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Kunicho 1980

Kunicho 1980

author:bordered yellow flag

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 1,261 Rich Empire

(The old book 'I Was Kicked by Time' has been completed) The combination of country and trend, the collision of tradition and modernity, the cultural heritage of the predecessors and the wisdom of today's people complement each other. A modern speculator who has deceived countless people, if his soul Zi traveled to forty years ago. What kind of amazing miracle will he create? What kind of life trajectory will he take? It all started in 1980, under the Qianmen building in the capital. From a man named Ning Wei The orphans of the people began to live in poverty and poverty...

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《Kunicho 1980》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1,261 Rich Empire
Chapter 1,260 Another Couple
Chapter 1,259 It’s just the beginning
Chapter 1258 Fuso Bride
Chapter 1,257 The Third Class Rich Man
Chapter 1,256 The Season of Wind
Chapter 1,255: Relying on each other
Chapter 1,254 The Master
Chapter 1,253 Vision
《Kunicho 1980》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Meeting on a narrow road
Chapter 2 Morning Light
Chapter 3 Destination
Chapter 4 Calling
Chapter 5 Early
Chapter 6 The top of the mountain
Chapter 7 Tips
Chapter VIII Requirements
Chapter 9 Harvest
Chapter 10 Dinner
Chapter Eleven Wotou
Chapter 12 Apprenticeship
Chapter 13 Meeting Children's Ceremony
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter 15 Yang Beard
Chapter 16 Prices
Chapter 17 Transit
Chapter 18 Blessed (Thanks to stupd2 for tipping the leader)
Chapter Nineteen
Chapter 20 Tsinghua University
Chapter 21 Eyes Open
Chapter 22 Wonderful Points
Chapter 23 Hanging
Chapter 24 Gains and Losses
Chapter 25 Sadness
Chapter 26 Strain
Chapter 27 Rat Mice
Chapter 28 The House God
Chapter 29 Confidence
Chapter 30 bluffing
Chapter Thirty-One
Chapter 32 Bleeding
Chapter 33 Finding Leaks
Chapter 34 Realm
Chapter 35 Living Abacus
Chapter 36 Choice
Chapter 37 The Road of Life
Chapter 38 Encounter
Chapter 39 Difficulties
Chapter 40 Drunk Talk
Chapter 41 Night Talk
Chapter 42 Treating Guests
Chapter 43 Banquet
Chapter forty-four loopholes
Chapter 45: Selling Fish
Chapter 46 Listen to Persuasion
Chapter 47 Wake Up Early
Chapter 48 Discovery
Chapter forty-ninth praise and criticism
Chapter 50
Chapter 51 Open the scoop
Chapter 52: Treasures
Chapter 53 Famous Store
Chapter 54 Poor Selling
Chapter 55 Initiative
Chapter 56 Old Bacon
Chapter 57: Poor Words
Chapter 58 Mom
Chapter 59 Excited
Chapter 60 Three Sacks
Chapter 61 Coughing
Chapter 62 New Life
Chapter 63 Men and women
Chapter 64 Qianjin
Chapter 65 Heroes
Chapter 66: Coming
Chapter 67 Pies
Chapter 68 SMS
Chapter 69 Gifts
Chapter 70 Pansi Cave
Chapter 71 High Standards
Chapter 72 Night Shift
Chapter 73 Inspiration
Chapter 74 Ideas
Chapter 75 Advertising
Chapter 76 Opening
Chapter 77 Fooling
Chapter 78 Help
Chapter seventy-ninth
Chapter 80 Wedding Banquet
Chapter 81 Crab Race
Chapter 82 Calling Zhang Sheng
Chapter 83 Telephone
Chapter 84 Reassurance
Chapter 85 The first person
Chapter 86 Conscience
Chapter 87 Little Days
Chapter 88 Devil's Eyes
Chapter 89 Dresser
Chapter 90 Stimulated
Chapter 91 Ambition
Chapter 92 Sweetness
Chapter 93 Friendship
Chapter 94 Unwilling
Chapter 95 Business Economics
Chapter 96 Not Simple
Chapter 97 Popularity
Chapter 98: Going South
Chapter 99 More Advanced
Chapter One Hundred
Chapter 101 Like an Angel
Chapter 102 Blooming
Chapter 103 Heart Break
Chapter 104: Watershed (Thanks to Midnight★Moore for rewarding the leader)
Chapter 105 Black Heart
Chapter 106 Moisturizing
Chapter 107 Fuck you
Chapter 108 Copy the stool
Chapter 109 Goals
Chapter 110 New Weather
Chapter 111 Ende
Chapter 112 The Last Train
Chapter 113: My Heart
Chapter 114 Domestic Products
Chapter 115 Open Sesame
Chapter 116 price increase
Chapter 117 pretending to be stupid
Chapter 118 Procedures
Chapter 119 Big Leak
Chapter 120 Big Stage
Chapter 121 High Precision
Chapter 122 Zodiac King
Chapter 123 Advantages
Chapter 124 Fat Years
Chapter 125 Ruixue
Chapter 126 Shaking Smart
Chapter 127 New Year's Eve Dinner
Chapter 128 Five blessings
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine Thousands of Lights
Chapter 130 Talking
Chapter 131 Aspiring Youth
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Second
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Three
Chapter 134 Little White Face
Chapter 135 Provocation
Chapter 136 The general idea
Chapter 137 Pretend to be drunk
Chapter 138 close
Chapter 139 fellow travelers
Chapter 140 Good News
Chapter 141 Old things
Chapter 142 Under the Tongue
Chapter 143 Ambition
Chapter 144 Respect people
Chapter 145 Heart to Heart
Chapter 146
Chapter 147 Tragic Comedy
Chapter 148: Really 'Brilliant'
Chapter 149 Guards
Chapter 150 Too complicated
Chapter 151 Excited
Chapter 152 The big colander
Chapter 153 Rose Red
Chapter 154 Rotten skirt
Chapter 155 Small Reception
Chapter 156 Introspection
Chapter 157 Backbone
One hundred and fifty-eight chapters real man
Chapter 159 Zhuangzhuang
Chapter 160 Adventure
Chapter 161 Employment
Chapter one hundred and sixty second appointment
Chapter 163 Amazing
Chapter 164 is not perfect
Chapter 165 Artistic Vision
Chapter 166 Yogurt Meeting
Chapter 167 Lipstick
Chapter one hundred and sixty-eight pressure road
Chapter 169 Change
Chapter 170 Admission Notice
Chapter 171 Whistleblowing
Chapter 172 Choice
Chapter 173 No Promise
Chapter 174: Who has the final say (Thanks to the Polar Bear 2018 reward leader)
Chapter 175 Beautiful exam papers
Chapter 176 Aftermath
Chapter 177 Restlessness
Chapter 178 Mr. Song
Chapter 179 Not Simple
Chapter 180 Nan Huang Chen Shao
Chapter 181: Jumping Spirit Officer
Chapter 182 Good luck
Chapter 183 Red-faced and white-faced
Chapter 184 Fire
Chapter one hundred and eighty-fifth style and style
Chapter one hundred and eighty sixth slip
Chapter one hundred and eighty seventh man
Chapter 188 Inspiration
Chapter 189 Misunderstanding
Chapter 190: I can't accept it
Chapter 191 Blade's Edge
One hundred and ninetieth chapters vinegar Liuer
Chapter 193 The most beautiful
Chapter 194 The taste of gold collar
Chapter 195 Reuse
Chapter 196 True Second Generation
Chapter 197 Long Live Friendship
Chapter 198 Prestige
Chapter 199 Subtle
Chapter 200 Exclamation
Chapter 201 Brain tonic
Chapter 202 Sensation
Chapter 203 Influence
Chapter 204: Opening the Yafu Building
Chapter 205 Salon
Chapter 206 Excited
Chapter 207 Kind and amiable
Chapter 208 has lost his demeanor
Chapter 209 Incredible
Chapter 210 God-level Treasure
Chapter 211: Dreaming of the Soul (Repair)
Chapter 212: Nothing But Three
Chapter 213 Good Actor
Chapter 214 Tacit understanding
Chapter 215 The high-priced old man
Chapter 216 Nine thousand yuan
Chapter 217 Good buddy
Chapter 218 Anomalies
Chapter 219 Equivalent Exchange (Revision)
Chapter 220: Fighting for the First Place (Revision)
Chapter 219 Persuasion
Chapter 220 Big money depends on life
Chapter 223: All your wishes come true
Chapter 224: Prosperity and Disappointment
Chapter 225 Four Passes
Chapter 226 Control
Chapter 227 Note
Chapter 228: When its time to break, its time to break
Chapter 229 Comparison
Chapter 230 Success and failure come from the same source
Chapter 231 Sense of Loss
Chapter 232 New Years Eve
Chapter 233: No destruction, no establishment
Chapter 234 A family
Chapter 235: New Years Day
Chapter 236 The way out
Chapter 237: Obtaining a License
Chapter 238 Good Omen
Chapter 239 The outlet
Chapter 240 Multi-line blooming
Chapter 241: Present World Report
Chapter 242: Seeking power
Chapter 243 Competitive Gap
Chapter 244 Next Book
Chapter 245: Flaws do not hide the faults
Chapter 246 Under the Big Tree
Chapter 247 Resources
Chapter 248: Exposed
Chapter 249 The pearl is covered in dust
Chapter 250 Routine
Chapter 251 Opening
Chapter 252: Make a fortune
Chapter 253 Treating guests (revision)
Chapter 254 The Second Meal (Revision)
Chapter 255 Aoao Flash (Repair)
Chapter 256 Three Magic Weapons
Chapter 257: Cant Understand (Repair)
Chapter 258: Covering everything
Chapter 259 April (revision)
Chapter 260 Public Relations Team
Chapter 261: Miracle Effect (Repair)
Chapter 262 Opening
Chapter 263 Fashion Dragon
Chapter 264: Daring to Act (Revision)
Chapter 265 Dip the Light (Repair)
Chapter 266 Candlelight Dinner
Chapter two hundred and sixty seventh fanning the flames
Chapter 268 Punishment
Chapter 269 How big is the heart
Chapter 270 Wisdom
Chapter 271 Specialty (Repair)
Chapter 272 Vaccination
Chapter 273: Discussing Ideas (Repair)
Chapter 274 Wedding
Chapter two hundred and seventy-five
Chapter 276 Surprise (repair)
Chapter 277 Banquet (Repair)
Chapter 278 Can't Get Rid of (Repair)
Chapter 279 Tony Wang
Chapter 280 Beijing and Tianjin (Repair)
Chapter 281 Difficulties
The 282nd chapter will be wrong
Chapter two hundred and eighty third certificate
Chapter two hundred and eighty fourth beautiful marriage
Chapter 285 Wedding Banquet (Repair)
Chapter 286 Farewell (Repair)
Chapter 287 Sweet Trading (Repair)
Chapter 288 False Power (Repair)
Chapter 289 Ending Goods (Repair)
Chapter 290 Money Taste
Chapter 291 Young Heroes (Repair)
Chapter 292 Ru Mengchang (repair)
Chapter 293 Fake Generous (Repair)
Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety-Fourth Outsiders (Repair)
Chapter 295: Catching a Cat and Drawing a Tiger (Repair)
Chapter 296 Street Office (Repair)
Chapter 297: Front Shop and Back Factory (Repair)
Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety-Eighth
Chapter 299 Grandma God of Wealth (Repair)
Chapter Three Hundred
Chapter 301 Can't Sleep (Repair)
Chapter 302 Proud
Chapter 303 Opening (Repair)
Chapter 304 Bet (Repair)
Chapter 305 Answers
Chapter 306: Endless Mountains and Waters (Repair)
Chapter 307 Go to Work (Repair)
Chapter 308 Handy (Repair)
Chapter 309 Ability (Repair)
Chapter 310 Chaos
Chapter 311 Consensus (Thanks to Curry for tipping the leader) (Revised)
Chapter three hundred and twelve not allowed
Chapter 313 Unswerving
Chapter 314 Two Heavens (Repair)
Chapter 315 The Great Reversal (Repair)
Chapter 316 Revelation (Repair)
Chapter 317 Realm
Chapter 318 Triumph (repair)
Chapter 319 Outbreak
Chapter 320 Good friends
Chapter 321 Zhaohefang
Chapter 322 Teco
Chapter 323 Zhang Dashao
Chapter 324 Big Head
Chapter 325 The first meeting
Chapter 326 Big clove of garlic
Chapter 327 Killing Stick
Chapter 328 Hammer
Chapter 329 The Monster
Chapter 330 The general is on his way
Chapter 331 Transparency
Chapter 332 Home Cooking
Chapter 333 The trick
Chapter 334 Pros and Cons
Chapter 335 Wanliu returns to his clan
Chapter 336 Blessing
Chapter 337 By analogy
Chapter 338 What’s new
Chapter 339 Learn and Apply
Chapter 340
Chapter 341 No support for the wall
Chapter 342: Getting Ahead
Chapter 343 Looking for Eggs
Chapter 344 Perfect
Chapter 345 If you don’t make money, you will die.
Chapter 346 The moon is dark and the wind is high
Chapter 347 Kill the rich and give to the poor
Chapter 348 Just needed
Chapter 349 Good Reputation
Chapter 350 Invisible Change
Chapter 351: Longing
Chapter 352 The knife is sharp
Chapter 353 Flickering
Chapter 354: White-faced and red-faced
Three hundred and fiftieth chapters heat without a gentleman
Chapter 356 Send auspiciousness
Chapter 357: The Big Secret
Chapter 358 Low-key opening
Chapter 359 Popularity
Chapter 360
Chapter 361 New situation
Chapter 362 Smoke Road
Chapter 363 Worth it
Chapter 364 Secondary Processing
Chapter 365 Leading the Trend
Chapter 366 Expedient measures
Chapter 367 Fireworks on Earth
Three hundred and sixtieth eight chapters chasing the wind
Three hundred and sixtieth IX can not escape
Chapter 370: Shocking Autumn
Chapter three hundred and seventy first laurel
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two thorn roses
Chapter 373 The Gathering
Chapter three hundred and seventy fourth family
Chapter 375 Alien Elements
Three hundred and seventieth chapters do not suffer
Chapter 377 initiative
Three hundred and seventieth eight chapters throwing temper
Chapter 379 Social Arts
Chapter 380: Not a penny
Chapter 381 is a character
Chapter three hundred and eighty second flirting
Chapter three hundred and eighty third wrestling
Chapter three hundred and eighty fourth low taste
Chapter three hundred and eighty fifth stealing chickens
Chapter 386: Pear Blossom Brings Rain
Chapter 387 Jewelry Counter
Chapter three hundred and eighty eighth heart smirk
Chapter 389 Narcissus
Chapter 390 Four-character mantra
Chapter three hundred and ninety first step by step
Chapter three hundred and ninety second talent
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters disease is good
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters with magic weapon
Chapter 395 Good employees
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters big price increase
Chapter three hundred and ninety seventh flattering
Three hundred and ninetieth eight chapters chic youth
Chapter three hundred and ninety-ninth divine strokes
Chapter 400 Small pickup
Chapter four hundred and first four-wheeled iron horse
Chapter 402 Bright Sunshine
The four hundred and third chapter worth double
Chapter 404 Pull the wind
Chapter 405 Luck
Chapter 406 Blessing
Chapter 407 Alternative Savings
Chapter 408 Different from the past
Chapter 409 Blood is thicker than water
Chapter 410 New Changes
Chapter 411 Nobles
Chapter 412: The Art of Controlling People
Chapter four hundred and thirteenth kiwi
Chapter 414: Great Future
Chapter 415: Tear Gas
Chapter 416 Mirage
Four hundred and seventeenth chapter people want
Chapter 418 The crowd is surging
Chapter four hundred and nineteenth temple fair
Chapter four hundred and twentieth fish fat
Chapter 421: Visiting Group
Chapter 422 Snack Banquet
Four hundred and twentieth chapters learn from each other
Chapter 424 New Changes
Chapter 425 Playboy
Chapter 426 Repurchase of Tobacco and Alcohol
Chapter 427
Chapter 428
Chapter 429 Mu Guiying
Chapter 430
Chapter 431
Chapter 432 Family Dinner
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters great success
Chapter 434 Mysterious Man
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters rich and powerful grievances
Chapter 436 The Golden Key
Chapter 437: All Tigers
Chapter 438 Prince Hotel
Chapter 439 Stirring the situation
Chapter four hundred and fortieth slip without leaving the hand
Chapter 441 Can't figure it out
Four hundred and fortieth chapters pure and free
Chapter 443 Practice makes perfect
Chapter 444 Bicycles become motorcycles
Chapter 445 What to buy
Chapter 446: Ten billion big leaks
Chapter 447
Chapter 448
Chapter 449
Chapter 450 Cornucopia
Chapter 451
Chapter 452
Chapter 453
Chapter 454
Chapter 455
Chapter 456 Big Peony
Chapter 457
Chapter 458
Chapter 459
Chapter 460
Chapter 461
Chapter 462: Civilian Wisdom
Chapter 463
Chapter 464
Chapter 465
Chapter 466
Chapter 467
Chapter 468 Ambitious
Chapter 469
Chapter 470: Butterfly Effect
Chapter 471 The most beautiful picture
Chapter 472 Unreasonable
Chapter 473
Chapter 474
Chapter 475
Chapter 476 Treasure Hunt
Chapter 477
Chapter 478
Chapter 479: Court Art
Chapter 480 Scorpion Shit
Chapter 481
Chapter 482
Chapter 483 East Palace West Palace
Chapter 484: Under the Big Tree
Chapter 485
Chapter 486 Public Relations Artifact
Chapter 487
Chapter 488 True Buddha
Chapter 489
Chapter 490 Palace Luxury
Chapter 491 Mystery
Chapter 492 National Essence
Chapter 493
Chapter 494 Yulu Cream
Chapter 495
Chapter 496 Dragon Slayer Sword
Chapter 497 Improvement
Chapter 498 Mobile Wallet
Chapter 499 Allocation Mode
Chapter 500: Ambush Circle
Chapter 501
Chapter 502 Unconventional
Chapter 503: Not enough money, so we need craftsmanship
Chapter 504
Chapter 505: Highlight Moment
Chapter 506
Chapter 507 Going to the extreme
Chapter 508
Chapter 509
Chapter 510 Authentic
511 Enough Friends
Chapter 512
Chapter 513 Lucky Numbers
Chapter 514
Chapter 515
Chapter 516
Chapter 517: The Mystery Is Revealed
Chapter 518
Chapter 519
Chapter 520: The First Day of Opening
Chapter 521
Chapter 522
Chapter 523 Taste Miracle
Chapter 524
Chapter 525
Chapter 526
Chapter 527 Core interests
Chapter 528
Chapter 529: A Beautiful Day
Chapter 530 Emergencies
Chapter 531 Celebration Banquet
Chapter 532 Who knows who is angry
Chapter 533
Chapter 534 Lala Porridge
Chapter 535: The First Commodity
536 Next time
Chapter 537 Self-esteem
Chapter 538 Pull the list
Chapter 539
Chapter 540
Chapter 541 Black Technology
Chapter 542 Unit Room
Chapter 543 Surgery
Chapter 544 Closed-door meeting
Chapter 545 The first in the industry
Chapter 546 Sense of Superiority
Chapter 547 Cheers
Chapter 548
Chapter 549
Chapter 550
Chapter 551 Small horse-drawn cart
Chapter 552
Chapter 553
Chapter 554
Chapter 555: Entertainment Artifact
Chapter 556: Mental Pollution
Chapter 557 Soft-footed Shrimp
Chapter 558
Chapter 559 Small probability event
Chapter 560
Chapter 561 'Rat Making' Incident
Chapter 562 Speculators Alliance
Chapter 563 Commander-in-Chief
Chapter 564
Chapter 565
Chapter 566: Chip Collection
Chapter 567
Chapter 568 Retaliation
Chapter 569
Chapter 570 Golden Avenue
Chapter 571
Chapter 572
Chapter 573 One size fits all
Chapter 574: Fatal Strike
Chapter 575
Chapter 576 Radish Skin
Chapter 577
Chapter 578
Chapter 579 Mouse Traps
Chapter 580: Snow quietly underground
Chapter 581
Chapter 582
Chapter 583 Underestimate
Chapter 584: Change Destiny
Chapter 585: Snowballing
Chapter 586
Chapter 587 Scared? Surprise?
Chapter 588
Chapter 589
Chapter 590 Airport
Chapter 591 Business know-how
Chapter 592 Big scene
Chapter 593 Carnival
Chapter 594
Chapter 595
Chapter 596
Chapter 597
Chapter 598
Chapter 599 Little Trust
Chapter 600
Chapter 601
Chapter 602
Chapter 603
Chapter 604
Chapter 605 Relocation
Chapter 606
607 Adding fuel to the fire
Chapter 608
Chapter 609 Face Kung Fu
Chapter 610: Just in Time
Chapter 611 Unsolved Mystery
Chapter 612
Chapter 613 Joy falls from the sky
Chapter 614 Bargaining
Chapter 615: Rich District
Chapter 616
Chapter 617 The courtyard is deep
Chapter 618 Dramatic reaction
Chapter 619
Chapter 620
Chapter 621
622 Irresistible
Chapter 623 Pulling the Nails
Chapter 624: The Best of Both Worlds
Chapter 625
Chapter 626 Fighting poison with poison
Chapter 627: Zodiac Auspicious Day
Chapter 628: Surfaced
Chapter 629 Living place
Chapter 630
Chapter 631 Wonderland
Chapter 632 Cheers to the past
Chapter 633 Fourth Miss
Chapter 634
Chapter 635
Chapter 636 Under the Bed
Chapter 637
Chapter 638 Luo Gongzi
Chapter 639 There is no 'Bi Lian'
Chapter 640 Small Silver Box
Chapter 641 God's Will
Chapter 642
643 The Joke Comes True
Chapter 644
Chapter 645
Chapter 646 Addicted
Chapter 647 Gold Content
Chapter 648 Carnivores
Chapter 649
Chapter 650
Chapter 651
Chapter 652 True and False Western Food
Chapter 653 Magical Land
Product description, the correct way to read this book - about the main line
Chapter 654
Chapter 655 Three Germans
Chapter 656
Chapter 657: The Second Half
Chapter 658
Chapter 659
Chapter 660 Price increase? Price cut?
Chapter 661
Chapter 662 Three in One
Chapter 663 Emergency Meeting
Chapter 664
Chapter 665 Emotional Animals
Chapter 666
Chapter 667
Chapter 668
Chapter 669
Chapter 670 Strong Benefits
Chapter 671
Chapter 672
Chapter 673 Caring people (thanks to the leader 19 Chen Mo)
Chapter 674 Business Expansion
Chapter 675 Variables
Chapter 676
Chapter 677
Chapter 678 Ya Hao
Chapter 679
Chapter 680 Potential
Chapter 681
Chapter 682: Ten Thousand Greens and a Little Red
Chapter 683
Chapter 684 sweet career
Chapter 685
Chapter 686: Intersection of Destiny
Chapter 687
Chapter 688 Husband and wife relationship
Chapter 689 good mood
Chapter 690 Feast
Chapter 691 Underwater
Chapter 692 Pattern
Chapter 693
Chapter 694 Good men don't fight women
Chapter 695
Chapter 696 Nine Heavens Fairy
Chapter 697
Chapter 698 comprehensive cooperation
Chapter 699 The first generation
Chapter 700 Unanimous vote
Chapter 701 is really high
Chapter 702 Big deal
Chapter 703 Evil Dragon
Chapter 704
Chapter 705 Super Gambler
Chapter 706: The Last Train
Chapter 707 Whose Script
Chapter 708 Fame
Chapter 709 The Crown Reappears
Chapter 710
Chapter 711 Large Transaction
Chapter 712: Only Win, Not Lose
Chapter 713 Killing without blood
Chapter 714 Good friend
Chapter 715
Chapter 716
Chapter 717
Chapter 718
Chapter 719
Chapter 720 Cosmic Crazy
Chapter 721: Beating the Snake Seven Cun
Chapter 722 Application for Resignation
Chapter 723 Solutions
Chapter 724
Chapter 725 Seven Injury Fist
Chapter 726
Chapter 727 Painful Lesson
Chapter 728 Heightening Shoes
Chapter 729
Chapter 730
Chapter 731 Pearl Spring
Chapter 732 Myth
Chapter 733
Chapter 734: In Front of the Iron Gate
Chapter 735 Three Fires
Chapter 736 Repayment
Chapter 737 Magic
Chapter 738
Chapter 739
Chapter 740 Shocking Soldiers
Chapter 741 Inside Information
Chapter 742 Comprehensive upgrade
Chapter 743 Precious Treasures
Chapter 744 The seven hundredth is the forty-fourth chapter
Chapter 745
Chapter 746
Chapter 747
Chapter 748
Chapter 749 Blood Disaster
Chapter 750 Hell's Kitchen
Chapter 751 Polar Regions
Chapter 752 Stealing Fist
Chapter 753
Chapter 754 Oriental Swordsman
Chapter seven hundred and fifty fifth Western dishes
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth chapter whimsy
Chapter seven hundred and fifty seventh on the shoulders of giants
Seven hundred and fiftieth eight chapters eat the Lord
Chapter seven hundred and fiftieth IX key intersection
Chapter 760 Miracle
Chapter 761: The World of Flowers
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-two parents are short
Chapter seven hundred and sixty third right arm
Chapter seven hundred and sixty fourth dinner
Chapter seven hundred and sixty fifth one old and one young
Chapter seven hundred and sixty sixth crooked play
Chapter seven hundred and sixty seventh heart reverence
Chapter seven hundred and sixty-eight homesickness
Seven hundred and sixtieth IX straight to Huanglong
Chapter seven hundred and seventieth can not refuse
Chapter seven hundred and seventy first bold
Chapter seven hundred and seventy first whitewashing
Chapter seven hundred and seventy second heart feeling
Chapter seven hundred and seventy third real intention
Chapter seven hundred and seventy fourth wise choice
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-fifth Lenovo elegant
Chapter 776 Spring Festival Gala and New Years
Chapter seven hundred and seventy seventh step on the age of evergreen
Chapter 778 Temple Fair Battle
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-ninth secret weapon
Chapter seven hundred and eighty one top twenty five
Chapter seven hundred and eighty first brilliant
Chapter seven hundred and eighty second victory without force
Chapter seven hundred and eighty third uncontrollable
Chapter seven hundred and eighty fourth there are experts
Chapter seven hundred and eighty fifth pain and happiness
Chapter seven hundred and eighty sixth still not stop
Chapter seven hundred and eighty seventh
Chapter seven hundred and eighty-eighth Lianzhong three yuan
Chapter seven hundred and eighty ninth time and space disorder
Chapter seven hundred and ninetieth crashed
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-first
Chapter seven hundred and ninety second moisturizing things silently
Chapter 793 Two-color ice cream
Seven hundred and ninetieth chapters compete again
Chapter seven hundred and ninety fifth gold mesh
Seven hundred and ninetieth chapters one step right
Chapter seven hundred and ninety seventh in place everywhere
Chapter seven hundred and ninety eight men's world
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-ninth which is better and which is worse
Chapter 800 Yuliang for a while
Chapter 801 Unity is strength
Chapter 802 Black Tulips
Chapter 803 Extraordinary News
Chapter 804: Three Bosses
Chapter eight hundred and fifth flowers
Chapter 806: 400,000
Chapter 807 Realization of great tricks
Eight hundred and eighth chapter one million
Eight hundred and ninth chapter Oriental mouse
Eight hundred and tenth chapter have to scratch people and scratch people
Chapter 811 The Queen of Electronic Music
Chapter 813 Special Effects
Chapter 814
Chapter 815
Chapter 816
Chapter 817 Faction
Chapter 818 Ruined King
Eight hundred and eighteenth chapter motorcycle king
Chapter 819: A good start
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth generous gift
Chapter eight hundred and twenty first cake bigger
Chapter eight hundred and twentieth
Chapter eight hundred and twenty third emergencies
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters delivery skills
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters shake hands
Eight hundred and twentieth chapters Huhai Rat King
Chapter eight hundred and twenty seventh invitation
Eight hundred and twentieth eight chapters anti-general army
Chapter 830
Chapter 831
Chapter 832
Chapter 833 Two Faces
Chapter 834 Market Cash Out
Chapter 835
Chapter 836 The Taker
Chapter 837
Chapter 838: Tianjin and Shanghai
Chapter 839
Chapter 840 Strong Winds and Waves
Chapter 841
Chapter 842
Chapter 843
Chapter 844: Good Fortune
Chapter 845 Making Stars
Chapter 846 Soft, Hard and Dark
Chapter 847 Tied together
Chapter 848 Middleman
Chapter 849 Middleman
Chapter 850 Transporting money for money
Chapter 851 Pick-up
Chapter 852 Unable to refuse
Chapter 853 Crossing the sea to conquer the east
Chapter 854: Pretend as soon as you arrive
Chapter 855 Director Taniguchi
Chapter 856 Favor
Chapter 857 Sugar-coated bullets
Chapter 858 Workplace
Chapter 859 Collision
Chapter 860 Change of Mind
Chapter 861 600 million yen
Chapter 862 Advanced Cuisine
Chapter 863 Ming Gan Wu Nei
Chapter 864 Allegiance
Chapter 865
Chapter 866 Mrs. Taniguchi
Chapter 867 Three major crimes
Chapter 868 Resonance
Chapter 869
Chapter 870: Deal Closed
Chapter 871
Chapter 872 Perfect Partner
Chapter 873 Asset Allocation
Chapter 874 The Plaza Accord
Chapter 875 Cherish Your Heart
Chapter 876 Hugging Thighs
Chapter 877
Chapter 878
Chapter 879
Chapter 880: Change
Chapter 881
Chapter 882 Cool Wind
Chapter 883 The Corner of the Terrace
Chapter 884 Lucky Star
Chapter 885
Chapter 886: Drinking Party
Chapter 887 Tokyo Amoy
Chapter 888 Trash Snacks
Chapter 889: The Same Boat
Chapter 890 Security Vulnerabilities
Chapter 891 Harvest
Chapter 892
Chapter 893
Chapter 894 Blue Arc Light
Chapter 895 Who is it?
Chapter 896 Behind the scenery
Chapter 897
Chapter 898
Chapter 899
Chapter 900 The Ugly World
Chapter 901 Meeting again
Chapter 902 Invitation from a Beauty
Chapter 903 Envious God
Chapter 904 Heartbeat
Chapter 905 Disco
Chapter 906 Convenience
Chapter 907 Busy
Chapter 908 Little Flower Snake
Chapter 909 Meeting at the Restaurant
Chapter 910
Chapter 911: Small Game
Chapter 912 Busy
Chapter 913 Reception Specifications
Chapter 914 Compassion
Chapter 915 Happy Paradise
Chapter 916 Advanced Experience
Chapter 917 Price Killer
Chapter 918 The Virgin Mary
Chapter 919 Conspiracy
Chapter 920
Chapter 921 Exhibition
Chapter 922: Ninth Month Twenty-One
Chapter 923: Promise
Chapter 924 Iron Mouth and Steel Teeth
Chapter 925 Finally got a phone call
Chapter 926 Love Psychology
Chapter 927 Career Father
Chapter 928 Seeing Off at the Airport
Chapter 929 New Year's Misfortune
Chapter 930
Chapter 931 Osechi Cuisine
Chapter 932 I Trust You
Chapter 933 Eat Fruit
Chapter 934 Password
Chapter 935 Dinner
Chapter 936 Departure on a Good Day
Chapter 937 Blindfolded
Chapter 938: A Tacit Game
Chapter 939 Early Morning
Chapter 940 A blend of flavors
Chapter 941 Fate
Chapter 942 Encounter Again
Chapter 943 Nonsense
Chapter 944 Three Actresses
Chapter 945 Toughness
Chapter 946 No teething
Chapter 947 Big Sword
Chapter 948 Partnership
Chapter 948 Snaku
Chapter 949: It’s better to miss each other than to meet each other
Chapter 950: Everyone makes the best use of their talents
Chapter 951: Expert Exit
Chapter 952: Investment Points
Chapter 553: Two jelly beans
Nine hundred and fiftieth chapters pick up
Chapter 955: Homecoming
Chapter 956: Pig Head
Chapter 957 Blood pressure soars
Chapter 958: Happy New Year
Chapter 959 Drunk
Chapter 960 Levels
Chapter 961 Fishing
Chapter 962 Artistic Pursuit
Nine hundred and sixtieth chapters convinced
Chapter 964 Fourth day
Chapter 965 Patrol
Chapter 966: Reward
Chapter 967: Partner
Chapter 968 Unfeeling Request
Nine hundred and sixtieth IX raids
Chapter 970 Garden Palace
Chapter 971: Under the Rockery
Chapter 972: Vision
Chapter 973 Experts
Chapter 974 Carry Forward
Chapter 975 Look at the essence
Chapter 976: General Stinky
Chapter 977 Small Group
Chapter 978 Main tasks
Chapter 979: A Hundred Years of Literature and Art
Chapter 980: Red Gourd
Chapter 981: Big Wine Vat
Nine hundred and eighty second chapter to make suggestions
Chapter nine hundred and eighty third harvest full
Chapter 984: Goose Feather Heavy Snow
Chapter 985: Get out of the box
Chapter 986: The Snowman
Chapter 987 Emotional twists and turns
Chapter 988 Substitute
Chapter 989: Encounter on the street
Chapter 990 Star Chasing
Chapter 991 Thousands of miles high in the sky
Chapter 992 Arrival on time
Chapter 993: Different
Chapter 994 Contrast
Chapter 995 Give it all
Chapter 996 Extremely busy
Chapter 997 Friendship is Priceless
Chapter Nine Hundred and Ninety Eight Entering the Shed
Nine hundred and ninetieth IX Flower Seeing Season
Chapter 1000 Reborn
Chapter 1001 Financial Magic
Chapter 1002: Excessive Attentiveness
Chapter 1003: Bagh Ya Road
Chapter 1004 Professional Shareholders
Chapter 1005 One Million Pounds
Chapter 1006: Money can communicate with gods
Chapter 1007: Business is Prosperous
Chapter 1008: Opening Ceremony
Chapter 1009 All kinds
Chapter 1100: Scary
Chapter 1111: The Smart Woman
Chapter 1112 Supreme PUA
Chapter One Thousand and Thirteen: 5D Level
Chapter 114: Those who win the hearts of the people win the world
Chapter One Thousand and Fifteen Knives and Forks Menu
Chapter 1116: Prosperous Business
Chapter 1117 Jealousy
Chapter 1118: Uproar
Chapter One Thousand and Nineteen Troubles
Chapter One Thousand and Twenty: No Coincidence
Chapter One Thousand and Twenty-One
Chapter 122 Big Misunderstanding
Chapter One Thousand and Twenty Three
Chapter 124 All wishes come true
Chapter 1025 Spiritual Bomb
Chapter 1,026 The Second Bombing
Chapter 1,027 The Big Bombing
Chapter 1,028 Realm Levels
Chapter 1,029 Sensation
Chapter 130: Repercussions of Public Opinion
Chapter One Thousand and Thirty-One
Chapter 132 Backlash
Chapter One Thousand and Thirty-Three
Chapter 134 Misjudgment
Chapter 135 Contrast Between Rich and Poor
Chapter 136: Liquidation
Chapter 137 History Lessons
Chapter One Thousand and Thirty-Eight
Chapter One Thousand and Thirty-Nine: Another Path
Chapter 140: Seamless Connection
Chapter One Thousand and forty-one: Shut the door
Chapter 142: Head Card
Chapter 143: It's Not By Chance
Chapter 1045 Meeting an Acquaintance on the Road
Chapter 1046
Chapter 1047: A Match Made in Heaven
Chapter 1048 Playing hard to get
Chapter 1049
Chapter 1050 Flower Border Meeting
Chapter 1051 Seats
Chapter One Thousand and Fifty-One
Chapter 152: Still Business
Chapter 153 Troubles in life
Chapter One Thousand and Fifty-Four
Chapter 155: The Journey to China
Chapter 1,556 Big changes
Chapter 1,557 Spending the Summer
Chapter 158: Oolong
Chapter 159 Don't dare to admit it
Chapter 160 Parenthood
Chapter 161: How big is the heart?
Chapter One Thousand and Sixty Two
Chapter 163: Doing Public Welfare
Chapter 164: Party A and Party B
Chapter 165: Well-matched
Chapter 1,666 Roller Coaster
Chapter 1,667 Change of Mind
Chapter 168 Summation
Chapter 169: The Uncrowned Emperor
Chapter 1070 Location
Chapter 1,771 Yellow smoke billows
Chapter 1772 Melon Eating Scene
Chapter 1,773 Public Enemies of the Same Sex
Chapter 1774: Absolutely awesome
Chapter 1,775 Bodhisattva
Chapter 1,776: Falling short
Chapter 1,777 Borrowing
Chapter 1,778 Return
Chapter 1,779 Return
Chapter 1,080: Go with what others like
Chapter 1811 Pastry Offensive
Chapter 182
Chapter 1083: So unhappy
Chapter 1,884 You must not be afraid
Chapter 1855 Good Days
Chapter 1,886 Wine Tasting Party
Chapter 1,887 Drunk
Chapter 1,888 Caught off guard
Chapter 1,889 The Royal Chef Family
Chapter 1900: Twists and turns in life
Chapter 1911: Go with what he likes
Chapter 192: Number one in the world
Chapter 193: Everything is under control
Chapter 194: What’s so beautiful about?
Chapter 195: Lifelong Regret
Chapter 196: Surrendering
Chapter 197: What People Want
Chapter 198: Far ahead
Chapter 1099 Rats have their own way
Chapter 1,100 A bold decision
Chapter 1101 Secret
Chapter 1,102: Proud of the Spring Breeze
Chapter 1,103 The Great Handshake
Chapter 1,104 Tianfu Douhua
Chapter 1,105 Crossing the Mountain
Chapter 1,106 Soft Nails
Chapter 1,107 Night Road
Chapter 1,108 The Gap
Chapter 1109 Gift
Chapter 1110 Good thing
Chapter 1,111 You don’t have a fever?
Chapter 1,112 A sense of security
Chapter 1,113 Under the Big Tree
Chapter 1,114 Good News
Chapter 1,115 You are looking for death
Chapter 1,116 Reluctant
Chapter 1,117 A good start
Chapter 1,118 Noisy Tokyo
Chapter 1,119 Don’t like luxury
Chapter 1,120 Achievements in cultivation
Chapter 1121 Predator
Chapter 1,122 Forerunner
Chapter 1123: Find another way
Chapter 1,124 Touching the truth
Chapter 1,125 Huge Cake
Chapter 1126: Hard to guard against
Chapter 1,127 Bluffing
Chapter 1,128 Red Light
Chapter 1,129 Idiot
Chapter 1130 Green Light
Chapter 1131 Prosperity
Chapter 1,132 Foreign Aid
Chapter 1,133 Important Things
Chapter 1,134 Rewards
Chapter 1,135 Spotted
Chapter 1,136: Keeping an Appointment
Chapter 1,137 Gift
Chapter 1,138 A delicious meal
Chapter 1139: All requests are answered
Chapter 1,140 Cultural Export
Chapter 1,141 Getting emotional
Chapter 1,142 Noisy
Chapter 1,143 Follow till death
Chapter 1,144 Harming others without benefiting oneself
Chapter 1,145 Three consecutive hegemons
Chapter 1,146 Strange Spirits
Chapter 1,147 The Trap of Fame and Fortune
Chapter 1,148 Inside Story
Chapter 1,149 Mrs. Xu Xian
Chapter 1150 Big Shot
Chapter 1151 Late Night Supper
Chapter 1,152 Request
Chapter 1,153 For Love
Chapter 1,154 Artistic Conscience
Chapter 1,155 Double Crown Champion
Chapter 1,156 Unusual
Chapter 1,157 First Impression
Chapter 1,158 Contrast
Chapter 1,159 Recognition
Chapter 1160: Come to the door
Chapter 1,161 Double Crown
Chapter 1,162 Pick-up
Chapter 1,163 A new beginning
Chapter 1,164 Money is rolling in
Chapter 1,165 The husband sings and the wife follows
Chapter 1,166 Thanks
Chapter 1,167 Shocking words
Chapter 1,168 Confidant
Chapter 1169: Like-minded
Chapter 1,170 Passing the Level
Chapter 1,171 Girls are outgoing
Chapter 1,172 Good Luck
Chapter 1,173 Profitable
Chapter 1,174 Red Envelope
Chapter 1,175 Becoming One
Chapter 1,176 The phoenix returns to its nest
Chapter 1,177 Homeland
Chapter 1,178: The Sophistication of Human Relations
Chapter 1,179 Quarrel
Chapter 1,180 Gold Content
Chapter 1,181: Destiny in Dreams
Chapter 1,182 Aunt Jiang’s family
Chapter 1,183 It smells so good
Chapter 1184: Far Fragrance and Near Smell
Chapter 1185: Many Children and Grandchildren
Chapter 1,186 The giant is coming
Chapter 1,187 Thunder
Chapter 1,188 Touched
Chapter 1,189 New Year’s Eve
Chapter 1,190 After the first day of the new year
Chapter 1,191 Excellent Speed Pass
Chapter 1,192 A table of cards
Chapter 1,193 Competent
Chapter 1,194 The plan has changed
Chapter 1,195: Picking up the bargains
Chapter 1,196 Champion and Runner-up
Chapter 1,197 Caught up
Chapter 1,198 Complementarity
Chapter 1,199 Clear Settlement
Chapter 1200: Stimulated
Chapter 1,201 Treat
Chapter 1,202 Satisfaction
Chapter 1,203 Establishing a Character
Chapter 1,204 Self-Mistake
Chapter 1,205 Tit for Tit
Chapter 1,206 Frustrated and Proud
Chapter 1,207 Conditions of Cooperation
Chapter 1,208 Adaptation
Chapter 1,209 Money is not wasted
Chapter 1,210 Career is the most important thing
Chapter 1,211 Fuwo
Chapter 1,122 Reception
Chapter 1,213 Urgent Urination
Chapter 1,214 No. 1 in Asia
Chapter 1,215 Conversion of Interests
Chapter 1,216 Premiere
Chapter 1,217 First Day Box Office
Chapter 1,218 Unstoppable
Chapter 1,219 A few people
Chapter 1,220 General Trend
Chapter 1,221 Really Damn
Chapter 1,222 It’s not that I won’t retaliate
Chapter 1,123 Award Ceremony
Chapter 1,224 The Truth
Chapter 1225: Watching with cold eyes
Chapter 1,226 Falling to the ground silently
Chapter 1,227 Golden Screen
Chapter 1,228 Deeply Looking forward to it
Chapter 1,229 Preparing for the Banquet
Chapter 1,230 Wedding
Chapter 1,231 Can I be happy?
Chapter 1,232 Bubble Atmosphere
Chapter 1,233 The Rude Person
Chapter 1,234 Bloodline Suppression
Chapter 1,235 The Consequences of Provocation
Chapter 1,236 Loyal Dog
Chapter 1,237 Winner
Chapter 1,238 Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 1,239: Touching the scene and feeling emotional
Chapter 1,240 I understand you
Chapter 1,241 Warm welcome
Chapter 1,242 Must be spent
Chapter 1,243 A new level
Chapter 1,244 Dayuwan
Chapter 1245: Paradise
Chapter 1,246 Temptation
Chapter 1,247 Insomnia
Chapter 1,248 Eyes shining
Chapter 1,249 It’s become a rule
Chapter 1,250 Conspiracy Expert
Chapter 1,251 Distributing Money
Chapter 1,252 Big Pie
Chapter 1,253 Vision
Chapter 1,254 The Master
Chapter 1,255: Relying on each other
Chapter 1,256 The Season of Wind
Chapter 1,257 The Third Class Rich Man
Chapter 1258 Fuso Bride
Chapter 1,259 It’s just the beginning
Chapter 1,260 Another Couple
Chapter 1,261 Rich Empire