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Re, I am slaughtered by the proud bones

Re, I am slaughtered by the proud bones

author:void figure

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:11-23 23:26

Latest chapter:Chapter 181: Going All Out

This traversal is so strange, death traversal, game traversal, etc. can be reluctantly accepted, but why can you break the fish tank and travel through it? And it actually traveled to the magic tree that is said to be able to destroy the world in 'OVERLORD'? Don't! It is sad enough to generate plants. The protagonist, Ainz Urgon, the Undead King, also accepted the task of the Adventurer's Guild. He wants to kill me! I want to change my destiny! I want to survive! I want to - Surrender! The mission of the Adventurer's Guild, the intentional failure would damage the prestige of Ainz Urgon (surrender button has been deducted), and he died just after crossing, but there is still a chance to return from the first time the magic tree came to this world. This time I must change my fate! Live!

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《Re, I am slaughtered by the proud bones》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 181: Going All Out
Chapter 180 The Suspect of Defrauding Soldiers
Chapter 179 Invasion of the Dark Realm!
Chapter 178: Alice's Movement
Chapter 177 Monster Warrior
Chapter 176: The Dark Art of Zombie Mountain
Chapter 175: The Black Emperor
Chapter 174 Battle of the Imperial City
Chapter 173: The Misunderstanding Schoolgirl and the Broken Knight
《Re, I am slaughtered by the proud bones》Chapter Contents
Chapter 0: The opening scene was beaten to the bone and proud of the sky
Chapter 1 Awakening from the memory of being tortured and killed
Chapter 2 Penny Kaoru, who was trapped by the magic tree
Chapter 3 Killing low-level players
Chapter 4 Desire to be Human
Chapter 5 The Birthday of the Golden Goblin
Chapter 6 Fairy Skills and Magic
Chapter 7 Clownpith: I didn't go to the wrong set
Chapter 8 The Supreme Being of Humanity: The Silian Cult
Chapter IX The glorious meeting that decides the fate of mankind
Chapter 10 Klauenpith's Level Breakthrough
Chapter 11 Production Observation Diary of Live Figures
Chapter 12 In those years, the young wise king of the forest
Chapter 13 Funny! The Strongest Fairy VS The Biggest Hamster
Chapter Fourteen Encountering a Trap
Chapter 15 Being beaten by a guy whose level is less than half
Chapter 16 Only one blow is needed to fight back
Chapter 17 The goblin is frightened and flees in a panic
Chapter Eighteen: Fluder Paradine
Chapter 19 Another Reincarnator
Chapter 20: Giving Names
Chapter 21 Klauen Piss VS the Three Fairies of Light
Chapter 22 Release the magic sword that destroys the kingdom!
Chapter 23 Tips for upgrading
Chapter 24 The Wind of Freedom
Chapter 25 Farewell to Penny Kaoru
Chapter 26 The Mermaid Calling Herself Ruoluji
Chapter 27 Camping and Cooking
Chapter 28: The Current Situation of Cirno and the Great Fairy
Chapter 29 Equipment of Connotation
Chapter Thirty: The Past of Stasafia
Chapter 31 The Unidentified Pisi
Chapter 32 The Unlucky Imperial Merchant
Chapter 33 Self-directed and self-acted
Chapter 34 Traces of the Frost Dragon
Chapter 35 Soul Painter
Chapter 36 The fairies who scattered the world
Chapter 37 Lunacherud's Determination
Chapter 38 The Dwarf King Summons
Chapter 39 Ignore the Difficulties
Chapter 40 The Runesmith King
Chapter 41 Cirno VS Dwarf King
Chapter 42 The Strongest Fairy VS The Strongest Dwarf
Chapter 43 The King's Last Struggle
Chapter 44: The Death of Elphin
Chapter 45: Frost Dragon Assembly
Chapter 46 The Gears of Fate
Chapter 1 Try to make Type 59
Chapter 2 Pretend
Chapter 3 Not being a human being in the past and present
Chapter 4 Don't be polite if you are a reincarnated person
Chapter 5 The Birth of the Little Mermaid
Chapter VI Fertility Problems
Chapter 7 Human Nature
Chapter 8 She is she, who am I?
Chapter 9 The prototype of the chariot
Chapter 10 Retire T-34 in seconds?
Chapter 11 Fire! Then hit yourself
Chapter Twelve It's Not So Easy
Chapter 13 The joke that determines the fate of the race
Chapter 14 The Perfect Fairy Expedition
Chapter 15 Demi-human Tribe Alliance
Chapter 16 The Elf Kingdom Participates in the War
Chapter 17 The Envoy of the Dead Visits
Chapter 18: The Three Consequences, Pisi Edition
Chapter 19 Destroying Lolita
Chapter 20 Talking with the Undead
Chapter 21 Ban Xiaodi's Ranch
Chapter 22 The still black-bellied Star
Chapter 23 Sonny VS Star, Game Time
Chapter 24 War!
Chapter 25 Asian VS Elves, the national war begins
Chapter 26 The elf is defeated
Chapter 27 Who Moved My Child!
Chapter 28 The dragon is still pretty powerful
Chapter 29 Bullying is getting more and more proficient
Chapter 30 Who is the Murderer?
Chapter 31 Prepare to overthrow the country's loli
Chapter 32: The Secret of Mass Production Goblin
Chapter Thirty-Three Newborn Alfin
Chapter 34: Pess and the Child Who Destroyed the Country
Chapter 35 Fantasy Battle Situation
Chapter Thirty-Six: Granbell's Legion of the Dead
Chapter 37 The Fence of Human Flesh
Chapter 38: The Poor Victims of War
Chapter 39 It's all in the plan, probably?
Chapter 40: Massacre
Chapter 41 There is no difference between strong and weak, all beings are equal
Chapter 42 The price of victory is Pisi's pantyhose
Chapter 43 Subduing the Asians
Chapter 44 Finding the Ghost Ship
Chapter 45 What plane are you doing, Sta?
Chapter 46 Surprise! Allure!
Chapter 47: Layman Guoxin
Chapter forty-eighth
Chapter 49: People are no different
Chapter 50 The letter from the pantyhose that Pisi took off
Chapter 51 Communication from Hell
Chapter 52 The Holy Land of Fairies?
Chapter 53 Captain Fukuman
Chapter 54: Catch a Ghost Ship
Chapter 55: Encountering a fugitive on the road
Chapter fifty-six first meeting the elf king
Chapter fifty-seven the empathetic elf king
Chapter 58: Dimensional Eyes
Chapter 59 Dwarf Catastrophe
Chapter 60 The fairies who continue to run out of control
Chapter 61: Follow Your Nature
Chapter 62 Wraith
Chapter 63 Face Project
Chapter 64: Underground War
Chapter 65 The Black Panther Tank torn by Hands
Chapter 66 Chaos City
Chapter 67 Arson and Robbery
Chapter 68 Falling into the abyss
Chapter 69 You are useless
Chapter 70 The Sadness of the Test Subject
Chapter 71: The End of a Small One
Chapter 72 The King Who Considers His People
Chapter 1 Is it okay to just laugh?
Chapter 2 Shemale War
Chapter 3 Infiltrating the Elf Race
Chapter 4 Frelia
Chapter 5 Can't stop at all!
Chapter 6 Cowardice
Chapter 7 The Great Idea
Chapter 8 Prepare to be silenced
Chapter 9 Do whatever you want
Chapter 10: The Question of Destroying the Country
Chapter Eleven: The Assassination Like a Breeze
Chapter 12: The Bottom Line
Chapter Thirteen The Struggling Man
Chapter 14 Mortals in War
Chapter 15 The Embrace of God
Chapter 16 Lower Creatures
Chapter 17 Fluder's Progress
Chapter 18 The Gap Between Humans and Demons
Chapter 19 Fighting each other's wits with the air
Chapter 20 The protagonist is not the protagonist of this work
Chapter 21 Navigational Extortion Industry
Chapter 22 The Great Cause of National Founding
Chapter 23 The Fascinating Poison
Chapter 24 Level 99 NPC!
Chapter 25 Transcendent Kill
Chapter 26 Dragon Kingdom
Chapter 27 Dragon Girl's Fear
Chapter 28 Infiltrate the fortress city
Chapter 29 You can take off the horns
Chapter 30 Traditional Activities of the Protagonist of Aotian
Chapter 31 It hurts so badly
Chapter 32 Larva's Villa
Chapter 33 Lolicon Mercenary Group
Chapter 34
Chapter 35 The Fairy's New Clothes
Chapter 36 The Rights of Slaves
Chapter 37 Is this also what you expected?
Chapter 38 Holy Tree Fairy
Chapter 39 The shining sword is in action
Chapter 40 Buy, buy, buy! Zero down payment! Buy tons!
Chapter 41 Counter-Strike
Chapter 42 The rookies peck each other
Chapter 43 Slow Motion Observation
Chapter 44 Excessive
Chapter 45 Embarrassment in the Well
Chapter 46 Pisi, you are so fat
Chapter 47 Real Fried Chicken Breakfast
Chapter 48 Try to go fishing
Chapter 49 But no one took the bait or something
Chapter 50 Neglected Details
Chapter 51 Sunny is very simple
Chapter 52 The night attack that I look forward to, comes with a princess hug
Chapter 53 I almost lost my mind
Chapter 54 Mutual brain supplementation is really terrible
Chapter 55: Incompetent and Perverse
Chapter 56 Slaves are things
Chapter 57 The magic tree blossoms
Chapter 58 The pace of conquest
Chapter 59 The Compromise of the Dragon Girl
Chapter 1 The Flame Fairy Cirno
Chapter 2 The hamster lost his job
Chapter 3 Dragon Tribe
Chapter 4 Pisi's Authentic Pantyhose Returns
Chapter 5 Dead Secret Dragon Nest
Chapter 6 The appearance of the weakened tree demon
Chapter 7 Fear, limited by Pisi
Chapter 8 There is never a shortage of idiots
Chapter 9 Imperial City Consumption
Chapter 10 The Slave Clown
Chapter Eleven: The Big Bad Wolf That Has Nothing to Do with Little Red Riding Hood
Chapter 12 The Imperial Ministry of Magic
Chapter Thirteen: The Powerful Bright Milk
Chapter 14 Pack Pisi and go home
Chapter 15 The Importance of Learning Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
Chapter 16 Imperial Academy of Magic
Chapter 17 Ten Events
Chapter 18 Study Plan
Chapter 19 Dragon Knight Prospect
Chapter 20 Are you the Lord of the Rings?
Chapter 21 Anti-aircraft guns
Chapter 22 Is the evaluation not high?
Chapter 23 It's amazing! It made my hands numb
Chapter 24 Spiritual Magic Immune
Chapter 25 Volcano Dragon Cave
Chapter 26 Soul Eater
Chapter 27 Arrangement of the Flying Dragon
Chapter 28 Gal is not the only one who bumps into women at intersections
Chapter 29 Scarlet's Reverse Harem
Chapter 30: Incompetent Dark Leap
Chapter 31 Entrance test, right?
Chapter 32: Pretending to be Invisible
Chapter 33 The Little Selfishness of the Genius Little Noble Girl
Chapter 34 The Scrambler
Chapter 35 The girl who is not in a nightmare
Chapter 36 Flirting Crimson
Chapter 37: The Philosophy of Animals
Chapter 38 The Grave of the Living, the Life of the Dead
Chapter 39 The Crimson Engagement
Chapter 40 Parasitic Plants: Dreine Flowers
Chapter 41 Spiritual Induction
Chapter 42 The Seed of Sickness
Chapter 43 The Imperial Capital Terrorist Attack
Chapter 44: Impolite = good relationship?
Chapter forty-fifth civilians in poverty
Chapter 46: Pisi doesn't want the pain
Chapter 47 - The Corolla Wand
Chapter 48 It's just Pisi's dressing book
Chapter 49 Men's Sunny
Chapter 50 Fairy Dance
Chapter 51 Ignore the Dark Leap
Chapter 52: Money is life, choose one
Chapter 53 Died on the spot?
Chapter 54 Miracle Medicine
Chapter 55 The layout of the year
Chapter 56 Starlight Evolution
Chapter 57: The Devil Tree Is Dangerous?
Chapter 58: The Bone as the Sword
Chapter 59: Fighting Violence with Violence
Chapter 60 The Change of Meliface
Chapter 61 Trample
Chapter 62 The Realm of Life
Chapter 63 I regret being a man
Chapter 64 Vision
Chapter 65 Dealing with Goods Promotion
Chapter 66 The Hell Fairy Cult was established
Chapter 67 After many years, the goblin wants to destroy the country
Chapter 68 The College Cafeteria Vu Familiar
Chapter 69: Excuses for Aggression
Chapter 70 Klauenpith: Level 90
Chapter 71 Towards the Road of Not Being Human
Chapter 72 Taboo activation!
Chapter 73 The price of eternal life is
Chapter 74: The Good Raw Materials for Magic Scrolls
Chapter 75: I don't know the time to pick flowers
Chapter 76 Fairy Holy Land!
Chapter 77 Battle Lane (Fog)
Chapter 78 T-62 tank, a long way to go
Chapter 79: Not an era for chariots
Chapter 80 Desperately Going to Kindergarten
Chapter 81 The big goblin teacher is teaching
Chapter 82 Angels Come
Chapter 83 Lily fails to play
Chapter 84 The God-Man Rescue Operation
Chapter 85 Masters have a heart for melee?
Chapter 86: The God of Karma Flash Slash
Chapter 87 Survive under the prestige of the true artifact
Chapter 88 Gold and jade are both burned, only real gold is not afraid of fire
Chapter 89 Abduction
Chapter 90 The Great Fairy's Departure and Entrustment
Chapter 1 Galen at home
Chapter 2 Naval battles have nothing to do with personal strength?
Chapter 3 Pure-blooded Yayaka
Chapter 5 The selfishness of the genius little noble girl still remains
Chapter 6 Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 7: The out-of-date advanced design is stupid
Chapter 8 The Mysterious Ship Full of Undead
Chapter 9 The Runaway Battleship
Chapter 10 The Broken Ghost Ship
Chapter Eleven: Yayaka's Sea Battle
Chapter 12 Sugar Satra
Chapter 13 The First Fire of the Great Ship Cannon
Chapter 14 Giant ship VS dragon, epoch-making naval battle!
Chapter 15 The capsize of the warship
Chapter 16 Different Loves, Same Love
Chapter 17 Give Happiness
Chapter 18 The Hell Fairy Miko and Doctrine
Chapter 19 Lead the Dragon out of the Cave
Chapter 20 Bloodline Pros and Cons
Chapter 21: The Punishment of Rippling
Chapter 22 Sea Dragon Elder
Chapter 23 Layla in the Treasure Room
Chapter 24 The King of Frost Dragon VS Elder Sea Dragon
Chapter 25 A narrow victory that seems to be crushed
Chapter 26 The Progressive
Chapter 27 The troubles of the urban alliance
Chapter 28: Struggle Behind the Enemy
Chapter 29 Reunited as a monster
Chapter 30 Meliface VS Yayaka
Chapter 31 Patriots
Chapter 32 Want the first goblin to eat crabs
Chapter 33 Found a Wild Powerhouse
Chapter 34: Glanzlock
Chapter 35 The Little Doll of the Dark Princess
Chapter 36 Junkers City Attacks
Chapter 37 The Advantages of Staggered Road Wheels
Chapter 38 The Resistance of the Weak
Chapter 39 The Wheel Crushing the Mantis
Chapter 40 The blood city is coming
Chapter 41 The Monster Girl Association
Chapter 42: Fu Luda has become a frivolous handsome guy?
Chapter 43 New Arrangements for War
Chapter 44 The mutual envy of Alice and Midori
Chapter 45 The Battle of Calais
Chapter 46 It was her who destroyed the country!
Chapter 47: Rejecting a bowl of smooth leather
Chapter 48 Rising Dragon Punch Beats Pickup Girl's Hand
Chapter 49: The Pisi Dating Agency
Chapter 50 The Lost Vampire
Chapter 51 Before and after the life and death of Lolita
Chapter 52 The Suspicious Angel
Chapter 53 The Contradiction with the Original Work Continues
Chapter 54: Fingertips open the mountain
Chapter 55 Sunburst
Chapter 56: The Force Can't Hold It Anymore
Chapter fifty-seven the body of the abyss
Chapter 58: Facing the Realm of the Undead
Chapter 59 War Refugees
Chapter 60 Barbecue Feast
Chapter 61 Idenia
Chapter 62 Bullying all the time
Chapter 63 Pain insensitivity
Chapter 64 Daisha
Chapter 65 Eucalyptus Cultivation
Chapter 66 Ready
Chapter 67 I finally got crabs
Chapter 68 Ghost Fleet
Chapter 69 Hell Civilization
Chapter 70: Cfontara Angelus
Chapter 71 Flying Dragon is Riding on the Face
Chapter 72 Death Orb
Chapter 73 The Book of Wisdom
Chapter 74: The Meeting of Inberron
Chapter 75 The Ritual Spiral of Death
Chapter 76 The Home of the True Ancestor
Chapter 77 Fight with absolute caution
Chapter 78: Dead Coffin Dragon King
Chapter 79 Breath of the Soul
Chapter 80 The Filth of the Dragon Emperor
Chapter 81: Unexpected Counterattack
Chapter 82: It seems stable like an old dog, but I'm really panicked
Chapter 83 Super Abbreviated Chant
Chapter 84: The Power of Destroying Lolita
Chapter 85: Brave Hell Fairy
Chapter 86: Skin on the front, right?
Chapter 87: The Heavenly Obstruction (The Fog)
Chapter 88: The Black History of Farewell to the Dead Coffin
Chapter 89 The end of the Dragon King, Zombie Susheng
Chapter 1 Riot Corpse Tide
Chapter 2 Destruction Magic
Chapter 3 The Moment of Peace
Chapter 4 The Conquest of the Giants
Chapter V Relief and Entertainment
Chapter 6 The Giant Banquet
Chapter 7 Fighting the Ten Heroes
Chapter 8 Transactions with the Tiger Boys
Chapter 9 Going home, but the home is gone
Chapter 10 The wise king of the forest, it's up to you
Chapter 11 The Little Days of the Dryad Nobles
Chapter 12 The End of the War
Chapter 13 Desires
Chapter 14 Innate Power Priority
Chapter 15 Slave Girl Silvi (Xiao Wu)
Chapter 16 Humans on the tip of the tongue
Chapter 17 The Giant and the Giant Mouse
Chapter 18 The world in the painting, the prelude to the comprehensive comics
Chapter 19 Star VS Ruo Heji
Chapter 20 Wishing to the Stars
Chapter 21 Deathmatch and Joyous Fight
Chapter 22 The words I wanted to hear the most
Chapter 23 The Mermaid's Tragedy
Chapter 24: Giving Victory
Chapter 25 The heights are too cold
Chapter 26 Guns are useless?
Chapter 27 The Defeat of the Noble
Chapter 28 The Shemale Meeting Division
Chapter 29 Shemale Talks Celebrates 70th Anniversary
Chapter 30: The Lion King Attacking
Chapter 31 The Flash Twins
Chapter 32 The Mutation of the Black Dragon King
Chapter 33 The ultimate big bang! Probably?
Chapter 34 Destruction Dragon King VS Thousand Blades Dragon King
Chapter 35: Alive is the winner
Chapter 36 Heroes of the Stars and Stripes
Chapter 37 Making the Best Use of Things
Chapter 38 Su Sheng Hei Lin Dragon King
Chapter Thirty-Nine The New Puppet
Chapter 40 The opening method is wrong
Chapter 41 Magical Modernization Battleship
Chapter 42 The Day of the Orc Army
Chapter 43 The naval artillery fires in unison
Chapter 44 Eagle strikes the sky?
Chapter 45: Terror and Disappointment
Chapter 46 The Reality That Can Only Be Escaped
Chapter 47 Loli's Expedition
Chapter 48 Victory?
Chapter 49 The southern route ends and the northern route reopens
Chapter 50: Big Meow Laerku, Little Meow Luo Keke
Chapter 51 Orcs board the ship
Chapter 52 Silvi VS Larku
Chapter 53 The enemy is too handsome, I can't bear to fight
Chapter 54: Long Loli Intervenes
Chapter 55 Remorse under the meteorite
Chapter 56: Capturing the Beast Ear Cute Girl
Chapter 57: The Difficult Anti-Imperialist Struggle
Chapter 58 Battle for the Mass Base
Chapter 59 Survival or Destruction? No need to think
Chapter 60 Without sacrifice, there will be no dawn
Chapter 61 The Six-Party Talks
Chapter 62 Partition Conference
Chapter 63 Game of Thrones
Chapter 64: More Children, More Trees
Chapter 65 The lion opens its mouth
Chapter 66 The strength of the orcs, the showdown of the fairies
Chapter 67 War Observation
Chapter 68 Battle of the 'Holy Tree Fairy'
Chapter 69 Novice Village
Chapter 70 Double Happiness
Chapter 71 The felled magic tree!
Chapter 72 The New Home of the Undead and the Dryad
Chapter 73 Porsche in Another World
Chapter 74 Humanism in the Eyes of Prediction
Chapter 75 Religious Wars
Chapter 76 Prenatal and postnatal care between father and daughter
Chapter 77 Hawker VS Miko VS Assassin
Chapter 78 Everything is ready to welcome the east wind
Chapter 79: The guns and guns that succeeded, the times have changed?
Chapter 80 God's Favor
Chapter 81: Luna's Steel Torrent
Chapter 82 Bang Bang Cannon
Chapter 83 The Saints Who Pounced on the Cobweb
Chapter 84: The Temple of the Resolutely Giveaway
Chapter 85 The illusion of being convinced: I can fight back
Chapter 86: Angel Turmoil
Chapter 87 Gold Coin Exchange Box
Chapter 88 Brother and sister blood
Chapter 89 The Battle of the Empire's Strongest Magicians
Chapter 90 Great Powers and Easy Teaching
Chapter 91 Peith Never Knows Her Spokesperson
Chapter 92: The Wishes of the Sacrificial Girls
Chapter 93: Peith's Scream, the Price of Taking the Stage
Chapter 1 The Kingdom of Titania
Chapter 2 Tank Battle! Times have really changed?
Chapter 3 Worries about the protagonist's halo
Chapter 4 My Master: The Joyful Lord
Chapter 5 The Holy Grail War
Chapter 6 Kotomine Kirei is a serious person
Chapter 7: Imagination: Playing with Loli Rin
Chapter 8 Tohsaka Rin, Loved by Kotomine Kirei
Chapter 9 The Work of Assassin
Chapter 10 In the name of the church, open the door to check the water meter!
Chapter 11 Caught a Human and Almost Got Killed
Chapter 12: There is a big gap between the appearances
Chapter 13 Shooting, double-barreled shotgun VS red and yellow double gun
Chapter Fourteen The First Command Spell
Chapter 15 Pisi Blood: Lancer
Chapter 16 Emiya Kiritsugu's Fear
Chapter 17 Director Ken Must Die?
Chapter 18 Meeting between teachers and students
Chapter 19 Pissy cried Kiritsugu's father
Chapter 20 The Stealer: Mr. Kim, the Enthusiastic Citizen
Chapter 21 The Call of Pleasure
Chapter 22: Die prematurely! Kirei wants to be a good person?
Chapter 23 Starting with the future heroine
Chapter 24 Pisi Double Kill: Berserker
Chapter 25: A New Journey to Pleasure the Master and Servant
Chapter 26 The knight is ruined by a plan
Chapter 27 Melee with Saber is indeed a death sentence
Chapter 28 The Three Kings Gather
Chapter 29 Old Worm's Olive Branch
Chapter 30: Emiya Kiritsugu Vs Tokiomi Tosaka, kill in seconds
Chapter 31: Those who are about to enter hell
Chapter 32 The King's Banquet, I Don't Dare to Participate
Chapter 33: The King's Army, Face to Face
Chapter 34 Avoid the enemy's edge, rear massacre
Chapter 35 Even if there are thousands of troops
Chapter 36: Pisi Three Kills: Rider
Chapter 37: The Four Kills of Pisi: Archer
Chapter 38: The Five Kills of Pisi: Caster
Chapter 39 Not Returned
Chapter 40: Awakening
Chapter 41 Class Cards
Chapter 42 Klauen Pis VS Arturia
Chapter 43 The Sword of Broken Stars
Chapter 44: That bunch, the dazzling darkness
Chapter 45: The Endless Battle
Chapter 46: Unlimited Experience Points
Chapter 47 The red and blue CPs are all fake
Chapter 48 The world is intertwined
Chapter 49 The New Moon under the Spring Night
Chapter 50 The People Left After the War and Mapo Tofu
Chapter 51: The Return of the Pleasant
Chapter 52 Magical Girl Illya
Chapter 53: The Broken Lily
Chapter 54 Two people turn
Chapter 55: Be Happy, Beauty Tour
Chapter 56 Demon Sect Confrontation
Chapter 57 Flash Stripes VS Gray Flower Marriage
Chapter 58: The New Moon of the Earth Shining on the Stars and Heaven
Chapter 59 Bow Lin VS Wild War
Chapter 60 Serial Traps VS Undead Heroes
Chapter 61 The Sleepless Night of the Holy Grail Lord
Chapter 62: The theft of Mao Bear's secrets
Chapter 63: The Revival of Theology
Chapter 64: The Wheel of History Rolls Over the Holy Grail
Chapter 65 Spring Day, Before the Opening
Chapter 66 It's All Tokiomi's Fault
Chapter 67: Meet the People's Teachers
Chapter 68 Is the US-Iranian alliance world-class?
Chapter 69 Indirect Kiss
Chapter 70 The Lion Tribulation from the Realm
Chapter 71 The choice between demons
Chapter 72 Matou Sakura is still the same
Chapter 73 Steno
Chapter 74 Little Anna
Chapter 75 Buy a Star Destroyer to play with
Chapter 76 Supplementing Magic Power, referred to as Replenishing Magic
Chapter 77 Black Swordsman (Mist)
Chapter 78 The Mysterious Heroine with a Hanging X
Chapter 79 The Battle of Four Lolita, Not Mahjong
Chapter 80 Magical Girl Resignation
Chapter 81 Illya's heart!
Chapter 82 Viper Art
Chapter 83 The Happy Emiya Shirou
Chapter 84: Mapo Tofu Breaking Through Passive Defense
Chapter 85 Shiro Avon Einzbern
Chapter 86 Summon Heroic Spirit VS Class Card Heroic Spirit?
Chapter 87 Lectures on Lion Tribulation
Chapter 88 Heroic Spirit Summoning
Chapter 89 Absolutely steal the spotlight Flat
Chapter 90 Jack the Ripper Little Lolita
Chapter 91 El-Melloi Incident Book
Chapter 92 Yuri Ellie
Chapter 93 Killing the Shadow of Heroic Spirits
Chapter 94 Underworld Fairy: Level 150!
Chapter 95 Traces of Level 100 Players
Chapter 96 Super Hellcat (Mist)
Chapter 97: Pisi does not know the good intentions of his compatriots
Chapter 98 You may not believe it, this is a magic war
Chapter 99 Planning for Level 100 Players
Chapter 100 Eat my big Ivan!
Chapter 101 Valley Fairy Mechanic
Chapter 102 The Pain of the Fallen Evil Spirit
Chapter 103: Francesca Pleratti
Chapter 104 Dr. Hartless and Faker
Chapter 105 The illusion of deceiving the world
Chapter 106 Son of Fu Hailin
Chapter 107: The Blood of Peith: Hephaestion
Chapter 108 Einzbern and Sorgen
Chapter 109 Klauen Pis VS Shiroai
Chapter 110 The first battle? Or the end game?
Chapter 111 The genius is here
Chapter 112 The Three Kills of Peith: Shiroai and Anna
Chapter 113 The Five Kills of Peith: King Arthur and Son
Chapter 114: The Demons Dance
Chapter 115 Seven kills! Break through the Holy Grail War overnight
Chapter 116 Leisure and Busy Dawn
Chapter 117 Active Supporting Actors
Chapter 118: Fate's Tradition of Extermination
Chapter 19: The passerby who killed Pisi in seconds
Chapter 120 The war ends before it begins
Chapter 1 Peith Tells No Stories
Chapter 2 The sacrificed sunflower
Chapter 3 Big Upgrade
Chapter 4 War Ghost Orphanage
Chapter 5 King, please pull out your dull hair
Chapter 6 The placement of the loli
Chapter 7 The Witch's Face Pinching
Chapter Eight Ten years later, go shopping
Chapter IX: Happy Condoning Crime
Chapter 10 The Destiny of Human Development
Chapter 11: No Invention in the Eyes of Science
Chapter 12 Mei Yi's Journey to Another World
Chapter Thirteen: Mei-Yi's Sewer Journey
Chapter 14 Meiyi's Tomb Raiders
Chapter 15 True and False Dragon King Night Party
Chapter 16 The Red Dragon and the Black Dragon
Chapter 17 The Alien from the Dead Zone
Chapter 18 The Rebellious Knight and the Dead Ruler
Chapter 19 Faith is firm, because the pain is not enough
Chapter 20 The joy of facing death calmly
Chapter 21 The Murderer in the Foggy Night
Chapter 22 The end of the tragedy, the opening of the fireworks
Chapter 23 Perpetual motion energy
Chapter 24 The Industrial Revolution
Chapter 25 Hello, Auntie
Chapter 26 Klauen Pis VS Absolutely Dead
Chapter 27 Light and Cannon
Chapter 28 Tanks crushing infantry
Chapter 29 Big Goblin VS Jack the Ripper
Chapter 30 Who is the one who is stunned?
Chapter 31 Black and white of chopping melons and vegetables
Chapter 32 Meiyou's Demon Slaying Experience
Chapter 33 Goal: King of Eight Desires
Chapter 34 The Wise Man's Crown
Chapter 35 Super Magic!
Chapter 36 Naruto Experience Coupon
Chapter 37 Greetings from Meiyou
Chapter 38 The daily life of the black three-star orphanage
Chapter 39 The City of the King of Eight Desires
Chapter 40: The Altar of Destruction
Chapter 41 Gorgon's Happy Ranch
Chapter 42 Give Little Anna a puppy to play with
Chapter 43 The super cute king is coming
Chapter 44: The Cute but Cruel Gorgon
Chapter 45 The heaven of God descends!
Chapter 46 Thor's Hammer that shatters everything
Chapter 47: Beatrice
Chapter 48: The Essence of the World in the Painting
Chapter forty-ninth plane conflict
Chapter 50 Resurrection! Nohara Lin! Then start the war
Chapter 51 Star VS Three Tails
Chapter 52 Desert Death Cavalry Regiment
Chapter 53 The Rebellious Tentacle Demon
Chapter 54: The Round of Destroying Lolita
Chapter 55 Nuclear explosion (pseudo)
Chapter fifty-six blood bath
Chapter 57 The Eight Desires King Really Knows How To Play
Chapter 58: The Guardian's Difficulties
Chapter 59 Treasures full of garbage
Chapter 60 Hand over the equipment that the thirteen heroes deceived!
Chapter 61: For Mom, I Sold My Dad
Chapter 62 The Advent Moon, the True Ancestor Comes
Chapter 63 Mapo Tofu Ramen Restaurant
Chapter 64 Goodbye, Kotomine Kirei
Chapter 65 Hello, Francesca
Chapter 66 The Song of Blasphemy, abbreviated below
Chapter 67 Snowfield
Chapter 68 Magic Crystal
Chapter 69 It suddenly became a sci-fi style
Chapter 70: Secret Leap, Assassination, Secret Movement
Chapter 71 Goodbye, the future of the Stars and Stripes
Chapter 72 Good Morning, Goddess of Venus
Chapter 73 Klauenpith VS Ishtar
Chapter 74 The Infertile Hell Demon Tree
Chapter 75 Hell Demon Tree VS Heavenly Bull
Chapter 76: Nuclear fusion strike comes to report
Chapter 77 The Snowfield of Nuclear Flat
Chapter 78: Grabbing the Artifact with Empty Hand
Chapter 79 Obtaining a Origin Bomb
Chapter 80 The Change of Titania
Chapter 81 Nohara Lin's Hope
Chapter 82 Successful escape!
Chapter 83: The Second Yvette in the Devil's Eye
Chapter 84 On the Magic Eye Collection Train
Chapter 85 Yvette's Small Goal
Chapter 86: It turns out that organ trading is so profitable?
Chapter 87: Gently dust off the sparks on the upper body
Chapter 88: Fate is like a cloud
Chapter 89 The Demon Eye of Bubble
Chapter 90: Starting Bidding with Small Targets
Chapter 91: Myth's Astray
Chapter 92 I read a lot, don't lie to me
Chapter 93 The lucky day of the krypton gold boss
Chapter 94: Rescue the Giants of the Imperial Palace
Chapter ninety-fifth calm teasing
Chapter 96 The King of Heroes is useless
Chapter 97 Attacks from the past!
Chapter 98 Abandoned Doll
Chapter 99: The Thirteenth Confinement Liberation, the Holy Spear Raises Anchor
Chapter 100 Darius Aindsworth
Chapter 101: The Destruction of Fuyuki City
Chapter 102 The Heroic Spirit of Rampads
Chapter 103 Origin Project Mass Production Plan
Chapter 104 The erosion of the heroic spirit, the skin grows taller
Chapter 105 It's time for the undercover
Chapter 106 Sunflower VS Darius! Can you win?
Chapter 107 It turns out that there are so many garbage heroic spirits
Chapter 108 Kill Snow Girl
Chapter 109 Attributes are mutually restrained
Chapter 110 Hell Fairy VS Underworld Goddess
Chapter 111 It's cool to win against the waves? It doesn't exist
Chapter 112 The Lady's Death Report
Chapter 113 The Last Night of Rest
Chapter 114 Shirou shall not be treated as a male lead
Chapter 115 The Two Sides of Calamity
Chapter 116: The Possibility of Going Home
Chapter 117 The Sorrows of the Little People
Chapter 118 The Millennium Little Lady
Chapter 19 The Big Stupid VS Little Lady
Chapter 120 Heroes Die as Villains
Chapter 121 Krypton Gold Theocracy: Gold 59 Form
Chapter 122 The Giant of the Empress Says It's Not Back
Chapter 123 Demigod VS Lord God
Chapter 124: The Cute and Terrifying Monster Gorgon
Chapter 125 Migalis VS Matou Sakura
Chapter 126 Emiya Shirou VS Julian
Chapter 127: Pleasant Bystanders and Leakers
Chapter 128 Hell's Goblin VS Pandora's Box
Chapter 129 Pandora's Box, Destroyed!
Chapter 130 Extreme Double Kill
Chapter 131 However, the worst move has not been used
Chapter 132 The Fall of the Doll, the Fall of the Giant
Chapter 133 American Tour Guide 90%
Chapter 134 It's time to find Lan Xiang
Chapter 135 Beauty Tour Favorability MAX
Chapter 136 I'm sorry, you're just a bastard C
Chapter 137 The Labyrinth of Fun
Chapter 138 The Son of the Underworld God
Chapter 139 Tanaka, I can't live without Pisi anymore
Chapter 140 Witness the returnees
Chapter 141 The silent sacrifice of the miscellaneous soldiers B
Chapter 142 Iron-headed Poison Princess: Ilushina
Chapter 143: Approaching God’s Giving
Chapter 144 Eating children
Chapter 145: Ten Tailed White Rabbits
Chapter 146 Feed the bunnies
Chapter 147: The Last of Alice No. 9
Chapter 148 Happiness comes knocking on the head
Chapter 149 Complex plans
Chapter 150 The Collapse of the Holy Kingdom
Chapter 151 The Past of the Guardians of the Eight Desires
Chapter 152 The Journey of the Two-Headed Dragon in Hell
Chapter 153 Prospects after the avalanche
Chapter 154 The 3+1 Fairy of Light's Prank Meeting
Chapter 155: The Encounter in the Dead Zone
Chapter 156 The departure of the two
Chapter 157: Stupid ancestral appetite
Chapter 158 Nostalgia for the Beautiful Monster
Chapter 159: Fate VS Overlord
Chapter 160 The sky falls!
Chapter 161 Momonga wants to call garbage production
Chapter 162 Death is the end of all life!
Chapter 163 So, Anna and Tanaka were resurrected
Chapter 164 Momonga wants to change jobs
Chapter 165 The tailed beast Chakra is not easy to use
Chapter 166 Naruto World Raiders Group
Chapter 167 Spiral Pill Study Class
The first sixty-eight chapters of the forest
Chapter 1 Uchiha Tsukune
Chapter 2 Lin: I'm so lonely, come and accompany me
Chapter 3 Sanwei VS Konoha, was hanged
Chapter 4 Kakashi's Anbu Arc
Chapter 5 Coral Kaleidoscope
Chapter 6 Leaving Konoha
Chapter 7 Dying in Sleep
Chapter VIII Alternating Sun and Moon
Chapter 9 Super Builders
Chapter 10 Talking about Uchiha Shishui
Chapter 11 The Reincarnator's Birth Date
Chapter 12 Challenge the little samurai with golden glitter
Chapter 13 Spiral Flash Super Wheel Dance and Roar Three Styles
Chapter 14 Heaven and Ghost Rain
Chapter 15 The Roots of the Struggle
Chapter 16 The Night of October Tenth
Chapter 17 Nine Tails: What is another god?
Chapter 18: Abandon and go to the battlefield
Chapter 19 Uzumaki Naruto and Uzumaki Angel
Chapter 20 Yuekui's New Dad
Chapter 21 Itachi Aotian
Chapter 22: Partitioning the Island of Giant Insects
Chapter 23 Mudun Cell Transplantation
Chapter 24 Science Seekers: Orochimaru
Chapter 25 Exposure! Filthy Earth Moonflower Reports
Chapter 26 Under the tutelage of Orochimaru and assassinating Hokage
Chapter 27 The three generations of Hokage are still very powerful
Chapter 28 Learning forbidden arts with Orochimaru
Chapter 29 The case of the white-eyed princess stealing the eye
Chapter Thirty
Chapter 31 Longdi Cave
Chapter 32 Immortal practice
Chapter 33 Snake Demon Anna VS Orochi Xinya
Chapter 34 The Companion's Controversy
Chapter 35 The Admired Uchiha
Chapter 36: The Technique of Ninja Shadow Clone Skipping Classes
Chapter 37 Sunflower VS Waterstop
Chapter 38 The Little Ten Tails in Different Spaces
Chapter 39 An Qi's Birth Gift Package
Chapter 40: The first chapter nine tails
Chapter 41: The Otherworld Transformed into a Fox Girl
Chapter 42: Punching the Villagers and Kicks
Chapter 43 The Confidant Goddess
Chapter 44 The Three Generations Visit
Chapter 45 The fox demon wants to go to school and the snake demon wants to work
Chapter 46 Eternal Kaleidoscope Eye-Opening Experiment
Chapter 47 Not a Qualified Father
Chapter 48 Forgive me, Sasuke, next time
Chapter 49 Fairy Nursery Diary
Chapter 50: The People Who Are Allergic to Kindness
Chapter 51 The Son of the Weather
Chapter 52 Nine-Tailed Chakra Resonance
Chapter 53 Thunder turns sunny and rainy
Chapter 54 After all, who saves whom?
Chapter 55 Forget, Capture Naruto's Nine Tails
Chapter 56 The four generations of Hokage that haunt the soul
Chapter 57 I'm going to fold Naruto's flag
Chapter 58 Kakino VS Jiaodu
Chapter 59 Recruitment notice of Xiao organization
Chapter 60 The marriage differences between Yuekui and Zhishui
Chapter 61 Widow before marriage
Chapter 62 Where is the Peace?
Chapter 63 Arrogant Itachi
Chapter 64 Konoha Dragon God
Chapter 65: Excuses for Pursuit of Strength
Chapter 66 Alfon Graduation
Chapter 67 The revolution is imminent
Chapter 68 During the conversation, Orochimaru died
Chapter 69 Blood Red Moon Night
Chapter 70 Sunflower VS Uchiha Itachi
Chapter 71 The Legacy of Fuyue: The Eye of Eternity
Chapter 72 Toshihata Chichihime
Chapter 73 Orochimaru is back!
Chapter 74 Killing the killing group hides their anger
Chapter 75: Midnight Fierce Lin
Chapter 76: The birth of Odaishewan
Chapter 77: Itachi True Biography Moon Aoi's Message
Chapter 78 The choice of Itachi true history
Chapter 79 Itachi true dream does not come true
Chapter 80: Itachi True Inheritance of Fuyue's Supreme Eye Technique
Chapter 81 Itachi true bloodline and future
Chapter 82 Itachi true biography of the flower of the eye
Chapter 83 The Fate of Itachi
Chapter 84 The Mystery of Itachi
Chapter 85 The Meeting of Itachi Ma
Chapter 86 Itachi Zhenzhuan said that stripping will kill
Chapter 87: Itachi True Biography Huang Liang Yi Dream
Chapter 88 The Root of Itachi true love
Chapter 89 Itachi True Deidara's Little Sister
Chapter 90: Itachi True Inheritance's Free Flying Duan
Chapter 91: Itachi May's Worry
Chapter 92: Itachi true biography hit encounter
Chapter 93 Itachi true sister and brother grab the order
Chapter 94: Itachi Shinji's Rescue Mission
Chapter 95: Itachi Zhenzhuan Lin VS Ghost Shark
The ninety-sixth chapter Itachi true biography of the dead are not afraid of the moon
Chapter 97 Itachi true biography chaos
Chapter 98 The Conquest of Itachi True Shadow
Chapter 99 Itachi true rumors to fight a team battle!
Chapter 100 Itachi true biography has no shortage of blue Kakashi
Chapter 101 Itachi true water fantasy
Chapter 102 Is Itachi True Passing Fengying Shameless?
Chapter 103: The Death of Itachi True Inheritance Sarutobi Rizao
Chapter 104 Itachi true world is still peaceful
Chapter 105 Itachi True Biography Sunflower VS Kakashi
Chapter 106 Itachi true biography goodbye Sasuke
Chapter 107 Itachi true biography to explore the truth
Chapter 108 Five Hokage: Shimura Regiment
Chapter 109 Nine Tails Song: Hokage is all crazy
Chapter 110 Tell a joke: Danzo is a good guy
Chapter 111 The successor of the four generations of Hokage
Chapter 112 Who is the Tool Man?
Chapter 113 The era of the pot king!
Chapter 114 The Inheritance of the Vortex
Chapter 115 This group is a bit good
Chapter 116 Class 9: Fairy Ninja Class
Chapter 117: Class 6: Nuclear Bomb Ninja Class
Chapter 118 The blooming kaleidoscope of flowers
Chapter 119 The teasing teaching of Mitarai red beans
Chapter 120: The Mission of the Land of Waves That Must Be Mentioned
Chapter 121 Little Trial Butcher's Knife
Chapter 122 The ancient bow of Maka in the sky
Chapter 1, 2, 3, the ghosts will not be killed again
Chapter 124 The seventh class in this article is the protagonist
Chapter 125 Swimming in the magic mirror ice crystals
Chapter 126 Winka's Eternal Kaleidoscope
Chapter 127: Two pillars of mediocrity
Chapter 128 Eight-foot Qionggouyu VS Tianyu Yuya
Chapter 129 The country of waves, a country without hope
Chapter 130: Sealing up and breaking my heart, wanting to expose the shocking secret
Chapter 131 Bribery to the Pot King
Chapter 132: Reincarnation Eye Fairy
Chapter 133 Konoha's foreign invasion
Chapter 134 Xiaozhi assists
Chapter 135 Thunder Sword
Chapter 136: The Divine Soldiers Are Dusted on the Weak
Chapter 137 Different characters, different consciousness
Chapter 138 Sister gave up treatment for Erzhuzi
Chapter 139 Xiao and Konoha's Big Eater Competition
Chapter 140 Hinata wins the game and loses the mission
Chapter 141 Two goblins vs a country
Chapter 142 Lingxian VS seventh class
Chapter 143 The Great Power War, Who Are the Victims?
Chapter 144 Linghu's Special Training
Chapter 145: Shadow of Glory
Chapter 146 Seeds of Darkness
Chapter 147 Want to attack Konoha? No way!
Chapter 148 Danzang is too busy
Chapter 149 The fox demon bestows the title of Feixian
Chapter 150: Born Against the Bone
Chapter 151 Two pillars still defected
Chapter 152 Konoha without Sasuke
Chapter 153 The man from the future
Chapter 154 Otsutsuki is coming, the fairies are so scared
Chapter 155: Pisi: I just came out and was gone?
Chapter 156 See the illusion of hills and mountains
Chapter 157 Fictional friends: Kurama Yakumo
Chapter 158 Evil Spirit An Qiya VS Fox Girl An Qi
Chapter 159: What for yourself? For whom?
Chapter 160 Ghost World Island
Chapter 161 It's Konoha again to make trouble
Chapter 162 The root of all evil begins with Konoha
Chapter 163 Naruto, your mouth is not valid for me
Chapter 164 The Lost Technology Tree
Chapter 165 Attack on Sonny
Chapter 166 Five generations of Naruto VIP is about to expire
Chapter 167 Shimura Danzo Salvation Story
Chapter 168 Xiao: I don't bear the blame of Danzang
Chapter 169 The first battle of Otsutsuki
Chapter 170 Pu-style retreats, peach-style resurrection!
Chapter 171 An Qi wants to ask for love
Chapter 172 The Spear of the Sky
Chapter 173 Only the villains will trouble themselves
Chapter 174 Sixth Hokage: Hatake Kakashi
Chapter 175 According to the bloggers, read 'The Prequel'
Chapter 176 The final claim
Chapter 177: Raise Naruto's Destruction Flag
Chapter 178 Fighting Otsutsuki again
Chapter 179 Anxiety
Chapter 180 There should have been six Otsutsuki
Chapter 181 pretending to be a coward
Chapter 182 Infield and Outfield
Chapter 183 Downwind
Chapter 184: People who play people, people are always playing
Chapter 185 Reversal, Final
Chapter 186 Xiao: I heard that someone is robbing business?
Chapter 187 Itachi talks about Otsutsuki, ghost shark VS Urasaki
Chapter 188: Otsutsuki Combined! Plan Failed?
Chapter 189 Fishman VS Birdman
Chapter 190 Brothers, fight together!
Chapter 191 The goblin begins to talk about love
Chapter 192 The end of brotherhood
Chapter 193 Farewell to the future
Chapter 194 Self-inflicted sin, but still want to live
Chapter 195: The Ten-Tailed Man Zhuli in Itachi's Eyes
Chapter 196 Fairies and Konoha Xiaoqiang
Chapter 197 The New Chunin Exam
Chapter 198: Defeat the invigilator and pass the exam?
Chapter 199: Ren Zhuli's Banquet
Chapter 200 Itachi True Biography: Friends Visiting Relatives
Chapter 201 Fight again! Sunflower VS Uchiha Itachi
Chapter 202 Is this scene a little familiar?
Chapter 203 Izanami
Chapter 204 Flash's Interception
Chapter 205 A bud from the sky
Chapter 206 Evil Eater Hinata
Chapter 207 The Chunin Exam Will Be A Moth
Chapter 208 A large wave of people is approaching
Chapter 209 Nine tails come out!
Chapter 210 Humans who bully the big fox
Chapter 211 Elopement with Nine Tails
Chapter 212 Playing with the Kurama
Chapter 213 Yayun's Destiny
Chapter 214 After the Nine Tails are released
Chapter 215 Zuo Ming came from afar, his family congratulated him
Chapter 216 Kui Guixiao, the start of the capture of the tailed beast
Chapter 217 The battle for the power of one tail
Chapter 218 The goblin puppet is stronger than the prototype?
Chapter 29: Wind and Shadows Are Art of Scorpions
Chapter 220 Scorpion Death, Kwai Danger
Chapter 221 The Eternal Moment of Eternal Calamity Art
Chapter 222 Capture the Nine-Tails Substitute
Chapter 223 Angel's Last Konoha Dinner
Chapter 224 The whirlpool defected! Uchiha ran away!
Chapter 225: A Luxurious Pursuit Team
Chapter 226: The Night Chase of Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 227 Alfon VS Sasuke
Chapter 228 Fox Girl An Qi VS Immortal Naruto
Chapter 229 Red and Gold, Black and White
Chapter 230 Miaomu Mountain Toad Army Expedition
Chapter 231 Konoha's Shinobi, Destroying Heaven and Earth
Chapter 232 The Great Toad Attack!
Chapter 233 Uncle Snake is here again, Uncle Snake is dead again
Chapter 234 Mars Captured by Cobwebs
Chapter 235: The web breaks, the spider dies
Chapter 236: The Advancement of Dawn
Chapter 237 Brother's Awakening, the Missing Tailed Beast
Chapter 238: Elfin Chasing Xiao Chuan
Chapter 239 Elfyn teaches you to catch tailed beasts easily
Chapter 240 Troubled Ninja World
Chapter 241: Phantoms, Phantoms and Phantoms
Chapter 242 The Awakening of Shion Miko
Chapter 243 The Battle of the Naruto Harem Group
Chapter 244 Darkness comes into being, the war is coming
Chapter 245 Konoha marches into Yuyin Village
Chapter 246 Face the conflict! Xiao VS Konoha!
Chapter 247 The tide of self-destructing corpses flocking to Konoha
Chapter 248 Payne died in the sixth battle, and the ghost shark was eaten by a shark
Chapter 249 Art is - Pai Daxing
Chapter 250 Xiaonan who disappeared with the light
Chapter 251 Nagato who suffered a backstab
Chapter 252 Wishing Deidara to become an art
Chapter 253 Akatsuki's retreat, Konoha's victory
Chapter 254 Newborn Xiao: Fairy Back Garden
Chapter 255 The Secret of Otsutsuki
Chapter 256 The value of Kaguya-kun Maro
Chapter 257 Reincarnation Eye VS Corpse Bone Vein
Chapter 258 Resurrection of Otsutsuki Otohime
Chapter 259 Yiji Returns to the House, Pisi Visitor
Chapter 260 Klauen Pis VS Otsutsuki Otoji
Chapter 261 Nuclear bombs do no harm at all
Chapter 262 Multiple Ensemble, Unlimited Firepower
Chapter 263 Yiji really has no intention of killing
Chapter 264 Shanshan's Powerful Ghost Yaluo
Chapter 265: The origin of the magic world is cut off
Chapter 266 Play the March of the Ninja World War
Chapter 267 It's not fun, goblins avoid war
Chapter 268 The Self of the Puppet
Chapter 269 Izanami, goodbye outside the illusion
Chapter 270 Battle Situation
Chapter 271 Uchiha Madara, it was decided that it was you
Chapter 272 Really Hokage Unparalleled?
Chapter 273 The first spot in the world VS open the seventh class
Chapter 274 Sunflower VS Gaara
Chapter 275 Angel Sweeps the Battlefield (Physical)
Chapter 276 Invite Lord Ban to eat and tell stories
Chapter 277 The Dying Sasuke
Chapter 278 Uchiha Madara's Konoha Night Tour
Chapter 279 Konoha Naruto F4 debuts
Chapter 280 Hashima and Madara's double flight
Chapter 281 The mountain of psychic coffins
Chapter 282 Turning enemies into friends, reincarnating coalition forces
Chapter 283 Eye-catching! Sister's true love for Sasuke
Chapter 284 Itachi is the second and fifth child of all organizations
Chapter 285 Jedi Offense and Defense
Chapter 286 The defeat of the god of ninjas
Chapter 287 Pisi looks so envious
Chapter 288 Four Chiyang Array VS Tianzhu Zhenxing
Chapter 289 Water Escape Plus Forbidden Technique VS Writing Wheel Eye Forbidden Technique
Chapter 290 The fierce battle caused by one eye
Chapter 291 Obito's peak moment in life
Chapter 292 The existence that even the world-destroying monsters are afraid of
Chapter 293 Angel VS Shion, seal VS seal
Chapter 294 Miko is the biggest variable?
Chapter 295 Sunflower, Master of Dreams
Chapter 296 Six generations of the same church
Chapter 297 Six Path Immortals: Do you buy plug-ins?
Chapter 298 The Ninja United Army is Destroyed (1/3)
Chapter 299 The Ninja United Army is Destroyed (1/2)
Chapter 300 Five Shadows go to battle, it's a free gift
Chapter 301 The Ninja United Army is Destroyed (2/3)
Chapter 302 Emergency, use the forbidden technique to defeat the forbidden technique
Chapter 303 Zuo Ming's plug-in has arrived
Chapter 304 Behind Uchiha Madara's pretense
Chapter 305 The Heart Turning Puppet Curse Drives the Sheep and Attacks the Tiger
Chapter 306 Hot-blooded mentor and apprentice combo
Chapter 307 Cause and Effect? ??Mary Killed by Hinata
Chapter 308 Xiao's defeat is too easy, more like a comedy
Chapter 309 The first blood in the fairy garden
Chapter 310 Konoha's Fierce Fangs
Chapter 311 Surprise! Three Thousand Worlds VS Millennium Kill
Chapter 312 Playing off, the skin is itchy and unbearable
Chapter 313 Some slots are ignored
Chapter 314 The Shock of the Final Weapon Girls
Chapter 315: The Ninja Alliance Destroys (9/10)
Chapter 316 Unburnable Youth
Chapter 317: The peacock is a tiger in the day, and the evening is like a night.
Chapter 318 Don't give Ye Kai a chance to play
Chapter Thirty-nine: The Destiny of Neji
Chapter 320 The dead save the world
Chapter 321 Daily persecution of sunflowers
Chapter 322 Blooming Cherry Blossoms
Chapter 323 The famous sword that saved the ninja coalition
Chapter 324 Ten Tais fight!
Chapter 325: No soreness in the waist, no pain in the legs, and a bad brain
Chapter 326 Dirty Earth Coalition VS Dirty Earth Coalition
Chapter 327 Dancing, Sunflower VS Konoha
Chapter 328 Anti-Ge, Kakino VS Itachi
Chapter 329 Containment, Wenkaworth VS Shishui
Chapter 330 Frontier, Ling Xian VS seventh class
Chapter 331: Soul Requiem, Granbell VS Nagato
Chapter 332 An Qi's Clearing, Nagato's Choice
Chapter 333 Sister's King Invitation to Naruto
Chapter 334 Sister's True Revelation to Sasuke
Chapter 335: The Retribution of Cause and Effect, the Defeat of Banye
Chapter 336 A cloud-piercing arrow, Master Ban will never see you again
Chapter 337 Calm no longer, Alfin VS Sasuke
Chapter 338 Four Black Yan Array, Angel VS Naruto
Chapter 339 Shion's blood, Nagato's mourning
Chapter 340 Ten-tailed Jade Rabbit VS Thousands of Hands
Chapter 341 One spit changes history?
Chapter 342 Golden Reincarnation Eye
Chapter 343 The situation is clear
Chapter 344 The end of the great melee
Chapter 345 Zuo Ming pulled back a game
Chapter 346 The Dark Eight Gates of Dunjia Formation
Chapter 347 The fateful confrontation between brothers and sisters
Chapter 348 This name is called: Good night
Chapter 349 Dark Eight VS Purple Gold Six Paths
Chapter 350 My sister gave Naruto my heart
Chapter 351 Watergate Killing Nudes, Dead Ghosts Sealed
Chapter 352 The Bark of the Loser
Chapter 353 The Vortex Angel Seal is Completed
Chapter 354 Phoenix Nirvana Reincarnation Technique
Chapter 355: Lord Ban's Return
Chapter 356 Six Daoban VS Konoha Zhongren
Chapter 357: Emperor Kai can still be rescued
Chapter 358 The feast of recovery
Chapter 359 The Alone Challenger to the Gods
Chapter 360 The mad are not mad, and the healer is not healed
Chapter 361 Kaguya: Can't play solo?
Chapter 362 The place to practice the king's fist
Chapter 363 Witch Goddess Sword
Chapter 364 The disaster of the candy house
Chapter 365 Ninjas are not afraid to send heads
Chapter 366 Customized scripts are always full of surprises
Chapter 367 Otsutsuki Otsuki Kaguya
Chapter 368 The crumbling moon
Chapter 369 The Bai Jue Legion Defends the Earth
Chapter 370 Kaguya guards human civilization
Chapter 371 The highlight moment of Bai Jue
Chapter 372 Kaguya is born again! She is cracked!
Chapter 373 The Black Demon battleship is coming from the underworld
Chapter 374 The Professional Team Behind Pisi Force
Chapter 375 Space Battleship VS Spaceman
Chapter 376 The flames in the fairy's back garden
Chapter 377 Memories can't save Kaguya
Chapter 378: Messy Witch
Chapter 379 How history is made
Chapter 380 The eternal death of the six immortals
Chapter 381 Mouth Escape and Harem, Naruto's Forbearance
Chapter 382 The Reverse Matryoshka Doll of Otsutsuki
Chapter 383 Fairy's Revenge on Humans
Chapter 384: Cause and Effect, Lin's Death and Afterlife
Chapter 385: The Severely Injured Pisi Wants the Box of Bliss
Chapter 386 The Joining of Ottoji
Chapter 1 Master the Core Technology of Naruto World
Chapter 2 Orochimaru's Way of Forbearance: If You Can't Beat It
Chapter 3 Uncle Snake is Evolving
Chapter 4 Watching Hokage in a Different World
Chapter 5 Necessary Evil
Chapter 6 I'm so happy for prostitution
Chapter 7 New Eyes
Chapter 8 Play, Cover Up, Lies
Chapter 9 Mini Gundam
Chapter 10 Sufficient and Necessary Conditions for a Just War
Chapter Eleven Main Fighter
Chapter 12 Andora, who is blessed with misfortune
Chapter 13 Lucky Day for the Victims of the Ninja World War
Chapter 14 Shell Organization
Chapter 15 Mechanical Goblin and Stitched Basilisk
Chapter 16 Absolutely Poor Children
Chapter 17 Righteous Cults, Evil Good People
Chapter 18 Destruction of Konoha (YES/NO)
Chapter 19 The Busiest Hokage in History
Chapter 20 The joy of being single for thirty years
Chapter 21 Isn't this kind of life good?
Chapter 22 Play Naruto Mobile Games in Naruto World
Chapter 23 Is it amazing to have clear eyes?
Chapter 24: The Descendant of Danzo's Diehard Loyalty
Chapter 25 Dedication of Konoha for the deceased parents
Chapter 26 Sealed Beast Nue Warcraft Nue
Chapter 27 Double surprise! Or fright?
Chapter 28 Naruto, where is your protagonist's halo?
Chapter 29 The Universe Between Your Fingers
Chapter 30 What is the significance of the evening elephant dancing
Chapter 31 Otoji feels itching intolerable
Chapter 32 The world is connected
Chapter Thirty-Three Days That Are Not Gossip
Chapter 34 Philosophy from the Fax Machine
Chapter 35: On the Demon of Zuo Ming
Chapter 36 Star Wars Begins with Nokia
Chapter Thirty-Seven, which came first, the giant or the back of the neck
Chapter 38 The Secret History of the Attack on Titan
Chapter 39 Mysterious Intervention
Chapter 40 Kill the second male protagonist
Chapter 41 Allen's plug-in: Di Ming!
Chapter 42 Peace remains! Nuclear peace!
Chapter 43 The world-class date of Pisi and Otohime
Chapter 44 The performance on the dragon veins
Chapter 45 Before planting trees and giving birth to babies, hide each other's hands
Chapter forty-six Saiyans and brain holes floating by
Chapter 47 Chuanmu ran away!
Chapter 48: Opening a Demon Sword, Muramasa
Chapter 49 The front and back of the gaze
Chapter 50: The Elegant Knight and the Crazy Killer
Chapter 51: Nelly Elle Big S
Chapter 52: Broken-faced Couple and Ghostly Learning Class
Chapter 53: Join Ten Blades, Do a Shot First
Chapter Fifty-Four Cirno, the Breaker
Chapter 55: Ice Essence
Chapter 56: The Palace Drama in the Void Night
Chapter 57 Neutra has no misfortune
Chapter 58 The protagonist group strikes!
Chapter 59 Aizen's resignation, the chaotic ten blades
Chapter 60: Uncle Lolita's Combination Showdown
Chapter 61 Let's make trouble, Demon Sword Muramasa
Chapter 62 Ten Blades Rebellion!
Chapter 63 Self-shattering Mirror Flowers
Chapter 64 Aizen Dance of the Dead
Chapter 65 Death Nemesis - Black Moon Halo
Chapter 66: Reverse it, the daughter of ghosts and gods
Chapter 67 The Rising of the Demon Sword
Chapter 68: The severed heart, the hell of this world
Chapter 69 From Hell! Jack VS Aizen
Chapter 70 True Flame Fairy Cirno
Chapter 71: Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds
Chapter 72 It was the yellow hair who killed the murderer
Chapter 73 Defeat, I have to look after Ichika in the end
Chapter 74 Aizen is Kakino's Best Encounter
Chapter 75 Bai Yiji's Express Delivery Delayed Signing
Chapter 76 Minutes of Star's Plane Experiment
Chapter 77 Starry Morning
Chapter 78: From Quartet to Quintet
Chapter 79 Fairy Law, Human Order
Chapter 80 The Arrival of the Long-lost God
Chapter 81: The Reappearance of the Fairy Miko Ji's Affair
Chapter 82 Fairy Skynet, Vientiane Oversight
Chapter 83: Humans Who Predicted the Predictions of the Goblin
Chapter 84 The parties start to move
Chapter 85: Bai Yiji's Field Trip
Chapter 86: Bai Yiji's Original Magic
Chapter 87 Forbidden Technique: Rapid Growth
Chapter 88 This is Pisi's makeup book
Chapter 89 The man who sits in the fairy temple as a harem
Chapter 90 Your harem is good, be my servant
Chapter 91 The Sister with a Brother and a Brother
Chapter 92 The creator of holy water
Chapter 93 Bai Yiji's Real Purpose
Chapter 94: Demont Cannon
Chapter 95 Ai Lulu, a chicken and a vampire cat
Chapter 96 Human Paradise, Kingdom Expedition
Chapter 97 The Kingdom's War Strategy
Chapter 98 The Siege of Andalus
Chapter 99 Life is endless, fighting is endless?
Chapter 100: A shot of 999, the equipment is full of explosions
Chapter 101 Onslaught from all sides, crowd VS elite
Chapter 102 Siege defeat
Chapter 103 The strong come out in large numbers
Chapter 104 Horned Eagle Magic Commando
Chapter 105 Death Draw
Chapter 106 The daughter of Andora
Chapter 107 Vacation and Escape
Chapter 108 Beauty and the Beast
Chapter 109 The Kingdom's Strategic Advance
Chapter 110 Paladin and Hydra
Chapter 111 The Power of Yggdrasil
Chapter 112 Dream Summons VS Sanctuary Throne
Chapter 113 Outside Harem Group VS Paladin Cheerleading Team
Chapter 114 Yayaka's Food Tour Behind the Enemy
Chapter 115 Eat a good meal and destroy the temple by the way
Chapter 116 God said that there is no way in the world
Chapter 117 Battles Without Combat
Chapter 118: It's the turn of the War Ghost Orphanage
Chapter 19 The Knight King of the Holy Kingdom
Chapter 120 Let's go forward, the new Holy Kingdom
Chapter 121 Dragon Kingdom does not use soy sauce
Chapter 122 The Elf Kingdom is not allowed to leave the team
Chapter 123 The polygonal love of the Elf King
Chapter 124: Pisi's remote forest area teaching support
Chapter 125 Seraph
Chapter 126 The Seven Kingdoms War, the war of the gods
Chapter 127 Titania VS Silian Church
Chapter 128 Overturning with a brace
Chapter 129 Sonny VS Mini Gundam
Chapter 130 Platinum Dragon King
Chapter 131 The Conquest of Rick Aganea
Chapter 132 The Death of Sugar
Chapter 133 Haha, you were tricked by goblins!
Chapter 134 Thirteen heroes are already peerless
Chapter 135 The new students of the Elf King Academy
Chapter 136 Hell Fairy Crash Course
Chapter 137 The Elf Princess Loves Her Father to Marry
Chapter 138: The Cousin of the Six Paths Immortal is here
Chapter 139: Degenerate Peace, the Enemy of Humanity
Chapter 140: His Majesty the Emperor is full
Chapter 141 Negotiations
Chapter 142: The Opinions of Different Historians
Chapter 1 The Day of Sickness in the Elf Queen's Palace
Chapter 2 Bai Yiji, let's go
Chapter 3 Otoji is back, Hokage's new trick
Chapter 4 Otsutsuki Otohime vs. the seventh class of the past
Chapter 5 Naruto's weakness is too obvious
Chapter VI Hollit Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
Chapter 7 Sunflower's Self-realization
Chapter 8 The elf king died suddenly!
Chapter 9 Cattleya's Puppet Queen
Chapter 10 Continued! Klauen Pith VS Otsuki Otsuhime
Chapter Eleven If You Can Only Love Me, Come and Kill Me
Chapter 12 The Day of Victory in the War = The Day of the Winner's Headache
Chapter XIII The Back of the Treaty of Yelantir
Chapter 14: Teach the Chinese to Prohibit Wearing Cheongsam
Chapter 15 The View of the Deadly Dead Sisters
Chapter 16 Isn't it common sense for children to play and get hurt?
Chapter 17 The Nightmare of the Banquet War Hedron
Chapter 18 The New Clothes of the God of War at the Banquet
Chapter 19 Banquet War Adults and Villains
Chapter 20 The Goblin Dance of the Banquet War Showman
Chapter 21 The Battle of the Banquet War Elves
Chapter 22 Banquet War Infernal Affairs
Chapter 23 Banquet War Bai Yiji Raiders
Chapter 24 Banquet War God Tree Sacrifice
Chapter 25 The weak Bai Yiji of the banquet war
Chapter 26 Banquet War Love and Pleasure
Chapter 27 Otsutsuki's Blessing
Chapter 28 The Children of Gaia and Alaya
Chapter 29 Black Industry Magic
Chapter Thirty: Piranha, Sariel
Chapter 31 Sally's Little Ambition
Chapter 32 Illusion Game Space
Chapter 33: The Titania Invasion
Chapter 34 Please enter the urn
Chapter 35 The First Line of Defense: The Garden of Void
Chapter 36 The first line of defense, breakthrough!
Chapter 37 The Second Line of Defense: The Mantle Labyrinth
Chapter 38 The second line of defense, expel!
Chapter 39 Momonga's New Journey, Imperial Exposition
Chapter 40: A brace, the angels are in turmoil
Chapter 41 Nothing to do with the overall situation, a little infighting
Chapter 42: Cordia and Sariel's Abacus
Chapter 43 The villain decides history with a single thought
Chapter 44: The Daily Life of the Fairy Hokage
Chapter 45 Between Humanity and Technology
Chapter 46: Brother and Sister's Last Recognition
Chapter 47: The Completely Frustrated An Qi
Chapter 48: Organism Patterns and Miko Inheritance
Chapter 49 Meiyou is homeless again
Chapter 50 Gap
Chapter 51: Migalis Returns to the Fruit
Chapter 52: Misinterpreting the Book of Law
Chapter 53 Do Goat People Eat Goats?
Chapter 54: If You Can't See the Light, You Can Adapt to the Darkness
Chapter 55: Sariel's Luxurious Diet
Chapter 56 The Principality of Randy
Chapter 57 Reconnecting Ruolu Ji and Destroying Lolita
Chapter 58 Time Paradox
Chapter 59 Back to the past
Chapter 60 Three Points Action
Chapter 61 The poor weak and helpless little princess
Chapter 62: The ignorant bone king who crossed for the first time
Chapter 63 ROUND1, Momonga VS Magic Moon
Chapter 64 Help me up! I still have to send it!
Chapter 65 ROUND2, Momonga VS Trio
Chapter 66 Intelligence Gap War
Chapter 67 Players who dare not accept reality
Chapter 68 Suspect Momonga is yellow, but no evidence
Chapter 69 Momonga facing reality
Chapter 70 This is the real job
Chapter 71 Friendship Test
Chapter 72 The Journey of Time Ends
Chapter 73 The passer-by passes by
Chapter 74 Quanzhen Volcano Tower Defense
Chapter 75 Nephthys, the Empress
Chapter 76 The Journey to the Sea City
Chapter 77: Entering the New World
Chapter 1 Golden Dawn, Peith's Holiday Story
Chapter 2 The BOSS on the science side was once young
Chapter 3 Crownpeace VS Crowley, playful battle
Chapter 4 Crownpeace VS Crowley, the battle of life and death
Chapter 5 Fantasy Killer
Chapter 5 Fantasy Killer
Chapter 6 Magic Name: Call666
Chapter 7 The world lacks love!
Chapter VIII Phrapes V Gropius
Chapter 9 Butterfly Storm
Chapter 10 Dark City
Chapter 11 Accelerator Adventures
Chapter 12 Extortion
Chapter Thirteen Saying Goodnight at Accelerator's Home
Chapter 14 It will be hanged upside down after all
Chapter 15 The Unfortunate Touch of the Fantasy Killer
Chapter 16 Accelerator and Angel's Good Morning
Chapter 17 The first heart-warming date
Chapter 18 The Alternation of Fire and Thunder
Chapter 19 Fury, Accelerator VS Misaka Mikoto
Chapter 20 The Nightmare One Step To Death
Chapter 21: Flanda and Pess are one and the same
Chapter 22 The real battle is not a duel
Chapter 23 The younger sister repels the prototype
Chapter 24 Spirit***
Chapter 25: Flanda's Private Life Revelations
Chapter 26 Premonition, Despair
Chapter 27 Angel Olive Branch, Mikoto votes
Chapter 28 Call the police and make Sister Pao the villain
Chapter 29 Blackened Railgun
Chapter 30 Revenge, Misaka Mikoto VS Accelerator
Chapter 31 Who expected the ending?
Chapter 32 The Transition and Destruction of 'SCHOOL'
Chapter Thirty-Three Phoebe, Jenny in the Fridge
Chapter Thirty-Four Plans Are Again Pointless
Chapter 35 Anbu Fairy Rectification Movement
Chapter Thirty-Six The Gospel of the Humpkin Party
Chapter 37 The Battle of Anbu
Chapter 38 Fengqin foraging outside school
Chapter 39 Angel Falls
Chapter 40 Two Level 5 sisters
Chapter 41 This knife is poisonous (licking)
Chapter 42 Angels love sweets
Chapter 43 Great Magic Steal
Chapter 44: The Great Shift of the World Between Your Fingers
Chapter 45 Angel VS Misha
Chapter 46 The Human Crisis That No One Knows So Far
Chapter 47 Anbu was attacked by citizens
Chapter 48: The Messenger of Justice
Chapter 49 Darkness and light, props group VS gun sister group
Chapter 50 Victory, Mutation
Chapter 51 Tokiwadai's Most Reliable Rescue
Chapter 52: Excessive use of machines will degenerate skills
Chapter 53 Thunder Giant Strike
Chapter 54: Their respective battlefields
Chapter 55 Fremea School Day
Chapter 56 Angels and gods are close at hand
Chapter 57 Urban legends are true
Chapter 58 Loli Time
Chapter 59 The Five Elements Organs of the Imaginary Math Area
Chapter 60 The Manuscript of the Book of Law
Chapter 61 The Roman Orthodox Church
Chapter 62: Lily Black of a Certain Science
Chapter 63: Naruto Eliza
Chapter 64: Competitors in the Kidnapping Business
Chapter 65: Competitors to Maintain Order
Chapter 66 Rivals Who Declared War
Chapter 67 Competitors of the Disciplinary Committee
Chapter 68: Competitors who guard their companions
Chapter 69 Multi-talented VS Railgun
Chapter 70 Want to fight the darkness? Line up later
Chapter 71 Infection Guardian
Chapter 72 The Restlessness of the Angel of Science
Chapter 73 Kamijou forces prepare to intervene
Chapter 74 The nuns who are not doing their jobs properly
Chapter 75 The hostage should look like a hostage
Chapter 76 Induction War
Chapter 77 Climbing the Tower of Babel
Chapter 78 Science VS Magic
Chapter 79: Yogula-Intner Technique
Chapter 80 The Defense of Endinion
Chapter 81 Fatal Injuries
Chapter 82: Multiple Choice Questions for Kamijou's Forces
Chapter 83 Dying all superpowers black
Chapter 84 The Dragon's Head Shocked
Chapter 85 The Hope of Salvation
Chapter 86 Constant Temperature Death
Chapter 87 Franpis, come!
Chapter 88 VS Kamijou forces
Chapter 89 VS Unprofessional Sisters
Chapter 90 VS Dragon King's Jaw
Chapter 91 VS Inspiration of the Flame
Chapter 92 VS Push Tower Four Elements
Chapter 93 VS Demon Slayer
Chapter 94: The Chronicle of Flapis (1)
Chapter 95: The Chronicle of Flapis (Part 2)
Chapter 96: The Chronicle of Flapis (Part 2)
Chapter 97 Return to Oneness
Chapter 98: Phorapis: Level 300+
Chapter 99 The work of the president of Loli
Chapter 100 As we all know, Level0)Level5
Chapter 101 The Golden Talks Through Time
Chapter 102 Expedition to the Blue Sea and Silver Beach
Chapter 103 The Girl Who Calls the Sea
Chapter 104 Gold Experience
Chapter 105: Ordinary People Who Can't Play Fairies
Chapter 106 The origin of the specimen
Chapter 107 Imperceptibly
Chapter 108 The Artificial Miracle Project
Chapter 109 The only misfortune in luck
Chapter 110: Amakusa-style cross sect
Chapter 111 The Song of Miracles, from a different perspective
Chapter 112 The Extreme Arrow of the Big Dipper
Chapter 113 Pray for the God of Destruction of Light
Chapter 114 The Opposite Side of the Coin
Chapter 115 The Devil and the 103,000 Magic Books
Chapter 116 Bomb Magic Tower
Chapter 117 The Three Thousand Battlefield
Chapter 118: 100% Take the White-Edged Sword
Chapter 19 Star VS Kanzaki Kaori
Chapter 120 Win or lose is not important
Chapter 121 Tanaka Night Tour
Chapter 122 Brave Ghana Shenhua
Chapter 123 Flanda is a good deed every day
Chapter 124 Challenge the Starry Sky Bullet
Chapter 125 The Battle of the Sky
Chapter 126 The Rod of God
Chapter 127 The Battle Hymn ends
Chapter 128: Working Overtime to Make a Mobile Church
Chapter 129 The guests of the Daba Star Festival line up
Chapter 130 Good people reward Flanda
Chapter 131 Daba Star Festival Annoying Sweeper
Chapter 132 Daba Star Festival Bee and Goblin
Chapter 133 Daba Star sacrifices to the queen bee for a partner
Chapter 134: Daba Star Festival Scarlet Sunshine
Chapter 135 Daba Star Festival molesting Bo Dewei
Chapter 136 The visitors of the Daba Star Festival
Chapter 137 Daba Star sacrifices bees and ants for pets
Chapter 138 Daba Star Festival Electromagnetic Magic Terrorist Attack
Chapter 139 The Triangular Vinegar Altar of Daba Star Festival has been turned over
Chapter 140 Daba Star Festival Rose Valley
Chapter 141 Daba Star Festival Spare Tire Miss
Chapter 142 The Darkness Before Dawn
Chapter 143 The trick-or-treating game
Chapter 144 The Anti-British Anti-American Front
Chapter 145 Ya Niang?
Chapter 146 The Broken Girl's Golden Dream
Chapter 147 Kihara Genetics
Chapter 148 The Golden Dawn Crimson Sunshine
Chapter 149 Dreams are broken, history has never really shown
Chapter 150: The Religion of Phranpis
Chapter 151 The Madman's Consciousness
Chapter 152 World War Without Gun Smoke
Chapter 153 The Black Dwarf
Chapter 154: Head up? Bow down?
Chapter 155 The Indians who bow their heads
Chapter 156 The Martian
Chapter 157: The Man Who Brought Flapis to Defeat
Chapter 158: Flapis VS Orells
Chapter 159 Blood Red October
Chapter 160 Prison Break Storm
Chapter 161 The Experiment on Holism
Chapter 162 The Fall of the Outer Wall
Chapter 163 The Magic Girl Group 'GROUP'
Chapter 164 The beneficiaries of the Black May
Chapter 165 The girl who approaches Accelerator
Chapter 166 The hero in the hearts of sinners and children
Chapter 167 Koga Demon Ninja
Chapter 168 Destined, Flanda VS Mikoto
Chapter 169 Don't have any longing for the eldest lady
Chapter 170 One step away, Fran) (up to
Chapter 171 Human Resource Planning
Chapter 172 Picked up a night seabird
Chapter 173 Shadows in the Darkness
Chapter 174: The Fire of the Sacrificial Fire
Chapter 175: One Billion Intercepted
Chapter 176 Magical Ability VS Science Magician
Chapter 177 Alien War
Chapter 178 Killing Time and Space
Chapter 179: Level 5 groups participate in the war
Chapter 180 Accelerator VS Black Night Seabird
Chapter 181 The hero hunt is a fierce battle
Chapter 182 Angel Dragon, Black Hole, Wormhole
Chapter 183: The reason to become a rebel
Chapter 184 In the hands of Omi, the duty of the Demon Ninja
Chapter 185 Is there a difference between a hero and a crime?
Chapter 186 The flag of death is a Severon tradition
Chapter 187 Monster War
Chapter 188 The Holistic Competent
Chapter 189: Swapping opponents
Chapter 190: The Way of Fighting for Top Students
Chapter 191 Favoritism, scapegoating
Chapter 192: Flame Dragon, Blind Dragon
Chapter 193 Academy City ah ah ah
Chapter 194 The God of the System, Early Spring as Lee
Chapter 195: The Boy Who Flies Pisi with One Punch and Seconds
Chapter 196: Phorapis VS Shiban Junba
Chapter 197 Challenge the realm of God with a non-God body
Chapter 198 Ants also have obsessions
Chapter 199 The Cockroach Doctor and the Self-exploding Nurse
Chapter 200 Bloodless battle, the game is over
Chapter 201 Brain Cannon Sister
Chapter 202 Anti-Magic Drive Armor A.A.A.
Chapter 203 Drive!
Chapter 204 Kick the Door Closed by God
Chapter 205 Cockroach AIM Thinking Body
Chapter 206: The Ritual of the Behind the Scenes
Chapter 207 The Opposite Side of Miracles
Chapter 208: A Successful End (Mist)
Chapter 209 Misaka Mikoto is in urgent need of charging
Chapter 210 Spy on the Black Hole
Chapter 211 The Third World War!
Chapter 212 Accelerator's Confession
Chapter 213 Who is the attacker?
Chapter 214 An angry fox girl is not as good as a dog
Chapter 215 Su Sheng, the Absolute Servant
Chapter 216 Self-Choose the Path of Death
Chapter 217 There is no happy ending
Chapter 218 The physical mouth of the protagonist group PK
Chapter 29: Stealing a Life
Chapter 220 Christmas Special
Chapter 221 Misaka Mikoto continues to blacken
Chapter 222 The Black Bee Party ascends
Chapter 223 Extremely Ordinary Hot Springs
Chapter 224 The Cabinet of the Elf Royal Family (Xiao Wu)
Chapter 225 The elves don't want to be reincarnated in another world
Chapter 226 Renewed Addiction Patients
Chapter 227 Cancer of the Earth: Kamijou Touma
Chapter 228 The Star of Bethlehem
Chapter 229 Killing Angel VS Angel of Water
Chapter 230 The Reliable and Powerful Cynthia
Chapter 231 Cynthia VS Fire on the Right
Chapter 232 The Star that Falls into the Sea
Chapter 233 Pure encounter outside the vortex
Chapter 234 Earth Crisis, The Protagonist Is In Crisis
Chapter 235 The Quest for the Overall Consciousness of the Misaka Network
Chapter 236: Harmless Nuclear Bombs (jinhua)
Chapter 237: The wings of white that stand tall
Chapter 238 The People Who Are Still Saved
Chapter 239 Find the maid next door to Kamijou to play
Chapter 240 Conflict intensifies, military and political situation
Chapter 241: Entering Hawaii
Chapter 242 Who are the terrorists?
Chapter 243 Killing Spacecraft
Chapter 244 Violent bomb disposal experts
Chapter 245 Look at this soul without mercy
Chapter 246 Volcanic eruption! No, detonate!
Chapter 247: The Chronicle of the Mercenaries Landing at Pearl Harbor
Chapter 248 Ghost Fleet VS Kamijou Force
Chapter 249 Innocent children?
Chapter 250 Decided to die
Chapter 251 The Battle of Kauai
Chapter 252 Who Killed the President?
Chapter 253: The Battle of Lindy Blushack
Chapter 254 The Art of Choosing One
Chapter 255 Dora the Watcher
Chapter 256 Pisi's ultimate clone
Chapter 257 It may also end like this
Chapter 258 Artifact Order
Chapter 259 The young man walks alone
Chapter 260 Double Eleven Plan
Chapter 261 See the early spring again
Chapter 262 VS Science Guard
Chapter 263 VS Four Million Enemy
Chapter 264 VS Body Art Engineering
Chapter 265 VS defective products
Chapter 266 VS Standing in the wood of millions of lives
Chapter 267 VS Kihara who pursues death
Chapter 268 VS Real Demon God
Chapter 269 VS Infinite Possibilities One-Eyed Ji
Chapter 270 VS Human Hate Collective
Chapter 271 VS Individuals Beyond Human Nature
Chapter 272 VS False Vertex of Academy City
Chapter 273 VS Apocalypse
Chapter 274 VS upcoming challenger
Chapter 275 VS and the Dark Fighter
Chapter 276 VS Thor Electronic Darling
Chapter 277 VS Almighty God wielding a warhammer
Chapter 278 VS Those who are punished by God
Chapter 279 VS differentiation interests
Chapter 280 VS Demon God's Enemy Destroying Miracles
Chapter 281 VS The already crazy coalition
Chapter 282 VS The challenger who reaches the end
Chapter 283 VS Librarian The Queen of Magic
Chapter 284 The end of the world, the changing world
Chapter 285 The phase of the girl, hundreds of billions
Chapter 286 Come on, let's go to hell, come on
Chapter 287 The short-lived ordinary high school student
Chapter 288 RC OCCULTICS
Chapter 289 In hell, stand by his side forever
Chapter 290 This may also be a happy world
Chapter 291 A.A.A. Custom Made by Sister Gun
Chapter 292: Ordinary High School Students Seeking God
Chapter 293 The perfect dollhouse
Chapter 294 Ordinary death is around
Chapter 295 Want to block God? No need to line up
Chapter 296 Run, or your sweetheart will die
Chapter 297: The Wings Against the World
Chapter 298 Missile Battleship
Chapter 299 Peith has no love for revenge dramas
Chapter 300 World Blockade
Chapter 301 Nuclear War
Chapter 302 Kamijou's Peace of Mind
Chapter 303 Pale Pale
Chapter 304 Despair, or the express goal of
Chapter 305 VS Hundreds of Billions of Gods
Chapter 306 VS The man with the power to save the world
Chapter 307 VS The Twister of Original Sin
Chapter 308 VS Pisi's Unconscious Suffering
Chapter 309 VS She who should not be the enemy
Chapter 310 VS Pisi's Pair Begins
Chapter 311 VS Pisi's Pair on
Chapter 312 VS Pisi's Pairs
Chapter 313 VS Pyth's Pairs
Chapter 314 VS Pisi's Pair Broken
Chapter 315 VS The Ancient Magic Kingdom
Chapter 316 VS Guardian Saint's curse of curse
Chapter 317 VS Triple Four Colors Most Enchantment
Chapter 318 VS Industrial Fog and Black Tea Capital
Chapter 39 VS Kamui Confusion
Chapter 320 VS Slaughtering Nightmare Four Blades
Chapter 321 VS Inverse Origin Puzzle 545
Chapter 322 VS Demon who poisons people's hearts
Chapter 323 VS Isis Demeter
Chapter 324 VS Tefnut Artemis
Chapter 325 VS '???'
Chapter 326 Demon God - Klauen Piss!
Chapter 327 Laura Stewart's Doubt
Chapter 328 Ordinary Demon God VS Ordinary High School Students
Chapter 329 Swing the world of nothingness
Chapter 330 Approval, Denial, or Love?
Chapter 331 Pale becomes a juvenile pet
Chapter 332 The Journey to Denmark of the Enemy of Mankind
Chapter 333: A hospitable death for the dependent mother and son
Chapter 334: Virtuous Navigation is more painful than Accelerator
Chapter 335 Anna Sprengel
Chapter 336 Is the inflation rate only 2 billion?
Chapter 337: The Demon Sword of World Destruction
Chapter 338 Compared to destroying the world, love is the key
Chapter 339 Companions increased?
Chapter 340 Let's start a safe self-driving tour
Chapter 341 The real and cruel scientific vanguard
Chapter 342 The sightseeing line is my escape route
Chapter 343 When the level boss frys old rice
Chapter 344 Use your mouth to escape this time
Chapter 345 Rest for a while
Chapter 346 Elites gather in the decisive battle
Chapter 347 The coalition has been surrounded by Pisi
Chapter 348 The heroine who falls from the sky, she will always come
Chapter 349 Surprise! The final boss turned out to be her
Chapter 350 Failed Humans
Chapter 351 The Sword of Heaven
Chapter 352 This is also a serious beginning
Chapter 353 This is also the end of the world
Chapter 354 The World War Comes Down to the Cosmic Hypothesis
Chapter 355 Battle, Rabbit Gray's House
Chapter 356 The Gemini Witch who Betrayed
Chapter 357 Stealing Graves and Digging Tombs
Chapter 358 Gold strikes from the other shore!
Chapter 359 God by the Witch VS Golden Dawn
Chapter 360 Maybe, being weak is also a kind of luck
Chapter 361 Free Britain
Chapter 362 The wrong demonstration of the hand of pickup
Chapter 363 When Ma and the Three Girls' Small Theater
Chapter 364 Prepare to invite the next dream girl
Chapter 365 The toad boy flying with the swan
Chapter 366 Coronzon
Chapter 367 The teenager broke through the limit of not being a human being
Chapter 368 Dawn on the coastline
Chapter 369 Peith is single-minded to Flanda
Chapter 370 Magical Girl Dion Fuchun
Chapter 371 Doomsday and Leisure Girl
Chapter 372 When playing around, the world is already at peace
Chapter 373 Some gods are dead, but still alive
Chapter 374 Flanda's Overseas Work
Chapter 375 When I realize I'm just a cartoon character
Chapter 376 The God of Crime Prevention Day and the Tortured Fans
Chapter 377 Perhaps, this is also a daily
Chapter 378 God VS God
Chapter 379 Yiji VS Sengzheng, Six Paths and Six Paths
Chapter 380 On that day, the number of demon gods increased
Chapter 381 Then, the number of demon gods decreased
Chapter 382 The Lord of the Harem of the Slaughtering Demon God
Chapter 383 Right hand, mouth gun, two-pronged approach
Chapter 384: The Heavenly Punishment for the Harem Men
Chapter 385 Shangli forces, do not compete with each other
Chapter 386 Yiji VS Niangniang, just play
Chapter 387 The Painful and Happy Nun's Residence
Chapter 388 The correct attitude of ideal exile
Chapter 389 Crowley's Cry: Demon Cooking
Chapter 390: Fantastic power: Pisi's skin is torn
Chapter 391 Kamijou VS Shangri, the power competition
Chapter 392 When Ma wins the lottery: when it decides to live or die
Chapter 393: Harmonious Like Before the Storm
Chapter 394 The Queen does not send benefits when she takes a bath
Chapter 395 Accelerator Don't Clone An Qi
Chapter 396 Centennial Ceremony, Battle on Top
Chapter 397 It was the yellow hair who killed Crowley
Chapter 398: Nuclear Level Disposal of Population Surge of One Billion
Chapter 399 An Unscientific Student Council President
Chapter 400: The Final Battle of Pisi and Touma
Chapter 401 Merry Christmas
Chapter 402 From then on, they turned into parallel lines
Chapter 403 Landing on Mars, the reason why dreams come true
Chapter 404 If God wants to commit sins, he will fulfill your wishes
Chapter 1 will eventually face, a century of aftershocks
Chapter 2 Dryad Patriarch: Doriad
Chapter 3 Sloppy Fire Reconnaissance
Chapter 4 Indestructible Objects
Chapter 5 The Player's Counterattack
Chapter 6 Throwing Into the Open Cobweb
Chapter 7 Guild War Enemies Are Weak Humans
Chapter 8 Guild War Ariadne System
Chapter 9 The gas trap blocked by the guild war
Chapter 10 Guild War Bloodless Beast Cage
Chapter 11: Obviously Super Powerful But Too Cautious
Chapter 12 Imperial Power and Yayaka
Chapter 13 The reason for the war
Chapter 14 The naval artillery hits handsomely, but it doesn't hurt
Chapter 15 Guild Wars: The Fall of the Floor Guardian
Chapter 16 Guild Wars: The Possibility of Foreign Aid
Chapter 17 Guild Wars: The Movement of the Ecclesiastical Nation
Chapter 18 Guild Wars: Punching Cotton
Chapter 19 Guild Wars: Fluder Lecture Hall
Chapter 20 Guild Wars: The Battle of the Siege
Chapter 21 Guild Wars: Nixfia
Chapter 22 Guild War: Retreat
Chapter 23 Guild Wars: The Devil's Shot
Chapter 24 Summary of Imperial Maritime City Survey
Chapter 25 The Daughter of the Great Nobles
Chapter 26 The Road of Connection
Chapter 27 The Companions of the Six Gods
Chapter 28 The Luxurious Dollhouse
Chapter 29: The Reward for Guarding the Fairy
Chapter 30 Devil Summons
Chapter 31 Devouring, the devil who steals
Chapter 32 After the Harvest of the Church
Chapter 33 The Importance of Girlfriend Setting
Chapter 34 A World Without Privacy
Chapter 35 News of the Artifact Discovered
Chapter 36 Various crimes
Chapter 37 Blood Chains of Gods
Chapter thirty-eight ancient dream guests
Chapter 39 The First Eternal Life Contractor
Chapter 40: The Tragedy of Pursuit of Eternal Life
Chapter 41 The Killer
Chapter 42: The Human Who Makes the Succubus
Chapter 43: Irut's Aftermath
Chapter 44: The Arson Case in the Harem Caused by the Rubik's Cube
Chapter forty-five
Chapter 46 The girl is exploring
Chapter 47 The girl is praying
Chapter 48 The Last Floor Guardian
Chapter 49 Clearing the trap
Chapter 50 The Feast of Eternal Life in the Temple
Chapter 51 Suspected world-class props are located
Chapter 52 The Transcendents
Chapter 53 Summit
Chapter 54 Ainz's Gorgeous Life
Chapter 55 Reconciliation
Chapter 56 Hecartier
Chapter 57 The courage to accept donations
Chapter 58 The expected terrorist attack
Chapter 59: A blow to the head of the fairy temple
Chapter 60 Strong Enemy
Chapter 61 Victory and Death
Chapter 62 The Fairy Temple Never Shakes
Chapter 63: The Marquis's Daughter in the Imperial Rebellion
Chapter 64 The Prince's Reason for Rejecting the Princess
Chapter 65 The grand dream of mankind's immortality
Chapter 66: Orthodox Nobility VS Rebellious Royal Family
Chapter 67: Doing Everything
Chapter 68 Black Masks Everywhere
Chapter 69 God's Parade Training Ceremony
Chapter Seventy
Chapter 71 Before the strength, the three views are all small problems
Chapter 72: Miss's Mysterious Fury
Chapter 73: Jealousy at the Physiological Level
Chapter 74 Corporal Punishment of Alice
Chapter 75: Feng Beast Nue's big news plan
Chapter 76 Sealed Beast Nue VS Faceless
Chapter 77 The Profit and Loss of Fishing Law Enforcement
Chapter 78 Saying Goodbye to the Old and Welcome to the New
Chapter 79 The Eighteen Patriarchs of Titania
Chapter 80 The strongest mushroom grows up
Chapter 81: The Difficulty of Traveling in Titania
Chapter 82 Alchemy Puppet Fairy
Chapter 83: Under the Capital of God
Chapter 84 The inevitable process before PVN
Chapter 85 Ann Collier Transforms Angels
Chapter 86: Huan Yue's Portrait Rights Are Infringed
Chapter 87 Top-level copy, the residence of the devil
Chapter 88 The handshake meeting of the strong
Chapter 89 The first blue bottle
Chapter 90 Fantasy is only for those who have a firm belief
Chapter 91 King Trading
Chapter 92 The Lord of the Tomb and the Knights of Hades
Chapter 93 Everyone is a familiar face
Chapter 94 The thoughts of two level 75 undead
Chapter 95: The Raiders Group in the Eyes of the Bone King's disciples
Chapter 96 Step In
Chapter 97 Super Three Company
Chapter 98 The Incarnation of the Dark Goddess Feng Rang
Chapter 99: The Weak People Who Can Use Their Position
Chapter 100 The battle position before the start of the strategy was wrong
Chapter 101 The Universality of the Hexagonal Warrior
Chapter 102 Raiders begin!
Chapter 103 Monsters Are Not Evil
Chapter 104 Irregular customs clearance route
Chapter 105 The only way
Chapter 106 Meet on a narrow road, don't be a hero
Chapter 107: The Innate Ability of Despair
Chapter 108 She Inherited the Layman Guoxin
Chapter 109 A slippery shovel overcomes difficulties
Chapter 110 The Desire of the Powerful
Chapter 111 Interlude outside the labyrinth
Chapter 112 Ainz's Gift to His Disciples
Chapter 113 Messet's super-evolutionary death queen
Chapter 114 Meiyou is the Bone King's lifelong enemy
Chapter 115 Saying Goodnight in the Devil's Residence
Chapter 116 Snuggle, Anna has a compatriot
Chapter 117: The Final Boss of the First Labyrinth
Chapter 118 Give up your soul!
Chapter One Nineteen
Chapter 120 Eternal Guardian [Alter]
Chapter 121 Which side is the monster?
Chapter 122 The time of invincibility is over
Chapter 1, 2, and 3: The Destructive Outbreak
Chapter 124 Crazy scraping on the BOSS
Chapter 125 This level is won
Chapter 126 Mandatory checkpoints
Chapter 127 Triple Magic Fortress
Chapter 128 Prepare to shake people
Chapter 129 Please enter the mandatory level for the next group
Chapter 130 The Monster Cage City in the Eyes of the Bone King
Chapter 131 Stunning and Pulling the Hip
Chapter 132 I can't even get experience!
Chapter 133 The upgrade experiment of gambling
Chapter 134 The roadblock
Chapter 135: The Tiger King Who Challenges the Empress of Death
Chapter 136 Aleg VS Messet
Chapter 137 The Hell Fairy in the Memories of the Loser
Chapter 138 The pinnacle of unraveling the seedlings
Chapter 139 The Empress
Chapter 140 Only the winner is qualified to make a joke
Chapter 141 is about to rush
Chapter 142 The Guild Ring on the Ring Finger
Chapter 143 Congratulations to the King of Bone Double Happiness
Chapter 144: Victoria
Chapter 145 Wedding photos
Chapter 146 The elf JK of destroying the country
Chapter 147 Necronomicon and Arthas
Chapter 148 Standards of the Guard of Honor Fleet
Chapter 149 The Pirate King, Flanders
Chapter 150: It's All Alsace's Fault
Chapter 151 Two emperor-level thieves
Chapter 152 The reverse side of the coin facing the light
Chapter 153 Marriage of State and Religion
Chapter 154 The navies of various countries
Chapter 155 The Second Six-Party Talks
Chapter 156 Wind Crystal
Chapter 157: Tracing the Origin of the Fake Magic Crystal
Chapter 158 Frenda and Frendel
Chapter 159 The coup is on the line
Chapter 160 Naval Port Cohen
Chapter 161 Undead War
Chapter 162 The Importance of Soldiers' Spiritual Sustenance
Chapter 163 Dark Blade Super Crossbow-level Million Shock Wave
Chapter 164: The Siege of the Undead Army
Chapter 165: The Destruction Song of the Bone Dragon
Chapter 166 The last roar of imperial power
Chapter 167 The counterattack of the living
Chapter 168 Who rescued Zhengtai?
Chapter 169 Transformation
Chapter 170 Forced Palace
Chapter 171 The Emperor's Death
Chapter 172 Frozen Imperial Capital
Chapter 173: Reciprocity
Chapter 174 Small Report
Chapter 175 Loyalty of life and death in the two worlds
Chapter 176 The Mutiny of the Holy Emperor!
Chapter 177 is mocking with life
Chapter 178: Falling apart
Chapter 179 World-class props: Infinity
Chapter 180 Ashley's Worries
Chapter 181 The Battle of Crescent Lake
Chapter 182 Alice Almost Had Three Dads
Chapter 184 Lightning Strike
Chapter 185 How terrible is it to be loved by everything?
Chapter 186: The Age of Sea Twisted Forward
Chapter 187 Continue to march
Chapter 188 Underworld Fighting
Chapter 189: The Eve of Landing
Chapter 190 Blood Chain Collapse Source
Chapter 191: Saiyuan weighs
Chapter 192 Sea and Air Counterattack
Chapter 193 Inexplicable Self-destruction
Chapter 194 The battle of the Titania natives
Chapter 195: Dance clothes join the war
Chapter 196: The allure of the city and the country reappears to the public
Chapter 197 Props for establishing a game guild
Chapter 198 Battle of the Orcs
Chapter 199 The Duchy of Bajas
Chapter 200 Dark Warrior
Chapter 201 Feifei and Fran
Chapter 202 The Virgin of Bajas
Chapter 203 Goblin Live Room
Chapter 204 Speak with Facts
Chapter 205 Focus Interview
Chapter 206 The Faith of Charm
Chapter 207 Technology Sales
Chapter 208: Magical Steam Age, Scheduled
Chapter 209 Rebellious Knight's War Notes (1)
Chapter 210 Rebellious Knight's War Notes (Part 2)
Chapter 211 Feifei's Prestige
Chapter 212 Rumors and the truth are close at hand
Chapter 213 Saintess Assassination Plan
Chapter 214 Whether It Can Be Reliable
Chapter 215 A Fresh Journey
Chapter 216 This kind of assassination looks familiar
Chapter 217 The Holy Maiden is haggard
Chapter 218 Black Charm
Chapter 219 World-class props: Hongmen Banquet Hall
Chapter 220 You serve me, what does it have to do with me
Chapter 221 To be a witch or a magical girl?
Chapter 222 Old Accounts Renewed
Chapter 223 Spiritual Diffusion
Chapter 224 Sonny's Iron Fist of Mysterious Fury
Chapter 225 Mental Pollution
Chapter 226 Immortal method kicks at the speed of light!
Chapter 227 Ask for Ji as needed
Chapter 228 The fox girl
Chapter 229: Belief Magic Theory
Chapter 230 A Journey Without Fairies
Chapter 231 Arriving at the Altar of Destruction
Chapter 232 Invasion
Chapter 233 Low-level traps
Chapter 234 The Arrow of Love
Chapter 235 The Basilisk Tribe
Chapter 236 The Gorgon Sisters' Playground
Chapter 237 Dog Head (doge)
Chapter 238 Players talk to NPCs
Chapter 239 God of Ninja (Mist)
Chapter 240: Shattering the Cloak of God
Chapter 241 expose, die, escape
Chapter 242 Double Gods Elope
Chapter 243 Reality and Legend
Chapter 244 The moth to the flame
Chapter 245 Black Hope
Chapter 246 Dark Heroes
Chapter 247 This may also be a matter of right and wrong
Chapter 248 Showdown, Rules
Chapter 249 Guessing, verifying, and then overturning
Chapter 250: The Descendants of the Elf King
Chapter 251 The monster has become a double ponytail
Chapter 252: The Sacrifice of Darkness
Chapter 253 Round1, death siege
Chapter 254 Round2, the encirclement of magic
Chapter 255 Their real enemy
Chapter 256 Round3, one-on-one
Chapter 257 Upright is never possible
Chapter 258 Win the big game, lose half a move
Chapter 259 Ainz wins, the goblin intervenes
Chapter 260 Beheading
Chapter 261 Just for face
Chapter 262 The real Bone Aotian
Chapter 263 Rectification
Chapter 264 Gu Aotian, who is worth hundreds of millions
Chapter 265 I lied to eight small targets
Chapter 266 Creating the Ship Girl
Chapter 267 Fragments of the Five Elements
Chapter 268 Rules
Chapter 269 I don't conquer the world, I want
Chapter 270 Answer: I want to be the world
Chapter 271 Anna's funeral
Chapter 272 Temporary Truce
Chapter 273 Lilith's Journey to the Sea of ??Flowers
Chapter 274 Not an ordinary bartender and tour guide
Chapter 275 The Qualities of Orphan Tour Guides
Chapter 276 The Gap of the Ghost Ship
Chapter 277 City Gate Storm
Chapter 278 Ainz's Mansion
Chapter 279 The maids of the Bone King are all part-timers
Chapter 280 Universal Magic Tool
Chapter 280 Universal Magic Tool
Chapter 281 Life Magic Card
Chapter 282 Fighting under the Eyes of the Death Knight
Chapter 283 Finding fault with the infected
Chapter 284 Civilized maggots in the restaurant
Chapter 285 The toilet that can drink water
Chapter 285 The toilet that can drink water
Chapter 286 Qianhezi is dead
Chapter 287 The powerhouses gathered in the playground
Chapter 288 Shocking change, fierce confrontation with shadow demons
Chapter 289 He Niu Pei Niuzi
Chapter 290 Dream Linkage
Chapter 291: The ignorant, the omniscient, and the fused
Chapter 292 Naming Goblins, Ligus
Chapter 293 The reincarnated protagonist and the storm dragon
Chapter 294 It's as annoying as looking in a mirror
Chapter 295 Limuru enters the village
Chapter 296 The domineering cute king
Chapter 297 Investment Meng Wang
Chapter 298 Qianhezi was abducted
Chapter 299 The original purple
Chapter 300: The Origin Seraph, Pikexi
Chapter 301 Blossom Rabbit
Chapter 302 The Rescue of the Brave and the Devil
Chapter 303 Heroes Domineering (The Chosen One)
Chapter 304 Ultima
Chapter 305 The Hundred Years Final War
Chapter 306: The Young Lady of the Ship
Chapter 307 Destroy everything
Chapter 308 The Holy Kingdom Civil War
Chapter 309 Hardcore Infiltration
Chapter 310 The magic height is one zhang
Chapter 311 The ship girl VS swordsman, a win-win situation for the north and the south
Chapter 312 The puppets who lost to women's clothing
Chapter 313: The Plan of the Women's Dress Demon
Chapter 314 The flames besiege the city, the human body is formed into an array
Chapter 315 The capital of burning hot hell
Chapter 316: The Strategy for Restoration
Chapter 317 Deliberately Interrupting
Chapter 318: The Conquest of the Holy Maiden
Chapter Thirty-nine: Unwavering Faith
Chapter 320 Ashley VS Women's Demon
Chapter 321 The Power of Devouring
Chapter 322 Holy and Devil Unity
Chapter 323 The establishment of the Hell Fairy Game Guild
Chapter 324 Canonization Guild NPC
Chapter 325 Opportunities for the Big Hamster and the Little Dryad
Chapter 326: Across the World to Meet the Angel of Pess
Chapter 327 Peith Orthopedics for Angels
Chapter 328 The King of Bones hears the news privately
Chapter 329 World Partition Negotiations
Chapter 1 About the fact that I didn't reincarnate as Milim
Chapter 2 The Integrity Demon Ancestor
Chapter 3 They have a leg
Chapter 4 Overview of the Jura Monster Ecology
Chapter 5 Be a Demon King from Today
Chapter 6 Pith's Demon Familiars
Chapter 7 Let's Make Dress Up Dolls Together
Chapter 8 The Moderate Clown
Chapter 9 Pico West VS Laplace
Chapter 10 The chemical reaction between the sacred tree and the medicinal herb
Chapter 11 Expedition to the Pig-headed Emperor
Chapter 12 The Blessing of Death
Chapter Thirteen The Omniscient King
Chapter 14 The Showdown, the Pig-headed Demon King Gerud
Chapter 15 Limuru VS Gerud, it's dinner
Chapter 16 Glory to the evolution of Pisi
Chapter 17 The end of the fusion war
Chapter 18 Demon King Rimuru
Chapter 19 The Dryad's Shop Talk
Chapter 20 Pess doesn't want to give Rimuru a hug
Chapter 21 The Devil's Kingdom Hekatia Tempest
Chapter 22: The Explosive Development of the Demon Kingdom
Chapter 23 The news of the resurrection of the storm dragon
Chapter 24 Shion's Cooking (Biochemical Weapons)
Chapter 25 Stewed Vegetable Drilling Bombs, T-Virus Rice Balls
Chapter 26 After the banquet, we will set off
Chapter 27 See off, the beauty of the RV starts
Chapter 28 Veldora who fertilizes the divine tree
Chapter 29 Directed Evolution Theory
Chapter 30: Research Arrangements Unrelated to the Demon Kingdom
Chapter 31 The Cultivation of Ghosts
Chapter 32: Humans of the Demon Kingdom
Chapter 33 For peace, please work hard
Chapter 34 Giving it to Pikexi seems a little bit
Chapter 35: The Witch Mulan
Chapter 36 The demon king of the banknote crossbow strikes!
Chapter 37 Game of Clayman
Chapter 38 The real devil is coming!
Chapter 39 Late Night Secret Talk
Chapter 40 The King of the Oath
Chapter 41: Terrible Angel Skills
Chapter 42: The Great Demon Vortex, Great Storm!
Chapter 43 Verustila
Chapter 44: The Birth of Peith and the Son of the Storm Dragon
Chapter 45 The Three Demon Kings Are Here
Chapter 46 The Children Redeemed by Teacher Limuru
Chapter 47 Freedom Academy
Chapter 48 The Beautiful Monster Princess
Chapter 49 This is also a teacher-student relationship
Chapter 50 Mascot The Three-Tailed Fox
Chapter 51 - Princess Anise
Chapter 52: This is Rimuru's dereliction of duty
Chapter 53 The Children's Fight
Chapter 54 News of the death of Izawa Jingjiang
Chapter 55 Bring Chloe into Uncle's Little Dark Room
Chapter 56 Windfall from the Demon
Chapter 57: Quiet Wish, Limuru's Heart
Chapter 58: Commerce and Diplomacy of the Demon Kingdom
Chapter 59 Queen Ramiris Arrives
Chapter 60: The Thousand Layers of Waves Quietly Aroused
Chapter 61 Let's Eat Cute King Together
Chapter 62 Leon, Guy and Velzard
Chapter 63: I Want New Subordinates
Chapter 64: Flameia and Phoss
Chapter 65: I stole Meng Wang's companion again
Chapter 66 The Fairy Queen and Hades' House Business
Chapter 67 Pess is going to be an ambassador
Chapter 68: The Natural Winged Human Race
Chapter 69 The Four in One
Chapter 70 The Journey of the Six in One
Chapter 72 Race After Dinner
Chapter 73 Pisi's Spiritual Gift to King Meng
Chapter 74 Double Harvest of Rabbit Village
Chapter 75 Rabbit Girl VS Dragon Girl
Chapter 76 Stella, feel death
Chapter 77 Foss, your fur is awesome
Chapter 78 How happy is it to legally bully the little friends?
Chapter 79 Goblin teases are addictive
Chapter 80 How to open the skills that Meng Wang likes
Chapter 81 Trash is Shion in the wrong place
Chapter 82 Arrival, the beast kingdom Yulsnia
Chapter 83 Primitive Orc Society
Chapter 84 Raula, the City of Beasts
Chapter 85 Report, the Devil in the eyes of Fuss
Chapter 86 Tianyi Kingdom Forbrogia
Chapter 87 The Conservation of the Queen of the Sky
Chapter 88 The Forgotten Dragon City
Chapter 89 Milim is coming
Chapter 90 Maliciousness of Inevitably Approaching
Chapter 91 Klauen Piss VS Milim
Chapter 92 Milim's Best Weapon
Chapter 93 Challenge Midore... Foreplay
Chapter 94 Ghost of a Million Elves
Chapter 95 Guess which world caught this boat
Chapter 96: King Meng's physical skills, Lin Xian's skills
Chapter 97 Magical Diet
Chapter 98: Seeing the Big from the Small
Chapter 99 Blizzard Night
Chapter 100 Snowball Fights with Magic Kingdom Characteristics
Chapter 101 This is really just playing with snow!
Chapter 102 Banquets are frequent
Chapter 103 The blood hidden in the red
Chapter 104 Mix the real with the fake
Chapter 105 Premonition
Chapter 106: Little Actions Hidden in Everyday Life
Chapter 107 Heroes go on an expedition (laughs)
Chapter 108 Pisi officially becomes a monster princess
Chapter 109 Damrade
Chapter 110 The Big Three, Destroy the Appointment
Chapter 111: The Kingdom of Farmus is in peril
Chapter 112 Midnight Theater
Chapter 113: Peith Wears the Orb of Domination
Chapter 114 Zhu Cai falls ill, the holiday of the ghost clan
Chapter 115 The Devil's Diplomatic Corps
Chapter 116 The curse of being ignored
Chapter 117 The Ingrassian Seed Sacrifice
Chapter 118 Sakaguchi Hinata
Chapter 19 What a pity
Chapter 120: The Value of Sadness
Chapter 121 The attack of the demon-seeking hero
Chapter 122 Double enchantment covers the stage
Chapter 123 The opening of the main cast of the monster
Chapter 124 Klauen Pis VS Sakaguchi Hinata
Chapter 125 Evil Dragon Liberation
Chapter 126 The Second Battlefield
Chapter 127: A complete victory against the wind
Chapter 128: The Targeted Children
Chapter 129 Black
Chapter 130 The Elf Dragon Demon King Born in the War
Chapter 131 The final blow
Chapter 132 The False Monster Princess
Chapter 133: The Birth of the Demon, Where Pisi is
Chapter 134 The Last Entrustment of the Monster Princess
Chapter 135: The Demons Fight Against the Natural Enemies of the Monsters
Chapter 136 Scarlet welcomes
The first thirty-seventh chapter of the magic capital finally caught in the flames of war
Chapter 138 This will not let the transmigrators happily hang up
Chapter 139 The Goblin's Great Victory
Chapter 140 The villain who survived
Chapter 141 The honeyed confidence of the demon crusaders
Chapter 142 Purple ancestor bestows despair
Chapter 143: The Demon King's Banquet
The first forty-four chapters meet in fate
Chapter 145 Diablo
Chapter 146 Meng Wang is furious
Chapter 147 Salvation and Despair
Chapter 148 I want to be quiet
Chapter 149 Bad News
Chapter 150 Conjecture and determination
Chapter 151 War?
Chapter 152 Platinum Sword King
Chapter 153 - Victorya, the God-made Brave
Chapter 154 Chloe has a slime in her stomach
Chapter 155 Brother and Sister Riot and Fallen Gathering
Chapter 156 The Demon King Who Makes More Serious Work
Chapter 157 Standing in the headquarters of the Western Holy Church
Chapter 158 The double-sided church
Chapter 159 Brave Masako VS Demon King Valentine
Chapter 160 Victoria VS Blood Overlord
Chapter 161 The Orientation of the Human-Devil Scale
Chapter 162 The Heaven Changer
Chapter 163 Verustila, attack
Chapter 164 Farmus is at his peak
Chapter 165 Trinity VS Strongest Knight
Chapter 166 Fulken who was whipped one after another
Chapter 167 The False Mother-Daughter Battle
Chapter 168 The Brave with Mouth Cannons
Chapter 169 The Evaporated Battlefield, the Demon King's Entrance Ceremony
Chapter 170 Demon King's Feast
Chapter 171 The Twelfth Demon King
Chapter 172 Friendly Negotiations (Physical)
Chapter 173 The shadow of Pisi is everywhere
Chapter 174 The emotional drama is destined to become a comedy
Chapter 175 In short, it's very cute
Chapter 176 Deep Enemy Situation
Chapter 177 Rimuru's battle plan
Chapter 178 The Leisurely Life of the Brave Team in Troubled Times
Chapter 179 Milim flips the table
Chapter 180 I'm used to planning meaningless
Chapter 181 The King of Hell
Chapter 182 Death Marching, Chloe's Disappearance
Chapter 183 Neptune VS Larsen
Chapter 184 Demon's Showdown
Chapter 185 Summons, the strongest hero Kronoa
Chapter 186 The weakest VS the strongest
Chapter 187: Did Pess ever understand his feat?
Chapter 188 What's wrong with bluffing?
Chapter 189 King of Heroes
Chapter 190 Lin Xian VS Damrade
Chapter 192: Awakening and Wishing
Chapter 194: The Sanosi Charr
Chapter 195 Pisi's New Four Heavenly Kings
Chapter 196 Meng Wang got Pisi's body
Chapter 197: Three Souls Reincarnated for Three Thousand Years
Chapter 198 Reconciliation between humans and demons, Rimuru's suspicions
Chapter 199 The Birth of the Demon King of Hell
Chapter 200 God of Time and Space
Chapter 201 The battle that started for no reason
Chapter 202 Charles: I have not failed
Chapter 203 Klauenpith VS Veldora
Chapter 204 Three-color nuclear hell
Chapter 205 Easter Eggs
Chapter 206: The red flower that moves
Chapter 207 Atonement is indeed harder than death
Chapter 208 So, come die once
Chapter 209: Organizing the Founding Festival
Chapter 210 Investigating omissions and plugging leaks
Chapter 211 The Lost Trail of Otsutsuki
Chapter 212 Gimmicks
Chapter 213 The Four Demons
Chapter 214 The Fallen Angel's Underground Project
Chapter 215 The High-spirited Antisocial Youth
Chapter 216: The Underground Struggle, the Humble Nova
Chapter 217 Considerations for Thermal Weapons
Chapter 218: Indecent and serious diplomacy
Chapter 29: The Symphony's Requiem
Chapter 220 Ten-day countdown
Chapter 221 The Founding Theft Case and the Demon King's Transfer Student
Chapter 222 The Most Respected Thief
Chapter 223 Campus Exercises
Chapter 224 Marianne Bell
Chapter 225 Changes
Chapter 226 Amrita
Chapter 227 Chaos
Chapter 228 Is it really that simple?
Chapter 229: Going to war with the enemy
Chapter 230 Ability Blocking
Chapter 231 The trap of greed
Chapter 232 Mengmeng Showdown
Chapter 233 The enemy takes a blood
Chapter 234 This brave man is a bit yin
Chapter 235 The advantage is in me
Chapter 236 Sweet Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 237 Removal of the Five Fingers Group
Chapter 238 Clayman is dead, so inhuman!
Chapter 239 Luozo's Destruction
Chapter 240 The King of Greed
Chapter 241 The greed that transforms the dormant demon
Chapter 242 Angels and Demons Absenteeism
Chapter 243: Peith is targeted by Guy
Chapter 244 Absenteeism Arbitration by Manager Limuru
Chapter 245 The King of the Puppet Kingdom
Chapter 246 The day of the founding of the country
Chapter 247 Gossip: Quiet Students
Chapter 248 Not an ordinary teacher and student garden
Chapter 249: Magic Kingdom Theme Park
Chapter 250 Fun also needs to go all out
Chapter 251 The divine tree under the sky
Chapter 252 The greed trap that fails before opening
Chapter 253 The Exiled Puppet Queen
Chapter 254 Ten Star Demon King (Decagram)
Chapter 255 List of interesting martial arts conferences
Chapter 256 The Prayer
Chapter 257 Children's Adventures
Chapter 258 What are you playing?
Chapter 259 Labyrinth Balance of Payments System
Chapter 260 The movement of the divine tree, the pose of a dream
Chapter 261 Otsutsuki is moving
Chapter 262 Lolita knocks on the door at night
Chapter 263 The strongest hero learns cooking from a teacher
Chapter 264 The Fighting Conference
Chapter 265 Nine Demons Yuzao VS Feifei
Chapter 266 Tachibana Gongmi VS Otsutsuki Qiang Style
Chapter 267 The brave loses to the funny
Chapter 268 Stella VS Ephnia
Chapter 269 The importance of pleasing the audience
Chapter 270 What Ivania gave birth to
Chapter 271 Feifei VS Tachibana Gongya
Chapter 272 Gobuta VS Ephnia
Chapter 273 Cheating Showdown
Chapter 274 Feifei wins the championship, Meng Wang makes an appointment
Chapter 275 Two Sadores
Chapter 276: The Meal of the Past Lives
Chapter 277 Sweet Arena of Chef King Competition
Chapter 278 Pisi Fancy Performance Channeling Competition
Chapter 279 Small actions under the auspices of enthusiasm
Chapter 280 Shocking change at the end of the game
Chapter 281 The Sweet Things That Poisoned Otsutsuki
Chapter 282 Millions of Heroes in the East (Mist)
Chapter 283: The Fall of the Puppet State
Chapter 284 The Domineering Country
Chapter 285 Science Fiction Enemy
Chapter 286 The Enemy of the World
Chapter 287 Really Sweet Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 288 The Unknown Fairy of the Lake
Chapter 289 The Fairy Nini and the Reincarnated Dragon Egg
Chapter 290 The sound of military boots in Devagang
Chapter 291 The originator of modern magic who loves to worry
Chapter 292 Unequal Negotiation
Chapter 293 Teammates sacrifice to the sky, the mana is boundless
Chapter 294 Never Let Go of Any Enemy
Chapter 295 The three-way army
Chapter 296 Warcraft Legion VS Tricolor Fleet
Chapter 297 Magic Element Disrupting Radiation
Chapter 298 The powerful Louisiana
Chapter 299 It is forbidden to transfer in!
Chapter 300 The enemy is too stupid to be motivated
Chapter 301 I fell asleep before the seeds exploded
Chapter 302 The Traitor of Birds and Beasts
Chapter 303 The end of the three giants
Chapter 304 The Road to Awakening of the Trinity
Chapter 305 North-South Victory
Chapter 306 More than half of the dead, but still going to attack
Chapter 307 The Hot Temptation of the Fairy Queen
Chapter 308 Van Fleet's Ammunition Baptism
Chapter 309 Prelude to the ravages
Chapter 310 The Fallen Magic City
Chapter 311 Labyrinth Devastating Battle
Chapter 312 Pets forgotten by Meng Wang?
Chapter 313 The Wrath of God
Chapter 314 Complete Victory
Chapter 315 The Imperial Capital Rebellion
Chapter 316 Mixed Legion VS Guards Knights
Chapter 317: The Demons Battle the Scorching Dragon
Chapter 318 Emperor Rudra
Chapter Thirty-nine Going hand in hand, so there is no intersection
Chapter 320 The Second Reality
Chapter 321 Hairy Dragon Egg
Chapter 322 Resurrection of the Moderate Clown
Chapter 323: The Magus King Jessir
Chapter 324 Zhu Cai's Literary Gift
Chapter 325 The Defeat of the Searing Dragon
Chapter 326 Rimuru Super Evolution
Chapter 327 The retreating Feldway and Michael
Chapter 328 Rimuru's Victory of Cause and Effect
Chapter 329 Population is not necessarily the right to speak
Chapter 330 King of Stars
Chapter 331 The return of the red lotus
Chapter 332 The Angels Who Worry About the Great Battle
Chapter 333 The Heart of the God Fox
Chapter 334 Nine Demons Yuzao VS Zalario
Chapter 335 The end of the war
Chapter 336 Pisi Dating Agency, King Meng's Marriage
Chapter 337 Two generations and three generations of loyal ministers
Chapter 338 The Evil Faced Archduke Misra
Chapter 339 Human VS Demon, Painting Competition
Chapter 340 Cake Devil
Chapter 341 The words of the blue ancestors
Chapter 342 Nirvana
Chapter 343 Trinity Free Work
Chapter 344: The Annoyance of Being Compelled
Chapter 345: Sador's candid opinion
Chapter 346 Talking frankly about money does not hurt feelings
Chapter 347: Peaceful Days
Chapter 348 He eventually becomes the undead king
Chapter 349 Did they part ways?
Chapter 350: Brave wife? Wife brave?
Chapter 351 Followers before parting
Chapter 352 Counterattack from the Evil God
Chapter 1 Academy City of the Sacred Tree Tourist Attraction
Chapter 2 Academy City must be dark
Chapter 3 Death Game, Opening
Chapter 4 The second player is a magical girl
Chapter 5 Tolia Town
Chapter 6 Double-sided Pisi and Argo
Chapter 7 In Peith's Theater Cabin
Chapter 8 The Three Gods of Creation and the Source of Magic
Chapter 9 Kayaba Akihiko's Confusion
Chapter 10 Demonstrations and Trials
Chapter 11 The Disgraced Kirito
Chapter 12 The hotel is going to be turned into a hospital for church sickness
Chapter 13 Card machine? Smooth? The gap between players!
Chapter 14 The Late Raiders Group
Chapter 15 Saint Longphie
Chapter 16 The Origin of Yuuki
Chapter 17: The Swordsman in Black who Hate to Meet Late
Chapter 18 The Mystery of the Degree of Freedom of Skills
Chapter 19 Insect Magical Girl
Chapter 20 Death is also the price of pursuing beauty
Chapter 21 Play Killer
Chapter 22 Floor BOSS Ecology
Chapter 23 Ninja behavior?
Chapter 24 Kirito's top strategy
Chapter 25 Showing off
Chapter 26 The Ancient History of SAO
Chapter 27 Meditation in Food Hell
Chapter 28 The Awakening of Profound Truth
Chapter 29 The Rat's Doubt
Chapter 30 Pisi himself has become a plot NPC
Chapter 31 Brother and Sister Complex
Chapter 32 Kayaba Akihiko Arrested
Chapter Thirty-Three Heathcliff's Final Candor
Chapter 34 Magical Girl VS Administrator
Chapter 35: Large-scale Defense Mission
Chapter 36 Thousands of snakes attack the city
Chapter 37 Kirito VS Snake Warrior Lord
Chapter 38: Invigorating the Tradition of Sword and Underworld
Chapter 39 Pisi releases the main line
Chapter 40 The protagonist goes to the main line
Chapter 41 BOSS has IQ, no one can stop it
Chapter 42 The Magical Girl Hunter
Chapter 43 Where to Go
Chapter 44 The real war under the Ruby Palace
Chapter 45: Peith Says She's Just Self-Defense
Chapter 46: Great Power Player VS Verustila
Chapter 47: Peith thinks it is necessary to increase the difficulty
Chapter 48: Long Long is miserable
Chapter 49 Chopping hands, differences
Chapter 50 Congratulation
Chapter 51: The daughter who inherits the characteristics of the devil country
Chapter 52 National War Game
Chapter 53: Absolute Sword Arena
Chapter 54 Yuuki VS Stella
Chapter 55 The Trinity Killed by Double
Chapter 56 It doesn't hurt to kill them
Chapter 57 Children's cooking is war
Chapter 58 Dorothy in the Shipwreck
Chapter 59 The Wizard of Oz
Chapter 60 The Lost
Chapter 61 Selfishness
Chapter 62 Gold and Silver War
Chapter 63 The Golden Sword of Three Times Stronger Enemies
Chapter 64 This fairy seems familiar
Chapter 65 Greedy: Ninini Liev
Chapter 66 Nini VS Five in One
Chapter 67 lore egg
Chapter 68 Appetite Trap
Chapter 69 Gilded Killing Intent
Chapter 70 The Fairy's Reward: The Certificate of Red Name
Chapter 71 This is the real daily life
Chapter 72 Tolerance
Chapter 73 The Second Impact of the Realm
Chapter 74 Drone Attack
Chapter 75 Dr. Seven Colors
Chapter 76: Visiting Mutations, Saiwen Comes to SAO
Chapter 77: Lisbeth's shop visit
Chapter 78 Rumors of Helping Girls
Chapter 79 On innocent murders
Chapter 80 The solution for those who are not lovers
Chapter 81: Fire Ghost Becomes God
Chapter 82: Ridiculous Cube
Chapter 83 Death Invitation
Chapter 84 The source of the curse of the puzzle game
Chapter 85 Canon of the Golden Rule
Chapter 86 Saiwen VS Kirito
Chapter 87 Kirito kills his colleagues
Chapter 88 Black Slaughter
Chapter 89 Sword Spirit Yuyi
Chapter 90 Writing Yui, read as Sadako
Chapter 91 After all, I still missed it
Chapter 92 Bind!
Chapter 93 Red Threat
Chapter 94 Super Dimensional Ninja
Chapter 95: Defense of Thousand Snakes City
Chapter 96: Oberon (Nobuyuki Sugo)
Chapter 97: The Legacy of the Warrior Lord
Chapter 98 Lyfa created the snake demon alliance
Chapter 99: The Technique of True Magic Illusory Book
Chapter 100 The Chosen of SAO
Chapter 101 European Emperor Silica
Chapter 102 The Emperor of Europe becomes an African Chief in just one thought
Chapter 103 Pisi re-enters the main line
Chapter 104 The Dragon Trainer of the Dragon Slayer
Chapter 105 Tongya Comedian
Chapter 106 Fairies have low resistance to comedians
Chapter 107 Brother and sister meet, bad news
Chapter 108 Brother and sister fencing! Kirito VS Lifa
Chapter 109 After fencing, it's time to wrestle
Chapter 110 The puzzle of creating a savior
Chapter 111 Hunger Entertainment
Chapter 112 Super Black Team
Chapter 113 The flavor of this chapter is also full of black
Chapter 114 Angel's Ring, Variation of the Script
Chapter 115 Ancient history may have been born five minutes ago
Chapter 116 Hehehehe
Chapter 117 New title: Dark Night Sword Demon
Chapter 118 Betrayal of Shining Walker
Chapter 19 The monster that denies the bond
Chapter 120: The Trial to Test Human Nature
Chapter 121: Nirunier's life and death
Chapter 122 The True Identity of the So-called Angel
Chapter 123 Helping Girls Action
Chapter 124 The Giant Sword Loli That Shouldn't Exist
Chapter 125 Prosham
Chapter 126 Jumping out of the abyss is hell
Chapter 127 The Thousand and One Nights of Kirito
Chapter 128: Tongzi's achievement failed
Chapter 129 Guess how many sisters are there
Chapter 130 Klein's Way of Survival
Chapter 131 Demon King
Chapter 132 The Dynamic Interest of the Goddess of War
Chapter 133 The temperature of the virtual heart
Chapter 134: Entering the Kingdom of Calesio
Chapter 135: The Girl Detective Group under the Night
Chapter 136 This is also a kind of hero saving beauty
Chapter 137 Siege
Chapter 138 Asuna's Sensitive Weaknesses
Chapter 139 Popular activity: Form a group to kill Xuxiang
Chapter 140 The Strongest Mother Swordsman and Dandelion Ball
Chapter 141 The core of the elf war
Chapter 142 The alliance is against each other, the powerless children
Chapter 143 The follow-up to the destruction of the country
Chapter 144: Pisi's Obligation as a BOSS
Chapter 145: Clearance, Victory, or Death
Chapter 146 Asuna: Why are you chasing me?
Chapter 147 Pisi: I'm going to stab your daughter
Chapter 148: Thousands of troops meet each other
Chapter 149 The Despair of the Fallen Fairy
Chapter 150 I'm so filial
Chapter 151 Misfortune and praise at the end of the spell
Chapter 152 Collective Disservice
Chapter 153 Pain responds to reality
Chapter 154 The broken sword
Chapter 155: The Ring of Hamley
Chapter 156 I am weak, does not mean you become stronger
Chapter 157: Peith wants to be Cupid
Chapter 158 After the earth is cut off
Chapter 159 Imprisoned Hamster Skin
Chapter 160 Interrogation
Chapter 161 Pork chop rice should not be eaten indiscriminately
Chapter 162 The scars of helping others
Chapter 163 The world is destined to be sinister
Chapter 164 Asuna's Bottom Ranking
Chapter 165 Just by you mortals?
Chapter 166 A difficult maze for beginners
Chapter 167: Sister Force Challenge
Chapter 168: The whole performance is smashed
Chapter 169 Firearms
Chapter 170 Broken Killing Stones
Chapter 171 The Demon Fox
Chapter 172 Kirito Girls' Second Sword Trend
Chapter 173 The Real Monster
Chapter 174: Planted into a willow with intention
Chapter 175: Inadvertently inserting willows and willows into flowers
Chapter 176 Great Power Raiders Group
Chapter 177 The Marianne Bell Group Meeting
Chapter 178 The boundaries between humans and monsters are gradually blurring
Chapter 179 The third impact of the present world
Chapter 180 Restart
Chapter 181 There are only zero and countless times in women's clothing
Chapter 182: King Tooth Giant Crab, Three Swords with One Sword
Chapter 183 The Hill of Memories
Chapter 184 Artillery Sword Skills
Chapter 185: Yoggsaro
Chapter 186 The Flower of the Soul
Chapter 187 The Dead Space
Chapter 188: The danger of the desert
Chapter 189 Pisi escapes from the land of divine power
Chapter 190: Scythe of Destiny
Chapter 191 Attribute exchange second-degree general Pisi
Chapter 192 Pisi takes on the character of BOSS
Chapter 193 Flash is defeated by fear
Chapter 194 The fairy is ready to find the next victim
Chapter 195 Life Reaper
Chapter 196 Weapon Enhancement
Chapter 197: Guns and Swords
Chapter 198: Hello Aunt Snake, Goodbye Uncle Snake
Chapter 199 Late Thanksgiving
Chapter 200 SAO Game Overview
Chapter 201 Black Controversy
Chapter 202 Kirito instantly kills the 95th floor BOSS
Chapter 203 Tongzi shows his masculinity with a gun
Chapter 204 The sudden change of Nochilas
Chapter 205 Save Yuna
Chapter 206 Yuna's Death
Chapter 207 He doesn't let go of the bug girl
Chapter 208 Speeding Nim
Chapter 209 The theory of the world on the tip of the tongue
Chapter 210 Adventure with the Dragon Girl
Chapter 211 Hamster and Mouse
Chapter 212 Pocket Array
Chapter 213 Rain of Thousand-Edged Swords
Chapter 214 Ling Yin
Chapter 215 Pendants, Talismans, Rings
Chapter 216 The horn that calls the dead
Chapter 217 Angry Love
Chapter 218 The First Meeting of the Mixed-Blood Sisters
Chapter 29 The Unspeakable Task
Chapter 220 He became a knight's butler
Chapter 221 Storya
Chapter 222 Separation from the Shura Field by a Wall
Chapter 223 RPG Real Estate
Chapter 224 The Beautiful Fairy Lyfa
Chapter 225 Moving forward for a living
Chapter 226 The huge wedding battle
Chapter 227 The Wedding of the Fetters Temple
Chapter 228 The Exploding Bride
Chapter 229 Hot and Sour Noodles
Chapter 230: SAO’s Babies Can Catch Swords With Empty Hands
Chapter 231 The Last Chance
Chapter 232 The Journey of Vera's Master and Disciple to Another World
Chapter 233 The spark that ignites the world
Chapter 234: Aincrad Comes to Reality
Chapter 235: Pith's Initial Heart
Chapter 236 The Desperate Final Boss
Chapter 237: Technical geeks save everything
Chapter 238 SAO Cleared
Chapter 239: The Door to the Illusory World, The Witch
Chapter 240: The Fourth Impact in the Realm
Chapter 241 This is really just a daily unfolding
Chapter 242: The Island of Aincrad
Chapter 243: A Friendly Visit from the Two Worlds
Chapter 244: Yuuki Who Can't Get Out of the Past
Chapter 245 The Immortal Yuuna
Chapter 246: Gathering of Group Wearers
Chapter 247 School Days
Chapter 248: The New Journey of the Boy and Girl in Black
Chapter 1 The Happy Ending of Weekly Defeat
Chapter 2 Log in for the second week, Figel and Linel
Chapter 3 Showdown! Integrity knights are so good!
Chapter 4 Apprentice Knight Alice
Chapter 5 The Secret Files of the Quinella Support Club
Chapter VI The Secret of the Senate
Chapter 7 Durian Dim Sum Battle
Chapter 8 Maybe this challenge is no less than the strategy of SAO
Chapter 9 Conquest! The taste buds of the highest priest!
Chapter 10 Flying to the Land of Fate Encounters
Chapter Eleven: The Rendezvous in Rulid Village
Chapter Twelve The Price of Folly
Chapter Thirteen: Selka Entering the Dark Territory
Chapter Fourteen: Shadow Knight Edith
Chapter Fifteen: The Sister-in-Law Who Couldn't Save Her Sister
Chapter 16: The Masked Warrior with a Sack on His Head
Chapter 17: The Captured Dark Warlock
Chapter Eighteen: The Ancient Apostle King of Blue Spot
Chapter 19 Fierce Battle, Kobold Lord Irfangu
Chapter 20 Only Integrity Knights Victory
Chapter 21 Crimson Lily of the Valley
Chapter 22: The Value of Standing at the Top of the Lily of the Valley
Chapter 23: Red and Blue
Chapter 24: The Unrealistic Relics of the Eastern Empire
Chapter 25: To the Western Empire
Chapter 26 Nightmare City
Chapter 27 Investigation and Discussion of the Bear Child
Chapter 28: The Man-Eating Nightmare Tapir
Chapter 29: Ice King Giant
Chapter Thirty: The Suitor of the Highest Priest
Chapter 31: The Highest Priest's Sweet Shura Field
Chapter 32 The Sword of Blue Rose and the Sword of Blood Lily of the Valley
Chapter Thirty-Three: Fizel VS Soltilina
Chapter 34 Adding a touch of color to the fighting festival
Chapter Thirty-Fifth Lineel VS Magic Gun Crash Moon
Chapter Thirty-Six: Kraunpiss VS Soltilina
Chapter 37 Results
Chapter Thirty-eight Swiping Videos on the Supreme Priest's Bed
Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Silver Girl Falls in Love with the Black Boy
Chapter 40: Integrating the Mystery of the Curtain of Love
Chapter 41 New Integration Secret Ritual Authorization Experiment
Chapter 42: Aizio Ace
Chapter 43: If I don’t want to be a Dark Knight, I have to change jobs
Chapter 44: The Secret Ritual of Plastic Surgery, the Plastic Surgery Knight
Chapter 45: Ice and Blood, Memory of the Abyss
Chapter 46 Bipolar Treatment in the Senate
Chapter 47 Visiting Pease, who is working hard
Chapter Forty-Eight Miriam Ortinanos
Chapter 49: The Last Two Summoned Knights
Chapter 50: The Knight Commander's Report
Chapter 51 Kate Isabella Records Channel
Chapter 52: The Twin-tailed Daughter I Didn't Meet by Chance
Chapter 53 Love Meow Club
Chapter 54 The Powerful and Unreasonable Cat Lover
Chapter Fifty-fifth: The old line of the swordsman in black
Chapter 56 Disciple of the Great Noble
Chapter 57: Stress Test Volcanoes of Natural Disasters
Chapter 58 Out of Control! Void Knight Alice
Chapter 59 Cardinal
Chapter 60 First Meeting with the Exiled Manager
Chapter 61 High Priest One Strike Battle
Chapter 62 Integrity Knight VS Dark Knight
Chapter 63 The fruitful results of the tunnel raid
Chapter 64: The Punishment of Fat Transfer
Chapter 65 Kirito's Reassuring Gift to Eugeo
Chapter 66 Hunting Time
Chapter 67 Judgment Trap, Excellent Hunter
Chapter 68: Kirito VS Nobles, Half-Step Mind Skill
Chapter 69: The Soul of the Swordsman
Chapter 70 Swordsman Mining
Chapter 71: A Wild Yuuki
Chapter 72 Chains of Concern
Chapter 73 Tongzi's Sword Has Been Shaped into Silk
Chapter 74: Tongzi who lost her footing
Chapter 75 Main Visualization Device
Chapter 76: Pith squeezed it dry
Chapter 77 Death Forest
Chapter 78: Ancient Apostle Forest Death
Chapter 79 Tianchi Female Fighter
Chapter 80 Emperor Sword Cultivation Academy
Chapter 81 Master and servant who don't want to work
Chapter 82: Score Control Maniac
Chapter 83 What You See Before a Commoner Becomes an Integrity Knight
Chapter 84 You love me like a mouse loves rice
Chapter 85: Scourge of Cream
Chapter 86 Turning Little Alice Into a Gargoyle
Chapter 87 Little Alice
Chapter 88: Yuuki VS Medina
Chapter 89 Elvira VS Medina
Chapter 90: The True Power of Nobility
Chapter 91: Alice Bellecu
Chapter 92: A Defective Product Without a Future
Chapter 93 Elvira's Dual Skills
Chapter 94: The Highest Priest’s Taste Buds Are Always No. 1
Chapter 95: The Two Alices Are Already Different
Chapter 96: Artificial Angels
Chapter 97 Enemies Keeping Up with the Times
Chapter 98 Blood-vomiting Drama
Chapter 99: Unexpected Victory and Doubts
Chapter 100: The Supreme Priest's Divine Beast Hunt
Chapter 101 Like Girls But Don't Love Kiriko's Prey
Chapter 102: A Natural Couple
Chapter 103 The Principle of the World: Invincibility in Women's Clothes
Chapter 104 Conveying the Heart
Chapter 105: The Magic Bullet Shooter
Chapter 106: Comparison is harmful
Chapter 107 New Mysteries
Chapter 108: Desperate Technique
Chapter 109: The Lord of the Night and the Dominator of Shadows
Chapter 110: Demon as a Demon
Chapter 111 The Ancient Apostle Chaos Clown
Chapter 112: Sealing the Dragon Slaying Sword
Chapter 113 Silica the Clerk
Chapter 114: A Visit to the Old Imperial City
Chapter 115 Kiriko Is Eugeo's Woman
Chapter 116 Otome Game-style Progression
Chapter 117 Breaking the taboo? The daughter's killing intent!
Chapter 118
Chapter 119: The Forbidden Door Beckons
Chapter 120: The Case of the Demon Cat
Chapter 121 Murder in Dreams
Chapter 122: Sanctuary Defense Exercise
Chapter 124: The Prisoner and the Knight
Chapter 125 ugo's armor is on the way
Chapter 126 The Melancholic Nocturne of the Vampire Excalibur
Chapter 127: The Battle of the Temple officially begins
Chapter 128: The Red Lotus Knight in the Battle of the Temple
Chapter 129: Battle of the Temple Jade Knight
Chapter 130: The Battle of the Temple and the Double-Faced Knight
Chapter 131: The Two-winged Knight of the Battle of the Temple
Chapter 132: The Silent Knight of the Battle of the Temple
Chapter 133: The Four-Spin Knight in the Battle of the Temple
Chapter 134: The Battle of the Temple of the Sun Knights
Chapter 135 Holy Knights of the Battle of the Temple
Chapter 136: The Battle of the Temple, the Oldest Knight
Chapter 137 Battle of the Temple Dragon Sword Knight
Chapter 138: Knights of the Sword in the Battle of the Temple
Chapter 139: The Battle of the Temple, the Dark Knight
Chapter 140: Battle of the Temple Shadow Knight
Chapter 141: The Battle of the Temple Kills the Knights
Chapter 142: The Void Knight in the Battle of the Temple
Chapter 143: Battle of the Temple, Ice Heart Knight
Chapter 144 Passionate confession after fencing
Chapter 145 Reincarnation War
Chapter 146: Victory of the Integrity Knights
Chapter 147 Decisive Battle of World Tectonic Conflict
Chapter 148: Decisive Battle Infinite Integration Secret Ritual
Chapter 149 The Golem of the Battle Sword
Chapter 150: Battle of the Second Manager Hacking
Chapter 151: The Decisive Battle He Holds the Sword of Eugeo Tightly
Chapter 152: The Decisive Battle of Human Sword and Human Shield
Chapter 153: Battle on the Blade of Love
Chapter 154 Wake up from the dream, but the nightmare is about to come true
Chapter 155 Eugeo's God of Death Has Arrived
Chapter 156 So, will love disappear?
Chapter 157 Guess Who He Caught
Chapter 158: The Sinner
Chapter 159 The First Tomahawk Knight
Chapter 160 Ronnie's Engagement
Chapter 161 Reptile Alliance
Chapter 162: Ancient Apostle Dark Strange Fish
Chapter 163: The Abyss Returner
Chapter 164: Rebellion
Chapter 165 The Rebellion of the Four Empires
Chapter 166: Overwhelmed Forces
Chapter 167: The Puppet Who Refuses the Puppet's Obligation
Chapter 168: Lord Savior
Chapter 169 Medina's Abnormal Ability
Chapter 170: Underground Darkness
Chapter 171 Kill all non-humans
Chapter 172 Elvira VS Raios
Chapter 173: The Misunderstanding Schoolgirl and the Broken Knight
Chapter 174 Battle of the Imperial City
Chapter 175: The Black Emperor
Chapter 176: The Dark Art of Zombie Mountain
Chapter 177 Monster Warrior
Chapter 178: Alice's Movement
Chapter 179 Invasion of the Dark Realm!
Chapter 180 The Suspect of Defrauding Soldiers
Chapter 181: Going All Out