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What should I do if my level is maxed out as soon as I appear?

What should I do if my level is maxed out as soon as I appear?

author:Reading with the Little Shepherd Boy

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:11-01 09:03

Latest chapter:702,finale

The promised new book is here, this time it’s Brother Zhang’s story, thank you all for your continued support.

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《What should I do if my level is maxed out as soon as I appear?》The latest nine chapters
701, crackling fire
700, smells like flowers
699, one set per person!
697,useless things
695,World Observer
694,Be quiet and be a handsome man
《What should I do if my level is maxed out as soon as I appear?》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1, Believe in Science
Chapter 2, call my name
Chapter 3, Mysterious Netizens
Chapter 4, I can't even come here
Chapter 5, Late Night Wine and Morning Milk
Chapter 6, Guardians of the Courtyard
Chapter 7, Life Has Many Parallels
Chapter 8, Little Things Are Pretty Smart
Chapter 9, Xianxia is the first
Chapter 10, Ghosts
Chapter 11, knowing that there are tigers in the mountains
Chapter 12, Pippi's Hyperspace Mobility
Chapter 13, The Time of Disappearance
Chapter 14, stray into the peach blossom garden
Chapter 15, Aura really recovered
Chapter 16, Human World, Human World
Chapter 17, The Adventures of Little Brother Zhang
Chapter 18, the story about the times kicks off
Chapter 19: The affairs of the times have nothing to do with me.
Chapter 20, being deceived is one-handed
Chapter 21, the oppressed life
Chapter 22, Ha, interesting man
Chapter 23, there is really a villain born
Chapter 24, you are so brave
Chapter 25, Diehard
Chapter 26: People, after all, have to eat, drink and poop.
chapter 27
Chapter 28, Enlightenment and real enlightenment, the world is really miserable.
Chapter 29, there will be a big event
Chapter 30, The Way of Man
Chapter 31, Xiao Zhang's exclusive turn to kill
Chapter 32: Pen Fairy, Pen Fairy... Why hasn’t he come yet?
Chapter 33: If you dare to offend and stand up, you can be considered a man
Chapter 34, the state of his heart
Chapter 35, Immersive Ghost Experience
Chapter 36, Become a Little Star
Chapter 37, Wen Zhuangyuan and Wu Juren
Chapter 38, Reckless and foolish
Chapter 39, Heavenly Works
Chapter 40, this face alone is worth a few small fish!
Chapter 41, No need, really.
Chapter 42, Curious Cat‘
Chapter 43, just...just a bit pretentious
Chapter 44, Iron Head Baby
Chapter 45, Field Cat
Chapter 46, Knowing that there are tigers in the mountains
Chapter 47, The Strange Talk Association
Chapter 48: People are really weird
Chapter 49, Overlord
Chapter 50, on whether the world needs more heroes
Chapter 51, I have a dream
Chapter 52 , The Folk Investigative Institute is Officially Listed
chapter 53
Chapter 54, more and more
Chapter 55, how can there be a quiet time
Chapter 56, can't see through
Chapter 57, quirky
Chapter 58, Blending Across Time
Chapter 59, Loyalty is directly full
Chapter 60, Light
Chapter 61: Everything is like the wind.
Chapter 62, Death is always with me like the wind
Chapter 63, Demon God's Chaos
Chapter 64, Winter Wish - Christmas Special
Chapter 65, Winter and Spring Outings
Chapter 66, Summer Mammy Tea in Winter
Chapter 67, I pray that you are like a heroic janitor
Chapter 68, Two-game losing streak
Chapter 69, Offended People
Chapter 70, The Second of the Five Prisons
Chapter 71, Gu Long
Chapter 72, Little White Dragon
Chapter 73, Standard Models for Phishing Law Enforcement
Chapter 74, Huang Die'er and the corpse
Chapter 75
Chapter 76, God does not allow
Chapter 77, Pervert, Thunder Dragon
Chapter 78, take advantage of his illness to kill him
Chapter 79, It's New Year's Eve
Chapter 80, Rootless Water and Horses Treading Flowers
Chapter 82: Today is no better than before, what a coward!
Chapter 82, Hook straight bait salted fish silly
Chapter 83, the ultimate pull between fishing guys
84, the name should be loud
85, have friends come back
86, The beginning of the second stage of Reiki recovery
87, the confidence is not up
88, Huaiyu Mountain
89, Ghost King Hanako
90, the little thought of rootless water
91, the Holy Lord came out of the mountain
92, acting school and natural school
93 , the provincial port haunted house
94, the world is hell
95, beast
96, seventy eight
97, food is the original sin
98, a teacher must have its apprentice
99, Stranger
100, The Wonderful Story of the World
101, see the Lord
102, I like this world
103, slow and steady
104, just a cook
105, the most lovesick can not keep
106, fake roast chicken real kung fu
107, No, boss.
108. Brother, how about playing Devil May Cry?
109, Ordinary people?
110, ants general
111, chivalry is forbidden by force
112, how to do without supervision
113, High Energy Youth League
114, countermeasures
115, Shadow Warlock
116, daily chores
117, it's too late to react
118, urn catch turtle
119, technology sanctions
120, you do this is called blasphemy
121, let you see what is the God of Gamblers
122, what group are you!
123. Things in this world are really boring.
124, little people
125. The sky is shaking and the wind is blowing.
126, thinking behind closed doors
127, little brother Zhang's happiness
128, Tiger Roaring Dragon Roar
129, Thunder Dragon
130, what is this
131, manager's dilemma
132. What’s the problem? I’ll tell you.
133, guardian duty
134, really refreshing
135, the contract is established
136, fireworks
137, Routine Cheetos
138, the body of mortals is comparable to the gods
139, Xiao Zhang's Strange Adventure
140, Little White Dragon Adventures
141, the world does not need more heroes
142, the power of Qing Lingzi.
143, who is more difficult to deal with?
144, Oolong battle
146, such as wind boy
146, Xu Fu Department? Jiang Shang Department? New terms appear!
147, this taste is too rushed
148, the owner of the coffee shop
149, the king of gods is coming
150, you can always trust a robot
151, The Guardian and his friends.
152, the cafe is open
153, Gong Xi Fa Cai
154. The circumstances of life...are so elusive.
155, without that worldly desire.
156, The special battle sequence is ready.
157, Tutu rushes forward
158, Immortals fight? That is called Zhong Kui subduing the devil!
159, the shadow behind is looming
160, just for interest.
161, screening starts
162, B-class civilization collection
163, super excited
164, Hundred Ghosts Night Walk
165, Hundred Ghosts Night Continuation
166, was stolen home
167, Halo plan
168, happy
169, so awesome
170, the view of the sea
171, is the spring breeze.
172, Murder and Punishment
173, ordinary and busy.
174, little jackal death
175, classics make miracles
176, all in the past
177, are all night return people
178, Black Buddha
179, the other side of the myth.
180, Chang'an old events
181, everyone is not normal
182, late night tavern
183, the day of little brother Zhang
184, play big cards.
185, let you play big!
186, astonished
187, shy
188, Lucky Star
189, industrialization cultivator 0.3.1
190, soaring to prosperity is today!
191, Goddess of Rescue
192, Tandu is indeed coming up
193, you have a new short message, please pay attention to check it
194, the world is useless
195, or so
196, impermanence
197, the world has so many stories back and forth
198, playboy
199, the problem of being sick is difficult to solve
200, Ksitigarbha
201, The Wonderful Story of the World
202, water impermanence
203, change from now on
204, New product development, Xinyuan major events
205, group space roaming plan
206, clean and hygienic
207, Ananda Dragon
208, this is called eating
209, without this transaction
210, new products on the shelves
211, Tasty Shack
212, Brother is on fire!
213, sweet plum tea drunk fragrance
214, monstrous dream
215, the tube still has to be managed
216, GZ Horror Story
217, provoked something that shouldn't be provoked
218, is outrageous
219, only the drinker keeps his name
219, Chang'an, Chang'an Lane
220, Crystal Prison
221, cosmopolitan beauty soup
222, not so magical
223, I can't see that you're pretty good
224, three-day ultimatum
225, you take the five dollars
226, mist
227, mist barrier
228, Yin Yang mirror
229, Traveler Thunder Dragon
230, super kill
231, sitting up in shock while dying
232, Untitled
233, winter festival
234, the moonlight is so good tonight
235, this place is good
236, the world is full of wonders
237, strange attributes have been added
238, almost all right
239, crazy thursday
240, The End of the World
241, super power out of control
242, Kunlun Yuheng
243, Ahahaha, here comes the chicken soup
244, the world is rare and truly stunning
245, every day I think about the show that saves energy
246, the evil plan gradually crazy
247, very courageous
248, Tengxiao is more than three thousand miles
249, elegant, timeless
250, the light shines directly on the fifty continents
251, the great awakening of the superpower
252, super energy side concentrated burst stage
253, Soul Eater
254, the parent meeting of social fear 1
255, the parent meeting of social fear 2
256, the parent meeting of social fear 3
257, the parent meeting of social fear 4
258, the parent meeting of social fear 5
259, accident
260, if the twelve spirits are only joking
261 , I dare to go crazy
262, one cubit two thousand years
263, nothing to do with the wind and moon
264, then you don't follow the rules
265, Sunny on the 25th, heavy rain in Tokyo
266, joint strike
267, sometimes people are really strange
268, conjuration
269, lofty ideals
270, who knows what's wrong
271, we will send each other when we meet
272, is this not abduction?
273. Zhou Miao will never be a slave unless he has food and shelter.
274, the night is hazy, spring is coming to summer solstice
275, Bafang wind and rain
276, immortal golden body
277, the crowd is fighting
278, the fate of evil
279, Heavenly Punishment!
280,Farewell, Brontosaurus.
281, Jianghu is not about fighting and killing.
282, New Era and New Opportunities
283, take the wind to wash the dust
284, gentlemen, listen to the dragon’s roar
285, since it is not a fairy
286, Concentrate on being an internet celebrity
287, Ten Thousand Cultivation Group
288, robbery
289, the man of the dust
289, I have to say that the twelve spirits are a little unlucky
290, the evolutionary path of superpowers
291, No, boss.
Chapter 294 The old man's tour group is leaving
Chapter 295 Diary
Chapter 296: Journey to the West
Chapter 297 Aid to the Aegean Sea
Chapter 298 Elderly Regiment
Chapter 299
Chapter 300 The wind comes from the sea
Chapter 301 Smelly Hey!
Chapter 302
Chapter 303 It's really unexpected.
Chapter 304: A Good Neighbor of the Solar System
Chapter 305: Full Ships of Clear Dreams Overcome the Galaxy
Chapter 306 Where the wind wakes up, I don’t know the way back
Chapter 307 Falling Flowers Return When the Wind Rises
Chapter 308 Orphans in Huadu
Chapter 309
Chapter 310 Brother, don’t do this.
Chapter 311
Chapter 312 Wow...
Chapter 313: Drink First or Eat Me First
Chapter 314 Dust
Chapter 315: Another World Branch Project
Chapter 316: Make money, business, not shabby
Chapter 317
Chapter 318 Royal tasting group
Chapter 319 Plague and Food
Chapter 320 Love in a Time of Plague
Chapter 321
Chapter 322 Simple tasks
Chapter 323 This task is easy for his sister
Chapter 324 Darkness Comes
Chapter 325
Chapter 326 Corruption
Chapter 327 The regular army enters the field
Chapter 328 There are many dragons in the sky
Chapter 329 Frankenstein
Chapter 330: Doomsday Preparer
Chapter 331 The end of Buddhism
Chapter 332
Chapter 333 Lonely Addiction
Chapter 334 handsome and coquettish
Chapter 335
Chapter 336 NMLGB
Chapter 337
Chapter 338 How fierce is the devil
Chapter 339
Chapter 340
Chapter 341 The cubs of the East Eighth District
Chapter 342
Chapter 343 The whole job begins
Chapter 344: Five years later, the Dragon King returns.
Chapter 345 Who is not a bad person?
Chapter 346: Canggu Valley
Chapter 347 Thor Help Me!
Chapter 348 Dark Night Tyrant
Chapter 349 The Independent Mission Begins
Chapter 350
Chapter 351: What You See Is What You Do
Chapter 352
Chapter 353 Bounty Order
Chapter 354
Chapter 355 Hahahaha, here comes the chicken.
Chapter 356: Still Picking a Date?
Chapter 357
358 Gong Xi Fa Cai
Chapter 359
Chapter 360
Chapter 361 What do people do when they are bored.
Chapter 362
Chapter 363 Hello Teacher Zhang
Chapter 364 Teacher Jin Niu X!
Chapter 365
Chapter 366 Nantianmen Ga?
365, smart people must learn to judge the situation
366 , passersby A B C D
367, super skill
368, unpredictable
369, if there is a problem, solve the problem
370, small land, turbulent winds
371, no life is superfluous
372, the off-season is very light
373, the world is unpredictable
374, the first extra money in summer
375, see who beeps again
377 , blind date adventures
378, outrageous in the secular
379, there are more ways to friends
380,Good morning Miss Succubus
381, I turned a blind eye to your performance
382, A series of stories about having fun
383, the breeze blows
384, days are like clear water
386, I heard that you are looking for Qing Lingzi?
387, No, brother.
388, How long will it take if this revenge is not avenged!
389, sacrifice one's life to become a benevolent person
390,King of Heaven
391,5V1, the advantage is mine!
393, life’s cheating device
394,The boss has many problems
395, Evil God’s Nemesis Qing Lingzi
396, Learn more about swimming and fitness
397, pay close attention to this person
398. Nine times out of ten, life is unsatisfactory... Nine times out of ten,
399. Who doesn’t have time to be fooled?
400, how prosperous the world is
401, fate and calamity
402. The road to growing vegetables is long and difficult.
403. You must also follow the Basic Law when growing vegetables.
404, work hard
405, give him the ashes
406,Who do you think you are facing?
407, called Ruan’s name
408,Despair Twins
409,Fresh Prince
Brothers, have a day off today
410, breeze
411, everyone is smart
412, how can there be so much fighting and killing?
413, then what is the price?
414, the sea is open to all rivers!
415, vulgar! Really vulgar!
416, addicted to beauty and unable to extricate yourself
417, be compassionate
418, huh?
419, incomprehensible silence
Chapter 422 Selling Hue
Chapter 423 Origin Domain
Chapter 424 Walking with the Song
Chapter 425: Four of the five overlords have taken over.
Chapter 426 Just like a dream
Chapter 427 Grass Team
Chapter 428 Joining the Glorious Evolution
Chapter 429 CTM is on fire.
Chapter 430: Resurrection to Become a God
Chapter 431 Come on, come on, the Sea Dragon Clan is taking action!
Chapter 432: Immortal? I am fighting an immortal!
Chapter 433 New Year and New Atmosphere
Chapter 434 The Domineering CEO and the Introverted Employee
Chapter 435 Ouch, where did this pretty boy come from?
Chapter 436: All your wishes come true
Chapter 437 Study hard
Chapter 438 Chief Manager of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Chapter 439 Small meal kits and high technology
Chapter 440 Team building is urgent
Chapter 441 Who would have thought that connections are so important
Chapter 442 Light Bulb Counter
Chapter 443 Two lines intersect
Chapter 444 The basic combat strength standard officially arrives
Chapter 445 You may fall in love every year
Chapter 446 Youth Problems
Chapter 447 Happiness is the true meaning
Chapter 448 Sister Longlong
Chapter 449 The management level is extremely poor!
Chapter 450 Oh my god! Big fly!
Chapter 451 Confusing Life
Chapter 452 The spring breeze does not stop
Chapter 453 The First Mission
Chapter 454: Don’t compete with funny characters in combat power
Chapter 455 How long does it take to tell a ghost story?
Chapter 456 A small body with big energy.
Chapter 457 Untitled
Chapter 458 Get rid of them
Chapter 459 The name doesn’t sound too nice
Chapter 460 Just do it and it’s over
Chapter 461 Pulling the tiger’s skin to pull the flag
Chapter 462 The end of the hero
Chapter 463 Times make heroes
Chapter 464 The end of the universe is the establishment
Chapter 465 Kill him!
Chapter 466 Dharma Golden Body
Chapter 467: Stealing batteries and climbing over the wall to enter the JC compound
Chapter 468 Well, what’s wrong with you?
Chapter 469 I also created tricks with embarrassing-sounding names
Chapter 470 The Three-Quality Battle
Chapter 471 Be a slave to desire
Chapter 472 The agency is too clever
Chapter 473: Smiling at the world of mortals
Chapter 474 Jade Jade Lion
Chapter 475 The ambition not to fall into the clouds
Chapter 476 Countdown to the Seventh Day
Chapter 477 Where is life without a cage?
Chapter 478 Show your face, little baby!
Chapter 479 The sunny and cheerful boy
Chapter 480 Are you Brother Long still your Brother Long?
Chapter 481 Running towards the sun waving flower hands
Chapter 482 Rocket Headbutt Attack Online
Chapter 483 Mysterious Man No. 1
Chapter 484 The Mystery of Immortality
Chapter 485 The Rise of the Storm
Chapter 486 The Star of Tomorrow
Chapter 487 How big or small is this thing?
486,evil door
487, prepare to shake people
488, shake people!
489, very popular this year
490,The ravine is difficult to level.
491, isn’t this a coincidence?
492,Join the glorious mortals
493,Birds are stronger than gold
494, why are you here again?
495, Brother Zhang’s adventure
496, isn’t this going to ignite?
498,Adventure and Puzzle Solving
Chapter 501 Midnight
Chapter 502 Justice
Chapter 503 Weird, weird, weird
502,Senior Team
503, that mission!
504, the good news is that there is a stitching monster, the bad news is that it is completely stitched.
505, spread of terror
506, what to throw away? Of course, throw away the baggage, otherwise? Throw a hydrogen bomb?
507, good luck every year
508, Oops omg, why is the magic malfunctioning?
509,countryside fun
510,I think...
511, there are garbage people in this world
512. There is an old Chinese saying that those who practice hard work are heroes.
513, good days...really good days
514. Where are the medicinal materials? That’s wild vegetables!
515, I have a flower...
516, another world where only Ying Shang is injured.
517, hold a small meeting internally
518,Welcome to the adult world, Jessica
519, it’s chaos, it’s all chaos.
520, Zombies are so familiar!
521, isn’t this difficult?
522, so obvious, this is something from above.
523, well, this is called professionalism
524、Im rich
525, chaos
528,The joy of hunting
529,How deep is the abyss?
530, concept god
531, you are the gods who know how to play.
532, troubled times between humans and demons
534, Battle of Souls
535, Realistic version of Stitch Monster
536, Blackened into a strong three points, whitewashed into a weak dog.
537,Don’t force someone who loves you to whip you hard
538, battle of wits and courage
539, Those who live become gods, those who die become immortals
540. It’s better to have a good time over a drink than to meet in war.
541, Eat, eat, eat, eat your M head
542, three-legged power
543, spend money to find trouble
544, Great Memory Restoration Technique
545, you are in trouble
546, follow the clues and catch the big fish
547, See what surprise is
548, Digging and digging in the small garden
549,Why is it so awesome?
550, if you have money, you have to revitalize your hometown
551, cheating teammates and professional players
552, a precursor to disintegration
553, the little monster who loves taking a bath
554, Killing can only be done with a nod of the head.
555, the ultimate good and evil
556, White-skinned people also want to kill gods
557, A true warrior dares to face Qing Lingzi
558, God Killer Arms No. 2
559, the Qing Dynasty fell
560,hero story
561, golden wind and jade dew meet each other
562. People always have to grow.
563, Cognitive Impairment Trio
565, Ace Shit Trouble applies to fight
566, the king of the world
567,I,big tortoise
569,What kind of EVA is this?
570, Battle between Man and God (1)
571, beef noodles eight yuan a bowl
572, Oh! It’s you bastard!
573, Battle between Man and God 2
574, uncontrollable
575, what a painful realization
576, let’s go and take you to reincarnation.
577, so exciting!
578, let me tell you...don't tell others
579, isn’t love coming now?
580, Fairy Spirits Piao Piao Myth Group Arrives
581, Shanhaijie Development Plan
582, Conspiracy! It’s all a conspiracy!
583, The Holy Lord takes action!
584, Brother Zhang is hitting someone!
585, helplessness in the world of high martial arts
586, I, Dahuang, apply to fight!
587, The cat goddess reappears in the world.
588, human dance
589, mortal world
590, capable person without ability
591, a collection of strange abilities
592, rivaling gods with mortal strength
593, Huang Liang has a dream for twenty years
594, following Brother Zhang, the game world is not a dream
595, injustice
596, One step leads to success, half step leads to success
597,Reconcile with yourself
598, fun!
599, this fool!
600, a long way to go
602, Lock up and study!
603, the new county magistrate, only eighteen years old.
604, Steady and steady
605, you’re the one called the technology tree?
606, industrial system explosion
607,Progress is invisible
608, circled, need to test
609, Making chemical fertilizers through ancient times
610, no words all night
612, no values, only impact
613,Zhen Zixian Tower
614. What is status? This is called status.
615, five years! Do you know how I lived these five years?
616, north up, south down, east in, west out
617,The end of the empire
618, the eve of the end of the script
619, the little yellow flower of the story
620, the hero of scar literature
621, Xiao Zhang responds to every request
622, sad Yingying, crying online
623. If you stutter, you can work hard.
624,The Anti-Japanese Hero
625,Brother, there is a business
626, first transaction
627, the situation in the east has changed drastically
Chapter 629 Layout changes
Chapter 630 Check! Check hard!
Chapter 631 Big changes in the base area
Chapter 632: Make money, not shabby
Chapter 633: Why don’t you blow up the swallows?
Chapter 634 Overtime Rescue Plan
Chapter 635 Making money is my job
Chapter 636 Get started
Chapter 637 For Victory
Chapter 638 For Victory 2
638, do not hesitate to serve the country
639,Happy BBQ Festival
640, stand alone
641, fight until victory
642, the story is still long
643, is this card BUG?
644,Don’t listen to the sound of beating leaves in the forest
645, war limit
646,Ice City
647, Veyron calls for Everest
648, what a sin
649, a happy utopia
650, normal start
651, inheritance
652, Da Lingzi won’t tolerate you
653, phase switching
654,Falling Spirit Illusion
655, Da Lingzi was chased
656, take you for a walk
657,seafood feast
658, that’s it?
659, who sent you to me?
660, the Group of Eight that eats dad
661, Fengming Qishan
662, the great terror in the world
663, Metamorphosis
665,dark horse
667, It’s time to put your hands together and do whatever you want.
668, people think Brother Chicken is the key
669, love back then
670, I have a way in heaven
671, there are bugs in the new competition system
672,The importance of emotional stability
673, happiness, wealth, longevity and happiness
674, natural disaster strikes
675,Long winter is coming
676, just ridiculous
677,I have a dream
679, road to war
680,Double Star Dance
681,new seeds
682,Young man is so fierce
683, I’m back again!
684,Don’t mistake steamed buns for solid food
685, Jesus can’t keep him!
686. There is nothing that a rail gun can't fix, such as
687, it can be regarded as suitable for both refined and popular people.
688,basking in the sun
689,Eat and eat
690, hypothetical game
691, radiant
692, Feng Linhuoshan, listen to my orders.
693,I'm in a hurry, brother
694,Be quiet and be a handsome man
695,World Observer
697,useless things
699, one set per person!
700, smells like flowers
701, crackling fire