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There are eight hills and eight hills in the northern mansion of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

There are eight hills and eight hills in the northern mansion of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

author:Pointing to the clouds and laughing at the way of heaven 1

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 5120: Designated General for Raising Food and Grass

The wheel of history rolled through the magnificent Three Kingdoms era, and the Central Plains ushered in peace that had not been seen in a century. People thought that a prosperous age was coming, but no one expected that what was waiting was a thousand-year-old event that the Han people would never want to face. Nightmare. Yongjia was in chaos, and tigers and wolves were rampant in the Central Plains! The children of China were wailing in a pool of blood. Unwilling to be slaves, the Han people went south to rebuild the Eastern Jin Dynasty in the land of Jiangdong. Since the ancestors, Han armies have been out of the south of the Yangtze River six times in the past hundred years. , Nine Expeditions in the Central Plains, but it is a pity that the success fell short. How many people with lofty ideals only looked at the two capitals and sighed. How can there be no loyal bones buried in the towering green mountains? Fortunately, the Han people will not be destroyed, and Liu Jinu will still be there. He will roar out this with all his blood. The strongest voice of the times: Han and Hu are not at odds with each other, and kings are not in harmony! Welcome to follow this book to enter that era of fighting and iron horses, and swallowing thousands of miles. The author's book club 219263410

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《There are eight hills and eight hills in the northern mansion of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 5120: Designated General for Raising Food and Grass
Chapter 5119 Unexpectedly Becoming the New Xie Xuan
Chapter 5118 Guangzhou in exchange for Changmin Army
Chapter 5117 Sitting on a mountain and watching a tiger fight will hurt everyone
Chapter 5116: Dealing with the Devils Innocence Evidence
Chapter 5115 Breaking out of Hebeis no mans land
Chapter 5114 Where do thousands of troops come from?
Chapter 5113 The Northern Expedition in Guanzhong and Wei as the enemy
Chapter 5112 Taoist rules are very important for soul recovery
《There are eight hills and eight hills in the northern mansion of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 A young man who is not afraid of the strong and brave
Chapter 2: A step by step in Jingkou
Chapter 3 Three Han families travel together
Chapter 4: Verbal stimulation and careful writing
Chapter 5: The two graceful immortals come up from the river
Chapter 6 The ancient road is hot and cold, Liu Jinnu
Chapter 7 Tiger and Wolf Holiday Town Jingkou
Chapter 8 The fox pretends to be the tiger's power but it is Diao Hong
Chapter 9: A big beetle in the circle of people occupying the area
Chapter 10: Self-reliance for food and clothing
Chapter 11: Fighting alone is a hero
Chapter 12 One Punch Man defeats the evil slave
Chapter 13: Being abandoned since childhood and feeling sad
Chapter 14: The warmth of mother-son affection
Chapter 15: A loving mother resolves her knot
Chapter 16: Brothers are united in filial piety to their mother
Chapter 17: Selling straw sandals makes me cry
Chapter 18 The Five Pecks of Rice has a long history
Chapter 19 The demon causes chaos and brings disaster to Jingkou
Chapter 20 The Three Heavenly Masters Meet in a Small Village
Chapter 21 The hatred of broken teeth is hard to forget
Chapter 22: Flying boulders determine victory or defeat
Chapter 23 Five Stones Confused to Generate Divine Power
Chapter 24: Raise the bet and risk your life
Chapter 25: The serial scheme caught up with me
Chapter 26: Thousands of gold scattered but come back again
Chapter 27: The Ceremony of the Intercourse between Heaven and Man
Chapter 28 The evil spirit is contained in the evil temple
Chapter 29: The night of black wind and the rise of obscene priests
Chapter 30 The clouds and rain in Wushan boost gambling
Chapter 31 Encountering a giant snake in the wilderness grassland
Chapter 32 Half dreaming and half awake meeting the fate of immortality
Chapter 33: How much do you know about the magic medicine in dreams?
Chapter 34: A noble woman looks down on others
Chapter 35: Mu Zhi shows off his belly and is a talented scholar
Chapter 36 Jingkou talks about martial arts heroes
Chapter 37: Stand out and enter the finals
Chapter 38 Heroes from all walks of life enter the ring
Chapter 39: The heir apparent of the Huan family appears in Jingkou
Chapter 40 Diao Kui leads his troops to show off his power
Chapter 41 The officials word is the kings law
Chapter 42 The Birthplace of the Passionate and Loyal Soul
Chapter 43 Huangxuan Xianbei enters the ring
Chapter 44 The battle between dragon and tiger in the arena (1)
Chapter 45 The fight between dragon and tiger in the arena (2)
Chapter 46: General Mobilization of the People in Jingkou
Chapter 47 Jingkou Law Bans Weapons
Chapter 48 Overflowing with domineering power to suppress powerful enemies
Chapter 49: Skilled and bold, defeating strong enemies
Chapter 50: Aristocratic families join forces to support the Jin Dynasty (1)
Chapter 51 Aristocratic families support the Jin Dynasty (2)
Chapter 52: Conspiracy and conspiracy
Chapter 53: The smile hides the murderous intention
Chapter 54: Diao Kui maintains integrity and is high-spirited
Chapter 55: The black-hearted governor is like a tiger or a wolf
Chapter 56: Fighting with iron bones against greedy beetles
Chapter 57: Poor people have short ambitions and worry about the future
Chapter 59 Liu Yus crooked ideas
Chapter 60: Gambling House Opens and Gold Sales Cave
Chapter 61: Alocasia pupil and five trees determine the universe
Chapter 62 Spending Thousands of Money Without a Beat
Chapter 63: Ailanthus has its own secrets
Chapter 64: A good friend persuades you to follow the right path
Chapter 65 Phoenix Man Marries Bai Fumei
Chapter 66 The dignitaries gather in front of Jiangyuan Gate
Chapter 67: The undercurrent of distinguished guests coming to the door
Chapter 68 Fish and mutton combined with fresh delicacies
Chapter 69 The humiliation of betel nut has no place.
Chapter 70: Dont bully a man into being temporarily poor
Chapter 71 Mu Zhi seeks merit after being humiliated
Chapter 72: Beautiful hair exchanges wine for love (please recommend votes and rewards)
Chapter 73 Entering the casino without hesitation (asking for recommendation votes and rewards)
Chapter 74: When you see things are good, you will know how to advance or retreat.
Chapter 75 The Northern God of Gamblers is a girl
Chapter 76 A beautiful woman takes off her clothes for a big gamble
Chapter 77 Spending thousands of dollars gambling to break the sky (crazy for recommendation votes)
Chapter 78: The dice are as stable as a stone.
Chapter 79: Adding more money is a big gamble
Chapter 80: Feinting and roaring, real gambling skills
Chapter 81: Fighting against each other with thousands of magic gods
Chapter 82: Deep collusion between government and businessmen
Chapter 83: The situation is tense and triggered
Chapter 84: Mother and brother are hostages, the hero sighs
Chapter 85: Tiger and Wolf gain power and become mad with arrogance
Chapter 86 The tiger falls in Pingyang and the five flowers are tied
Chapter 87: Whipped until the flesh aches and the heart aches
Chapter 88 Langya Wangs help
Chapter 89: Family transactions determine life and death
Sanjiang speech
Chapter 90 Wang Mi advises you to put aside your grudges
Chapter 91 A multi-party struggle to determine life and death
Chapter 92: The demonic poisonous plot takes place
Chapter 93 The temple demon is three feet tall
Chapter 94 Sun Tais disciples break up their friendship
Chapter 95: The murderous intention is as ironclad as iron
Chapter 96: Xiao Jiujiu is hidden in the prison
Chapter 97: Entrusted with family to enter Huaiyang
Chapter 98: Exploration of Wu Huyuan in Chaotic China (1)
Chapter Ninety-Nine: The Five Hu Yuan Explorations in Chaotic China (2)
Chapter 100 Five Barbarians return to Di Qin
Chapter 101 How can the dispute between Han and Hu be resolved?
Chapter 102: Night of Escape in Dark Moon and High Wind
Chapter 103 Taoist thieves attack Qili Village at night
Chapter 104: Heroes gather to kill the villains
Chapter 105: Sneaking into the cesspool
Chapter 106: Torture and kill people into cesspools
Chapter 107: Attack in the east and lure an ambush in the west
Chapter 108 Lin Zongzhens identity finally revealed
Chapter 109: Xuan Shuais witty words awaken the slave
Chapter 110: Open your heart and complain about your shortcomings
Chapter 111: Agreement reached to join the army
Chapter 112: Heroes gather to join the army
Chapter 113 The Prime Minister of Qin sighed all night long
Chapter 114: Phoenix Chrysanthemum Injury
Chapter 115: Parting with the robe without seeing each other
Chapter 116 Execution of Murong Baoguo Zuo
Chapter 117 Xianbei Murong’s secret conspiracy
Chapter 118 Princess Murong's love affair
Chapter 119: Sacrificing your wife for a living
Chapter 120: Various People--Wife Enters the Harem
Chapter 121: Dirty words and flirtatious words to tease the girl
Chapter 122 Murong sacrifices his wife for honor
Chapter 123 Murong leads the army and the king and his ministers gamble
Chapter 124 Prince Murong has a way out
Chapter 125 Wang Meng holds a banquet to marry Jinlan
Chapter 126: Exchanging tokens for a gold knife
Chapter 127: The benevolent king generously pardoned the rebels
Chapter 128 Wang Mengs last words before his death
Chapter 129: Family affairs, state affairs, and world affairs
Chapter 130: The death of a great generation
Chapter 131 Yao Chang offers advice to bring peace to the world
Chapter 132 The Qiangbei conspiracy finally succeeds
Chapter 133 Joining forces and joining the army in Beifu
Chapter 134 A chance encounter with He Wuji at the camp gate
Chapter 135: Endless Military Training and Military Discipline
Chapter 136 The best general and the best soldiers
Chapter 137 Reading military orders at night and discussing military plans
Chapter 138 The camp convinced Liu Jingxuan
Chapter 139: Child servants serve in the army to defend their country
Chapter 140: Shield Defense and Bow Shooting Tactics
Chapter 141 Its time to express your heart on an autumn night
Chapter 142: Squatting together in a manhole at night
Chapter 143: A short story about sprint training
Chapter 144: Magical power with a snap of the finger to lift the forehead
Chapter 145: The beauty in the car enters Feibao
Chapter 146 Huan Xuan enters the camp to watch the martial arts performance
Chapter 147: Ordering troops on the battlefield and arranging assassinations
Chapter 148: The roar of the battle array embodies courage
Chapter 149: Competition for team points
Chapter 150 Xie Xuan Xiaogangbu offers a reward
Chapter 151 Xiao Lins fire talk about Ding Ling
Chapter 152: The most beautiful woman is always with you
Chapter 153 Ying'er turned out to be the daughter of a noble family
Chapter 154: Seeing cattle and sheep outside Peace Valley
Chapter 155 The Hero of Xihe Reappears
Chapter 156: Negotiating transactions shows great power
Chapter 156: Negotiating transactions shows great power
Chapter 159: Prompting Qin to attack Jin and causing disaster
Chapter 160: Bargaining Reveals Trump Cards
Chapter 161 Urgent military information arrives
Chapter 162: Sending slaves to a secret room and discussing military aircraft
Chapter 163 Xuan Shuai Jinkou wants to propose marriage
Chapter 164 Even aristocratic families have difficulty reciting sutras
Chapter 165 The secret room confrontation between the Xie family siblings
Chapter 166: The beauty finally falls in love
Chapter 167 Murong Luan enters and scatters the mandarin ducks
Chapter 168: The subtle feelings of alien sisters
Chapter 169 Liu Yi and Ah Shou bet on their lives
Chapter 170 Jingxuan never forgets to pinch him even before he dies
Chapter 171: The elixir may save Jingxuan
Chapter 172: An angry attack on Murong
Chapter 173: Discussing the pros and cons of riding on foot
Chapter 174: Ten Years of Hard Work
Chapter 175 Cavalry Equipment and Tactics
Chapter 176 Where will they turn against each other?
Chapter 177 Qins cavalry is coming
Chapter 178: Promoted to Building Leader and Participating in Military Discussion
Chapter 179 Everyone expresses their feelings and wants to defeat the enemy
Chapter 180 Liu Jinus shocking words
Chapter 181: Have a million soldiers in your chest
Chapter 182 The Touchstone of the Shadow Army
Chapter 183: One-sided battle between foot and cavalry
Chapter 184: There is a magic way to defeat the enemy
Chapter 185: A life-and-death fight on the battlefield
Chapter 186 Xiaogang Autumn Wind Discussion on the pros and cons
Chapter 187 Liu Jinu, the son-in-law of the Xie family
Chapter 188 Mu Zhijian proposes the Northern Expedition
Chapter 189: Lang Qing and Concubine Xiao Gang Nong
Chapter 190: The dust rises from the golden war and the iron horse
Chapter 191: Whispering about the future in the middle of the night
Chapter 192: Take one side of the road toward the sky
Chapter 193: Wu Ji in Tiger and Wolf Valley
Chapter 194: Hiding in the Saddle and Revealing Riding and Shooting
Chapter 195: The general ascends to the top and his troops are like chessmen
Chapter 196: Armor, Cavalry, and Clash
Chapter 197 Shui Sheng ambushed behind the ears
Chapter 198: A slap to wake up the dreamer
Chapter 199: The handsome account is reviewed as an apology
Chapter 200: Sending a slave, losing his official position, and working in the logistics department
Chapter 201: The owner of the blacksmith building is fierce with a sledgehammer
Chapter 202 Where is the thousand-year arrow now?
Chapter 203: Pig iron, wrought iron and fried steel
Chapter 204 The new friend is called Maoqiu
Chapter 205: Principles of Making Iron Armor
Chapter 206: Hundreds of Steelmaking and Finger Wrapping
Chapter 206: Refined iron makes high armor
Chapter 207 Food lures Liu Muzhi
Chapter 208: Using sand to make iron armor in batches
Chapter 209: Sweeping thousands of armies with the sword
Chapter 210: The wrought iron sword that has been refined over time
Chapter 211 Jiangnan Talented Girl Xie Daoyun
Chapter 212: The future mother-in-law looks down upon others
Chapter 213: Love between two people is not a transaction
Chapter 214: Finally passed the emotional test
Chapter 215: A mans ambition is unshakable
Chapter 216: If there is an afterlife to gain wealth
Chapter 217 The secret method is taught in front of Shui Shengs grave
Chapter 218: Quenching has its own tricks
Chapter 219 Bailian Sutie finally appears in this world
Chapter 220: The Mao brothers wish to stand up
Chapter 221: Meeting Fatty in front of Feibao Camp
Chapter 222 The Mao family avoids war and seeks defeat
Chapter 223: The Xie Familys Utilitarian Theory of the Northern Expedition
Chapter 224: The Royal Palace of Kuaiji is full of joy and beauty
Chapter 225 The Black Prince Humiliates Huanxuan
Chapter 226: The Guest of Honor, Master Sun
Chapter 227: Wang Gonghuans Xuan Lotus Pond Party
Chapter 228: The Tea Ceremony in the Secret Room
Chapter 229 Huan Xuan asks for help
Chapter 230: The Fall of Xiangyang, King Xi
Chapter 231: War chess meeting in the military tent
Chapter 232 Tiger Troop Selection Competition
Chapter 233 Ice field ambush the ruthless face
Chapter 234: Dissolving the ambush in the forest
Chapter 235: Pretending to be a dead body and taking the horse away
Chapter 236: A series of clever tricks to change clothes and escape
Chapter 237: If you fail to escape illegally, you will lose your life.
Chapter 238 Two Lius join forces to welcome a turning point
Chapter 239: Surprise attack on the ferry at Yeji River
Chapter 240: Stay until the last person
Chapter 241 The Three Heavenly Masters Meet Jiang An
Chapter 242: Master Dao joins the army for revenge
Chapter 243: Yellow stripes in the waves enter the river
Chapter 244: Split up and head westward
Chapter 245 Conversation after the finish line
Chapter 246 Three people in Jingkou go on the run
Chapter 247: Seeing true love in times of adversity
Chapter 248 The beauty prepares yokan with bare hands
Chapter 249: Invitation from the Crow-clothed Guild
Chapter 250 Mu Zhiyi and Wu Yihui
Chapter 251 The long-standing feud between the Huan and Yin families
Chapter 252: Huan Yins conspiracy begins
Chapter 253: Dog-faced Wang Chen looks down on others
Chapter 254: Prime Minister Xie shocked the whole audience
Chapter 255: The body wrapped in horse leather is not what I want
Chapter 256: Not as good as catkins blowing in the wind
Chapter 257 Xiaoyuan walks in the snow and expresses his feelings
Chapter 258 Zhilan Yushus spontaneous stage
Chapter 259: Tragic Marriage and Imperial Resentment
Chapter 260: Mu Zhis wonderful words explain mysterious poetry
Chapter 261: Night discussion in Tiger Camp
Chapter 262: Discord between two generals is a fighting opportunity
Chapter 263 Xile plans a future for everyone
Chapter 264: Even noble people have their own problems
Chapter 265 Liu Yi seeks to climb up but is humiliated
Chapter 266: The ups and downs of the Yu family in Yingchuan
Chapter 267: Mu Zhiqiao persuades Yu Yue
Chapter 268 Liu Yis magic shot shows off his kung fu
Chapter 269 The aroma of roast goose with honey fills the courtyard
Chapter 270: One day we will meet again and become your king
Chapter 271 The Xie family is under great pressure
Chapter 272: Jun Han connects to form a group
Chapter 273 Xianbei Cavalry Enters the Tiger
Chapter 274 Liu Yus discussion of military stability and ruthlessness
Chapter 275: Kill all enemies with serial killing moves
Chapter 276 The Huns also have Xiao Jiujiu
Chapter 277: Hidden arrows sting the captives
Chapter 278: The pit suddenly appears to bury the Huns
Chapter 279: The Huns escape and are pursued by the Nu
Chapter 280: Du Yan returned victorious from the battle
Chapter 281 It is better to chase the poor bandits with the remaining brave men
Chapter 281 Qin Army Cavalry Escapes at Night
Chapter 282 Who is the unexpected reinforcement?
Chapter 283: Lure the enemy Taoist master into hiding evil intentions
Chapter 284: No change will scare the general
Chapter 285: The Array in the Wasteland is Triggered
Chapter 286: The Xiongnu Cavalry and Shooting Raid the Jin Formation
Chapter 287 Humiliating the corpse in front of the battle to lure the enemy to attack
Chapter 288: Flying weapons that fill the sky
Chapter 289: The long sword defeats the enemy wheat harvester
Chapter 290: Zhang Chi has time to withdraw his troops
Chapter 291: The Celestial Master's Demon Dao Shulin Conspiracy
Chapter 292: Unwilling to be attacked again
Chapter 293 Crossbowman Yan Xing Ya Po Cavalry
Chapter 294: The strategy of pretending to be dead and luring the enemy after being hit by an arrow
Chapter 295: What do you want to do with the step formation?
Chapter 296: The strong bow pushes the arrows to cover the sky
Chapter 297: Discussing Human Nature on the Battlefield
Chapter 298 Master Baos method of provoking generals
Chapter 299: The cunning Hulu escapes quietly
Chapter 300: The Huns' cavalry burst into the battle fiercely
Chapter 301: The slave god kills a powerful enemy
Chapter 302: Its hard to lose consciousness and the entire army suddenly breaks out
Chapter 303: Ambush in the grass is like a slaughterhouse
Chapter 304: Dismount and accept surrender, the Qin army is defeated
Chapter 305: Marshal Xuan arrives in person to summon slaves
Chapter 306 Discussing the military situation in the San'a camp
Chapter 307: Expelling the Demonic Path from Beifu
Chapter 308: Its Hard to Lose Your Job and Go to Prison
Chapter 309: Divine soldiers descend from heaven to cut off the return journey
Chapter 310: Huaishui Massacre of Prisoners and the Debate between Good and Evil
Chapter 311: Murong turns against Juechen
Chapter 312: Compassion does not lead troops to justice and benefit
Chapter 313: The King of Heaven is angry and wants to march south
Chapter 314: Two Xian and Qiang captives harbor evil intentions
Chapter 315 Murong Yao Chang sings in harmony
Chapter 316: Fierce debate in the palace
Chapter 317: The legitimacy of alien rule
Chapter 318 Lu Guangs Battle at Dingtian Mountain
Chapter 319: Throwing a whip to cut off the current can also be done
Chapter 320: Murongs generosity shows loyalty
Chapter 321 Master Daoan admonishes Fu Jian
Chapter 322: Taking turns to remonstrate with weapons
Chapter 323: King Fu Tians rebellious spirit
Chapter 324: Ten Ding Draws a National Conquest
Chapter 325: The Prime Minister in the Mountains has a melodious spirit
Chapter 326 Why are people in Jiangnan so peaceful?
Chapter 327: Defending Shouchun for Three Months
Chapter 328: Xie Xiangs witty words resolve disputes
Chapter 329: A tree that is beautiful in the forest will be destroyed by the wind
Chapter 330: Eight Strong Men Compete in Strength
Chapter 331: The title of King of Strength can also be given away
Chapter 332: Xianbei never takes a bath in his life
Chapter 333: We meet again
Chapter 334 Tingyun leaves the court to marry Huan Lang
Chapter 335: The king of heaven marries a daughter and is about to appear
Chapter 336: Murong Nu with hands on chest
Chapter 337: The magical skill of sending slaves shocks Shouchun
Chapter 338: Who should I protect as a soldier?
Chapter 339: Telling lies in a serious manner
Chapter 340: Resentment against others always breaks out
Chapter 341: There are many temptations between words
Chapter 342: Bu Qu Jia Ding can counterattack
Chapter 343 Murong intends to stay in the south
Chapter 344 The reconciliation between Hu and Han finally came to nothing
Chapter 345: Meeting an old friend outside Shouchun City
Chapter 346 Huan Xuan leads his army to Shouchun
Chapter 347 Miaoyin is disgusted with Murong Nan
Chapter 348: The Huan familys dogs are so weak
Chapter 349: The Huan familys conspiracy gradually becomes public
Chapter 350 Huan Xuan meets Brother Zhu
Chapter 351: Huan Xuans poison plan excites the young man
Chapter 352: Ji Nu Leng confronts Liu Tingyun
Chapter 353 Since ancient times, marriage has been difficult to have both ends.
Chapter 354: Ting Yunfangs heart belongs to Huan Xuan
Chapter 355 Ting Yunxi falls from the sky
Chapter 356 The pair of heroes in the alley (1)
Chapter 357 The pair of heroes in the alley (2)
Chapter 358: Unable to give in due to coercion or inducement
Chapter 359: There are times when slaves are shaken
Chapter 360: There are double standards in the theory of kindness
Chapter 361: Many parties strive for a common master
Chapter 362: Exploring the Root Cause of Ran Weis Defeat
Chapter 363: He who wins the hearts of the people wins the world
Chapter 364: Heroes finally stand on their own feet
Chapter 365: The True Purpose of the Huan Familys Northern Expedition
Chapter 366: Survive and die together by guarding Shouchun
Chapter 367: Righteous words to persuade the army to stay
Chapter 368 Yang Qiumou outside Shouchun City
Chapter 369: The slave enters the enemy camp alone
Chapter 370 A study on the origins of Xianbei Tuoba
Chapter 371: The Rise and Fall of Tuoba Dai Country
Chapter 372: Yang Qiuzhong was tricked into Shouchun
Chapter 373: Slave sent to jail early in the morning
Chapter 374 The Zhu brothers want to become their disciples
Chapter 375: The lover is so close and so far away
Chapter 371: The Rise and Fall of Tuoba Dai Country
Chapter 377: Troops going deep into enemy territory to take risks
Chapter 378: High achievements are not rewarded, but ministers are afraid
Chapter 379: The Qin Armys Cavalry Arrives
Chapter 380 An angry confrontation between the army and the people at the city wall
Chapter 381: Vow to live and die with Shouchun
Chapter 382: There are warriors at the head of Shouchun City
Chapter 383: The wonderful method of sending slaves to calm the fire attack
Chapter 384: The war cry in unison breaks the enemys courage
Chapter 385: Farming and grazing are hard work
Chapter 386: The enemy is ahead of the enemy at the city head
Chapter 387 The Qin army discusses offensive and defensive strategies at night
Chapter 388 The Qin army attacks Shouchun with stones
Chapter 389: Bed Crossbow Attacks the City with Thunderous Wind
Chapter 390: The sky is full of flying trees and as steady as a mountain
Chapter 391: Crossbow fight under Shouchun City
Chapter 392: Divine Arrow Shooting to Life and Death
Chapter 393 The Qin army scolded the soldiers and sent slaves
Chapter 394 The Raiders from the Crypt Appear
Chapter 395: The Qin army ants attached to Qi and attacked the city
Chapter 396: Setting Up Ladders to Siege the City with Arrows
Chapter 397: Iron armor and heavy steps are like mountains.
Chapter 398: Fighting to the death on the city wall with flesh and blood flying
Chapter 399 The Qin Armys heavy-armed general offensive
Chapter 400 Flying rocks and flesh flying all over the sky
Chapter 401 Where is the food stored in the city?
Chapter 402: The insidious scholar picks the truth
Chapter 403: Selfish General and Sinister Wolf
Chapter 404: Offering good advice sincerely
Chapter 405: Fire prevention, theft prevention, and slavery prevention
Chapter 406: A righteous and majestic posture
Chapter 407: Murong Chengtou was saddened
Chapter 408: Good and evil enter reincarnation in Buddhism
Chapter 409: Together for Life and Life
Chapter 410: The Dark Prince Reveals His True Appearance
Chapter 411: The hidden undercover finally reveals himself
Chapter 412: The vacancy of the legitimate son and the wolf fight
Chapter 413: To rule the world requires benevolence and righteousness
Chapter 414: Psychological Distortion and Three Wrong Views
Chapter 415: The Law of Peace and Security in the World
Chapter 416 Night Talk on the City Head about Military Planes
Chapter 417: All living beings between death and life
Chapter 418 Di Qin reinforcements enter the camp at night
Chapter 419 The idea of the firebird returning to its nest
Chapter 420: Murong Nongs serial poisonous scheme
Chapter 421: Earning Fu Rong with sweet words
Chapter 422: Recognizing Dj vu in a dream
Chapter 423: The Zhu familys secret passage appears
Chapter 424: Dont guess whats on your daughters mind
Chapter 425: The early bird returns from the fire
Chapter 426: Burning fire burns down the city and eventually fails to defend it
Chapter 427: There are times when heroes are powerless
Chapter 428 The Zhu family is at odds with each other
Chapter 429 Orchids bloom in the middle of the night
Chapter 430: Settle grudges ruthlessly
Chapter 431 The shadow of the aunt-nephew conspiracy
Chapter 432: Survive from desperate situation and go to war again
Chapter 433: Surrendering to the army in vain and crossing over from scratch
Chapter 434: The flying eagle reports victory and the arrival of the king
Chapter 435: Ding Ling has no profit and cannot afford to go early
Chapter 436: Who can be sent as envoy to Jin?
Chapter 437 Summary of Undercover Experience
Chapter 438: Persuading the Chief and Deputy Envoy of the Jin Camp to Surrender
Chapter 439: Old generals from the two countries have a talk
Chapter 440: The emperor conquers the world in one battle
Chapter 441 Murong is cold-blooded and ruthless
Chapter 442: The undercurrent of struggle between aristocratic families
Chapter 443: A pack of wolves has a trick to seize the heir
Chapter 444: Its hard to decide whether to fight or to defend.
Chapter 445 The envoys from the Qin army arrive at the gate
Chapter 446: Enemies turn red when they meet
Chapter 447: Whether you are an enemy or a friend depends on your stance.
Chapter 448: Every family has its own difficulties in reciting sutras
Chapter 449 A God-given opportunity is before us
Chapter 450: I am in the Qin camp but my heart is in Jin
Chapter 451: The battle of Shouchun determines the world
Chapter 452 The secret of the past is finally revealed
Chapter 453: Turn around and leave without looking back
Chapter 454: Mu Zhis witty words resolve a thousand worries
Chapter 455: Survive a desperate situation without moving forward
Chapter 456: Meeting on a narrow road, the brave one wins
Chapter 457: I take the initiative, not the enemy
Chapter 458: Where is the Rock Breaker?
Chapter 459: Weighing the Pros and Cons of the United Heavenly Master
Chapter 460: It is not a hero to avenge private hatred.
Chapter 461: The ups and downs of the Fan Yang Lu family
Chapter 462: Joining the army should strive for generals
Chapter 463: The History of the Northern Aristocratic Family
Chapter 464: Emerging forces are about to emerge
Chapter 465: The Immortal Man with Strong Faith
Chapter 466: The tenants of aristocratic families are slaves for generations
Chapter 467: Small favors win hearts
Chapter 468: Destined Marriage Changes
Chapter 469: Destined by Heaven
Chapter 470: Berserker Taking Banned Drugs
Chapter 471: Battlefield Fanaticism and Denial of Acknowledgment
Chapter 472: The King of Heaven Favors Murong Lan
Chapter 473: An important official of the Qin State suspected Murong
Chapter 474: A sharp-tongued retort against Pushe
Chapter 475: Palace Guard Cinnabar Proves Innocence
Chapter 476: Feiyan Fangzhongshu in the Han Palace
Chapter 477: Self-recommendation to prove innocence
Chapter 478 Alans witty words explain military affairs
Chapter 479: The Kings lust is endless
Chapter 480: Murong brother and sisters death
Chapter 481 The pair of beauties in the red curtain
Chapter 482: Beauty is like duckweed in troubled times
Chapter 483: Conquering people with virtue is the king of heaven
Chapter 484: The soil is split and the borders are divided, shocking Murong
Chapter 485 The spring night is short and the golden drum is urgent
Chapter 486 Liang Chengyi is an expert and bold
Chapter 487 Flying Leopard attacks at night at midnight
Chapter 488: The strong crossbow comes out of the Shenji camp
Chapter 489: Firestone Purgatory Endeavors
Chapter 490: Send slaves to fight against thousands of troops
Chapter 491: The Iron-armored Killing God Shocks the Enemy
Chapter 492: Who will collapse first when the crossbow is raised?
Chapter 493 Thirty steps away from Ya Rulan
Chapter 494: The slave breaks the formation like a tiger and a wolf
Chapter 495: The general crossed the stream and came to blood
Chapter 496: Jia Shengs Army Lords Night Attack
Chapter 497: Discussing soldiers at night during the march
Chapter 498: To intimidate the enemy into seizing him
Chapter 499: Spiritual leaders have far-reaching ideas
Chapter 500: The Zhai family and Ding Ling fight against each other
Chapter 501: Negotiating peace before the battle and grappling with old friendships
Chapter 502: Blood debt must be repaid with blood
Chapter 503: Coercion, inducement and refusal to give in
Chapter 504 Yao Xing has millions of soldiers in mind
Chapter 505 Orphan Murong travels to the end of the world
Chapter 506: Intrigue and conspiracy in the world
Chapter 507: Every man takes revenge
Chapter 508: Ding Ling fights to the death
Chapter 509: Fighting to go to Luojian, the water does not flow
Chapter 510: The sky is like a slaughtered sheep
Chapter 511 Who is Pian Pian riding?
Chapter 512: Fanatics kill each other on the battlefield
Chapter 513: Huans ambition is revealed
Chapter 514: Driving a wedge between Wang Xie and Wang Xie has sinister intentions
Chapter 515: The righteousness of family and country trumps personal love
Chapter 516: Huans Uncle and Nephew Jiangling (1)
Chapter 517: Huans Uncle and Nephew Jiangling (Part 2)
Chapter 518: Drinking Poison to Quench Thirst and Taking Five Stones
Chapter 519: Jing Chus troops point at Luoyang
Chapter 520: The ambitious junior is in a hurry
Chapter 521 Grass and Tree Soldiers on Bagong Mountain
Chapter 522 Xie Xuan is in front of the battle
Chapter 523: The stalemate before the battle
Chapter 524: The enemy camp has millions of people, let me do whatever I want
Chapter 525: King Qins great wish for a unified world
Chapter 526 The ultimate endless breath is about to come out
Chapter 527: Where is the right dress today?
Chapter 528: Dont teach Huma to cross mountains and rivers
Chapter 529: Flying stones all over the sky attack the Qin camp
Chapter 530: The floating bridge is deployed to set up the golden beam (1)
Chapter 531: The pontoon bridge is deployed to set up the golden beam (2)
Chapter 532: The first warriors to cross the Feishui River
Chapter 533: Thousands of arrows descended to the river bank to mourn
Chapter 534: The slave goes to the battlefield with a sword
Chapter 535: The lives of soldiers are a chess game
Chapter 536: Life and Death on the Floating Bridge
Chapter 537: Divine soldiers descend from the sky and cross the broken bridge
Chapter 538: The Iron-Armored Army finally establishes a foothold
Chapter 539: Three Thousand Tigers Defeat Qiang Hu
Chapter 540: Staying still and fighting for wisdom and courage
Chapter 541 High-powered assault waves hit rocks
Chapter 542: Cutting in two with one knife is so fierce
Chapter 543: The sword is as unstoppable as a wall
Chapter 544: Two women discuss national tragedy on the battlefield
Chapter 545: Madams witty words solve the world problem
Chapter 546: The rain of arrows covered the sun for a good autumn
Chapter 547: Kill the deserters in formation and fight to the death
Chapter 548: Chariots attack and shake the world
Chapter 549: Ling Feng, God of War, can stop it
Chapter 550: Inclined Shield and Forest Breaking Chariot
Chapter 551: The Kings red eyes suddenly appeared across the board
Chapter 552 Fu Rong goes into battle for a decisive battle
Chapter 553: The slave kneels down and shocks the world
Chapter 554: The Tiger Killing Formation is Like a Rolling Mat
Chapter 555: Overlord and Strong Medicine Berserker
Chapter 556: The God of Crazy Fighting and Killing Finally Appears
Chapter 557: The tiger attacks and intercepts Fu Rong
Chapter 558 Qin camps undercover agent returns from battle
Chapter 559: Wild killings scare ghosts and gods
Chapter 560: The warrior is trapped in the battle of life and death
Chapter 561: Ji Nu kills Fu Rong with one arrow
Chapter 562: It is better to chase the poor bandits with the remaining brave men
Chapter 563: The King of Heaven lives and dies in a matter of seconds
Chapter 564 Meeting a beautiful woman deep in the woods
Chapter 565: The dream of the Northern Expedition turned into nothing
Chapter 566: The first to get the moon near the water and the tower
Chapter 567: Laughing about the rising flames of war in the world
Chapter 568: The King of Heaven sighs at the sound of wind and cranes
Chapter 569: Meeting a loyal servant at the end of the road
Chapter 570: Home, Country, Husband Difficult to Make a Choice
Chapter 571: Who can turn to in times of crisis?
Chapter 572: Murong Ye hopes to conquer the world
Chapter 573: Thousands of troops dispersed and came back again
Chapter 574: Revenge Gods Plan to Chaos the World
Chapter 575: My husbands magnanimity is unparalleled
Chapter 576: What rewards do Beifu soldiers receive?
Chapter 577: Shanzhai Beifu can dominate (1)
Chapter 578: Shanzhai Beifu can dominate (2)
Chapter 579 The victorious army returns to Jiankang
Chapter 580: Enemies become red-eyed when they meet
Chapter 581: Killing decisively is a slave
Chapter 582: He frowned and pointed at Diao Kui
Chapter 583 Longyou Xianbei raised the flag of rebellion
Chapter 584: Xie Xuans witty words discuss the world
Chapter 585: Zu Tis great ambition is hard to repay
Recommend a few fine books on history and martial arts
Chapter 586: What happened on the bloody battlefield?
Chapter 587: Discussing kindness before interests
Chapter 588: The strong man sings and enters Jiankang
Chapter 589: A Gathering of Jade-level dignitaries from the Imperial Ancestral Temple
Chapter 590: Huan Xuans clever tongue causes disputes
Chapter 591: Adding more officials and cutting off Beifu
Chapter 592: Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 593: A group of beauties compete for beauty on a high platform
Chapter 594: Each sister has her own husband
Chapter 595 Will brothers eventually turn against each other?
Chapter 596: The slave sings loudly to the strong wind
Chapter 597: Stepping on Qin Banner and Han Erwei
Chapter 590: Huan Xuans clever tongue causes disputes
Chapter 599: The battle between the great avenues depends on their merits
Chapter 600: Confrontation between the Emperor and his Ministers in the Imperial Ancestral Temple
Chapter 601: The Qin clan voluntarily surrendered
Chapter 602: What are the rewards from the Heavenly Master and Taoists?
Chapter 603 Liu Yi recruits prostitutes to win people's hearts
Chapter 604: Poverty limits imagination
Chapter 605: Qin captures fierce slaves as a part
Chapter 606: Adding taxes and harsh taxes to the people to serve in the military
Chapter 607: Drunk and gentle, the will to fight disappears
Chapter 608: More achievements and more rewards
Chapter 609: Taking the Stage to Receive the Hundred Thousand Talents
Chapter 610: Iron Bull Bounty Turns Empty
Chapter 611 Li Kuiqiu dominates the veterans
Chapter 612: High reward and re-enlistment
Chapter 613: Qinhuais daughter is fragrant at night
Chapter 614: Jinlings best stinky tofu
Chapter 615: Storytelling is as shocking as a killing array
Chapter 616: Miaoyin cleverly scolds the veteran
Chapter 617: Veterans regardless of past grudges
Chapter 618: Reunited after a long separation and expressed heartfelt feelings
Chapter 619: Love is sealed with a kiss
Chapter 620: Heartfelt Confession in the Alley
Chapter 621: Big Auction Outside Qixuan Temple
Chapter 622: The grand event of wealthy families will begin
Chapter 623 Huan Xuan joins hands with the big and small kings
Chapter 624: Wang Xie joins hands to show the world
Chapter 625: Falling out and turning against each other
Chapter 626: Fanning the flames is a villain
Chapter 627: Hengmei Leng accuses the family
Chapter 628: Xie Xuanweis loss of territory
Chapter 629: The Diao brothers have no place to live
Chapter 630: Thousands of troops and horses are coming to meet us
Chapter 631: This is what a real man should do
Chapter 632: Crossbow kills thief and hero kills
Chapter 633: The ambush is out and the field is controlled stably
Chapter 634: The slaves witty words explain the mystery
Chapter 635: Jealousy of sending a slave to prison
Chapter 636: The Beautys Wise Words Huan Xuantan
Chapter 637: Wang Chen is the cruel one
Chapter 638 The shadow of the evil path emerges
Chapter 639 Liu Yigao talks about seizing the opportunity
Chapter 640 Liu Yi has a storm on his lips
Chapter 641: The hidden mastermind is revealed
Chapter 642: The Central Plains of Fu and Qin are like an avalanche
Chapter 643 Liu Yis ambition to submit a certificate of fame
Chapter 644 Liu Yi secretly changed his family
Chapter 645: Divorce Wife and Seek Prosperity, Xi Lele
Chapter 646: Cheap Auction of Prisoners of War
Chapter 647: Brothers Diao Yu have their own selfish motives
Chapter 648: The Diao family has evil ways to make money
Chapter 649: Does a strong man look at his legs first?
Chapter 650: Han prisoners pretend to be Qin prisoners
Chapter 651: Increased Bid to Kill Three Parties
Chapter 652: The heroes see roughly the same thing
Chapter 653 Chu San quits the double shoot
Chapter 654: Raising the price wisely provokes Diao Kuis anger
Chapter 655: High or low is not determined by fate.
Chapter 656: The Hero of Guanzhong, Lu Zongzhi
Chapter 657 Yu Kai helps Diao Kui
Chapter 658: The emerging scribe named Yuan Song
Chapter 659: Wuxing local tycoons also join the game
Chapter 660: Spending millions is enough to make a fortune
Chapter 661 Crazy raising of Huan and Liu Dao
Chapter 662: Jianxi Mansion in Jingkou
Chapter 663: Huan Xuans friendship with Lu Zong
Chapter 664 Zongzhi finally becomes a member of the Huan family
Chapter 665: An old acquaintance of Shouchun becomes a prisoner of war
Chapter 666: Angry Xie Yannu
Chapter 667: Xie Yans grudges always explode
Chapter 668: Internal fighting in the Xie family
Chapter 669: The slave stood up and could not retreat
Chapter 670: Seeing true love in times of crisis
Chapter 671: Jingwei Ming, a military-Han family
Chapter 672: Prime Minister Xie takes action to resolve the crisis
Chapter 673: The trapped subordinates are finally free
Chapter 674: The Theory of Relativity between Mother and Daughter
Chapter 675: Xie Xiangs witty words resolve the knot
Chapter 676: The National Seal of Reincarnation of Heaven
Chapter 677: End all grudges and hatred
Chapter 678: Mengli Qiu Ba knows the way forward
Chapter 679: Balancing the Two Countries and Establishing the World
Chapter 680: Yu Xis secrets of gains and losses
Chapter 681: Allies secretly fight and intrigue
Chapter 682 Xianbei Murong raised his flag to rebel
Chapter 683: Lord Yan returns to his kingdom and the world follows
Chapter 684 Murongs two branches are in the east and west
Chapter 685 Hebei Qin and Yan are in urgent need of attack
Chapter 686: Sitting on a mountain and watching the fight without helping each other
Chapter 687: Undercurrents in the Grassland Beyond the Great Wall
Chapter 688 Xianbei Murong Yis marriage
Chapter 689: The stench of the Xiongnu spreads thousands of miles
Chapter 690: Jin and Yan cooperate but break their alliance
Chapter 691: Hu people inherit different Han customs
Chapter 692: How can the debate between Huayi and Huayi be separated?
Chapter 693: The shady old Qiang rises from Lingbei
Chapter 694: The slave is about to go on a journey
Chapter 695: Whats more important in a beautys heart
Chapter 696 Yang Guangming appears on the battlefield
Chapter 697: The Yang Family General and the All-Mao Class
Chapter 698: Heavenly Master Taoist Secretly Peeps
Chapter 699: Poison to kill the evil uncle
Chapter 700: Huan and the Heavenly Master share the world
Chapter 701 The Mysterious Visitor in Black Clothes Alley
Chapter 702 Liu Yu needs to be suppressed
Chapter 703 Murong also has true dragon energy
Chapter 704: All parties in the Black Hand have different ideas
Chapter 705: Northern Xuanwu is actually him
Chapter 706: Asking what love is in the world
Chapter 707 Shura Field in front of Xingyang City
Chapter 708: Which one is preferable, kingly or domineering?
Chapter 709: What is the difference between Yecheng and Luoyang?
Chapter 710 Three teenagers lurking in the grass
Chapter 711: Lan Xinhuizhi finally softens the intestines
Chapter 712: More than a hundred residents in the city
Chapter 713: Where can we go if we take the people to flee?
Chapter 714: There is no distinction between friend and foe and they are riding on the city.
Chapter 715 Jingzhou Tiger Father Has No Sons
Chapter 716: Talking with each other is not arrogant
Chapter 717: Telling the truth and hiding nothing
Chapter 718: People came out of the city to help the general
Chapter 719: Identity of Soldiers and Common People
Chapter 720 The two young men of the Wang family in Taiyuan
Chapter 721: Seriously fooling around
Chapter 722: Lie about wanting to see Huan Jingzhou
Chapter 723: The road heads toward Luoyang
Chapter 724 Hu Daoxu, a righteous man from Jingzhou
Chapter 725: Huan Chongs funeral (1)
Chapter 726: Huan Chongs funeral (2)
Chapter 727: The death of a generation of heroes
Chapter 728: Murong Chuan Shuo Emperor Suo Mo
Chapter 729: Sweet words and slow tactics
Chapter 730: Which of the two thieves, East and West, can be defeated?
Chapter 731: The King of Heaven sets out to conquer the traitors
Chapter 732: The slave finally sets foot in Chang'an
Chapter 733 Qin Qiang fights against Bailuyuan
Chapter 734 Duanshui Qiang Army is in a desperate situation
Chapter 735: The King of Heaven is pleased with the changes
Chapter 736 It rains heavily and the Qiang God appears
Chapter 737 The sky is so thin to me
Chapter 738 Murong Phoenix finally becomes the master
Chapter 739: Kindness and righteousness in troubled times come at a high price
Chapter 740: Tearing off the robe before the battle to end old love
Chapter 741 Yao Xing returns to the Qiang camp after thousands of miles
Chapter 742: Stealing food and money to force a war
Chapter 743 Yin Xiong teaches his son to be benevolent and righteous
Chapter 744: The surviving elders seek revenge
Chapter 745: Lao Qiang lured the enemy to victory
Chapter 746: The slave turns into a city guard
Chapter 747: The Heavenly Kings Quick Son-in-law, Long Xiang
Chapter 748: The beauty under the moon takes off her shirt
Chapter 749: The warm fragrance of soft jade fills my arms
Chapter 750: Feeling moved by intimate contact
Chapter 751: Waking up from a confused dream
Chapter 752 The dome of Qin Palace is cool in the night breeze
Chapter 753: Chaos in the Qin Palace with Swords and Swords
Chapter 754: Discussing the pros and cons of war and chaos
Chapter 755: The elders of Guanzhong are in my heart
Chapter 756: The slaves vision shocked Murong
Chapter 757: The goddess descends into the mortal world
Chapter 758: Murongs double sword is unparalleled in the world
Chapter 759: The King of Life and Death Appears
Chapter 760: The Slave Haunts the Heavenly King
Chapter 761 The two dragons in Qin Palace confront each other calmly
Chapter 762 The benevolent king in troubled times will eventually be rewarded
Chapter 763: The King of Heaven is greedy and gives away the country
Chapter 764: Young Master Tuoba saves Emperor Yan
Chapter 765: An undercurrent flows into the Central Plains
Chapter 766 Ding Ling Xianbei harasses Guandong
Chapter 767: Wisdom inspires Ku Ren to send troops to help
Chapter 768: Gentlemens Agreement: Everyone is at peace with each other
Chapter 769: The Emperors Promise and High Five
Chapter 770: A fragrant boudoir with a soft couch and a jade body
Chapter 771 The female soldier raises dust to earn money from Fu Hui
Chapter 772 Murong Yong in the Shadow
Chapter 773: The Battle in Guanzhong and the Qiang King's Yin
Chapter 774: Yao Qin Bingfeng points to Xinping
Chapter 775: Xinping fierce debate may end
Chapter 776 Xinpings elders are also lonely and loyal
Chapter 777: Yinxiong's training with his son outside the city
Chapter 778: Lao Qiang divided his troops into three groups
Chapter 779: Hou Yans situation turns critical
Chapter 780 King Wus clever plan to lure Ku Ren
Chapter 781: Feng Hengs Poison Plan to Attack Ye with Water
Chapter 782 Fu Pi has a think tank around him
Chapter 783: The end of the eighty-year-old thief
Chapter 784 Yechengs grain and grass crisis
Chapter 785: The deadly feud between Qin and Jin can also be resolved
Chapter 786: National hatred and personal grudges are yours to choose
Chapter 787: The Beifu Mens True Brothers
Chapter 788: Died before leaving the army
Chapter 789: The elite vanguard prepare secretly
Chapter 790 Black Watch decides on the Northern Expedition
Chapter 791 The phase is gambling and riding out
Chapter 792 Chang'an runs out of food and sends slaves to lose weight
Chapter 793: A chivalrous woman abandons revenge with tenderness
Chapter 794 A bowl of porridge and water for two people to taste
Chapter 795: Release the tiger and return to the mountain to send Nuti
Chapter 796: The God of Guanzhong is Wang Jia
Chapter 797: Three forces overthrow Hushan
Chapter 798: Black Demon Water and Fire Defeat Wood
Chapter 799: Killing a group of people with arrows as if they were wandering around
Chapter 800: The athletes foot meat buns are so delicious
Chapter 801: Tunnel Ambush and Survival from Death
Chapter 802: The tiger comes out of the cave and kills it
Chapter 803 Meeting the Fairy Boy in the Secret Valley
Chapter 804 Three parties confront each other in front of the half-immortal
Chapter 805 Murong proposes the method of having both
Chapter 806: Yi Zheng rejects Murong as a slave
Chapter 807: Whats so great about the heart of the rich?
Chapter 808: Angry and threatening
Chapter 809 The tripartite agreement was finally reached
Chapter 810: The two heroes in the valley have their own conspiracy
Chapter 811 The secret is profound and cannot be revealed
Chapter 812 Xianle Piaopiao meets the villagers
Chapter 813: Yao Qiangs poisonous plot to blame others
Chapter 814: Fu Jian expands and pours cold water on him
Chapter 815 Emperor Murong Mo is still determined
Chapter 816: Aunt-nephews heated argument changes peoples minds
Chapter 817: Shameless and vicious plan, strict refusal
Chapter 818: Li Daitaos trap is deep
Chapter 819 The fake Murong seduces
Chapter 812 Xianle Piaopiao meets the villagers
Chapter 821 When pretending to be true, feelings are also true
Chapter 822 Murong Wei in the Shadow
Chapter 823 The mysterious sound reappears
Chapter 824 Illusion is also useless.
Chapter 825 Yin Emperor Murong lets go and fights
Chapter 826: Illusion controls people like puppets
Chapter 827 The truth is finally coming out
Chapter 828: Illusion controls people to kill each other
Chapter 829: Disaster is imminent and the emperor flees
Chapter 830 Double Illusion at Night in Qin Palace
Chapter 831: The Wrath of the Resentful Woman and the Fall of the Country
Chapter 832 The dead clan destroys Emperor Mengkong
Chapter 833 Yang Ding is arrogant and arrogant
Chapter 834: Repaying kindness with hatred is dangerous
Chapter 835: The First Companion of Ye Feng Qi Qi City
Chapter 836: Hidden in the Sun Palace of Prince Wu
Chapter 837: A lonely man sends a slave into the Yan camp
Chapter 838 Standing proudly among tigers and wolves
Chapter 839: Phoenix Qinghe in anger
Chapter 840: You choose whether you are an enemy or a friend
Chapter 841 Private Meeting with Murong Xin
Chapter 842 The decisive battle between Qin and Yan is triggered
Chapter 843: The Yan army attacks the city and the Qin cavalry arrives
Chapter 834 There is a mystery in Murongs camp
Chapter 835 Li Bian understands Yan Juns deception
Chapter 836: Faking defeat also has an escape plan
Chapter 837: Soldiers and Bandits Enter the Camp and Robbery
Chapter 838: Uneven distribution of spoils and battle between generals
Chapter 839: Qin Qibei comes out in ambush
Chapter 850 Phoenixs atrocities shocked Changan
Chapter 851: The brutality of trapping prisoners is shocking
Chapter 852: Sing a song to cheer people up
Chapter 853: The slaves calmly set up the city defense
Chapter 854: Talking about the arrival of enemy troops at the top of the city at night
Chapter 855: Attacking the enemy without preparation
Chapter 856: The Yan State Killer Ye Kaicheng
Chapter 857 The Phoenix is bloodthirsty and wants to massacre the city
Chapter 858: Be careful to sail the ten thousand year ship
Chapter 859: The ambush was bloody and killed on the road
Chapter 860: Beat the dog behind closed doors to avenge blood
Chapter 861 The blood feud will never end
Chapter 862 The city is full of ogres
Chapter 863: Humanity has fallen into bestiality
Chapter 864 Shameless Yao Chang deceived Xinping
Chapter 865 Huan Xuan sneaks into Chang'an secretly
Chapter 866 Huan Xuan's discussion at night
Chapter 867 Xies reincarnation as Huan Wen
Chapter 868: Hebei Guanzhong is not worth it
Chapter 869 Huan Xuans words hide the storm
Chapter 870 The true purpose is finally revealed
Chapter 871 Its been two years since brother and sister parted ways
Chapter 872 King Wus plan is as deep as the sea
Chapter 873: The Xie Jiahuan family
Chapter 874: Jiangdong Dragon and Tiger Competition
Chapter 875: The monarch and his ministers finally became suspicious of each other at the banquet
Chapter 876 The Three Plum Blossoms are like Duke Zhou
Chapter 877 What will happen to the Xiongnu family before they are destroyed?
Chapter 878 The Diao brothers fight against Xile
Chapter 879 Public intentions and selfish intentions are evident
Chapter 880: Lure veterans back on their journey
Chapter 881: The vanguard is also awakened
Chapter 882: Leader Diao Kui becomes an adulterer
Chapter 883 The eldest brother in Jingkou is named Liu Yi
Chapter 884 The leader is a friend
Chapter 885 Liu Xile in the Shadow
Chapter 886: Cutting off the retreat and moving forward
Chapter 887: Shadows and dark conspiracy
Chapter 888 There is something in the black hand game
Chapter 889: The celebrity god of food finally dies unjustly
Chapter 890: Dedicated to serving the country but unable to find a way
Chapter 891: Former brothers reunited
Chapter 892 Xile admits to privately discussing peace
Chapter 893: Steady and steady plan to send slaves
Chapter 894 Desire becomes the vanguard and the rear guard
Chapter 895: Northern Expedition and Return to Beifu
Chapter 896: Seeking wealth, fame and fame on the battlefield
Chapter 897: The defender is also unusual
Chapter 898: The Great Eunuch of Yechengs Secret Service
Chapter 899: Plan ruined and words of death
Chapter 900: When a person is about to die, he speaks good words
Chapter 901: Loyal Minister and Martyrs Passing Words
Chapter 902: Murong Jun discusses battle strategy
Chapter 903: Fake defeat to lure enemy cavalry into killing
Chapter 904 Meeting an old friend in Liyang Cangcheng
Chapter 905: Wanting to attack the rear with Ding Ling
Chapter 906: Ding Ling plots to send slaves to Zhi
Chapter 907: The secret behind the retreat of the Yan army to the north
Chapter 908: The whole army chases after the prisoner is tempted
Chapter 909: The enemy and we collude to endanger Beifu
Chapter 910: The tiger fell down and was bullied by the dog
Chapter 911: Yan Juns fierce general rushes into battle
Chapter 912 Zhang Yuan releases the water swallow and rides the sudden attack
Chapter 913: Defeated and Hard to Survive
Chapter 914: Unparalleled Blessings Bring Unparalleled Disasters
Chapter 915: Light soldiers rush into Wuqiao Ze
Chapter 916 The Three Heavenly Masters Xiao Lin Appears
Chapter 917 Gold and silver treasures are in front of you
Chapter 918: Crazy Money-Grabbing Competition
Chapter 919: A prairie fire engulfs Beifu
Chapter 920: Landslide, sea of fire and slaves arrive
Chapter 921: Brotherhood appears in life and death
Chapter 922 The real warrior stands alone
Chapter 923: Prince Murong leads the troops in battle
Chapter 924: Sending slaves into the battle, the army is convinced
Chapter 925: Fangtous old grudge is finally repaid
Chapter 926: Brothers sometimes turn against each other
Chapter 927: Strictly rejecting Huan Xuan
Chapter 928: Whats the point of moral power?
Chapter 929: Intrigue and intrigue
Chapter 930: Shameless request for life extension
Chapter 931: The identity of the traitor is hidden in the heart
Chapter 932: The Northern Overlord cannot be insulted
Chapter 933: The name of the hero will be passed down forever
Chapter 934: The flying crossbowmen greet the cavalry and shoot
Chapter 935: Bows and crossbows defeat enemy cavalry
Chapter 936: If you dont teach a knight, he will die.
Chapter 937: Encirclement on foot and horse, ready to attack from a pincer attack
Chapter 938: Cleverly setting a trap to lure Murong
Chapter 939: Corpses pretending to be enemies suddenly appear
Chapter 940: Dependence on each other in life and death
Chapter 941 Murong Yi didnt fall into the trap
Chapter 942 Brothers work together to break gold
Chapter 943: The Bear-Tiger Killing Formation is Like a Rolling Mat
Chapter 944: A fierce tiger surges across the horse's belly
Chapter 945 Ah Shou kills enemies like an overlord
Chapter 946: Capturing the Thief and Wang Chong Murong
Chapter 947: Strong cavalry array and golden drum rush
Chapter 948: The square formation turns into a circle to face the powerful enemy
Chapter 949: Short-distance Counterattack Fighting Method
Chapter 950: Fire Horse Kneading Medicine to Counterattack
Chapter 951 Xiaogang discusses cavalry skills
Chapter 952 The prairie prince wants to return home
Chapter 953: Young Master Tuoba has a far-sighted vision
Chapter 954: Iron Bulls life hangs by a thread
Chapter 955: Staying Alone in the Enemy Line
Chapter 956: The loyal soul of Beifu will never surrender
Chapter 957: Princess Yan also has feelings
Chapter 958: Stay and come back later in life
Chapter 959 Lord Yans arrogance is astonishing
Chapter 960: Talking about heroes at night in Zhangshui
Chapter 961: Prairie tigers and wolves are ferocious
Chapter 962: People on the grassland are like tigers and wolves
Chapter 963: Lord Yan sends slaves all the way
Chapter 964: Sitting on top of the world, love is also empty
Chapter 965 The Golden Sword Prince Consort Liu Jinu
Chapter 966 A green dragon appears in the shadows
Chapter 967: The hero, Xiaojie, young friend
Chapter 968 Qinglong Master and Disciple Discuss Heroes
Chapter 969 The dark hand of the shadow wants to support Huan
Chapter 970 Qinglongs conspiracy between heaven and earth
Chapter 971 Lord Yan admires three and a half
Chapter 978: The pros and cons of brother-sister relativity
Chapter 973: The one whom I least admire is also a hero
Chapter 974: Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy
Chapter 975: The Xie family offers their daughter to the royal family
Chapter 976: Huan Wen hesitates and is not a hero
Chapter 977: The last half of the human race is also a dragon and a phoenix
Chapter 978 Meeting a beautiful woman under the moonlight
Chapter 979: Killing enemies with four consecutive arrows
Chapter 980: Avoid the arrow and cross the horse with the bowstring to kill
Chapter 981: Li Yuans heart is burned with black fire
Chapter 982 The Three Heavenly Masters Sigh by the River
Chapter 983: There is no regret in bullying the master and destroying the ancestors
Chapter 984: Slaves Corpse Floating on the Water
Chapter 985: Suzaku and Green Dragon Appear in the Rainy Night
Chapter 986: Resurrection of Flesh and Bones
Chapter 987 The fusion of yin and yang, the fusion of spirit and flesh
Chapter 988: Sending a slave to fall in love with Murong Lan
Chapter 989: Brother Lang falls in love and gets married
Chapter 990 The gangsters reunite to confront each other (1)
Chapter 991 The gangsters reunite to confront each other (2)
Chapter 992 Bargaining finally concluded the deal
Chapter 993: The Royal Civil War and the Qinglong Conspiracy
Chapter 994: Brothers quarreling and causing chaos in the Jin Dynasty
Chapter 995 Qinglong Xuanwu tit for tat
Chapter 996: The evil forces in the Jin Dynasty are divided
Chapter 997: The governor of Dazhou privately teaches
Chapter 998: The villain succeeds and dominates Jingkou
Chapter 999: The aristocratic family is as poor as clouds and mud
Chapter 1000 Miaoyins marriage becomes a deal
Chapter 1001: White Tiger Xuanwu's Farewell Words
Chapter 1002 Miaoyin Leng and Ji Nu Sad
Chapter 1003 Dao Yun restores Zhangshui
Chapter 1004: The wonderful sound finally promises to serve the king
Chapter 1005 There is no more Wang Miaoyin in the world
Chapter 1006: The Black Queen Mother is busy training her children
Chapter 1007: Brothers quarrel with their mother (1)
Chapter 1008: Brothers quarrel with their mother (2)
Chapter 1009 Changming Daozis final showdown
Chapter 1010: The Imperial Master appears and has far-sighted views
Chapter 1011: I advise you to know the origin of metaphysics
Chapter 1012: What can be done from the mysterious to the classics?
Chapter 1013: Your thoughts are the same as mine
Chapter 1014 The Black Hand gathers again to discuss Fan Ning
Chapter 1015 Cold Wind and Snowy Five Generals Mountain
Chapter 1,016 Analysis of the Death of Qin in front of the King of Heaven
Chapter 1017: The Eternal Mystery of Good and Evil in Human Nature
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Chapter 1018 Lu Guang returns to his master Fu Dengqi
Chapter 1019: The Emperors hegemony returns to dust
Chapter 1020: Phoenix's troops wash out Chang'an
Chapter 1021 Phoenix Phoenix Stops Afang
Chapter 1022: Xiyan changes owner and abandons Guanzhong
Chapter 1023 Murong went to Jiangnan with her husband
Chapter 1024: The lone wolf on the prairie is in danger
Chapter 1,025 The secret cave and the clouds and rain express their heartfelt feelings
Chapter 1026 A Brief History of the Grassland by Hu Hanxing
Chapter 1027: Changes in the Grassland Shanyu Banner
Chapter 1028: Princess Yuns Old Affair
Chapter 1029: Going to a country thousands of miles away from east to west
Chapter 1022: Xiyan changes owner and abandons Guanzhong
Chapter 1031: The Xiongnu and the Qiang Conspiracy of the Western Yan Dynasty
Chapter 1032: The enemy of my enemy is a friend
Chapter 1033 The Xiongnu and Xianbei finally join forces
Chapter 1034 Instigating Yang Ding to rebel against Gao Gai
Chapter 1,035 The Black Hand reunites with Xuanwu to retreat
Chapter 1036: An Shi passes away and Xuanwu succeeds
Chapter 1037: Sending slaves to Yanmen in disguise
Chapter 1,038 Wang Mengs son comforts the army and the people
Chapter 1039: Passion incites separation of flesh and blood
Chapter 1040: My name is Canglang and I want to beg for a living
Chapter 1041 The mysterious businessman wants to take him in
Chapter 1042 Prince Anxi Prairie Merchant
Chapter 1,043: The Agent and his Couple Love each other
Chapter 1044: Camel beauties all have double breasts
Chapter 1045: Ambush in Monan Grassland
Chapter 1046: Serial Ambush and Killing with Nail Boards
Chapter 1,047 The prairie wolf finally appears
Chapter 1048: Fierce Trap Swallows the Huns
Chapter 1049: Chilechuan at the Foot of Yinshan Mountain
Chapter 1050 A fellow prairie named Quin
Chapter 1051: There is also a Rouran tribe in Mobei
Chapter 1052 The Five Steppes are also in troubled times
Chapter 1053: Dont be humble in a jungle of tigers and wolves
Chapter 1054 Gongsuns true identity is finally exposed
Chapter 1055 Tuoba surrenders to Dugu tribe
Chapter 1056: Tuobas reconstruction failed to go as expected
Chapter 1057: A loyal servant of many years finally returns to the Lord
Chapter 1058: Young Master Tuoba gambles with his life
Chapter 1059: Lure slaves into Tuoba
Chapter 1060 Han and Hu cooperate to serve their ancestors
Chapter 1,061 The warm tent is next to the beauty in hand
Chapter 1,062 The results of the Northern Expedition were in vain
Chapter 1,063 How can prairie sisters marry?
Chapter 1064: Goddess He Lanmin
Chapter 1,065 Black hands loom in the prairie
Chapter 1066: Liu Xianji, the only son lost
Chapter 1067: The Legend of the Saint of Gods Will
Chapter 1,068 Brothers are also jealous
Chapter 1,069 The Immortal God descends into the witch body
Chapter 1070: Young Master Dugu is Lost and Found
Chapter 1071: The gathering of heroes under Ma Niu
Chapter 1,072 Using God to Seize the Son of Man
Chapter 1,073 Helan Sisters House Pair
Chapter 1,074 The shadow of the green dragon appears on the grassland
Chapter 1,075 Tuobas ambition is the point of no return
Chapter 1,076 The Young Wolf is also a villain
Chapter 1,077: The last lesson of human kindness
Chapter 1,078 The black-hearted master-disciple meeting is indefinite
Chapter 1,079: The Prairie Wolf Who Killed the Teacher and the Obscene Aunt
Chapter 1,080: The Peerless Heros Golden Rooster Breaks
Chapter 1081 Black Water Wildfire Burns Tianlie
Chapter 1,082 The Saints Love Wolf Doesnt Understand
Chapter 1083: Blackwater Suspicion Sends Nujue
Chapter 1084: Khan becomes a beauty in anger
Chapter 1085 Helan Tiannu enters my account
Chapter 1086: Predicting future blood witchcraft
Chapter 1087: Dragon-slaying veteran and hero
Chapter 1088: Suzakus Shadow Appears on the Second Shu
Chapter 1089: Overnight Assault on Qijie Mountain
Chapter 1090: Young Master Tuoba counterattacks in ambush
Chapter 1091: Escape in the grass and kill invisible people
Chapter 1,092: Fu Qi scores the winning points
Chapter 1093: Dugu Buqu died in battle
Chapter 1,094 The Battlefield Meeting of the Peerless Two Prides
Chapter 1095: The grassland tribes are not slaves
Chapter 1096: The Wolf Lords Oath Can Be Defeated to Heaven
Chapter 1097: Dances with Wolves and Knotting Agan
Chapter 1,098: Thinking from someone elses perspective and planning for action
Chapter 1099: Those who obey me will prosper and those who go against me will perish.
Chapter 1,100: All wives, children and mothers can be abandoned
Chapter 1101: The future is uncertain
Chapter 1,102: Talking about the lotus flower with bright tongue
Chapter 1,103 The prairie wolf is benevolent and righteous
Chapter 1,104 I dont seek wealth and fame
Chapter 1,105 Cold-blooded and ruthless Bata Song
Chapter 1,106 He Lan gambles his life on his way back
Chapter 1,107 Where can I be in the world?
Chapter 1,108 The Helan brothers have evil intentions
Chapter 1,109 A hundred years of grudges are over in one word
Chapter 1,110 Going to the North of Yinshan Mountain, a Thousand Miles Away
Chapter 1,111: Initiating the insider removal of Tuoba
Chapter 1,112: Reunion after a long separation, life and death
Chapter 1,113 Atheist Tuoba Si
Chapter 1114: Tuoba Cave and Dugu
Chapter 1115: An empty tent waiting for the killer to arrive at night
Chapter 1116 Helan Witch Goddess Prophecy
Chapter 1,117: Self-mutilation and witnessing innocence
Chapter 1,118 The fake show is both true and false
Chapter 1,119 Helans migration to the west and the beginning of Tuoba
Chapter 1,120: Sending a slave to keep the oath and not to deceive God
Chapter 1,121 Xiyan Cavalry Attacks Thousands of Miles
Chapter 1,122 Relying on Helan to calm peoples hearts
Chapter 1,123 Murongs intuition is unparalleled in the world
Chapter 1,124 The powerful enemy is in Daning City
Chapter 1,125 Detouring through the dungeon in the middle of the night
Chapter 1,126 Xiyan Iron Cavalry Attacks Thousands of Miles
Chapter 1,127 Iron hooves trampling women and children into tears
Chapter 1,128 Wild beasts ravage the flowers
Chapter 1,129 Three elite groups were wiped out overnight
Chapter 1,129 The mastermind behind the scenes gradually emerges
Chapter 1130: Incomparable Heroic Spirit
Chapter 1131: Song of Blood and Fire, Killing Night
Chapter 1,132 Young Master Tuobas Inexhaustible Strategy
Chapter 1,133 The black-handed blue dragon gradually disappears
Chapter 1,134 There is someone else besides Qinglong
Chapter 1,135 Murong Yuan abandoned his wife and mother
Chapter 1,136: Chasing Murong under the moon
Chapter 1,137: Wherever love comes, you need to have fun
Chapter 1,138 An Zhi Who Is on the Pillow
Chapter 1,139 The Secret Technique of the Grassland and the Wonders of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 1,140 Heading westward to Niuchuan
Chapter 1141 Collection of various parts of the Niuchuan Conference
Chapter 1,142 Split the soil and divide the territory to reward the king.
Chapter 1,143: Changing customs and blatantly leaving
Chapter 1,144 The Yinshan Khan Tent is surrendered
Chapter 1,145 The crowd is so angry that Dugu is destroyed
Chapter 1,146 The Wolf Lord ascends the throne and can be relieved
Chapter 1,147 An old friend seems familiar.
Chapter 1,148 Two Slaps to Clear the Grudge
Chapter 1,149 The most heartless person in the world
Chapter 1,150 A word awakens the dreamer
Chapter 1,151 There is no more Murong Lan in the world
Chapter 1,152 The true body appears in the golden tent
Chapter 1,153 The Heart of Returning to the Country Is Leaving the String of Arrows
Chapter 1,154: Everyone in the military discussion discusses the first enemy
Chapter 1155: Enemy or Friend? Analysis
Chapter 1,156 There is a mystery in priorities
Chapter 1,157: Advising you to stay by the Niuchuan River
Chapter 1,158 The shadow behind the madam is a mystery
Chapter 1,159 A murderous plot lurks deep in the desert
Chapter 1,160 Showing others how to use the weak to cut off the strong
Chapter 1,161 Five Thousand Armored Cavalry Give Up
Chapter 1,162: See each other again after years of separation
Chapter 1163: Hidden fakes and traces of spies
Chapter 1,164 The wonderful sound and clear words calm the world
Chapter 1,165 Who says women are inferior to men?
Chapter 1,166: A hero who drinks wine from the top of a cow
Chapter 1,167 Drunk bragging in life
Chapter 1,168 Bragging and spanking are fun
Chapter 1,169: Straight men on the prairie have lots of fun
Chapter 1,170: Extreme joy leads to lamentation and reverence
Chapter 1,171 Brothers confess each other and tell the truth
Chapter 1,172 A long journey through dangerous mountains and rivers
Chapter 1,173 The road of thorns has a bright future
Chapter 1,174 The hero is short of breath, his wife and son sigh
Chapter 1,175 The first gathering of Xiaoqiu in the Jin Dynasty
Chapter 1,176: The Slave Analyzes the Black Hand Conspiracy
Chapter 1177: Visiting a Yoryoku by Murong Rin
Chapter 1178: Talking about Murong with eloquent words
Chapter 1,179: Sending a Slave to Train My Nephew
Chapter 1,180: The struggle between Tuoba and the two tigers is preserved
Chapter 1,181 Fair competition for the throne of the Crown Prince
Chapter 1,182 Helans Daydream in Three Parts
Chapter 1,183 The Yan Army's Iron Cavalry approaches Niuchuan
Chapter 1,184 Double Assassination of the Guards
Chapter 1,185 The fake Fatty Liu is actually him
Chapter 1,186 The Origin of the Black Hand Universe
Chapter 1,187 The black hands triumphant plot appears
Chapter 1,188: Righteousness against the Evil Demon
Chapter 1,189 Huanxuan fights in the Suzaku nest
Chapter 1,190 Suzaku proposes to shake hands and
Chapter 1,191 Confronting the giant chief and refusing to be tempted
Chapter 1,192 Bargaining Baobei Mansion
Chapter 1,193: Release Huanxuan regardless of past grudges
Chapter 1,194 Giving you a chance is useless
Chapter 1,195: Staying in Huanxuan Grassland for One Year
Chapter 1,196 Prairie Agan waves goodbye
Chapter 1,197 The Huns are unwilling to accept Helans surrender
Chapter 1,198: Tuoba Jian Weis Slaves Return
Chapter 1,199 The Beifu Warriors Return in Ten Years
Chapter 1,200 How to determine heroes and traitors
Chapter 1,201 The long-time wanderer finally returns home
Chapter 1,202: Tell your mother about your big plans
Chapter 1,203: A gathering of heroes to be feared by young people
Chapter 1,204 Young General Caitan Daoji
Chapter 1,205 The Wrath of Unbridled Rhetoric
Chapter 1,206 Daoji is young and knowledgeable
Chapter 1,207 Mu Zhi enters when the wine is full
Chapter 1,208: Into darkness and in light of heart
Chapter 1,209 Mu Zhijianyan enters the palace guard
Chapter 1210: Using gambling to force people to fight tigers and wolves
Chapter 1,211 The men of Beifu are not slaves
Chapter 1,212 The young man mistakenly enters the Gold Cave
Chapter 1,213: Cast a long line to catch big fish
Chapter 1,214 Zhuge Changmins failure to do so
Chapter 1,215 Spending a lot of money against a gambling tycoon
Chapter 1,216 Jingkou Man Disdains Gambling
Chapter 1,217 Demonstration of Thousands of Skills to Uncover Gambling Mysteries
Chapter 1,218 Qiu Bas Self-cultivation
Chapter 1,219 Three things to do when a new official takes office
Chapter 1,220 Loyal ministers rebel against thieves regardless of their intentions
Chapter 1,221 How to repay righteous kindness
Chapter 1,222 Waiting for the two traitors to turn against each other
Chapter 1,223 The Diao brothers shut down the casino
Chapter 1,224 Liu Yi and Meng Changs Alley Conspiracy
Chapter 1,225: He is the enemy of the Black Hand
Chapter 1,226 The White Tiger enters the struggle between Shaanxi and Qin
Chapter 1,227 Lord Wei finally reveals his blood fangs
Chapter 1,228 Succession of Qinglong Suzakuti
Chapter 1,229 The Suzaku student is actually him
Chapter 1230: Former Qins ashes can be revived
Chapter 1,231 Discussing Qin Yan on a small village sand table
Chapter 1,232 Prairie brothers follow you thousands of miles away
Chapter 1,233: Watching the troops go out for battle but not returning
Chapter 1,234: Kings Landing is Prosperous and Mighty
Chapter 1,235 Qinglong trains his disciples into the Central Plains
Chapter 1,274 What was said during the military meeting before the war
Chapter 1,237 The confrontation between strange master and apprentice in prison
Chapter 1,238 Qinglong helps his disciple return to Jingxiang
Chapter 1,239 The Lord of Wei does not want to be a father
Chapter 1,240 Killing the Mother to Sacrifice the Heavenly Crown Prince
Chapter 1,241 Reunion on the battlefield after a long absence
Chapter 1,242 The three of them sighed at the shadows.
Chapter 1,243 The old love turned into nothing
Chapter 1,244: Sad love, Miaoyin resentment
Chapter 1,245 Xie Ans lofty ambition is hard to realize
Chapter 1,246 Athletes go north to conquer the world
Chapter 1,247 The red lips lightly opened to express her thoughts
Chapter 1,248 Friends and Enemies Have No Eternity
Chapter 1,249 Building an Army in Prison and Recruiting Tigers and Wolves
Chapter 1,250: The relationship is over and its hard to continue the relationship
Chapter 1,251: Ex-wifes current wife is a drama
Chapter 1,252 Quitting for love is in vain
Chapter 1,253 Mother and daughter express their sincerity to each other
Chapter 1,246 Athletes go north to conquer the world
Chapter 1,255 The Black Hand also counterattacks
Chapter 1,256 The civil war is a black-handed plot
Chapter 1,257: Slave Wedding Banquet Brothers Together
Chapter 1,258 Brothers embarking on the journey together
Chapter 1,259 Mu Zhis deduction of the Bingzhou War
Chapter 1,259 Master Wang should win the hearts of the people
Chapter 1260: Slave Sending Trial and Solution to Two Problems
Chapter 1,261 The bride walks at night and abandons her red makeup
Chapter 1,262 Eight Thousand Armored Riders of Xiyan Kuang
Chapter 1,263 Where is the hero of Feishui today?
Chapter 1,264 Discussing Military Situation in the Governor's Mansion
Chapter 1,265 Inspection of Luoyang Yans Attack and Defense
Chapter 1,266 Xi Yan crosses the Yellow River with iron hoof
Chapter 1,267 Two Heavenly Masters Sneak into the City
Chapter 1,268 Liu Yis ambition is Yuzhou
Chapter 1,269 Dongjiawu Deep in Mangshan Mountain
Chapter 1,270 The Second Mengbei Village is about to fall
Chapter 1,271 The genius boy meets again
Chapter 1,272: Speak hard but wait and see
Chapter 1,273 The deep love of dog abuse on the battlefield
Chapter 1,274 What was said during the military meeting before the war
Chapter 1,275 The descendants of Emperor Yan were also massacred
Chapter 1,276 Hu Qilang roars at Han Erhao
Chapter 1,277 Killing the front rider with an arrow and showing weakness
Chapter 1,278 Yan Qi forms a formation and prepares to move forward
Chapter 1,279: One-sided battle between cavalry and foot
Chapter 1,280 The divine arrow kills Xi Yanqi
Chapter 1,281 Murong wants to test the Jin armys defense
Chapter 1,282 The tiger suddenly counterattacks
Chapter 1,283: Abandoning Armor and Battle Royale
Chapter 1,284 The River Warriors Flanked
Chapter 1,285: Drive the enemy into the forest and burn it with fire
Chapter 1,286 Dong Chang is unwilling to give up his family business
Chapter 1,287 Wise words and clever explanations of Dong Changli
Chapter 1,288 The demonic ways of the Heavenly Master confuse peoples hearts
Chapter 1,289 Dao Ye goes to war to seek reward
Chapter 1,290 The Wuxing clan is also a Taoist friend
Chapter 1,291 The Five Tigers of the Shen Family Want to Make Great Contributions
Chapter 1,292 The Heavenly Master hid tens of thousands of troops
Chapter 1,293 Facing Lu Xunshus inner thoughts
Chapter 1,294 Lu Xun also knew about the plan to send slaves
Chapter 1,295 Teaming up with Lu Xun to defeat Xiyan
Chapter 1,296 Resident Evil Immortal Man
Chapter 1,297: Night attack on Xiyan to destroy the former camp
Chapter 1,298 Xiyans ally is actually him
Chapter 1299: Confusing and plotting their own plans
Chapter 1,300: Close the door and beat the dog to lure them into the city
Chapter 1,301 Borrowing troops from an old friend to defeat a strong thief
Chapter 1,302 Murong Miaoyu analyzes the current situation
Chapter 1,303 Everyone grabs the merits of the Northern Expedition
Chapter 1,304 Hongdaes plan has also changed
Chapter 1,305 Lord Yan increases his troops to attack Luoyang
Chapter 1,306 Xiyan attacks the city with flying rocks
Chapter 1307: Sending slaves to the city like gods
Chapter 1308: Murong is choked by a verbal battle at the top of the city
Chapter 1,309 Beifu Fine Wine Falling from the Sky
Chapter 1310 Xiyan drives the people to attack the city
Chapter 1,311 The Responsibility of Soldiers to Defend the Land and Protect the People
Chapter 1,312 The Crossbow Flying Arrow Divine Soldier Descends
Chapter 1,313 A fierce tiger crosses the trench like a rolling mat
Chapter 1,314 Jumping into a ditch to avoid flying rocks
Chapter 1,315 The secret passage in the pit returns safely
Chapter 1,316: Organizing civilians into the city of Zhongzhi
Chapter 1,317 Discussing the enemys tactics on the city wall
Chapter 1318 Murong Zhan’s killing order
Chapter 1319: The ancient method of killing is used today
Chapter 1,320: Picking up stones to determine life and death
Chapter 1,321 There is no kindness in the face of life and death
Chapter 1,322: Bloody Resurrection and Strong Fighting Will
Chapter 1,323: Distributing tasks to meet powerful enemies
Chapter 1,324 Xuanhus dead soldiers attack the city first
Chapter 1,325: Turn around and jump under the rain of arrows
Chapter 1,326 The dead soldiers attack the city and their flesh and blood fly
Chapter 1,327: Flying stones attack the city and retreat
Chapter 1,328 The traitor starts chaos in the city
Chapter 1,329 The successful counterattack against Poison Huo Lie
Chapter 1,330: The final battle with the enemy
Chapter 1,331 The Heavenly Masters mad disciples leave Luoyang
Chapter 1,332 The enemy Yu Xian secretly revealed
Chapter 1,333 The city gate is ambushed and destroyed.
Chapter 1,334 The boulders are shaking all over the sky
Chapter 1,335 Attacking Shura Underground to Kill
Chapter 1,336: Chasing the enemy commanders blood-stained robe
Chapter 1,337 The Immortal Monster Armor Rider
Chapter 1,338: Turning civilians into ghosts and Shura fields
Chapter 1,339 The Immortal Evil Ghost Dies from Exhaustion
Chapter 1,340 Why are the two eloquent in the law of heaven?
Chapter 1,341 Cooperation with the devil is not negotiable
Chapter 1,342 It’s better to leave the remaining brave men to chase the poor bandits
Chapter 1,343 Two generations of soldiers face off against each other
Chapter 1,344 Two strong reinforcements will arrive in ten days
Chapter 1,345 Huan Xuan has two more heads
Chapter 1,346: Lingbao repairs books to recruit Wang Chen
Chapter 1,347: Taking advantage of others with both hands
Chapter 1,348 The loyal and good generals left angrily
Chapter 1,349 Jingzhous code transaction
Chapter 1,350 Mrs. Yongxu blew up due to the wind
Chapter 1,351 Intrigue and conspiracy
Chapter 1,352 Wang Xie wants to eliminate the mafia
Chapter 1,353 The three parties join forces for a shocking conspiracy
Chapter 1,354 Huan Xuan asks for a new think tank
Chapter 1,355: All the beauties in the country will not give up
Chapter 1,356 Huan Xuan wants to make new allies
Chapter 1,357 Suzakus training is straightened out
Chapter 1,358 Big guy with great wisdom
Chapter 1359: Borrowing flowers to offer to Buddha
Chapter 1360: Killing with a Borrowed Knife and Eliminating the Slave
Chapter 1361 Liu Yu has a secret secret
Chapter 1,362: Sending food from thousands of miles away to meet each other
Chapter 1,363 Meeting Qinglong at Lishi Fortress
Chapter 1,364 Qinglongs cold heart and murderous intention
Chapter 1,365 Emperor Yans Green Dragon Meets Again
Chapter 1,366 Emperor Yan points his whip at the Central Plains
Chapter 1,367 Duans plan to let go of his sister is also a plan
Chapter 1368: Reporting news from thousands of miles away
Chapter 1,369 Murong left heartbroken and heartbroken
Chapter 1,370: Traveling eastward and westward across Hebei
Chapter 1,371 Xianbeis children come to the rescue from thousands of miles away
Chapter 1,372: Husband and wife turn against each other and fight
Chapter 1,373: The broken armor hurts the body and hurts the heart
Chapter 1,374 Love for family and country can have both worlds
Chapter 1,375 The common people are righteous and bear separation
Chapter 1,376 The mecha army heads towards Yedu
Chapter 1,377 The princesss generous words
Chapter 1,378 A shocking reversal of the situation
Chapter 1,379 Emperor Yan appears to conquer the world
Chapter 1380: Brother and sister are far apart from each other
Chapter 1,381: Wild Fire, Spring Wind, Fighting against the Ancient City
Chapter 1,382: Humanitys Gamble of Life and Death
Chapter 1,383 Ding Ling and Zhais Iron Cavalry Arrives
Chapter 1,384: Hiding in the City of the Divine Eye of the Slave
Chapter 1,385 Lu Xun rushed into the city anxiously
Chapter 1,386: Rebellious troops enter the city with murderous ambush
Chapter 1,387 The Two Dragons Meet Again and Burn the Heavenly Fire
Chapter 1,388 Emperor Yan again persuades Zhinu to surrender
Chapter 1389: Tempting Proposal to Divide the World
Chapter 1,390 I would rather die than become the king of a foreign race
Chapter 1,391: When will the husband and wife meet again after they say goodbye?
Chapter 1,392 Return to Jiangnan quickly to eliminate the green dragon
Chapter 1393: Turbulence in the Central Plains
Chapter 1,394: A handful of hot soil hidden in the chest
Chapter 1,395 Xuanwu shows up to lure him into prison
Chapter 1,396: Vicious tongue slanders the slaves injustice
Chapter 1,397: The insidious frame-up of Xi Lehe
Chapter 1,398: Framing and Framing the Fake
Chapter 1,399 The urgency of prison and the lock-up of slaves
Chapter 1,400: All the troops beg for mercy to protect the slaves
Chapter 1401: The tit-for-tat confrontation between the two heroes of Beifu
Chapter 1,402 Its hard to argue whether you are loyal or traitorous
Chapter 1,403 Ai Jin is stronger than iron
Chapter 1,404 The gangsters gather on the horse stage
Chapter 1405: Bargaining splits Jingyang apart
Chapter 1,406: Twenty Years in the Deep Palace Secret Bureau
Chapter 1,407 Qinglong is determined to send his life as a slave
Chapter 1408: The Forward Slave of the Blue Dragon
Chapter 1,409 The Emperor of Jin Dynasty Arrives in Tianlao
Chapter 1,410 You can choose between life and death
Chapter 1,411 The beauty risked her life to save her
Chapter 1,412 The life behind the conspiracy emerges
Chapter 1,413: Deep Love and Shocking Love
Chapter 1,414 Master and Disciple Meet the Warriors
Chapter 1,415 The master-disciple fight is also intriguing
Chapter 1416 Xie Xi Alliance Map Yongzhou
Chapter 1,417 Qinglongs true identity is finally exposed
Chapter 1,418 The giant chieftain quits the party and wants to stand on his own feet
Chapter 1,419 The land deed is also a life-saving talisman
Chapter 1,420 The Qinglong Meets Under the Circus Stage
Chapter 1,421 The noble man arrives on the stage
Chapter 1,422 Conviction and death are decided by God
Chapter 1,423 Send the slave into the battlefield with a sword
Chapter 1,424: Turn enemies into friends and seek survival together
Chapter 1,425 Refusal to plead guilty and self-confession
Chapter 1,426: Four terrifying weapons emerge
Chapter 1,427 The large shield hard-top tank rushes
Chapter 1,428 Killing the opponent Zheli with a flying knife
Chapter 1,429 Risking ones own life to save teammates
Chapter 1,430: Centripetal Assault on Left and Right
Chapter 1,431 The magical skills of sending slaves shocked the audience
Chapter 1,432: Kill the enemy with flying knives and seize the chariot
Chapter 1433: Driving a long chariot alone to defeat the enemy
Chapter 1,434 How successful is it to injure someone with a hidden arrow?
Chapter 1,435 Fighting to the death and becoming a soldier
Chapter 1,436 Jingzhous Five Ultimate Formations Finally Formed
Chapter 1,437 The survival method of one hundred deaths and one life
Chapter 1,438 Liang Mings true body touches peoples hearts
Chapter 1,439 The Family History of Qinglong Ancestor
Chapter 1440: Black Hand Yizhu Kingdom Back then
Chapter 1441: Past grudges and hegemony are in vain
Chapter 1,442: The Rolling Yellow River Flowing East
Chapter 1,443 The old secret is shocking
Chapter 1,444 Ask Qinglong what he wants
Chapter 1,445 The giant chief proposes to destroy the Black Hand
Chapter 1446: Righteousness and Resolute Rejection
Chapter 1,447 Beifu brothers gather in Pengcheng
Chapter 1,448: Selected Warriors to Decide Tactics
Chapter 1,449 Xi Les night trip to the dry well
Chapter 1,450 Qinglong kills three times without any back-up
Chapter 1451 Pengcheng Military Camp Monarchs and Ministers Meeting
Chapter 1,452 Miaoyins advice to send to the slave guards
Chapter 1,453 Loyal Ministers and Righteous Soldiers Defend the King
Chapter 1,454 The beauty arrives before the life and death fight
Chapter 1,455: What do the two girls want in their hearts?
Chapter 1,456 The slave enters the battlefield with his head held high
Chapter 1,457 The top five in Jingzhou emerge side by side
Chapter 1,458 Send a slave and call your friend Wuji out
Chapter 1,459 The divine arrow arrives with joy
Chapter 1,460: Ah Shou becomes a brother
Chapter 1,461 Fighting with four enemies and five wooden soldiers
Chapter 1,462 Using ones body as bait to lure the enemy to death
Chapter 1,463 Wooden soldiers arrayed in hand to kill
Chapter 1,464: Three versus three in close combat
Chapter 1465: Divine Arrow vs. Biaos Life and Death Sentence
Chapter 1466: Bloody Fight to Seize Time
Chapter 1467: Jing Xuan takes the medicine and is more powerful than three
Chapter 1468: Turn around and challenge four versus three
Chapter 1,469 The scorching sun and lightning overlord burst out
Chapter 1,470: Heart-piercing old tree determines life and death
Chapter 1471: Changes in the bloody battlefield
Chapter 1,472 The Iron-Blooded Orcs Disown Their Relatives
Chapter 1,473: The Violent Beast Tearing Living People to pieces
Chapter 1,474 Remembering old love and calling Ah Shou
Chapter 1,475 The Miaoyin Arrow Shoots Huan Lingbao
Chapter 1,476 Life calls for brotherhood
Chapter 1,477 The beauty goes to jail to report that she is safe
Chapter 1,478: The young mans heart at first and now
Chapter 1,479 Miaoyin took out a small pill
Chapter 1,480 The Green Dragon Demonic Shadow Appears Again
Chapter 1,481 Fatty goes to jail in the middle of the night
Chapter 1482: He is the powerful enemy in the duel
Chapter 1,483 A century-old intelligence organization
Chapter 1,484 The future is as blurry as fog
Chapter 1,474 Remembering old love and calling Ah Shou
Chapter 1486: Repay Liu Muzhi for his kindness
Chapter 1,487 The pros and cons of the three Northern Expeditions
Chapter 1,488 The emperor of the Han Dynasty should be named Liu
Chapter 1,489: Sky-high ticket price profiteers laugh
Chapter 1,490: Abaos Maid Costume in the Subjugated Country
Chapter 1491: The King Kneels and the Queen Kills
Chapter 1,492 Wang Guobaos Sausage
Chapter 1493: Zhenbeifu, the Prison of Promotion
Chapter 1,494 The Three Giants of Prosperity and Ming Dynasty discuss the current situation
Chapter 1,495 The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole queen
Chapter 1,496: Entering into a duel to kill three parties
Chapter 1,497 Qinglong appears and wants to die
Chapter 1,498: The Mecha Divine Weapons Reassurance
Chapter 1,499: Revealing the Black Hand Shocks the World
Chapter 1500: The founding emperor is also a puppet
Chapter 1501 Mrs. Xuanwus rebellion is revealed
Chapter 1502: Talking nonsense seriously
Chapter 1503 Madams advice to protect the slave
Chapter 1504 Who does the Nine Cauldrons in the World belong to?
Chapter 1,505: The land occupied by Jue cannot be taken away
Chapter 1,506 Xile takes the opportunity to win people’s hearts
Chapter 1507: The new Yongzhou was established to reduce Jingxiang
Chapter 1,508 The terrifying weapon comes from the sky
Chapter 1509 Mecha Monster Named King Kong
Chapter 1510: Who points the Black Fire of Yecheng?
Chapter 1511 Confusing right and wrong
Chapter 1512 The two heroes join forces to fight Qinglong
Chapter 1513 Black fire can also be used as a source of power
Chapter 1514: Repeating Crossbow Black Fire Killing Moves
Chapter 1515 Black water spurts out like blood
Chapter 1516: Two heroes join forces to attack King Kong
Chapter 1517: A match made in heaven join forces to attack
Chapter 1518: The culprit is finally killed
Chapter 1519: The man of heaven and earth protects his beloved wife
Chapter 1520: The whole audience begged for pardon
Chapter 1521: The Xie family siblings argued fiercely
Chapter 1522: Miaoyins advice to free the slaves
Chapter 1523: Advise you to smile and forget your grudges
Chapter 1524: Land and population returned to the state
Chapter 1525: Split Beifu to seek checks and balances
Chapter 1526 Beifu returns to the hands of the Xie family
Chapter 1,527 Murong proves his innocence
Chapter 1,528 The son of Qinglong is sharp-tongued
Chapter 1529: He who knows the current affairs is a hero
Chapter 1,530 The Story King Huan Lingbao
Chapter 1,531 A big lie is mistaken for the truth
Chapter 1532: Pardoning the Xi family and the Fu family
Chapter 1533: Abandoning the Princess and Jun Shou
Chapter 1,534 The History of the Taiyuan Wang Familys Rebellion
Chapter 1535: Fight against the aristocratic family with iron bones
Chapter 1536: The Diao Family Guan Gambling is Heartbreaking
Chapter 1537: The Emperors hegemony returns to dust
Chapter 1538: Risking ones fortune to protect the emperor
Chapter 1539: Mountain of Corpses and Sea of Blood, Road to Power
Chapter 1540: Miaoyins stance is safe.
Chapter 1541: The twins turned out to be espionage agents
Chapter 1542 The Xie family finally joins forces with the Mafia
Chapter 1,543 Xie Ans Instructions to Destroy the Black Hand
Chapter 1,544 Wang Mangs ideals turned into nothing
Chapter 1545: Relying on the Heavenly Master to appease peoples hearts
Chapter 1546: Drinking doves to quench thirst is helpless
Chapter 1547: The best choice for cooperation
Chapter 1548 Mu Zhiyi persuades him to dance with Wolf
Chapter 1,549 Keep your conscience until the moon comes to light
Chapter 1550: Loyalty and integrity win the hearts of the people
Chapter 1551 Love, hate, and hatred are like clouds of smoke
Chapter 1,552 The Little Young Gangster
Chapter 1552 The White Tiger Appears Like an Emperor
Chapter 1553: Join Beifu under the knot
Chapter 1554: The Three Black Hands' Scheme to Destroy the Temple
Chapter 1555: The couples voices by the creek
Chapter 1556: Brothers part and go their separate ways
Chapter 1557: Childhood Playmate Trusts Daughter
Chapter 1558: Envy also has an intelligence network
Chapter 1559: Two swallows will eventually fight each other
Chapter 1,560 Xiyans hegemony returns to dust
Chapter 1,561 Please support the state in order to become self-reliant
Chapter 1562: Supporting the Prince and the Emperors Uncle Gang
Chapter 1563 The conspiracy boy meets the wolf master
Chapter 1564: Use the Wolf Mastermind to his advantage
Chapter 1,565: Da Xi came to surrender to the enemy and I Yi
Chapter 1,566: The two Qin dynasties are in a stalemate.
Chapter 1,567 Tiefu is worried about sending troops
Chapter 1,568: The relentless pursuit and return battle
Chapter 1569: The Emperors Uncle Trains His Nephew to Destroy the Huns
Chapter 1570 The whole army attacks to destroy Wei
Chapter 1571 Xianbei Xiongnu blood feud ends
Chapter 1572: Su Wei meets an old friend in Gongcheng
Chapter 1573 War Game Deduction of Desert War
Chapter 1,574 Military and political affairs are never separate
Chapter 1,575: Sand Table Deduction of Intelligence Warfare
Chapter 1576: Flying to seize the speed of life and death at the ferry
Chapter 1,577 The battle for the crossing is a gamble on the fate of Wei
Chapter 1,578 The Yan army landed and Wei was in a hurry
Chapter 1,579: The North Wind Turns to the South and the Victory or Loss Is Easy
Chapter 1580: Confrontation across the river, each showing off its strengths
Chapter 1581 The Cui family of Qinghe throws Tuoba
Chapter 1582 The ghostly relationship between Cui Lu and his family
Chapter 1583: Borrowing troops from Yao Qinduan
Chapter 1584: The King is knowledgeable in discussing military matters.
Chapter 1585: Cold attack on Qiao Wang and Emperor Zan
Chapter 1,586: Review of the Five Bridges to clear up grievances
Chapter 1587: Isolating news and confusing the enemy
Chapter 1588 Never abandon an inch of mountains and rivers
Chapter 1,589 Hero and Beauty Fight Yao Qiang
Chapter 1590 The Queen Guards the Base Camp
Chapter 1591: The Peerless Old Evil True Movie King
Chapter 1592 The kind queen opens the city gate
Chapter 1,593 Lao Xie attacks in the middle of the night
Chapter 1,594: A loyal and righteous woman who refuses to give in even to death
Chapter 1595 The army of the former Qin Dynasty wants to return home
Chapter 1596 Yao Chang holds a wine celebration banquet
Chapter 1597: Heaven will not be ashamed of old evil
Chapter 1598: Old Xie Shang, an innocent soul seeking his life
Chapter 1599 Yin Xiong left his last words before his bed
Chapter 1,600: Who is the enemy of the world?
Chapter 1601: Alliance with Wei to resist Yan and establish national policy
Chapter 1,602 The golden drum shakes Ganliang in troubled times
Chapter 1,603 The heroes of Ganliang rise from all directions
Chapter 1,604 The Governor of Border Town Needs Peace of Mind
Chapter 1605: Slaves also have the right to make plans
Chapter 1,606 The emperors life is entrusted to Zhongliang
Chapter 1607: The gold medal is walking sideways in the hand
Chapter 1,608: Desire in Prison Jinyangjia
Chapter 1,609: The wise commander selects soldiers
Chapter 1610: Practicing Archery with Human Targets
Chapter 1611: Strong bow shooting simulates actual combat
Chapter 1612 Twenty Warriors Out of the Bottle
Chapter 1,613: Martial Arts Competition and Military Aircraft Discussion
Chapter 1614: All the strong men in Lord Rabbits camp
Chapter 1615: Undercover Jingzhou is causing trouble
Chapter 1,616 Xile chooses sides with the noble family
Chapter 1,617 The people of the world are right.
Chapter 1618 Offering Jing Xiang to lure Liu Yi
Chapter 1,619 Mu Zhijian offered to help the Xie family
Chapter 1620: Decisive victory between the two Qin Dynasties at the end of ten years
Chapter 1621: Former Qin Qiu Chi died on the same day
Chapter 1,622: The Sword Injures the Imperial Concubine to Protect the King
Chapter 1,623: Two Peerless Beauties Face to Face
Chapter 1,624 Why should daughters be inferior to men?
Chapter 1,625: The Civil War Ends in a Hundred Years War
Chapter 1626: Suzaku enters the palace to stir up trouble
Chapter 1,627 A clever tongue turns right and wrong
Chapter 1,628 Encouraging nobles to kill the emperor
Chapter 1629: The crazy man in the deep palace Xiang Tieniu
Chapter 1,630: Attempted Rebellion and Become a Defender
Chapter 1631: The battle between princes on the edge of the Yellow River
Chapter 1,632 The six kings of the Yan Kingdom retreated separately
Chapter 1,633: Outsmarted by Invincible
Chapter 1634: Forgiving Helan and earning Murong
Chapter 1,635 The King of the Desert Seduces the Cunning Fox
Chapter 1,636 The Lord of Wei wants to destroy 100,000 Yan
Chapter 1,637 Disputes arise in Shenhebei
Chapter 1638: Destiny on each side
Chapter 1,639: Biological and chemical warfare between poisons and poisons in the water
Chapter 1,639: The divine monk said he was in trouble
Chapter 1,640 The arrival of the God of Death in Shenhebei
Chapter 1641: Counterattack, rout the soldiers and escape with their lives
Chapter 1642: Taking advantage of the victory to seize Bingzhou
Chapter 1,643 The bloody-handed Tu Jin reappears
Chapter 1644: Cold-blooded and ruthless trapping of prisoners of war
Chapter 1645: Lord Yans revenge and his personal conquest
Chapter 1,646: Defend Bingzhou and do not retreat
Chapter 1647: Yan Jun’s mourning before participating in Hebei
Chapter 1,648 Soul Torture Murong Chui
Chapter 1649: Husband and wife are in love but far apart
Chapter 1650: Who determines the fate of the country when the throne is passed?
Chapter 1,651: Final Instructions to the Disciples and He
Chapter 1,652: The disciples were ordered to divide the country
Chapter 1,653 The hero of Hou Yan dies.
Chapter 1,654 The Murong family and the country are in dire straits
Chapter 1,655 Entering the palace to guard the king in person
Chapter 1,656 Jinge beauty comes to sleep
Chapter 1,657 The imperial concubine cried and complained about expelling the slave
Chapter 1658 Meeting the Suzaku in Jianjing Temple
Chapter 1659: Shi Miaoyin is left alone
Chapter 1,660: A slave is not a watchdog
Chapter 1,661: A hero cant help but love to save a beauty.
Chapter 1662: Deep and heartfelt confession
Chapter 1,663: Breaking into Zhongshu to plan and correct the imperial edict
Chapter 1,664: A lonely and brave servant of Zhongwei Sheji
Chapter 1665: Send a slave to defend Zhongshu
Chapter 1,666 The Royal Family Reunion
Chapter 1667: Righteous Speech and Strict Guard for the Crown Prince
Chapter 1,668 Miaoyin cruelly abandons her mother
Chapter 1,669: All parties compete with friends and foes
Chapter 1,670 Yuan Xian strives for the crown prince position
Chapter 1671 Daozi and his party want revenge
Chapter 1,672 The Black Hand White Tiger Reveals His True Face
Chapter 1,673: This is how a resentful woman kills the king
Chapter 1674: There is more than just power in the world
Chapter 1,675 Confident Immortality
Chapter 1,676 The Heavenly Masters Secret Matter and White Tigers Shock
Chapter 1,677 There are also successors to Qinglong
Chapter 1,678 Accountability of the Vermillion Bird Slayer
Chapter 1679: Serial Killing Plan to Destroy Powerful Enemies
Chapter 1,680 Send Miaoyin to the Deep Palace Again
Chapter 1,681 Qinglong wants to become a mafia
Chapter 1,682 White Tiger wants to sell Wang Guobao
Chapter 1,683: Repay kindness with hatred and destroy the Heavenly Master
Chapter 1,684 The conspiracy boy wants to seize power
Chapter 1,685 The God-loved Girl Tian Yi Lian
Chapter 1,686 Long-time lovers get married
Chapter 1,687: Heartfelt Confession in the Dark Prison
Chapter 1688: Lang Qing and Concubine Caring for the Family and the Country
Chapter 1,689 The Black Hand Targets Ji Numing
Chapter 1,690 Trapping and killing the three heavenly masters to escape
Chapter 1691: Orphans lacking love look forward to the Northern Expedition
Chapter 1,692 Offering a Price to Lure a Slave in Jiangbei
Chapter 1,693 Champion Sima Liu Jinu
Chapter 1,694: The Secret of Shuiyinkan
Chapter 1695: Horse Dance and Prehistory
Chapter 1696 Lord Rabbit advises Yin Zhongkan
Chapter 1697: Chasing Xi and joining forces with Yang to capture Yongzhou
Chapter 1,698: Asking the Strategist An Jingyong
Chapter 1,699 The Biography of the Xi Familys Zhongliang Ancestors
Chapter 1,700: Xun'er is loyal and righteous
Chapter 1,701 The spy who ran away overnight appeared
Chapter 1,702: Five Stones Control Peoples Conscience
Chapter 1,703 The Xuanwu cultists have deep tricks
Chapter 1,704 The wanderer returns home and pays homage to the high church
Chapter 1,705 Daozi and his party rebelled
Chapter 1,706 Unaware of the impending disaster
Chapter 1,707 Helping you escape to repay old favors
Chapter 1,708 The Arrogant Wang Gong Refusing to Escape
Chapter 1,709: Sending a slave is not afraid of the short and long term
Chapter 1,710 The military order in prison has a profound meaning
Chapter 1,711 Wang Gongxiao faces the doomsday disaster
Chapter 1,712 Painting a tiger cannot turn against a dog
Chapter 1713: Suzaku attacks and the atmosphere is strange
Chapter 1,714 Three Celestial Masters Rise from the Island
Chapter 1,715 The storm is about to come and the city is full of wind
Chapter 1,716 The love between father and son after life and death
Chapter 1,717 The evil thief and ogre
Chapter 1,718: Eating people alive and surrendering
Chapter 1,719 Eight Counties Respond to Three Wu Qings
Chapter 1,720: Suzaku’s true form is in the sky
Chapter 1,721 The art of climbing a dragon and possessing a phoenix to harm others
Chapter 1,722 One Hundred Thousand Ghost Soldiers Fight against the Taoist Master
Chapter 1,723 The agency is too clever
Chapter 1724: Husband and wife turn against each other step by step
Chapter 1,725 Madams new counteroffer conditions
Chapter 1,726 Madam Suzaku finally joins forces
Chapter 1,727 Madam appears to comfort the banker
Chapter 1,728: Deceiving bankers to become ghost soldiers
Chapter 1,729 The Azure Dragon Secret Envoy assists the Heavenly Master
Chapter 1730: Magical Pills to Destroy Ghost Soldiers
Chapter 1,731 The faceless lion opens its mouth
Chapter 1,732: Clean up the false benevolence and righteousness of people's hearts
Chapter 1,733 Madams sense of foreboding before the battle
Chapter 1,734 The Faceless Ghost Appears
Chapter 1,735 The dust has settled and the ghost soldiers appear
Chapter 1,736: Suzaku burns to death
Chapter 1,737 Preserving the body wins peoples hearts
Chapter 1,738 Father and daughter meet but do not recognize each other
Chapter 1,739 Mrs. Shigui attracts attention
Chapter 1,740 Qinglong wants to revolutionize the Mafia
Chapter 1,741: Reorganization of the Black Hand to eliminate the traitor
Chapter 1730: Magical Pills to Destroy Ghost Soldiers
Chapter 1,743: The Inherited Suzaku Descends from the Sky
Chapter 1,744 Qinglong becomes a younger brother again
Chapter 1,745: All armies send slaves to the south and to the north
Chapter 1,746 Beacon smoke rises from the south to the north
Chapter 1,747 The joy of listening to the order with humility
Chapter 1,748 Returning to Beifu as before
Chapter 1,749: Dutiful Son Guoba Remembers His Mother
Chapter 1,750 How embarrassing it is to meet an old friend again
Chapter 1,751 The troops entered Wuxing without a trace of the enemy
Chapter 1,752: Collaboratively admonishing military leaders
Chapter 1,753 When designated slaves are flooded
Chapter 1,754 Meeting old friends in the supply camp
Chapter 1,755 Da Zhuang is also in the supply camp
Chapter 1,756 Crouching Tiger and Dragon in the Transport Camp
Chapter 1,757 Crisis lurks in the woods.
Chapter 1758: Checking the surrounding ambush troops
Chapter 1759: Heavenly Masters, demons and thieves are everywhere
Chapter 1,760: An independent bridgehead with thousands of troops
Chapter 1,761: Daofu surrenders and refuses with strict words
Chapter 1,762 Mu Zhi senses a potential crisis
Chapter 1,763 The Independent Bridge Head Ao Qianjun
Chapter 1,764 Xile stabs the slave in the back
Chapter 1,765 Saving Soldier Liu Jinu
Chapter 1,766 I should not refuse the destiny.
Chapter 1,767 God comes to the extraordinary fetus
Chapter 1,768: I am proud of myself
Chapter 1,769 The God of War who alone drives thousands of people appears
Chapter 1,770 The authorities are confused and watch clearly
Chapter 1,771 The ancient power is secretly stored in the body
Chapter 1,772 Tieniu is anxious to believe in gods and Buddhas
Chapter 1,773 Mu Zhijianyan takes charge of the army alone
Chapter 1,774 Leader Sun is not ashamed to leave
Chapter 1,775 Two commanders quarrel and the people suffer
Chapter 1,775 The Joint Army Argues in a High-Significant Way
Chapter 1,776 The generals belly is like chicken intestines
Chapter 1,777 Beifu withdraws its troops and leaves the slaves worried
Chapter 1,778: Guarding the granary is also self-reliant
Chapter 1,779 Taoism is no longer the little brother
Chapter 1,780 The tragic history of blood and tears of the Shen family
Chapter 1,781 Paying homage to the Heroic Spirit in front of Wuzhuang
Chapter 1,782 The people of Wu wont go home
Chapter 1,783 Loyalty and filial piety are hard to choose.
Chapter 1,784 The Brotherhood of the Five Sons of the Shen Family
Chapter 1,785 The Five Tigers of the Shen Family Finally Conquered
Chapter 1,786 People's hearts move towards Mount Tai
Chapter 1,787: Low status and unable to protect the country
Chapter 1,788 Winning over Yuan Xian to betray White Tiger
Chapter 1,789 Seeing benefits and forgetting one's righteousness is not a long-term solution
Chapter 1,790 The real help lies with the people
Chapter 1,791 Mu Zhixian has a conspiracy
Chapter 1,792 The Heavenly Master sets sail and ascends to Wu again
Chapter 1,793 Tao sneaks into Muhuanxuan Mansion
Chapter 1794: Loyalty and righteousness bully the world
Chapter 1,795 Yuan Mings Darkness Analyzes the Slave
Chapter 1,796 Offering Advice to Huan Xuan to Pull Beifu
Chapter 1,797 Offering a price to lure the governor into prison
Chapter 1,798 White Tiger Wants to Build a Black Hand Army
Chapter 1,799 Mu Zhi came from thousands of miles away to warn
Chapter 1800: Send troops to attack the thieves and guard the ferry
Chapter 1801 Xie Yan secretly asked for help from slaves
Chapter 1802 Qingzhi’s doubts and Xie Yannu
Chapter 1803: Showing the loyal advice of the disabled ears
Chapter 1804 The Arrogant Young Master in Haiyan
Chapter 1805: Abandon personal grudges in the face of righteousness
Chapter 1806: Go to the front line in an emergency
Chapter 1807 Xie Yan’s youngest son reports bad news
Chapter 1808 Jiangnan ambush Xie Yanliang
Chapter 1809: Calmly deploying high-level equipment in times of crisis
Chapter 1810 The Heavenly Master withdraws his troops and returns victorious
Chapter 1811 Wang Tao also has a century-old destiny
Chapter 1812 Byakko Motivation Private Army
Chapter 1813: The Black Hand Guards Want to Give in
Chapter 1814 Yuan Mingfeng evaluates the world's elite
Chapter 1815: The Xie familys direct grandson lives with others
Chapter 1816: The most admired half-human girl among the heroes
Chapter 1817 Tao Qian meets Xie Hun on a snowy night
Chapter 1818: Seizing power and restoring old glory
Chapter 1819 Tao Liu ends the Iron Blood Alliance
Chapter 1820: Xuanwus true appearance finally meets
Chapter 1821: Suzaku Qinglong is also exposed
Chapter 1822 Danyang elite soldiers make a deal
Chapter 1823: The real and fake gangsters have a long way to go
Chapter 1824 The new Baihu is cruel
Chapter 1825 The white tiger also knows the art of war
Chapter 1826: Green Dragon and Suzaku Discuss the World
Chapter 1827: The prairie war drums shook the world
Chapter 1828: The enemy is currently fighting between brothers
Chapter 1829: Emperor Yan’s Legacy Strategy Defeats the Northern Wei Dynasty
Chapter 1830: Strong walls and clear wilderness require people’s hearts
Chapter 1831 The mysterious power used to decide the victory
Chapter 1833: Years of darkness finally activated
Chapter 1835: Two Parts Meet and Feel Discordant
Chapter 1836: Secretly Blackmailing He Lanzhu
Chapter 1837 The two generals competing for the throne of Wei
Chapter 1838 The Three Great Advisors Have Different Opinions
Chapter 1839: A Han family protects its hometown
Chapter 1840: Zhang Gun sacrificed his life to gain loyalty
Chapter 1841 Tuoba Wolf King Will Not Retreat His Troops
Chapter 1842: Using a borrowed knife to kill people and reap the fruits of victory
Chapter 1843: Repayment of old grudges to posterity
Chapter 1844 The Green Dragon mysteriously appears in the north
Chapter 1845 Murong gathers troops to counterattack
Chapter 1846 Leader Cui Lu defected to the Northern Wei Dynasty
Chapter 1847: Meeting Ceremony for Surrendering to the Wolf Lord
Chapter 1848: Don’t take away the people’s food to survive
Chapter 1849: Picking wild fruits for army rations
Chapter 1850: Testing Lu Pu for reinforcements
Chapter 1851 The brave brothers finally formed an army
Chapter 1852: Distribute medicine and disguise yourself as a civilian husband
Chapter 1853: Dark night falls with murderous intent
Chapter 1854 The ghost of the green dragon appears on the barren hill
Chapter 1855: King Zhao does not forget the throne of Emperor Yan
Chapter 1856: Cui Hao in Wolong, Hebei Province
Chapter 1857: There is a big boss after Qinglong
Chapter 1858: Warning Lord Wei to flee
Chapter 1859 The immortal monster strikes back
Chapter 1860: The Wolf King of Hundred Wars Wants to Counterattack
Chapter 1861: The baby is so close that he wants to take the credit
Chapter 1862: The Silver-armored God of War stabilizes the morale of the army
Chapter 1863: Sister Lan is suspicious and Qingqi follows
Chapter 1864: General Died in Hundreds of Battles
Chapter 1865: Wei Lord’s Black Fire Burns Bai Si
Chapter 1866: The rest of my life is filled with panic
Chapter 1867 The two swallows are divided into the north and the south.
Chapter 1868: The thief finally realizes his dream of becoming an emperor
Chapter 1869: Self-destruction of the emperor's title and surrender to the trap
Chapter 1870: Seven steps to break the soul and finally realize it
Chapter 1871 Counterattack on Hebei and Restoration of Jiangshan
Chapter 1872: Dragon City soldiers miss their hometown
Chapter 1837: The imperial commander personally requisitions the lost land
Chapter 1838 Lanbu plans the Speed Bone Rebellion
Chapter 1839: The three armies dispersed overnight
Chapter 1840: The sacred tree is damaged and the country’s fate declines
Chapter 1841: A loyal and good man feels jealous and uneasy
Chapter 1842: Prisoners under the Holy Tree
Chapter 1843 The Holy Tree is also plotted by the black hand
Chapter 1844: The emperor in trouble is worse than a chicken
Chapter 1845: Change the name and establish Nanyan
Chapter 1846: The affair with the sister-in-law and the illegitimate child
Chapter 1847: The Defeat of Houliang and the Rise of Three Liangs
Chapter 1848 The envoys from Dragon City come to welcome you back
Chapter 1849: Pos return is like a quick arrow
Chapter 1850: Father and son are suspicious of different things
Chapter 1851 Feng Ba persuades the Lord to abandon his father
Chapter 1852: The mediocre king, loyal ministers and the destruction of the country
Chapter 1853: Kneel down in humiliation and kill the father.
Chapter 1854: Lan Han relented and pardoned Murong
Chapter 1855: Ancestors swear revenge in front of their souls
Chapter 1856: The three heroes of the Lan family are jealous
Chapter 1857 Xiaoqi is ambitious and wants to be independent
Chapter 1858: Turn against each other and defeat each other
Chapter 1859: Killing Murong Cruelly
Chapter 1860: The Prince's Revenge and the Restoration of the Family
Chapter 1861: First came to power and killed fiercely
Chapter 1862: Severe punishments shock peoples hearts
Chapter 1863: One Yan and Two Emperors Divide North and South
Chapter 1864: The final plan of the later Qin think tank (1)
Chapter 1865: The final plan of the later Qin think tank (2)
Chapter 1866: The final plan of the later Qin think tank (3)
Chapter 1867: The monarch and his ministers were arguing in front of the bed
Chapter 1868: The Peerless Sayings of Later Qin Zhushi
Chapter 1869 The Return of the Golden Sword Prince to Nanyan
Chapter 1870: Father and son reunite and talk about troubled times
Chapter 1871: Establishing the Imperial Academy to win peoples hearts
Chapter 1872: Sending a Slave Independent Sentence Chapter Heading
Chapter 1873: Mrs. Shame on Peeing on the City Wall
Chapter 1874: Inspecting various locations to stabilize military morale
Chapter 1875: Brave and not afraid of death, always afraid of death
Chapter 1876: Marshal Yao Sheng has a strange plan
Chapter 1877 Showing weakness at the city gate to lure the enemy to attack
Chapter 1878: The Killing God Removes His Armor and Goes Crazy
Chapter 1879: Flames attack the enemy, tigers and wolves burst out
Chapter 1880: Kill the enemy chieftain at close range and assassinate him from afar
Chapter 1881: There are hidden dangers in the pursuit of soldiers
Chapter 1882: Sending the girl north as a hostage
Chapter 1883: The Female Heros Tender Motherhood
Chapter 1884: Unparalleled Heroes and Beautiful Hearts
Chapter 1885: Starry Night Rushing for Reinforcements into Haiyan
Chapter 1886: Taking women hostage into the camp
Chapter 1887: Beasts roaming in broad daylight
Chapter 1888: You will not fight because of being jealous
Chapter 1889: Memories of Daning Night
Chapter 1890: You can’t be a man if you endure it
Chapter 1891 Seize the gate and go north to stay in Gucheng
Chapter 1892 Eight thousand demon thieves enter the sea salt
Chapter 1893: Behind closed doors and beating dogs, an ambush arose
Chapter 1894: Warriors killing formation and blood raining down
Chapter 1895 Lu Xun persuades his brother to endure hatred
Chapter 1896 Young Master Bao is so angry that he cant calm down
Chapter 1897: Surrendering and taking the overall situation into account
Chapter 1898: Suppressing Hudu as immovable as a mountain
Chapter 1899: Iron Bull attacks and the bottle remains
Chapter 1900: Returning victorious and angry with her husband
Chapter 1901: Smiling faces represent unity
Chapter 1902: The demon thief left camp overnight
Chapter 1903 The Haiyan Militia was driven away by a light force
Chapter 1904: Fighting Fu to Save Si
Chapter 1905 The frivolous young man turns back to pursue him
Chapter 1906: The brainless young man enters the forest
Chapter 1907: Ambush and death of three armies
Chapter 1908: The vanguard is gone and Beifu Shang is in ruins
Chapter 1909 The mainstay An Junxin
Chapter 1910: Intrigue and deceit frighten the enemy away
Chapter 1911: Desperate Running Abandoned Soldiers
Chapter 1912: Differences in Routes of the Three Heavenly Masters
Chapter 1913: The troops are approaching Shanghai and want to overwhelm the city
Chapter 1914: The head-throwing stone demon thief is crazy
Chapter 1915: Debate at the top of the city and eat crispy rice
Chapter 1916: Rescue the girl and let her into the city late at night
Chapter 1917: At dawn, they formed formations to attack the city.
Chapter 1918: Driving the people to attack the city like tigers and wolves
Chapter 1919: Poison, smoke and sulfur burn the city fiercely
Chapter 1920: The city was destroyed and all the chickens and dogs were slaughtered.
Chapter 1921 Non-stop Attack on Beifu
Chapter 1922: Fake Black is in trouble and wants to be separated
Chapter 1923: Running thousands of miles to save my hometown
Chapter 1924: Corrupt officials take advantage of difficulties to gain ground
Chapter 1925: The demon thief lands and the officer escapes
Chapter 1926: Passionate speech takes the lead
Chapter 1927: The Heavenly Masters show their evil intentions
Chapter 1928: Soldiers quickly seize the Garlic Mountain
Chapter 1929: Infinite scenery on dangerous peaks
Chapter 1930: Taking advantage of heights and striking hard like a landslide
Chapter 1931 The Meeting of Two Heroes on the Top of Garlic Mountain
Chapter 1932: Frankly confront Xile
Chapter 1933: Conditions for Reuniting Brothers
Chapter 1934 Where did the five thousand equipment come from?
Chapter 1935: Husband and wife separate and go their separate ways
Chapter 1936 Mu Zhi has also been confused for many years
Chapter 1937: Losing loyalty by inviting captives to aid
Chapter 1938 Asking for help from Yongzhou to save Jiangling
Chapter 1939: Falsely claiming that there is food and people seeking help
Chapter 1940 Double Agent Tao Yuanming
Chapter 1941: Eight Hundred Miles of Porridge and Water
Chapter 1942: Heroes will inevitably die by the sword
Chapter 1943: You and I are cheating and cheating
Chapter 1944: Life and death in one thought
Chapter 1945: Taking advantage of the victory to raise troops to Jiankang
Chapter 1946 Where are Jingzhous neighbors?
Chapter 1947 Old Lovers at Wild Temple Night Party
Chapter 1948: The beauty at the night party wants to control the army
Chapter 1949: General and Prefect join me
Chapter 1950: Seizing Soldiers and Horses as Scapegoats
Chapter 1951: The disciples of Liang also seek the army
Chapter 1952 The new White Tiger does not follow the old ways
Chapter 1953 Xi Le endures humiliation and seeks to cling to him
Chapter 1954: Keeping the Family Always in Front of Defending the Country
Chapter 1955: Lure the snake out of its hole and destroy it in one fell swoop
Chapter 1956 The Three Giants of Beifu are taking shape
Chapter 1957: Stalking the enemy with bone-attached maggots
Chapter 1958: Sun En was furious because of his sullen attack
Chapter 1959 The three armies formed their formation to face a powerful enemy
Chapter 1960 The weak soldiers of Zuoying seduced Zhang Meng
Chapter 1961 The right camp tests the middle route
Chapter 1962 The wooden armor mechanism takes the lead
Chapter 1963: Repeating crossbow hooks and spears break the stronghold
Chapter 1964 Zuoyingzhas broken army counterattacks
Chapter 1965: Guns and seas are unstoppable
Chapter 1966: Running Bulls and Crossbows Breakthrough
Chapter 1967: The ruthless Xu who refuses to save his life
Chapter 1968: Supervising the Right Wing Probing Attack
Chapter 1969: Private soldiers of aristocratic families counterattack first
Chapter 1970: Continuously increasing troops and corpses like a wall
Chapter 1971: Brimstone Fire Invades Jin Camp
Chapter 1972 The cavalry gallops like a mat
Chapter 1973: Both wings collapsed and suddenly broke out in the middle
Chapter 1974: The demon thief is fighting among himself and the thief will be captured
Chapter 1975: Standing alone in command and proud of thousands of troops
Chapter 1976: Fire Pit Hell to Retreat the Powerful Enemy
Chapter 1977: Killing a strong enemy with your own hands to avenge your father
Chapter 1978: Forgiveness, benevolence, justice and peace of mind
Chapter 1979: Black hands argue over land law
Chapter 1980: Depriving oneself of industry to make a living
Chapter 1981: The child prodigy wants to get the land of the aristocratic family
Chapter 1982 The Black Hand also has shortness of breath.
Chapter 1983 A major replacement of the old and the new
Chapter 1984: All merits and rewards are judged by generals
Chapter 1985: Ah Shou doesnt want to enter the obscene party
Chapter 1986: High-ranking officials with generous salaries are also servants
Chapter 1987 The shameless villain enters the army tent
Chapter 1988: The fox pretends to be a tiger and threatens to send troops
Chapter 1989 Inviting Mu Zhi into the dark side
Chapter 1990 A strong man is in a hurry to achieve success in middle age
Chapter 1991 Helping the slaves to seize Beifu
Chapter 1992 Two Evils Can Be Neutralized
Chapter 1993: Secret Orders on Clothes and Belts to Prevent the Army from Exiting
Chapter 1994: Prisoner wants to get the White Tiger position
Chapter 1995 Beifu Three Cores Discuss the Future
Chapter 1996: The old coach pursues profit in danger.
Chapter 1997: Obsessed and Admonished is Useless
Chapter 1998: Xile is the cruel one
Chapter 1999 The Jingzhou army comes out of Yuzhang
Chapter 2000: Sitting on a mountain and watching the fight is also a strategy.
Chapter 2001: Lobbyists sneak into Beifu Camp
Chapter 2002: Military discussion turns to Huan Lingbao
Chapter 2003: The road ahead is lurking with murderous intent.
Chapter 2004 Arty Appreciation of Famous Paintings
Chapter 2005 Tao Qian secretly protects the fake mastermind
Chapter 2006 Yi Zhi surrenders to Huan and sends slaves to cry
Chapter 2007: Disarm and return to the field without humiliation
Chapter 2008: The fake black man complains and laments
Chapter 2009: The real gangster has a long way to go
Chapter 2010: Huanxuan succeeds
Chapter 2011: Proudly Returning to the Jingzhou Killing
Chapter 2012 Huan Xuan invites slaves to come in again
Chapter 2013: Depressed and Refusal to Join the Army
Chapter 2004: Breaking out of the serial poisonous scheme
Chapter 2015: The old commander is hurt by betrayal and separation
Chapter 2016: No one follows the hero at his end
Chapter 2017: The King’s Road to Farewell and Death
Chapter 2018: Master Sun Da was promoted to immortality
Chapter 2019: Huan Xuanzi sleeps on the dragon bed
Chapter 2020: The most poisonous soul sigh
Chapter 2021 The governor of Guangzhou is ready again
Chapter 2022: Recruiting Anlu Xunyu to trap and kill him
Chapter 2023 The Battle of Chaibi can be resumed
Chapter 2024: Beifu is finally free of hand and foot disabilities
Chapter 2025: Unaware of impending disaster
Chapter 2026: Master and Disciple Reunite with Identities
Chapter 2027: Killing Old Master Xi Lelen
Chapter 2028: The demon thief comes ashore to recruit his old troops
Chapter 2029: Divide the troops quietly
Chapter 2030: Death House Transaction Successful
Chapter 2031 Wuji sneaks in to persuade the troops to rise
Chapter 2032: Shanyin is by no means a place of righteousness
Chapter 2033: Zhuges family fortune is in ruins
Chapter 2034: Lord Rabbit was humiliated when he applied for a job
Chapter 2035 The Sun, Moon and Stars
Chapter 2036: Tavern Meeting and Commentary
Chapter 2037 Liu Yi gathers his brothers in the middle of the night
Chapter 2038: Heroes form the Beijing Eighth Party
Chapter 2039 Comrades Twenty-seven of the Big Three
Chapter 2040: The Three Great Comrades in Beijing
Chapter 2041: What else can I ask for when I have a younger brother like this?
Chapter 2042: The Black Hand is discussing the outcome again
Chapter 2043 Suzakus grudge explodes
Chapter 2044: Who comes out of the town to watch the fight between tigers and tigers?
Chapter 2045 Civil servants and generals are forced to express their stance
Chapter 2046: Its okay if the public says its okay
Chapter 2047 Xi Le makes friends with Mr. Xie
Chapter 2048: Dragon and tiger ascend to the court
Chapter 2049 Miaoyin asks for help and bets on life
Chapter 2050 The Queen appears and the jade seal comes out
Chapter 2051: There is no reason to die for ones country
Chapter 2052: The king of horses in the world is lost
Chapter 2053 Liu Yis insidious attack on Xie Hun
Chapter 2054: The Earth Cannot Hold the Virtue
Chapter 2055: The poisonous womans words put the slave in danger
Chapter 2056 Jiang Shans dark night conspiracy
Chapter 2057 Daoist Wedding Huan Xiu Lin
Chapter 2058: Flowers bloom on all sides to determine the world
Chapter 2059: The Military Uniforms Have Their Responsibilities
Chapter 2060: Veterans are worried about meeting each other
Chapter 2061 The fire is unstoppable
Chapter 2062 Wuji stayed up all night writing a message
Chapter 2063 The heroic mother might as well have a son
Chapter 2064: Cheating his wife into gambling with her life
Chapter 2065: I couldnt bear to tell my brothers and sisters all night
Chapter 2066: Hesitation leaves hidden worries
Chapter 2067: Solving the assassination and summoning Liu Mai
Chapter 2068: A cowardly young man betrays his relatives and friends
Chapter 2069 Yuan Mings poison plan is sure and ruthless
Chapter 2070: The love between life and death, brotherhood
Ten consecutive updates explained
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Chapter 2071 Dont worry about your mother and wife
Chapter 2072: Pretending to declare an imperial edict to earn money into the city
Chapter 2073: Killing Huan with a knife to repair the Shi Ling Stone
Chapter 2074 Master and Disciple Discuss Loyalty in Arms
Chapter 2075: Bloodless defection brings joy
Chapter 2076: Mu Zhitou and Diao Hong’s attack
Chapter 2077: Retreating from the Empty City without Worry
Chapter 2078 Huan Xuan did not have one hundred thousand soldiers
Chapter 2079 Xile Beheads and Captures Guangling
Chapter 2080 Chang Min was defeated and thrown into the prison car
Chapter 2081 Huan Xuanting discusses countermeasures
Chapter 2082: All generals disobey Huan Xuans will
Chapter 2083 Three generals from Jingzhou lead the army out
Chapter 2084 The two armies gathered to go to Jiangcheng
Chapter 2085: Wisdom inspires Lao Wu to go out alone
Chapter 2086: Military discussion before the war, battle of wits and courage
Chapter 2087 Archers and cavalry emerge from behind enemy lines
Chapter 2088: Intimidation and inducement to excite Diao Hong
Chapter 2089 Liu Yi kills Diao Hong with one arrow
Chapter 2090: Expelling the broken troops and charging into the enemy formation
Chapter 2091: Heavy armored cavalry confront each other
Chapter 2092: Infantry and cavalry destroy the enemy's front one after another
Chapter 2093 Pre-Qin weapons appear in the world
Chapter 2094 Yanghe Yellow Wine and Barbecue
Chapter 2095: The burning phalanx is broken by thousands of troops
Chapter 2096: The front army is gone and the center army is advancing
Chapter 2097: Fight and retreat to lure the enemy's attack
Chapter 2098 Halberdiers Assault on Eight Bull Runs
Chapter 2099: Fei Biao attacks the Chu formation and destroys it
Chapter 2100: Chasing the Corpse for Ten Miles
Chapter 2101 It is better to chase the poor bandits with the remaining brave men
Chapter 2102 The Raptors attack and the bottle follows
Chapter 2103: Night Talk in a Small Restaurant and Killing on the Battlefield
Chapter 2104 Luo Luo hides his murderous intention by the bridge
Chapter 2105 Enemy cavalry battle at the bridgehead
Chapter 2106: Strong troops rush to the bridge
Chapter 2107: Before the strongman stabs with his shield
Chapter 2108 Hongzhi also has secret tactics
Chapter 2109: Strong bows and crossbows clashing against each other
Chapter 2110: Shooting from afar and breaking through the arrow array
Chapter 2111: Charge to cover up the kill and be ambushed by arrows
Chapter 2112: Magical Arrow vs. Spiritual Medicine
Chapter 2113: Taking turns to gather troops and retreat slowly
Chapter 2114 The enemy appears behind and seizes the bridge.
Chapter 2115 Huangfu lures the shield guard into attacking
Chapter 2116: Pulling onions from dry land into shield formation
Chapter 2117 The iron horse comes out of the dust and shakes the earth
Chapter 2118 Iron Cavalry Attack Arrow Divine Control
Chapter 2119: Suppress the evil Tian Zijiang and come to help
Chapter 2120: Sacrifice one's life and stand on the back of a shield
Chapter 2121 The final blow of life and death
Chapter 2122: Heaven is sad when a warrior dies
Chapter 2123 The hero is in tears
Chapter 2124 It is better to chase the fleeing enemy with the remaining courage.
Chapter 2125: The military discussion in the small hall came to an abrupt end
Chapter 2126 A person with a century-old grudge
Chapter 2127: Bargaining to sell Yuan Ming
Chapter 2128 The hidden evil hand is missing
Chapter 2129: The subordinate shows his wisdom by dumping the blame
Chapter 2130 Tingyun appears to scold the think tank
Chapter 2131: After the surrender of the army, the main force withdrew
Chapter 2132: The entire army marched on a wave of waves
Chapter 2133: Rebuilding the Seven Temples to Honor Ancestors
Chapter 2134 Wang Yu turns to Mrs. Xie
Chapter 2135 Madam leaves the scene to let the leader
Chapter 2136 Yu Yue also has a serial plan
Chapter 2137 Betting long to avoid risks
Chapter 2138 Madams teachings on team strategy
Chapter 2139 The Beifu Army approaches Zhoushan
Chapter 2140: Good news of family loyalty
Chapter 2141 Huan Xuan Chaos in the Imperial Ancestral Temple
Chapter 2142: Leaving behind wife and children, leaving a way out
Chapter 2143 Where in the world is there a paradise?
Chapter 2144: Taking the Prince with lightning strikes
Chapter 2145 The Chu army marched out of Beifu
Chapter 2146: Thousands of troops and horses, I walk alone
Chapter 2147: Before all the armies, justice is revealed
Chapter 2148: Impassioned and impassioned to win the hearts of the troops
Chapter 2149: Switching sides in the face of battle and breaking out across the board
Chapter 2150: The country is broken and the family is broken up and the palace is full of resentment
Chapter 2151 Gods will is so great that people can only sigh
Chapter 2152: Divide troops into the city to stabilize the situation
Chapter 2151 Discussing the political situation on the barren hills outside the city (1)
Chapter 2152 Discussing the political situation on the barren hills outside the city (2)
Chapter 2153 I am the master of my world
Chapter 2154 The man and woman who desire finally become a couple
Chapter 2155 Xi Le shows off his new wife in public
Chapter 2156 Black-robed Master and Disciple Reunite
Chapter 2157 The people at Ma Tou Ferry stopped
Chapter 2158: It’s up to you to decide the interests and harms
Chapter 2159: Release Zhuge and shake hands
Chapter 2160: The End of the Station and the End of Diao Jishi
Chapter 2161 Confessing one's heart at brother's grave
Chapter 2162 The love between children is not advisable
Chapter 2163: Send a slave to hold a baby and cry to the sky
Chapter 2164: Its hard to swallow rough food and cry in arms
Chapter 2165 The God of War comes to the tavern to surprise
Chapter 2166 The Emperors feet are lawless
Chapter 2167 Xile is actually the black boss
Chapter 2168 Public opinion is guided by propaganda
Chapter 2169 The ruthless road of murder and silence
Chapter 2170 Fake Black Meets Sileway Again
Chapter 2171: Seizing peoples property and cutting off their wealth
Chapter 2172: Calculating Xi Lehei step by step
Chapter 2173 Now we are starting from scratch
Chapter 2174 Xuanwu has a comprehensive plan
Chapter 2175: Who is the Qinglong black robe asking?
Chapter 2176: Division of work and scattered around
Chapter 2177 How can a tree be like this?
Chapter 2178: Promoting the virtuous and avoiding relatives for the sake of the world
Chapter 2179 Xi Les Private Underground Hall
Chapter 2180 The Black Boss in the Punishment Hall
Chapter 2181 Violently forcing confessions to tell the truth
Chapter 2182: Two Giants from Beijing and Eight Come to Meet
Chapter 2183: The scars all over the body are medals
Chapter 2184 The lion's roar shocked Wang Yu
Chapter 2185: Killing can only be done with a nod of the head
Chapter 2186: What is the battle between life and death?
Chapter 2187 Madam Dark Night Yu Mu Zhi
Chapter 2188 Mu Zhi seeks proof of the existence of the black hand
Chapter 2189 Doubts focus on Liu Tingyun
Chapter 2190 Huan Xuan Miaoyin Confrontation by the River
Chapter 2191 Two great think tanks disagree with each other
Chapter 2192 The dark hands mess up Nanyan
Chapter 2193: Pay personal attention to the failure of daily life
Chapter 2194: Cutting off territory to attract Hu for help
Chapter 2195 Yazhi also has a shocking plan
Chapter 2196 The black robe actually begged to survive
Chapter 2197: Right and wrong, fame and dust
Chapter 2198 Recommend King Qiao to Revolt
Chapter 2199: Destroying Dayan for Sister Baolan
Chapter 2200: The Murong Brothers and Sisters Debate in the Golden Palace
Chapter 2201 Xianbei Murong is not a slave
Chapter 2202 Emperor Yan also has a far-reaching plan
Chapter Two Thousand Two Hundred and Three: Deceived to Surrender but Killed with Murder
Chapter 2204: Murder and Framing No Trace
Chapter 2205: Capture and release Liu deep in Xiaolin
Chapter 2206 Princess Murong is imprisoned
Chapter 2207: Managing Linqu Yan Nanzheng
Chapter 2208 The Princess is imprisoned and the army comes out
Chapter 2209: Promoting the tent and building the Northern Mansion
Chapter 2210 Leading by example is a new trend
Chapter 2211: A warrior fights as an official against the landlord
Chapter 2212: Old friends meet again
Chapter 2213: Settling down in the capital
Chapter 2214 The Twins of the Aristocratic Family Meng Chang
Chapter 2215: Nan Yans Black Hand Suspects Tuoba
Chapter 2216: Analysis of the origin of the mafia
Chapter 2217 Full mobilization to welcome Qiang Hu
Chapter 2218 Who is the ghost in Huaibei?
Chapter 2219 The Taiyang clan controls Pengcheng
Chapter 2220: Tens of thousands of soldiers can be obtained out of thin air
Chapter 2221 A letter from Yanzhi arrives to the slave
Chapter 2222 The real mole appears behind the scenes
Chapter 2223 Tigers come down from the mountain to become brothers
Chapter 2224 Brothers reunite on the stage
Chapter 2225: Soldiers surrounded the high platform to debate loyalty and traitor
Chapter 2226 Arrow Storm Assassin Attack
Chapter 2227 The spys road never returns
Chapter 2228: A true gangster who is ready to die
Chapter 2229: Forgiving the rebels and calming peoples hearts
Chapter 2230: Punishing and kicking to teach you how to be a good person
Chapter 2231 The shadow of the black robe gradually becomes clearer
Chapter 2232 Emperor Yan visits Daxiankou in person
Chapter 2233: Chief Hu personally knows how to send slaves
Chapter 2234 The Double Dragon Meeting in front of Muling Pass
Chapter 2235: Full of fighting spirit
Chapter 2236 The whole peoples resistance is invincible
Chapter 2237: Qian Liang apologizes and ends the war
Chapter 2238 The three palms vow not to attack each other
Chapter 2239 The traitorous conspiracy in black robe gradually becomes apparent
Chapter 2240 The Great Emperor of Nanyan Returns to Dust
Chapter 2241 Murong turned out to be a black-robed controller
Chapter 2242 The Beifu brothers meet again
Chapter 2243 The Zhu Brothers Ding Wukang
Chapter 2244: Forgiving old enemies brings peace of mind
Chapter 2245: Non-stop Western Expedition
Chapter 2246 The generals are discussing the stalemate in Penkou
Chapter 2247 Tingyun has a conspiracy with the army
Chapter 2248 The Chu army cannot be unified in battle
Chapter 2249: Cruel and ruthless tactics to lure the enemy
Chapter 2250 The Shadow Brothers and Sisters Reunite Again
Chapter 2251 The Hu family and his son board the main ship
Chapter 2252 The Clippers are like flying fire dragons
Chapter 2253: Throwing stones at ships will not stop them
Chapter 2254: The whole army attacks and competes with thousands of sails
Chapter 2255 Arrows suppress the broken oar platoon
Chapter 2256: Jumping into a gang and joining in a hand-to-hand fight
Chapter 2257 Attacking Chibi even against the wind
Chapter 2258 General Shen Jiang returns to the world
Chapter 2259: Defeat, landslide, birds and beasts dispersed
Chapter 2260 The princess is in formal dress guarding the ancestral temple
Chapter 2261 Tanjia Sanlang’s personal revenge
Chapter 2262 The captives and baggage are back in my hands
Chapter 2263 The hatred of seizing his wife can also be solved
Chapter 2264: Give up the imperial title and surrender
Chapter 2265: Yu Jia personally fights against Liu Yi
Chapter 2266: Sending a slave to avenge a friend
Chapter 2267: The God of Archery decides life and death with one arrow
Chapter 2268: With one arrow through the clouds, all grudges are over
Chapter 2269: Recruiting Hu Hu into Beifu
Chapter 2270 Beard discusses the Western Expedition
Chapter 2271 Miaoyin speaks to Tao Yuanming alone
Chapter 2272: Prosperity, wealth and honor are all I want
Chapter 2273 Brother and sister have a heart-to-heart talk in front of the hospital
Chapter 2274: Defeat Huan Xuan Dun before fighting
Chapter 2261 Tanjia Sanlangs personal revenge
Chapter 2276: Fleeing back to Jiangling and winning by lying
Chapter 2277 Thousands of troops and beautiful women assassinate
Chapter 2278 The peerless ghost appears at the top of the city
Chapter 2279: Its a real villain to adapt to the wind
Chapter 2280: Everything in the world is like a chess player with a pawn
Chapter 2281 The human heart emerges in adversity
Chapter 2282: Mei returned to the continent but never came back
Chapter 2283: Eradication of favors
Chapter 2284: Loyalty meets cold water
Chapter 2285: Disobeying the King’s Order is Xi Le
Chapter 2286: Talking about greed at the Greedy Spring
Chapter 2287 The most greedy person in the world is power.
Chapter 2288 The Taoist Lord attacks the South China Sea from thousands of miles away
Chapter 2289: Taking the lead with kindness and power
Chapter 2290 The remnants of the Huan family want to counterattack
Chapter 2291 Wang Di’s monologue about his inner thoughts
Chapter 2292: Killing the Child Huan Zhen Kuang
Chapter 2293 Wuji goes to war to avenge old grudges
Chapter 2294 The fierce generals of the Huan family gathered their troops and marched out
Chapter 2295 Two strong forces confront Qingpingyuan
Chapter 2296: The Commander-in-Chiefs Revisiting the Jingzhou Bureau
Chapter 2297 Huan Zhen also observes the Han family festival
Chapter 2298 The Black Hand Companions Reunite Again
Chapter 2299: Bargaining and tit-for-tat
Chapter 2300 Yuan Ming offers a price to save the dragon
Chapter 2301: Join hands again and have their own plans
Chapter 2302: Killing people and silencing them is a traitor
Chapter 2303: The great achievement of rescuing the driver was lost halfway
Chapter 2304 Jiangling no longer has the surname Huan
Chapter 2305 The Mao family is loyal and good and wants to be a diligent king
Chapter 2306 Mao wants to take over Jingzhou
Chapter 2307 Black Robe Instigates Rebellion in Shu
Chapter 2308: Instigating people to conspire repeatedly to become Han
Chapter 2309 The emperor will be the emperor if he cannot succeed by throwing himself into the water
Chapter 2310 Emperor Sima wants to conquer in person
Chapter 2311 The two giants in Beifu have different opinions
Chapter 2312 Jiangling serves as bait to lure powerful enemies
Chapter 2313 The Sima clan wants to conquer the west
Chapter 2314 Gaomi Crown Prince Yi Kunlun
Chapter 2315 Three thousand troops can swallow Shu
Chapter 2316 The beauties at the night party talk about the world
Chapter 2317 Life-extending thread and puzzle rice dumplings
Chapter 2318 The shocking conspiracy of the dragon species' illegitimate life
Chapter 2319 The Yongzhou sergeant has no intention to fight
Chapter 2320: The slave is suspicious of Tao Yuanming
Chapter 2321 The humiliation of betel nut is brought up again
Chapter 2322: There is always a way out for everyone
Chapter 2333: A good wife desires what she did back then
Chapter 2334 The poisonous woman makes trouble again
Chapter 2335 A beautiful woman appears in the shadow
Chapter 2336: Threatening Wang Yu to kill everyone
Chapter 2337: One step forward with no retreat
Chapter 2338 There is a mystery in the gluttonous feast
Chapter 2339 Looking for Mr. Tao among the crowd
Chapter 2340 The elegant and disgraceful scholar is angry
Chapter 2341: No way to serve the country, no relatives
Chapter 2342: Rescue from the tiger's mouth without any flaws
Chapter 2433 The slave appears and Yuan Ming appears
Chapter 2344: The winner finally leaves the scene
Chapter 2345: Feeling proud and happy finally
Chapter 2346 Betel Nut Meeting on Scholars and Common People
Chapter 2347 Gao Han works together to protect his family and country
Chapter 2348: Eating and drinking with public funds is also a mystery
Chapter 2349: Recovering industry by clever means
Chapter 2350: Planned Economy in Modern Times
Chapter 2351 Freeing slaves and building Jiangbei as guests
Chapter 2352: Immigrants and Farmers for the Northern Expedition
Chapter 2353 The road to kingship must be ruthless
Chapter 2354 The fog gradually disperses and Tao Gong appears
Chapter 2355 Qin Bei after being besieged on all sides
Chapter 2356: Selling business and entering Kyoto
Chapter 2357: To pacify the world for the common people
Chapter 2358 There is something unspeakable even when the clouds stop
Chapter 2359: Taking advantage of others and forcing them into slavery
Chapter 2360 Although the world is so big, there is nowhere to live
Chapter 2361: Arson and Murder by a Vicious Family
Chapter 2362: The slave is angry and tortured
Chapter 2363: Transform into Shura to avenge blood
Chapter 2364 It is difficult to punish evildoers under national law
Chapter 2365: Revenge of Jingba Law
Chapter 2366: Revenge for the destruction of Jingba Liu family
Chapter 2367 The power of fist is the way of heaven
Chapter 2368: Vengeance must be avenged and the consequences of the aftermath
Chapter 2369: Decisive Victory at Qianli Miaobu Chess
Chapter 2370: The leader of the aristocratic family finally becomes the enemy
Chapter 2371 Coiling dragon soars into the sky and stirs up waves
Chapter 2372 Revenge and execution will not be abolished
Chapter 2373 The black hands change places and meet again
Chapter 2374: Mutual suspicion and scheming
Chapter 2375: The Way of Huang Lao and the Black Robe
Chapter 2376 The black robe was originally a cultivator
Chapter 2377 The five-stone deal comes to light
Chapter 2378: Nephew’s Discipline to Reinforce Spirit
Chapter 2379 Take the initiative to cooperate with Jiangbei
Chapter 2380 My nephew joins the army and endures the hardships
Chapter 2381 Black Hand Analysis of Tao Gongmou (1)
Chapter 2382 Black Hand Analysis of Tao Gongmou (2)
Chapter 2383 The Lord of Yuanming Thatched Fang Noodles
Chapter 2384: Plans change to retreat from the shogunate
Chapter 2385 Public opinion can be manipulated
Chapter 2386: The speeches in the court of the Later Qin Dynasty are often
Chapter 2387 Duke Guan Yudong Ping of the State of Qin
Chapter 2388: Saying harsh words to each other to explore the truth
Chapter 2389: Military rations to redeem Nanyang
Chapter 2390: Not willing to give it away
Chapter 2391: Breaking the golden body to save the common people
Chapter 2392 A sanctimonious monk
Chapter 2393: Translating scriptures and paying homage to Buddha to repay karma
Chapter 2394: In troubled times, everyone fights and kills
Chapter 2395: Self-deception can also come true
Chapter 2396: Paradise on Earth
Chapter 2397 It is known that the world is in chaos
Chapter 2398: Foreign monks like to chant sutras
Chapter 2399: The Emperor in the Temple Makes You Jealous
Chapter 2400: Remembering the fruits of my hometown
Chapter 2401: Leave the Buddha seeds to go to the grassland
Chapter 2402: Coercion, inducement and house arrest
Chapter 2403 The vicious king destroys people’s hearts
Chapter 2404: Ruining peoples careers and despairing
Chapter 2405 This cooperation is limited to one time only
Chapter 2406 Indian God Oil Exchanged for Grapes
Chapter 2407: Fairyland practices show magical powers
Chapter 2408: Return to the secular world before the end of the world
Chapter 2409: Buddha talks about cause and effect
Chapter 2410 Gods and Buddhas do not bless the battlefield
Chapter 2411 Buddha is originally a Taoist who entered the Jin Dynasty
Chapter 2412 Returning to Jiangling to discuss the country
Chapter 2413 The three armies gather their cavalry and go out
Chapter 2414: Withdrawing troops in front of the enemy to lure the enemy
Chapter 2415 Both commanders seek wealth and honor through clouds
Chapter 2416: Huan Zhen becomes the leader and the Chu Kingdom dies
Chapter 2417 Returning to Jiankang urgently to seize power
Chapter 2418: Tao Gongs return discusses the current situation
Chapter 2419: It’s hard to turn back when interests are bound
Chapter 2420: Ruining peoples reputations and pretending to be public officials
Chapter 2421 Who should be the governor of Jingzhou?
Chapter 2422: Everyone in Jingzhou is a game
Chapter 2423 The big states in the world are talking and laughing
Chapter 2424: Young Master from aristocratic family, bastard
Chapter 2425 Brain-eating evil insects control peoples hearts
Chapter 2426: Envy and plan for a bright future
Chapter 2427: Show your mind and tell your life
Chapter 2428 Thinking of the common people and ending the war
Chapter 2429: Return to the army when everything is settled
Chapter 2430: Tao Gong returns to his home to stop the national policy
Chapter 2431 The Rising Star Debates Tao Gong
Chapter 2432: A verbal battle with Tao Gongzhi
Chapter 2433: Righteousness and Strict Speech to Suppress Tao Gong
Chapter 2434: Seeing through Tao Gongs heart
Chapter 2435: The conspiracy is shattered openly
Chapter 2436 Ah Shou abandoned the army and gained the position of commander
Chapter 2437: Dispatch three generals to suppress Huai Xu
Chapter 2438 The two heroes gather again on the top of Garlic Mountain
Chapter 2439: Bargaining to Divide the World
Chapter 2440: Set goals and compete
Chapter 2441: Everyone refuses to give in and part ways
Chapter 2442: Arrogant Family House
Chapter 2443 Where does the power of sending slaves come from?
Chapter 2444: Attacking Wang Mis Control of the Dynasty
Chapter 2445: The fake gangsters also counterattack
Chapter 2446: Reviewing past events and doubting Tao Gong
Chapter 2447: Leaving the Town of Qinglong Ci in Southern Hunan
Chapter 2448: Military training is extremely painful for the prince
Chapter 2449 Painting Saint also writes Xi Leyuan
Chapter 2450: Master Taixun of Beifu
Chapter 2451: The meaning of appreciating paintings exists outside the paintings
Chapter 2452: Mother and daughter reunite to resolve their past feud
Chapter 2453: Eternal good news turns into tragedy
Chapter 2454: Referring to the King as Jia Nu Shi Zhen
Chapter 2455: If you don’t change your original intention, you will be a slave.
Chapter 2456: Refusing to give up political power
Chapter 2457 Fat Zhuge worked hard
Chapter 2458 Mother and daughter have a heart-to-heart talk and return to the Han Dynasty
Chapter 2459: Coercion and inducement to persuade the wife to refuse
Chapter 2460: Five Stones Scattered in the Gold-selling Cave
Chapter 2461 The son of a drug control family
Chapter 2462: Luring the enemy into committing a slave plot
Chapter 2463 Emperor Nanyan welcomes his mother and wife
Chapter 2464 Peacekeeping Pillar Murong Lan
Chapter 2466: The war is dangerous and the will of God is difficult
Chapter 2467: A poisonous woman has her own troubles with evil men
Chapter 2468: A direct stab at the shame in Tingyun’s heart
Chapter 2469 Xile is crazy about true love
Chapter 2470: Everyother's Oath is All a Drama
Chapter 2471: The scheming man and woman face each other
Chapter 2472 The evil spirit of heaven finally appears in the world
Chapter 2473 Tingyun finally becomes a slave of heaven
Chapter 2474: Children from Beijing enter official school
Chapter 2475: Ideology and Confucianism
Chapter 2476: Xile is actually in love
Chapter 2477: Transfer to Fuzhong Cultural Control Bureau
Chapter 2478 Tao Gong secretly visits Yin Zhongwen
Chapter 2479: Advising Jin to proclaim himself emperor to protect himself
Chapter 2480: The Conquest of Ritual and Music by the Emperor
Chapter 2481 Tao Gong goes to Hou Qin Road again
Chapter 2482 Private visit to Penghu Village incognito
Chapter 2483: Rumors confuse the public to listen carefully
Chapter 2484 The painful past emerges
Chapter 2485: The army and the people are dedicated to protecting the country
Chapter 2486: Dividing Xu Nanbei and Xile
Chapter 2487 The surrendered troops returned to Jingfang and were disbanded
Chapter 2488 Whose fault is the lack of education?
Chapter 2489: Xiangxu needs elementary education to study
Chapter 2490 Rubbings Evolve Printing
Chapter 2491: Engraving and printing to pass on culture
Chapter 2492 What happens to the century-old plan?
Chapter 2493 Wuji returns to Beijing to make peace
Chapter 2494 Zhongwen enters ancient music at night
Chapter 2495: Fleeing after failing to persuade people to enter
Chapter 2496: Wuji loves talents and respects literary giants
Chapter 2497: Inciting General Xile to murder
Chapter 2498: The person in the mirror represents misfortune and blessing
Chapter 2499: The enchanting smoke and phantom fragrance contain treacherous plots
Chapter 2500: Throwing cold water on the literary event
Chapter 2501: Claiming to be sick and agreeing to go somewhere else
Chapter 2502 Meeting the bright moon outside Jianjing Temple
Chapter 2503 The secret organization gradually emerges
Chapter 2504: Squeeze away Yu Yuebas black hand
Chapter 2505: Discussing the Past in the Deserted Village of Pinglu
Chapter 2506 Wuji secretly suspects Wang Xies family
Chapter 2507 Slaves also become a minority
Chapter 2508: The Rules of the Jingzhou Governors Committee
Chapter 2509: Brothers’ heart-to-heart friendship breaks gold
Chapter 2510: The Great Case of Yin Gong and Wang Mi Sitting
Chapter 2511 Jade Seal’s Resistance to Accountability
Chapter 2512: Give up the marriage and send the slave to the father-in-law
Chapter 2513: Each country is divided into tit-for-tat
Chapter 2514: Soldiers cannot enter after leaving Western Shu
Chapter 2515 Qin Palace's Secret Confrontation Analyzing Gains and Losses
Chapter 2516: The troops cannot advance into Huanghu
Chapter 2517: Retreat even if you are unwilling to do so
Chapter 2518 A ghost appears in Longge Cave
Chapter 2519 Encouraging Huan Qian to turn to Nanyan
Chapter 2520 Where is the defeated general?
Chapter 2521 Divide the world and rebalance it
Chapter 2522 Stopping at the ferry to recall the past
Chapter 2523 Jingkou Qiuba doesnt study
Chapter 2524: Persuading mother to go to Beijing to set an example
Chapter 2525: Mandarin ducks meet again in troubled times
Chapter 2526: Reunion after a long separation is better than a new marriage
Chapter 2527: Later Yan destroys the country and Northern Yan establishes
Chapter 2528: Final Farewell to Bai Yueyi
Chapter 2529 Hard work passed down from generation to generation
Chapter 2530: Meeting old brothers again in the military camp
Chapter 2531: Reading and Counting are all Literature and Education
Chapter 2532: Rushing to be the first to enter Xiangxu
Chapter 2533 All men, women, old and young are enrolled in school
Chapter 2534 The Master of Confucian Classics Returns
Chapter 2535: Words and deeds are inconsistent, metaphysics and hypocrisy
Chapter 2536: High-ranking officials with generous salaries provide education
Chapter 2537: Farewell to Three Brothers in Life and Death
Chapter 2538: Blood is thicker than water, flesh and blood
Chapter 2539: The in-laws recount the events of the past
Chapter 2540: We are enemies of the world and we are all people
Chapter 2541: Conflicting Ideas
Chapter 2542 Don’t say that the rest of the words were unforeseen
Chapter 2543: The death of the people and the cessation of political power will leave room for hatred.
Chapter 2544: Changing Dynasties and Fulfilling Great Aspirations
Chapter 2535 Preface to the Dissolution of the Yanhe Family
Chapter 2536 Time flies and time passes by
Chapter 2537: Wu Jun Zhang
Chapter 2538: Changing the name to avoid future emperor
Chapter 2539: Many members of the Sima clan rebelled
Chapter 2540 Since ancient times, marriage has been deeply meaningful.
Chapter 2541: Black-robed Imperial Master locks the news
Chapter 2542: Who is the enemy of the two powerful forces of Wei and Jin?
Chapter 2543: Invading Jiangbei and kidnapping the people
Chapter 2544: Black robes discuss military affairs with high spirits
Chapter 2545 Sister Lan fainted because of this
Chapter 2546 Ten thousand years of peace destroying the world
Chapter 2547 The Prairie Goddess is also an Apostle
Chapter 2548: Plain hands heal injuries and prepare for future actions
Chapter 2549 Killing the mother and leaving the son to imitate the Han Dynasty
Chapter 2550: Two women come to the same destination through different paths
Chapter 2551 The black robe enters the prophecy and massacres Qinghe
Chapter 2552 A strong dragon does not overwhelm a local snake
Chapter 2553: The Japs Enter the Village, Qinghe County
Chapter 2554: Massacre even in an empty city
Chapter 2555 The execution of thousands of people shocked Hebei
Chapter 2556: An incestuous man and woman want to kill the king
Chapter 2557 Hebei Kongminghui Black Robe
Chapter 2558 Cui Hao also has a perfect plan
Chapter 2559: The North and the South are finally connected
Chapter 2560: The people are as restrained as lambs
Chapter 2561: Racing and Killing Unstoppable
Chapter 2562 General Heishan asks about the oath
Chapter 2563: General Heimei puts justice first
Chapter 2564 The Dilemma of Love and the Ruthless Emperor
Chapter 2565 The cold-blooded tyrant has a long way to go
Chapter 2566: Surrendering and defecting may lead to death
Chapter 2567: Husband and wife bicker and hurt each other
Chapter 2568 Who will succeed the hegemony?
Chapter 2569 The Wolf Lord sees through everything
Chapter 2570: The Emperor of Wei is at peace
Chapter 2571 The first generation of wolf lord also passed away
Chapter 2572 Testing whether Amin is a traitor
Chapter 2573 Where is the power of regicide?
Chapter 2574: Fake loyalty and righteousness win people's hearts
Chapter 2575 After three steps of calculating the final plan
Chapter 2576: Making up excuses to control the Imperial Army
Chapter 2577: Ten thousand people are actually the daughters of the Lu family
Chapter 2578 The speed of life and death determines the situation
Chapter 2579: I am a swordsman and I am flesh
Chapter 2580: Patricide to ascend the throne with publicity
Chapter 2581: Taking hostages and keeping vigil
Chapter 2582: Questions and Answers between Mother and Son Before the Soul
Chapter 2583 The hunter knows the direction by smell
Chapter 2584 Secret meeting with Tuoba Si in the secret room
Chapter 2585: Instigating various troops to invade the palace
Chapter 2586 Helan raises troops to summon the old clan
Chapter 2587 A two-pronged plan to plot the whole
Chapter 2588: Remaining motionless as a mountain in the palace
Chapter 2589: All the secret guards leave and run to Black Mountain
Chapter 2590 A succession of happy events is like a dream
Chapter 2591 Destiny is in the heart of the emperor
Chapter 2592: Face to face in public
Chapter 2593: The enemy uses the situation to reverse our situation
Chapter 2594 The truth is revealed to the world
Chapter 2595: Sibling fratricide settled in the dust
Chapter 2596 The black-robed demon finally emerges
Chapter 2597: Adopting the posthumous son of ten thousand people
Chapter 2598 The Taotao River is everywhere
Chapter 2599 Guanggus review of the winner (1)
Chapter 2600 Guanggus review of the winner (2)
Chapter 2601: The country and the family hate the two women and
Chapter 2602: Provoke war and burn the world
Chapter 2603 The Great Court Meeting at Tai Chi Hall
Chapter 2604 Wang Mi died and his phase was empty
Chapter 2605 Xianbei’s iron hoof shakes Jiangbei
Chapter 2606: The Huaibei Defense Line is Undefensible
Chapter 2607 Beifu Spirit Attacks
Chapter 2608 Relatives, friends and brothers all oppose the war
Chapter 2609: The aristocratic family has no food left
Chapter 2610 Tieniu Da Zhuang also objects
Chapter 2611 Hu Fan bluntly said that the cavalry was fierce
Chapter 2612: Defeating a Cavalry with Foot and a Strategy
Chapter 2613: Filial piety is also a conspiracy to seize the throne
Chapter 2614 Lure the enemy deep into Jibei Mansion
Chapter 2615 Fifty thousand tigers and wolves are about to send troops
Canglangxing is officially published, thanks to the leader of pure natural yin and yang fish
Chapter 2616 The wife can throw away the dilemma between family and country
Chapter 2617 The Queen personally conquered and also went to the Northern Expedition
Chapter 2618: Three people facing each other in Jianjing Temple
Chapter 2619: Re-training officials to learn to alleviate conflicts
Chapter 2620: An old enemy of many years appears in the world
Chapter 2621 The true love between husband and wife is also like an illusion
Chapter 2622 Don’t be afraid of the trap ahead
Chapter 2623: Compromise and seek cooperation
Chapter 2624: Promotion as balance
Chapter 2625: Thousands of troops can return home
Chapter 2626: Hegemony requires marriage
Chapter 2627 How can heroes join forces to plan marriage?
Chapter 2628: The Xie Family Courtyard is secretly plotting
Chapter 2619: The Governor of Yangzhou is proud of himself
Chapter 2612: Calculation of Profit and Loss
Chapter 2613 Xile sings a duet
Chapter 2614: The fake gangsters reunite to confront each other again
Chapter 2615 Hill also knows about the black robe conspiracy
Chapter 2618: Collegial decision-making on everything
Chapter 2619: Xuanwu God observes peoples hearts
Chapter 2620 Targeting Tao Yuanming
Chapter 2621: The long-standing mystery is gradually being clarified
Chapter 2622: Black robe means first in the world
Chapter 2623 Xuanwu intends to unite with the black robe
Chapter 2623 Where is the treasure hidden by the black hand now?
Chapter 2624: Black Hand Decision and White Tiger Sadness
Chapter 2625: Moving to Guangling to discuss the Northern Expedition
Chapter 2626: The two armies and countries are at war and do not care about each other.
Chapter 2627 The cavalry goes first to grab the water source
Chapter 2628: Black robe seeking help and cloak appears
Chapter 2629: Discussing war and defense in Nanyan court
Chapter 2630 Issan Seino Kamichusaku
Chapter 2631: Taking it for granted that the iron cavalry devastates
Chapter 2632: Determined to go his own way and want a decisive battle
Chapter 2633 Black Robe Wants Sister Lans Help
Chapter 2634: Abandoning Home and Country to Protect the World
Chapter 2635: Flying to capture the evil worries of Muling Town
Chapter 2636 Crossing Daxian without stopping
Chapter 2637: You go, I go, everyone goes
Chapter 2638: Strange soldiers appear in black robes and are shocked
Chapter 2639: Black Robes Poisonous Eyes Recognize Military Planes
Chapter 2640: It is not advisable to clear the country with strong walls
Chapter 2641: Poisoning and spreading epidemics is inhumane
Chapter 2642: Kuang Biao rushes into the city
Chapter 2643: The Angry Dragon of Polluted Water Sources
Chapter 2644: Divine soldiers descend from the sky to seize the water source
Chapter 2645: Corpse poison can also cause people to go crazy
Chapter 2646 The black robe leads the cavalry out
Chapter 2647 Dark knot rides in formation to lure the raptor
Chapter 2648 Confronting the Demonic Dragon
Chapter 2649: The heros spirit persists and the enemy is also proud
Chapter 2650 Wang Shi sets out to Qilu River from the north
Chapter 2651: Three Bowls Crossing the Mountain to Determine Qilu
Chapter 2652: Died before leaving the army
Chapter 2653: Entrusting someone to a bad person may not necessarily be a kindness
Chapter 2654 Emperor Yan arrives in person with the divine soldiers
Chapter 2655: Taking the stage with great enthusiasm
Chapter 2656: Climbing to a higher point and deploying tactics
Chapter 2657: Both wings advance in and the forward exits
Chapter 2658 The old, weak, sick and disabled gather in the army
Chapter 2659: Determining the fate of the country in one day
Chapter 2660: Three Divine Arrows Protect the Central Army
Chapter 2661: Beating to Suppress Evil and Calling the Drum to Advance
Chapter 2662 Watching the Jin formation at the top of the black robe city
Chapter 2663 The Yan armys archers and cavalry are about to advance forward
Chapter 2664 The Yan Army Vanguard has a plan
Chapter 2665: The sudden cavalry shoots arrows like rain
Chapter 2666: Flying rope, withdrawing shield and charging forward
Chapter 2667: How can the ambush rider return home?
Chapter 2668: Annihilating the former enemy
Chapter 2669: Black Robe Wants the Right to Behead the General
Chapter 2670: Killing generals in battle is ruthless
Chapter 2671: The enemy takes advantage of the situation
Chapter 2672: Ready to meet the enemy cavalry
Chapter 2673 Helan judged that the Jin formation was weak
Chapter 2674: Staying motionless as a mountain to defend the front
Chapter 2675: The forward and right wing are victorious
Chapter 2676: Lure the enemy deep enough to penetrate with thousands of arrows
Chapter 2677 Hu Qiqiang rushes into the car formation
Chapter 2668: Full-line assault and final hook
Chapter 2669: Thirty paces away and ten thousand crossbows fired
Chapter 2670: Unafraid of death, follow-up surprises
Chapter 2671: Stepping on corpses and fighting without retreating
Chapter 2672 The smoke rises and the east wind rises
Chapter 2673: Fire Attack Chariot Formation Crazy Riding Rush
Chapter 2674: Take advantage of the situation and attack across the board
Chapter 2675: Eight Oxen Slaughter Flesh and Flesh
Chapter 2676: The virtue of living well is benevolence
Chapter 2677: Testing the black-robed ruthlessness with life
Chapter 2678: The detour formation rear armor cavalry attack
Chapter 2679: Black Robes Poisonous Plot on the Fifth Floor
Chapter 2680 The loyal secret guards are not afraid of death
Chapter 2681 Orchid Secret Guards in Black Robes
Chapter 2682 Only kindness can win people's hearts
Chapter 2683: Guess where the enemy will attack
Chapter 2684 The wooden armor killing formation appears on the battlefield
Chapter 2685: Wooden Armor Attacks and Infantry Armor Follows
Chapter 2686 Self-propelled mecha reaches close range
Chapter 2687: Stand still and be as steady as a mountain
Chapter 2688: There is no need to worry about forward combat.
Chapter 2689: The commander-in-chief has great power and responsibility.
Chapter 2670 The training of the disciples in black robes is shocking
Chapter 2671 Mingyue goes first to test the enemy's formation
Chapter 2672: Shens tigers are at odds with each other
Chapter 2673 Wu Bing Qingguo is good at attacking
Chapter 2674: Groundless suspicion hurts soldiers hearts
Chapter 2675: Anticipating the enemys scheming and wits
Chapter 2676: Selling a flaw to lure the enemy in
Chapter 2677 The door is wide open and the people are defeated
Chapter 2678: The cavalry runs wildly to break the formation
Chapter 2679 Wu Bing fights against the killer group
Chapter 2680: Deceiving the enemy into the battle with clever words
Chapter 2681 The black robe reveals the inner conspiracy
Chapter 2682: Training Yuanming in front of the Black Robe Formation
Chapter 2683: To prevent the black robe from returning
Chapter 2684: Wooden Armor Shield Protects Archers
Chapter 2685: Return to the meeting of the two powerful forces
Chapter 2686 Where is the focus of the attack?
Chapter 2687: Ambush and launch of armored cavalry trap
Chapter 2688 Counterattack across the super blood pit
Chapter 2689 Chemical Weapons Armor-piercing Cavalry
Chapter 2690: Crossing a horse and piercing the heart with a knife
Chapter 2691 A true warrior would rather die than surrender
Chapter 2692: Stand up to defend the country without fear of death
Chapter 2693: Hundred Battles Cavalry Killing Formation
Chapter 2694: Iron cavalry counterattack to save brothers
Chapter 2695: Tips and tricks come out
Chapter 2696 A knight enters the formation and arrows rain like rain
Chapter 2697: The brave man returns to fight to the death.
Chapter 2698: The Second Armored Cavalry Division competes to ascend first
Chapter 2699: Iron cavalry clashes with brave men
Chapter 2700: The trip wire rises to block the cavalry
Chapter 2701: Cavalry breaks out and light troops follow
Chapter 2702: The ruthless rain of arrows and the sorrow of the brave man
Chapter 2703: The archer ascends the building and shoots the horse first
Chapter 2704: The enemy will be wiped out with the help of divine arrows
Chapter 2705: Feint attack through escape formation
Chapter 2706 Yuanming corrects his orders to save Mingyue
Chapter 2707 Yuan Ming has his own Xiao Jiujiu
Chapter 2708: Returning to the Array and Entering the Tribulation Miaoyin
Chapter 2709: The sword, cart, horse and horse are as solid as soup
Chapter 2710: Resistance step by step and retreat step by step
Chapter 2711 Throwing poles and flying rocks to remove wheels
Chapter 2712 Su Wei attacks to stabilize the front
Chapter 2713 The black robes killing move is finally launched
Chapter 2714 A Leap of Faith Falling from the Sky
Chapter 2715: Kill with one blow and break the mechanism
Chapter 2716 The Yuan brothers aid the left wing
Chapter 2717: There will be a reward for dragging the corpse to clear the way.
Chapter 2718 Kong Mings flying lantern attacks the high platform
Chapter 2719 Yu Gong is afraid on the handsome platform
Chapter 2720: High-altitude bombing and arrow rain defense
Chapter 2721 Mud Mud Divine Arrow welcomes air attack
Chapter 2722 True Love Living and Dying Together
Chapter 2723 The black robe still has a trump card
Chapter 2724: Rocket Air Defense Attack
Chapter 2725: Evil Immortals descend from heaven
Chapter 2726 The raging fire burns the broken body
Chapter 2727 Ghost soldiers attack Wang Miaoyin
Chapter 2728: Embracing each other in love among thousands of troops
Chapter 2729: Heroic souls risk their lives and grudges are over
Chapter 2730: The fierce woman commits suicide and her soul is scattered.
Chapter 2731: Confused and attacked by surprise
Chapter 2732: Which method of treating humanity is preferable?
Chapter 2733: The flags are lowered and the formation is waiting for the black robes
Chapter 2734: The Chinese army escorts the cart in
Chapter 2735: Collecting corpses and charging into the rain of arrows
Chapter 2736 The Yuan brothers have a way out
Chapter 2737 Helan also intends to retreat
Chapter 2738: Dress up and attack Linqu City
Chapter 2739: The villain steals the credit and harms the loyal
Chapter 2740: Ba Niu Biao shoots the armored cavalry to death
Chapter 2741 Three consecutive iron cavalry attacks
Chapter 2742: Fire and running between talking and laughing
Chapter 2743: Tiger-spotted Assault Cavalry Charges and Kills
Chapter 2744: Zhuge is greedy for power and wants to attack
Chapter 2745: Throwing away helmet and armor in pursuit
Chapter 2746 The soldiers rush into battle quickly
Chapter 2747: The Black Robe Attack Shocks Changmin
Chapter 2748: Destroying the Enemy Black Robe Fang Yansheng
Chapter 2749: Repeated defeats make Lord Yan angry
Chapter 2750 Divine soldiers descend from heaven to capture Linqu
Chapter 2751 Rong Zu was also a slave
Chapter 2752: Divine Arrow vs. Thunderbolt
Chapter 2753 Facing the life-and-death struggle in black robe
Chapter 2754: The arrow is about to be drawn but cannot be triggered.
Chapter 2755: Ten Questions about Black Robes Long-standing Questions (1)
Chapter 2756: Ten Questions about Black Robes Long-standing Questions (2)
Chapter 2757: Ten Questions about Black Robes Long-standing Questions (3)
Chapter 2758: Ten Questions about Black Robes Long-standing Questions (4)
Chapter 2740: Ba Niu Biao shoots the armored cavalry to death
Chapter 2760: Ten Questions about Black Robes Long-standing Questions (6)
Chapter 2761: Ten Questions about Black Robes Long-standing Questions (7)
Chapter 2762: Ten Questions about Black Robes Long-standing Questions (8)
Chapter 2763: Ten Questions about Black Robes Long-standing Questions (9)
Chapter 2764: Ten Questions about Black Robe’s Long-standing Questions (10)
Chapter 2765: Ten Questions about Black Robes Long-standing Questions (11)
Chapter 2766: Torturing people about what they want
Chapter 2767 An expression of lifes ambitions
Chapter 2768: Whose fault is living in the grassland?
Chapter 2769: After the vicissitudes of life, the first change of heart
Chapter 2770 The power is in hand to secure the world
Chapter 2771 The monster is reborn from the ashes
Chapter 2772: Demon Gu flies into the sky and escapes in black robe
Chapter 2773: Pulling the flag and killing the brave champion
Chapter 2774 Propaganda of benevolence and righteousness abandons pursuit
Chapter 2775: Handling the war at the top of the city
Chapter 2776: Prisoners of war redeem themselves as slaves
Chapter 2767: Heavenly Dao Evil Alliance Seeks Immortality
Chapter 2768 Mu Zhijian promised to withdraw his troops and return
Chapter 2769: Go all the way north and abandon the south
Chapter 2770: Taking a step back and giving up all the previous efforts
Chapter 2771 The land of Longxing is not appointed to anyone
Chapter 2772: Women only love and cannot give in
Chapter 2773: Wounded soldiers return home and march north
Chapter 2774: Alternative Master and Disciple Meet Again
Chapter 2775 Master and Disciple Transform into Allies
Chapter 2776: Keep the clouds clear and see the moonlight
Chapter 2777 Many parties send troops to cause chaos in the world
Chapter 2778: Release Huan Qian to disrupt Jing Yong
Chapter 2779 Zhuan Ling Shen Pill guaranteed for three years
Chapter 2780: Min Min is worried about the defeat.
Chapter 2781 Secret Order to Xianbei to expel the Han people
Chapter 2782: Coercion and inducement leads to massacre
Chapter 2782 Gathering of musicians within Taixue
Chapter 2783: Token in hand, fake tiger power
Chapter 2784: Taking the people away for murder
Chapter 2785 The general is arrogant and arrests all over the city
Chapter 2786: Driving people and grabbing things like tigers and wolves
Chapter 2787 High-ranking Han officials also have secret business (1)
Chapter 2788 High-ranking Han officials also have secret business (2)
Chapter 2789 Han Fan has his own strategy
Chapter 2790 Supporting Sister Lan to gain power
Chapter 2791: Prime Minister Han also has moments of panic
Chapter 2792 Helan enters the small building alone
Chapter 2793: The purpose of driving out the people was to save Murong
Chapter 2794: Choosing between life and death to be loyal to ones conscience
Chapter 2795: Digging trenches and getting trapped.
Chapter 2796: Kill the thief with one sword and save the common people
Chapter 2797: Calmly Facing the Mob
Chapter 2798: Righteousness and Strict Speech of Right and Wrong
Chapter 2799: Hu people enter the city and Han people leave.
Chapter 2800: Privately releasing the people to welcome the first rider
Chapter 2801 The smoke and dust are dispersed by the defeated army
Chapter 2802 Revitalizing the Morale of the Aunt-Nephew Association
Chapter 2803: Admonish the King before returning to the city
Chapter 2804 Black robe appears in a threesome
Chapter 2805: People fight against each other and form a blood feud
Chapter 2806: The Demon Controls the Field Better
Chapter 2807: Defend without fighting and end up starving to death
Chapter 2808 The black robe turns out to be him
Chapter 2809 How can the reincarnation of fate be broken?
Chapter 2810: Defying the will of heaven and changing ones fate to death and life
Chapter 2811 The divine Gu is actually the fruit of the holy tree
Chapter 2812 The Black-Hearted Prince Collects the Broken Flowers
Chapter 2813 The Kings Immortal Destiny Returns
Chapter 2814 Thorne forces Murong to talk about love
Chapter 2815 Sister Lan also has countermeasures
Chapter 2816: The hatred between the country and the family is difficult to quell
Chapter 2817: Miaoyin brings a seal to travel cheaply
Chapter 2818 The Qilu clan is in troubled times
Chapter 2819: Share the work with Sima and seek stability
Chapter 2820: Dispersing Xianbei to practice farming
Chapter 2821: Returning home in fine clothes and returning to relatives
Chapter 2822: Killing relatives for the sake of justice rather than following selfish interests
Chapter 2823 The Northern Expedition was only to save the Han people
Chapter 2824: Breaking the deadlock or wonderful sound
Chapter 2825 The crowd is so angry that the city is overwhelmed
Chapter 2826 General Wang Shen and the two generals are fighting
Chapter 2827: Soldiers fight to gain wealth
Chapter 2828: Everyone has their own ambitions, but its hard to find one
Chapter 2829: Reminiscing about my military career (1)
Chapter 2830: Reminiscing about my military career (2)
Chapter 2831: Turn Hu into Han and eliminate hatred
Chapter 2832: All the slaves in the city want what they want
Chapter 2833: Slaughter and plunder humans and beasts
Chapter 2834 The treasure rumors came to nothing
Chapter 2835: What can we rely on when Wuhu is in trouble?
Chapter 2836: Separate the Hus and join the Han family
Chapter 2837: Ten times the military pay for soldiers
Chapter 2838 Donating money in exchange for titles to buy land
Chapter 2839: The knight descends to leave his descendants
Chapter 2840: Underestimating the enemy creates a crisis
Chapter 2841: Marching into Guanggu and discussing battle and defense
Chapter 2842 A mountain with water Guanggu City
Chapter 2843: Send the generals back to their hometowns
Chapter 2844: The family is unwilling to be controlled
Chapter 2845 Printing becomes a metal mold
Chapter 2846: Being separated from the upper and lower parts brings worries to the slaves
Chapter 2847 Mu Zhichang expresses his true feelings (1)
Chapter 2848 Mu Zhichang expresses his true feelings (2)
Chapter 2849 Mu Zhichang expresses his true feelings (3)
Chapter 2850 Who belongs to the land of Qilu?
Chapter 2851: Law Enforcement Personnel Who Exceed Their Powers Are Dissatisfied
Chapter 2852: There is no choice but to compromise
Chapter 2853: Brothers wives can also be taken away
Chapter 2854 Vocational School Training Practice
Chapter 2855: Discovering Official Da Lanxiang
Chapter 2856 Acting as a village official is also a meritorious service
Chapter 2857: Ten years of training to produce talents
Chapter 2858 The Commander-in-Chief believes in slander and there is no way back
Chapter 2859: How to solve the situation by defending a lonely city alone?
Chapter 2860 The delaying strategy was surrendered first
Chapter 2861 The Murong Clan cannot be left behind
Chapter 2862: Brothers were far apart in the past
Chapter 2863: Talking just for the sake of mysteries
Chapter 2864: Its hard to settle the idea of surrendering the title
Chapter 2865 Yin Wujue becomes twenty
Chapter 2866: The Qin Dynasty breaks its promise and destroys the world
Chapter 2867 Three points are returned to the nobility and it is also new
Chapter 2868: Confessing the title of Maobaotu Kaiguo
Chapter 2869: Demotion to the people is irrevocable
Chapter 2870 It only increases but does not detract from the country.
Chapter 2871: Divide the family property among the disciples
Chapter 2872 Miaoyin leaves the camp to join Murong
Chapter 2873 A one-night romance bears fruit
Chapter 2874 There is also an evil thing inside Murong
Chapter 2875: Who will replace the army to save his wife?
Chapter 2876: Taking credit and taking the blame is like Xile
Chapter 2877 Beifu is no longer the army it once was
Chapter 2878: What can be explained about soldiers becoming generals?
Chapter 2879: Overt promotion and covert surrender to seize troops
Chapter 2880: Brothers of life and death are rare
Chapter 2881 Five good generals vie for supremacy
Chapter 2882: Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of riding on foot
Chapter 2883: Riding to control riding is the kingly way
Chapter 2884: Tigers and wolves in Qin and Han Dynasties are both traditional
Chapter 2885 The famous Prime Minister Sun Zhen Guanzhong
Chapter 2886: Why did the clan become king?
Chapter 2887: Move the capital to Luoyang to look to Chang'an
Chapter 2888: There are hidden worries about getting sick from overwork
Chapter 2889: Killing people and taking credit to gain hatred
Chapter 2890 Selling friends to survive is a black robe
Chapter 2891: Standing alone in the lonely city seeking a comeback
Chapter 2892: Adhering to ideals will lead to loneliness
Chapter 2893 Black Robe Desire and Jinnu Reconciliation
Chapter 2894: Strange sisters meet again
Chapter 2895 Helan also doubts Sister Lans explanation
Chapter 2896: It will take a long time to kill the evil alliance
Chapter 2897: Exposing the witchs secret plan
Chapter 2898 The Shuangfeng Meeting at Wulongkou
Chapter 2899: Rebuilding trust collapses instantly
Chapter 2900: The resentful spirit persists and becomes a Gu man
Chapter 2901: God comes to drive away the demon Gu
Chapter 2902: A reunion after a long separation is better than a new marriage
Chapter 2903 Who is the main enemy?
Chapter 2904: The slaves heart is as solid as stone
Chapter 2905: Wipe out all the countries and bring peace to the world
Chapter 2906: Dilemma between family and country, separation of feelings
Chapter 2907 The disciples sigh after separation from love and hate
Chapter 2908: Anyone who offends the Han and the barbarians will be killed from afar
Chapter 2909 Miaoyins torture is also cruel
Chapter 2910 The evil poison eats the soul and hurts Tianhe
Chapter 2911 The Xie family also formed a secret alliance with an enemy country
Chapter 2912 The wonderful voice urges you to seek liberation
Chapter 2913: The Founding of the Nation and the Legislation of the Nation
Chapter 2914 I wish that everyone is equal
Chapter 2915 The wonderful sound has already been in the slaves heart
Chapter 2916 The wonderful sound also came to the grassland
Chapter 2917 Helan was originally from Liu Kunmeng
Chapter 2918 Xie An also has conspiracy with the Qiang
Chapter 2919: Cooperation of interests eventually turns into enemies
Chapter 2920: The Bourne Supremacy Beyond the Wall
Chapter 2921: Different paths lead to the same goal of capturing the grassland
Chapter 2922 The black-robed demon appears frequently
Chapter 2923 Five Stone God Powder is Poison
Chapter 2924: The maritime trade ends with a sigh
Chapter 2925 Offering Qingzhou in exchange for defection
Chapter 2926: Helans head and rats conspiracy
Chapter 2927 Mingyues identity is finally exposed
Chapter 2928: Troops gather outside Guanggu City
Chapter 2929: It is only righteousness to punish the people and punish them
Chapter 2930: Killing people is unkind and righteous
Chapter 2931 Sima Guofan actually defected
Chapter 2932: Slaughter the prisoners in Jingguan to prevent the enemy from surrendering
Chapter 2933 Release goodwill and free the people
Chapter 2934: All brothers beg for their sister-in-laws life
Chapter 2935: Poisoning Water Sources Against Heaven
Chapter 2936: Split the archers and distribute them to each army
Chapter 2937: Piling up mountains of earth and pushing down the west city
Chapter 2938: The method of killing immortal monsters
Chapter 2939: Riki Pill turns out to be a monster drug
Chapter 2940: The elixir replaces Five Stone Powder
Chapter 2941 Liu Jinnucao appears in the world
Chapter 2942 Liu Fans war achievements are praised by Xile
Chapter 2943 Yuanming Xiaolin meets Guofan
Chapter 2944: Humans and demons have feelings despite different paths
Chapter 2945: Seize the throne of God and become an Immortal
Chapter 2946: Asking for reinforcements to cause chaos
Chapter 2947: Cultivation of Immortals and Dao Yuan Ming Yuan
Chapter 2948 Master Yinxiong meets again
Chapter 2949: Taking advantage of each other
Chapter 2950: Debate between good and evil
Chapter 2951: Yao Xingfeng returned to anger the Buddha
Chapter 2952 Secretly assisting Yao Xing in aiding Guanggu
Chapter 2953: The barrier between scholars and common people can finally be broken
Chapter 2954: Chaos in the human world enters the empty door
Chapter 2955 Good and evil are rewarded with karma
Chapter 2956: Withdraw all the people from the mountains and cities
Chapter 2957: The National Preceptor actually has military talents
Chapter 2958: Yuan Ming’s secret meeting with Emperor Qin
Chapter 2959: Popularizing Education to Destroy the Gentlemen
Chapter 2960 Sima Daqi is Guofan
Chapter 2961 Yuan Ming talks about the White Tiger in detail
Chapter 2962: What’s the benefit of taking in the rebels?
Chapter 2963: Forced to rebel against the clan and cause chaos in the Eastern Jin Dynasty
Chapter 2964: What do you want from taking chestnuts for others?
Chapter 2965: Both sides suffer losses and the rear changes
Chapter 2966: Raising the bandits to respect themselves and Xi Lemo
Chapter 2967 Take the initiative to protect Bashu
Chapter 2968 Qiang and Hu Guards Returning Group
Chapter 2969: The Den of Bandits in the Huaihe River in Northern Henan
Chapter 2970: Contributing to external affairs and quelling internal troubles
Chapter 2971: Taoist Alliance Master and Servant City Head Meeting
Chapter 2972 Asking what love is in the world
Chapter 2973 Promise of life and death is true love
Chapter 2974: Deceit the Master and Rebellion to the Alliance.
Chapter 2975: Use Lius hand to destroy the black robe
Chapter 2976: Giving practical benefits to the people and winning peoples hearts
Chapter 2977: Pursuing all sentient beings without a homeland
Chapter 2978: Buddhist theory against the slaves
Chapter 2979 Xile realizes that he has been fooled
Chapter 2980 Xi Le wants to take over the Central Plains
Chapter 2981 Secretly assisting King Qiao to resist powerful ministers
Chapter 2982 Dajiangdong Goes to Young People's Chronicles
Chapter 2983 Who is the enemy of Black Hand?
Chapter 2984: Stop the slaves by attacking them
Chapter 2985 Who made the Gu Pills?
Chapter 2986 The insect pill is actually a sugar fly
Chapter 2987 Major doubts gather in Yuan Ming
Chapter 2988 The fake gangsters gather to discuss the world again
Chapter 2989: False Suspicion of Private Dating in the Box
Chapter 2990: I was once a thief
Chapter 2991 The Northern Expedition can solve the conspiracy
Chapter 2992 Xile talks and laughs with the Central Plains
Chapter 2993: Strong soldiers suppress Wu Fangxiuzhi
Chapter 2994: Pretending to be ill and secretly transferring military resources
Chapter 2995: Strictly Order Xiu to Clear the Gate
Chapter 2996: Announcement to the vassals about the Northern Expedition
Chapter 2997: Escape three and one
Chapter 2998: If you continue to cut off, you will inevitably be in chaos.
Chapter 2999: Killing Wife to Seek Emperor Xile Chou
Chapter 2980 Xi Le wants to take over the Central Plains
Chapter 3001: Entering the Five Ridges Unprepared
Chapter 3002: Patchouli and barley relieve miasma
Chapter 3003: The soldiers quickly invade Lingnan
Chapter 3004: Crowds at Nankang Market
Chapter 3005: Self-trained business career turns into military career
Chapter 3006: The Heavenly Master and Two Thieves Come to Meet
Chapter 3007: Daofu's surprise attack has a strange move
Chapter 3008: Taking Jiangzhou by land and boat
Chapter 3009: Deadlock and requesting arbitration
Chapter 3010: Doupeng arranges a big move
Chapter 3011 The general takes the lead in drinking the medicinal soup
Chapter 3012: The heart-breaking poison falls into the hands of the enemy
Chapter 3013: Coercion and inducement to surrender Chao Shi
Chapter 3014: Fake surrender to stay useful
Chapter 3015: The cult also wants to win peoples hearts
Chapter 3016 Chao Shi finally enters the path of the Heavenly Master
Chapter 3017: Massacre of Comrades and Submission of Prosecutions
Chapter 3018: The great family that takes advantage of both the north and the south
Chapter 3019: A narrow escape to report military intelligence
Chapter 3020: Zhijie Su Wu counterattacks
Chapter 3021 Xie Bao Wang Hongshou Yuzhang
Chapter 3022: Heaven and man unite peoples hearts
Chapter 3023: Testing military talents to hide their murderous intentions
Chapter 3024: Daofu proudly reveals his killer move
Chapter 3025: The plan to lure the enemy and reveal everything
Chapter 3026: Abandoning subordinates and damaging generals reputation
Chapter 3027: Passing the Life and Death Test
Chapter 3028: Nothing can be accomplished with the help of eyeliners
Chapter 3029 Returning to the battlefield with high spirits
Chapter 3030: The two armies suddenly encounter Sang Luozhou
Chapter 3031: Murder and Sacrifice Flag Demon Thief Crazy
Chapter 3032 Flying Rocks and Rockets Attack the Pirate Ship
Chapter 3033: Crossing the Reef before Attacking
Chapter 3034: Fierce underwater battle and bloody river
Chapter 3035: Rockets soaring through the air
Chapter 3036: Burning the Guards and Rushing to the Flagship
Chapter 3037: The hero sacrifices his life to defeat the thief
Chapter 3038: Hunted across the board with no escape
Chapter 3039: The ambush soldiers are killed with flames
Chapter 3040: Daofu was originally ambushing his troops early
Chapter 3041: Collision with the ship and stabbed in the abdomen with the sword
Chapter 3042: Jedi counterattack breaks enemy formation
Chapter 3043: Beanbao appears and its her
Chapter 3044 The peerless beauty captures the heart
Chapter 3045: A detailed explanation of the evil way to control people
Chapter 3046: Intrigue Revealed
Chapter 3047: There is a reason for the witchs fall
Chapter 3048: The life-threatening maniac forced her to swear an oath
Chapter 3049: The giant ship is invincible when it comes out of the water
Chapter 3050: Defeat is Determined Battle Royale
Chapter 3051: Farewell of Life and Death, Su Wu Festival
Chapter 3052 The hero is short of breath and Su Wu is strong
Chapter 3053: Couples at the end of their lives also fight
Chapter 3054: Parting ways, each with its own plans
Chapter 3055: Intrigue and Conflict over Gods Position
Chapter 3056: Fighting against Xiao Zhongyi with strength
Chapter 3057: A sudden attack on the front line
Chapter 3058: The demon girl shows her loyalty with a knife in her hand
Chapter 3059: Seven Days of Life and Death
Chapter 3060: Confessing to Murder with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 3061: Sowing dissension is also true
Chapter 3062 Provoking Lu Xu to start a fire and
Chapter 3063: Liu Yi has no chance of winning alone
Chapter 3064: What are the heroes and heroes good at?
Chapter 3065: Brothers separated from each other
Chapter 3066: Sacrifice one's life to save oneself
Chapter 3067 The mastermind behind the scenes is about to emerge
Chapter 3068: Entering Longtan Alone to Debate Right and Wrong
Chapter 3069: Fighting with demons for survival
Chapter 3070: Insinuating that Lu Xun has a small pattern
Chapter 3071: Act according to circumstances and secretly instigate
Chapter 3072: The cloak appears and frightens the soul
Chapter 3073: Facing the Demon Dui Ruliu
Chapter 3074 Doupeng speaks frankly to Lu Xunmou
Chapter 3075: Give Lu a reassurance
Chapter 3076: The union of heaven and man to seduce the barbarians
Chapter 3077 Doupeng still doubts Zhu Chaoshi
Chapter 3078 Wuji’s head returns to Jiangling
Chapter 3079: Bullying the weak and fearing the strong will abandon them
Chapter 3080: Getting rid of thieves is easy but hard to achieve
Chapter 3081: Follow and pursue, don’t rush to attack
Chapter 3082 Jing Yang joins forces to chase the demon thief
Chapter 3083: A plan to lure Gou Lin away from the thief
Chapter 3084 The barbarians in Longyou also want to return home
Chapter 3085 Qiang thieves also make military plans
Chapter 3086: My wife and daughter were kidnapped and I was heartbroken
Chapter 3087: Knowing the Trap
Chapter 3088: The two armies are in turmoil after sending a daughter away and losing money.
Chapter 3089: Hu Qi came out and shot him
Chapter 3090: Receiving the defeated troops and slowly retreating
Chapter 3091: Trapped in an isolated city and trying to save oneself
Chapter 3092: City of One Heart and One Mind
Chapter 3093 The scholars and people of Jingzhou are also loyal
Chapter 3094: Open the city gates for anyone to leave or leave
Chapter 3095: Jing Yang trusts each other and the hearts are united
Chapter 3096: Divine soldiers descend from heaven to Zhijiang Mansion
Chapter 3097: The Loyal General Reinforces Thousands of Miles
Chapter 3099 Yongzhou soldiers and horses come to meet
Chapter 3100 Even though there are thousands of people in front of me, I will go
Chapter 3101: Riding straight into Yongzhou Camp alone
Chapter 3102: A solo meeting at the camp gate
Chapter 3103: Reminiscing about the friendship of the past
Chapter 3104: High-five to seize Chang'an
Chapter 3105 Jiangling entrusts the prisoners to pay
Chapter 3106: Killing brothers is incompatible
Chapter 3107: Implicated regardless of brotherhood
Chapter 3108: All attack equipment ready to attack Guanggu
Chapter 3109: Ling Shi is still a true brother
Chapter 3110: The only way out is to use ruthless tactics
Chapter 3111 All four generals are attached to suppress the evil plot
Chapter 3112: Theres a reason for pushing past the competition
Chapter 3113: The fight for power and title is a bad omen
Chapter 3114: A breakdown of the differences between the two thieves
Chapter 3115 The Queen personally inspects Guanggu City
Chapter 3116: Its difficult to move forward and retreat when thinking about old feelings
Chapter 3117: Stealing food, maiming and killing people is tragic.
Chapter 3118: Besieging the city, people are also ghosts
Chapter 3119 A mixture of joy and sorrow
Chapter 3120: Proposed Peaceful Black Robe Leaving
Chapter 3121 Black Robe Wants to Promote the Murong Family
Chapter 3122: The hero also has a family side
Chapter 3123: Brother and sister disagree over the situation
Chapter 3144: The Helan Brothers and Sisters' City Plan
Chapter 3145: Defend Guanggu Ping Quartet
Chapter 3146 The Queen goes into battle with her cavalry
Chapter 3147 The skillful craftsman left a hidden mechanical obstacle
Chapter 3148: It is confirmed that he is Zhang Gang
Chapter 3149: Repay kindness with hatred for shameless people
Chapter 3150: Chengtou Xuner Xiaoyi
Chapter 3151: Dismembering the Mother to Trap and Kill the Son
Chapter 3152 Everyone gets what they need to gain military morale
Chapter 3153: Name the pair at the head of the black-robed city
Chapter 3154: Collecting corpses is also a time for counter-offering
Chapter 3155 Proposal to open the city to release women and children
Chapter 3156: The alliance under the city asks for a retreat
Chapter 3157: Breaking off love in front of two armies
Chapter 3158: The negotiation prices are very different
Chapter 3159: Expelling the Black Robe and Returning to the Jin Dynasty
Chapter 3160 Big concession on final conditions
Chapter 3161 Love is finally abandoned by the family and the country
Chapter 3162: Carrying corpses and burying grain into the city
Chapter 3163: Encircling the top and discussing the offensive and defensive methods
Chapter 3164: The Master of the State of Later Qin Acts as Envoy
Chapter 3165: Conversation with the National Master to clarify the truth
Chapter 3166: Please come quickly to repay your lord.
Chapter 3167: Soldiers never tire of deceit and lies
Chapter 3168 Offering Jing Xiangwen and Liu Yi
Chapter 3169 Sister Lan proposes to return to her hometown
Chapter 3170: Being drunk with power is not a curse
Chapter 3171: It is not advisable to put your life in the hands of others
Chapter 3172 The high-ranking general protects Zhang Gang
Chapter 3173 Dashi is worried about the enemy riding out
Chapter 3174: The curtain is stretched out to prevent flying stones
Chapter 3175: The assassination weapon Wulongkou
Chapter 3158: West City is the main attack point
Chapter 3159 The divine arrow sneaks out of the burning curtain wall
Chapter 3160 Flying stones smashed into the city and destroyed it
Chapter 3161 Throwing the rod to suppress the archer
Chapter 3162 Wanjun Divine Crossbow Breaks the City Wall
Chapter 3163: Rush out and approach the city wall
Chapter 3164: Fierce life-and-death struggle between offense and defense
Chapter 3165 The black fire burns and the car burns
Chapter 3166 Yin and Yang can also solve physics
Chapter 3167 Black Fire is Not Among the Five Elements
Chapter 3168: Its hard to reconcile the separation of life and death
Chapter 3169 The city gate is opened and closed again
Chapter 3170: Destroying the city as bait and bombarding it with boulders
Chapter 3171 The black robe pretends to predict the enemy first
Chapter 3172 Zhuge Changmin is careful
Chapter 3173: The elders want to become Xuzhou shepherds
Chapter 3174: Holding the North Gate is a meritorious service
Chapter 3175: The New Beihai Army Takes the Lead
Chapter 3176 Young Master Xie quietly appears
Chapter 3177 Beihai troops rush to the city wall
Chapter 3178 The dead soldiers rushed into the city and destroyed it
Chapter 3179: Fighting to the death with a push rod and broken ladder
Chapter 3180: Killing Deserters in Formation is Cruel and Ruthless
Chapter 3181: Temporary change of generals shocks Changmin
Chapter 3182: Hearing the sound and knowing the plans of famous generals
Chapter 3183 The Wang family in Taiyuan has a descendant
Chapter 3184 Xuanmo joins the army without seeking an official position
Chapter 3185: Giving advice before the battle is also poisonous
Chapter 3186 The Chinese Army dispatches to assist Changmin
Chapter 3187 Mu Zhimiaoyin corrects the military order
Chapter 3188: Kill our troops to put down the civil strife
Chapter 3189: Tower siege and bloody battle
Chapter 3190: The long thorn pierces and kills like a hydralisk
Chapter 3191 The Grief of Brothers in the Death Tower
Chapter 3192: The tower is burned and the city is destroyed
Chapter 3193: It takes time for the country to benefit its people
Chapter 3194: Strictly reprimanding your lover
Chapter 3195: Successive siege of the city
Chapter 3196: Soldiers ascend the city to fight to the death
Chapter 3197: Warriors ascend the city and fight with trapped beasts
Chapter 3198: Calling for temporary peace before the battle
Chapter 3199: The Captain Touches Gold and Performs Miraculous Merits
Chapter 3200 Reinforcements are dispatched to confuse friendly forces
Chapter 3201 Xuan Mo actually has a secret mission
Chapter 3202: Post-war interests are in vain
Chapter 3203 The solid stone foundation under Guanggu City
Chapter 3204: Flying up from the high platform
Chapter 3205 Two waters burn the city and the city is about to be destroyed
Chapter 3206: What are the black-robed brothers and sisters planning?
Chapter 3207: Its better to challenge the general than to provoke him
Chapter 3208: Coercion and inducement on the fifth floor
Chapter 3209: There is no way out to drive away the human method
Chapter 3210 Ten thousand years of peace gradually disappear
Chapter 3211: Entrusting the country to the clan
Chapter 3212 Leading the cavalry out of the city to attack
Chapter 3213: The Enchantress also has two plans
Chapter 3214: I wish we could meet each other before we were married
Chapter 3215: The method of rejuvenating youth and ascending to immortality
Chapter 3216: Reminiscing about the past
Chapter 3217: Bargaining and intrigue
Chapter 3218 Everyone gets the transaction proceeds they need
Chapter 3219: One-faced Moon Speaks the Truth
Chapter 3220: Gongsuns reinforcements arrive on the fifth floor
Chapter 3221 The noble children go to the battlefield
Chapter 3222: Making up reasons to bully Zhongliang
Chapter 3223: The Attack and Defense of Dongcheng is Triggered
Chapter 3224 The tomb robbers are the first to get there
Chapter 3235 Rolling stones and trees smashing the ladder
Chapter 3236: Dodge and Climb the City with Strange Moves
Chapter 3237: Fire Burning City Life and Death Fight
Chapter 3238: Fighting to the death with flesh and blood flying
Chapter 3239: Deep Water and Fire Destroy the Wooden Chamber
Chapter 3240: Fighting to the death and not retreating is also a hero
Chapter 3241: Breaking off the retreat and burying the bones
Chapter 3242: Wingsuit ascends the city to face the enemy chieftain
Chapter 3243: Pressing on the enemy step by step
Chapter 3244 The people went to the city and came back
Chapter 3245 Lime dies when it meets water
Chapter 3246: Losing troops and generals is useless
Chapter 3247: Bows and arrows suppress the city gate
Chapter 3248: The claw hook drags the city gate open
Chapter 3249: Blocking the inside and moving outside to fight for speed
Chapter 3250: Moving the body back to honor the martyrs
Chapter 3251: Pile up soil bags and quickly climb to the city
Chapter 3252 Alan wants to be a ally under the city
Chapter 3253: The great righteousness destroys relatives and sacrifices the city
Chapter 3254: Testing Helan to tell the truth
Chapter 3255: Riding on the wall and asking for both ends
Chapter 3256: The black-robed eagles eyes identify killing moves
Chapter 3257: Golden Soup and Iron Juice Poison Killer
Chapter 3258: Golden soup and iron juice on the city wall
Chapter 3259: Remembering the Battle of Dragon City
Chapter 3260: Six relatives disown the ruthless emperor
Chapter 3261: Poisonous smoke covers the sky to face difficulties
Chapter 3262: Climb the city and fight to the death with flesh and blood flying
Chapter 3263: Fight to the death and live with your life
Chapter 3264 I exchange my blood for the thiefs life
Chapter 3265: A strong general who can break through walls with a crossbow
Chapter 3266 Duan knows the secret of Guanggu
Chapter 3267: Rushing the car and pretending to attack the city wall to destroy it
Chapter 3268: Sharing merits and righteousness
Chapter 3269 The devil kills without regrets
Chapter 3270: Use the plan to set up a killing array
Chapter 3271: Ruthlessness is always misunderstood by passion
Chapter 3274 The ruthless iron ball secretly reveals
Chapter 3275: Digging three feet into the ground without end
Chapter 3276 Life and death are up to fate and not to others
Chapter 3277: Merciless Killing in Shura Purgatory
Chapter 3278: Black Fire Separates and Evacuates the Defenders
Chapter 3279: Bluffing and pretending to be aid
Chapter 3280: Attacking the Wall Unprepared
Chapter 3281 Knowing that Hushan is biased
Chapter 3282: People do their best to plug loopholes
Chapter 3259: Remembering the Battle of Dragon City
Chapter 3284: Ghost Soldiers Reappear as Living Dead
Chapter 3285: The Immortal Evil Man Comes Out of Nancheng
Chapter 3286: Divine soldiers descend from the sky to seize the city tower
Chapter 3287 Archers rush to the aid of Chengtougu
Chapter 3288: Golden soup and iron juice poured on the head
Chapter 3289: Instant Death and Life-Destroying Juice
Chapter 3290: Decide immediately to remove the poisonous arm
Chapter 3291: Iron juice flowing across the river to provide back-up
Chapter 3292: The Warriors Besieged and Killed at the City Headquarters
Chapter 3293: The fierce man is exhausted and defeated by his opponent
Chapter 3294 Gongsun Wulou wants to survive
Chapter 3295: The traitor secretly plots a way out
Chapter 3296: There is a strange trick to counterattack out of the city
Chapter 3297 The black fire burns and destroys the earth
Chapter 3298: What is the solution to the golden soup and iron juice?
Chapter 3299: The urine is flat and the gold soup is like an arrow.
Chapter 3300 The city gate breaks through and enters the urn city
Chapter 3301 The Fire of Hell Burns the Ghost City
Chapter 3302 The burning man burned the car and fell to the ground
Chapter 3303 The ghost soldiers came out of the city to surprise everyone
Chapter 3304 The Immortal Monster Appears in Front of the City
Chapter 3305: Working together to destroy the demons
Chapter 3306 Miaoyins ingenious thinking hurts the law of heaven
Chapter 3307: Stick to the bottom line and stick to the bottom line
Chapter 3308 The cavalry goes into battle and Ah Shou Chong
Chapter 3309 Dark Iron Heavy Arrows Destroy Demons
Chapter 3310: Sacred Wood and Iron Arrows Made with Su Shen
Chapter 3311: Barbarians die to establish their power
Chapter 3312 Ah Shou rides into the magic formation
Chapter 3313: Stainless steel shield breaks the devil's claws
Chapter 3334: Devils Claws Shatter Skulls and Bloom
Chapter 3335: Monsters as bait to lure demons
Chapter 3336 The Fire Trap Wants to Eliminate the Demon
Chapter 3337: Immortal monsters also die
Chapter 3338 A new generation replaces the old one
Chapter 3339 The banned drug is actually Immortal Grass
Chapter 3340: Visiting the Frontline to Awaken Gods Words
Chapter 3341 Iron-Blooded Enters the City to Prevent Sneak Attacks
Chapter 3342: Even if you dont believe in fate, you still obey the old age
Chapter 3343: Sharing worries for brother, Good Tieniu
Chapter 3344: Brothers should resolve family and national crises
Chapter 3345: The son of a slave must not be kept
Chapter 3346: Saving mother and abandoning son to keep safe
Chapter 3347 Ah Shou laments his eternal sins
Chapter 3348: Condescendingly Seizing the Urn City
Chapter 3349: Predicting the enemy is based on the generals plan
Chapter 3350: Using hatred as bait
Chapter 3351 Alternative fellow disciples and brothers
Chapter 3352 Recruiting old troops all the way north
Chapter 3353 The Soul-fixing Needle Fiercely Guards
Chapter 3354: Husband and wife turn against father and son
Chapter 3355 Gongsun Wulou is timid
Chapter 3356 Three Circles in the Air The Death Knell Tolls
Chapter 3357: Meeting old acquaintances in the midst of a rout
Chapter 3358 The princess flies to the city and is praised by many
Chapter 3359: Taking pleasure in misfortune and spreading bad news
Chapter 3360: See through the black robe plan at a glance
Chapter 3361 The Apostle's Road Returns by Different Ways
Chapter 3362: Surrounded by three people but one cavalryman defeated them
Chapter 3363 The North Sea King is missing in Beicheng
Chapter 3364 Dare I ask how my eldest brother died?
Chapter 3365: Change of military officials control of cavalry
Chapter 3366: After leaving the city, we went east and west
Chapter 3367 Give up obsession and start a new life
Chapter 3368 The fifth floor wants to surrender to Hou Qin
Chapter 3369: Submission in name but self-reliance in reality
Chapter 3370 Escape from the siege and the world is wide
Chapter 3371 The Northern Wei Dynasty left no military power
Chapter 3372: The Fifth Floor Plan of Killing People with a Borrowed Knife
Chapter 3373: Charming Beautys New Target
Chapter 3374: Military orders are immutable
Chapter 3376 Before Dashi mobilized troops against orders
Chapter 3377: The city gate opens wide and the iron cavalry comes out
Chapter 3378 Archer Cavalry Raid City Gate Cavalry
Chapter 3379: Full-speed attack with desperate shots
Chapter 3380: Formation on the spot to break the cavalry charge
Chapter 3381: The tactics you practiced hard are now useful
Chapter 3382 How can the cavalry formation be broken like a forest?
Chapter 3383: Riding a horse to kill the enemy unexpectedly
Chapter 3384 The Prince of Beihai is actually in the west
Chapter 3385 Minmin will eventually go north
Chapter 3386: Tiexin on the fifth floor goes westward
Chapter 3387: Taking turns to attack and drag with your life
Chapter 3388: The chariot breaks through the formation and defeats the cavalry
Chapter 3389 A shocking battle between chariots and cavalry
Chapter 3390: Fight with your life if you dont retreat when faced with a knight
Chapter 3391 Picking up the spear and counterattacking Bu Keqi
Chapter 3392: Extreme Joy Begets Sadness, Life and Death
Chapter 3393: Survival from desperate situation and friendship
Chapter 3394: Never give up even after a narrow escape
Chapter 3395 In front of the wounded soldier repairing the vehicle
Chapter 3396: It is better to provoke the general than to ask the general
Chapter 3397 The last sudden fight
Chapter 3398: Adapt your strategy to the general situation
Chapter 3399: Lead by example and set the flag
Chapter 3400 Ordinary people also have ways to survive
Chapter 3401: Three arrows cant be used at the last moment
Chapter 3402: Shattered to pieces and riding a sudden attack
Chapter 3403: White Wolfs Tactics: Killing in the Wilderness
Chapter 3404 The generals demeanor is as steady as a mountain
Chapter 3405: Wang Qi's cavalry suddenly breaks out
Chapter 3406: Ula charges the shield guard out
Chapter 3407: Ritian Artifact Breaking Iron Cavalry
Chapter 3408: Escape from death and run on a flying horse
Chapter 3409: Kill the enemy and take revenge
Chapter 3410: Comrades meet and kill each other mercilessly
Chapter 3411 Xiao Lin Kuang on the Owls Head and Ax
Chapter 3412 Minmin scolds the person who woke up from the dream
Chapter 3113: All plots are in vain
Chapter 3114 Xiao Lin finally resolves his father-brother feud
Chapter 3115: Invulnerable is a medicine man
Chapter 3116: Revenge and ending grudges with one arrow
Chapter 3417: Racing around in circles to detect enemy traces
Chapter 3417: One crossbow finally succeeded in breaking the curse
Chapter 3418: Flying Demon Gu reports military intelligence
Chapter 3419: The city is in chaos and fighting each other
Chapter 3420: The Han army left the city and failed to defend their homeland
Chapter 3421 Breakthrough and interrogation of prisoners of war on the fifth floor
Chapter 3422: After examining the truth and trying to break the camp
Chapter 3423: Declaring military strategy in front of the formation on the fifth floor
Chapter 3424 Proclaiming military and national plans before the battle
Chapter 3425: The eloquent tongue calms the hearts of the troops
Chapter 3426: The actors dream finally comes true
Chapter 3427: Divide the troops to test and enter the Jin camp
Chapter 3428: The two generals also want to seize the treasure
Chapter 3429: If its for money and righteousness, you can throw it away
Chapter 3430 The heroic boy avenges his father
Chapter 3431: The murder conspiracy revealed
Chapter 3432 The imminent mutiny will reassure the troops
Chapter 3477 The Crown Princes wife descended from the sky
Chapter 3478: The worry of betrayal and leaving the fifth floor
Chapter 3479: Min Min has no ambition to break out of the siege
Chapter 3480: Thousands of Arrows Point at the Great National Thief
Chapter 3481 The Jedi Counterattack on the Fifth Floor
Chapter 3482: The Merciless Killing Field of Military Law
Chapter 3483: Life and death in a moment of terror
Chapter 3484 The mole test is on the fifth floor
Chapter 3485 Dayan Tianpai shines with divine light
Chapter 3486: Life and death between true and false tokens
Chapter 3487: Life on the fifth floor hangs by a thread
Chapter 3488 Two women discuss conspiracy on the battlefield
Chapter 3489 Dayans counterfeit brand enters Helan
Chapter 3490: Helan Mingyue and Heavenly Cooperation
Chapter 3491 Good and evil are rewarded and reincarnated
Chapter 3492 If you stay alive, there will be a green mountain.
Chapter 3493: The shady man and woman end their alliance
Chapter 3494 Strictly order Tan Shao not to attack
Chapter 3495: The fall of the goshawk is a good thing
Chapter 3496: The city will not retreat even if gold is given.
Chapter 3497: A really strong man eating meat with arrows
Chapter 3498 Throwing a Car and Flying Bag to Defeat a Rider
Chapter 3499: Entering into bloody battle with brothers
Chapter 3500: Sandbags and carts flying all over the sky
Chapter 3501: Enemies meet with blood-red eyes
Chapter 3502: The ax breaks the horse's belly and bathes in blood
Chapter 3503: The owl-led army moves forward to frighten the enemy
Chapter 3504: New tactics for flanking raids
Chapter 3505: It is not advisable for brothers to turn against each other
Chapter 3506 The Shen family also has ambitions
Chapter 3507 The second disciple, the noodle master, is panicking
Chapter 3508: Singing and singing together to confuse the black robe
Chapter 3509 Master and apprentice collude to harm the king
Chapter 3510: Years of resentment finally breaks out
Chapter 3511: The execution of traitors is ruthless
Chapter 3512: He is the last apostle
Chapter 3513: Everyone is saddened by betrayal and separation
Chapter 3514: Cold-blooded Killing of Relatives and Confusion of Enemies
Chapter 3515: Begging for work as a pig or dog
Chapter 3516: The only one the black robe loves is himself
Chapter 3517: Predicting the enemys decisive victory ten miles away
Chapter 3518: Split troops from east to west without fear
Chapter 3519: The two armies shoot at each other and attack the flanks
Chapter 3520: Also prepared for flank assault
Chapter 3521 Eight Bulls Running Crossbow Penetrating Armor Cavalry
Chapter 3522 Suwei cavalry dares to hedge
Chapter 3523: Detailed description of the sergeants riding method
Chapter 3524: Cavalry Fight to the Death
Chapter 3525: The armored knight wins and suddenly breaks out
Chapter 3526: Volleying and disembowelment in the Shura field
Chapter 3527: Ready to adapt to the situation
Chapter 3528: The powerful crossbow counterattacks and the enemy cavalry retreats
Chapter 3529: The defeated army is brave enough to fight back
Chapter 3530: Falling from horse and killing for final revenge
Chapter 3531: Dismounting and Combat Attack Technique
Chapter 3532: The battle situation reversed in an instant
Chapter 3533: Jedi mad breaks through the saber
Chapter 3534: Cavalry and generals fighting each other to the death
Chapter 3535: The warrior died on the battlefield fighting for his life
Chapter 3536: The remaining soldiers retreat to save their bones and blood
Chapter 3537: Aristocratic families fight for military success
Chapter 3538 The battle flag is like a fire honoring the ancestors
Chapter 3539: Since ancient times, heroes have emerged from youth
Chapter 3540: Crossbow strikes, halberd and stabs double kill
Chapter 3541 Self-reported family name Rong Zuhao
Chapter 3542: Retire the troops and wait for Sanying
Chapter 3543: Obtaining the Fine Steel Euphorbia Stone
Chapter 3544 The solid stone blade is difficult to penetrate
Chapter 3545: The eldest brother goes out to protect the third brother
Chapter 3546 Brothers work together to break the stone
Chapter 3547: A trio of drinking and bullfighting trio
Chapter 3548: Abandoning weapons and throwing crossbows, leaving one defenseless
Chapter 3549: The Great Power Halberd is about to come out
Chapter 3550: Leader of the Divine Weapon BMW Award
Chapter 3551: Riding alone at the speed of life and death
Chapter 3552: There is no need to return the corpse wrapped in horse leather
Chapter 3553: Even dying in battle is an honor
Chapter 3554 The general can die but cannot surrender
Chapter 3555 The owl-headed flag above the Beijing view
Chapter 3556: The wooden armor is deployed as a siege engine
Chapter 3557 Dai Xiao goes to war for revenge
Chapter 3558: Wooden Armor Attacks the City, Arrows and Stones Fly
Chapter 3559: Long-range strike infantry appears
Chapter 3560: Teaching Archery Practice
Chapter 3561 The armored mechanism reveals its true face
Chapter 3562: Enter the Magical Soldier on the Flying Ladder to Climb the City
Chapter 3563 Rongzu ascends the city to kill the god of death
Chapter 3564: The bone-crushing flying hammer destroys the western city
Chapter 3565: The King of Beihais Iron Cavalry comes out
Chapter 3544 The solid stone blade is difficult to penetrate
Chapter 3567: Defeated and reversed
Chapter 3568: Each charge has its own plan
Chapter 3569: The wooden armor regains its defense line
Chapter 3570: Iron ropes connect the defense line
Chapter 3571: Two Dogs Die by Their Life
Chapter 3572: Repeating crossbow cover into the pit
Chapter 3573: Provoking brothers to charge head-on
Chapter 3574 Discussing military aircraft in a pit
Chapter 3575: Iron Cavalry Stabs and Strikes with Powerful Crossbow
Chapter 3576: Melee wooden armor is majestic
Chapter 3577: Scattered and approaching to hunt
Chapter 3578 Three ropes come out to set the wooden arm
Chapter 3579 Three people died in the lasso battle
Chapter 3580: When the Futu Killing God rises
Chapter 3581 The sword breaks off the rope and the wooden armor is taken off
Chapter 3582: The iron fist strikes out and kills the stubborn enemy
Chapter 3583: There is a way to hold on firmly
Chapter 3584: Killing in front of the army and escaping shocked people's hearts
Chapter 3585: The attack from the front soldiers was completely successful
Chapter 3586: Cavalry counterattacks to aid brothers
Chapter 3587: The son-in-law is also fearless of life and death
Chapter 3588: Where on the battlefield do not kill thieves?
Chapter 3589 Wan Shi has Xiao Jiujiu in his heart
Chapter 3590: Riding and Shooting Attack to Survive the Danger
Chapter 3591: The bloody battle finally exhausted
Chapter 3592: Surviving a desperate situation with men and horses flying into the sky
Chapter 3593: Veteran generals and famous commanders know about the enemys plans
Chapter 3594 The warrior returns and wants to fight back
Chapter 3595: Soldiers and horses go first to block the city gap
Chapter 3596: Guarding the wooden armor to protect the entire army
Chapter 3597: Opening up and turning to defend
Chapter 3598: Wanting to revive the ancestral plan
Chapter 3599 Qingqi rushes into the formation with rocket fire
Chapter 3600: Chasing or guarding is different.
Chapter 3601: The wooden armor left-behind army comes out
Chapter 3602: Enemies eyes turn red when they meet
Chapter 3603: Entering the city against orders and the enemy rides there
Chapter 3604: Soldiers enter the west gate to conquer the city
Chapter 3605: Emergency Response
Chapter 3606: Sweet words to persuade the troops to return
Chapter 3607 Lets talk about the rebellion back then
Chapter 3608: Which one comes first among the enemies of the country and the family?
Chapter 3609: Soldiers are not afraid of deception and can be used
Chapter 3610 The mysterious visitor is in danger
Chapter 3611: Attacking Shuaiqi from both sides
Chapter 3612 The shady visitor is actually him
Chapter 3613: Battle reports affect the hearts of soldiers
Chapter 3614: Thousands of crossbows fired to retreat the cavalry
Chapter 3615: On the verge of collapse, everyone takes action
Chapter 3616: Using ones body as bait to lure enemy chieftains
Chapter 3617 Passionate is always misunderstood by ruthless
Chapter 3618: Sacrificing oneself for ones country to eliminate demons
Chapter 3619: Mother has hated her son for many years
Chapter 3620: Surprisingly Breaking into the Ghost Wall
Chapter 3621: Who should pass on the great cause?
Chapter 3622: The younger brother of a slave is also sad
Chapter 3623 The Tan brothers are also fighting secretly
Chapter 3624: Want to teach Yongzhou and Daoji
Chapter 3685 The Shen brothers are deeply scheming
Chapter 3686: Secret love for the general
Chapter 3687 Mu Zhi finally speaks out his true feelings
Chapter 3688 Staying in Qingzhou to prevent evil spirits
Chapter 3689: Separating the tribe means annihilating the species
Chapter 3690 Wang Mengs grandson Fei is not taking it easy
Chapter 3691 The teenage idol is now disillusioned
Chapter 3692: Ling Shi is not the coach
Chapter 3693: He is the most suitable successor
Chapter 3694: Iron cavalry galloping and fighting each other
Chapter 3695: Rescue from desperate situation arrives
Chapter 3696: The cavalry arrayed to charge the chariot
Chapter 3697: Dont show off your heros courage
Chapter 3698: The courageous battle cry shakes the enemy's heart
Chapter 3699: A bloody battle between chariots and cavalry
Chapter 3700: Fake defeat to lure the enemy into panic
Chapter 3701: Secret Tactics to Protect the Wheel
Chapter 3702: A formation of vehicles to welcome the armored cavalry
Chapter 3703: Lure the Chinese Army with Reservations
Chapter 3704: Holding a halberd on the chariot will lead to death
Chapter 3705: Withdraw the shield and kill the thieves.
Chapter 3706: A true man without fear of life or death
Chapter 3707: Abandoning the Chain Chariot Collection
Chapter 3708 Murong Tienan breaks through the formation
Chapter 3709: Life and death battle against time
Chapter 3710: The Thirteen Warriors Face Off
Chapter 3711: Lure the enemy to attack and destroy them with one strike
Chapter 3712 Scholars are also brave and courageous
Chapter 3173 Life and death rescue and bluffing the enemy into retreating
Chapter 3174: Adapt to the commanders plan
Chapter 3175: Stay until the clouds clear and the moon shines
Chapter 3176: Beating the drum to advance the undefeated method
Chapter 3117: Forced by the enemy to enter the city
Chapter 3118 The King of Beihai wants to seize the palace
Chapter 3119: The God of Death in Hell Lives in Blood
Chapter 3120: Counterattack against nature and scare the enemy away
Chapter 3121: Seriously injured and vomiting military aircraft
Chapter 3122: Changes in the Provisional Military Discussion
Chapter 3123: Increase the number of troops to break through the ghost wall in Nancheng
Chapter 3124: Trapped by love and come back
Chapter 3125: Defeat and Become a Slave Servant
Chapter 3126: Childhood ideals turned into nothing
Chapter 3127 Each insists on his own words and refuses to give in.
Chapter 3128: I pity the pear flowers in the rain
Chapter 3129 Miaoyin is strong and a warrior
Chapter 3130 The decisive battle is coming and the black robe appears
Chapter 3131: Want to make new contributions to repay the robe
Chapter 3132 Two ghosts in heaven and earth transform into fierce corpses
Chapter 3133 Controlling the corpse demon to leave the city and attack
Chapter 3134: Dehumanizing and losing military morale
Chapter 3135 Black robe asks sister for final help
Chapter 3136 Ten Thousand Years of Peace Against the Evil God
Chapter 3137: Controlling peoples hearts and ultimately betraying them
Chapter 3138 The scheming sisters finally meet
Chapter 3139: Formation Switching to Fight the Ghouls
Chapter 3140: Killing the weak zombie with an arrow
Chapter 3141 What should I do if I face my sister-in-law directly?
Chapter 3142 Ah Shou also knows difficult things
Chapter 3143: Enemies meet with blood-red eyes
Chapter 3144: Riding out from behind the wall
Chapter 3145 Dont think you won
Chapter 3146: The south wind is strong and the fire is soaring into the sky
Chapter 3147: Iron Steel Emerges from the Fire
Chapter 3148: Armor-breaking and molten steel attack
Chapter 3149: Burning steel and iron to commit evil
Chapter 3150 Heroes attack Sa Wushuang
Chapter 3151 Yu Jies magical power shocked thousands of troops
Chapter 3152: Reminiscing about the old relationship between uncle and sister-in-law before the battle
Chapter 3153: Veterans joke about the past
Chapter 3154: Love and hate entangled with family and national conditions
Chapter 3155: Tieniu is sent through the formation as hostage
Chapter 3156 Youth is forever seductive
Chapter 3157 Confessing ones heart to Tieniu
Chapter 3158: Marriage to become a queen and emperor
Chapter 3159: Everyone has their own agendas and they marry together and destroy each other
Chapter 3160 Recalling the ridiculous things of the past
Chapter 3161 The hidden language refers to Mu Zhi
Chapter 3162: What can the world rely on?
Chapter 3163: Aristocratic Family Beijing and Bafei Road
Chapter 3164: Which Jingba Family to Choose?
Chapter 3165 The final proposal is to go to the wilderness
Chapter 3166 Before leaving, Tuo was reluctant to leave.
Chapter 3167: Selflessness is also love
Chapter 3168: Reminiscing before the battle and asking for help
Chapter 3169: Flying Gu Sutra appears every day
Chapter 3170 A bird descends from the sky to indicate good or bad luck
Chapter 3171: The goshawk falls to Shangji
Chapter 3172: Flying over Hai Dongqing
Chapter 3173 How can the Eagle Kings attack be stopped?
Chapter 3174 The dragnet breaks the big eagle
Chapter 3175: The bright light falls and the evil ghost emerges
Chapter 3176: Water and fire crack the iron armor
Chapter 3177 How can the evil ghost descended from the sky be defeated?
Chapter 3178: Deceit and trickery to earn Hu Fan
Chapter 3179: Liang Yi is prepared to destroy the devil
Chapter 3180: Confronting the slave and revealing his true form
Chapter 3181: The secret of time travel revealed in one sentence
Chapter 3182: Realizing the Original Aspiration and Becoming Divine
Chapter 3183: The world is for the public and has a broad heart
Chapter 3184: Different paths do not lead to the same conspiracy
Chapter 3185: Ten Thousand Years of Peace and All the Slaves in the World
Chapter 3186 The rise and fall of dynasties is not related by blood
Chapter 3187 All people are born with equal opportunities
Chapter 3188: Two roads to becoming a saint and becoming a god
Chapter 3189: The more secret technology of later generations
Chapter 3190: Living alone for ten thousand years is empty and cold
Chapter 3191: Wind and Thunder Change Color and Mo Xie Kills
Chapter 3192: Bianzhuang Thorn Tiger Ghosts Divine Power
Chapter 3193 Mo Xie eliminates demons and returns to the human body
Chapter 3194: Divine Arrow Kunai Kills the Fierce Demon
Chapter 3195: The Thousand-Year History of Kunai Divine Arrow
Chapter 3196: Enough is Enough with Pursuing War Criminals
Chapter 3197: Confessing ones wish in one word
Chapter 3198: Who can lead to eternal peace?
Chapter 3199: The whole country is a slave to the wonderful sound of desire
Chapter 3200: Private transactions to seek rewards
Chapter 3201: Land Enclosure, Slave Acquisition and Investment
Chapter 3202 Three-party negotiations become four-corner
Chapter 3203: Keeping pace with the times Mu's changes
Chapter 3204: There is a difference between selling yourself into slavery
Chapter 3205: National policy will not give in after the war
Chapter 3206 Mu Zhijians words to protect his family and country
Chapter 3207: Joining forces to make a fortune
Chapter 3208: Marriage is also a status plan
Chapter 3209: The First Family Cannot Give in
Chapter 3210 Blood inheritance is not the truth
Chapter 3211 The matrilineal tribe does not know its father
Chapter 3212: Blood relatives also fight for power
Chapter 3213: Public power cannot be delegated privately
Chapter 3214 There is no need for an emperor in the world
Chapter 3215 Public Recommendation and Election of the Chief Leader
Chapter 3216: Murder must be paid with life.
Chapter 3217: The death penalty can be exempted from the punishment of life
Chapter 3218: Family Manors Agricultural Power
Chapter 3219: The attraction of state-owned farms. olp attraction
Chapter 3220: Benevolence and righteousness destroy the country and divert the people into exile
Chapter 3221 The ideal kingdom of heaven is not a quick fix
Chapter 3222: Its hard to reward for merit and hard to punish for failure.
Chapter 3223: Close relatives, siblings and original intention
Chapter 3224: Governing the country with high skills
Chapter 3225: The position of Prime Minister and Assistant Seduces Xile
Chapter 3226: Holding the military talisman and refusing to surrender
Chapter 3227: Capricious Little Calculations
Chapter 3228: The enemy is currently in danger of internal strife
Chapter 3229: The defeated army can also be used
Chapter 3230: The young emperor has the power to withdraw his troops
Chapter 3231: There is no way out
Chapter 3232: Marriage and protecting the country
Chapter 3233 Everyone is equal in the lottery
Chapter 3234: It is difficult to avoid the first sign of a national crisis
Chapter 3235: The Lot of Life and Death for the Elderly, Weak, Women and Children
Chapter 3236: What is the exchange of dead lots?
Chapter 3237: The Soul-Transferring and Body-Borrowing Light-Returning Technique
Chapter 3238: Human nature is difficult to control
Chapter 3239: I am willing to surrender and lose my breath for a short time
Chapter 3240: Explaining the funeral arrangements to Alan
Chapter 3241: It takes a long time to popularize ideas
Chapter 3242: Who makes Mingyue?
Chapter 3783: Undying ambition and desire to recruit troops
Chapter 3784: Ten Thousand Years of Peace
Chapter 3785: Sail away from Benyan Land
Chapter 3786 The two sisters make a heart-to-heart decision and choose
Chapter 3225: The position of Prime Minister and Assistant Seduces Xile
Chapter 3788: If you are cruel, you will never be in chaos.
Chapter 3789: Checks and balances of kindness determine Qingzhou
Chapter 3790: Morality and justice are at stake
Chapter 3791: How much safer is the world?
Chapter 3792 The world is for the public and the final showdown
Chapter 3793: Straightening relations between the Ming family and the country
Chapter 3794: The whole country is equal, no matter what is inside or outside
Chapter 3795: It is hard to get rid of relatives for the sake of justice
Chapter 3796: Scholar-bureaucrats are not up to par with national laws
Chapter 3797 Its urgent before the great cause is accomplished
Chapter 3798: The Ultimate State of the Family
Chapter 3799 What happens after death is uncertain
Chapter 3800: Talent without virtue brings disaster to the country
Chapter 3801 Why is virtue so important in the world?
Chapter 3802: Separate from Jiangbei for Transaction
Chapter 3803 Where did Jiangbei tenant farmers come from?
Chapter 3804: Its hard to talk about intimacy outside of the five servers
Chapter 3805 The phase transfer is intolerable
Chapter 3806: Suppressing Liu Yi is a big plan
Chapter 3807: A serious problem lies within
Chapter 3808 Comrade Liu Yi is destined
Chapter 3809: When there are also robbers in Beifu
Chapter 3810: The method of establishing prestige brings peace to the world
Chapter 3811: The arrogant general surrenders to Xile
Chapter 3812 The secret connection is uncontrollable
Chapter 3813 Murong Sima Jing Weiming
Chapter 3814: Wife and children stay behind without seeing each other
Chapter 3815: Great cause inherited by Guan Guoben
Chapter 3816 The road to emperor requires concessions
Chapter 3817 Ah Shou can complement the three giants
Chapter 3818: Line up and lower the platform
Chapter 3819: Women and children lined up in prison uniforms
Chapter 3820 The Wonderful Sound of Life and Death
Chapter 3821 A shocking moment of kneeling down to clear up the grudges
Chapter 3822: The situation changes color, ghosts and gods howl
Chapter 3823 The demon wind embraces each other and expresses their feelings
Chapter 3824: Divine soldiers give life to each other but can abandon it
Chapter 3825 Destroy the Arrow and Despair the Scattered Tribe
Chapter 3826: The subjugated monarch wants to surrender his arms
Chapter 3827 Mutual trust and withdrawal of war
Chapter 3828: Giving a Name and Changing the Surname to Xintiandi
Chapter 3829: My fate is up to me.
Chapter 3830: Shouchun Massacre: Lifelong Regret
Chapter 3831 Ending the war and great benevolence
Chapter 3832: Fighting for Love and Ending with Forgiveness
Chapter 3833: Pardon, Marriage and Reunion
Chapter 3834: Giving in to calm public anger
Chapter 3835: Ruthlessness is the most important thing for an emperor
Chapter 3836: Happy wedding and a hundred years of marriage
Chapter 3837: Strictly guard against the last post
Chapter 3838: Sisters Coexist Hu Daoan
Chapter 3839 Fragrant Road Marriage on Orchid Avenue
Chapter 3840: The marriage ceremony hides murderous intent
Chapter 3841 The old rituals of Han and Huns to welcome the bride
Chapter 3842: Extreme joy brings tears of sorrow
Chapter 3843: Bloody Wedding
Chapter 3844: The soul is about to die and the world collapses
Chapter 3845: Wake up the dreamer with one palm
Chapter 3846: Returning the fighting spirit and commanding thousands of troops
Chapter 3847: Swordsmanship in front of the Independence Army
Chapter 3848: Losing a Son and Losing a Wife in a Bloody Feud
Chapter 3849: Divine Bows Stunt Skill, Secret Arrow Kill
Chapter 3850: Poison arrow strikes back and breaks arm and wrist
Chapter 3851: The God of War falls and his own soldiers die
Chapter 3852: The iron man is sad when his love hurts
Chapter 3853: Soldiers and disasters leave corpses all over the city
Chapter 3854: The Kings Teacher Practices Benevolence and Righteousness
Chapter 3855 Entering the palace alone to face the giant owl
Chapter 3856: When a person is about to die, he says good things (1)
Chapter 3857 The country exists for the people
Chapter 3858: Soul Control Methods and Gu Techniques
Chapter 3859 Three bets with many escape routes
Chapter 3860 The Empress Dowager Gongsun is also the spy king
Chapter 3861: The vicious womans revenge is finally avenged
Chapter 3862 Black Fires Ruthless Grudges
Chapter 3863: Who teaches the secret technique of Gu?
Chapter 3864 The lonely brave man facing the darkness
Chapter 3865: Eradicating the Imperial Industry
Chapter 3866: The Han clan is also cut off
Chapter 3867: Fighting with the devil for life after life
Chapter 3868: Abandoning old feelings and talking about family and country
Chapter 3869: How can the ideal of savior be achieved?
Chapter 3870 Who will win the title of Queen?
Chapter 3871: The legitimate son will inherit the inheritance
Chapter 3872: Entrusting an orphan with peace of mind before death
Chapter 3873 Daye is currently abandoning his identity
Chapter 3874: There is no darkness in the life of Yi Fu
Chapter 3875 There is someone else behind the scenes
Chapter 3876: The city of slaughter is cold and cold
Chapter 3877: Protecting the family at the expense of mother and daughter
Chapter 3878: Temporary Abandonment of Xiang Preface to Indicate Advance and Retreat
Chapter 3879: Jointly go to school to study civil and martial arts
Chapter 3880 A new school is secretly set up in Qingzhou
Chapter 3881: Teaching a man to fish is better than teaching a fish
Chapter 3882 Yizhen turns out to be a future problem
Chapter 3883: The ambition to dominate the world comes to an end
Chapter 3884: The crowd is so angry that they want to massacre the city
Chapter 3885: Raising troops to eliminate violence is unforgivable
Chapter 3886: Eradicate the Roots and Destroy the Rebel Flag
Chapter 3887: Military-civilian alliance defends the country
Chapter 3888: Unrestricted Talent Recruitment
Chapter 3889: The enemy of the country and the family hates the man.
Chapter 3890: Taking death for revenge
Chapter 3891 The main force of the Northern Wei Dynasty is in a foreign country
Chapter 3892: Hebeis big family wants to go to Jin
Chapter 3893: The Night Trial of the Evil Demons Desire
Chapter 3894 Facing the Mysteries of Evil Gu Dao
Chapter 3895: Taking Gu Insects to Gain Great Strength
Chapter 3896 History does not remember the dark side
Chapter 3897: What is Ten Thousand Years of Peace?
Chapter 3898 The ultimate temptation is also lonely
Chapter 3899: There is a mystery behind the change of dynasty
Chapter 3900 Black water helps burn evil Gu
Chapter 3901 The truth is about to come out but turns into ashes
Chapter 3902: The army that razed Guanggu returned
Chapter 3903 The Road to the Emperor Ashouzhi
Chapter 3904: The Soul Returns from the South in Clothes
Chapter 3905: Grant Beifu to the Prefecture
Chapter 3906: Loyalty and filial piety lead the way to the throne
Chapter 3907: Follow your heart and obey destiny
Chapter 3908: Power sharing is king
Chapter 3910 A series of poisonous schemes forcing a desperate situation
Chapter 3911: Mingyue Gu powder becomes a great cause
Chapter 3912: The Black Robe Appears after Severing Love
Chapter 3913: The Hu slave turns over
Chapter 3914 Rumors of conspiracy rise against the wind
Chapter 3915: There is a reason for surrendering and then revolting
Chapter 3916: Remember the merits and demerits of your subordinates
Chapter 3917: Righteousness and Strict Speech against Soldiers and Bandits
Chapter 3918: Coercion and inducement of betrayal
Chapter 3919: Poor and unkind, abandoned by heaven and earth
Chapter 3920: Temporarily stabilize the camp and kill it tomorrow
Chapter 3921 Jun Wus words are like a mountain
Chapter 3922: Powerful powers fight against each other and the country benefits
Chapter 3923: The War Is Profitable
Chapter 3924: The world is bustling with profit.
Chapter 3925: Veteran brothers looking for a way out
Chapter 3926 New ideas for labor dispatch
Chapter 3927: The Road to Scholars in the Education Industry
Chapter 3928: Act openly to combat corruption
Chapter 3929: Private Security Business
Chapter 3930: Nephews admission to school reassures peoples hearts
Chapter 3931 Entering the millet to pay homage to education
Chapter 3932: Entering Su to worship the nobility and form a militia group
Chapter 3933 New Oriental engages in team training
Chapter 3934: The God of Plague descends from heaven and the situation is urgent
Chapter 3935: Injuries and injuries are causing trouble in the camp
Chapter 3936
Chapter 3937 The Korean envoy comes across the sea
Chapter 3938 The History of Haidong Xiaoqiangs Struggle
Chapter 3939: The Princess of Goryeo Knows the Han Code
Chapter 3940 The princess also takes the path of a spy
Chapter 3941: The sea alliance breaks through Baekje
Chapter 3942: feudal vassals and centuries of chaos
Chapter 3943: Cutting off territory and offering horses to seek cooperation
Chapter 3944: The Japanese country came to Baekjes rescue
Chapter 3945 The Japanese seem to be of Wuyue origin
Chapter 3946 Mu Zhi does not help Goguryeo
Chapter 3947: Conquering the Army Without Fighting Kong Mingce
Chapter 3948: Ginseng prolongs life and cures plague
Chapter 3949: The Last Immortal Grass and Live Iron Ox
Chapter 3950: Who is of the same mind as the slave?
Chapter 3951: Different positions lead to hostility
Chapter 3952: Tan Shao is guaranteed to be the general
Chapter 3953 Tieniu stays behind in Qilu
Chapter 3954: Rushing to the Northern Wei Dynasty when disaster strikes
Chapter 3955: Stand firm and wait for help.
Chapter 3956 The four major military envoys to Baekje
Chapter 3957 The army returns without hesitation
Chapter 3958 The Black Hand Universe reunites again
Chapter 3959: Enemies of noble and upright families
Chapter 3960: Suzaku intends to join the Demon Alliance
Chapter 3961: Suzaku is incompatible with his slaves
Chapter 3962: Born in sorrow and died in ease
Chapter 3963: A vicious plan to destroy the slaves name
Chapter 3964: Sitting on the throne with wine and rice bags
Chapter 3965: Guizhou Donkey learned a lesson from his lack of skills
Chapter 3966: Joining the Black Hand is also the original intention
Chapter 3967: Stealth and Shadow to Defend a Single Man
Chapter 3968 Xile sends troops to bet on the fate of the country
Chapter 3969: Checks and balances are mafia
Chapter 3970 The independence of the feudal town sets a precedent
Chapter 3971: The young commander decentralizes power and leaves behind
Chapter 3972: Retreating as a way to advance
Chapter 3973: Converting arrogant words to believing turns things around
Chapter 3974 Xile is in a dilemma
Chapter 3975: Bet on your life to become a true hero
Chapter 3976: Swinging the sword to cut off love and ask questions
Chapter 3977 The Temptation of Guarding Position
Chapter 3978: Why did the slave slave bully me?
Chapter 3979: Break the letter and send troops to anger the sky
Chapter 3980: Determined to go his own way and send troops quickly
Chapter 3981: Divide the troops into Changsha trap
Chapter 3982 Taking the opportunity to alienate Lu Xuzhong
Chapter 3983 The Heavenly Master is independent and not a subordinate
Chapter 3984 Black-robed Military Supervisor Chao Shi
Chapter 3985: A group of fierce soldiers discuss overtaking Shi Chao
Chapter 3986: The Black-robed Supervisor Demons Eyes Are Bright
Chapter 3987: The plan to divide the troops was seen through
Chapter 3988 The arrogant and lazy soldiers lead the enemy to attack
Chapter 3989 Floating tactics are not feasible
Chapter 3990: Attacking the mighty beacon giant ship
Chapter 3991: Huang Huo emerges as a letter to the hidden dragon
Chapter 3992: There is also a military discussion in Jiangling Mansion
Chapter 3993: Soldiers deceive each other with force
Chapter 3994: Withdraw the warships to the west to Wuling
Chapter 3995: The enemy is strong and we are weak, tell the truth
Chapter 3996 The giant ship strategy is not feasible
Chapter 3997: Luring the enemy into the stronghold and attacking them with fire
Chapter 3998: The Generals Rejected the Taoist Rules
Chapter 3977 The Temptation of Guarding Position
Chapter 4023 Pheasant Tail Torch is a Divine Weapon
Chapter 4024 Lure the enemy to pursue the former army.
Chapter 4025: Break into the escort by force
Chapter 4026 Chao Shi wants to make the black robe leave
Chapter 4027 Looking for excuses to chase the black robe
Chapter 4028: Three people betray the world and abandon it
Chapter 4029: Identify your identity to lure Chao Shi
Chapter 4030 Killing thieves and establishing himself as the Heavenly Master
Chapter 4031: A separate court resists etiquette and splits the Jin Dynasty
Chapter 4032 Its up to you to end the Heavenly Master
Chapter 4033: The scattered armies abandon their weapons and seek peace
Chapter 4034 The test of loyalty is finally passed
Chapter 4035 The preface is full of probing words
Chapter 4036: Using clichs to get the secret of the evil alliance
Chapter 4037: The evil alliance of heaven defeats the gods
Chapter 4038: Good, evil, loyalty and traitor in a single thought
Chapter 4039 Beating drums and burning incense gathered at the bow of the ship
Chapter 4040 Shuai Tai committed several crimes under military law
Chapter 4041 Three crimes are discussed simultaneously
Chapter 4042: Destroying the fleet is the first one
Chapter 4043: Suppressing the morale of the army without killing on crime
Chapter 4044: Use the trick to change ships
Chapter 4045: Withdraw the Supervisory Ship and Protect the Giant Ship
Chapter 4046: Boarding the giant ship to fight in person
Chapter 4047 Abandoning food and jumping into the river to speed up the escape
Chapter 4048: Pros and Cons, Honest Speech
Chapter 4049: Divide the troops into three groups to achieve success
Chapter 4050 Life and death are rushed across the river
Chapter 4051 Abandoning the ship to lure the enemy into pursuit
Chapter 4052 Abandoning ship and rushing at full speed
Chapter 4053 Who is the strongest navy in the world?
Chapter 4054 The demon thief also has contingency plans
Chapter 4055 The Clipper Boat Stops with Flying Stones
Chapter 4056 The saturation attack surges
Chapter 4057 Hongzhi rushes to the second formation
Chapter 4058: Sandbag compartment for side protection
Chapter 4059: Physics to Break Superstition
Chapter 4060 Classmates meet on the battlefield
Chapter 4061 A group of thieves besieged the Wulin
Chapter 4062 The rear army bets on the outcome
Chapter 4063 Qianlong warship follows closely
Chapter 4064: Fire from both ends to stimulate the apprentice
Chapter 4065: Want to abandon ship and make new achievements
Chapter 4066: The ambush forces launch a massive counterattack
Chapter 4067 Ruthless killing and blood revenge
Chapter 4068 A big counterattack from behind
Chapter 4069: Soldiers in heaven and earth dissolve immortals
Chapter 4070 Encountering Huang Long on the way to escape
Chapter 4071: Dont give back even a piece of cake to the enemy chieftain
Chapter 4072: The ink-faced pig scares the enemy
Chapter 4073: When the enemy moves, we will eventually attack
Chapter 4074: Killing prisoners to establish power and move forward
Chapter 4075 The giant ship approaches the entrance of Shuizhai
Chapter 4076 A slim chance of victory
Chapter 4077 Keeping the personal guards united
Chapter 4078: Praise in the heart of a loyal and righteous man
Chapter 4079: Opening up the net and letting people go
Chapter 4080 The demon thief is also a human influencer
Chapter 4081 The world changes color and collapses
Chapter 4082: The huge wave of people is like Ping
Chapter 4083 Brotherhood emerges in times of crisis
Chapter 4084 The group of heavenly masters is fierce and stable
Chapter 4085 The dilemma
Chapter 4086: Final decision on battle and defense
Chapter 4087 Business bragging about loyalty
Chapter 4088 Review of unusual things in the enemy camp
Chapter 4089 The boat separates and prepares for fire attack
Chapter 4090 The self-inflicted blood sacrifice is vicious and evil
Chapter 4091: Talking about the war in the aftermath of the disaster
Chapter 4092: How to destroy the giant ship? Everyone offers suggestions
Chapter 4093 Boarding the ship to fight the enemy Yingwu
Chapter 4094 Ten crossbows fire flesh and blood flying
Chapter 4095: Fish glue fixes thieves arrows and names them
Chapter 4096 The brave man has no fear of the cowardly heart
Chapter 4097: The straw man borrowed fire to break the mast
Chapter 4098: Burning masts to break out of siege with great passion
Chapter 4099: Purple Qi soaring into the sky and roaring with disprosium hair
Chapter 4100 The first battle between the thieves whether to advance or retreat
Chapter 4101: Intriguing and cheating, we are in the same boat
Chapter 4102: Burning Giant Ship Shura Field
Chapter 4103: Benevolence and righteousness set people free and win peoples hearts
Chapter 4104 Betrayal of Comrades and Killed Mercilessly
Chapter 4105 The soldier kills himself to prove his innocence
Chapter 4106: Keep your usefulness and will make a difference
Chapter 4107 Analysis of the subtleties of demons
Chapter 4108 The shadow of suspicion of missing contact appears
Chapter 4109 Rebuilding the Army to Guard Jiangling
Chapter 4110: Staying in Jiangling calms peoples hearts
Chapter 4111 Awarding the Gold Medal Based on the Fundamentals
Chapter 4112 The enemy camp was empty overnight
Chapter 4113: Longing for post-war power and land
Chapter 4114 Sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger for personal gain
Chapter 4115: Steady and step by step
Chapter 4116: Real defeat and fake withdrawal
Chapter 4117 The black-handed Suzaku is actually him
Chapter 4118 The black hand also had loyalty
Chapter 4119 The ambition of the Northern Expedition turned into vain
Chapter 4120 Tingyun also has sad things
Chapter 4121 A breakdown of many years of love
Chapter 4122 Suspicion points directly at Tao Yuanming
Chapter 4123 Family support requires membership
Chapter 4124 The Black Hand also wants to build a private army
Chapter 4125 There is no blood relative before the imperial power
Chapter 4126: Immortal blessings will live forever
Chapter 4127: Taking advantage of the fundamentals to attack
Chapter 4128 Even the black robe sometimes misses the mark
Chapter 4129: The legion is completely destroyed, capture and release Liu
Chapter 4130 You can start without a single soldier
Chapter 4131 Suzaku is also determined to die
Chapter 4132 Internal disintegration of the Beifu Army
Chapter 4133 Details need to be discussed
Chapter 4134 Unwilling to give up food and equipment
Chapter 4135: Distribution of materials and taking advantage of others
Chapter 4136: Forty-six are divided into young masters.
Chapter 4137 Five Stones Control Mr. Yu
Chapter 4138 Yus private soldiers pretend to be bandits
Chapter 4139 Five Stone Agent Temptation
Chapter 4140 Secretly assisting Duke Yu in regaining power
Chapter 4141 Telling the secrets of the past
Chapter 4142 Staying in Jiangzhou to fight guerrillas
Chapter 4143: Suffering hardships in the army is training
Chapter 4144 The great achievements of the Northern Expedition also compete with each other
Chapter 4145 Abandoning the Tao and starting over from the Buddha
Chapter 4146: The noble sweat of a noble family also smells bad
Chapter 4147 Elites are still born from aristocratic families
Chapter 4148: Talking about Farewell in the Grass
Chapter 4149 The core of metaphysics also treats people
Chapter 4150 Management is a technical job
Chapter 4151 The Northern Expedition was promoted to the first place
Chapter 4152: The people awaken and are no longer slaves
Chapter 4153 Buddhism gives people new hope
Chapter 4154 Buddha appears and retreats from Hu Xia
Chapter 4155 Later Qin soldiers and horses came to help
Chapter 4156 Confucianism, Taoism and Metaphysics share the same roots
Chapter 4157 The banner of loyalty and filial piety also counterattacks
Chapter 4158 The integration of Confucianism and Buddhism determines the world
Chapter 4159 The New Theory of Rupi and Flat Bones
Chapter 4160 The lives of sentient beings in the six realms of reincarnation
Chapter 4161 Good and evil will be rewarded in the next life.
Chapter 4162 Using Buddha to Enter Jin and Set the South
Chapter 4163 A breakdown of Liu Yus evil deeds
Chapter 4164: Forcing Zhongliang to rebel is also a cause and effect
Chapter 4165: Ungrateful and wrathful
Chapter 4166: Why is Yu Yues enemy when he seizes power?
Chapter 4167 Reorganization of the Black Hand Spring and Autumn Meng
Chapter 4168 Buddhism also has war karma
Chapter 4169: Joining the Army in the Northern Expedition with No Return
Chapter 4170: Endless Descendants and Family Property
Chapter 4171 Tianzhu divides people into four classes
Chapter 4172 Land annexation has no way out
Chapter 4173: The nephew becomes a monk to avoid disputes
Chapter 4174: The concubine worships Buddha, mother and son are happy
Chapter 4175 Buddhism also has a hierarchy
Chapter 4176: Offering fields to the Buddha and returning to aristocratic families
Chapter 4177 The messenger turns out to be Yuan Ming
Chapter 4178 Tao Gong goes out to grant Jingzhou
Chapter 4156: Doopeng comes thousands of miles to meet
Chapter 4157 The deadly enemy is the slave slave
Chapter 4158 Where the wonderful sound goes to the devil fan
Chapter 4159 Fellow Taoist Liu Yu in Black Robe
Chapter 4160 Seeking common ground while reserving differences and ultimately reunification
Chapter 4161: The setting sun is like a bloody corpse lying across the field
Chapter 4162 The two demon leaders are in dispute
Chapter 4163: Its easy to win but hard to conquer
Chapter 4164: When the benefits of inducement are exhausted
Chapter 4165: Conquer the country and conquer the world
Chapter 4166: The demon thief draws his double giant swords
Chapter 4167: One will never come back
Chapter 4168: Shake hands and make peace with each other
Chapter 4169 Crying loudly for the rest of my life
Chapter 4170: Defeat is also followed by life and death
Chapter 4171 Qin Shuai appears in the small town of Changshe
Chapter 4172 The eminent monk also acts as a peacemaker
Chapter 4173 The cycle of karma and retribution is great
Chapter 4174 Karma and retribution are all benefits
Chapter 4175: Qin and Jin reconcile again
Chapter 4176: Poor intelligence is like being deaf and blind
Chapter 4177 Yao Shao does not believe in the Tiandao Alliance
Chapter 4178: Brother Yao Shao and Bob Zeng
Chapter 4179: Dont leave your sweetheart behind as a slave
Chapter 4180: Taking advantage of the situation to seize territory
Chapter 4181 The military camp was established on the bank of Xiapi River
Chapter 4182: Preserve Strength and Enhance Peoples Strategy
Chapter 4183: Send generals to recruit troops everywhere
Chapter 4184: The former veteran is wandering and struggling
Chapter 4185 There is a brave man under the heavy reward
Chapter 4186: Treat each other and cherish each others things
Chapter 4187: The Divine Arrow is not a one-man fight
Chapter 4188 Special Forces Secret Guard Battalion
Chapter 4189 Suwei Training Shenjian Camp
Chapter 4190: The news of defeat makes people confused
Chapter 4191: Retrograde rescue group passionate
Chapter 4192: Peoples support can only be achieved with peoples courage
Chapter 4193 Lightning, Thunder and Raging Waves
Chapter 4194 Crossing the River Even to Death
Chapter 4195: After the rain, the sky clears and the heart is restless
Chapter 4196: Everyone flees when disaster strikes
Chapter 4197 Madam takes action to subdue the ministers
Chapter 4198: Reminiscing about the Feishui incident
Chapter 4199: Our Country and Country Will Survive
Chapter 4200: Give up Liyang and gather troops
Chapter 4201: The State Book of Later Qin Appears in the Court
Chapter 4202: Selfless kindness in state affairs
Chapter 4203 Loyalty shines through the sun and the moon
Chapter 4204 Strictly reject Qins book with righteous words
Chapter 4205: Secret Discussion and Secret Agreement Outside the Letter of Credence
Chapter 4206: Tao Gongs twisted reasoning has its own rules
Chapter 4207: Prime Minister Meng also retreated
Chapter 4208: Open the skylight and speak frankly
Chapter 4209 Everyone wants to have a good answer
Chapter 4210: The Light and Dark Hands of the Tiandao Alliance
Chapter 4211: Counterattack and lead an army into Buddhism
Chapter 4212 The demon thief is a close enemy
Chapter 4213: The prime minister has many extraordinary achievements in one year
Chapter 4214: Military law is ruthless but lovers are affectionate
Chapter 4215: Confess that the evil hand still exists today
Chapter 4216: The painful history of black hands revisited
Chapter 4217: The target is pointed at Tao Yuanming
Chapter 4218 All the Secrets of the Black Phone Revealed
Chapter 4219: Envy stands in a noble family
Chapter 4220 Human nature is so immovable
Chapter 4221 Why do you take the initiative to confess?
Chapter 4222 Everyones interests trump the small family
Chapter 4223: In broad daylight
Chapter 4224: Confronting Tao Gong and talking about Taoyuan
Chapter 4225: Trying to persuade the slave to establish an earthly Buddha
Chapter 4226: Revealing Tao Gongs secret in one sentence
Chapter 4227: A detailed account of Yin Huans resentment
Chapter 4228: Wealth cannot be gained from scratch
Chapter 4229: Become a disciple of Wang Xun and seek promotion
Chapter 4230: Lurking and plotting evil
Chapter 4209 Everyone wants to have a good answer
Chapter 4232: Even if you are far away, you will be killed by the common people
Chapter 4233: Immigration to collect grain attracts tigers and wolves
Chapter 4234: Military Parade and Military Parade
Chapter 4235: Use force against Chief Hu to retreat
Chapter 4236: Cut the South and offer food as apology
Chapter 4237 Returning to Beijing alone is a big gamble
Chapter 4238: What is the difference between the two roads?
Chapter 4239: Either stupid or bad, he is Tao Gong
Chapter 4240: Borrowing Your Head to Conquer Peoples Hearts
Chapter 4241: No unjust killing without evidence
Chapter 4242: Rising in anger to become Uncle Zhong
Chapter 4243: Punishing the wrongdoer without committing a crime
Chapter 4244 Miaoyin comes from thousands of miles away to meet you
Chapter 4245 Miaoyin also has times when she becomes discouraged.
Chapter 4246 Where is the leading sister now?
Chapter 4247: Recruiting Troops and Helping People
Chapter 4248: The truth comes out after clearing the clouds
Chapter 4249: Killing at the sight of a boy hurts people's hearts
Chapter 4250: Everyone betrayed their relatives and left the world.
Chapter 4251: Blood inheritance and order
Chapter 4252: The aristocratic family always leaves a way out
Chapter 4253: Inferring the truth about being like a god
Chapter 4254 Tingyun bets on the future with her life
Chapter 4255: Secretly creating a trap to eliminate evil spirits
Chapter 4256: Good intentions and bad deeds harm the people
Chapter 4257: Rumors confuse peoples minds
Chapter 4258 The Blood Shadow Internal Guard finally changes hands
Chapter 4259: The one-man thieves are in great power
Chapter 4260 The Five Elements Alternate Good and Bad Omens
Chapter 4261: Opening up the future of Minzhixin
Chapter 4262: Winning the trust of the people is a skill
Chapter 4263: A plan to defend the war and the beauty
Chapter 4264 Xiles whereabouts are gradually disappearing
Chapter 4265: The enemy is about to attack and the army is shaken
Chapter 4266 Xi Le staged the return of the dead
Chapter 4267: If you have soldiers, you are the grass-headed king
Chapter 4268: Someone is instigating the fallacy
Chapter 4269: Understanding mistakes can lead to improvement
Chapter 4270: Killing fellow general Yi with tears
Chapter 4271: Many years of hard work are gone in one fell swoop
Chapter 4272 Xile also tells the story of the underworld
Chapter 4273 Xi Le reveals all his past plans
Chapter 4274: Review of the defeat that day
Chapter 4275: Seize the high ground and fight for speed
Chapter 4276 Brave and unafraid of death
Chapter 4277 The Immortal Monster Kills Everyone
Chapter 4278 Authorization to pardon Xile
Chapter 4279: Inducing Xile to close the series
Chapter 4280: Passionate but no one responds
Chapter 4281: Vow to Heaven to Divide the World
Chapter 4282: Brothers talk about offense and defense
Chapter 4283 Mixed ghost soldiers attack the city
Chapter 4284: The first defense of the thieves on the Liyang River
Chapter 4285: Breaking the cauldron and sinking the boat to attack Xinting
Chapter 4286: Ghost Soldier Tactics Tu Jiankang
Chapter 4287 Daofu actually acted as a conspiracy against the barbarians
Chapter 4288 Kneel down and say the words from the bottom of your heart
Chapter 4289: Wanting to Make the Slave Sad in Changsha
Chapter 4290 Two thieves fight over the route
Chapter 4291: Its indistinguishable where tiger and wolf meet
Chapter 4292: The birds and beasts will be scattered if they cannot be divided up
Chapter 4293: There are times when slaves lose their luster
Chapter 4294: Angry Xie Huiyang goes away
Chapter 4295: He who knows the current affairs is a hero
Chapter 4296 The peerless witch descended from the sky
Chapter 4297 Tingyun was originally a white glove
Chapter 4298: Fleeing in a gang to the Later Qin Dynasty
Chapter 4299: Brain Gu Control Is Unable to Resist
Chapter 4300: Murder and silence to clear suspicion
Chapter 4301: Accept it even if you dont want to face it
Chapter 4302: Heartbroken after the defeat of an old enemy
Chapter 4303 Meng Changs power needs to be broken down
Chapter 4304: After the aftermath, Meng Chang calms peoples hearts
Chapter 4305: Visiting in person to pay homage to an old friend
Chapter 4306: Planning for many years and serving as matchmaker
Chapter 4307 Ill-gotten gains are also given to the army
Chapter 4308: Collecting the family business with capital and profits
Chapter 4309: Giving up family property to ensure safety
Chapter 4310 Seeing that the situation is not good, find another way
Chapter 4311 The calamity of life and death on the night of Jianyi
Chapter 4312 The underground industry has also become an army
Chapter 4313: One person does the work and one person takes responsibility
Chapter 4314: Death and grudges disappear
Chapter 4315: Concealing the truth is for the greater good
Chapter 4316 Discussing the past in front of the Imperial Ancestral Temple
Chapter 4317 Who is the visitor in the early morning?
Chapter 4318: Meeting at the Imperial Ancestral Temple is hard to reconcile
Chapter 4319 Xie Hun is thinking again
Chapter 4320 Supporting Dewen and Ben Sanwu
Chapter 4321: Full firepower, damaging each other
Chapter 4322 Sima Yuanxian died
Chapter 4323: Seven Thousand Soldiers in Hand
Chapter 4324: Repaying kindness with hatred to the white-eyed wolf
Chapter 4325: Identity avoids future troubles
Chapter 4326: The implicated young child is upset
Chapter 4327: Cutting the weeds and eliminating future troubles
Chapter 4328: Traveling thousands of miles across the country to Qiuchi Pond
Chapter 4329: What are the options for the four fortresses in Guanzhong?
Chapter 4330: The country is ruined and the family is destroyed, with no one to take care of it
Chapter 4331: Temporarily Abandoning Hanzhong and Returning to Qiuqiu Pond
Chapter 4332 Returning to Hanzhong is not easy
Chapter 4333: Family and national affairs cannot be separated
Chapter 4334 Cleaning up the house and borrowing external help
Chapter 4335: We are enemies of the country and have a hatred like the sea
Chapter 4336 Xie Huns resentment traces back to its source
Chapter 4337 Xile gathers troops for revenge
Chapter 4338 The Realistic Imperial Road
Chapter 4339: The two friends debated the punishment
Chapter 4340 The Wang familys son is also a hero
Chapter 4341 The genius analyzes the truth and reveals
Chapter 4342: Leave room for kindness and righteousness
Chapter 4343 The Wang brothers are all white
Chapter 4344: The demon thief came to the city for another reason
Chapter 4345 A tombstone appears in front of the Ancestral Temple
Chapter 4346 Self-writing and self-reading epitaph
Chapter 4347 Drinking Blood and Wine to Reveal Your Mind
Chapter 4348: Soldiers working together to defend their country
Chapter 4349 Lin Zi stands up to defend his innocence (1)
Chapter 4350 Lin Zi stands up to defend his innocence (2)
Chapter 4351: Recalculation of old accounts from that year
Chapter 4352: Loyalty and Righteousness in National Disaster
Chapter 4353 The army went to the sea and returned south
Chapter 4354 Madam decides to protect the family and the country
Chapter 4355: Wails arose in the demon thief camp
Chapter 4356: Discussing the Three Wus in the Xuanwu Sect
Chapter 4357: Competition must not compromise the family and the country
Chapter 4358: Orphans Become Slaves in Troubled Times
Chapter 4359: Dont say you didnt predict what you said
Chapter 4360 The army of demon thieves approaches Jiangbei
Chapter 4361 Elites from the south of the city send aid to the north
Chapter 4362 Nantang is the most important
Chapter 4363: There is no superiority between brothers in the army
Chapter 4364: As soon as the elite ambush troops emerge
Chapter 4365 Lu Xun has a plan to destroy his family
Chapter 4366: Killing Two Birds with One Stone and Dreaming Big
Chapter 4367 Xile is actually the ultimate killer
Chapter 4368 Unannounced Visit to the Abode
Chapter 4369 The two demons meet again
Chapter 4370: A life-and-death bet with no regrets
Chapter 4371 Nantang turns into a big construction site
Chapter 4372: Stand alone and make decisions on your own
Chapter 4373 Dont repeat the sad past
Chapter 4374 The Demon Thief Arrives at Nantangkou
Chapter 4375: He wont hesitate to take poison to defeat Beifu
Chapter 4376: The Mysterious Mist Soul Control Technique
Chapter 4377 The hidden inner ghost finally appears
Chapter 4378: Going out of the gate to pursue Ah Zhongsui
Chapter 4379: Ghost Soldiers Appear in Shura Field
Chapter 4380 The Immortal Monster Kills Everyone
Chapter 4381 A strong man is a hero even if he throws himself into the river
Chapter 4382: Ghosts sneak into the fence
Chapter 4383: Reinforcements arrive when the army is defeated
Chapter 4384: The top of the mountain learned about the enemys plan
Chapter 4385 The most important thing is Miyagi
Chapter 4386 Daofu was unwilling to give up and charged with all his strength
Chapter 4387: The Defeated General Ukimu Returns
Chapter 4388: Coexistence and Death of the Xie Familys Female Family
Chapter 4389: The husband sings and the wife follows the secret and acts as a demon
Chapter 4390: Military Disposal at the Ancestral Temple
Chapter 4391: Mountains and flowing water appear with cloaks
Chapter 4392: Old Love Teacher and Friend for Many Years
Chapter 4393 Destiny and cause-and-effect are all fate
Chapter 4394: No regrets even after causing trouble to the world
Chapter 4395 Miaoyin is in the neutral space
Chapter 4396: What do I have to do with the welfare of the common people?
Chapter 4397: The position of cloak is sincerely invited
Chapter 4398: Whose fault is the continuation of troubled times?
Chapter 4399 The black robe from the north is actually him
Chapter 4400 Miaoyin finally makes a difficult choice
Chapter 4401: Cloaks conspiracy revealed in one sentence
Chapter 4402: Those who go against the will of heaven are finally punished
Chapter 4403: The culprit is finally laid to rest
Chapter 4404: Family Continuation and Eternal Life
Chapter 4405 Sima Dewen is suspicious
Chapter 4406: Prince Wuling died a happy death
Chapter 4409: Thousands of years of change.
Chapter 4410 The History of Blood and Tears of the Industrial Revolution
Chapter 4411: Pirate Colony in Naanza
Chapter 4412 Different paths to Rome in the Han Dynasty but the same path
Chapter 4413: The establishment of religion at home and abroad
Chapter 4414 There is no way to reverse centralized management
Chapter 4416 A great man descends from heaven to save China
Chapter 4417 Faith is driven from generation to generation
Chapter 4419: Mencius also puts the people first
Chapter 4420 The power of the people is unstoppable
Chapter 4421: Old enemies can also be reconciled
Chapter 4422: The three old Wu thieves cannot be pardoned
Chapter 4423: Rewards based on merits can calm peoples hearts
Chapter 4424: The source of the plague alludes to him
Chapter 4425 Discussing Right and Wrong in the Imperial Ancestral Temple
Chapter 4426: A sudden inspiration leads to disaster
Chapter 4427: Ambition passed down from generation to generation
Chapter 4428 The fugitive emperor has no dignity
Chapter 4429: Troops gathered in front of the Imperial Ancestral Temple
Chapter 4430: The traitor rises to interrogate the truth
Chapter 4431: Immortal monsters have eternal life
Chapter 4432: Good deeds and evil deeds are rewarded, loyalty and good will remain
Chapter 4433 Discussing the past within the Imperial Ancestral Temple
Chapter 4434: The merits outweigh the faults and it is urgent
Chapter 4435: Proving innocence and ascending the phase
Chapter 4436: Xi Le asks for help to march west again
Chapter 4437: The Commander-in-Chief goes out to settle a grudge
Chapter 4438 I can rest assured that you will do things
Chapter 4439 Returning home to wash away hatred
Chapter 4440: Official reinstated and returned to Yuzhou
Chapter 4441 Xi Le wants to govern Jiangzhou
Chapter 4442: Destroy Yu and establish Wei in the Three Prefectures
Chapter 4443: Xile is soft-hearted and has a dissatisfied heart
Chapter 4444 Three people form an alliance to form a new world
Chapter 4445: Divine Bow and Famous Arrows Destroy Evildoers
Chapter 4446: The light boat turns to attack Jiangling City
Chapter 4447 The fleet goes to sea and the generals discuss it
Chapter 4448: There are no more monsters and thieves in Wu land
Chapter 4449: Qingzhou pacifies Ah Shougui
Chapter 4450: Ships traveling back and forth suspect military plans
Chapter 4451: Coming from a Thousand Miles to Help as a Scholar
Chapter 4430: The traitor rises to interrogate the truth
Chapter 4453: The fleet divides its forces to seduce demon thieves
Chapter 4454: Pursuing with light troops is not advisable
Chapter 4455 The people of Jiangling are also loyal
Chapter 4456 Rushing to the aid of Jiangling Tiger Spot Cavalry
Chapter 4457 Zhuge Changmin attacks Liyang
Chapter 4458: The Princess of Korea Hidden Disloyalty
Chapter 4459: Goguryeo at both ends of the head and rat
Chapter 4460: Exiled to a Foreign Country, Kimchi Xiang
Chapter 4461: Losing territory and surrendering to the enemy
Chapter 4462 Tao Gong flows into the Champion Mansion
Chapter 4463 Jingzhou wants to confer Liu Jingxuan
Chapter 4464 The great relocation of Qingjing vassal town
Chapter 4465: Speak the truth in front of Ah Shou
Chapter 4464: Transfer to another party and keep the old department
Chapter 4465 Post-war Disposal: Peace of Mind
Chapter 4466: Ambition is not popular among the people
Chapter 4467: The grassroots family of Jin Dynasty
Chapter 4468: Compromise and give in for the overall situation
Chapter 4469 Yongzhou soldiers and horses want to return home
Chapter 4470: Changing clothes and flags to aid Yongzhou
Chapter 4471 The relatives of the clan return to Yongzhou
Chapter 4472 The disciples are pledged to Yongzhou Gu
Chapter 4473: It is not expedient to grant or accept a large state
Chapter 4474 Officials rotate to control Yongzhou
Chapter 4475: There is not one surname in a large state
Chapter 4476: The demon thiefs trap is narrowly avoided
Chapter 4477: The bandits advance towards Changsha
Chapter 4478: The demon thief plots to attack Yu
Chapter 4479 The local tycoons in Jiangzhou are not helping each other
Chapter 4480: Send troops to Jiangzhou to seize Yubu
Chapter 4481: Sang Luo meets again on the beach
Chapter 4482 The young master abandoned the soldiers
Chapter 4483: Yus nephew returns to Jiangling
Chapter 4484 The hidden giant thief travels to the bottom of the river
Chapter 4485: Attack in the dark night to get through
Chapter 4486 Confidence to Yu Yue
Chapter 4487 Long-term Slave Trade Cooperation
Chapter 4488 Ordnance and Armor Front
Chapter 4489: Intelligence spies control people
Chapter 4490: I am in the bandit camp but my heart is in Jin
Chapter 4491: The post-war law of freeing slaves for the people
Chapter 4492: Set slaves free and leave a good name
Chapter 4493: Discussing military affairs is also a big gamble
Chapter 4494 Jiangling used as bait to lure the enemy to attack
Chapter 4495: There is a mystery to Yingjius sudden advance
Chapter 4496: Yu Yue discusses the war as if he has already won
Chapter 4497: Reassuring people with sincerity
Chapter 4498: Protecting the country and the people wins the hearts of the people
Chapter 4499: Crossing the river to burn grain is not advisable
Chapter 4500 Brothers meet again after many years
Chapter 4501: Brothers work together to break gold
Chapter 4502: Dongman also has a desire to serve the country
Chapter 4503 Tan Brothers War Game Promotion
Chapter 4504: Entering the city and going to the battlefield in half a day
Chapter 4505: Exclusive fish and water situation at the market
Chapter 4506: Daoji regards barbarians as enemies
Chapter 4507: Different hearts may not only be from different races
Chapter 4508: Constraining subordinates to win the hearts of the people
Chapter 4509: The Nanman Colonel will eventually be eliminated
Chapter 4510: Gangneung Market Gate Tower is Closed
Chapter 4511: The Jingzhou guy adapts to the wind
Chapter 4512 The general appears and his resentment disappears
Chapter 4513 The market is in full swing
Chapter 4514: Soldiers have grudges when leaving home
Chapter 4515 Gangneung Market is in full swing
Chapter 4516: Settle personal grudges with official business
Chapter 4517: Fighting for superiority is against the law
Chapter 4518: Taking two seats by force hurts harmony
Chapter 4519: The crime of rebellion is unforgivable
Chapter 4520: Military law ruthlessly kills personal followers
Chapter 4521: There are three types of unfilial piety: no descendants are the most important
Chapter 4522: Giving birth to a son and inheriting the world
Chapter 4523 Talking about the future of Zhen Jingyang
Chapter 4524: Avoid internal strife and let Jingzhou
Chapter 4525 The three tigers of the Tan family swear to follow each other
Chapter 4526: Gaining trust from people other than in-laws
Chapter 4527 Zong Zhiqiang Xiao Jiujiu
Chapter 4528: Timing needs to be accurately judged
Chapter 4529: Revisiting the Past and Discussing Heroes
Chapter 4530: The Taoist Intuition Demon is Here
Chapter 4531: I have no regrets about being a bait
Chapter 4532 I thought you were assisting
Chapter 4533: The flames of war spread across the river bank
Chapter 4534: No mercy for defensive loopholes
Chapter 4535: Divide the troops and move to Zatoichi
Chapter 4536: Talking about delicious food in the night sky
Chapter 4537: After many years, the thief finally appears
Chapter 4538: Do not keep unjust people
Chapter 4539: The truth is overthrown and the loyal martyrs are respected
Chapter 4540: The old camp encircles old enemies
Chapter 4541 Please enter the camp to ambush and kill
Chapter 4542: Everyone betrays relatives and comrades
Chapter 4543: Changes in the Surrender Ceremony
Chapter 4544: Fiery fire ruthlessly destroys evil spirits
Chapter 4545: Win without being arrogant and return from camp
Chapter 4546: Evacuate in time when crisis approaches
Chapter 4547: Crossing Wulin in the dark and crossing the river secretly
Chapter 4548: Daofu proudly disposes of the military plane
Chapter 4549: The inhumane method of annihilating a village
Chapter 4550: Abandoning Ma Tou to Protect Jiangling
Chapter 4551 The desire to protect the people requires strength
Chapter 4552 The military situation is raging and needs to be attacked
Chapter 4553: The whole army attacks and leaves the city empty
Chapter 4554: The guard camp is as stable as a mountain
Chapter 4555 Li Lang comes to seek rescue
Chapter 4556: Eyes as sharp as a torch to identify evil and evil
Chapter 4557: False words and rebellion are a sign of evil intentions
Chapter 4558: Seeing through the treacherous plan of the Ghost Burning Soldiers
Chapter 4559: Rushing to the rescue, the horses head urinates in the wind
Chapter 4560: The army pressed out of Wulin
Chapter 4561: The brave one wins against all odds
Chapter 4562: Tao Fu Zong discusses the art of grace and power
Chapter 4563: The camp gate faces the Chief of Heavenly Master
Chapter 4564 The decisive battle with Qing Ping is triggered
Chapter 4565: Dao Gui comes to Qingyuan
Chapter 4566: Decisive battle is the best solution
Chapter 4567: Setting up formations and giving orders for a fight to the death
Chapter 4568: Counterattack against the enemy and destroy the attack equipment
Chapter 4569 Major General Leads the New Generation
Chapter 4570: Fighting Warrior with Support
Chapter 4571: Yao Shufu, a strong man in the Chinese army
Chapter 4572: Military orders are indispensable
Chapter 4573: Daofu talked and laughed about the military plane
Chapter 4574 The black-robed demon appears again
Chapter 4575: Driving the people into the formation to become ghost soldiers
Chapter 4576 The black robe hates the world and is afraid of it.
Chapter 4577: Repaying kindness with enmity makes peace
Chapter 4578: Seize the body and move the soul to live forever
Chapter 4579: Divine soldiers suddenly appear from the sky
Chapter 4580 The ancient power in Liu Yus body
Chapter 4581: Disbelief and disbelief
Chapter 4582 Everyone has their own secrets to protect their strength
Chapter 4583 Daofu arrives alone in front of the formation
Chapter 4584: Confusing black and white and seeking summation
Chapter 4585: It is recommended to stop the troops and destroy the demon alliance
Chapter 4586 Proposal to join forces to destroy the God Alliance
Chapter 4587: The demon thief once had the desire to serve the country
Chapter 4588: Finding out the fate of the Heavenly Master
Chapter 4589: Not worthy of being a Jingkou native
Chapter 4590: Self-reflexivity in the face of disaster
Chapter 4591 The generals returning to the formation
Chapter 4592: No need to worry about hidden dangers in the rear
Chapter 4593: The war is coming, no fear
Chapter 4594: The demon thief also rushes against the wind.
Chapter 4595: Zong smoked and was choked and even roped in
Chapter 4596: The wind blows and the arrows sink like mountains
Chapter 4597: The demon thief retreats and comes again
Chapter 4598: The walking mechanism appears in formation
Chapter 4599: Approaching Jin Formation for Bow and Arrow Trial
Chapter 4600: Kunlun is wise but willing to come first
Chapter 4601 The method of communication between smart people
Chapter 4602 The arrow rain counterattacks and the Taoist retreats
Chapter 4603 Senior Brother Zhuge is Ao Wuchang
Chapter 4604: The troops rush forward and the mecha retreats
Chapter 4605: Arrows, stones, blood and flesh flying
Chapter 4606: Flying stones suppress and return to the front line
Chapter 4607: Counterattack after Obstacle Clearance
Chapter 4608: The formation gate is wide open and warriors charge
Chapter 4609: A life-and-death fight with no way out
Chapter 4610: Fighting to the death without retreating and supporting the enemy
Chapter 4611: A life-or-death escape
Chapter 4612 Feikong counterattacks Shi Mantian
Chapter 4613: Falling rocks like rain destroy the mechanism
Chapter 4614: The armored mechanism burst into flames
Chapter 4615: Heavenly Master reinforcements enter the battlefield
Chapter 4616: Leading Troops to Counterattack Military Order
Chapter 4617: The Master Swordsmans Air Burst Technique
Chapter 4618: Air-Ground Integrated Front Moves
Chapter 4619 Divine Fire Falls from Heaven and Sea of Fire Appears
Chapter 4620: The rocket ignites the beacon solution
Chapter 4621 The sword demon attacks and flesh and blood fly
Chapter 4622 Forming a formation to defend the retreating swordsmen
Chapter 4623: Kerosene Jar Bomb Attack
Chapter 4624: Dead soldiers meet and die together
Chapter 4625: Deceit and deceive the enemy
Chapter 4626 Archers chase the flying thief
Chapter 4627: Enemies eyes turn red when they meet
Chapter 4628: Exchange Sword for Shield and Everything
Chapter 4629 The Swordsman Raid the Smoke Hidden
Chapter 4630: Life and Death at Fifty Steps An Hour
Chapter 4631: Close Combat with Arrows and Knives
Chapter 4632: It is determined that the formation is empty and the whole army rushes
Chapter 4633: The Iron Horse Chariot Comes to Kill People
Chapter 4634 Flesh and blood flies across the Shura field
Chapter 4635: Chariots and foot soldiers encircle and fight with beasts
Chapter 4636: Killing oneself with a horizontal sword, a fierce banditry
Chapter 4637: Attacking the heart first and persuading you to turn back
Chapter 4638: A man with clear grudges
Chapter 4639: Kill the thief and redeem yourself to protect your wife and children
Chapter 4640: Switching sides in battle is of great significance
Chapter 4641 Cognitive warfare is not easy
Chapter 4642: Chaos in the world has cause and effect
Chapter 4643 Hidden dangers under the victory
Chapter 4644: The chariot retreats in front of the infantry
Chapter 4645: The soldiers chase and kill the enemy.
Chapter 4646: People with conscience are different from animals
Chapter 4647: Fighting demons with your life to atone for past sins
Chapter 4648: Detouring to the north for a surprise attack
Chapter 4649: Attack at the right time
Chapter 4650: The demon thief has a strange trick to make a comeback
Chapter 4651: Seeing Through Fire and Attacking and Abandoning the Phalanx
Chapter 4652: Retreating to the main formation while fighting
Chapter 4653 Emergency deployment of a second line of defense
Chapter 4654: The husband is on the verge of breaking out
Chapter 4655: Evacuation in front of the enemy requires rearguards
Chapter 4656: Hiding under the car to avoid the flying altar
Chapter 4657: Escape from the Hell of Fire
Chapter 4658 Daofu appears in the fire attack field
Chapter 4659: A battle of wits and courage, but also a wait and see
Chapter 4660: Its better to fight than to fight
Chapter 4661: A sinister plan to kill with a borrowed knife
Chapter 4662: Master and disciple are sometimes father and son
Chapter 4663: The Arrow of Nothingness Transcends Death and Life
Chapter 4664: Fake death and join the alliance to become a god
Chapter 4665 I dont want to be a ghost to help
Chapter 4666: Entrusted with the gold medal for posthumous affairs
Chapter 4667: Swearing and swearing to be honest
Chapter 4668: Discussing Military Planes in the Hufu Formation
Chapter 4669: Never retreat to protect the flanks
Chapter 4670 The big wooden hammer has a magical effect
Chapter 4671: The survivors need protection
Chapter 4672: The Fierce Line Wants Revenge
Chapter 4673: Changing flags is also the art of war
Chapter 4674: The hatred of killing the father and taking away the wife
Chapter 4675: Repelling the enemy attack without moving like a mountain
Chapter 4676 The golden drum shook the sky and the earth
Chapter 4677: Taking pills to calm the mind
Chapter 4678: Cowhide coated with dung as protective clothing
Chapter 4679: Mutual suspicion before attacking
Chapter 4680 Yanzhi withdraws his troops to prepare for emergencies
Chapter 4681: The former army was used as bait to try the killing move
Chapter 4682: The copper wall and the iron wall solidify the golden soup
Chapter 4683: The rear army general is uneasy
Chapter 4684 Xiao Hu No. 1 discusses military aircraft
Chapter 4685: Stand still and the military order is strict
Chapter 4686: There is a mystery before shooting and after shooting
Chapter 4687: Bow and Arrow vs. Shooting Halberd
Chapter 4688: Rockets for Crossbows and Flying Stones
Chapter 4689: Trapeze Wooden Armor Hair
Chapter 4690: The swordsman enters the battle and slaughters wildly
Chapter 4691: The drug-taking monster shocks peoples hearts
Chapter 4692: Lime meets hydrolyzed demon thief
Chapter 4693: Arrow-stone air defense has miraculous effects
Chapter 4694: The flying wooden armor breaks the formation
Chapter 4695 The swordsman enters the battle and the tiger devours the wolf
Chapter 4696: The God of Killing Enters the Formation of Flesh and Blood
Chapter 4697: Seeing through the demon thiefs backup plan
Chapter 4698: It doesnt feel like theres a way out
Chapter 4699: A sinister plan to kill someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 4700 The fight in the formation is settled.
Chapter 4701: The trapped beast still fights and refuses to surrender
Chapter 4702: Unrepentant Lightning Kill
Chapter 4703: Life for Brotherhood
Chapter 4704: Chen Nians events in the formation
Chapter 4705: The betrayal was deep in my heart
Chapter 4706: The battle of ideas leads to self-destruction
Chapter 4707: No. 1 in cleaning up the portal
Chapter 4708: Who will betray in one counterattack?
Chapter 4709: Time is running out and we cant wait to retreat.
Chapter 4710: Indestructible even if cut with a knife or a rocket
Chapter 4711 Super monster reborn from the ashes
Chapter 4712: Super ghosts kill everyone
Chapter 4713: Ghosts also have vulnerabilities
Chapter 4714: Retreat and watch the tiger fight
Chapter 4715: The battle situation is as expected
Chapter 4716: What kind of soldiers can the black robe use?
Chapter 4717: All armored cavalry leave the formation
Chapter 4718: The soul returns to its hometown and does not need to be returned
Chapter 4719: The rear army pursues thieves and civilians
Chapter 4720: Demon thieves lead the pursuit of the people
Chapter 4721: Stealing money, food, and women
Chapter 4722: Demon thieves become rampant when they gain power
Chapter 4723: Daoji personally comes to attack with flying rocks
Chapter 4724: The thief is so bold that he harms the people
Chapter 4725 Let go and take revenge
Chapter 4726: Withdraw the troops and return to the camp to pacify the people
Chapter 4727 Lingxiu senses the conspiracy
Chapter 4728: The truth of the war game comes to light
Chapter 4729: Defeat the demon thieves and save the common people
Chapter 4730 The woman is crying and resentful
Chapter 4731 Its hard to tell the difference when fishing in troubled waters
Chapter 4732: Exaggerating victory to impress people
Chapter 4733: The pear seller is a spy
Chapter 4734: Buried in the grave for Anqi
Chapter 4735 Black-robed Jungle Club Students
Chapter 4736: Kill one, leave one, and seduce the god
Chapter 4737 The Immortal Monster Enemy Formation Appears
Chapter 4738: Daofu is furious and has murderous intent
Chapter 4739 Dual-Head Competition for Superiority
Chapter 4740: The Taoist Alliance God is Worthless
Chapter 4741: Hooking up and committing adultery for many years
Chapter 4742: Discovering that Sister-in-law Qing is a traitor
Chapter 4743 A Qing is also a miserable person
Chapter 4744: All the thieves have taken their sons as hostages
Chapter 4745: Shi'er was killed with three arrows in front of the formation
Chapter 4746: Running at the Speed of Life and Death
Chapter 4747: Hidden arrows, thieves and thieves
Chapter 4748 The monster mutates before your eyes
Chapter 4749 The Immortal Monster Appears in the Earth
Chapter 4750 The second line of defense collects the remaining soldiers
Chapter 4751: Goodbye Two Tigers Have Become Demons
Chapter 4752: Two Tigers also take revenge after their death
Chapter 4753 The wall of fire blocks the entry of the demonic wooden armor
Chapter 4754: Fire Hell Burning Wood Armor
Chapter 4755: Encountering monsters in the aftermath of the disaster
Chapter 4756: Monsters dont hesitate to enter the fire
Chapter 4757: Traps and trenches to bury evil spirits
Chapter 4758: Head-on confrontation with no way out
Chapter 4759 Qiang Cavalry spreads its wings
Chapter 4760: The leader of the thieves comes to battle
Chapter 4761: Holding the line of defense as stable as a mountain
Chapter 4762 Passively beaten to lure the enemy in
Chapter 4763: Long rope forming has a strange effect
Chapter 4764: Look at Lao Qiang for spying
Chapter 4765 The behemoth collapsed
Chapter 4766: The wooden armor rushed into the formation and collapsed.
Chapter 4767: Authorized to Supervise the War to Avenge Personal Revenge
Chapter 4768: Physical battle against machine man
Chapter 4769: Counterattack is like a tiger descending a mountain
Chapter 4770: Set fire to the original enemy and ourselves
Chapter 4771: Fellow Taoist Sangkun is actually him
Chapter 4772 Daoji Fire Eye Cave Fighter
Chapter 4773: An undercover agent with false military orders appears
Chapter 4774: Riding alone into the battle to save others
Chapter 4775: The remaining life in the sea of fire and thoughts of counterattack
Chapter 4776: If you are willing to give up your child, you will get a wolf.
Chapter 4777: Substituting ones body for ones brothers love of life and death
Chapter 4778: Competing for credit on the Kongming Lantern
Chapter 4779: The Ground Combat Is Triggered
Chapter 4780: The open space integrates into the general platform
Chapter 4781: The air raid is coming and its inseparable
Chapter 4782 Brother Da Niu is in high spirits
Chapter 4783: Invisibility in the Grass and Counterattack
Chapter 4784: The Snitch landed and was hit by rockets
Chapter 4785: Surrounding three and killing a powerful enemy
Chapter 4786: Annihilate all the snitches and wait for reinforcements
Chapter 4787: The last secret card is also a gamble on life
Chapter 4788: The thieves each think of a way out
Chapter 4789: The Shield Clan wants to go into battle
Chapter 4790: A life-and-death fight with trump cards
Chapter 4791 Reinforcements arrive in times of crisis
Chapter 4792 Brothers reunite on the battlefield
Chapter 4793: Military meeting before the formation, each leading the troops
Chapter 4794: The rear army thieves divided their opinions
Chapter 4795: The cavalry attacks and the enemy lines up
Chapter 4796: Inciting the Qiang Cavalry to Counterattack
Chapter 4797: Fake defeat to lure the enemy into setting up an ambush
Chapter 4798 Lure the enemy into ambush and kill the sword formation
Chapter 4799: Riding a sudden arrow and shooting it like an execution
Chapter 4800: Annihilate all enemies and arrive again on horseback
Chapter 4801: Attack again in one go
Chapter 4802: Divide the troops to block and pursue.
Chapter 4803: Elusive and attacking from both sides
Chapter 4804: Abandoning the rear guard and rushing to the front line
Chapter 4805 The Crazy Demon Thief Charges to the Death
Chapter 4806 Where in life do we not meet
Chapter 4807: Infantry and cavalry combined forces to break out
Chapter 4808: Ambush from all sides and a dead end
Chapter 4809: Killing each other to survive
Chapter 4810 The opening of the ominous net of killing and surrender
Chapter 4811: When disaster strikes, we all fly away
Chapter 4812 Xiaoqiu generals discuss military plans
Chapter 4813: Tracking and chasing to the ferry
Chapter 4814: Treating Wounded Soldiers and Traveling Lightly
Chapter 4815: Yongzhou soldiers and horses follow the trend
Chapter 4816: Dao Jis Resentment against the Yongzhou Army
Chapter 4817 Daoji is suspicious of Lu Zongzhi
Chapter 4818: The Navy also arrives to annihilate the thieves
Chapter 4819: The devil reunites and persuades him to escape from the world
Chapter 4820: Lu is also a theist
Chapter 4821 The trolls meet again
Chapter 4822: Fighting before the formation and refusing to give in
Chapter 4823: Archers and cavalry rush into the barbarian formation
Chapter 4824: Attack and defense back and forth.
Chapter 4825: Surrounded by three, missing and one, the end is near
Chapter 4826: If you want to capture, you will lead to chaos if you indulge the enemy
Chapter 4827 The whole line collapses and the turtle is trapped in the jar
Chapter 4828 Two Generals Want to Watch a Life-and-Death Fight
Chapter 4829: Life and Death Confrontation to Avoid Flying Spears
Chapter 4830: Trading life for life to clear up grudges
Chapter 4831: When a person is about to die, he should say good things
Chapter 4832: The last words of establishing a household and bringing together the people
Chapter 4833: The flames of war are pursued across the river
Chapter 4834 Running wildly and encountering an ambush
Chapter 4835: Strip off your clothes and jump into the river to lure the cavalry into pursuit
Chapter 4836: The horse entered the rocky beach and was ambushed
Chapter 4837: The God of Killing at Close Range Appears
Chapter 4838 Daofu appears and Jin Jun rushes
Chapter 4839: Dismount and fight fearlessly
Chapter 4840: Traitors panic when Dao rules come to you
Chapter 4841: Assassination and Ghost Haunting
Chapter 4842: Dao rules reveal the intentions of demons and thieves
Chapter 4843: Seize the horse and escape with one glance
Chapter 4844: The handsome thief is surprised to meet again before the battle
Chapter 4845: The trapped beast still fights for life and death
Chapter 4846: The sword split and the halberd stabbed the general and wounded him
Chapter 4847: Taking Medicine and Violating the Giant Spirit God
Chapter 4848: Life and death struggle for speed
Chapter 4849 Throwing a halberd into a stone to compete with Li Guang
Chapter 4850: Taking off armor and vowing to defeat the bandits in the formation
Chapter 4851: Follow the commander forward
Chapter 4852: Chase all the way and those who stand in the way will die.
Chapter 4853: Besieged on all sides
Chapter 4854 Daofu Charges the Blood Troll
Chapter 4855: Mount Tai's Top Spin Can Be Solved
Chapter 4856: Hidden arrows cannot prevent the death of a hero
Chapter 4857: The evil alliance secretly leaves a way to escape
Chapter 4858: Explain the aftermath and make arrangements in advance
Chapter 4859 The eternal problem of family inheritance
Chapter 4860: Occupying northern Henan and forming a helping hand
Chapter 4861: Put down Qilu Yinmuzhi
Chapter 4862: Distancing father and son is a temptation
Chapter 4848: Assassination and Ghost Haunting
Chapter 4864: Everyone is vying to be the governor of Jingzhou
Chapter 4865: All generals fight for power after the war
Chapter 4866: Qingzhou Immigration to Jiangbei
Chapter 4867: Talented officials and schools control the world
Chapter 4868: Jingzhous decomposition calms peoples hearts
Chapter 4869: Chao Shis attempt to seize the army has future consequences
Chapter 4870: Join Yu Yue to collect the remaining soldiers
Chapter 4871: Absorbing Liu Yi into the Divine Alliance
Chapter 4872 Provoking Disputes and Undermining Authority
Chapter 4873 Provoking civil strife and breaking up limbs
Chapter 4874: All young marshals have different positions
Chapter 4875 Huaiyu splits the family to seek independence
Chapter 4876: Split the North Mansion and fight among the generals
Chapter 4877 Rourans rebellion against Wei (1)
Chapter 4878 Rourans rebellion against Wei and the history of blood and tears (2)
Chapter 4879 Rourans rebellion against Wei (Part 3)
Chapter 4880 Rourans rebellion against Wei and the history of blood and tears (4)
Chapter 4881 Rourans rebellion against Wei (Part 5)
Chapter 4882 Rourans rebellion against Wei and the history of blood and tears (6)
Chapter 4883 Rourans rebellion against Wei and the history of blood and tears (7)
Chapter 4884: The Legend of the Hungry Wolf Named Turk
Chapter 4885 Liu Yus trip to Changan
Chapter 4886 Hu and Han merge with Northern Ding
Chapter 4887: What is it like to turn an enemy into a friend?
Chapter 4888: Guanzhong Strategy to King Zhene Evil
Chapter 4889: The Emperor cultivates immortality and leaves the world
Chapter 4890 The Shadow Demon Discussing the Way of Heaven
Chapter 4892: The Evil Alliance also has its time to protect the country
Chapter 4893: Want to compare slaves to Wang Mang
Chapter 4893: Want to compare slaves to Wang Mang
Chapter 4894: A problem that arises from a grudge against an aristocratic family
Chapter 4895: The warlord in prison has a long road
Chapter 4896: The road to restoration after the Han Dynasty
Chapter 4897: Re-taking the path of Emperor Jianhan
Chapter 4898 Thirty thousand troops can swallow Shu
Chapter 4899: There is a hidden thread surrounding Yu Gong
Chapter 4900: The day when a famous family is at the end of its rope
Chapter 4901: A detailed account of Tao Yus ancestral love
Chapter 4902 Mr. Tao forged old resume
Chapter 4903: Tao Gong is the one who adapts to the wind
Chapter 4904 The secret of the Black Hand is also revealed
Chapter 4905: Levels up and down are the way of heaven
Chapter 4906: Mu Zhi sent slaves to two people
Chapter 4907: What is the reason for the humiliation of seizing the army?
Chapter 4908: Sending military aid in times of need
Chapter 4909: The humiliation of betel nut
Chapter 4910: Sending slaves to engage in commercial affairs
Chapter 4911 The Magical Adventures of Tao Gong
Chapter 4912: I am in Cao Ying but my heart is in Han Dynasty
Chapter 4913 Tao Gong fabricates adventures
Chapter 4914 The Yu family also sent out an army of ten thousand people
Chapter 4915: The method of running an army is completely clear
Chapter 4916: All scholars come for glory
Chapter 4917: Sending slaves must take the imperial path
Chapter 4918: Victory is hard to come by if troops march into the north
Chapter 4919: Failure in the Northern Expedition and Seizing Power
Chapter 4920: Taking advantage of the Northern Expedition to consume slaves
Chapter 4921: The Xiongguan Road is as solid as iron
Chapter 4922: Rush to send troops after the Northern Expedition
Chapter 4923: Selling Wife and Children to Breathe Evil
Chapter 4924: The servant turns over and the family becomes angry
Chapter 4925: The villain thinks about the future
Chapter 4926: Revisiting the past rebellion in prison
Chapter 4927: Prison is not safe inside
Chapter 4928: There is a reason for the Tianshi chaos
Chapter 4929: Difficulties in Rebuilding the Black Hand Universe
Chapter 4930: Invincible and the Loneliest in the World
Chapter 4931 Yu Yue is also a cunning person
Chapter 4932: The Dragons Insufficient Palm Legion
Chapter 4933: Abandoning family to serve the country and commanding guns
Chapter 4934: Combining civil and military forces to destroy Jingba
Chapter 4935 Handan learns how to teach martial arts
Chapter 4936: Undercurrents from Wu to Wen
Chapter 4937: Yu and Meng form an alliance to take over Yuzhou
Chapter 4938 The marriage between Yu and Meng established Yuzhou
Chapter 4939: The War in the Thatched Room and An Tianxia
Chapter 4940: A Quiet Visitor and a Wonderful Rejuvenation
Chapter 4941: Eternal resentment in one arrow
Chapter 4942: Allied fleet seeks help in danger
Chapter 4943: I was young and old now
Chapter 4944: There is a mystery behind the magnanimity
Chapter 4945: Chao Shi pretends to surrender and bear the burden
Chapter 4946 Yu Yueting is secretly connected
Chapter 4947: The blood of loyal men is proof
Chapter 4948 Compromise is the basis for governing the country
Chapter 4949: The power of evil arrows is hard to recover
Chapter 4950: Dajiang is trying to make a comeback
Chapter 4951: Wanqi attacks Guangzhou Port
Chapter 4952: A thousand-mile pursuit to eliminate future troubles
Chapter 4953: Luo Zhis crime and Tao Gong beheaded
Chapter 4954 The people of Jingzhou are not as good as before
Chapter 4955: Execute only the head of the evildoers and pardon the subordinates
Chapter 4956: The people under the rule are also alienated
Chapter 4957: Emperor's Road Brother Is Not Reluctant
Chapter 4958: Taking the throne by force is not worth the loss
Chapter 4959: Changshi Incompetent Autonomous Prefecture
Chapter 4960: The Big Deal of Evacuating the Cage and Replacing the Birds
Chapter 4961: Brothers and sisters are in distress
Chapter 4962 Telling the story of what happened in Wuzhuang that year
Chapter 4963: Blood is thicker than water, flesh and blood
Chapter 4964 The Northern Wei Dynasty was unable to invade the south again
Chapter 4965 Game of Thrones to Control the World
Chapter 4966 Talented and Civil and Military Pillar of the Nation
Chapter 4967: The Peerless Enchantress Presents Taoist Rules
Chapter 4968: The clan expands and spreads its branches and leaves
Chapter 4969: Speaking of Tao Gong, Tao Gong will be here
Chapter 4970: Where is the Demon Thiefs Raid Guard?
Chapter 4971: Family inheritance is the way of heaven
Chapter 4972: What is the importance of family background and talent?
Chapter 4973: An eloquent argument
Chapter 4974 The peoples will and power cannot be violated
Chapter 4975: Restoration of kidnapping and escape route
Chapter 4976: Persuading surrender is also a debate (1)
Chapter 4977: Persuading surrender is also a debate (2)
Chapter 4978: Persuading surrender is also a debate (3)
Chapter 4979: Persuading surrender is also a debate (4)
Chapter 4980: Persuading surrender is also a debate (5)
Chapter 4981: To know the suffering of the people, one must take it incognito
Chapter 4982: Selling land into slavery for three to five fights
Chapter 4983: Powerful Landlords Hold Back
Chapter 4984: Powerful Landlords Hold Back
Chapter 4985: Forming an Army and Making Great Contributions
Chapter 4986: All the details of Longsheng are known
Chapter 4987 Mu Zhi has veto power
Chapter 4988: Turning defense into attack
Chapter 4989 Who does the Yu familys private army belong to?
Chapter 4990: One general succeeds and ten thousand bones wither
Chapter 4991: What is the picture of cannibalism?
Chapter 4992 The Unwritten Rules of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 5014 Culture and technology are scattered all over the world
Chapter 5015 Tao Gong insists on taking Jingzhou
Chapter 5016: Struggle all your life for your descendants
Chapter 5017 Noble bloodline grass civilian body
Chapter 5018 Negotiating conditions for pardoning Tao Gong
Chapter 5019 Seizing the Yizhou Big Deal
Chapter 5020 Yizhous Big Deal for Repayment
Chapter 5021 The lesser of two evils
Chapter 5022: Qingzhou peoples hearts get rid of traitors
Chapter 5023: Class position is destined by nature
Chapter 5024 Collectively produces a lot of grain
Chapter 5025: Being irreconcilable in the face of demons
Chapter 5026: Everyones longevity goes against the will of heaven
Chapter 5027: Succession by descendants before the great cause is accomplished
Chapter 5028: Emperors live longer and become gods
Chapter 5029: To break the curse, a spellcaster is needed
Chapter 5030 The target of Taikang is the resentful spirit
Chapter 5031 Chapter 5014: Searching for Ancient Memories in Dreams
Chapter 5032 Chang'e's blood feud on the moon and sea
Chapter 5033 Taikang lost his country and reincarnated
Chapter 5034: Collecting evil spirits to reveal their thoughts
Chapter 5035 Both parties need to be honest to gain trust
Chapter 5036: Predicting the future and ruining your life
Chapter 5037 Melting Gu to give birth is a secret technique
Chapter 5038 Minmin joins us
Chapter 5039 The hatred of seizing the army is brought up again
Chapter 5040 Giving too much and seeking fulfillment
Chapter 5041: A century of love with kindness
Chapter 5042 Who wants to be the governor of Jingzhou?
Chapter 5043: Young Master Xiangtooth Wants to Expedition to the North
Chapter 5044: You have to take it yourself if you are given an official title or land.
Chapter 5045: Want to borrow Jiangxia to open the mansion
Chapter 5046: Meeting on a narrow road, the brave man survives
Chapter 5047 There is a strange plan for the expedition to Jiangzhou
Chapter 5048: Edicts are hard to come by
Chapter 5049 Why are the people rebellious?
Chapter 5050: The Crime of Robbery of Sanwu Lao
Chapter 5051 The lesser of two evils
Chapter 5052: Land grabbing after amnesty
Chapter 5053: Reserve a way out for survival
Chapter 5054: Nankang Local Tycoon Bao Hao
Chapter 5055 Revenge comes out of the stone
Chapter 5056: The secret Tao Gongzhi back then
Chapter 5057 Spy Battle Nankang Dragon Boat Festival
Chapter 5058 Dragon Boat Festival held by the Bao family
Chapter 5059 Take off the disguise and reveal your true self
Chapter 5060 The eloquent Zhang Changshi
Chapter 5061: Line up to meet my plan
Chapter 5062: After returning to Jin Dynasty, we will kill the thieves together.
Chapter 5063 The thief is captured for the first time without any bloodshed
Chapter 5064: Selling brother for survival
Chapter 5065 The messenger is dead and lures the enemy
Chapter 5066 Lack of confidence and wanting to defend the city
Chapter 5067: Destroy the evil thief Jiangzhou and recover
Chapter 5068 The situation in the city is divided into different parties
Chapter 5069 Taoist temple is also an intelligence station
Chapter 5070 Tao Gongs secret medicine is like a snake and a scorpion
Chapter 5071: Poison Pills and Tricks to Control Peoples Hearts
Chapter 5072 The army of demon thieves arrives on time
Chapter 5073: The army hesitates before reaching the mountain
Chapter 5074: Visiting the city for a feast
Chapter 5075 There is no doubt about the secret enemy
Chapter 5076: Intriguing Brotherhood
Chapter 5077: Being dissatisfied with watching people eat and drink
Chapter 5078: To appease the morale of the troops depends on a feast
Chapter 5079 The Bao brothers have been feuding for many years
Chapter 5080 The hemp pole beats the wolf and is afraid of both ends
Chapter 5081 Everyone makes empty promises based on their own thoughts
Chapter 5082 Ambush the cottage thieves into the trap
Chapter 5083 The rear army was completely wiped out and the camp was destroyed
Chapter 5084 The blood debt must be repaid with the Yi tribe
Chapter 5085 Revenge Fierce
Chapter 5086 Hundreds of troops marched to southern Hunan
Chapter 5087 Zhuangke joins the army to defeat the powerful
Chapter 5088: Promise to destroy the thieves
Chapter 5089: Controversy arises at the parliament meeting
Chapter 5090: Optimistic about Xi Le before heading west
Chapter 5091 Two generals fight for the position of commander in chief of thieves
Chapter 5092: Send slaves to command the generals
Chapter 5093 Sail to the sea to avenge the family
Chapter 5094: Visit to the hometown of Governor Wu
Chapter 5095: Taking away peoples freedom is not advisable
Chapter 5058: Visiting the city for a feast
Chapter 5097 Ideal insistence and slight compromise
Chapter 5098: Transforming Barbarians into Han Dynasty and Changing Public Security
Chapter 5099 Attacking the mind is better than killing demon thieves
Chapter 5100 The three-month appointment shocked everyone
Chapter 5101 Thunderous means to shock the enemy
Chapter 5102: Exterminate powerful family members
Chapter 5103 After years of struggle, return to the starting point
Chapter 5104: Grievance is the most important person to sleep with
Chapter 5105 The exchange of interests is not hereditary
Chapter 5106: The boy is an official and takes over the army
Chapter 5107 What is the explanation for the role of a soldier as a general?
Chapter 5108 Entering the evil alliance by mistake
Chapter 5109 Brotherhood has a bottom line
Chapter 5110 The decisive battle on the water may not be won
Chapter 5111 Ambush from all sides in the thunder pool
Chapter 5112 Taoist rules are very important for soul recovery
Chapter 5113 The Northern Expedition in Guanzhong and Wei as the enemy
Chapter 5114 Where do thousands of troops come from?
Chapter 5115 Breaking out of Hebeis no mans land
Chapter 5116: Dealing with the Devils Innocence Evidence
Chapter 5117 Sitting on a mountain and watching a tiger fight will hurt everyone
Chapter 5118 Guangzhou in exchange for Changmin Army
Chapter 5119 Unexpectedly Becoming the New Xie Xuan
Chapter 5120: Designated General for Raising Food and Grass