author:Frank the handsome dog

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:05-05 10:01

Latest chapter:Chapter 1065 1063 Birthday gift? Oh, I’ll give this to you

'Give me a group of cute little players, and I can easily overturn the world!' - Revenor Murphy Lesembra said PS: The titles held by Mr. Murphy include but are not limited to Fake Vampire, Famous NPC Acting Artist, Dog Planner with Virtue and Art, Only Savior of Transia, Benefactor of the Old World, Defender of the New World, Loyal, Brave and Fearless Count, and Incorrigible Emperor. Sister Control, Vampire Saint Immaculate, Night Guard Alpha, etc. (Ignore the other 108 nicknames here), they are actually the most useful old friends that are necessary for traveling at home during the fourth natural disaster and killing people, so please invite 'Real Alien' All testers stood up immediately when they saw this line! Let me pay the highest respect to Lord Murphy! Murphy Kaka! Full match!

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《My players are so fierce》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1065 1063 Birthday gift? Oh, I’ll give this to you
Chapter 1064 Countdown to the release of 1062 Legacy of the Creator
Chapter 1063 1061 From now on, we are true adventurers
Chapter 1062 1060 A good player should not play games but play philosophy.
Chapter 1061 The story of Miss 1059’s Entourage is being updated
Chapter 1060 1058 The prerequisite for stepping into the light is to say goodbye to the night
Chapter 1059 1057 Sariv: Children, this is the last lesson
Chapter 1058 1056 Creator: Who in the family understands? I really
Chapter 1057 1055 Birdman descends from the sky, bringing destruction at dusk
《My players are so fierce》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 1 The patriarch has decided, it’s up to you to send him off, ahem
Chapter 2 2 After a month of sharpening the sword, this is the result?
Chapter 3 3Your name is Shet? Well, what a good name.
Chapter 4 4The selected young and old men, go and create miracles
Chapter 5 If 5 can summon natural disasters, what kind of formations can be arranged?
Chapter 6 6 You are truly the worst class of young players I have ever brought up!
Chapter 7 7 As long as the person opposite is bad enough, a vampire can also be good
Chapter 8 8 Now that you’ve arrived in another world, you have to get used to the fact that your plans can’t keep up with changes.
Chapter 9 9 It’s not because you are unprofessional that you need a second test.
Chapter 10 10 The death knell is ringing, the blade is unsheathed, listen to my call, strange
Chapter 11 11How can you, who plays FPS, compete with me, who plays RTS?
Chapter 12 12 Blood-Eating Vultures
Chapter 13 13 I want to strive for a little blessing for my family members
Chapter 14 14 Rich Lolita and the cannon fodder she pushed
Chapter 15 15 The correct way to upgrade is besides killing monsters.
Chapter 16 16 As long as you work hard, you will gain something, so I’ll just roll it up, okay?
Chapter 17 17 is broken, he figured out this game!
Chapter 18 18 Sitting up in shock while dying of illness, he smiled and asked where the reward was?
Chapter 19 19 A devil brooding over evil is not even good enough to play
Chapter 20 20 Eliminating evil is the way to justice, who should we cooperate with?
Chapter 21 21If nothing happens, it will happen soon
Chapter 22 22 Swamp Night Battle
Chapter 23 23 Blood Vulture VS Wolfsbane
Chapter 24 24Only thugs with no taste will go crazy at the sight of blood, okay
Chapter 25 25 The avatar does not have a frame, and the fart does not make a sound
Chapter 26 26 This game provides a variety of play modes, not only
Chapter 27 27 Lord of White Oak! Join!
Chapter 28 28 Illusion in Blood
Chapter 29 29 Zhuo! Do you also read Tanya’s War? Then you must understand
Chapter 30 30We fixed the BUG that there was no player interface and
Chapter 31 31 Things have really turned around this time
Chapter 32 32Isn’t this a kind of NTR?
Chapter 33 33Alpha10 test version is officially online!
Chapter 34 34 A brand-new game experience and hidden tasks
Chapter 35 35 is just a game, it’s really necessary to make it so hardcore
Chapter 36 36D Plan
Chapter 37 37 The desire to go home
Chapter 38 38 Millions of dollars are burning in every frame!
Chapter 39 39 Dependence on each other
Chapter 40 40 The suffering of one group of people is just a point for another group of people to spawn monsters
Chapter 41 41 The invincible young lady falls again!
Chapter 42 42 The Day the Blood Vultures Settled in the Nest
Chapter 43 Side Mission 43: Maxim’s Strong Challenge
Chapter 44 Side Mission 44: Mrs. Tracey’s Special Supplies
Chapter 45 45Shuai Murphy’s Ambition, Crisis and Opportunity
Chapter 46 46 Heart-warming stories from another world: Rescue in a dangerous city
Chapter 47 47NPCs say this game is too hardcore! Who are the family members?
Chapter 48 48 Blanch! I was just kidding, but you really did it for me
Chapter 49 49 You’re done. Let me tell you, Murphy is very thoughtful.
Chapter 50 50 The quality of this new batch of newcomers is good, quack quack
Chapter 51 51 New Players and “Random Drops”
Chapter 52 52 'Under the Moon' Issue 1
Chapter 53 53 I promised to come here to gain reputation, but why am I swimming?
Chapter 54 54 Some people are still struggling to fight monsters, and some people have already
Chapter 55 New Order in the 55 Survivor Camp
Chapter 56 56The best way to build a city is not to build it!
Chapter 57 57 No! If you stay out all night and violate the curfew, you will be deducted from your work.
Chapter 58 58 Witch Hunters? Why are there witch hunters? This time there are still
Chapter 59 59For this situation, we generally call it
Chapter 60 60The first witch hunter and vampire in history do not agree with each other
Chapter 61 Remarks on the launch
Chapter 62 61 If your hands are very dark, you might as well think about whether
Chapter 63 62 Brother Meow Meow rides into the enemy camp alone, showing his warrior style
Chapter 64 63Rewards for the Brave and the Saviors【36
Chapter 65 64 Let the flame purify everything!!!【460】
Chapter 66 After 65 was over, the Lezi man slipped in without stopping him.
Chapter 67 66 Farewell, the old days of Cadman City【66
Chapter 68 67 Report sir! We caught a group of vampires
Chapter 69 Miss 68, Master Jade is crazy! He is going to do something
Chapter 70 69True unity must be built on blood,
Chapter 71 70 Fuck! Me again? You can’t change someone else’s fault
Chapter 72 71 Borrowing a knife【1160】
Chapter 73 72 Killings!【1260】
Chapter 74 73 A very Waagh player started a Waaaa
Chapter 75 74Loyalty and Monsters【1460】
Chapter 76 75 Betrayal is our tradition, cold-bloodedness is ours
Chapter 77 76 I hope you treat your life this way
Chapter 78 77 Salute Lord Murphy, baby [1760
Chapter 79 Miss 78! You are asking for your own death.
Chapter 80 79Shocked! The three rich Lolita are not human beings!【19
Chapter 81 Miss 80 is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, green and pollution-free
Chapter 82 81 Little players have great wisdom【2160】
Chapter 83 82 A family with an old man is like a treasure【2260】
Chapter 84 83 Cooperation? Do you want to listen to what you are saying?
Chapter 85 84 Good news! The waste development team finally got the new
Chapter 86 85 I haven’t even started playing the game yet, and I’ve already fallen behind again.
Chapter 87 86 Congratulations to the classic model worker for eating the monster character in Novice Village
Chapter 88 87 Tomb Badge and 'Dark Force' [2760
Chapter 89 88 Newcomers, you must learn to be grateful, do you understand?
Chapter 90 89 Achievement System Warrior Title and Tris’ Secret Order
Chapter 91 90 For your little life, Mother Tris is really
Chapter 92 91 Lumina’s Requiem【3160】
Chapter 93 92 Ambition creeping in the shadows【3260】
Chapter 94 93 Are you planning to kill me? What a coincidence, so am I
Chapter 95 94 Go to work and go to work, what the hell! Might as well play
Chapter 96 95 Could my loyal warriors be blocking me?
Chapter 97 96 Dare to get stuck with BUG, ??you are no longer an ordinary player,
Chapter 98 The first three in the 97 group version are always appetizing! What the hell!
Chapter 99 98 The sludge pond can actually bloom white flowers
Chapter 100 99 The time for liver-breaking desire and lock-up has come
Chapter 101 The dialogue between 100 men must be so frank
Chapter 102 101 When you stand in front of the gate of hell【4160】
Chapter 103 102 You are Trisif, the owner of the face fruit
Chapter 104 103 are almost dead and still killing each other? You
Chapter 105 104 Love Knight Palano, carrying the purity of roses
Chapter 106 105 Before coming to fight the BOSS, go through the SC first, and you can’t pass it.
Chapter 107 106 My Patriarch Father Nightmare Special Edition【4
Chapter 108 107 Question! Help teammates when they are mind-controlled
Chapter 109 108 Antivirus Program: I admit that I have success in gambling
Chapter 110 109 Drink blood and live forever! 【4960】
Chapter 111 110 This is a necessary evil in the world【5060】
Chapter 112 111 I crawled out of my filth, no one has the right to judge me
Chapter 113 112 The good news is that there is a monster spawning area for novices. The bad news is that there is a new monster spawning area.
Chapter 114 113 If life is a game【5360】
Chapter 115 114 About Black Disaster【5460】
Chapter 116 115 If we run away now, we should
Chapter 117 116 Every pure love knight is born a cow
Chapter 118 117 Vampire Warriors and the Whole World【57
Chapter 119 118 Why did you give me yellow clothes?
Chapter 120 119 Fight for you, my lady【5960】
Chapter 121 120 Bravely spread your wings and fly again
Chapter 122 121 The Grand Duke of the Blood Vulture is a coward!
Chapter 123 122 Money, Power and the Future
Chapter 124 123 Miss Miriam cracked the enemy’s spy test
Chapter 125 “Trial Play Session” before the release of 124 new races
Chapter 126 125 Morality can only restrain oneself, but desires can
Chapter 127 126 The summoner who even wants to deceive his own spiritual pet
Chapter 128 127 So the bad job of opening blind boxes also belongs to this
Chapter 129 128 Tsk, judging from your situation, this
Chapter 130 129 This kind of equipment that most people can’t use
Chapter 131 130 Loyal Maxim Super Evolution! Murphy
Chapter 132 131 The cunning Miriam super evolved, I didn’t think so
Chapter 133 132 Good night, Transia
Chapter 134 133 The women of Transia are not easy to mess with.
Chapter 135 134Alpha20 version is coming, for more updates
Chapter 136 135 players hotly discuss the advantages of vampires
Chapter 137 136 Sister Pomegranate successfully solved the problem of not being able to play at work
Chapter 138 137 My daughter, when you were born,
Chapter 139 138 Interview with a Vampire at Night
Chapter 140 139 The name of Cadman City is so unlucky!
Chapter 141 140 Dawn of Scarlet Castle
Chapter 142 141 Development Log: Copy Set and 'Guarantee'
Chapter 143 142 Mr. Murphy doesn’t want your money, he
Chapter 144 143 Your upper limbs are weak, your lower body is unstable, and your left hand
Chapter 145 144 Brother Fu: This game can’t be recharged
Chapter 146 145 Murphy, you really have a big conscience
Chapter 147 146 Traitor! Grand Duke Tris and Lord Murphy
Chapter 148 147 Mother Ganlin’s Thorn Clan! Adding insult to injury
Chapter 149 148 The local blood servants are really rude.
Chapter 150 149 The smelly vampire from out of town! Run away from us in Tran
Chapter 151 150 Hey, Yankee, this is us, Transy
Chapter 152 151 Black Iron Trial? Hey, this is not a matter of skill
Chapter 153 152 Mr. Murphy’s first little fan
Chapter 154 153 Hot potato? Isn’t this just for making nests?
Chapter 155 154 Wow, the eldest lady’s exclusive plot line actually
Chapter 156 The End of the 155 Batasin Massacre
Chapter 157 156 Being unconvinced and asking for face is the improvement of skills
Chapter 158 157 I mean, as a player, I am stuck
Chapter 159 158 Mrs. Tracey’s Observation Diary of People from Another World Chapter 158
Chapter 160 159 Visitors from the North Country
Chapter 161 160 The fishing guy is not only good at air force, he can also occasionally
Chapter 162 161 Winter Fox Shani VS Witch Tris
Chapter 163 162 Don’t contact the eldest lady and Adele
Chapter 164 163 Next, Murphy will demonstrate to everyone.
Chapter 165 164 Shani’s Bet!
Chapter 166 165 Warriors Niu Niu and Hammer Guards
Chapter 167 166 How dare you use a half-dwarf? Bastard
Chapter 168 167 Give faith to faith, and give to the king what belongs to the king.
Chapter 169 168 It’s time to play in a group, it’s time to play in a group, brand new CD, main T
Chapter 170 169 Damn it! The team battles in this ghost game have always been
Chapter 171 170 I am deeply honored, the deceased, I am for you
Chapter 172 171 Your family really hides everything
Chapter 173 172 Report to the headquarters, I am invincible! Invite the whole village
Chapter 174 173 The roaring death is ancient hatred
Chapter 175 The 174 White Oak Chapter is too murderous,
Chapter 176 175 God, your servant has finally returned to you
Chapter 177 176 Cheers, the era of the twelve little blood vultures
Chapter 178 177 Bloodbeard Murphy: Be my son!
Chapter 179 178 'Real Alien' Development Team: Huabing
Chapter 180 179 Adventurer’s Guild Specialties and Black-hearted Businessmen
Chapter 181 180 Brother Miao Miao finally found the person who was responsible for his crimes
Chapter 182 181 The Legend of the Sword God in the Sewers of Scarlet Castle
Chapter 183 182 The rumors are true! Transia is rich in tobacco
Chapter 184 183 Yes! Marshal!
Chapter 185 184 The punishment that ended before it even started
Chapter 186 185 The essence of politics lies in gaming, commonly known as left-right
Chapter 187 186 Remember! Never say '' in front of him
Chapter 188 187 Hello, short man
Chapter 189 188 Cape Holiday’s worldly feelings
Chapter 190 189 A wave of fatness!
Chapter 191 What kind of crappy class is 190 in? He’s a softie of Brother Rich.
Chapter 192 191 Sewer 'Ghost'
Chapter 193 192 The spectacle is ruining the country, Your Majesty!
Chapter 194 193 The consequences of not doing a good job are just a few
Chapter 195 194 The Great Brotherhood of Masons is Founded Today
Chapter 196 195 This is what will happen if a small horse pulls a big cart
Chapter 197 196 Do you also need a license to fly in Scarlet Castle? This
Chapter 198 197 Now, a new batch of victims are invited to appear.
Chapter 199 198 Well, the new leeks are as good as ever
Chapter 200 199 What kind of monsters do you need to fight and what levels do you need to level up? I’ll take care of them all.
Chapter 201 200 The years when I was the village chief in the game
Chapter 202 201 Newcomers enter the trap in the third issue of 'Yue Xia Zhi Yu'
Chapter 203 202 The past leader of Baroness Darkness is added,
Chapter 204 203 Baron Lim’s Way to Make Money, Alliance Leader’s Update
Chapter 205 204 The Transians are so barbaric! Alliance
Chapter 206 205 Sure enough, knowledge is power! Leader
Chapter 207: 206 Night of Ghoul Riot, leader will add more updates, please
Chapter 208 207 The first leader of the Adventurer’s Guild is updated
Chapter 209 208 Where did the Rat Gang emerge as a third-rate force?
Chapter 210 209 Murphy’s Lord’s Wrath Alliance Leader will be updated, please
Chapter 211 210 Be wary of darkness, and even more wary of chasing darkness
Chapter 212 211 Damn it, Yuan! The leader will update more, please vote for me
Chapter 213 212 Rich brother’s luck is never too bad. Alliance leader adds
Chapter 214 Chapter 213: The Destruction of the Rat Gang, leader, more updates, please vote for me
Chapter 215 The new leader of the 214 Rat Gang will be updated. Please vote for me.
Chapter 216 215 Making the best use of everything is a virtue. Additional update from the Alliance Leader
Chapter 217 216 I know that frugality is a virtue, but the leader added
Chapter 218 217 Dawn of Transia Phase 2: Jackal
Chapter 219 218 Conjectures about the mysterious expansion pack and Meow Meow
Chapter 220 219 How a swordsmith makes money
Chapter 221 220 Transia handicraft industry upgrade plan! (
Chapter 222 221 The Jackal Disaster Is About to Begin
Chapter 223 222 is a little ugly, but it shouldn’t be a problem
Chapter 224 223 Why do you always encounter such strange things?
Chapter 225 224 Huh, so Mr. Murphy’s NPC logic
Chapter 226 225 From today on, your name will be Hogg
Chapter 227 226 Easter Egg! This must be an official Easter egg, right?
Chapter 228 227 Rapid construction technology based on psychic energy is also not
Chapter 229 228 Damn! I can’t handle such a big job.
Chapter 230 229 Good disciple, you two still need to practice these moves.
Chapter 231 230 Well done for graduation, but bad for getting a good seat【Request
Chapter 232 231 Once again, make the best use of everything.
Chapter 233 232 The great savior of the jackal [please vote 710]
Chapter 234 The Super Evolution of Miss 233! [Please give me a monthly vote of 8
Chapter 235 234 Internal conflicts and external interference are always two different things.
Chapter 236 235 I want to call it 'Loyalty Red No. 1'!【
Chapter 237 236 This is too much punishment. Brother, this is too much punishment for you.
Chapter 238 The 237 Big Bird Group adds another strong general!
Chapter 239 The bud of the 238th Legion Operation
Chapter 240 239 Caught a few wolf cubs in the jackal den.
Chapter 241 240 Primitive capital accumulation is always bloody.
Chapter 242 241 A reckless man’s stupidity will always add more to himself.
Chapter 243 242 The Big Red Hand and the Playing Party
Chapter 244 243 The new attempts of the blacksmiths and Brother Zhong’s
Chapter 245 244Transia 'Big Movie'
Chapter 246 245 Bloodclaw Clan’s Great Prison Break
Chapter 247 246 Codename 'Pangolin'
Chapter 248 247 Korando’s Malice
Chapter 249 248 God is helping me this time!
Chapter 250 249 The competitive spirit is really beautiful and terrifying
Chapter 251 250 The Scarlet Archon who returned home with a full load and her
Chapter 252 251 Andre’s new hobby is “Huo Zheng is pretty good”
Chapter 253 252 The investigation operation for beginners is 'Huo Zheng'
Chapter 254 253 Hawk Eyes and Ghost Hands are perfectly paired with 'Huo Zhengting'
Chapter 255 254 Eat inside and outside, the evidence is conclusive! For 'Huo
Chapter 256 255 Killing two birds with one stone? Brother 'Huo Zheng is very good'
Chapter 257 256 wild wanted elites are randomly refreshed and returned
Chapter 258 257 Transians are all a bunch of bad guys
Chapter 259 258 Vampire’s Invitation to Brother “Huo Zheng is Very Good”
Chapter 260 259 Wolfsbane Death Squadron is charging for 'Huo Zheng'
Chapter 261 260 Dances with Wolves as Brothers of 'Huo Zheng is Very Good'
Chapter 262 261 Be wary of the civil servants in Transia! They compare
Chapter 263 262 You lose and I win, just because my ambition lies more with you.
Chapter 264 263 The ancient hatred is added tonight
Chapter 265 264 The scourge of wolfsbane is brother 'Huo Zheng is very good'
Chapter 266 265 Sitting in the quiet study room, listening to the Lord’s lecture
Chapter 267 266 The necessary conditions for being a good Lord are
Chapter 268 267 Now is the blood vulture’s weakest moment
Chapter 269 268 Two-front combat and return scroll is 'Huo Zheng'
Chapter 270 269 Before the war started, Lord Murphy had already
Chapter 271 270 Here! Take this psychic battle ax and embrace it
Chapter 272 271 Detected Youth Mini Luxury Edition on the way
Chapter 273 Chapter 272 'Decisive Battle at Under Armor Hills' Group Edition Starts
Chapter 274 273 A development team that listens to advice is a civilized one, but
Chapter 275 274 Looking for the codename 'Pangolin'
Chapter 276 275 Everyone follow me! Idiot, I can take it with you
Chapter 277 276 Right! It’s called a dungeon if it drops!
Chapter 278 277 What kind of era is this? You can only fight
Chapter 279 278 As far as the 'Black Hand Clan' is concerned, 1 is
Chapter 280 279 If our iron hoof continues to move forward
Chapter 281 280 How romantic are you men?
Chapter 282 281 Hey hey hey the second rich loli is here
Chapter 283 282 Who said that only players have bugs?
Chapter 284 283 Dog Planning also started to get stuck?
Chapter 285 284 Ding! The new career system has been developed
Chapter 286 285 Brother Fa is on vacation. This announcement is made by
Chapter 287 286 Ding Reputation Guidance Mission Triggered! From Monster
Chapter 288 287 Please! Change to a fat sheep.
Chapter 289 288 Mr. Murphy, your warriors are indeed
Chapter 290 289 The affirmation from Marshal Loren
Chapter 291 290 Affirmation from Donghu
Chapter 292 291 Transia brand trash can, who knows who uses it
Chapter 293 292 Cape Holiday becomes your fiancée
Chapter 294 293 That’s it, he even said thank you to us
Chapter 295 294 Targeted recruitment and training is the way to go
Chapter 296 295 The circle of masters must be all masters
Chapter 297 296 Jackal Extermination War Ended Successfully
Chapter 298 297 Murphy teaches you step by step to become a qualified NPC
Chapter 299 298 Brother Miao Miao’s transfer plan!
Chapter 300 299 The black face cannot beat the red hand, and the probability cannot be beat
Chapter 301 Countdown to 300 new players joining the queue
Chapter 302 301 I just sent a task, you actually
Chapter 303 302 Alien Fire
Chapter 304 Chapter 303: The First Nation of Transia
Chapter 305 304 Report to the organization, the vanguard is in place, waiting
Chapter 306 305 Today’s little players have a sense of self-management
Chapter 307 306 Holy Light! There is too much evil here to deserve
Chapter 308 Chapter 307 Hundred Days of Construction Operation!
Chapter 309 308 Put construction aside and collect a debt
Chapter 310 309 Little Player is here, Hogg’s troubles are gone
Chapter 311 310 The Bloodclaw clan is a civilized jackal, I
Chapter 312 311 Ah, the boomerang that flew out struck me
Chapter 313 312 Reputation System Pilot Unit 'Blood Claw Jackal'
Chapter 314 313 So this is another man-made disaster?
Chapter 315 314 Call from the Swamp
Chapter 316 315 The 'Meeting of Old Friends' of the Dark Baroness
Chapter 317 316 The Lost Treasure of the Bone-Gripping King
Chapter 318 317 Mrs. Adele’s Warrior Selection
Chapter 319 318 Ranger Training Subjects and Vault Hunters
Chapter 320 319 Gold and Dead Bones in the Death Zone of Xiko
Chapter 321 320 Sharon’s “Family Party”
Chapter 322 321 Dusk is around us!
Chapter 323 Lord 322! I am your super fan!
Chapter 324 323 Ups and downs are the daily life of a Vault Hunter
Chapter 325 324 I just want to dig up a treasure house to make up for the losses.
Chapter 326 325 Everyone’s decision is “starsfallin
Chapter 327 326 Ambush and Rescue for “starsfallin
Chapter 328 327 Sivir’s Knight Ji and she can’t stand it
Chapter 329 328 Shocked! The eldest lady is actually just a spare tire!
Chapter 330 Chapter 329, subspace correction fist, please join! Add
Chapter 331 330 Damn it, the development team has given you a wall of air
Chapter 332 331 The Adventure of the Happy Stick: The Time to Fall into Dreams Has Come
Chapter 333 332 Zhuo, the offline operation and maintenance of Alpha Company
Chapter 334 333 Revealing each other’s secrets to show friendship and more updates【9
Chapter 335 Chapter 334 Secrets of the Gray Knights added [1015]
Chapter 336 335 I, Murphy-chan, like to watch women fight the most.
Chapter 337 There is too much digging in the 336 game, but in this game
Chapter 338 337 Mass production of holy water is the correct way to use the Holy Grail
Chapter 339 338 Murphy’s self-reward is “Pink Cat
Chapter 340 339 I finally figured it out, you all
Chapter 341 340 Abnormal Blood Observation Experiment
Chapter 342 341 What? Where did the unruly people come from? How dare you do this in Transy?
Chapter 343 342 Wealth, Prestige and Power! Do you want it?
Chapter 344 343 The blood vulture will never forget
Chapter 345 344 I told you a long time ago that the slave catching team is the version
Chapter 346 345Transia Public Student Abroad Program?
Chapter 347 The 346 development team sends benefits to the family
Chapter 348 347 If you want to improve the happiness of the people, you still have to
Chapter 349 348 Attention from afar 1
Chapter 350 Chapter 349 What? Are you stunned? Look at my personality correction punch
Chapter 351 350 Why are you everywhere? You are not serious.
Chapter 352 351 Eye of the Wolf God
Chapter 353 352 Shadow Intelligence Agency About 'Iron Fist' Turner
Chapter 354 353 Sister Pomegranate: This person’s boxing skills are not inferior to mine
Chapter 355 354 The old man is over 70, you two are young
Chapter 356 355 Today’s young people have too much fun, Li
Chapter 357 356 Since the Chosen Architect, the Chosen Monk and
Chapter 358 357 We are going to fight ten!
Chapter 359 358 The exchange of boxing skills between the two worlds showed style,
Chapter 360 359 Turner and the victim Mr.
Chapter 361 Is the wheelchair weirdo in the 360 game going to be 1 again?
Chapter 362 361 When reality fails completely
Chapter 363 The new handyman from 362 Adventurer Guild
Chapter 364 363 The goal of 100,000 people is achieved! Player territory is in order
Chapter 365 364 Hey! Don’t you want to steal men anymore? It’s boring!
Chapter 366 365 In order to save the common people, the knight Ji Xiwei decided to
Chapter 367 366 At a young age, he got one for himself
Chapter 368 367 The Xingzi generation adds another heavyweight
Chapter 369 368 Transia cannot produce psychic weapons on its own
Chapter 370 369 Mr. Murphy actually gave a cyber wife?
Chapter 371 370 When everyone suddenly starts wanting a wife
Chapter 372 371 Just the right version update
Chapter 373 372 has rebelled! Players have rebelled!
Chapter 374 373 'Head of Novice Village' officially assumes his duties
Chapter 375 374 If we only need prosperity, there will be too much space
Chapter 376 375 Lao Huo’s large-scale “social experiment”
Chapter 377 376 Making cement? Isn’t it just a matter of having hands?
Chapter 378 377 Wow, Sister Pomegranate picked up a wild
Chapter 379 378 Army General Happy Stick
Chapter 380 379 Xiaowei Ming encounters a strange uncle
Chapter 381 380 A father’s request
Chapter 382 381 Fuck! It turns out that it’s an urban legend about reincarnation in another world
Chapter 383 The 382 atmosphere suddenly became loyal!
Chapter 384 383 The wise Hogg discovered a new way to generate income
Chapter 385 384 From King of the Glades to Lord of the Swamp
Chapter 386 385 The Death Town in the Dirty Swamp
Chapter 387 386 Murphy’s Eyes of the New Cultist Pangolin
Chapter 388 387 Damn it! How about re-enacting classics?
Chapter 389 Chapter 388 Group Sequence 003 'Land of Carrion' Mention
Chapter 390 389 Adele’s Family Reunion Time
Chapter 391 390 Transia’s first offline casino is about to open
Chapter 392 391 is dead, the village chief is a cultist
Chapter 393 392 Brother Yudi personally brings the goods, why don’t you hurry up?
Chapter 394 393 Investment? Why not? Transia
Chapter 395 394 Look, the night in Booty Bay [monthly ticket plus
Chapter 396 The 395 trial operation was a great success, let’s start next
Chapter 397 396: Are you cheating? [Updates with monthly tickets
Chapter 398 397 The new knight of the Riptide Knights [Yue]
Chapter 399 Chapter 398 The day Stromgarde was established [5 more updates per monthly pass]
Chapter 400 399 These little geniuses who specialize in seeking death just don’t
Chapter 401 400 We have steam engines and carriages, combined
Chapter 402 401 Damn it, why did you cripple a newbie again?
Chapter 403 402 Prepare a batch of monsters in advance as 'reserve food'
Chapter 404 The 403 'Ghoul Night' event is re-enacted.
Chapter 405 404 The dog planned to stir-fry and got addicted to it, 'Jackal'
Chapter 406 405 Salute to you! Captain Knight
Chapter 407 406 New Treasure Hunt Plan The Legacy of the Bone-Gripping King
Chapter 408 407 As long as morality is willing to decline, solutions are better than difficulties
Chapter 409 408 Mr. Murphy is not afraid of you messing around, but God
Chapter 410 409 Insight from the Eyes of the Wolf God
Chapter 411 410 Tris’s Observation Diary of People from Another World, Issue 2
Chapter 412 411 Lumina’s Birthday Gift
Chapter 413 412 Dog Planners’ Daily Work Face-Pinching System
Chapter 414 413 Fuck! The sexually changed version of Mr. Murphy, Gou Ce
Chapter 415 The 414 development team unanimously decided after research that it is
Chapter 416 415 No. 2 Warrior, Strange Doctor, Demon of Taking Off Pants
Chapter 417 416 Governor of Transia? Bah, ruling a group of people
Chapter 418 417 Basic labor force 60,000, if it continues like this
Chapter 419 418 Let the heroes control the heroes, let the heroes check the heroes
Chapter 420 419 I want to compete with you, the bet is me
Chapter 421 420 Transia Travels Volume 2 Black Disaster Almanac
Chapter 422 421 Capet Holiday Pride and Prejudice
Chapter 423 422 Cape Holiday Transian women are not good
Chapter 424 The 423 Maginot Defense Line officially started construction!
Chapter 425 424 It’s time to strengthen the bad neighbors
Chapter 426 425 The Gnoll Ferryman on the Styx River starts today
Chapter 427 426 Holy Light! These undead are worth fighting for
Chapter 428 427 Rescue in the Fire
Chapter 429 428 Open the eyes of Mr. Xilan! Let them
Chapter 430 429 Marshal: What happened in Transia?
Chapter 431 430 When the Wolf God’s Eyes Hunt
Chapter 432 431 Man failed in another world!
Chapter 433 432 Others are playing games, but these guys are here
Chapter 434 433 The pollution of Avalon and the guessing of the gods’ faces
Chapter 435 434 Anti-Twilight Little Alliance for 'Leisurely Survival'
Chapter 436 After 435 they will say that Transia is rich in training
Chapter 437 The time for version 436 update and talent enhancement has arrived!
Chapter 438 437 Plastic surgery is risky, you need to be careful when pinching your face.
Chapter 439 438 A family must be neat and tidy even in a different world
Chapter 440 439 The treasure hunter's ominous premonition of tearing flesh is 'Jade'
Chapter 441 440 Sadness, the first kiss that has been cherished for twenty years is just like this
Chapter 442 441 War Mobilization Marches into the Swamp for 'Jade Xiaohe'
Chapter 443 442 New forces and new reputation, this will be your
Chapter 444: The dungeon design planned by 443 Gou: The lady’s
Chapter 445 444 The combination of vertical and horizontal and intrigue is 'Blue'
Chapter 446 445 'Shadow of the Swamp' Officially Released with Celebrities
Chapter 447 446 Hey, now it’s finally the NPC’s turn to lick us
Chapter 448 447 Swamp Brothers is the 'Blue Eyed' Brother
Chapter 449 448 Transian emergency medical treatment, not seen
Chapter 450 449 The blood is weak and the machine is flying? Because 'Who else is with me?'
Chapter 451 450 We must learn to learn from history
Chapter 452 451 Red Knight’s War Fist of Avalon added
Chapter 453 452 The return of the wise man and new adventure [Additional update 1
Chapter 454 453 Poor Hogg, ruling a group of cripples
Chapter 455 454 Hogg: My happiness, you are a plague player
Chapter 456 455 Swamp and Giant Snake are 'Warm Wine Ci' Brothers
Chapter 457 456 This is not a failure, it is just a victory of 95
Chapter 458 457 The feeling of being infinitely close to the truth is really impressive
Chapter 459 458 In order to cure Murphy's uneasiness, the loyal brother takes
Chapter 460 459 Insufficient firepower? Don’t you think this is a coincidence?
Chapter 461 460 You may make a small profit, but I will definitely not lose.
Chapter 462 461 The killer weapon you booked is about to enter the scene!
Chapter 463 462 Don’t do it when someone gives you a thumbs up sign?
Chapter 464 Are all the cute characters in 463 Transia monsters?
Chapter 465 464 There is someone who won’t cooperate with the work and you can’t mess with him
Chapter 466 465 Stepping on a path of ashes where no one has gone before
Chapter 467 466 Undead: It’s inhumane for you to burn like this.
Chapter 468 467 Give it a try
Chapter 469 468 Damn Dungeon Key and Opening the Door Quest
Chapter 470 469 Snake! I hate snakes!
Chapter 471 470 Although this person is hopelessly bad,
Chapter 472 471 Development Team: For reasons such as environmental protection, I
Chapter 473 472 Vampire Jackal Zombie? What is this?
Chapter 474 Chapter 473: The Fortress and the Car Adventure
Chapter 475 474 We call it “Suicide Strategy”
Chapter 476 475 Drive away the wolf and the tiger, meow!
Chapter 477 476 Lame Claw and its 'Bone-Bite King'
Chapter 478 477 Murphy’s Golden Challenge Attempt
Chapter 479 478 Monster! Your death has come!
Chapter 480 479 The last moments of the unlucky guy tearing flesh apart
Chapter 481 480 'Alpha Legacy' Collection Progress 1
Chapter 482 481 The third stronghold 'Wolf Castle' has been occupied
Chapter 483 482 The rise of new legends is always based on the old
Chapter 484 483 Hogg: Do you think I still have a chance?
Chapter 485 484 Opportunity is something you have to fight for yourself.
Chapter 486 485 The undead never die, they just wither.
Chapter 487 486 The first snow in Transia
Chapter 488 The 487 exhibition hall is only open to visitors!
Chapter 489: Why don’t you just say that 488 Exhibition Hall is a zoo?
Chapter 490 489 The Great Secret of the Bone-Gripping King
Chapter 491 490 It’s time to go home, little Orr
Chapter 492 491 Transian Behemoth Unit 'Ninki Nanka
Chapter 493 492 Come, my poor apprentice, I will give it to you today
Chapter 494 493 This Endless One is not too serious
Chapter 495 494 What era are we still using traditional contracts?
Chapter 496 495 Rayquaza! The decision is yours! Go ahead
Chapter 497 496 Ha, take the move and eat me' time has moved a lot
Chapter 498 497 The Giant Snake's Repayment
Chapter 499 498 Fuck! A three-speed powered rocket hammer?
Chapter 500 499 'Black Disaster' expansion pack has not been released yet, but
Chapter 501 500 Hogg’s Ghostly Mission 2
Chapter 502 501 What? What did the Bone-Gnawing King ask you to do? Kill Gods
Chapter 503 502 Happy Stick’s “Longzhong Pair”
Chapter 504 503 Civil Dog’s Spring and Samoyed’s Persistence
Chapter 505 The unexpected discovery of 504 Detective Lao Chentou
Chapter 506 505 Burning Gold Monopoly and Profit Big Capital from Another World
Chapter 507 506 The fourth issue of 'Chá under the Moon' is about human beings
Chapter 508 507 Holy Blood Festival is approaching. The first festival event
Chapter 509 508 Don’t be so classy, let’s be a little bit vulgar
Chapter 510 Chapter 509: The Dance of Demons at the Holy Blood Festival - Old and Young Masters Happy
Chapter 511 510 Here comes the Mother of Midnight, from Transia
Chapter 512 511 The mystery that players want to give to Mr. Murphy
Chapter 513 The 512 limited-time event “Murphy’s Challenge” begins
Chapter 514 513 The Pava people who can double jump are simply invincible
Chapter 515 514 Eat a feast, eat a feast! Don’t just watch them get beaten,
Chapter 516: 515th birthday, Murphy and his Aunt Shani secretly
Chapter 517 516 In order to kill Murphy, you are really desperate
Chapter 518 517 As the old saying goes, this is called drunkenness and cowardice.
Chapter 519: 5.18 Thousand Miles to Search for His Wife Brother Huozi and the Heartbroken Yuan
Chapter 520: 519 Development Team, you guys have done all the bad things.
Chapter 521 520 Desire to win and the impossible battle
Chapter 522 521 From vowing to win to fighting for the last life
Chapter 523 The thorn branch of the 522 vampire race is opened!【
Chapter 524 523 closed beta is about to end, can the closed beta be far behind?
Chapter 525 524 Are you saying goodbye? Or are you just spreading shit?
Chapter 526 525 Mr. Qin, do you want gay friends? [Monthly ticket plus
Chapter 527 The 526 development team is really our caring people【
Chapter 528 527 Lao Qin’s friends from another world [9 additional updates per monthly ticket]
Chapter 529 The 528 Dark Baron Expedition is officially formed! Button
Chapter 530 529E sister wants a quiet life, but the player
Chapter 531 530 Swamp Power Avalon’s Reward
Chapter 532 531 Adele’s best friend from another world shows off her power!
Chapter 533 532 Development Team Plan Goatman Copy Folder
Chapter 534 533 Lumina’s Blissful Place
Chapter 535 534 When the hatred has disappeared
Chapter 536 535 Fighting monsters? We are good at this, come on,
Chapter 537 536 The Governor’s New Frontier! Why did I suddenly
Chapter 538 537 The much-anticipated imprisonment of Play really happened
Chapter 539 538 If you have a request, I will respond
Chapter 540 539 The fate-weaver girl’s first allegiance mission is
Chapter 541 540 Fateweaver Girl: When I typed '?'
Chapter 542 541 people follow, but Jianyi
Chapter 543 542 Report, we caught a mummy
Chapter 544 543 The mummy who is really crazy
Chapter 545: 544 Vampire Race Main Mission Updated to Fury
Chapter 546 545 Hogg’s “Epic of the Wise Wolf”
Chapter 547 546 The embarrassment of being late to help foreign visitors
Chapter 548 547 Lines Thief Murphy: My open hands
Chapter 549 548 Ah, Murphy met a group of rats!
Chapter 550 549 Fuck! Rats! It’s all rats! Oh, I want it
Chapter 551 550 The Undead Burner was renamed 'Rat Rat' today
Chapter 552 551 The scholar will not let you go!
Chapter 553 552 Your gun is pretty good. Do you want to sell it?
Chapter 554 553 Why are you still playing with psychic powers? The enemy has genes
Chapter 555 554 Can the shadow elves be destroyed by a group of rats?
Chapter 556 555 Summoner’s Spring Tauren Summoner
Chapter 557 556 My Murphy creed is, like a hero
Chapter 558 557 Book of Philip 'The Wrath of the Khan'
Chapter 559 558 As we all know, the harsher the words, the more cowardly people become.
Chapter 560 559 Professor Malcolm, you taught it
Chapter 561 560 From today on, I will be the wise wolf as ‘Huo Zhengting’
Chapter 562 561 I can’t be a spokesperson if I can’t be a spokesperson
Chapter 563 562 Oops, it’s not easy, it can be considered as salary
Chapter 564 563 Hey, don’t throw anything at you D
Chapter 565 564 That’s my dear teacher! You have to add eh
Chapter 566 565 The first wave is 'Huo Zheng is very good' brother
Chapter 567 566 Work report of the pioneers who are discouraged by playing with things
Chapter 568 567 We three! Brothers of 'Huo Zheng is very good'
Chapter 569 568 Hogg’s Warriors The Legend of the Bone-Gnasher Ren
Chapter 570 569 The first step to kill the gods is to dig the grave first.
Chapter 571 570 Well, is this place really used as a cemetery?
Chapter 572 571 Maxim! I order you to rush! For
Chapter 573 572 If you become a friend of a dwarf, you will
Chapter 574 573 I have a date with the halfling warlord '
Chapter 575 574 Old Flywheel and His Hungry Factory for 'Huo
Chapter 576 575 When I say there is a big business, you should
Chapter 577 576 Flywheel Consortium’s office in Transia is established
Chapter 578 What’s wrong with calling 577? It has to be called “root”.
Chapter 579 578 Next, please allow me to introduce to the guests
Chapter 580 579 The new faction of the Blood Eagle Clan is really exciting
Chapter 581 580 Technology relies on archeology, and strength relies on atavism, right?
Chapter 582 581 Loyalty is the best quality, love is tight
Chapter 583 582 Black Disaster starts training! First contact! For 'Wu'
Chapter 584 583 Which man can’t hold on for twenty days? For “
Chapter 585 584 The crazy battle between death and glory is 'Don't eat fish'
Chapter 586 585 Popok’s first escape from death plus more updates
Chapter 587 586 The chiefs of Moss Valley argue for 'not eating fish'
Chapter 588 587 The kings of the Brass Fortress argued for 'not eating fish'
Chapter 589 588 Such fighting intensity, it will come up after scratching it
Chapter 590 589 Meat Grinder Officially Opens
Chapter 591 590 The cunning Happy Stick is thinking about some dangers again
Chapter 592 591TMD! How did the jackals become what they are now?
Chapter 593 592 is expensive, there must be a reason for it to be expensive
Chapter 594 593 Transia in the Shadow of War
Chapter 595 594 The good wife Tris always knows what to do
Chapter 596 595 I knew the fate between me and the Tower of Rings
Chapter 597 596 Little Cuisi who loves to pick up things needs to respond well
Chapter 598 597 Ha, traveler, Mother Earth is fooling you
Chapter 599 598 I can’t defuse the bomb, but I can
Chapter 600 599 It’s only been three days and you can’t do it anymore? You need to stand up
Chapter 601 600 Shameless Transians do not have martial ethics
Chapter 602 601 Unlucky Brother Miao Miao’s terrain kills plants
Chapter 603 602 Warning! Warning! Meteorite detected on the way
Chapter 604 603 Warning! Warning! Detected on the way.
Chapter 605 604 Popok’s second escape from death
Chapter 606 The 605 pattern is about to open up, my dear jackal
Chapter 607 606 Mr. Mo, who has a golden face, is going to reveal his secrets now
Chapter 608 607 Murphy’s debut: Who said I was giving
Chapter 609 608 Popok’s third escape from death
Chapter 610 609 You know the rules, if you want them, just
Chapter 611 610 The Transient Emperor who abandoned the Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 612 611 Frontline Warden Lord Popok returns victoriously
Chapter 613 612 Battlefield Daily Mission Unlocked - Castle of Courage
Chapter 614 The pace of 613 internal testing has quietly arrived, Warriors
Chapter 615 614 King Wamu: Oh, Su, isn’t it just a legend?
Chapter 616 615 Black disaster? Plantagenet? Foreign hair? Haha
Chapter 617 616 Brother and you have a heart-to-heart connection, and you play with your brother
Chapter 618 617 Horse riding? Bah, we Transians have it
Chapter 619 618 Transia’s new war technology tree link
Chapter 620 619 Transians do all kinds of bad things
Chapter 621 620 I thought I was playing Savage 6, but I didn’t expect it.
Chapter 622 621 Lord Serak’s Resignation and Our Journey
Chapter 623 622 Hardware Enhancement New UI Interface Design for Players
Chapter 624 623 Combat Strength Enhancement Altar BUFF Mechanism is Online
Chapter 625 624 Career Adjustment: The Mummy’s “Moon”
Chapter 626 625 We decided to rename Xiko City 'Zao
Chapter 627 The End of the 626 Closed Beta
Chapter 628 627 'Quiet' Transia
Chapter 629 628 Travelers in Port Chardeau
Chapter 630 629 People who were changed
Chapter 631 630 People who were changed 2
Chapter 632 631 Changed People 3
Chapter 633 632 Sister Cement’s third kind of contact is 'Maple Leaf Real Person'
Chapter 634 633 Little Sharon’s big gift is Brother “Maple Leaf Master”
Chapter 635 634 Transia Tavern 10 is online as 'Maple Leaf'
Chapter 636 635 new version, new atmosphere, new profession is 'Maple Leaf True'
Chapter 637 What would 636 be called without a large number of optional races?
Chapter 638 637 Woohoo, even skins are distributed for free, the development team
Chapter 639 638 Holding this chain sword, with loyalty in mind, the Jackal
Chapter 640 Chapter 639 Main Mission Tide of Darkness has been updated!
Chapter 641 The story of 640 Castle of Courage is over? Oh, what about that?
Chapter 642 641 My daughter said this game is full of love and peace
Chapter 643 642 Cowboys are really busy for 'Chen Wenjun 2' brothers
Chapter 644 643 Hey, it’s like no one has ever been young? Why?
Chapter 645 644 No wonder the gods don’t show their holiness on weekdays, it’s so refreshing
Chapter 646 Lord Murphy in the 645 Silver Trial is full of energy
Chapter 647 646 War and Business
Chapter 648 647 Terranova thinks games with insect trainers are really
Chapter 649 648 Ruyi thinks it’s a great game where you can be a hacker
Chapter 650 649 Mr. Murphy thinks he can have a game like Unparalleled Lawn Cutting
Chapter 651 Chapter 650 Wise Wolf in action adds more updates for the 'Little Sheep' brothers
Chapter 652 651 Adele: I think I have seen this episode? For 'little
Chapter 653 652 How can a cultist who cannot achieve the great cause of destroying the world be a
Chapter 654 653 Otherwise, only family members can relate to each other.
Chapter 655 654 actually has a backup plan? As expected of you, bone-gnawing
Chapter 656 655 The first barbell that levered the black disaster
Chapter 657 656 Nani? The new version can upgrade monster A? Cool
Chapter 658 657 Report! The shameless vampires of Transia sent
Chapter 659 658 This is Sparta!!!
Chapter 660 659 Jackal: It is inhumane for you to self-destruct like this.
Chapter 661 660 The sacred tradition is determined from this
Chapter 662 661 Are you Transians still finished? Making a surprise
Chapter 663 662 Fraser’s Judgment and Proverbs
Chapter 664 Dear 663, will the war insurance come?
Chapter 665 Chapter 664 The Wrath of the Splitting Claw
Chapter 666 665 Ha, your artifact is great, but it will take a few days
Chapter 667 666 The God Killer’s New Arms
Chapter 668 667 You know, fighting with the Transians is always
Chapter 669 668 Hold on for three days! I will return to the battle like lightning
Chapter 670 669 Even if there are no players, the Transcian gentlemen
Chapter 671 670 The good news is that we took back the bedroom, but the living room
Chapter 672 671 The crystal is filled with hatred! Foreigners, jump in
Chapter 673 Before squeezing the traitor to death with 672 cruel hands, he must be recognized
Chapter 674 673 Your jackals are dying every moment, but
Chapter 675 674 Faced with Murphy’s crazy provocation, Yuan chose to respond
Chapter 676 675 Shadow Valley’s New Tactics Testing Ground Monthly Pass Update
Chapter 677 676 Assassination? Hey, are you stupid? I can cheat! Add
Chapter 678 The material of 677 Alpha Company’s server is his mother
Chapter 679 678 Okay, okay, the main quest of Shadow Elf is available and will be updated
Chapter 680 679 Witch Worship Monthly Tickets Additional Update [910]
Chapter 681 680 The ominous wind is blowing, look, the storm is gathering
Chapter 682 681 So you fanatics are enough
Chapter 683 The last person to sit before the 682 Day of Destruction
Chapter 684 683 At the critical moment, we still have to ask the old man to take action
Chapter 685 684 Shushu, I’m here again, hey, what a surprise
Chapter 686 685 The firewood of destruction has been completed, now is the time to burn
Chapter 687 Chapter 686: The Plan of Splitting Claws: The Day the Earth Exploded the Stars
Chapter 688 687 The angry spirit of Black Flame Pass, the time of revenge
Chapter 689 688 Crisis identifies cowardice, desperate situations build courage
Chapter 690 Where is the 689 ace crew? Use gold coins to save them!
Chapter 691 690 Alien Tiger! Charge forward!
Chapter 692 691 Escape in despair? Bah, you think we are
Chapter 693 692 Raiders of the Lost Ark
Chapter 694 693 Black Tide Lonely City
Chapter 695 694 Lady Tris, this is all part of your plan
Chapter 696 695 Enemy at Dusk 1, Kudel’s Determination
Chapter 697 696 Ah! Priest Bayek! This is also your plan
Chapter 698 The time has come for 697’s loyal determination to come to Silver!
Chapter 699 698 The shameless jackal used the plague weapon! The world
Chapter 700 699 Heather’s Secret Devour the Light of All Creations!
Chapter 701 700 Facing revenge for Yuan’s assassination, what is Murphy’s choice?
Chapter 702 701 Salute to the deceased!
Chapter 703 702 Change the family. Change the family.
Chapter 704 703 This is the Transcian answer to the Black Disaster
Chapter 705 A great chief died at the beginning of 704? Zhuo,
Chapter 706 705 Book of Hatred Murphy Edition, Start!
Chapter 707 The participants in the 706 war get glory, while the bystanders
Chapter 708 707 Tunnel War Sparrow War Guerrilla War Coming, Jackals
Chapter 709 708 Lao Qin’s way of shaking people off
Chapter 710 709 What you think makes sense, let a dog plan it
Chapter 711 710 Subspace Defense Rules Article 1! Don’t fight with you
Chapter 712 711 A gloomy afternoon in Genoa
Chapter 713 712 Murphy’s Law once again perfects the Brass Fortress
Chapter 714 713 Gehrman bites the bones, think about the worst, and then go on
Chapter 715 714 Gaia’s helpless sigh
Chapter 716 715 The Earth Mother Goddess has forever lost one of her divine beings
Chapter 717 716 The great Lord Paying finally came to his loyal
Chapter 718 717 The true secret of the Holy Blood Land
Chapter 719 718 Ancient Memories: The Forgotten Past Is Like Smoke
Chapter 720 719 Murphy! Tell me honestly, did you give Pa
Chapter 721 720 Such a cool Lord also understands sadness
Chapter 722 The second phase of the 721 Dark Tide is officially launched!
Chapter 723 722 Spring is coming, lazy guys, hurry up and get excited!
Chapter 724 723 Hogg’s plug-in arrives! When the Blue Wolf Army is established
Chapter 725 724 The secret of Nanak’s black eyes
Chapter 726 725 Don’t they all say that grandpas love their grandsons? How come you?
Chapter 727 Chapter 726 The Future Prophecy of the Wise Wolf: Your wife will be raised by me.
Chapter 728 727 Let’s march towards the glory of our ancestors
Chapter 729 728 Brothers! Jackals have replaced vampires.
Chapter 730 729 A life of sorrow and joy with a cement-sealed heart
Chapter 731 730 Midnight Son No. 3, Welcome to Transia
Chapter 732 731 The Plantagenet Kingdom's 'Heaven and Earth' combination is correct
Chapter 733 732 Farewell, King and War
Chapter 734 733 Return to Black Flame Pass
Chapter 735 734 Arrive at Silver with pride, foreigner
Chapter 736 735 is broken, now I am the worst one
Chapter 737 736 Thanks to the 'Lord of Darkness' brothers for the light-devouring reward
Chapter 738 737 Lord of Darkness: Stop it! My divine power is not enough
Chapter 739 738 The wings of butterflies flutter in Bonie City
Chapter 740 739 Murphy? What kind of cow and horse is that? I am golden
Chapter 741 740 The Lord who awakened his memory is really Asissa’s
Chapter 742 741 The good news is that there are no bugs found by Murphy yet.
Chapter 743 742 Shocked! The Saint of Scarlet Castle is actually a murderer
Chapter 744 743 Murphy and the Holy Grail of Fire
Chapter 745 744 Cheer, believers of the Holy Light, I will find it for you
Chapter 746 The 745 development team proudly declares, Punishment Cavalry and Milk Cavalry
Chapter 747 746 Midnight Dragon Flame, join the hunt!
Chapter 748 747 The Transians say that jackals cause mass destruction
Chapter 749 Chapter 748 Splitclaw Clan’s War Response
Chapter 750 749 The fierce wind of war has blown again, and the bloody day has begun
Chapter 751 750 The Transian War System Enters the 20th Era
Chapter 752 751 The Jackal made an empiricist mistake
Chapter 753 752 Although it doesn’t feel right, I still want to say,
Chapter 754 753 Hey, gather around for help! Boy
Chapter 755 754 The army is at a loss! What? You are not invulnerable? Then
Chapter 756 755 Fighting for that breath is the driving force for progress
Chapter 757 756 Facing the terrifying hunting voters, the young players exclaimed
Chapter 758 757 Others are here to fight, but you are here to avenge shame.
Chapter 759: Team 758 Meow Meow makes great achievements
Chapter 760 Chapter 759 The hunting time has awakened!
Chapter 761 760 Ha, a good day starts with gang-hopping!
Chapter 762: 761 opened, but not completely; lost, but not fully
Chapter 763 762 is broken, Boss Sese is here, handsome Murphy, run away
Chapter 764 763 Spring Festival? It starts at this time? Development team?
Chapter 765 764 Tell your gods! The lords of Transia need to
Chapter 766 765 Now, is the honor of Midnight Mother clear?
Chapter 767 766 The God of the North Wind reluctantly announced that he was responsible for this wolf disaster.
Chapter 768 767 The unfortunate Su is preparing to clean up his family
Chapter 769 768 Hey, this is the correct way for the Lord and his heirs to get along.
Chapter 770 The power of 769 midnight is gathered into one body! Sure enough, I am the legend
Chapter 771 770 The new decisive weapon! Come, let us dig to the sky
Chapter 772 771 The wonderful invitation of the Chosen One is 'Frost Fang Claw'
Chapter 773 Chapter 772 Prepare to explode some gold coins. Old Su is the 'Frost Fang'
Chapter 774 773 Madhu, broke out with them! For 'Waiting for Lin Xian'
Chapter 775 774 Are you going to let your brothers use this thing on the battlefield? You
Chapter 776 775 The last night in Shadow Valley is 'Waiting for Lin Xian'
Chapter 777 776 Brothers, pick up your water pipes, be loyal
Chapter 778 777 Brothers jackals, come and be happy.
Chapter 779 778 Gua, my giant shark is indeed the martial arts genius Kou Ya!
Chapter 780 779 Shadow Oath Guard Contract Monthly Ticket Plus Update [123
Chapter 781 780 The incompetent jackal makes Huang Huang break his heart.
Chapter 782 Chapter 781 Star Boundary Rip? Bah! Outdated! Come now
Chapter 783 782 When the fierce fish opens its mouth, the arrogant earthworm realizes
Chapter 784 783 The legendary world-burning demonic soldier makes a majestic appearance! Yue
Chapter 785 784 The decisive wine tastes so disgusting, Transians
Chapter 786 785 You only want to take my wife away? Who the hell are you?
Chapter 787 786 The Avengers Monthly Pass that comes across time plus updates
Chapter 788 787 Long-term astringency will bring misfortune, if you don’t believe it, look at that
Chapter 789 Chapter 788: Jackals and Transians cooperate
Chapter 790 789 Nightmare Cultist: First of all, we didn’t mess with you
Chapter 791 790 Baphomet’s Servant: Secondly, bullying us has no future
Chapter 792 791 Maze Burial Ground: Finally, let the big nightmare sacrifice begin
Chapter 793 792 The shameless evil god issued a challenge to the Lord of Hunting,
Chapter 794 793 The Death Moon Sect’s Unprecedented Feat New Year
Chapter 795 794Cute New Cement’s First Day of Life in Another World New Year’s Eve
Chapter 796 795 The new immigrants in Transia will be updated in the new year [2
Chapter 797 796 Professor Malcolm’s Secret Report New Year’s Update
Chapter 798 797 If you want to create something new, you will always encounter this or that
Chapter 799 The joy of the 798 machine soul? New update, happy new year
Chapter 800 799 The distinguished administrator needs this machine to move.
Chapter 801 800 Death is never the end, taste the rage of the Dragon Rider
Chapter 802 801 Dusk boy, are you showing off your flaws? New Year’s Eve
Chapter 803 802 You must stab the enemy hard in the heart
Chapter 804 803 Don’t eat the toast? Okay, then don’t blame me Xianlang
Chapter 805 804 Speaking of deep tricks, it has to be you, the endless one is the best
Chapter 806 805 This is really the 'repertoire' of your line of work
Chapter 807 806 When the time comes, all I need is a word, no matter what
Chapter 808 807 What a good vampire, it’s a pity that he died too late
Chapter 809: 808 Vampires lose everything and move out!
Chapter 810 809 The battle between the wolves
Chapter 811 810 The sun and the moon have gone through great changes, but my eldest brother’s
Chapter 812 811 At this time, just shout loyalty
Chapter 813 812 Philip’s Gift to the King’s Legacy
Chapter 814 813 When it comes to acting, it has to be you two.
Chapter 815 814 Creator, your loyal security team is back
Chapter 816 815 Murphy-chan discovered another problem with the administrator system
Chapter 817 816 God-killing Cause Plus Edition
Chapter 818 817 Today, my Vam’s heavy punch will be violently blasted into the air
Chapter 819 818 Hey, the style of painting has changed, you bastards are evil
Chapter 820 819 Stop it, mentor! It’s the fourth natural disaster outside.
Chapter 821 820 Look, I said you can release the laser eyes
Chapter 822 821 is asking the development team to increase their strength all day long. Now, now
Chapter 823 822 So don’t open those ancient teleportations casually
Chapter 824 823 Let me see how my little players have been treated by me again
Chapter 825 824 Good news (crossed out) Bad news and worse news
Chapter 826 Lord 825! Go and save the world!
Chapter 827 826 Doomsday is coming? Don’t be stupid, witness the power of wealth
Chapter 828 827 Alas, if there is no gold in the world, everyone can become
Chapter 829 828 Alas, if there is no gold in the world, everyone can become
Chapter 830 829 Alas, if there is no gold in the world, everyone can become
Chapter 831 830Although he is not present, you should all thank him
Chapter 832 831 In order to perfect the new profession, the dog planner is really desperate
Chapter 833 832 The unruly thing, this place has an owner! Enter
Chapter 834 833 My name is Murphy, an ordinary handsome guy
Chapter 835 834 Welcome, Mr. Administrator, let’s travel far
Chapter 836 835 Now, please call me the mechanical warlord made by the rich man Mo
Chapter 837 836 I, Murphy, am going to rebel against Tiangang today!
Chapter 838 837 I rely on myself to develop my strength, and with a certain
Chapter 839 838 When you get a big toy, you must do it in front of your friends
Chapter 840 Chapter 839: Mr. Murphy has become the war commander, why don’t you invite him?
Chapter 841 840 Come and feel the power of the Creator!
Chapter 842 841 can survive to this day in this troubled continent
Chapter 843 842 The Secret History of Castile Becoming Human
Chapter 844 843 The God of Trading means that you are the real one
Chapter 845 844 Xian Lang’s choice to persuade Old Singer
Chapter 846 845 Gehrman’s Bone-Breaking Day of Glory
Chapter 847 Where should the future of 846 God’s Forsaken go?
Chapter 848 Chapter 847 is indeed a legendary quest chain, and this reward is really awesome!
Chapter 849: Operation 848 God Killing is officially launched!
Chapter 850 849 Murphy’s strange harvest
Chapter 851 850 The strange allegiance Murphy received
Chapter 852 851 Sentinel Ts006 salutes you! Administrator
Chapter 853 Chapter 852: Re-employment of laid-off sentries: taking over the power armor and waxing insurance
Chapter 854 853 Thirty Days Prophecy
Chapter 855 Chapter 854 Brother Zhongzhong’s Mission Report
Chapter 856 855 The storm gathers and the Yu Order of the Lord of Hunting
Chapter 857 856 How many times have I told you that you ancients should not
Chapter 858 857 When the mission begins to call again
Chapter 859 858 Avalon What kind of blessing are you giving this? Too
Chapter 860 859 Hello, Jackal, welcome to Transia
Chapter 861 860 You must have no regrets when playing games with gods.
Chapter 862 861 Hi, communication technology from another world! Boy!
Chapter 863 862 Hush, listen, the trees in the swamp are speaking Transian
Chapter 864 863 The Lord of Hunting is coming, and there is it in the sky
Chapter 865 864 I'm waiting for support, what are you waiting for?
Chapter 866 865 Taijun, go this way!
Chapter 867 866 Lord of Hunting: Bastard! I treat you like this
Chapter 868 867 When personal struggle conflicts with the process of history
Chapter 869 Chapter 868 The Lord’s Call on the Day of Killing Gods
Chapter 870 Decision to repent on the day of 869 assembly
Chapter 871 Maginot’s Trial on the Day the 870 War Begins
Chapter 872: Daddy Potato’s “surprise” on the day 871 met
Chapter 873 872 Completely crazy! Transia brand meat grinder, you
Chapter 874 873 The super classic chicken game has begun, come on!
Chapter 875 874 Guardians of the past, Transia needs you
Chapter 876 875 Guardians of the past, Transia needs you
Chapter 877 876 target confirmed! Let’s give the jackals a show
Chapter 878 877 It took so long to get promoted, a certain vampire
Chapter 879 878 In short, for the final victory, let us first
Chapter 880 879 Dongfeng Vehicle Factory said that personal behavior should not be posted
Chapter 881 880 The governor guards the country, and the grand duke dies in the country. This is
Chapter 882 881 The First Day of the Three-Day Miracle
Chapter 883 The story of the second day of 882 Three-Day Miracle (Part 1)
Chapter 884 The Story of the Second Day of the Three-Day Miracle of 883 (Part 2)
Chapter 885 Preparations before the Countdown to the 884 Three-Day Miracle
Chapter 886 For whom is the 885 Three-Day Miracle Hall of Valor opened? (Part 1)
Chapter 887 For whom is the 886 Three-Day Miracle Hall of Valor opened? (Part 2)
Chapter 888 The third day of the 887 Three-Day Miracle Victory is 'Little Sheep'
Chapter 889 888 Three-Day Miracle Heroic Spirit! Listen to my orders! For 'little
Chapter 890 889Kirv Reprting added to 'Little Sheep'
Chapter 891 890 World Famous Painting Murphy leads the Transians to '
Chapter 892 891 Salute to you, Immaculate One! For 'Little Sheep'
Chapter 893 892 Children, the brightest light is always born in the darkest place
Chapter 894 893 For that light, shine and draw your sword! For the 'whale'
Chapter 895 894 Victory is a happy thing for 'Whale'
Chapter 896 895 Unfortunately, you were happy too early for 'Whale and
Chapter 897 896 Hey, you can’t believe it, dog Murphy! I am the one in the dark
Chapter 898 897 The undefeated city will always face failure and is impregnable
Chapter 899 898 Hey, Lao Sutou, remember I said you want to be more explosive
Chapter 900 899 No one should dislike Kulkan’s ecstasy now
Chapter 901 900 The old wolf named Su decided to die
Chapter 902 901 Helms people are never late, of course
Chapter 903 902 Warning! Warning! Level 12 divine reaction
Chapter 904 903 The last conversation between the dead and the living
Chapter 905 904 When Neverwinter Night Roars
Chapter 906 905 Cadman City, your savior is here
Chapter 907 906 When you encounter anything, first touch it with your hands first.
Chapter 908 907 Opportunities are hidden in the crisis. Fortunately, Pipi Snake
Chapter 909 908 This is a real gamble. My friend’s monthly ticket adds
Chapter 910 909 If this is the case, then give it a try, my friend
Chapter 911 910 Monica and Mosna forget both the good and the bad, the past is
Chapter 912 911? Is it getting violent? Why are the witch hunters carrying
Chapter 913 912 Flawless Murphy VS Divine Chosen Xu Gesen Monthly Ticket Plus
Chapter 914 913 Warmaster Murphy defeated the Chosen One Xu Gesen! Ou
Chapter 915 The Day of 914 Glory has arrived! Welcome the wanderers from the star world back home
Chapter 916 915 I even put on the most handsome clothes, but I still can’t
Chapter 917 916 Drowning in Midnight
Chapter 918 917 Burn! Mossy Valley
Chapter 919 918 Our Highness Khufu is truly kingly!
Chapter 920 919 Let’s keep our feet on the ground, sir!
Chapter 921 920 His Highness Khufu will show you what it means
Chapter 922 921 Mosquito: Who are you looking down on? Look, I pout you
Chapter 923 922 The Day the Fierce Sun Falls
Chapter 924 923 Whoever holds the match point! Whoever holds the future
Chapter 925 924 Witness the (physical) power of this blazing faith
Chapter 926 925 God? Bah, how many blood vessels does he have?
Chapter 927: 926 Which shipwreck can’t lift the dung? A single salvage boat can
Chapter 928 Members of the 927 family, please cast your precious vote.
Chapter 929 928 God said there must be light!
Chapter 930 929 Since ancient times, the way to kill gods has been in this equivalent
Chapter 931 930 When the destiny is already in front of you
Chapter 932 931 Lord of Hunting: Fortunately I died early, otherwise
Chapter 933 932 Faced with Dusk’s frequent provocations, Murphy’s response
Chapter 934 933 A beautiful day begins with saving a god.
Chapter 935 Chapter 934 The 'fatal' assassination of Harmony God Prison Black!
Chapter 936 935 Lord of Darkness? Rubbish! Whoever believes in it?
Chapter 937 936 Ding! You have a new manufacturing order, please check it
Chapter 938 937 Parting always requires dignity
Chapter 939 938 No need to be sad when we meet again
Chapter 940 939 Monster and Savior
Chapter 941 940 I decided to call it 'The Year of Turmoil' and
Chapter 942 941 Who wouldn’t like a generous “friend” who provides help in times of need?
Chapter 943 942 Go wherever the gods say! The gods can still harm you
Chapter 944 The starting point of 943 bloodline and the end point of destiny
Chapter 945 944 Lao Wa is a showman! He will really come to you if something happens.
Chapter 946 945 Carrying all evil, serving hope; this body is dead,
Chapter 947 946 Wamu is a madman, Lao Su is an idiot, hunter
Chapter 948 947 Look what NPC self-cultivation is! Murphy
Chapter 949 948 Loot distribution? Oh, boring, ancient artifact
Chapter 950 949 Stop fighting, this is all Mr. Murphy’s fault
Chapter 951 The main storyline of 950 Black Disaster ended successfully! Spread flowers and flowers
Chapter 952 The end of 951 is not over yet
Chapter 953 952 The aftermath gradually arises
Chapter 954 953 Wise Wolf’s Future Blueprint Nash’s New Mission
Chapter 955 954 Warlord Hass, you already have the future in your hands, please don’t
Chapter 956 955 Night in the Shadow
Chapter 957 956 The fate of Ms. Spider and Murphy is like a web, it is difficult to understand
Chapter 958 957 A name is the greatest blessing for a new student. I wish you a happy life.
Chapter 959 958 Since you must become a god, why not have some fun?
Chapter 960 959 The dispute between the wise wolf and the successors of the empire
Chapter 961 960 Peacemaker Master Su: Everyone, give me a penny
Chapter 962 961 The werewolf Eris is showing off is an attitude towards life
Chapter 963 Chapter 962: Peach Knight’s Blade
Chapter 964: 963 Deconstruction of Crow’s Belief and a Brief Discussion on the Great Cause of God-casting
Chapter 965 964 The civilization of the halflings has become a candle in the wind
Chapter 966 The 965 short-handed marshal wants to show off his power!
Chapter 967 Chapter 966: The relaxing and joyful day talk after the black disaster is about to begin
Chapter 968: 967 Why did we agree to go to support instead of waiting for rescue?
Chapter 969 968 It was agreed that the future talks will be a relaxed and happy plot
Chapter 970 Why did the 969 agreement to be a soldier and get paid turned into a tour behind enemy lines?
Chapter 971 970 Why are you just acting cool here when you agreed to pick up girls?
Chapter 972 971 Boss, these jackals don’t have the right human taste!
Chapter 973 972 Old Edward’s first encounter
Chapter 974 973 The Love and Hate of the Ancients: Little Wolf Dog and Old Man
Chapter 975 974 Waiting in a fragmented eternity
Chapter 976 975 Murphy’s anger is dark and profound
Chapter 977 What is the travel record of the 975 Transian Expedition? Brother’s old man
Chapter 978 976 Agents from another world in action
Chapter 979 Where is 977? Upgrade my program
Chapter 980 978 Old Bach’s Regrets Mechanical Church and the Secret of Eden
Chapter 981 979 Urgent! What should I do if my wife turns into a glue girl?
Chapter 982: 980 The 'miracle' of the Mechanical Church is learned by the real little overlord
Chapter 983 981 Return of the Departed
Chapter 984 982 I can’t do it in a sea battle; you can’t do it in a murder battle
Chapter 985 983 Dog Murphy also wants to open the treasure chest!
Chapter 986 984 The fish-man killers of Transia are ready!
Chapter 987 985 Ah, there is only a piece of fish-man in front of me
Chapter 988 986 Song of Ice and Fire
Chapter 989 987 The end point where the two lines intersect. Qingming Festival update [11]
Chapter 990 988 Thousand Years of Wandering Eden VS Recovery
Chapter 991 989 Now that things have reached this point, then choose
Chapter 992 990 Hey, man, your girlfriend is so passionate (
Chapter 993 991 What should I do if my girlfriend breaks down? Simple! Get it right quickly
Chapter 994 The perfect blueprint of the 992 Agreement Creator will surely be realized!
Chapter 995 993 Iron Man Rebellion Magic Edition
Chapter 996 994 Murphy’s administrator career: from deleting the database to running away
Chapter 997 995 Ha, how can you use such a backward method of dds attack?
Chapter 998 996 Ms. Rose’s epoch-making magic, please start from language C
Chapter 999 997 No matter how long the night is, there will be dawn
Chapter 1000 998 Have love, don’t spread hatred
Chapter 1001 999 If something bad happens, then send out a bigger message
Chapter 1002 1000 It’s our turn now! The courage of the Sun God
Chapter 1003 1001 expansion pack 'Legacy of the Creator' materials released
Chapter 1004 1002 First the power armor, then the real Gundam, you
Chapter 1005 1003 I want to see what you are selling in the otherworldly gourd
Chapter 1006 1004! What a wonderful space carrier, if it
Chapter 1007 1005 Such a good thing as the solar engine must be given
Chapter 1008 1006 Brother Zhong’s Trial National Mission
Chapter 1009 1007 Got it! The answer in the next version is the mechanic
Chapter 1010 1008 The first priority if you want to become a mechanical sage is
Chapter 1011 1009 The 'after-sales maintenance' that Mr. Murphy is thinking about
Chapter 1012 The 1010 Air Force is a lie by fishermen (laughing)
Chapter 1013 1011 Bad news and good news brought by a fish
Chapter 1014 1012 This game is full of humanistic care and special pursuit
Chapter 1015 1013 What? Supporting the short-handed marshal? Don’t do it!
Chapter 1016 1014 What? Save Sister Fish Tail? Don’t you?
Chapter 1017 1015 The Berserker’s Hymn to Victory
Chapter 1018 1016 Transia Tactics Monkey Version Orbital Airborne is Complete
Chapter 1019 1017 Okay, you are a trifle, you actually play this kind of thing
Chapter 1020 1018 Congratulations to the shark for joining the Transia family
Chapter 1021 1019 Tracey Murphy’s Dark History 1
Chapter 1022 1020 We, Transia, also need to have our own
Chapter 1023 1021 Brother Fu V, I am 50 to see my strength. Monthly tickets plus more updates【
Chapter 1024 1022 No one understands what Dagon is thinking,
Chapter 1025 1023 Actually, sometimes the three senses follow the five senses
Chapter 1026 1024 Lord! Look what you have protected
Chapter 1027 1025 Dagon’s Secret Monthly Ticket Additional Update [510]
Chapter 1028 1026 Fishing guys are all very pure people, you say
Chapter 1029 Designated Partner of 1027 Transian Flying Force
Chapter 1030 1028 Loren! Your incident has happened! Don’t resist,
Chapter 1031 1029 The One Who Stops the War Bloodheart and the Night Guard Monthly Pass
Chapter 1032 1030 If he is saved by Murphy, his career as a marshal will be ruined
Chapter 1033 1031 War in the mud
Chapter 1034 Chapter 1032 The Heroic Legend of Captain Capet, currently being serialized
Chapter 1035 1033 When you are about to die and you have a bottle of immortality in your hand
Chapter 1036 1034 You are such a loser. Philip shook his head after seeing this.
Chapter 1037 1035 If you don’t speak, I will laugh at you severely.
Chapter 1038 1036 Because it is Dungeons and Dragons, there must be
Chapter 1039 1037 Little Granny Bach, let me tell you good news,
Chapter 1040 1038 Don’t eat too fat, you will be killed!
Chapter 1041 1039 Going to Transia is really a good student
Chapter 1042 1040 If you can’t innovate in gameplay, then no
Chapter 1043 The first item of 1041 Alpha Company’s “Hardware Department”
Chapter 1044 The first phase of settlement of 1042 Crazy Fish Feast has begun.
Chapter 1045 1043 No! Development team! What kind of hatred is this?
Chapter 1046 Player 1044 is quiet, he must be acting like a monster
Chapter 1047 1045 The Archon sighed at this for benefiting himself at the expense of all things.
Chapter 1048 1046 Ivankov’s Wonderful Journey
Chapter 1049 1047 Captain Capet Fraser, enter!
Chapter 1050 1048 Retirement and the Eternal Battle
Chapter 1051 1049 Dusk Talk about the End of the New Federation
Chapter 1052 1050 Dusk Talk only when it is put on the table,
Chapter 1053 1051 The achievement of Three Hundred Warriors of Transia has been achieved
Chapter 1054 1052 A game that cannot move bricks will not survive long.
Chapter 1055 1053 After 11 months of operation, we successfully
Chapter 1056 1054 Nefertari’s Moon Secret Cult has a great style of painting
Chapter 1057 1055 Birdman descends from the sky, bringing destruction at dusk
Chapter 1058 1056 Creator: Who in the family understands? I really
Chapter 1059 1057 Sariv: Children, this is the last lesson
Chapter 1060 1058 The prerequisite for stepping into the light is to say goodbye to the night
Chapter 1061 The story of Miss 1059’s Entourage is being updated
Chapter 1062 1060 A good player should not play games but play philosophy.
Chapter 1063 1061 From now on, we are true adventurers
Chapter 1064 Countdown to the release of 1062 Legacy of the Creator
Chapter 1065 1063 Birthday gift? Oh, I’ll give this to you